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Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Aliens In The News

And hello, everybody. You’re live. It’s Thursdays with Sherry Shriner, Aliens In The News, and it’s August 4th. If you have a question for the show you can call in—let me find the number for ya—(877) 245-5648. Kind of a late start this morning, so just allowing people to get logged into the chat room. I actually can get right in right now, and so if you have a question for the show, you can actually just post it in the chat room and I’ll see it.

The Lord Halted The Debt Default To Give Sherry More Time To Announce The 2nd Sun

Couple things I want to talk about today. You know, was watching this whole debt fiasco going on. I usually have one on things, one eye elsewhere. You can only stand so much of watching Washington D.C. Lizardville. And what struck me is something I saw in the Codes. And it was the Lord pausing the money. And so, this has to be this whole fiasco that was going on. They wanted to go ahead and default. I mean, that was their plans—to default. But the Lord stopped it. He wasn’t going to allow them to default right now. And the interesting reason why—because we’ve all been expecting a default and crash and everything else. We’ve all been expecting this. It’s not going to surprise anybody. The reason He stopped it was because He wanted to give me more time to announce the 2nd Sun. And I thought, “…Oh no.” [laughs] Because this is one of those things I just have to admit, I’ve been dragging my feet on it.

And in fact last week He was getting onto me about it again, and, you know, at the same time I’d gotten an e-mail from one of the warriors on one of my lists stating, “Sherry, we need to talk about the 2nd Sun again. I’m tired of hearing about all this doom and gloom coming. I want to hear about the 2nd Sun.” And so, it’s kinda confirmation to step it up and get going on it. Because I just, you know, I told the Lord, “You know, I don’t even know what to say about it. I don’t even know what You’ll allow me to say on it. People will think I’m just absolutely nuts.” And so, I’ve just been kinda sitting around dragging my feet on it. And I can see it in the Bible Codes where He stood me up to be the announcer of the 2nd Sun. So now I’m thinking, “You know, I’m supposed to be the announcer of this thing. Am I doing a good enough job?” Obviously not if He has to pause time, pause events, so I have more time.

I guess I’m not being hated enough. You know, so far it’s been very quiet. People don’t really react because they really don’t know what to think. And usually when I started getting more hated and more hate mail and stuff like that across the Internet it means people are getting the info. And so. I guess we just need to get it out there more. Because I really haven’t gotten any hate mail on it. I get hate mail every day, I mean, basically just because of who I am, and about the things I say, and what I do. And the more effective I am the more hate I get. And so, I expect those kinds of things. I guess I need to focus on the 2nd Sun, and I wrote an article. I wrote an article on the 2nd Sun. I have considered putting up a website. And people say, “Well, we don’t really have enough time.” And well, we’ve got till maybe the next several months. So. I think if we stay on the timeline we’re on, that so much is going to change over the next several months. So, you can go to my website or, perhaps SherryTalkRadio—I’m not sure if I’ve gotten there yet or not. I’m pretty sure it’s there too—“Two Suns? Is The Dwarf Star Really Planet X?” [] And I talked about this Monday night.

Planet X’s Movement Is Controlled By A Source

And I like the way they say that Planet X is “intelligently controlled.” You hear this. You never know what’s fact or fiction coming from the NASA camp, the nauseating camp; all these scientists and stuff over there. Most of them serve Satan. If you’re a Christian, you can’t have a very high ranking job in NASA. They fired them a long time ago. You have to be a certain level Satanist to be at the top realms of NASA, to be a scientist there. And so. Interesting that they say that PX is intelligently controlled. What this means is, there’s a steering wheel and the gas pedal somewhere inside Planet X, and they can move this thing around at will. I mean, they can just move it around. It’s being driven, I guess you could say. And I’ve told you that there’s giants on Nibiru. And these giants are anywhere from 9 to 20 feet tall. And so, you know, as this thing comes closer from behind the Sun towards the Earth, it’s gonna cause havoc here. But what’s interesting is right now it’s still behind the Sun. It’s still behind the 2nd Sun.

The Brown Dwarf Star Is Yah’s Planet, The One Enoch Spoke Of In His Second Book

The Brown Dwarf Star is Yah’s planet. Enoch talks about a planet. If you haven’t seen my YouTube video on this, you need to watch my YouTube video where it quotes scripture and Enoch. [] This planet that the Lord told him of that the Patriarchs—a resting place for the Patriarchs, where they would go when they left the Earth. And so. It’s a resting place. It’s a—I see “gardenlike,” “splendor” in the Bible Codes, describing it. And, you know, there’s a lot of terms. I’ve been giving you a heads up that when this planet arrives in our atmosphere, that the 144,000 would be redeemed off the Earth at this time. [Revelation 14:1-5] One of the terms associated with this planet is “ransoming.” I know the churches expect a huge rapture. And they’re not going to get it. But what is going to happen is 144,000 are gonna be ransomed off the Earth. And they’re taken to this planet. And this is where they will dwell for a short while before they are sent back and returned to Earth.

The Dwarf Star Could Cause The 3 Days Of Darkness

And this planet is eventually going to move over. It’s going to hover above the Earth’s, probably towards the Middle East area. It’s gonna hover above. It’s gonna be so big—it’s a lot bigger than Planet X. And so. this is what I’m thinking—that when this 2nd Sun moves as well, as PX comes into our system, the Sun is going to come in as well. I think it’s this 2nd Sun that’s gonna block the sunlight if anything for 3 days. I don’t think it’s Planet X that does that. I guess we’re gonna find out. You know, I just can’t go by anything scientists say because they mix truth with lies, and we don’t always know what grass to chew and what hay to spit out. And so, sometimes you just have to wait for the event to happen themselves and just predict things. And that’s what I do. I’m just predicting because, you know, they talk about the massive size of PX, and look at the massive size of the Brown Dwarf. So.

Sirens, Screaming, And Creatures In The Woods

Interesting that the Codes are just getting so hopping now. So much going on with the aliens coming in. And I sent out an article, posted it to my lists and my websites. Well, something happened here Monday night. And, you know, I was gabbing with—I’m always gabbing. But I like to hide and work on my Codes and sometimes I sit and gab, and this was one of those times I was sitting and gabbing and doing both, working on the Codes and gabbing. And my daughter comes to me, and she says, “Mom, you have to come outside and hear this. You’re not gonna believe this.” And I said, “What? What’s going on?” She goes, “You have to hear this. Come outside.” This is like 3am. She was going to let the dogs out. And so, I walk to the door, and there’s this huge siren going off in the distance. And, you know, it didn’t really sound anything Earthly, but I didn’t know what kind of a siren that was. ‘Cause it didn’t have a—a siren has an up and a down pitch, a high and a low pitch. You know, it starts low and goes all the way up and then goes back down low. This just had—this was just an up. This was a siren on steroids. It was so loud. And there was no going down. There was no low ringing pitch. There was nothing. It was just a loud noise. And it went on for twenty minutes to a half hour.

And at the same time of this siren if you want to call it that—I don’t know what else to call it—there was screaming. You could hear—it was like the sounds of Hell. Like if you opened up a doorway to Hell. I used to have that tape on my website about those Russian drillers who were drilling and, you know, stumbled into a, I don’t know, open space in the Earth, drilled into Hell, whatever they did. But you could hear all these screams coming up from Hell. And this recording has circulated the Internet for years. [TN: I doubt this is the same exact video Sherry had, but here is the recording:] I used to have it on my website. Not real sure what happened to it. But it sounded exactly the same. It sounded exactly like that. Just screams. And my daughter thought it was here in this neighborhood, and I’m just thinking, “You know what? I live in the sticks. This is a cowtown here. If it was a bunch of people screaming, where’d all these bunch of people come from to begin with?” You know? So it struck me that this was something supernatural going on.

At the same time, I had these beasts in the woods surrounding my house. [​/aug.htm] And I posted a picture, the cloes close description you could find. It looks like a xenomorph. When I first saw the picture, I thought, “Man, it looks like a xenomorph.” But it’s actually an ancient Atlantean Anuk. It’s actually from Atlantis. And that’s how old it is. These things are old. And these things are coming in now. I don’t know if they’re associated with the loud noise, ‘cause anytime you hear like a loud noise from space, it’s almost like space is ripping, like some sort of portal in space was ripped open. Because not just the noise, but the screaming and then the creatures in my woods. It had to be connected somehow. That’s what I’m thinking. Unless these things hung around for my show Monday night, and I didn’t notice them then. Because, you know, if they’re around, the dogs in the neighborhood are gonna bark. And the dogs in the neighborhood started barking when all this noise started, so. I don’t think they were really sitting around listening to my show Monday night. Interesting that this whole thing just kinda all happened at the same time.

And interestingly enough, this whole thing also—except for the creatures—people around the world heard it. It wasn’t just, you know, Carrollton, Ohio. People around the world heard the loud noise and the screaming. And so. Some kind of portal—tells me some kind of portal in space that was being opened. And it’s not that same noise that was recorded on that YouTube video. I saw that last year. It’s not the same noise. Some kind of phenomena going on.

They Are Rerouting Their Ships Thanks To The Orgone

But they’re coming in. They’re opening up portals. They’re coming in. They want people to fear. I don’t fear them. You know? Don’t fear them. I mean, if you’ve prepared and you’ve done the things the Lord’s asked you to do, then don’t fear them, because He’s gonna honor anything you ask of Him if you’ve done what He’s asked you to do. You know? That’s why I don’t think they were sitting around Monday night, ‘cause they woulda fried. They hate my area. And one of the things I’m seeing in the Codes right now is they’re having to reroute all of their spaceships and starships from Ohio. They have to reroute from around the state because it’s so saturated with orgone that they’re rerouting everything around it. And I hope it’s not just the state. I hope it’s this entire region. I know we’ve done—I mean, I’m just see Ohio in the Codes because for now, they’re coming for me, and they’re realizing, “Hey, you know, we’re trying to go to her, and we can’t get to her because of all this orgone, this saturated air between us and her, and it’s going to destroy our ships.” You know? That’s what they’re worried about. And it is destroying their ships. They’re crashing all over the world. And I told you guys all that. So, you know, some of the heaviest orgoned states in this country are Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, New York. This whole region is bombarded with orgone.

Satan Get’s Sherry’s Address Wrong…LOL

And so, I don’t know what their plans are gonna be. I see in the Codes where Pan, the Egyptian personification of Satan—and you can Wikipedia “Pan,” and he’s the hoof-thing. [laughs] He’s the one who looks like a goat, and he has hoofs. Now he’s been here before. Last year—I don’t even remember the exact month. I know I talked about it on the air when I got that death call, you know, that death phone call late at night. It was about 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock in the morning. And about the same time across the street dogs were barking and what people noticed were hoof prints in the snow the next morning. You know, this place across the street had hoof prints up and down the driveway. So I know it was Satan, you know, as stupid as he is, because he got the wrong address. So they’re not all-knowing. They don’t even know where I live if Satan’s across the street. Supposed to be over here harassing me, and he’s harassing people across the street. But he’s coming back. He’s coming back. In fact, I see in the Bible Codes that his little UFO, he is racing it here to Ohio to me. Because he—I imagine they’re not done. I assume I’m going to be getting another phone call or something from him.

We’ve Taken Our Skies Back With The Orgone

They’re in a panic. They’re in a panic. Because they’re all trying to arrive and implement their New Age agenda, and they’re crashing, and the holograms aren’t working right. Their Blue Beam Projects aren’t working right because we own the atmosphere now, folks. We own the atmosphere. They have tried to destroy our atmosphere with the chemtrails for 30 years, and we’ve taken it back. We’ve taken it back with the orgone and the bucket blasters and the pipe blasters. We piped that positive orgone energy into the air, and their chemtrails can’t stick. And if their chemtrails can’t stick, then the aerosols in the chemtrails that they rely on for holograms aren’t working either. Now some people have sent amazing holograms, pictures of things in the sky, and, you know, it remains to be seen if those are their holograms, holographics, or something supernatural from the Most High Himself. Remains to be seen. But I know that they’re in a panic over it. and so.

Sherry Was Sent Here To Destroy Satan

I don’t know why he’s coming here. I don’t know why he’s racing to get to Ohio. [laughs] You can see I’m real worried about it. I don’t know what he wants. You know, I was telling my friend I should get a violin. Satan’s coming to make a deal, I need a violin. [laughs] [TN: Sherry’s making an amusing reference to The Charlie Daniels Band song titled “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”] I don’t make deals with the Devil. You know. I don’t make deals. I was sent here in the Last Days to destroy him, and that’s what I’m here to do. I’m not a deal maker. I’m not a deal player. He’s got nothing I want. So.

Don’t Go Back To Sleep – Get Prepared!

This is gonna get interesting the next several months, because we’re on the timeline. I find it amazing that so many people think we just have so much time left. 5, 10 years. And I’m looking at this stuff thinking, “Where do you get that we have all this time left?” You know, there’s stuff going around the Internet where now they’re saying, “Nothing’s gonna happen. Everybody move along. Everybody go back to sleep. You know. Nothing’s going to happen.” You know, this should kick you into survival gear right now because they’re trying to put everybody to sleep because they just want you to die when the disasters happen. They don’t want you to be prepared. So. These are the things you need to get prepared. Get prepared with boards, nails, and tents. Prepare with like camping gear. Get all that stuff stored and buried somewhere, or tied down somewhere, so that if you do lose your home you have backups to live in. You have a tent at least.

I don’t know what else could happen, how severe these flips are gonna be when the Earth bows over and it flips back and stands back up in November. Seems to me like November is the month most of them are worried about the most. From the middle of October onto November is what they’re worried about the most. And so. You know August I’m just seeing all these beings coming in, and, you know, getting in for what? You know? Are they coming in to clean up, like expecting a lot of deaths and—‘cause that’s what they do, the cleanup crews. And they clean up. If you noticed Japan, most of the people were taken before the disasters even hit. They’re massive abductions. And what else was synonymous with Japan’s tsunami was the presence of UFOs. All those people. Where were the people? All these videos you see of Japan’s tsunami, where’s all the people? They were abducted beforehand. And I think that’s what they’re coming in for now. They’re coming in to watch the show of the problems we’re having on Earth, but what they didn’t count on was that the tables would be turned, and they’re the ones being cleansed from out atmosphere right now. They’re the ones being cleansed because the orgone’s saturating and killing them. So they’re in a bit of a panic. I guess they weren’t expecting it. I don’t know. I’ve been planning it forever. I’ve never kept my plans quiet.

Anyway, if you have a question for the show, folks, you can call in at (877) 245-5648. I’ve got 26 people in the chat room right now, and so. I know Mondays it’s hard to get in. Sometimes you get in, and they kick you out, and you get back in.

Give you a matrix I saw in the Codes that I was working on yesterday and thought it was kind of amusing. In a straight line it said, “Abyss,” “Armies,” “Abundant,” “Pack,” “Ohio,” “Duress,” An abundance of abyss armies which are UFOs, factions coming in. Armies coming in. They’re packing Ohio, and they’re in duress. Duress. So, I just find it amusing. I don’t know how high up they have to stay not to be affected by the orgone. [laughs] I don’t imagine it’s very long or even if—how high—because it’s kinda like they’re hitting and running.

Satanic Ritual Coming Up To Put Prince Harry’s Soul In Prince William’s Body

And then—see, what is this? What’s the next alignment? There’s some really weird Satanic ritual stuff coming up, and on August 17th, that’s when they like to do all their rituals and alignments with planetary alignments. Earth, Mercury, the Sun, and Venus align with Planet X 90 degrees to the Sun. So. August 17th. And I’ve heard that there’s a really weird ritual coming up—they’re all weird to me—of stuff of sorts coming up. I’ve told you that Prince William was soul-scalped a while back. Too much the heart of his mother. And so they’ve taken over him with a lizard. And now what’s interestingly enough is there’s a ritual coming up, and something to do with a dragon and Prince Harry. And they love Prince Harry because he’s so evil. He’s always been one of theirs. He gets in, he goes along with the Satanic rituals and sacrifices, and he just goes along with all that. He’s one of them. And so, what they want to do is they want to take the soul that’s in Harry and put it in Prince William. And so. This supposedly supposed to be happening on one of these ritual dates coming up. And so. You know, I wonder—you wonder what happens—I don’t know if they’re going to just kill Harry off or just put a switch. The lizard that’s in William will go into Harry, and Harry’s soul goes into William. This is no feat for them, folks. They can switch people’s souls. They do it all the time. So, no feat for them. And so. Interesting. I hope Kate liked Harry. ‘Cause she just got married to a lizard; now she’s gonna get Harry. Kate’s a lizard too, folks. I don’t know if you’ve seen the shows on YouTube videos where she’s shapeshifting. And Prince William as well.

The real Prince William’s gone. They killed him. They had to sacrifice him. When you’re in the Satanic echelons of the Illumianti, you have to sacrifice the firstborn. You sacrifice the firstborn, and William was the firstborn. What makes it more interesting is that these days they don’t have to—they can just sacrifice somebody and then pull out a clone. They can kill the person, literally, and then reanimate their body with an alien or demon being inside of it. They reanimate the body, so the body doesn’t die. And so, even if the person’s long been dead, nobody would know different because their body is still amongst us. And that’s what they’re gonna do to Harry. They’re gonna put his soul inside William and probably just reanimate Harry’s body with—maybe they’ll just put the lizard that’s in William and put it in Harry’s body. And so. Very interesting what’s going on. Very evil. I mean, it’s just—I’m trying to think of prayers we could say that would just mess up the entire ritual. They do this stuff—they don’t—you know. They do this stuff hidden and in palaces, and, you know, this is the higher echelon Satan freaks of Europe, you know? They don’t plan on—they don’t meet in little circles in the woods, you know? They have plenty of money. And so.

Gotta Wonder How The Bohemian Grove Went

You gotta wonder how the Bohemian Grove was going for the Satan freaks this year. And so. Sent a lot of angels there. Sent choirs. [laughs] ‘Course it’s over now. The last two weeks of July all the world’s leaders meet at the Bohemian Grove. It’s a boy’s club for pedophilia, and then they call it “vacation,” and, you know. I haven’t heard of anything that’s come out of there yet. Usually they try to align a world policy and things like that at the Bohemian club. Who are they kidding, you know? It’s pretty much the Queen is behind the policy and everybody marches to her beat, and so. I guess it’s the time for the men to get together and feel like they’re in control. I don’t know. I don’t really care. They’re certainly not in control of their own factions. How are they going to control the world? All they’ve got is desperation and attempts. Every time they move, we’re gonna be here. We’re gonna be here to knock them down, knock them back. And we’ve already prepared for that.

New Anonymous Group On YouTube

This Anonymous group that’s posted up. I don’t know who they are, folks. Was looking on YouTube, that Anonymous group. It seems like since Julian Assange, the Illumianti puppet from Australia that was being used to stand up and promote WikiLeaks—nobody really buys that one because he has such deep ties to the Illuminati. You know? And so, now Anonymous pops up. And it’s not a Christian group by any means. More patriotic. World patriotic. And so, interesting to see what happens with them. They’re a lot more interesting to watch than Julian Assange. So. You know.

Universal Law States That You Must Expose Your Plans

You have to expose your plans. That’s part of the rules. That’s like the unwritten Universal Laws. And they do it through Hollywood. They do it through fiction format. The Lord’s people don’t keep anything in the dark. We just, everything we do is in the light. And so. Everybody’s got their cards on the table. People tell me, “This could happen, that could happen, this could happen.” Everybody’s revealing their plans. Most of the sheeple have their heads stuck in the sand, and they just don’t pay attention. They don’t believe. They don’t want to believe that all these things are coming and all these things are happening. They don’t wanna believe it. And so. There’s nothing you can do when people wanna keep their heads stuck in the sand.

Planet X And Alignment Dates

Right now, August 4th, Planet X is now closer to the Sun than Earth is. So. That’s the way it looks, too, when I look at the picture I posted on my website of the 2nd Sun. Planet X looked like it was closer to the Sun then we are. And that’s exactly how it looks. So we’re on the timeline, folks. We’re on—if we stay on this timeline that we’re on, it’s going to get very interesting over the next couple of months with alignments and with the red tail.

Planet X Or One Of The Objects Following It May Be What Crashes Into The Earth

Now I know that somebody was posting this red lake stuff from Texas. The lake turned red. I don’t know what that is, but I really don’t think it’s from PX. Maybe they’re experimenting. You know? Maybe they’re trying to cause it. I just don’t believe it’s from PX. I mean, when PX’s tail—when it turns around to leave Earth and the tail hits the Earth, it’s proph—it’s theorized, I guess you could say—not prophesized but theorized—that poison from the red dust will hit the Earth and turn the water red. And so.

I’m actually waiting to see what crashes. ‘Cause it seems to me like there’s going to be something that crashes. I don’t know if it’s the comet itself. Wouldn’t that be funny? Something crashes. And there’s going to be a whole system coming in with PX. I told you Mimas was coming in with PX. And Mimas is the Death Star of Saturn. It’s a moon of Saturn. It’s called a Death Star. Was depicted in the Star Wars series. It’s an intelligent apparatus—controlled apparatus as well because they can shoot beams to the Earth and do all kinds of death ray stuff. And that’s coming into our system as well. And there’s gonna be other objects coming in. So. You know, you never know. One of these objects may strike the Earth in November or October. I just think it’s one of them could. I’m not really gonna say much about it until it gets closer to that point, but it strikes me odd that, you know, if we’re looking at Revelation chapter 9, we have a “lamp” that strikes the Earth, and then we also have a huge asteroid that strikes the Earth. And so, if that’s going to strike the Earth, it seems to me that it’s going to be associated with this whole PX coming in event. And also, it’s because of striking the Earth that the waters turn bitter. It doesn’t say anything about flying over and dust causing it to become bitter.

Orgone Is Extremely Far Reaching In Space

And I’m thinking that PX or one of its things that are coming in with it crashes because I know that the orgone takes it out. It’s already suffering. Nibiru is already suffering and it’s behind the Sun. So we have a really far reach with orgone in space. It’s really, really far reaching if we can get behind the Sun. And I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been pointing pipe blasters towards the East. I just keep them there, so every morning when the Sun rises, the first thing it gets is a nice blast of positive orgone energy. [laughs] Yeah. And if you don’t think one thing can make a difference, it can, folks. It’s the only thing that ever has. So.

Everybody, Spread The Word About The 2nd Sun!

Anyway, folks. Monday night I’ll be back talking about whatever the Lord leads me to. I imagine if I don’t get enough of this info out on the 2nd Sun or just the very notion that it’s on its way, that events are gonna be paused until I do scream enough, shout enough, to where people are becoming aware of this 2nd Sun. And so. Got my YouTube video. Got my article out. Do me a favor and post that on the forum boards around the Internet so that people can read it and hate it and all that kind of stuff. Make me know of it potentially getting out there. I don’t care if you like it or hate it; it just has to get out there. And so. Anyways.

Magnetized Orgone And Magnetized Water Will Destroy The Coming AIs

As far as magnetized water—somebody wanting to know about magnetized water. How long it takes to make magnetized water. You know what? I really don’t know. If you’re making magnetized water. If you’re making magnetized orgone, you’re putting neodymium magnets in orgone. Then if you have a bucket of water, maybe 2 or 3 pucks. If you have a garbage can of water, same thing. Just leave it over a couple days. Take a of couple days to charge up. If you just have magnets itself, just maybe 5 or 10 magnets, just throw it in a bucket of water. If you have a garbage can, same thing. It would just take longer to charge up, maybe 2 or 3 days. Whatever you feel like. Ask the Lord to guide your thoughts on it when you’re doing it. It’s the magnetized ones that will kill these AIs that are coming in, these xenomorphs and these others coming in. They’re half-machine, half-man, because anything half-machine is run by chips. And the worst thing for anything electronic based is a neodymium magnet. It’ll destroy it. And so, obviously, put two and two together. Magnets, neodymium, strong neodymium magnets will be the very thing that destroys their chip-based high tech. And so, if you make magnetized water, it becomes electrically charged water, and just spraying it on these machines that are coming should do the trick in destroying them. Also, you know, just aliens themselves.

Neodymium Magnets And Magnetized Orgone Will Close Portals

Closing portals. The magnets are good for closing portals. If you know any in your area, that’s the thing; they just come. And you know, they can come into Russia day and night and just head to the USA because I don’t think there’s any kind of orgone in Russia. So that’s always going to be an open doorway. I know we’ve got orgone all around Europe, all around Africa, all around the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, South America, North America, Canada, Alaska. You know? And the one place I can’t think of us having any orgone at all is Russia. So that’s going to be an open access point for them.

How To Identify Portals In Your Area

But they also have portals everywhere else that they try to activate and, you know, I close them. And the way you can figure out where they’re at—if you see a lot of UFO activity in a particular area, most likely it’s because of a portal there somewhere around that area. And so. Go orgone it with magnetized orgone. Go throw some magnets in that area. Go throw some magnetic orgone in that area. So, you know, just keep your eyes on the sky. My skies have been quiet I have to say. Compared to this time last year, they were a zoo. Maybe they’re just tired of all the orgone. I don’t know. But my skies have been pretty quiet.

Anyway, folks, I’m going to cut the show off a little bit early today. Be back Monday night, 10 o’clock. Pick up where we left off.

Until then, everybody.

Yah bless.

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