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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
August 15, 2011


A Lot of People Joining My Chat Room

And, hello, everybody. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner, August 15. And a couple things I want to talk about today. Looking at the chat room. And a lot of people joining the chat room. If you want to join the chat room, you can go to And you can join the chat room from there. Also sent out in my show announcements to my Yahoo list, right before the show, there's a link in that e-mail to the chat room.

Watch the Media Bring Up More Alien Stories

And [sighs], a couple things I want to talk about tonight, folks. First of all, I posted to my Facebook list yesterday -- because a lot of confirmations coming in. Same thing I'm feeling, everybody else is starting to wake up to. We don't have much time left. And I keep saying that. And I know I've been saying that for years, but -- 'cause when you ask the Lord, "When's this gonna happen? When's that gonna happen?" "Soon," is His answer. "Soon, soon." He doesn't live in linear time, so you're gonna get soon. [laughs] But I've been able to peg down weeks. Weeks and months. You know when He says no one can know the day or the hour? Well, fine. We can still know the week, month, and year. [laughs]

So, anyhow, I was talking to some sources, last several days. And, you know, I was warned to watch for the media. Watch for more, and more, and more alien stuff. And I'm not talking about Hollywood. We expect that from them, because they've just been making a living off my websites for the last six years. Aliens, zombies, vampires. All these things are coming. But what's interesting is that the media, itself, you know, the fake media giving fake news, and spewing propaganda 24/7 that's fake. Very little true ever comes out of there. They're gonna start on a roll of becoming more alien-friendly. Because they are in a panic. Government's in a panic. And they have very little time to condition people to what's actually going on.

And what's actually going on is what I've been saying. We're being inundated with UFO starships coming into our dimension. They're only, right now, folks -- and I was told this by a very reliable source -- a very thin layer away from our dimension. One left. I mean, there's many layers and realms within dimensions. There's thousands. Literally thousands of alien creatures and beings and ships. Just a very thin layer outside of ours right now. They're coming. And I told you that the dimensions were gonna merge. Everything's gonna happen here on Earth. And it's coming, folks.

And a lot of people -- you know, a couple weeks ago, I talked about that huge noise too many nights ago after my show, several hours after the show had ended. Huge noise outside. And I found in the Codes where it was Leviathan crossing over Ohio. And people are hearing these kinds of noises all over the world. People putting up YouTubes of noises. Of these starships and these spaceships passing over. And they're very loud. [Unexplained Sound in a Quiet Neighborhood] And the thing is, we shouldn't even be hearing these things. But we're hearing them because the dimension is cracking. The veil is beginning to lift. And so, the government knows this, and they need to try and condition people so they're not in such a huge panic.

So, start watching the media bringing up alien stories. I don't think they want to frighten people and tell them the real truth. So they'll probably bring out the Reese's Pieces [candy] and the Grey aliens in a bicycle basket [reminiscent of scenes from the movie, E.T.] I don't know what they're gonna do. But there's gonna be more, and more, and more mention of aliens, and so. That's gonna start coming out more, and more in the media.

Obama to Announce That He's Made a Pact with the Aliens

Another thing I'm seeing is that Obama's gonna announce that he's made some kind of pact with these aliens. And it's gonna infuriate people. And so, watch for that to -- I don't expect that till maybe October or something. A little bit down the road. I would be shocked if it happened anytime sooner. But you never know, because they like to do things by surprise. But I think that's gonna become along the lines of October, November that he's made a pact, some kind of an agreement, or an alliance with the aliens.

Well, the thing is, is there's so many different types of aliens coming in. There's many different groups. They all don't get along. A lot of them fight. We could be sitting in our yards watching aliens fight in the skies above us. I mean, it's gonna be a zoo. And just because they're all under the umbrella of Satan's kingdom doesn't me they like each other. There's different forces. There's different races. There's different nations and kingdoms of them. They come from different planets, different moons, different star systems. Things you can't even imagine. And so, it's gonna get pretty interesting.

There's No More Time - Maybe 4 to 6 Weeks Before Pure Hell on Earth

Now the one thing that caught me by surprise is that they're in a total panic over this. And see, I've seen this coming. I've known this is coming, and so it really surprises me that they're in a panic. I know when I talk to people they keep thinking, "There's more time. There's more time." There's no more time. OK? We're looking at 4 to 6 weeks and pure hell here on Earth, literally. 4 to 6 weeks. There's no more years. I know people in the planning stages of this stuff, and people in the know, even somehow they thought, you know, they had till 2015, 2017. Even people that should be in the know aren't. They're totally clueless. And so, a lot of different groups and people being taken by surprise by the lack of time. And so, interesting that we're gonna start seeing things happening probably pretty rapidly. But my guess is 4 to 6 weeks, and we're gonna start seeing a lot more activity here on Earth.

Government Stole My Orgone - Planning to Make Plane Explode and Blame it on My Orgone

Talking to some sources that I've been talking to the last several months, and still on the front burner of every government in the world is the discussions on how to ban my orgone. And so, very interesting, the forefront of all of the last several global summits that they've had, every federal agency, every level of government is involved right now in conspiring a false flag so that they can blame it on my orgone and ban the orgone.

And so, very interesting that I was at a funeral last Monday before the show, and during the show I didn't even notice. It wasn't till after the show where I happened to look around and all my orgone was gone. All my orgone where I have my computer, the room I sit in, it was all gone. All the orgone, gone. And so, I was pretty shocked. So I had to go out and replace it. I've got bigger orgone replacing it now. But the only two things I could think of is that they wanted to attack me with tech weapons, and so they had to get rid of the orgone so they could attack me with tech weapons. Or number two, they stole my orgone so they could use it in this false flag they're planning. So that they can somehow conspire that me and this person were together on blowing an airplane up. It's gonna involve an airplane at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago.

From what I've been told, Rahm Emanuel and Continental Airlines had been meeting in off the record secret discussions. They're working on ways -- and this goes all the way to the Pentagon, the military -- they're working on ways to make a plane explode and they blame it on the orgone. Now people have been traveling all over the world with orgone. It's harmless. There's nothing inflammable about it. It's not gonna blow up. It sits on a gas tank. There's nothing inflammable about it. There's nothing harmful about it to humans. And so, they're literally banging their heads against the walls trying to dissect the ingredients we put in my orgone, because they're trying to come up with some kind of way to make it look like it's harmful.

From what I hear, they're looking for a pawn right now. And we know that they have plenty of Manchurian Candidates. They're looking for a pawn that they can blame this false flag on. And so, they must be already past the stages to figure it out some way how they're going to blow up a plane and blame it on the orgone. And now they're looking for a pasty to take the fall. And interesting that orgone was stolen out of my room so that, perhaps put it in his luggage or on this plane. I don't know what they're gonna do. I hope this whole plan just dissolves since it's been exposed. I don't wanna see anybody get hurt, and so. Anyway, I'm just giving a shout-out about that because thing whole airport Chicago false flag thing is still on, as far as I know.

Hats Off to Warriors in Washington, DC

Interesting news on exactly how it's been affecting DC. And I've been laughing about it for years, about how it affects Obama. He often looks very angry. Looks hot, like he's sweating. Has his hands on his nose. I told you it emits a terrible odor for them. Well, apparently, Michelle Obama hates it so bad, that she claims our orgone is from hell, itself. And she sleeps in hotels around DC just to get away from the White House. I guess there's a strong presence of orgone at the White House. And a very strong presence at the Pentagon. And so, hats off to all the people out there who have gotten orgone around DC.

I guess they're in a panic at the Pentagon. And the thing is, I've been mailing it to government people for years. I don't even think twice. I just put it in the mail. There's nothing harmful about orgone. They've got it in these air-sealed-type laboratories that they have in the Pentagon. Trying to conduct some kind of experiments or whatever with it. I guess the mere presence of orgone there is just making a lot of people sick. And the thing is, it's not people that are getting sick, it's aliens posing as humans that get sick.

And that's a good way to tell, in the government or military, who's human and who's alien. Because if a normal person, typical person holds an orgone puck, they have no effect to it. They liked it. It has a positive energy to it. It's a living life force energy. It's a healing energy. Now if you give it to an alien, they start coughing, they start getting irritated and aggravated. They break out in boils, they get very sick. And so, that's a good way of testing exactly who's human and who's alien. And so, by the very things I'm hearing, our Pentagon is just full of Lizards. I was asking, you know, does it cause them to shape-shift, being in the presence of orgone? And I just heard it just causes them to get very sick.

Congress Is Divided on Whether or Not to Ban Orgone

So, interesting, you know, I was looking at the Codes last night and I was seeing how Congress is divided. You've got every federal agency, the military, the Pentagon, and the White House, all working together to find some ingenious way to claim orgone is evil, and ban it. And Congress is divided. Congress, you know, half of them are Lizards, and so they wanna ban orgone. And the other half of them, that are still halfway human, can't see the reason in banning it. And so, very interesting, that Congress is divided on it.

And, you know, we've even got African countries right now, Ethopia, one of them, that uses bucket blasters for rain. And they make their own bucket blasters, the government, and it helps them get rain. Orgone's a wonderful product for gardens, vegetables. Helps them grow. Orgone water. Water your gardens and your flowers with orgone water. And helps things grow. It's a living, life force, healthy energy. And so, they're having a hard time trying to demonize it and make it a evil energy, and so. Still kind of in the rounds with that one because, I saw, you know, years ago that they would work hard towards banning the orgone. And now it's coming into fruition with seeing that.

I Wonder Who's Leaking the Information Coming from Obama's Inner Circle...

Another thing I thought was interesting was seeing that -- watch for some of Obama's inner circle to start leaving. His inner circle. Because they're furious that the information from his meetings is being leaked out. And they're trying to figure out who it is. [laughs] And so, some of them may leave. 'Cause they're furious, I know, about this. They're furious, you know, what I know, and the details of what I know. And, you know, it just cracks me up.

You know, years ago, the Lord let me hear a conversation between George Bush and some intelligence people. I don't know who they were. I didn't catch any names. But they had approached George Bush, and they wanted permission to take me out. They wanted to assassinate me. And, George Bush, being the goofball he always was, he really was a asset to us, because he laughed about it. He couldn't imagine that orgone was any kind of a threat. And he laughed about it. And he told them, he said, "If you wanna go after somebody who was a pain in my (I'll say, "rear end")," he said, "go after Cindy Sheehan." [Cindy Sheehan] And he didn't know who I was. So, some cow-town wife, mom in Cow-Town Ohio, you know, he thought it was funny.

All Levels of Government Trying to Find Ways to Demonize Yah's Orgone Now

And so, now, I knew when Obama came into office it was gonna change, because he was inheriting this big mess. These Orgone Warriors he was gonna have to deal with. And so, pretty amusing. You know, even if, you know, during Bush's term, it was taken out of his hands, and it went into Dick Cheney's hands.

And you'll remember me talking, you know, on my shows about him and all his assassination attempts. I could always see him plotting in the Codes. [laughs] Whenever you see Dick Cheney in the Bible Codes, it's 'cause he's plotting to kill somebody. And it's always me. So it was amusing. Probably about 8 assassination attempts. Probably more than that I don't even know about, when he was Vice President. So I don't know what's happened with that. They don't exactly have Dick Cheney anymore. I haven't seen him in the Codes in a long time. Every once in a while. I don't think he's associated very much with Obama at all.

But either way, I'm very protected. So their assassination attempts have never succeeded. And so, that's why they have to work the long way and banning the orgone all together. And so, that's why they're all working together. All levels of government banging their heads on the walls. Trying to find a way to demonize it and make it harmful; a reason that they're banning it. They have to give the public a reason, you know.

You know, what's orgone made of? It's fiberglass Bondo, which is the same resin that's used to repair boats. Metal shavings, copper coils, crystals. You know, nothing real dangerous, folks. Nothing that's gonna catch anything on fire. And yet they're trying to turn this thing into bomb-making materials, which is laughable.

Bible Codes Reveal That Only a Handful of People Are Getting Orgone Out

Anyway, folks, so many people just sleeping at the wheel right now. We're at the most crucial times in the history of mankind coming up. And so many people just sleeping at the wheel. They don't care. They don't realize what's going on. You try [audio skips ahead] and they look at you like you're crazy. So, people need to wake up. And for the Warriors who have been out there and who have been following, I was shocked. I was shocked, literally, to see in the Bible Codes that only a handful of people are getting orgone out. Only a handful of people. And we've been at this for 6, 7 years now. And only -- at the most crucial time in the world coming up very shortly, and only a handful of people are getting orgone out. I was just shocked and disgusted.

Satan Didn't Want Christians to Believe the Things I've Been Saying

You know, it just makes me realize how effective Satan is. I mean, he's been fighting me for years. He didn't want the Christians to believe the things I've been saying. Or to listen to my show, go to my websites. And he's formed hate campaigns against me. And he has stood people up to speak against me, and make YouTube videos against me, and become vocal haters of me. And through this kind of deception and lies, then the other the others, "Oh, I heard this. I heard that." All these gossip and lies and rumors about me, these slanderous websites, these slanderous statements, they're all lies.

And another thing you hear is, "Oh, I heard her say this. I heard --" and I never said that. Liar, you know. They lie about things you say. They misconstrue things you say. They misunderstand things you say. And so, the very people I've been sent to wake up and lead in these last days have just turned a deaf ear. They've turned a deaf ear. Except for a handful. And that's why the Lord is furious. And that's why you're gonna see things starting to speed up. They're speeding up. They're happening quicker. And it's catching all of them off guard. The militaries and governments who thought they had time, well, you're seeing now who owns the time clock. Because the Lord's disgusted, He's mad, He's furious. I talk to Him daily about things, and tell Him what's going on on my end. And it's just not good news. And so, He's decided to pull the plug. And that's what we're gonna see, very shortly. What happens when the Lord gets mad. And maybe people will realize who the real Boss is. Who's been holding back the real harm and evil around us.

Orgone Doesn't Replace Our Faith in the Most High, It's a Defense Weapon He's Given Us

You know, folks, orgone doesn't replace our faith in Yahushua. It's a weapon for us to protect ourselves just as much as if you were given a gun. But bullets aren't going to kill dimensional beings. You need both. A lot of us harassed by aliens and demons at night can now sleep because the orgone around us keeps them away from us, just as much if you had a gun. It'll keep burglars away, robbers away, thieves. And it's just a defense weapon that he's given us. We don't replace [Him with it]. We don't worship it. It's not our idol. It's a defense weapon.

You know, I have orgone. You should have guns. You should have weapons of every kind. There's gonna be various things coming at us. You're gonna have to protect your homes and your families from thieves and robbers because there's gonna be a complete breakdown of government with all the alien ships that are coming in and people panicking. And they're not coming in to give us roses and candy. They're very hostile. There's gonna be anarchy. People running the streets robbing, and stealing, and pillaging. Killing other people. You should have guns to protect yourself against humans. You should have orgone to protect yourself against the aliens and the demonic creatures that are gonna be amongst us. Because it's gonna be both realms. The alien realm and the demonic realm. They're not one and the same. They're two different kingdoms, classes of creatures. And then you have the Giants coming.

You know, we don't replace our faith in the Most High with orgone. But we show our obedience and love for Him by doing what He asks us to do. And that's getting the orgone out. Why? Because the orgone destroys them. It destroys them. And it'll create protection areas for people. You know, the Giants and the aliens don't like orgoned areas. And so, they're not gonna go into them. They'll go find the other areas that aren't orgoned and destroy those areas. You know? James said faith without works is dead. So many of you think you can just have faith. And then think your works are going to church on Sunday, and drowning in religion week after week.

Millions of 'Christians' Know Religion, but They Don't Know About Relationship with the Lord

The problem with the tens of millions of people who call themselves Christians in America today is they don't have relationship. Oh, they know religion. They got the religion down pat. But they don't know a thing about relationship. Having a relationship with the Lord. Learning how to hear His voice. Learning how to sit at His feet and be guided by Him. Learning what it is to wake up in the morning and say, "Hello, Father." And hear, "I love you, child." They have no idea. Because they don't have relationship. All they know is religion. Religion, religion, religion. You know? And He's had enough. He's had enough. You can see by the total lack of support I've had on Earth. And the total hatred and [audio skips ahead] obnoxiousness sent towards me on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis. [audio skips ahead] But that's just enough. They're not listening, pull the plug. So, that's where we're at, folks.

The FDA Is a Complete Lizard Agency Planning Our Destruction

I was looking at this thing about the FDA [U.S. Food and Drug Administration]. Folks, the FDA is a complete Lizard agency. And if you've ever digested anything I've said on my show about Obama and the government, and the tops of religion and entertainment, and money and everything else is all Lizards, believe, totally believe, that the FDA is Lizards, because I know they are. I know for a fact that every year they go down to Brazil and meet at a mountain alien base where they're given their marching orders for the next year. The things they're supposed to be doing. Stay on schedule, stay on track, stay on agenda, pick up something new, start something new. They are here to depopulate America. And the very tops of the FDA are complete Lizards. So they are not here to protect anybody. When the FDA speaks, your ears should just turn off. Nothing they say -- in fact, go for the opposite. Go for the opposite, because nothing they tell you is the truth. Nothing they do is good for humans. Everything they say and they promote is bad for you, is bad for humans, because they're Lizards. They wanna destroy humans.

When the Veil Is Lifted, It'll Be Like the Movie, They Live

When the veil is lifted, I hope everybody sees. It's gonna be [like the movie] They Live, from the [1980s]. [Political Cinema: 'They Live' Predicts Obama Presidency] Your newscasters, your sportscasters, your pastors, your government. All the hologram machines just being broken and you'll see them for the alien beings that they are. All this time, just posing as humans. They all wear devices, hologram devices, to where they look human. And that's what's happening with the disruptions in our electromagnetic realm, and our digital TVs, and our technology, is that all these disruptions are starting to malfunction and show these people for the alien beings that they are.

You can see their slit eyes on television. I mean, these new TVs will do wonders for that. You can walk right up to the TV and see that Obama has slit eyes instead of round ones. Or, if his hologram's working correctly, they both look round, but you'll see black lines, a black line coming out of each one. And you can do this for newscasters, religious people, entertainers, actors. Look at the eyes. They're not round, black pupils. They're slit cat-eyes black pupils, 'cause they're Reptilians. Or you'll see the round pupils, but they're shaped odd. They're shaped -- something about their eyes are centered, because the hologram messes up. It's all around us, folks.

They're on the Last Step of Their Invasion Plan

And knowing that these alien invasions are just weeks away now, that was the last part of their plan. Remember, the Lord gave me their plan back in 2005. [The Invasion....Has Begun] And the first point on it was a silent invasion where they would come and take over human bodies. But nobody would recognize it because they looked human. But they wouldn't be human. They would be alien beings posing as humans.

And then they would have their own born as hybrids, crossbreeding. They would come down here, look human, and have kids. And, you know, aliens would still be abducting people and implanting women with hybrid babies.

The third part was an outright invasion. And when they finally start to invade with UFOs that we literally see with our eyes, that means their plan is complete. They have full control of the Earth at that point. And how far is that? 4 to 6 weeks? Hello? Their plan's almost completed. And I've been telliing you, they're among us. Everybody keeps waiting for the hostile invasion because that's gonna be the one that wakes everybody up. Because you try to tell them they're amongst us living as humans and people look at you like you're crazy.

The Original Maitreya Is Not Coming, but Expect Sananda to Arrive in September

Expect Sananda to arrive in September. I'm almost looking for a September 11 arrival of Sananda. Know why we're looking for Sananda? Because, I was right, Maitreya has been knocked out. He is not coming. I don't know what they're gonna do with Raj Patel, who was the backup for Maitreya. But even the highest echelons of the government don't know what happened to Maitreya. All they know is that something bad happened to him when they tried to bring him in, and that he is not coming in. And so, they are in a shock right now. They are in a panic. I have heard that the queen is livid. That her astronomer (which is a pure Lizard as much as she is), her astronomer -- they're dumbfounded. They don't know what to do. Everything was -- they had so much based on Maitreya. The whole route with Maitreya coming in and stirring up the Muslims and, you know, they had a whole agenda for Maitreya. He was supposed to come down in the world. Appear as a Ascended Master. Go around the world performing miracles. And we've knocked him out. The orgone has destroyed it.

What I think happened is that his UFO crashed. I believe what I saw in the Bible Codes was literal, that his UFO crashed. And he survived the crash, but he's incapcitated, I guess you could say. And so, they can't use him. They can't use him. And so, what they are gonna do is go ahead with Sananda. And Sananda Esu Immanuel, calls himself "I Am" Sananda, Immanuel "God is with us." He mocks the real names for Yahushua the Son of God. And they're gonna bring him in, but you better believe they're gonna stay out of the air. I don't think they're gonna get [laughs] -- I don't know how they're gonna bring him in. They were planning on the whole Blue Beam Project of having an angelic host and all this stuff of him coming in the air with the clouds and the angels. You know, mimicking the whole second coming of Christ. But at this point, I don't think they'll dare pulling anything with him, and having anything to do with the atmosphere. Because the atmosphere is saturated with orgone. And they don't want to risk losing him like they lost Maitreya.

So, I think what they're gonna do is -- I wouldn't be surprised to see him just show up out of nowhere in the desert. With sandals on -- no, no, barefoot. Barefoot with some kind of robe on. Maybe sandals. But he's just gonna show up in some obscure place out in the Middle East. Somewhere out in the desert, probably. And, that's where he'll appear and start -- I don't think they're gonna bring -- I think they're gonna stay away from the skies, and so. And then start producing miracles. The first thing he'll do is start producing miracles. Watch people from Africa involved. Ethiopia and Kenya and those African nations over there. The Sinai Desert, the Negev Desert, just, in the Middle East. Watch him to appear over there.

I don't know if his -- the fake Mary, this Lady Magda, will be with him or not. Just because Maitreya was knocked out of the picture. She was always scripted to come down with Sananda and pose as Mary, his mother. And so, I'm sure that one will still go off. We'll still have the other script of characters. The one thing being that Maitreya is missing. So I don't know what they're gonna do, the 1.2 billion Muslims, what they're gonna tell them about their last imam that was supposed to come, because he's not coming, and so, very interesting. I'll just keep that one up on the next shows.

What the Bible Codes Reveal About Sananda, the Fake Jesus

I expect Sananda to make his entrance on -- somewhere 9-11, 9-9. Somewhere in the second week of September. And, you know, about 8 years ago or whatever, I did a Bible Code on this Sananda. And this is the same Sananda that looks the same as Jesus in the churches. 'Cause I told -- remember I told you Michelangelo had painted a portrait of Sananda and the churches adopted it as Jesus. And that's the one they've been worshiping in their churches all these years, is Satan's general, Sananda. He's been calling him Jesus. That's why the Lord says He's not in the churches today. They all worship Sananda. This Sananda. You can go to my And I'll give you some of the words, some of the Codes, that I found for him.

Jesus - Fraud - Hoax - Fraudulent

Now I'm not saying that the Son of God, whose real name is Yahushua, is a fraud, a hoax, a fraudulent. But this Sananda is, 'cause he's coming playing Son of God. He's coming in playing the Jesus of the Bible. He's the hoax. The one that's coming is a hoax, a fraud. He's

Deceitful - Phony - Fake - Blasphemous

He's from Satan. Just comes up all over his Codes.

Blasphemous - Blaspheme - Deceit - Hoax - Fraud - Plant - Demonic - Ghoulish - Anuk - Witchcraft

He's actually an Anunnaki in a cloned body to portray this humanoid Sananda Jesus person. It says

Jesus - Aerodrome (UFO) - Beast - Phony - Fake

He's a beast. This is not the real Son of God, folks. The Christians will be deceived by it. They're gonna be told by their pastors -- Joel Osteens, and T.D. Jakes, and all these fools will stand up -- and say Jesus is here. But this is not the real Jesus of the Bible, folks. He's loyal to Lucifer. Lucifer indwells him.

Prayerful - Devotee - Following (Lucifer)

He's a devotee of Lucifer. When he prays, he prays to Lucifer. And I have several pictures of my site of him. What he looks like.

Sananda - Fake - Abomination - Disgusting - Repugnant

Demigod - Idol - god - Tyrant - Germaine - Associate - Friend - Satan

Look for one of his associates, St. Germaine, from the New Age crowd. They all work together.

Sananda Is Usually over the Vatican, and Has Deep Ties to the Mormon Church

Sananda has been a part -- remember, several years ago we crashed his Capricorn ship out of the skies, and they sent the Navy into the Pacific to retrieve -- or make sure that his ship landed in the ocean, or -- I don't know what they were doing. They didn't want people to see the magnitude of this starship they had. So they were prepared to blow it up if it didn't break up upon entry into our atmosphere. And so, I don't know what ever happened with that, except for the big to-do. They were calling it then -- they were saying a satellite was falling from heaven. But it was actually Sananda's ship he calls Capricorn. And this thing is huge. It's like 150 miles long, 150 miles wide, in the shape of a cigar-type ship.

He's built another one since then. People saw it down in Texas last year, year before. That was Sananda's ship. What'd they say? 300 miles long? It's even bigger than the one he had. But this is what he pretty much travels around in, this ship. He's usually over at the Vatican. He has deep ties with the Mormon church in Salt Lake [City, Utah]. And also with the Vatican. And so, expect him to be aligned with the pope when he arrives. And also the Mormons. 'Cause in the basement of the Mormon temple there's an altar, and they do rituals to Satan and all that on it. The Mormon church is very satanic.

And if you look at the structure of the church, itself, it looks like that structure that's on, what is it? Either Mars or moon, where they have this huge temple. It's like, a mile high or whatever. This tower. The top of that tower looks like the top of the Mormon temple. When I saw the Mormon temple, several years back, I was just shocked. Because it was the same picture that I had seen online of one of these buildings that they had found that was on the moon. It was either the moon or Mars. Can't remember which one. I think Hoagland's site had it on there. Richard C. Hoagland []. Go to his website and look for artifacts on the moon or artifacts on Mars. His remnants of an old temple. The very one that the Mormons mimicked when they built their temple in Utah.

Please Show Some Respect to Yahushua by Using His Real Name

So expect him to arrive, be accepted as the Messiah, the Christian Messiah, the Christian Jesus. Gonna do miracles. Gonna pray. Gonna go off in the desert. Gonna be barefoot. He's gonna mimic and mock Yahushua the Son of God, the real Jesus of the Bible. And that's why I try to get Christians -- please use His real name. You know, His real name was Yahushua. There was no "J" in the Hebrew language. But the name Jesus in the Hebrew language was Joshua. You know, Yashua. Because there was no "J." I mean, we look at the New Testament now, in the book of John. His real name was Yohan. There was just no "J." And so, you really do all of them disrespect and a disservice when you can't even pronounce their names right, or even attempt to.

And all of you know that Jesus wasn't His real name. It was translated. And you don't care. You know, it's not like we have to get all legalistic and be Pharisees over it, but show some respect. Really, show some respect. If someone kept calling you the wrong name, and you just smiled and you answered to whatever they called you. And, you know, you just answer to it. You go, "Maybe one of these days they'll learn my real name." You know? Picture that as the same way He is. You know? To me, it's just total disrespect. Ticks me off.

Step Out of the Seminary Box and Do Five Minutes of Research on Your Own

And people always say, "Well, why do you always say Yahushua and Jesus?" I have to so the churches know who I'm talking about. Otherwise they don't know. 'Cause they don't teach you His real names. They adopt all these errors in the seminaries, and then they just put out all these pastors every year, never teaching them the truth on anything. They get grasp of what the Bible says, and then what the seminaries teach them, but they don't go outside the box of what they're told at all. They don't bother to go back and study. Five minutes of research what His real name is. Were the feasts done away with? Are we supposed to celebrate Easter, which is the pagan Istar goddess celebration? Or are we supposed to celebrate Passover? You know? Do 5 minutes of research. Step out of the box. Step out of the little seminary box, folks.

But it's too late for most. They just won't wake up. And the Lord's about to pull the plug because His people are stubborn, and stiffnecked, and they won't listen. They just wanna hate and mock, and ridicule, and lie, and slander those who are here to teach them the truths.

So, anyway, a couple things to watch out for. I'm gonna take calls. If you have a question for the show, you can call in.

Watch Out for the False Flag Orgone Event Coming Out of Chicago O'Hare Airport

But just watch out for a false flag event coming out of Chicago International O'Hare Airport. Gonna crash a plane. Blame it on the orgone. They're looking for a pawn now to fill the role as patsy, as terrorist. The person who's brought it on the plane or whatever. I don't know when they're gonna pull that off. I would suspect sometime in September. Maybe before then, because they've really gotta try to bring Sananda in.

Remember, All the Fakes Come First

Watch for the arrival of Sananda, the fake Messiah of Christianity as opposed to being the real one, 'cause he's not the real one. Remember all the fakes come first. All the fakes come first. And then the real one will come. But we're seeing the fake arrivals now, and the fake agenda being played out, and so.


Anyway, I wanna take some calls and see what's happening. If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648.

I'm So Happy That You're Telling People What's Going On

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hello?

SHERRY: Hello.

CALLER: Hello?


CALLER: OK. I'm so happy that you're telling people what's going on. And that there are people who are waking up. Hopefully it won't be too late. I know what you mean by the "blank stare." People are afraid of getting healed. They're afraid to -- they just don't -- they're gone, you know...

SHERRY: Yeah, um --

CALLER: They're not present. They can't even make a connection. A minister will jump down off the pulpit, run down and say, "We don't like your kind here." And it's like, "OK. What ya got going on that you don't want me and God to see?"

SHERRY: Yeah. So many people have just been dumbed down by religion. They don't have any idea what relationship is. And so many just being taken over because of their fake and phoniness. Even Christians can be taken over and soul-scalped by alien beings. Because they're fakes, they're liars.

CALLER: Well, it's a constant connection with the Lord. It has to be a constant thing because we're in a constant war. It doesn't stop.

SHERRY: Right. And those who seek and follow Him. And it's a SEEK and follow. Not just follow. Don't just go through the motions of religion every week. Actually seek Him. Like talking to Him and building a re-- [audio skips ahead].

CALLER: Yeah. Release His word.

SHERRY: Mm-hmm.

Orgone Pucks Charge Up Very Well

CALLER: And I wanted to tell you, I found out that pucks charge up very well. If you take a selenite wand and point it to it, and then take a laser at the end of the selenite wand and shoot into it, and hold it for a minute, it charges it up so it adds actual miles.

SHERRY: Yeah...well, I didn't know about -- I don't know much about selenite. I know you can set 'em out in the sunshine. Let 'em soak up the sun. It'll charge 'em up. And you can also run them under cold water --

CALLER: Yeah --

SHERRY: -- for like, 30 seconds. And that charges them right up as well. 'Cause they can get stagnant sitting, collecting dust on your bookshelves and window sills. And you can take 'em out and run 'em under the sink water, and then set 'em under the sun to charge up. And really does wonders for 'em.

CALLER: We also used -- instead of the Bondo we were using tree sap. And that's really nice because I can throw it down in plain [?] water, at the top of the world here, at it'll just go all the way through all the rest of the water down through the rest of the whole planet! That's the idea anyway.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.

CALLER: Thanks for being you and listening to the Lord. Thank you, thank you!

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: See you later. Bye.

SHERRY: All right. Bye-bye.

Do You Know Obama Is in Iowa Right Now?

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hello, Sherry.


CALLER: Yes. I'm from Iowa.

SHERRY: Hello.

CALLER: You know Obama's in Iowa right now?

SHERRY: Oh, is he really? He's looking for you probably.

CALLER: He's had a speech live. He's in Decorah, Iowa. And they said his whole [unclear] and whoever rented this old motel. And they're all staying there tonight. And they're going to Peoria, which is kind of southeastern or eastern Iowa, tomorrow morning.


CALLER: But they won't give his route. But do you think he really staying in Decorah tonight? It's a little town.

SHERRY: I doubt it. They'll probably fly him in. It would be awesome if --

CALLER: Maybe the other people will stay there to look. And then have a vehicle. Or the vehicle's there --


CALLER: -- and pretend like he's leaving. But, yeah, he's in Iowa tonight or tomorrow.

SHERRY: It would've been great if somebody'd orgoned the area. Yeah. Oh, you know. I don't know. I would laugh. I mean, he can't stay in the White House. So anything to stay out of there. I told you guys back when he got elected --


SHERRY: -- he was having a problem with the White House. And it hasn't changed.

What's Up with the Earthquake in South Dakota?

CALLER: What is up with that earthquake in North -- was it North...South Dakota? Yeah.

SHERRY: Oh, I have no idea.

CALLER: Last week they had one. Yeah. Well, that's just a common thing or whatever, but. Yeah.

You Think That Plane Crash Might Happen?

CALLER: So that plane crash, you think, might happen? I heard something -- I don't know. I don't know what to believe anymore. There's so many things, and I tend not to go to YouTube very much. Do you really rely on YouTube a lot, or...

SHERRY: No, I don't rely on anything a lot, but the Most High. And people send me links to stuff, so.

CALLER: Hard to know what to believe.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: Said there might be a chemical or some kind of radiation or something in one of the big cities, coming up soon.

SHERRY: Oh, a chemical attack?


SHERRY: I wouldn't doubt it. I really wouldn't.

CALLER: But you were talking about this plane crash in --

SHERRY: Well, that's a false flag they've been planning to try to blame it on orgone. Because they know orgone crashes UFOs. And so, now they're trying to make it look like orgone's crashing airplanes.

CALLER: Is that what people are seeing? Or are they really seeing like, meteors or whatever?

SHERRY: Those are UFOs crashing.

CALLER: They are?

SHERRY: They're crashing daily.

CALLER: They're not meteors, or --

SHERRY: No, they're not meteors. They are crashing every day. They have them in a total panic.

CALLER: 'Cause I've been hearing a lot lately these big booms. Or big sighting of --

SHERRY: Yeah. That's them blowing up. That's starships. That's UFOs. That's everything blowing up and crashing. And they know it. I know it. Everybody else is oblivious to it for some reason.

If You Can Hear the Starships Coming into Our Dimension, What Do They Sound Like?

CALLER: What are these -- they're coming into our dimension or close -- if you can hear them, what do they sound like in the sky?

SHERRY: Very loud and obnoxious. I have some links on my Facebook site that some people posted.

CALLER: Does it sound like a big jet or airplane?

SHERRY: No, it sounds much worse, because it goes on, and on, and on. It doesn't pass over your area in 5 seconds. It took almost an hour for Leviathan to pass over Ohio.


SHERRY: And it was like huge, obnoxious noise for 45 minutes. And so, they tend to last a long time 'cause they're huge ships. The one I have on my website was from Russia.


SHERRY: And then someone posted another one from their area. And so, you know, this is gonna start increasing, 'cause they're all coming in. And the veil between our dimensions is gonna be lifted.

When Did You Say the Three Days of Darkness Was Going to Be?

CALLER: When did you say the three days of darkness was gonna be? This month or next month?

SHERRY: End of September. End of September.

CALLER: Nothing you see coming this month? I mean, that you can...

SHERRY: Sananda's arrival. I suspect Sananda's arrival sometime the second week of September.

CALLER: Yeah, it'll be the 11th. So I always say, "September 11 something." [laughs]

SHERRY: Yeah. You never know. So, I just -- they've gotta do something. They've gotta act. 'Cause, you know --

The New Madrid Fault Line Has Been Very Quiet

CALLER: The Madrid's been very quiet.

SHERRY: Yeah. [laughs]

CALLER: That I've seen.

SHERRY: The Lord's not gonna let that blow yet. That's gonna be His judgment. And He'll blow it when He's ready.

What's That Leaking Down a Mountainside by Los Angeles?

CALLER: What's that leaking down the hill in California, down a mountainside by L.A.?

SHERRY: Oh, I have no idea.

CALLER: That they had smoke coming out the hills.

SHERRY: Oh, probably the bases that are on fire. There's a bunch of alien bases on fire right now. There's been a war underground. Alien bases. Starting from Los Alamos, New Mexico all the way to California. All these underground bases. There's a whole war going on, so. Anyway, well, thanks for calling in.


SHERRY: All right.

CALLER: Well, thank you.

SHERRY: Mm-hmm.

CALLER: Yah bless.

SHERRY: Bye-bye.

There Are People Out There That Are Listening to You, Sherry

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Hello, caller.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: I don't know if they wanna speak. Looks like they're gone. Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Sherry?


CALLER: This is Beverly Nelson from Florida.

SHERRY: Hey, Bev! How ya doin'? You're always the last caller. You're always calling me like a minute left. [laughs]

CALLER: I know. I won't take much of your time, honey. I just wanna tell you, Sherry, we're listening. We think you're great. We think -- I'm so grateful that you listen to the Lord. And Sammy and I are really studying hard. We're reading all your articles and studying hard. We're being Warriors like God wants us to be.

SHERRY: Yeah, you guys --

CALLER: We're trying to prepare. We're trying to prepare. We've been prepared for a long time. But I want to thank you so much, because there are people out there that are listening to you, Sherry. And you are're such a good Warrior. Thank you so much.

SHERRY: Well, thank you.

CALLER: For everything.

SHERRY: I know you guys are one of these faithful handfuls I see in the Bible Codes.

CALLER: Well, you know, Sherry, I told you I was brought up in a church like you were all my life. I have learned more from reading the Bible myself, studying the word of God, asking Him for all, you know, the truth in all things, like you told us to do. And I have learned more from your articles and studying the Bible than I have in church my whole life. And I wanna thank you for that.

SHERRY: Well, thank you.

CALLER: And, so -- you gotta go. But we are moving. We're moving out of Florida. We're gonna be leaving here at the end of September. I pray -- one thing I've been asking God for -- or, excuse me, um, I've gotta get the names right 'cause I know you get mad about that. So I'm really trying hard.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: Yahweh, I'm asking Yahweh to give us more time, so when we get to where we're going -- I told you. You know where we're going. And -- I don't know if I should say that over the phone, 'cause they might be listening. I don't know.

SHERRY: No, they ARE listen, so. Let's wrap it up.

CALLER: OK. So, anyway, thank you. Love you. God bless and take care of your family.

SHERRY: All right. Love you. Thank you for calling in.

CALLER: OK. Bye-bye, Sherry.

SHERRY: Bye-bye.

That's gonna wrap it up for the show, folks. And be back on Thursday at 1 o'clock with Aliens in the News. Uh, 11 a.m. I've changed times.

Anyway, until then, folks. Yah bless.


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