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Aliens In The News
August 18, 2011

They're here
And hello everybody you're live with Sherry Shriner and Aliens in the News and they're all over in the news. You know I was looking at the emails I received last couple days and UFOs everywhere -- Kansas City, Washington, Russia -- armada's being seen.

Large crafts being seen described as being 3 to 5 miles in width. Silver disc's over Kansas City and they're just everywhere folks and I've told you they're coming in and coming in and coming in to the point they're already here. Strange noises being heard. I told you about the strange noises I heard in my area 2 weeks ago and there's You Tube videos popping up from everywhere.

The Veil is thinning
People hearing these, I don't know how you'd describe it -- it's almost like a tear in space. Because these larger ships are coming in and the veil is getting much thinner. And we're actually hearing them as they break through the dimensions. For the most part still invisible for us but that's gonna quickly vanish.

The veil is going to be lifted and we are going to see these huge ships. And, you know you got UFOs, you got Star ships, you got everything. For the most part allot of these UFOs are carriers from the mother ships almost like Star Wars where you have your main ship and then you have all these little pods that come outta the ship and go on missions and stuff and that's basically what UFOs are they're like little pods from the main star ships and so when you see UFOs they're from star ships -- they're further up in the sky's. It's getting allot more crowded -- it's going to be a complete zoo here folks.

Looks to be September
And I suspect allot of this is gonna start breaking out in September next few weeks, next several weeks.

I remember the Lord telling me back in January this is the year. And so seems to be right on schedule. You know it's kinda a wake up call for people who have been asleep all these years. You know I wrote my first book Hidden Codes Revealed - The Coming UFO Invasion back in like 2004 and I've been sounding the alarm since then that we are going to be under a UFO invasion. And people have been waiting for this outward's always been there.

It's gonna be a zoo
More so problem being now the dimensions are merging. And as they merge we are getting more and more and more different factions of beings and creatures coming into our earthly dimension. Our 3rd dimension and it's gonna be a zoo. It's gonna be a zoo, I mean you talk about reptilians and greys and little green men -- you can't even imagine 1/2 the creatures we're gonna be seeing. It's gonna be a literal zoo and amongst just creature looking beings we're going to be seeing -- we're gonna be seeing giants -- humanoid giants.

Disclosure announcement
So a couple things I wanted to mention today -- Obama's got an announcement coming up and I've been seeing this in the Codes and started seeing this last year and becoming more relevant I guess you could say now because most people expect that it's gonna be a disclosure that he's gonna admit that "Yes UFOs and aliens exist." That would be a light sided disclosure.
That would be something they should have done 10, 20 years ago. The kinda disclosure he's gonna give I don't think most people are ready fact I think it's gonna stun this nation -- it's gonna shock most people -- especially because they'll have to admit I've been right all along and -- I don't know what kind of panic stages people will go in.

Preachers pushing alien agenda
But you can rest assured they've got all the preachers in alignment with their policies and their views so that they calm the sheeple down and put them back to sleep. But he's gonna be announcing quite a few things. Now this may take place over a couple days, several announcements, not sure how he's gonna do it. But I've always told you he's a pawn of the alien agenda. He's one of them. He's a clone, a lab creation created by them. He's one of them, he's a lizard in a human body...

You're told in music and Sci-Fi all the time
So these announcements he's gonna give coming on the heels of all this debt crisis panic, being able to use that as a foundation, to introduce to the world this whole Ashtar Command that I've been talking about. This Galactic Federation of aliens that have been ruling and controlling behind the scenes and these are satanist's, satan's forces folks. He has his -- yeah he has his councils and his rulers and his kingdoms very organized like pretty much how we organize our own government and corporate structures here and the military is the exact same way how satan has his kingdom organized. And they've had this -- the Illuminati has always answered to a higher council that rules above the earth. What was that song? Cashmere by Led Zeppelin speaks about it -- often found in our own music and movies. Stuff you think is fiction and it's been spoken about throughout the years in off-hand ways.

'Ascended masters' are fallen angels
But there's been a council above the Illuminati, purely alien that has ruled over them and they're getting ready to come out from behind the scenes and be introduced to the world as ascended masters. As people who have reached ascended states, they are illuminated and you know when you think of illuminated you just kinda think, "Yeah they're on fire getting (Sherry's cracking up) one foot in hell already."

Illuminated ready to be set on fire cast into hell. They reject God, they're satan's forces. They're full of lies. Full of pride. Full of greed. But they come to renounce all those things (Sherry's laughing) kinda like do as we say not do as we are, as we do. But they want to pull these aliens that have always ruled behind the scenes, we call them aliens they're just fallen angels folks and bring them to the forefront as ascended masters.

They'll offer gold for your soul
And what they're gonna do is offer to end our global debt crisis. They're gonna have the answers for everything because they've engineered everything. You have the same old script, problem / solution. They created the problem and now they offer the solution. So they're coming out offering solutions to end the global crisis. Introduce a new global currency. Introduce this whole Federation Ashtar Command these ascended masters who want to come and help earth. Probably introduce new health care technology to rid diseases. Have the cure for cancers and offer longevity.

Started with Roosevelt and Eisenhower administrations
They'll offer all sorts of things that are -- stun the masses. Also advanced technology. Bringing in advanced technology -- offer that to mankind to stun 'em. Create supernatural and spiritual phenomenon to amaze the masses. They want to heal people -- introduce higher tech and health care and higher technologies and you know, things you can't even imagine because our government has been secretly working with these alien groups since the 1930's. You know you've gone through Eisenhower and Roosevelt and started basically with those two.

The humans get the door
And ever since then every government we've had -- every president has made contracts with these aliens -- keeping all this on-going. And we have all these D.U.M.B.s -- Deep Underground Military Bases that for the most part are joint military bases like Area51. But with most joint bases what eventually happens is humans and aliens working together to exchange technology and things like that but typically what happens is the humans get kicked out and the aliens take over the base. And you have to be so high and occult to know they exist to even get in and look at NORAD they kicked the humans out of NORAD and made them go down the road to Peterson AFB and took over NORAD.

"Mode of Operating" of these fallen angels
Now you have the white lizards which are the highest ranking of the reptilian faction that run NORAD now -- of course NORAD is in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. Several people have seen the white lizards there and that's pretty much how they operate. They come in as friendly want to help and take over and just kick out the humans and so you can guarantee this is pretty much the same modus operandi they're going to use when they come and take over the world and people like Obama and heads of other governments are just pawns for this coming agenda they're gonna introduce these beings and then these beings are just gonna take over.

I've always cautioned you guys...
You're going to see a complete take-over of this world by these beings. It's what they do, they come in with "Oh, we want to help" we'll dazzle you and amaze you with a couple of illusions, give you some new technology that the governments already had and suppressed all these years from the people. And most of their underground bases are run off of free energy. They don't pay the electric company to run these underground bases. They have free energy. Oh but now these gods these ascended masters are gonna release it to the public and everyone will be amazed. Worship and accept them as gods and if you think I'm kidding think again.

A mirror of this galactic federation
I mean The Bible talks about the last days deceptions as so good that most of the world's deceived by it. Deceived by them. And so this is quite the eye opener because remember The Old Testament prophets they said the leader of last days Babylon would be the Anti-Christ and last days Babylon is the greatest nation on earth which is America and you know people look at Obama and yeah he's qualified to be the Anti-Christ because he's leader of last days Babylon.

Hand over the reigns
But what I've always cautioned you guys is -- because no one can even fathom it -- is that the President of the United States will hand over our country to one of these alien beings. And then making that alien being, that ascended master the President of America which would then fulfill the role of Anti-Christ. So not necessarily that the role specifically falling on Obama, but who he hands leadership of America over to. It's the Leader of last days Babylon.
And so people can't imagine that ever happening, but look what happened to our military over the years. Our military being forced to serve under the U.N.. They're not given a choice. They're thrown in jail for disobedience. Refusing to take orders if they refuse to serve under the U.N., wear the U.N. colors, you know? Same thing with our government. Now our government's going to be taken over by this U.N., because this new United Nations is literally gonna turn into a mirror of this galactic federation.

It's going to happen fairly quickly
The Galactic Federation for the nation(s) of aliens is a huge council that represents all the various alien factions in space. All these -- I've told you satan's kingdom is very divided. They hate each other. They war against each other. There's very many different races of them. Different kinds of them. Different factions I guess you could call them nations and races as well. From different star systems, from different planets all contained within our universe folks and under the earth and...

United Nations will be run very soon by this G.A.F.
So this Galactic Federation is a huge council that represents them all. It's like the United Nations of aliens and this is exactly what our United Nations is gonna be taken over by. You are gonna see this Galactic Alien Federation coming into our United Nations and kinda merging everybody. You'll have the Galactic Federation. You'll have the United Nations of human governments and they're just gonna merge and work together until they do what they always do. Take over and kick the humans out. And then our entire world will be ruled by these aliens -- what people will refer to as ascended masters what they like to be called ascended masters. So this is what's coming up folks because it's going to happen fairly quickly because there's not a whole lot of time left -- satan only has 42 months to rule when he arrives to power.

You know it's like...
One of the interesting things most people don't see coming is the blind-side -- you know these ascended gods they want to make us believe that they are from different universes far away and different galaxies and I've always said "They're right here folks" because we're their food source. They're right here they're never too far from earth. Because humanity -- mankind -- is their food source. They eat off us. They survive off us. You know it's like you can't get too far away from the farm when the farms the only place you can get food.

This is the dark side
So earth is the farm. I mean ask yourself where 1,000,000 (one million) people disappear a year? Off of earth. 300,000 in America alone disappear every year never to be seen again and our media's and government's keep it hush hush. Where do you think these people go? Yeah allot of them are used in experiments and allot are in cages under the earth and in these underground bases and these D.U.M.B.s that the military has set up. But allot of em just abducted off the earth as well by these UFOs because they're put in food lockers. This is the nasty side, the dark side of this whole alien agenda. I mean they want you to concentrate on what enlightened beings they are and how smart they are and how brilliant.

History from the alien point of view
They don't tell you the dark side and folks there is always a dark side to anything. There's always the other side. There's always the truth. And they're not gonna present to you the entire truth. In fact when they come one of these marvels they want to portray to mankind is telling us our true history.

Revealing the true history and it's already itself based on lies. They're gonna give you their view. The way they see it. Of course they're gonna act like they are the all in one authority. And that they are presenting nothing but truth to mankind. They may even go back pre-Adamic times and show you the times of Lemuria and Atlantis and these pre-angelic civilization's that existed on earth before the earth was recreated and we had Adam and Eve in the garden.

satan's rebellion against the Most High
Times even before that and even those times built on lies. They're all built on lies. Their own off-spring have not even been told the truth. Their own off springs. You know they've never been taught about satan's rebellion against the Most High.

They didn't create us folks, the Lord did!
They've never been taught how it started, where it started. And so they have all these far out theories that the Most High is just a meanie, a vicious God {radio show cuts out static} who came to earth and destroyed it, cast it into an ice-age, (Sherry's cracking up) they believe He's an Annuk an Annunuki alien, that needs to be stopped.

They've never been told the truth of what really happened, with Lucifer's rebellion against the Most High. But they want to come in and teach us what they think is the truth and so it's gonna be one of their marvels...they'll role out video of past historic civilizations and of course interpret it along the lines of their own view points to establish themselves, that they've been here. They may even go along with the Intelligent Design crap that they created us -- another one of their agenda routes. That mankind was created in test tubes and now they're coming back to check on their creations.

They didn't create us folks, the Lord did.

Media announcing alien presence
Unfortunately, so many people are gonna buy into these lies that these ascended masters are about to give. And so all this is coming, all this is coming -- a month or two. Just look for Obama to start making an announcement. I told you last show that you're going to start seeing more and more coming out about the media breaking in the aliens presence here. Coming out with more and more clips, more and more stories.

Vatican owns observatory in Arizona & named their telescope "Lucifer"
The Vatican just had a 5 day conference on aliens and of course they want everybody to basically know 'Hey the Vatican's in on this, the Vatican knows aliens exist' this is like a soft disclosure. This is like pre-disclosure before the disclosure, because they're getting allot of foot work outta the way. 'Yes aliens exist, UFOs exist' and the Vatican has it's own observatory, I believe it's in Arizona to watch Planet X coming in...
{ed. note: The Vatican Stellar Observatory is located on Mount Graham. Mount Graham is a mountain in southeastern Arizona in the United States in the Coronado National Forest.}

[April 23, 2010 The University of Arizona, together with the Vatican and Jesuit Order, announced today it named its newest high-powered telescopic instrument "Lucifer".
There has been a great deal of speculation, among Vatican critics, why in the first place the Jesuit Order was allowed to build a huge stellar observatory on Mt. Graham in Arizona – on holy Indian ground – in cooperation with the state-run University of Arizona.

"I would love to hear some sort of explanation, in fact, any sort of explanation that could even remotely justify why the Vatican felt a need to name their new telescope “Lucifer.”


They all know that aliens / fallen angels exist
...and you know they all know it exists, but Obama's gonna stand up and announce to the world "Yes they exist and we've signed an agreement with them. We're Ally's of theirs. Let me now introduce the people we are now Ally's with." He's gonna announce the fact that we're Allies. That he has signed an agreement, a pact, a treaty, an alliance with these ascended master beings. This is gonna be the brunt of his disclosure. And I don't see the nation of America that happy about it. Because he hasn't asked us. No-one's ever asked the people that they rule over -- they don't get permission. Is it OK? let's bring it to a vote. This is a democracy -- let's bring it to a vote with how many people want to sign a pact with aliens.

Wars taking place between UFOs and military craft
It's not exactly gonna be brought to a vote, they don't care if you don't agree. They'll just haul rioters and dissenters off to jail like they're the ones that have done something wrong. But this is what he's gonna do, he'll just announce the fact that he signed an agreement with them. We have no say in it. We have no choice.
In fact our military's right now are being told to stand down. You look up in the sky -- allot of people are noticing what seems like wars taking place between UFOs and military craft. Don't forget folks that we even have our own space command that's run out of Florida. We got our own space UFOs I guess you could call them and they have allot of the technology the aliens have because it was given to them by them.
I tell you they've been working jointly since the 1950's together -- 1930's actually.

So, allot of them now being told to stand down to stop fighting the alien presence here. Apparently there's still allot of patriotic military groups they call them rogue military groups. They make them sound like they're bad. When they're actually just very patriotic and really want to protect America.

Our government doesn't want to protect America, our government wants to destroy America.

A treaty with death
And signing these alliances, agreements and treaties with these fallen angel races is just part of that. If you read in Daniel he talks about there's a treaty with death -- a treaty with hell -- this is exactly what they're talking about, this treaty with these aliens -- a treaty with hell. I know the churches today I know if you grew up Baptist like I did they kinda designed this whole treaty that Israel signs a whole treaty with the Anti-Christ and it's for 7 years -- they -- know it's all about Jerusalem and this Anti-Christ treaty and...step outside the box folks. It's talking about this treaty that they sign with the aliens.
And whenever you see this agreement with hell, it's Isaiah 20:15 I believe it is. You can look at Daniel 9:27 it talks about these agreements and treaties with hell. Literally hell.

Sananda mimics Jesus {Yahushua} the Son of God
If you look at the Pale Horse Rider when he arrives hell comes with him and this Pale Horse Rider -- and I've warned you is this Sananda that is coming and Sananda is one of satan's generals and he mimics Jesus the Son of God.

It's important to know His real Name
And that's why I think it's important to call Jesus by His real Hebrew Name Yahushua. His real Name because what they were able to do is insert the name Jesus in the churches and then attach satan's general to this name Jesus, put his picture in the churches as Jesus and when you go to churches today -- Catholic or Protestant -- you see pictures of Sananda hanging all over the place. They have them on the church bulletins, they have them on framed pictures, inside the churches. This is Sananda, that isn't Jesus - Yahushua the Son of God. It's Sananda one of these ascended masters that's coming.

Maitreya's not coming
And he's the one that's coming now, because I told you in the last show Maitreya's dead and as shocking and as numbing as that's been and trust me I've been just as shocked as satanist's have been and all the occultists and all the new agers who have been waiting for Maitreya and Benjamin Creme totally silent now. Maitreya's not coming. He's dead he's gone and so now Sananda has to step up and he'll have I believe -- he'll be mimicking Jesus of the Bible. Call himself Emmanuel god is with us. He'll claim all the titles.

Bible says that satan's full of blasphemy
Remember the Bible says that satan's full of blasphemy and that's exactly what Sananda will be. He'll be full of blasphemy. Look for him to have his 12 -- Yahushua had His 12 apostles and disciple's. So look for Sananda to have 12 as well. He'll have his ascended masters. I don't know they just go by ascended masters. They'll have a council what they'll call themselves light beings, light workers, lieutenants, deputies, I don't know. But look for him to have his own group, little followers and they'll all have their different missions. You know you got your st. Germaine coming and he's the one who's suppose to introduce the new monetary financial system to the world. You got Lady Magda coming and she's playing the role of Mary Jesus es mother and you know Maitreya being taken out just kinda throws a monkey-wrench in a huge chunk of their plans.

Fallen Angels playing roles
And so just watch for this to happen folks. Sananda's gonna arrive, he's gonna have Mary with him this Magda Lady Magda it's not really Mary she's just playing the role. It's all part scripted all going to be very deceptive folks and slowly just taking over the world because they'll take over the United Nations like I've said. They'll assimilate with all the government leaders of the world and then they'll take them over. I would actually look at this point for Obama to be replaced by one of these ascended masters that's coming in and so you have to watch what's going on because allot of monkey wrenches being thrown into their plans on things and they have to change their routes.

Going public soon
But one of the things that's pretty much already set in stone is Obama's already made agreements with them. And basically what his disclosure to the world is going to be is within the next several weeks is about this agreement that he's made with them. He's already made agreements with them. He's gonna make it public now, it's not like we've had a choice like he's going to bring it to a vote in America and you're gonna see every country in the world being pawns to their own governments every person that lives in whatever country you're in because all the governments are gonna do this, they're not gonna ask for citizen approval. They're just gonna do it. So...

Ron Paul serves this alien agenda
Watch for people like Ron Paul who is the new agers refer to them as white knight politicians and these politicians serve this alien agenda and Ron Paul's one of them. Cynthia McKinney is another. Some of the ones people thought 'hey they're patriotic they want to return the Constitution, they want to get rid of the Federal Reserve stop paying the Queen -- giving her all our money when we need it here in America for our schools. Because basically that's all the IRS is -- paying slave tax to the queen.

The new government
Our independence has been a lie from the start we never broke away from England. We've been paying her slave taxes since. So yeah you've got these politicians who will stand up and fight against that because they want to help introduce this whole alien agenda into the world and they work with them. And so you see people like him being stood up to help this whole alien agenda take over and become the new government here.

Earth is hollow
One of the interesting things is not only are we being invaded from above but below folks, because allot of these inner earth beings -- earth is hollow -- every planet, every moon is hollow. And they contain beings. And every time we think of hollow we think of hell. And yeah there's a hell on earth but there's also cities of inhabitant's, abodes. Habitations of where these fallen angels reside that aren't a part of hell. A separate reality. One of the most ancient cities and mythological is Shamballa and you hear Led Zeppelin sing about it and -- Shangrila -- another name and this is a city out in Tibet out in the Gobi dessert, what is that central to eastern Asia somewhere and you've heard Rainbow City is another name and this is where the ascended masters are basically coming from -- they want you to think they're coming from another galaxy another universe, but they're just coming out from beneath our earth where they've been all this time.

Very, very tall beings
And so not only will they be introducing galactic beings that live in our space but also these inner earth beings -- these giants that live under out earth because these beings are literally giants. Expect Jesus, this Jesus/Sananda guy that is coming -- expect him to be about 7 foot tall. He might even be taller. Some of these Shambhala beings are 12 feet tall. The average being from Shambhala.

Then you have Telos which is out in Mt. Shasta out in northern California. Telos is 3 miles under the mountain and from what I hear every President since Kennedy has visited this place. Reagan visited, Bush, Clinton, they're all taken to Telos and this is an underground city and the beings there described as very fair; blond haired, blue eye ranging around 7 foot to 8 feet tall. I've heard as low as 6' 5" to 7 foot to 8 feet tall. So not only dealing with the humanoid giants from Shambhala but also from Telos. And who knows what else, these are the places we know of. I'm sure there's places we don't know of.
[ed note: This is from a new age web site describing what Sherry has just explained on her show.} ---[ ]---

Human sovereignty ending
And so, it's gonna be a zoo. It's gonna be a zoo so expect all this to come out more and more as Obama announces he has agreements with these beings. And basically it's not the first step because Eisenhower{1950's} {Roosevelt 1930's} already took that back in the 30's. But, I guess the final nails in the coffin of having any human sovereignty left on earth because these beings that come are going to take over the earth. Humans will no longer have rule and basically what I think of when I hear about these agreements that are coming that are going to be announced.

Treaty with hell
That they've just signed over out human sovereignty on earth to these alien forces. So, their treaty with hell will not stand. According to Isaiah they're putting all their faith in these treaties with these alien races this alien council but it will be annulled and end up in huge wars. It's not gonna stop the coming wars either. Just because Obama right now decides 'hey we're gonna align with these alien beings and races', don't expect the other nations to fall in step right away. They may decide to war against us because of it. So, I don't know. It's gonna be one of these watch and see things. But I wanted to give you a heads up on what the real disclosures are that are coming.

Hold out for the 2nd Sun
Second suns coming in, when it begins, starts to get really ugly and crazy just watch for the second sun. Most Christians can't grasp the second sun, the Brown Dwarf. But the Brown Dwarf is an abode for these very believers who refuse to acknowledge it exists. It is what you'd call a habitation, an abode, a heaven for the Lord's people. Just as satan has his for his people all over the place.

The Lord has His and this 2ND sun was talked about in Enoch. I have a video on it. A You Tube video on the 2ND sun Twin Sun and it was a place of habitation for the Lord's people. The patriarchs are there and I believe it's the same planet that Enoch refers to. If not it mirrors it. Mimics it, because the 2ND sun is a habitation for the Lord's people.

12,000 virgins from the 12 tribes of Israel
The 144,000 the Bible talks about that are taken up to heaven will be leaving soon enough. Taken to this planet the 2ND sun. The Twin Sun and then they will return. They will have new transformed bodies and they will assist the 144,000 that are sealed on the earth. And usually it's that group that the churches teach about. That teach about the 12,000 virgins from the 12 tribes of Israel.

Folks virgin's isn't literal. The term virgins are those who aren't defiled by false dogma and religion. By apostate religions that are following after idols. They're not following after false religions. They're undefiled. They're believers of the Most High. It's not a physical sense and I betcha 99 out of 100 Christians out there today hold that passage literal as people who are virgins and Jewish. It's almost laughable, it's almost laughable. So they'll be shocked. They'll be amazed.

Releasing prisoners from these satanist's
But the first group of 144,000 will come back and assist the second group and doing other things. They'll be doing other things. Somethings taking places on other planets and freeing the captives. Our governments and military's around the world have built bases on other planets. They've built them on moons. They've built them underneath the earth. They have captives everywhere. Prisoners -- humans that they're holding as prisoners.
And this first group doing allot, dealing with that as well. And so it's gonna be allot of fun. It's gonna be allot of fun.

E.L.E.N.I.N stands for: Extinction Level Event Notable Impact Nemesis
And this 2ND sun is what NASA and our government is referring to as an "Extinction Level Event" because for them that's what it is. It's not good news for them to see the 2ND sun, it's good news for them to see P-X, Planet X, Nibiru. And I see Nibiru in the Codes all the time, it's actually a queen planet. It's run by a queen and it's a bunch of giants. The Nibiruin giants. They're huge. It's very monarchical. It's run by a queen. And it's red folks, it's not the 2ND sun, it's red.

It's not even a planet, some people say it's stone like -- a tombstone. If you look at the pictures It has like a red tail behind it. The government talks about the red tail behind it that follows it.

Wrote an article posted it on my web sites a couple weeks ago about the 2ND sun and Elenin and the Brown Dwarf, so you need to read that along with pictures I've posted
[] []

You can cull my web sites for that. I'm sitting here looking at the next thing on the alignment calendar. I think yesterday on the 17Th Earth, Mercury, Sun and Venus aligned with P-X. On August 31st Planet-X now closer to the earth than the sun is, than the earth is to the sun which means it's making it's way even closer.

2nd Sun NOT Elenin
9/11 is when they predict chaos starting from this Planet X. It's not Elenin folks. Elenin is the 2ND sun. They're 2 different objects folks. And of course October 17Th on seems to be what they're in the most fear of...also from the middle of September, 9/11 and 9/27 -- Planet X aligns inside earths orbit on 9/27.

Even they know God exists
And so they think Planet X coming in will cause 3 days of darkness. I think that remains to be seen. I think what's gonna happen is P-X moves closer to the earth the Twin Sun will follow it. P-X right now moving out from behind the Twin Sun and coming closer to the earth and then as it moves into our atmosphere the Twin Sun will follow it. This is what I thinks gonna happen. So that's the interesting part.

I don't think we have to fear P-X, what they're afraid of because when you watch them they're not afraid of Planet X they're afraid of the 2ND Sun. OK? Do you get it? Even they know God exists. Even they know it's God's planet. That's why they're afraid of it.

So but either way when you're looking at Nibiru and it's got star ships coming in with it, it's got it's own little solar system coming in with Planet X, with Nibiru and you know from what I'm seeing we got Planet of the Apes. We got Planet of Vampires.

Get right with God now
We got all these different types of things coming in -- I told you it's gonna be a zoo. It's gonna be a zoo. So prepare now folks. Prepare now. First off if you're not right with God, get right with God now. Get your relationship and your life right with Him. Not a time to be on the fence and straying into sin and following after idols and being totally disconnected from Him and get prepared.

Orgone Water is holy water
You know get your areas saturated with orgone. Get orgone water made because the orgone water it's just like holy water and it's like acid to vampires and zombies and these beings from the dead. That's what they are. They are reanimated dead corpses or whatever. Even a vampire is a reanimated dead corpse.

It's because a human doesn't have the capabilities of to be a vampire. You got allot of kids today who -- they put all these cutesy movies out about vampires -- and they want to be vampires now. The human dies and the body is reanimated by an alien demonic being and that's what the vampire is and so...same thing with zombies the human dies the body's reanimated and a demon takes over it's these dead beings and you can call them dead because the humans gone -- so you have these cadavers, these bodies that have been reanimated by whatever's -- these are what I refer to as dead beings.

These can easily be killed with orgone water. And so these cities, firemen, pay attention, throw some orgone pucks in your water tanks for your water trucks, let it saturate for a couple days and then you can go spray the area's that have outbreaks of vampires and zombies. Just spray the orgone water on them.

Bullets don't kill the dead. They don't kill the dead and they're not gonna kill aliens. But they'll protect you from looters and thieves and hoodlums who will come and try and steal your water, your food, your supplies. So you need various ways in the coming days to protect yourself with folks. You know not one weapon is gonna work for the things you need it to do. You need various weapons. You need your guns, your ammo, your orgone water, the orgoned areas will give you a level of protection.

So anyway I have a few minutes left of the show. I'm gonna take some calls see what's going on.

Sherry: Hello caller you're on the air. Hello. Hello caller...oh they hang up because they just want to sit and listen to the show.

Sherry: Hello caller you're on the air. Hello caller. Yeah they hang up. They want to sit on my line and listen to the show -- but they don't want to ask a question. They just charge me fees up the ying for sitting on my line.

Anyway folks I'll be back Monday night at ten o'clock. Still doing some work on the Agartha and this Shambhalla. And this coming Obama announcement that he's made a pact an agreement with them and you can do a Wikipedia or Google Shamballa -- S-H-A-M-B-H-A-L-L-A ... agarta...A-G-A-R-T-H-A. There's Rainbow City which is another name for Shambhalla. Ascended masters, Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command and don't get too involved reading all the junk from new ages. But you can Google and find out allot of your own information. And who these beings are.

So I'll probably talk about it the next couple weeks because I do suspect this Sananda will arrive sometime in the middle of September and I don't know if that's going to be about the time Obama will make his announcement he already signed an agreement with Sananda. Or make it look like Sanada's here first for a while and announce they have an agreement. I don't know how they're gonna do it. So anyway, just keeping an eye on it. Anyway, folks remember if you don't support this ministry you should be. Till Monday see you then everybody. Yah bless.