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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
August 22, 2011

You Should Be Doing What You Were Sent Here to Do

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner, and it's August 22. And I was just sitting here going over a few things. Always like to spend the first few minutes before the show starts just talking to the Most High.

[sighs] Oh, it's gonna be a busy one the next couple months, isn't it? I don't know about you, I'm not afraid at all. In fact, it kind of excites me. Most of us were--a lot of us were sent to be here in these times. And we're here.  And if you're not doing, then you should be doing...what it is you were sent here to do. And if you don't know, then be seeking the Lord on that, because only He can tell you. Most people are just already in the things He wants them to do. He just kind of leads you into it.

Some of you just fight tooth and nail because you just think something's crazy. But what He'll do is He'll just keep leading you back, and back, and back. And that's how it typically works with Him until you finally get it that that's something He wants you to do.

The Brown Dwarf Star Is Definitely Yah's Planet

Wanna talk tonight--I posted an article, another article, on the second sun this week. He just...there's so much, I guess, that He wants you to know about it and say about it, but, it's like, I guess, just the fact that we know, that we know, that we know that it's Him. That that planet is His. Regardless of what NASA and SOHO [Solar and Heliospheric Observatory], and all those nauseating agencies want you to think is going on in space.

Take your own camera and point it at the sun and take pictures. Get your own telescopes and look at space. Don't go by what everybody else is saying. A lot of times on the Internet, you just sit and read a rehash of what everybody else is saying, and somebody else--a new article coming out. That's why I don't read other people's stuff. I just stay in my own little circle so I'm not contaminated by wrong teachings, wrong analyses, wrong outcomes. And so, I just sit at His feet.

And so, I was led by Him to write another article on this Dwarf Sun. What they call the Brown Dwarf Star. Some people call it the Dwarf Sun. Some people call it the Dark Star. And, I wrote a--I did a video on it many months ago. And then I just was silent on it for a long time. And He just stood me up recently to sound the alarms on this once again. And so, I've spent the last couple radio shows and time doing this article because this is the one they're scared of, if you ask me. I mean, Planet X is big, it's huge. It's got a lot of deadly stuff in the tail of Planet X. I'm seeing hideous things.

Just as Our Orgone Destroyed Shema, It Will Do the Same to Planet X

You know, when you look at what's coming, [Planet] X has always been a habitation, abode of Giants. And this Giant race that inhabits Planet X is run by a queen, and I don't know what her name is. But they're coming. The one thing I find fascinating is that, just as we destroyed Shema -- you know, it's dead east in the night skies every night now. It's a yellow ball in the sky, depending on if they've--turning on the GE [General Electric Company] white light boards they have put around it to make it look white because otherwise it's just on fire, it's just a yellow ball.

Shema was a huge metropolis, a huge planet, divided in two different sections. And that's why, when you look at it--you can almost look at it with the naked eye--you can see there's something not right about it. Looks like it's in two different parts. There's two sections to this thing. And one side of it has a temple in it to Satan. And that's been on fire since last year. We caught that thing on fire last September, October, with the orgone. And just as Shema has been caught on fire is burning, the same thing's gonna happen with PX [Planet X] when it comes into our atmosphere.

The Orgone Warriors Have Total Domination in Space

And so, this is the monkey wrench. This is the kind of stuff I love. The monkey wrenches Yah throws. [laughs] Because, kind of gives you a picture of total domination right now in space. We have total domination. And I'm not talking about Babylon, America. I'm not talking about the Russians or the Chinese. I'm talking about the Orgone Warriors. We are totally dominating space. Saw that in the Codes last night and it just makes me so proud to see our success, because we were faithful--the handful of us--over the years, that have gone out and gotten the orgone out and did with it as He asked.

Who knew? Who could've known what it would lead to? We started this war six, seven years ago, back in 2004, towards the fall of 2004. And look at it now. Who would've known that it would be worldwide, and everything it would accomplish? The Bible Codes calls it apocryphal. And it's been our defense, and our offense, against wicked beings and aliens, and all these Giants and fallen angels, and everything coming in, all these different races and factions coming into the Earth to help Satan dominate the Earth.

We know that Satan's gonna rule for 42 months on Earth. Doesn't say how he gets to. It just guarantees him that he's gonna get to rule on Earth for a short period. And that's what I've always said, folks, you know. Yes, it's prophesied the Antichrist and False Prophet will rule here. It doesn't say how. Doesn't say that we have to allow them to live in comfort the whole time we're here, they're here.  Doesn't mean we can't go after their forces. That's just a very general statement that he gets to rule. Doesn't say a thing about anything else. And so, that's what we've been warring against.

Why Are They Just Now Talking about the Brown Dwarf Star?

And so--and I've spent a lot of time talking about that. And maybe that's why the Lord just wants me to talk about, "Hey! Look up. Your redemption's coming near." And so, so many of us have spent our entire lives, not a good chunk of 'em, fighting Satan and his minions. We've been targets. You've been hated. Your family thinks you're crazy. Your spouses think you're crazy. Your friends think you're crazy. But you just have a insatiable love for the Most High and you refuse to stop whatever it is you're doing regardless of what everybody else thinks, because you love Him and He's leading you to do the things you do.

And guess what. Our time of rest is almost here. And everybody talks about PX, and I'm doing it myself, but there's also our redemption coming. And this Brown Dwarf Planet that has always been behind the sun--it's not something that's been coming into our solar system like PX has come into our solar system on a cycle, every, what? 3500 years, or whatever they say. The Brown Dwarf star's always been there. It's always been behind the sun. It's always been a part of the sun. And so, you know--but the astronomers--how come they haven't explained that one the last 50, 80, hundred years? Why has that one been hidden? Why is it the only time is now, since PX is coming in, and it's this red, huge planet, comet, apparatus, tombstone, whatever you wanna call it--how come the only time we hear about it now is because PX is coming in? Because everybody's eyes are focused on the sun watching PX come in. And so, now they have to acknowledge, "Hey, well, yeah, you know, there is a planet behind the sun. We just call it a Brown Dwarf. We don't know what it really is."

Comet Elenin - Extinction-Level Event?

I kind of think it's funny that [Comet] Elenin thing--extinction-level event pretty much suits it because it's going to cause a lot of destruction on Earth as it moves closer to Earth. You know, a lot of people expect PX to be the one to cause a lot of destruction. You haven't seen anything yet. The BDS [Brown Dwarf Star], the Brown Dwarf's bigger than [Planet] X.

The Brown Dwarf Star Is a Prepared Planet for the Lord's People

And so, let's talk about the BDS, what exactly is the Brown Dwarf Star. This planet is a prepared planet for the Lord's people. Now I've written articles and talked relentlessly over the last couple years about the 144,000 and the two groups of 144,000. There's two groups. The churches teach one group. And they quote Revelation, chapter 7, how 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes are sealed on Earth by an angel on their foreheads. And these go through the tribulation period and they witness for the Lord, and they're protected. The seal on their foreheads protects them from getting any plagues and diseases that are on the Earth, and things like that. And the whole time they're on the Earth witnessing for the Lord, they're targets of Satan. They're chased after, they're persecuted. They're targets.

But they never talk about the group in Revelation, chapter 14. And that was the one the Lord led me to years ago. And it all kind of ties together that as this Brown Dwarf Star follows Planet X into our solar system--right now Planet X is behind the BDS. And what I believe is that as Planet X moves into our solar system, and moves closer to the sun, that the BDS, the Brown Dwarf, is going to follow it into our solar system and move much closer in.

And this is the planet that, when the 144,000, the second group of chapter 14--Revelation, chapter 14--are redeemed off the Earth, they're gonna go to this planet. This is the planet they go--the home they go to. And here they're going to receive rest, some relaxation. The Bible describes a time where they're standing in heaven with the Lord, and they're given the song of Moses. They learn a new song that only this group can sing.

The Bible Doesn't Say the Bride Will Be Raptured Off the Earth

In fact, there's only one group in the entire history on this planet that will never see death, and that's this group of 144,000. They're redeemed off the Earth. They never see death. And this is what the churches always misconstrue as the rapture.

Now the churches are all sitting back waiting for this rapture to come where the entire Bride will be raptured before the tribulation period begins. And the Bible doesn't say that. The Bible doesn't say they're gonna be taken off the Earth. See, I had a hard time with that growing up Baptist because that's one of their major doctrines. It's pretribulation rapture. Boy, you take that thing away and prove it false and they don't know what to do. Their entire lives depend on being taken off the Earth before the tribulation begins because none of them are prepared to have to be--to live here on Earth and be chased after and persecuted by the Antichrist. None of them are prepared for that. [Bible Codes and article on Fake Rapture]

But the Bible talks about one group, the 144,000. They're taken off the Earth shortly before the sixth seal. And they're returned about the same time that the group on Earth is sealed on Earth. One group is taken to heaven. The Lord's name is written in their foreheads. They learn the song of Moses. They do other things. They get training. Whatever they need to learn. 'Cause trust me, folks, in heaven a thousand years can be like one day here. This group can be gone for two weeks, and up in heaven it can be like two thousand years. [laughs] There's no linear time in heaven. They could be up there for eons. And then when they return to Earth it's only been two weeks, two months. And they return to Earth shortly after.

And this planet is kind of like a home base between heaven and Earth for them. There's a portal on this planet so that they can, you know, go in and out of heaven, come in and out of Earth. It's kind of like a portal planet, portal area, too. So time and distance--distance, itself, is going to be nothing for these people. You know, you could be in heaven with the Lord, you could be on Earth, go back to the home base. You know, it all just sounds kind of science fiction, but it's all very exciting when you realize the reality of it all.

Now I know a lot of people are screaming, "Oh, the Lord's not coming on a planet. He's coming in the clouds." Well, yeah, the second coming of Christ.  I'm not talking about the second coming of Christ. I'm prepared to. I'm not talking about the second coming of Christ right now. I'm just talking about redemption, the redeeming of the 144 [thousand]. And the only reason I'm doing that so much lately is because I do believe that this redemption is coming up very soon. Very soon.

They're Expecting Chaos to Begin September 11 and a Pole Flip to Begin the End of September

You know, when you look at the times, all the chaos coming in with Planet X and the Brown Dwarf moving closer now, a possible pole flip by November of this year. They're expecting chaos to begin on September 11. On September 27 there's an alignment that could possibly begin a pole shift, a pole flip on the Earth that wouldn't be complete in several more weeks, on the 17th. I believe that during that time, somewhere between around the 27th--26th, 27th--that time frame, up to the first week of October, whatever, could definitely be the time this 144,000 are redeemed off the Earth. And so, that's why the Lord has stood me up. I've never been one to be set on dates, especially because even scientists can't pinpoint specific dates for astronomical events. How could we pinpoint dates for biblical events, because we're talking about things and areas of science and Bible that just aren't based on time like we are.

Scientists predict that at the end of September, on the 27th, 28th, and 29th, that Planet X is gonna move in front of the sun and block the sun's light from hitting the Earth for three days. That there's gonna be three days of darkness. And this is a scientific finding, not a biblical fact. It's a scientific finding.

I've Been Trying to Find Three Days of Darkness in the Codes

And so, I've been trying, in the Codes, the Bible Codes, to find this three days of darkness.  And I, you know, I'm doing the best I can, but when you look at three days of darkness in the Bible Codes, it's like, "Huh?"  Well, we always have darkness, and then we always have days. I'm not seeing, I guess, what I need to see. Three days of nothing but pitch black darkness where the sun refuses to shine forth, the Earth has any sunlight. I'm just, you know, not seeing that the way I need to in the Codes to say, "Hey. Yes there is going to be three days of darkness." I'm still working on that.

But what I do know is this. Because I was talking to the Lord about this three days of darkness thing going on. Maybe it's something that they're going to do. Maybe it's something that they're going to orchestrate. They're gonna block the sun for three days so they can implement, bring in, their heavenly hosts. Don't forget Project Blue Beam, folks. [Project Blue Beam] This three days of darkness heavily plays in their favor for them to bring in their heavenly host and say that Jesus is coming, is arriving on Earth. And so, this kind of three days of darkness thing fits in with their agenda.

But I expect the Lord to throw in a monkey wrench on that one. And I told you I love the monkey wrenches. It could also be a time where He redeems the 144,000 off the Earth. Because when you look at Luke--and I quoted a passage in my article--Luke [21:25-28]:

And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

Well, first of all, this isn't describing the second coming of Christ at the battle of Armageddon. This is describing a time such as this when the nations are in distress at the incoming Planet X. It's going to cause a lot of pull and destruction on the Earth as it comes in.

No Confirmation Yet on Saturn Being Flipped and the Rings Dissolved

Still haven't gotten a confirmation on Saturn being flipped over and the rings dissolved. Mentioned that a couple weeks ago on my Facebook site. Was told that Saturn no longer exists. It's been flipped over. And interestingly enough, right after I was told that, Yahoo! or Google, one of the two, was posting on this dark, black planet that they found next to Jupiter. Well, hellooo, what's next to Jupiter? Saturn. So, interesting. And, you know, a lot of these other planets being affected.

Planet X Is Not a Comet, an Asteroid, Nor a Planet

Been warning about the coastlines--people wanna get away from the coastlines--the earthquakes that are coming because of the pull from Planet X. Planet X is not just some comet, folks. I don't even see the term "comet" in the Bible Codes. It's not a comet, it's not a asteroid because they have Hebrew terms for those, and neither one of them come up. What comes up is stonelike apparatus. Some people saying they've seen it in telescopes and it looks like a tombstone. But either way I just see something--something they've built. It's hard to say what it is. Maybe it's a chunk off of what it used to be which was a planet, and it's nothing but a chunk that's left of it. Not sure what it is because, you know, "planet" doesn't even come up either. It's not a planet, it's not a asteroid, it's not a comet. It's an apparatus of some kind. It's a boulder of some kind, and so.

As it comes towards Earth, filled with Giants, it's going to get completely saturated with the orgone and start frying and burning like Shema has. I wouldn't be surprised in the least, in the least, if it hit our atmosphere, broke up into chunks, and crashed on the Earth. Because it's going to get fried by the orgoned air. It's gonna get fried. And so, I wouldn't be surprised in the least.

Bible Codes Reveal That Satanists Are Celebrating the Departure of the 144,000 Orgone Warriors

But as it makes its descent towards the Earth this September, this is probably a time when you'll start to see hurricanes, and more earthquakes, and tsunamis, the oceans roaring. Watch for that one. Get away from the coastlines, folks. Get off of small islands. And just keep your eyes on the sky. And then, you know, I think when we see these things happening, then you'll know that, "Hey, the 144's almost gonna be taken off the Earth."

And it's interesting because I don't hear anybody else talking about this, but yet, you know, I hate to say this, I almost hate to say it, but it's like I've said, you know, the Lord's people have mocked me and hated me for years, while I've always gotten more respect from the Satanists. And on the same thing, they're the ones, they're the only ones, that are confirming what I'm saying now about the Brown Dwarf Star. Because everybody can call me a false teacher, call me whatever, you know, all the hate names you can think of, because I don't make sense to YOU. Because I don't make sense to a lot of people. But for some reason, why is it I make sense to the Satanists?

They know we're leaving. They know this faction of Orgone Warriors is leaving the Earth soon. And you know what I see in the Bible Codes? That they're celebrating. They're celebrating. They're happy we're gone. They're havin' a party! "Party - celebration." Those terms come up in the Bible Codes in regards to the Orgone Warriors leaving Earth. They're happy we're gone. And so, hang in there, folks. Don't give up the fight because your spouse thinks you're crazy, your family thinks you're crazy, your neighbors think you're crazy. Hang in there.

Sorry, Satanists. When the Orgone Warriors Go, the Orgone Stays.

You have no idea how powerful this little weapon the Lord's given us is, because it's totally destroying Satan's kingdom. That's why they're all happy we're leaving.

It means Michelle Obama can stop sleeping in hotels around D.C., maybe. [laughs] You know, I don't see how they put two and two together that if we're gone, the orgone goes with us, because you know what? I hate to tell them this. The orgone stays. It stays where we've put it. Our fruits remain here on Earth with this orgone.  They get to live with that when we're gone, and so.

Now The Pentagon Can Stop Their Lab Experiments Trying to Find Ways to Make Orgone Harmful

But it's interesting confirmation even though it comes from a very icky source. Because they know we're leaving soon. And it spares them a lot of trouble because they've been banging their heads against the wall trying to figure out a way to demonize the orgone so that they can ban it. You know, they've got lab experiments going on in air-sealed rooms in the Pentagon trying to figure out ways to make it harmful. And it's really just--it's nothing harmful about it unless you're evil and wicked.

Doesn't hurt humans. It's a living, life force energy. It's a healing energy. The Earth loves it. The Earth just soaks it up. You can put orgone in your garden and the garden will thank you with nice, big vegetables. Flowers love it. The water loves it. Animals love it. It's a healing energy. That's why "they" hate it.

Could the Air Force's F-35 Fighter Jets Have Alien Technology That's Being Affected by Orgone?

And so, now they're on to their next thing. And I just realized something the other day. I was reading this article on the F-35s [fighter jets]. And there's this whole raptor line of airplanes that our Air Force has come out with, and they've spent billions on these planes. And they've been grounded. This whole F-35 and all these other raptors have been grounded. They were talking about, in this article, how they've been grounded because of failure in the oxygen system. That they think that because they're warming them up in the hangers that carbon monoxide is gathering, accumulating in the pits, and then the pilots get up in the air and don't have enough oxygen. Well, that seems kind of weird to me anyway because they were wearing oxygen masks. But this is their reasoning.

But what I'm figuring out is this. What if--and this is a big what-if because I am no scientist, not even a pilot--but what if these raptors and this F-35 airplane line was built with alien technology? And you know what happens when UFOs come into orgoned areas. They malfunction and crash. And so, what if it's causing this same phenomena with this whole airline fleet? They're going in these orgoned areas and they're crashing because they're built on alien technology and not human technology.

I don't know. This is a way what-if. But it just seems kind of funny and desperate that they wanna close down Chicago O'Hare International Airport and test it on blaming orgone for plane malfunctions. They wanna blow up a regular plane with passengers or whatever, and demonize the orgone that way, and say that our orgone is tampering with the electronics of airplanes. And, of course, that's just an excuse because regular airplanes have nothing to fear from orgone. But alien UFOs, they do. Because [Wilhelm] Reich discovered, back in the 50s, that orgone can crash alien craft. So, very interesting.

You know, you've probably read for years already, yourselves, about how our government has been in cahoots with aliens, and how they've been swapping technology all these years. Interesting that this F-35 line of air fighters, it's the first time a human craft's ever been affected by orgone, if it is. I'm going out on a ledge here. I'm just saying, "Wow. Weird coincidence, isn't it?" That's all I'm sayin', and so.

But that's still in the works. They're still working on that one. And they only have a couple more weeks, month of September, to try to ban it and I expect that they will.

Obama's Setting Up Raids for All the Lord's People

Another weird one was, kept having a feeling that my own home would be raided. Just kept feeling a raid coming. You know how you just can't shake a feeling? Something just keeps coming. A raid, a raid, a raid. And then I'm reading this article on the Internet and it's talking about how Obama was allowing the military to go after places and raid them. That's like, "Hellooo. Let's totally ignore the Constitution now." And then--and the Air Force on top of that--who would've ever thought of the Air Force as being the kind of raiding type, infantry type. I mean, when I think of the Air Force, I think of pilots, smart people. Not necessarily warriors and fighters. Oh, but now they're SWAT [Special Weapons and Tactics] teams? Come on, folks. Desperate.

Take out a few places using military people. And put the masses to sleep so they can go raiding everybody else, the small-time people that the media will never talk about. The people that won't get mentioned by the media, you know. So he's setting up raids for all the Lord's people. I mean, obviously, farmers who sell raw milk are a huge threat to national security. Food stores who work in collectives and co-ops, huge threat to national security. And people that sell miracle water and solutions that can heal you from their plagues and diseases that they're spraying on you and purposely trying to give you every day. Yeah, huge threat to national security there, too.

Obama Has Unleashed an Assassin on Me - What's the Big Threat to Them?

And now you've got the Orgone Warriors who are cleaning the water, cleaning the contaminants, and poisons, and pollutions out of the air. Helping gardens grow. Yeah, we're a huge threat to national security, too.  And so, yeah, it's makes you realize that the raids could be coming on sometime soon. You know. So I've also been given a heads up that Obama has unleashed an assassin on me.  You know, they come and go. They come, they leave town, they go home. It's been going on for years. So, it never ends, folks. It just doesn't end. And what's the big threat to them? All the people listening to the show that don't think our government is evil, wake up to the fact that it is. That we are run by Lucifer's "finest." 'Cause that's the best he's got right now.

And they haven't stopped us from doing anything. And they can't stop us, so. Maybe they'll see now that, "Hey, our boss isn't so big and bad." 'Cause Satan's not. He's a created being by the Creator. Why would you worship and follow the created, instead of the Creator? Doesn't make any sense to me, folks. You're on the wrong side if you're worshiping the created. On the wrong side.

Maybe this month will be a wake-up call to a lot of people to realize how precious life is. That it's day-to-day. You know, there's no years promised to anyone. There's no promise you'll make it to retirement. There's no promise you're gonna make it to get out of college, get out of high school, get married, have kids. There's no promises to time. Time can be stopped. Time can be speeded up.

They're Chemtrailing the Sunrise and Sunset to Block the Incoming Planets from View

So, anyway, just a heads up on what looks to be an interesting month next month for September. Right now, the next interesting date is August 31 where Planet X will be closer to the Earth than Earth is to sun. So we should be able to see Planet X fairly close to the Earth. One of the things they keep doing is chemtrailing every sunrise and sunset. You can look to the east or look to the west and you'll see the chemtrail planes out, because they're trying to block people from seeing. At the sunrises and the sunsets are the closest points that the Earth is to the sun. So they're trying to block people from being able to see Planet X or the second sun, Brown Dwarf Star. They're trying to block it from view from people from seeing it.

So, I know I've orgoned as far east and as far west as I can in this state of Ohio. If other people would get the east and west parts of their states, even out towards the Middle East, perhaps we could all get a clear view of a sunset and a sunrise without all these chemtrail planes. Because if you saturate an area with orgone, the chemtrails can't stick. They can't stick. And that's another problem. That's a huge problem they have with the orgone because orgone eliminates chemtrails.

The Pale Horse Rider, Sananda, Is Inflicting Diseases and Plagues Through Chemtrails

Well, the whole agenda of the pale horse rider is banking on chemtrails. If you look at the pale horse rider in Revelation, chapter 6, it's pestilences, plagues, and death. And Hell comes with him. How do they do that? Chemtrails. Chemtrails. And Hell comes with him. The forces of Hell will come with the pale horse rider. And I've told you this is this fake messiah coming. This Jesus. Calls himself Sananda. This fake Jesus. The chemtrail program is his right arm. It's how he's inflicting diseases and plagues on the Earth.

And, folks, some of the things I've been seeing coming up in the Codes--and sometimes when you see a term in the Codes it's because, you know, they don't have the modern name for it. It's the closest thing that we have to describe it, because it's an offshoot of something, like Ebola. I see that coming up in the Codes. Poliomyelitis. That comes up in the Codes. Round worm.

Interestingly enough, I'm hearing that Round Worm is a cause for the Rabies that the Giants are being infected with. I mean, there's a huge pandemic among a lot of these starships, and planets, and moons now that are coming into our system. And a lot of these beings, these Giants, are infected by Rabies. And I think it goes back to this Round Worm for some reason. It's some kind of, I don't know, 'causes some kind of virus with them.

And also seeing [unclear] the vampires. Planet of vampires coming. We've got bearlike creatures. The Giants coming; Philistines and Amalekites. Two different terms that the Codes will use to describe Giants. Also Rafia. And just plagues. Scabies. I remember seeing Scabies a lot two years ago. And that seemed to come out about the same time that Corexit was being dumped over the Gulf. And so Scabies is kind of an effect of what those chemicals were doing to the people down in the Gulf region, and so. Some of these terms like Ebola, that also reminds you of that black oil the X-Files [TV show] showed years ago, that's gonna be making a comeback. I mean, the Bible describes a time where these plagues and diseases are just so bad that we would never see them again. And so, we haven't seen them yet, and once they're unleashed on Earth, we'll never see them again once the Lord destroys all the wicked off the Earth.

Will You Keep Living for Satan, or Commit Your Life to the Most High God?

But these things are coming, folks. And so, people need to prepare, and people need to get off the fence. Who are you gonna follow? You're gonna keep living your lives for Satan? Or are you gonna surrender your lives to the Most High and commit your lives to Him? You don't have to do anything to accept His salvation. I mean, you don't have to work for it, it's already--all the work's been done. It says for by grace are you saved by faith. Not by works. [Ephesians 2:8,9] You can't work for salvation. It's already been given to you. All you have to do is accept it. And then keep in mind that faith without works is dead (James, chapter [2, verses 14-26]). So once you are a believer and follower of His, then you're gonna wanna prove it by your works that you're a believer and follower of His, instead of just being one of these people, Sunday couch Christians, that sit on the couch all week and then on Sunday go to church. And their fruits are very little for the Lord.

Anyway, folks, next week I'm gonna talk about the second coming of Christ, the battle of Armageddon, eternity, what we're gonna be doing during the millennial reign of Christ. Things that, for some reason, the churches just don't teach anymore.

The Brown Dwarf Star Scares the Willies Out of Them

But I wanna give you a heads up on just keeping an eye on the sky. Watch for the Brown Dwarf Star coming in. I believe it could be the very reason that there's three days of darkness. If Planet X moves in front of the sun, so could the Brown Dwarf Star. And the Brown Dwarf Star's bigger than Planet X. They're calling the Brown Dwarf Star extinction-level event. Not Planet X. There's two different objects up there, folks. And the one scares the willies out of them. And which one is that? It's Yah's planet. It's Yah's planet. The BDS. It's not Planet X. I don't think they're even that worried about Planet X. They don't seem to be, other than what's in the tail, the dust. Russian scientists warning that there is a zombie plague in the dust.

Blog Talk Radio Charges Me for People to Sit on the Line

Anyway, folks, I'm gonna take a few minutes off for a minute. I'll just read to you. Right back in about 30 seconds. [Sherry plays music] All right I'm back. I just wanted to check on something really quick.

Anyway, I wanna take questions for the show. If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648. And, I don't know why Blog Talk Radio tells people to sit on the line if you just wanna listen to the show, or press "1" if you wanna ask a question, because I can't tell the difference looking at this switchboard who wants to ask a question and who doesn't. I don't know why they give them that option, because I have to pay for that. Of course, Blog Talk Radio wants to soak me for that. People sitting on the lines the whole show.

To All Those Who Sent in Donations So I Could Pay My Radio Bills for the Month, Thank You

And I would like to that all those who stood up and sent in donations so I could be on the radio. I was getting ready to get knocked off for the month. Couldn't get the bills paid. And so, I just wanna thank all of those who sent in donations to keep me on for yet another month. It's always month-to-month, folks, because I don't have corporate backing. I don't have commercial ads. I don't take commercial endorsements from anybody. I mean, I was offered $10,000 three weeks ago for website. I said, "No. That's my baby." And then a week later I was about to get all my bills shut off. And so, it's not about money, folks. It's just doing and surviving. And so, I thank all of you that support this ministry.

To All the Brothers and Sisters in Other Countries Supporting This Ministry, Thank You

Several countries standing up. And you know what? My audience is huge. I'm international. International. And so, I thank all the brothers and sisters in the other countries for standing up now and supporting this ministry because, you know, in America it's just not supported that well. I'm basically hated by the majority of Americans here.  And doesn't stop me. Doesn't stop me. I won't stop.

We've got, what? A month to go, folks. A month to go, and the 144,000 could be redeemed off this Earth. Doesn't that excite you? If that doesn't excite you, I don't know what does. The only other way is people praying and praying for delays. And please don't do that. We don't want anymore delays. Please don't pray for delays. I'm tired, I'm exhausted, I wanna go home.

How Can You Know If You're in the 144,000?

A lot of people wanna know how can you know if you're in the 144,000. Be one of the ones that are taken. And I have a article on my website, and, and You can read my articles talking about the Brown Dwarf Star and the second sun. And in both of those articles I have links to my articles on the 144,000. Explains how you can know that you're one of them.

You know, basically, you're just a doer. Probably rejected by everybody, hated by everybody. The churches don't like you. It's a big one. And just have an insatiable love for the Lord. And you're doing what He asks you to do. You sit at His feet, you listen to Him. You're a doer, and not a faker, not a pretender, not a poser, not a talker. You have a real love for the Lord, and you do the things He asks you to do. And you're not bogged down by the hypocrisies, and the games, and the dramas involved in the churches today. You're just not involved with that. The Lord pulled you out of that.

I'll Teach the Battle of Armageddon and the Second Coming of Christ Because the Churches Aren't

Anyway, I know I said I'd take questions.  Be back Thursday at 10 o'clock. Wrong time. 11 o'clock. Thursday 11 o'clock a.m. with my Thursday show. Maybe I'll get started on the battle of Armageddon and second coming of Christ teachings on that show, because I'm sure that's gonna take the next two or three shows just to get into all of that. Start doing some teaching because the churches just aren't doing it today. Most people have no clue what's going on with Bible prophecy.

Maitreya May Be Down, but He's Not Out, Yet

And so, a heads up that Maitreya may still be around. I know I talked about on my last show he's dead. I don't know if he's really dead, or if I just like saying that to tick him off.  Down but not out. That's all I can find, folks.

And you know what I'm really wondering is that if he's not out so that I'll stop talking about him. Because he knows we're leaving soon enough. And he's knows I'm his biggest enemy on Earth. And if he stops being so dominant, then I'll stop talking about him. I don't know what his gig is, but I'm not gonna shut up about him. I was put here on Earth to take him on and I'm taking him on. And [laughs], I do know that wherever he was living was destroyed. Probably Shema. His habitation was destroyed. Where he is right now is just kind of in limbo wherever.

If he doesn't come back, Raj Patel, who is a servant and a pawn of Maitreya's will be stood up to take his place. But I'm not ready to write him off just yet. It's just too easy. It's just, you know, I can't count him out yet.

But I'll be prepared for Sananda. And I do believe the arrival of Sananda will come this September. Look for on the 9th or the 11th, or towards the end of the month, 27th, 28th, 29th during those three days of darkness, if that comes about. Look for the arrival of the fake messiah calling himself Sananda to pose as the Christian's Messiah, that's coming. And I do believe that's gonna happen this month, sometime in September.

Anyway, folks, I'll see ya Thursday. Yah bless.


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