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Aliens In The News
September 1, 2011

It's finally September
And hello everybody you're live it's Thursday Alien's In The News I'm Sherry Shriner if you have a question for the show you can call in at (877)245-5648 and make sure you press #2 I think it is to ask a question other wise I think you just sit on the line. Couple things I want to talk about. It's finally September. Maybe just September 1st but it's September. You know Septembers gonna be one of these months that's just gonna be you know -- gonna shake the sand up for all the people who have their heads stuck in it. And you know for me it's about time. You know so many things take place in the background and it's about time for things to hit the foreground. It's about time for people to see for themselves with their own eyes the things I've been warning about for years.

You know I was watching a video the other day. They were claiming that Nibiru is disintegrating as it comes up from behind the sun. And a little shocked at first because I knew it was under affliction. I knew they were suffering...they hadn't even made it close enough to the earth -- that the orgone saturated air was afflicting them. And so I knew that was gonna happen but I didn't expect it this early. They're still back -- Nibiru is still back behind the sun a ways -- already starting to disintegrate. Already feeling the affects of orgone. So interesting because I knew Nibiru was going to fall into the same category as Shema and just become a dysfunctional rock in space and seems to be happening already. There are some people who would claim it's a hoax but you know I see it in the Codes it's breaking apart. I was looking at that last night and so just more confirmation of the things I see in the Codes to Nibiru. It's not a comet, it's not an asteroid, whatever it is. It's a space ship, it's a carrier for giants and these giants are getting notoriously afflicted by the orgone and their entire rock, ship whatever you want to call it UFO*.

Is the earth still gonna shift on it's axis
So even if folks this Nibiru doesn't make it in -- we still have the red tail behind it. The huge dust cloud and we have other stuff from space coming in you know -- P-X is just one object -- we have a huge cube they plan on bringing in. And this cube is to mimic the New Jerusalem and allot bigger than this Nibiru I would suspect. And so we still have things coming in. People want to know is the earth still gonna shift on it's axis. Do we have to worry about things over the next several months and I don't know exactly what's gonna happen now the rock itself this Nibiru is disintegrating. But yeah, things are still going to commence.

The earth is gonna shift on it's axis. The equator is going to be moved. Isaiah talks about reeling to and fro like a drunkard so that doesn't change anything. That stands. Scripture always stands -- satans plans come and go -- satans plans get nullified and dis-function. The Lord's scriptures always stand folks. So, we will still see massive earth changes -- massive destruction's on earth. Caused in particular by what -- that's a play by play. But those kinds of things are still coming and we still need to prepare for those.

Time of cleansing on earth
I told you a few days ago on this show I did not see the 3 days of darkness it's just a scientific thing. The scientists and astronomers have been talking about and they were talking about 3 days of darkness several years ago and it wasn't even associated with P-X. They were just talking about a time of cleansing on earth and began with 3 days of darkness back then. Maybe they'll go back to that I don't know, this whole 3 days of darkness could be something they're trying to manipulate / create themselves, or it very well could be something from the Lord. Because the Lord talks about different times throughout the tribulation period with the sun being darkened and not showing it's light. So, complete darkness in space.

Satan on default gets every person who rejects Yahushua as the Messiah.
And so those things are coming. I don't have dates and they do happen at the end of September. Anytime when they talk cleansing -- they plan on killing. They want to kill you. They want to kill those who are part of the Lord's and not theirs, that's the way I can say it. They don't like the Lord's people. They want to cleanse them off the earth. There's no agenda coming folks that's going to embrace Christians. None of them. Various different routes agendas and all of them include killing off the Lords people. Because if you're not on the Lords side you're on satans and if you think you're in between on the ropes -- you know you think you're atheist you don't believe in god -- that doesn't matter -- that doesn't make them go away just because you don't want to believe in them. Satan on default gets every person who rejects Yahushua as the Messiah.

So if you're not bought and paid for by the blood of Yahushua, His sacrifice for you -- you don't worship Him you don't follow Him as the Messiah -- then satan owns you on default.

If you want eternal life in heaven then YOU NEED JESUS-YAHUSHUA.

Say this prayer between you and Him.

Dear Heavenly Father, the Most High,

Lord I know I'm a sinner and that without you I am lost.

Please forgive me for my sins, for the sins I've committed against others, and help me to forgive those that have sinned against me.

I believe that you sent your Son, Yahushua, to die on the cross, that He rose again 3 days later.

I accept your gift of salvation, and ask that you come into my heart and be my Saviour. Fill me with your Holy Spirit and give me all the blessings promised in your Word and those that you want to give to me.

Help me to live for you from this day on.

Thank you Father for sending your Son. Thank you Yahushua for saving me and being my personal Savior.

In Yahushua's Name, Amen

Now Seek HIM..with all Your MIND, SOUL and STRENGTH. You don't "try" build a relationship with HIM.

Learn How at
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Planning on arriving
And so the next 3 months the war -- I think it is heated up. It's gonna get a bit hotter. Between us and them. Between those who love the Lord and those who don't. It's gonna heat up and so as I look in the Codes for September the most dominant things I see is the plan they're still planning on arriving -- television is coming up more dominant now. I think they plan on Plan C. They may forgo the whole Blue Beam Project. They're not having much luck in space and they're going to go with the whole television route. Bring the ascended masters to earth via television. We've been able to take away allot of their plans. I know they were planning on having this big holographic show from space and they just couldn't do it because the orgone defeats chem trails and they need aerosols in these chem trails to put on these holographs. And so without the chem trails they can't produce the holographs. And it has to be universal. It has to be unified. To have -- if you're going to bring in aliens as ascended masters and messiahs one part of the world can see them and the other part can't, how are you going to prove your ascended master beings when only a part of the world can see you and the others can't.

If they were real gods they'd be able to conquer any real problem in space. Nothing should be able to stop them, you know? They're gonna go the television route, the safe route. They had talked about this in the new age circles where they would appear on television and communicate telepathically with everyone in the world. That route coming back up because the others have just been taken off for them.

They're working on another pandemic to hit this month
Another resurgence of H1N1 I don't know what they'll call this one, but they're working on another pandemic to hit this month. Some kind of another Asian type bird flu thing and they're always working on something and interesting that movie Contagion starts next week. And always working on the next deadly strain of something that there won't be a cure for, so that they can kill as many people as possible. Just always their goal.

And also the solution to the problem is as deadly as the problem itself. Stay away from the supposed cures folks, vaccines. So just a heads up on that.

Illuminati originate from Germany
You know folks we can stop their war against us. We proved it over and over again. That we can stop them dead in their tracks. Whatever plans they have we can stop them dead in their tracks. Saw this with this Hurricane Irene. They had big plans for that, wiping out New York City, bringing in Martial Law. Stopped it dead in it's tracks. Yeah there's an evil dark cabal that runs America today -- the Illuminati and if we don't stand up and fight back they're going to destroy us all. They're going to kill us all. It's a regime that runs Washington, originally from Germany and they're all involved. The Windsors -- the Queen -- she's German, she's from Germany. Her real family last name is Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

{The British royal family changed their last name from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor in 1917. Why? World War One broke out in 1914 and anti-German sentiment was its height in 1917. In protest, King George V renounced all the German titles belonging to him and his family and adopted the name of his castle, Windsor.}

They just changed their name and planted themselves as London's royal family. They're a bunch of lizards and they all find their roots in Germany folks. And they all try to hide it. But I've been told that all the Illuminati comes from Germany. German ancestry, German blood lines and that's what makes up the 13 top families of the Illuminati. This satanic cabal. That doesn't just run America it runs Europe, it runs allot of countries across the world -- become victim to them. Now this isn't a human cabal folks, these are alien seed families -- they're half human half alien. Eventually they get completely soul scalped to where they're controlled -- solely by the aliens. These are alien families -- fallen angel families folks -- it's satan seed himself -- is Illuminati. If that doesn't make you sick I don't know what would. And they dominate politics, our money, our economies, our governments.

50 million serpent seed line on earth
You know I find it interesting that everything they do mirrors what the Bible teaches or the Christians and believers do but on opposite ends. You know in the occult at the satanic rituals they wear black robes. And they do this because they're mocking the white robes that angels wear. Yahuah has His angels dressed in white robes -- satan dresses his in black robes and they're all very blasphemous towards the Most High. Some of the things -- if you've grown up in an Illuminati family -- there's like 50 million of them in the country. Probably 1 out of every 4 to 5 is from an Illuminati seed line family, somewhere in their blood lines. Or they're a hybrid -- an off shoot of satan seed line. Or born from an abduction. The mother was actually abducted, implanted, impregnated with this lab/creation mix -- 1 in 4 to 5 Americans have belonged to this dark side, I guess you could say of the human race. Now what they do is up to them.

It is never too late until you are dead...
I mean even if a person is a military lab creation they can still accept the Lord as their Messiah. It's still their choice. You know one of the things that all these satanists teach is satan loves them and they can have anything they want because satan loves them and that's a bunch of crock. These satanists they have to work their way up the ladder. They don't all start at the top. Nothings handed to them. They have to work for it and to work for it you have to make satan happy. And to make satan happy you have to defile yourself, defile others -- do hideous abominable things -- every kind of sin and vice you can imagine -- pedophilia is huge amongst them -- defiling the innocent. That's why it's so big because they're defying the innocent. Drugs is another thing, just any kind of evil and wickedness you can imagine and that's part of what they believe. There's no morals there's no accountability. That you should do whatever you want. That you should have gay sex. That you should have sex with children. That you should live your life to the fullest and not think about accountability or repercussions or that anything is wrong -- there's no morals. So to them it's not wrong because morals don't exist. To be moral in the satanic circles is to be non-judgmental, to be accepting of what everyone else does. Be accepting of what you do. That's to be moral in satan's circles.

If someone bothers you kill them. If someone lies to you destroy them. That it's alright to steal, kill and destroy. Some of their beliefs is that you should take full credit for somebody Else's action or work. Never appear to be weak. Pretend to be your enemies friend and then attack them and destroy them. And one of the biggest things about them is that one of their mandates is always think of yourself as God. That you are better than God. That God is ignorant. And they lower God and raise themselves up above Him. That's pretty much how they always work. There was a Rockefeller documentary on TV on the history channel and he's talking about the Rockefeller home called Kykuit. K-Y-K-U-I-T. Something like that and where Rockefeller states, "It's a place God would live if He had enough money." This is how they degrade the Most High. They blaspheme Him. You know and one of their commands is always think of yourself as God. That's why you have these narcissistic dictators taking over the White House they all have the same attitude. You know Cheney, Clinton, Bush, Obama he's got that one down like no other has -- think of yourself as God.

One of their mandates is to always damn God. Swear and curse but don't let anyone see you do it at God at all times. Thinking of themselves as messianic figures. And that's what they all do they thing they're messianic figures. Apocryphal figures. And one of their major agenda's is to depopulate the world so less people can pray to God. They hate prayer. And that's always been one of our greatest strengths. Even as Orgone Warriors. People think we put all our trust and our faith in orgone. Oh no, our trust and our faith is in the Most High God and prayers always the first line of offense of defense against anything or anyone. And even to just talk to the Most High and build a relationship with Him. And it's prayer that they hate. They can't stand prayer. One of the reasons to depopulate the world get rid of the people who pray.

You know they want to turn people away from God -- encourage sin and they encourage demon possession amongst themselves and if you are possessed you don't really have any free will, the demon lives in the person and has total control. But amongst these circles they call the demon a friendly spirit. They don't refer to it as a demon. They call it a friendly spirit and so...they actually have church services every week Saturday's or Sunday's to mimic Biblical Churches. And in these churches they sing praise and worship to satan and if you were to go to one of these services, they have them everywhere -- California, Chicago, New York -- it would be a literal who's who of Hollywood and Washington DC. Politicians, celebrities, lawyers, CEO's, bankers, economists -- they all attend these churches and they're everywhere.

Underground churches. There's one in Chicago that meets behind underground this Catholic Church. So people would assume if they see you walking you are walking towards this Catholic Church. But there's a door in the back and it leads downstairs to where all the satanist's all gather. And they have their little church service of singing songs of worship to satan. And they give testimonials. They have testimony services where others tell what the spirit has done for them how it's changed their life. They're not talking about the Holy Spirit. They're talking about the 'friendly spirit' that possesses them. Their demon in other words their demon. And when you sit and listen to these things it just couldn't get any more wicked and yet these are the very beings that people want to emulate. People want to be. Kids grow up and want to be a sports figure. They want to be a celebrity -- pull away the glamor of all these types of positions and look at the reality behind it. They worship satan, they glorify satan. They want to be possessed by demonic beings. They're 'friendly' spirits. They're gonna find out how friendly they are. It's what controls America today. It's the satanic cabal. No morals, no values -- twisted narcissistic personalities and that's what governs America. That's what governs Europe -- these same type of satanists. These are those from satan seed line folks. And you can't get to the top of any profession unless you're one of them. Unless you're involved in these particular abominations.

Pedophilia is prominent
So I find it interesting that pedophilia is so dominant amongst them. I was talking with Greg Rinchich on Daniel Otts show last year we had a 3 person interview going and even Greg stated that pedophilia was one of the most dominant things that ran Central American Politics. All of it's leaders were forced into it. They would have to sit and watch just 100's of hours of child porn and they were all pushed into it. D.C. is heavily dominated by pedophilia and Hollywood is. How would you like to know your favorite actors have been accused pedophiles. They've been accused baby rapers to the top. You think Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis and all these stars got there on their good looks?

They don't care how good looking you are in Hollywood they want to know how evil you can be and the most evil you are will depend on what kind of movie roles you get. What fame and fortune you receive. They get together they do satanic rituals together. They go to these satanic churches because you want to be seen by the other high ranking satanists because you want to get a good name a good reputation amongst all these satanic circles get more movie roles, get the record deals. Get pulled up higher in the ranks of political parties. You obtain favor by the other satanists. That's how it works in those circles folks.

September and satanist holidays
The 21st of this month is Illuminati Human Sacrifice night -- their rituals of Mab-an and that's the 21st of this month. Then we have the 21st or 22nd is the Equinox Feast Day. The 23rd is Fall Equinox another feast day and also features either animal or human sacrifices and so a couple of their rituals coming up this month. Probably falling along the line -- Rash Hashanah starts early this year -- think it's around the 11th or 12th. Usually I'm use to Rash Hashanah being at the end of the month and this year it runs early. The feast of trumpets on the Biblical Calendar and so I mention this to paint an over-all picture folks of what it is we're surrounded by. Evil and wickedness and why the Lords judgment is coming on this earth to get rid of all the wicked that dominate it. You know they think that their whole agenda is to destroy us, to eliminate those who pray. They are in for a huge shock because the tables are gonna be turned and it's going to be the wicked who are destroyed not the righteous. So interesting times coming folks.

Sananda soon to arrive
I've expect that this Sananda will arrive this month. Not sure what's going on with his little Maitreya buddy he's kinda like fallen outta the loop, he's been incapacitated by the orgone. But their agenda will move forward. Damascus coming up in the Codes, probably see some kind of war, revolution, civil unrest something going on over in Damascus. Allot of positioning going on. Don't -- what the media is telling you about the Syrian rebels and the war -- Libya and Egypt war -- it's all about positioning. The real truth is in the background news that they're not telling you. Everything they tell you on the media is just to lull you to sleep. Oh another oil war oh a war over this. Usually it has nothing to do with that. All these wars taking place have a huge spiritual significance -- taking out the old leaders and installing new who will go along with turning earth into a galactic world federation society -- because the veil is going to be lifted folks. And our earth and the 3rd dimension is going to become part of the 4th dimension. The partition, the veil is going to be lifted -- both dimensions are going to merge and one of the things they want you to believe -- the 4th dimension is a higher intelligent dimension.

Hell on earth soon
And you know the 4th dimension level is hell. Basically hell. That's where satan's forces reside and the only reason it's a more intelligent dimension (as) they call it -- is because most of the people who are in it were angels at one time. Satan's minions, all these angels were at one time created angels by the Most High God and they fell from heaven. And what intelligence they retained is what how they serve satan's kingdom with now and so you know they pull all these charades on earth that they have ascended to higher self-hood, god-hood -- whatever they want to call it -- but the real truth is they were cast outta heaven.

And what? They're like the smartest beings in hell now? Does it really matter now? I mean who cares how smart you are when you're in hell? But these beings live with the facade that satan owns the world, satan owns the earth, that he loves them. They go along with all the lies these satanists on earth are told.

They tell the same lies so much that they believe their own lies. And these dimensions are gonna merge and it's not gonna be pretty on earth -- demons and aliens here.

So I suspect the start of all this will start this month or shortly down the road after this month. We don't have a whole lotta time left. Once you see Sananda arrive then hell is just around the corner. Total hell breaking loose on earth. It's just around the corner from his arrival. So that's the one thing to watch for is his arrival. He is going to parade himself as the Jesus of the Bible.

Conditioning the public for Sananda's arrival
It was interesting I got on the Internet this morning and was talking about new info found on Jesus. [Sherry's cracking up laughing] They're already starting to condition people's minds "Oh look there's new info". Yeah because they want to start molding people's beliefs to the one their about to present to the world so they kind of match. I'm telling you the next 3 months are gonna be religious wars. It's going to be a war for your soul like no other. They're going to attack the core foundation of your beliefs and challenge them. Because they want you to believe what they say. They want you to follow them. So the next 3 months are just going to be a pivotal time in church history because so much is going to take place.

And if you get deceived by it you could lose your very soul because of it. You know Christians always quote that scripture about the last days deceptions that they'll deceive the very elect. That they'll be so good they'll deceive the very elect and that they won't be deceived. Well the people who usually quote that scripture aren't part of the elect you know? I mean the elect aren't going to be deceived by it. The elect are angels sent to earth direct to be born here in the last days. One hundred and forty four thousand of them. The elect does not include the entire church bride. Many in the bride today and the churches today -- people that call themselves Christians that will be deceived. They're deceived now!

satan's biggest trick
If you're following one of these Pentecostal preachers then you've already been deceived. You've already been gullible and you try to wake these people up -- pull their heads -- one of satan's biggest accomplishments -- Jehovah Witnesses, Mormonism and Pentecostals. Those very 3 are the largest religions here in America today -- controlled by the satanists themselves. They claim them as their own. Look at the roots of the Pentecostals, satanist's claim them as their own. The Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, the Catholics -- if you've already been involved with that you've already been deceived so don't think that you couldn't be deceived by the stuff that's coming.

The gullible are the one's the Lord can pull away from being gullible. The elect are the one's woken up and pulled out of it by the Lord. Because they follow Him not man. At one time people, you can't choose what family you grew up in -- what you are taught to believe from the time you're born, but it's everybody's responsibility to seek the Lord in the truth of all things. To go to Him direct.

You know if you want to stay in your errors He will allow you to, He's not going to pull you out of them. He's going to allow you to sit in errors no matter how much you say you love Him. No matter how much you do actually love Him. He's not going to pull you outta your errors unless you seek Him and ask Him to. He allows you to rot in them.

It would be so much easier if He would say, "Hey that's wrong." But unless you ask Him, He's not gonna tell you. And so many people get the answer don't want to accept it, don't want to deal with it, don't want to realize that they spent 30, 40 years of their lives believing garbage and have to start all over again. But that's what you have to do. Throw out everything you've ever learned and just sit at His feet and ask Him to teach you the truth in all things.

Governments spinning orgone info
Allot, allot, allot, allot of dissension going on amongst the governments today about the orgone. I bring it up because it's so dominant in the Codes. They're going to come after us in one way or another, protesting our strain of orgone. The Bible Codes calls it, refers to it as a -- strain -- a particular prescription -- and that's the one we use, our POE orgone. Positive Orgone Energy. Because there's allot of orgone being sold on the Internet, go to E-bay there's tons of it, there's lots of web sites up and you know what that kind of orgone doesn't bother them, because it's not POE orgone. It's not Positive orgone energy it's dead orgone energy. And they actually thrive off of dead orgone energy.

What they hate is positive orgone energy and that is our particular prescription, our strain of orgone, our brand. A particular section, faction of people who make this particular strain. All this coming up in the Bible Codes folks and so dominant. I would expect, I would assume that soon it will start hitting main street media. As much as they tried to keep it quiet over the years, eventually it's just going to break through because it's these ascended masters themselves will bring it to the forefront because -- I always assumed they would embrace it and play the "We don't mind it." game. But I see -- ban -- in the Bible Codes. They're going to ban it. They're * it now, they're angry at Obama that it's so dominant here in America. They blame America for world wide proliferation of orgone. Proliferation into space.

You know Bush thought it was a joke. Obama can't do anything about it either, even though he's embraced it. You know they send assassins -- what a joke right? It is to me. They can't kill me. They can't kill me no matter how hard they try. They just make themselves look stupid. They hurt themselves. They've lost more people trying to come against me in the last 6 years than they've lost in Iraq or Afghanistan. They just lose their people. So just stop it. Stop the coming after me stuff it won't work. Just a little heads up to all you little satan freaks that listen to this show. It doesn't work.

Anyway, be back on Monday, pick up where I left off on Monday nights show talking about the 2nd coming of Christ and the battle at Armageddon and the coming Millennium I'll just keep going with that the next several Mondays in this month until they do something interesting like announce their arrival on television.

Or Obama comes forth with his proclamation that he's made a pact with these aliens which I knew was coming sooner or later. He's going to make a proclamation about it. I don't know what -- how far he'll go in his proclamation. But I'm watching for that one. Anyway if you have a question for the show folks you can call in at (877)245-5648.

Was that a legitimate earthquake in West Virginia / East Coast?
Sherry: Hello caller you're on the air.

Caller: Hello Sherry?

Sherry: Yes

Caller: Did you hear that the earthquake out in West Virginia or out on the coast was a bomb underneath the...

Sherry: Yeah a nuclear detonation. Then in the underground tunnels between Virginia and Colorado.

Caller: You think it was?

Sherry: Yeah I wouldn't doubt it a bit.

Caller: I don't know because they said there are waves, with certain earthquakes you get waves and that one didn't and...

Sherry: Well it's 3 miles beneath the earth. They felt the earthquake on the east coast but the detonations took place 3 miles in the underground tunnels, their speedway system. From what they were saying they were moving something from the CIA headquarters in Denver and that was stopped. There's a war going on to stop that...and so behind the scene's stuff.

Caller: They say with that hurricane coming in that stirred up allot of the Corexit. That wasn't sea foam coming in?

Sherry: Oh really? I didn't hear that one but...

Caller: ...yeah, it does make sense it's in the ocean...see if anyone starts getting really sick or whatever...well I can believe that allot of crud came in with that hurricane.

Sherry: Yeah I wouldn't doubt it, that's been one of their weapons against us since the whole Gulf thing.

Caller: Why did they evacuate so many people?

Sherry: You gotta wonder if their whole thing is to evacuate people...

Caller: ...then why evacuate them...was it just a plan to...

Sherry: What they eventually want to do is condition people to evacuate so eventually they can herd them on buses and take 'em to FEMA camps. It's kinda a conditioning thing.

Caller: ...then a UFO was seen before the quake over there, uhm I don't know [inaudible]...

Sherry: It's hard to say because there's so many different kinds of UFO's. Is it human or alien?

Caller: Yeah, you don't know, you don't know. We've had this blue sky but allot of chem trailing at night in Iowa. A couple but other than that a blue sky, just normal. Yesterday I did see a couple during the day chem trails. Little ones but they seem to be going at nigh.

Sherry: Yeah they start around 4, 5am in the east is when I see it because they're trying to block the sun in the skies. I've been watching them do it for 3 years. They've been doing it for 3 years since I've lived here. Every morning at 4, 5am they start chem trailing the east.

Caller: What do you see about 9/11 in the Codes. I'm an eleven person so.

Sherry: Oh that was suppose to be when chaos on earth started because of the incoming of Planet X, but now with Planet X disintegrating, I'm not sure exactly how much of a threat it's gonna be to us except for the red tail.

Caller: Well won't they make something?

Sherry: Oh I'm sure they will. You can look for the arrival of Sananda at that time or maybe that's when Obama will make his announcement that we're aligned with alien races or you know, they could pull anything outta their hat right now.

Caller: Huh I just wondered what you saw in the Codes. There was a Brown Dwarf star behind that that we were suppose to be worried about.

Sherry: I wouldn't be worried about it if you're a believer in the Most High that's I mean the 2nd heaven right there coming...

Caller: ...k...

Sherry: ...towards the earth.

Caller: ...I thought there was something coming that was suppose to be hitting earth then.

Sherry: Yeah, I know not sure exactly if it will go in front of the sun, follow the sun -- what's gonna happen I know eventually it does. With P-X now out of the way for the most part except for the dust cloud we're gonna have to deal with, it will be interesting to see what moves the Brown Dwarf makes.

Caller: So is that the one * was telling everybody to come in...

Sherry: That's the one they're afraid of. They're not afraid of P-X. They're afraid of the viruses and the tail, hence the red dust -- that has them in fear and also the Brown Dwarf itself. You know what the Brown Dwarf's always been there. The 2nd sun's always been there. It's now moving closer to the earth it signals their judgment, their demise.

Caller: You haven't heard any more they still say October whatever...

Sherry: October 17th and you know what even with the disintegration of P-X that still stands and so...Like I said just because P-X is disintegrating allot of this other stuff still standing, so...It's a space ship carrier it's bringing in giants so and most of them are rabbid now. The orgone plagues them in various different ways and I see that in the Codes all the time giants are getting rabbis, so very interesting.

Caller: Yeah I just wondered about the east coast and if you thought that was a bomb, yeah they were on vacation most of Congress and the President was up in the vineyards, so they were away so I thought that maybe they had planned it. They weren't there yeah why would they evacuate people. Then they said Obama was at the headquarters of *

Sherry: Yeah the image makers try to make him look like -- you know? I was looking at the official White House photo's from Martha s Vineyard and where they're showing Obama at work and they weren't even the same pictures of the same person, it was 2 different Obama's.

Caller: Oh yeah I know they say the one has more pointed ears and that's...

Sherry: Yeah it's not even the same Obama and these are the official photo's of Obama...

Caller: He's not working...

Sherry: ...yeah he doesn't care. Sits in his little TV room on the 2nd floor right outside the residence and that's where he sits all day. And the only reason they move him out and get photo op's is so people will actually think he's working in DC. It's all about image. Making him appear presidential because they know he's not. It's the party that runs Washington it's not the President.

Caller: Huh well I just wondered about that bomb thing. I just thought that quake was an actual quake they made.

Sherry: Yeah it was probably bombs I'd have to agree with some of the people I don't normally agree with. Yeah it's bombs.

Caller: I'm surprised it wasn't the New Madrid.

Sherry: The good factions fighting back I know I always talk about the evil cabal -- the Illuminati, but there are anti-groups, patriot groups with allot of military people involved that fight against the new world order groups. And so allot of it stays in the background for their own safety and protection or whatever. But they're not just handing over America, laying down dead and we shouldn't either, so...

Caller: But there's 2 things in a row one right after the other hitting the east coast and kinda distracted the attention from the economy. You don't hear any more about the stock market or...

Sherry: ...yeah, yeah...

Caller: ...falling out...

Sherry: They usually pull out the Stock Market when they need fear or anxiety and they're always trying to get people to fear. Fear this fear that and the only thing that should be fearing is them fearing us. The Lord's judgment's coming on them through us, so...they need to focus on that.

Caller: ...the active volcano's

Sherry: Yeah there's gonna be allot of earth changes and earth shifts and all of that can't go to sleep.

Caller: Well I had a dream the other night and I don't usually dream stuff like that, but I had a dream where I was shopping in a Mall in my state and all of a sudden I felt a giant, a big drop boom and I remember telling my mom, "Something dropped." Land or something like the Madrid or something the earth just dropped.

Sherry: huh

Caller: And then I had a dream I'm looking out my bathroom window, I'm having some weird dreams and I was just looking out the window and a cloud got bigger and it was a white horse running across the sky with a rider on it...

Sherry: Chuckling with delight

Caller: ...then there was some kinda Bible picture I can't even remember the details of it and it was in color so I don't know what that meant.

Sherry: The White Horse Rider is here.

Caller: And I got that in my dream. So this is kinda weird and never had dreams like that so...

Sherry: Alright well thanks for calling in.

Caller: OK keep us posted on this month...and it can't do anything bad so...

Sherry: hahaha

Caller: Well God Bless

Sherry: OK well thanks for calling in.

They can't do anything bad...well they're gonna try. And we're going to be on them like fly's. They always try folks. They're always plotting and planning and the whole key is the Lord's always kept us a step ahead of them. He's always been one step ahead of them. And plan on staying there. He doesn't plan on changing that anytime soon.

Anyway folks, need your contributions to continue on some missions we want to accomplish before the end of the year. Getting some orgone out there. And you can send support to this ministry web site the address is: Sherry Shriner, P.O. Box 531, Carrollton, OH 44615 or go to SherryTalkRadio and click on the donate link or go to any of the transcribes. So much to do and so little time. And I need your support to do and get things done. So I can help other people get things done as well. So, anyway I'll be back Monday 'till then everybody Yah bless.