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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
September 12, 2011

9-11 Was Supposed to Be a Huge Satanic Ritual in New York City

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner, September 12. If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648. There was no show on Thursday, folks, so people trying to download the show or whatever, they haven't let me get on the site and update that, and so it's been quite a bit of a hassle. Just trying to edit that episode to say there's no show. Get that back up. Try it again tonight.

A couple things I want to talk about. I've been alerted to the fact that 9-11 was gonna be a huge satanic ritual in New York city, so. I didn't watch the events. I don't know if anybody got up in the morning and watched it. But I was told it was gonna be a huge satanic ritual. I guess I'll wait till comes out with something on it. If he does--he usually comes up with stuff on what's going on, so.

You know, I can watch something and not catch the half of it. I mean, you'll see, you'll recognize satanic symbols or whatever, but unless you've been in it and you've learned the lingo like some of these people have, you can watch a movie and not catch half of the meaning. And I have people telling me meanings of movies I watched years ago that I never caught, you know. So always a lot of messages with everything going on. Especially with the government. Whenever they do something. Whenever they plan something. Always has some kind of satanic significance to it.

Obama Vacationed with Draconians at Martha's Vineyard

I was told that Obama's vacation in Martha's Vineyard--was one that seemed to be very interesting. Especially when you have guests like Draconians at your vacation house.  The Draconians, the Rothschilds, Clintons, and who else, you know. Everybody having meetings together, you know. But what kind of vacations do our presidents go on, you know? Is that relaxing, you know? Going on vacation with a bunch of Draconians?

If you have no idea what a Draconian looks like, they look like those tall, black Darth Vaders that you see on Star Wars. About 10-foot tall. They're just all black. I picture the same thing. Long black capes and stuff, and so. And they do have some kind of breathing apparatuses. That way they can handle orgoned areas. They have that breathing apparatus. I used to see that, and I used to think, you know, they all gonna come down here with asthma inhalers, or what? Because it [Bible Codes] would say "apparatus," breathing apparatus.

But I think that's what it is, is those oxygen masks and tanks that those Darth Vaders have. The one depicted on Star Wars did. And so, I don't know if they all do. I'm guessing they do, because I was alerted to the fact that they would be sending a lot of them my way. To spy, I guess. I don't know. I'd wondered why I'd been killing so many lately. You know, I could feel them around. They're in the yard. And I just ask the Lord to send His angels with swords of flame and fire bombs and bomb them out of here. And I'd been killing quite a few the last week. And I wondered what was going on.

Our Federal Agencies Don't Coordinate Their Spying Efforts

And so, apparently, our federal agencies do not coordinate one with another at all. At all. Because I'm already under 24/7 surveillance. So why don't they just coordinate their efforts instead of always having different agencies spying on me, you know, and having all these different people and things to do so.

You know, I used to laugh at the biker-looking dudes that the NSA, CIA would send. Looked like they crawled out of a biker bar. Now they've totally switched to the senior citizens. I mean, it's pretty funny when you see senior citizens grocery shopping at 11 o'clock at night, keeping my hours. So, if you walk into a place and it's empty until you walked in, and five minutes later all these little senior citizens coming in. Come on. Let the old people sleep. Our government agencies are vicious.

I don't know what there is to see. I don't get it. What's there to see when they spy on me? I've gotta be the most boring person in the world to spy on. You don't even need to spy on me. You can set up one camera in town and just watch me go through the town and go home.

Planet X Appears to Be in One Piece and On Course

But anyway, I was looking at stuff for this month. And they've been talking about PX [Planet X], and how it was disintegrating, and how there was an explosion on Jupiter and PX was knocked off course, and blah-blah-blah. Well, I didn't want to believe anything until we got our own pictures to verify. And so, it's taken a while to get our own pictures because it's so cloudy here. They cloud the skies to block what's being seen. They don't want you to see the second sun. They don't want you to see Comet Elenin, whatever you want to call it. Nibiru, PX. They don't want you to see all the UFOs in the sky. All the starships blinking red and green lights. They don't want you to see what's going on because it's getting so crowded it's a zoo.

So we finally got pictures. And it looks the same. You know? Now, on September 11 it was supposed to move towards the closest point to the sun. Let me see. Where is my page on that? [looking for her page] Uh...[musically] hmm da-da, da-da. All right. On 9-11 Planet X at closest point to the sun; 0.482 the distance that Earth is to the sun. And so, it's the exact point to the sun--we're 93 million miles away from the sun, so it's equal on the other side of the sun. 93 million miles away equal on the other side of the sun. And this is supposed to be the beginning of chaos on Earth.

Planet X Is Burning Because of the Orgone

And now the other interesting date is on September 27 when the Earth, Planet X, and the sun align inside Earth's orbit. So Planet X is inside of our orbit. Earth's orbit. And this is the date that they were concerned that would start the beginning of a pole flip here on Earth. And so, I don't see it in the Codes disintegrating. Doesn't say anything about being on or off course either. What it does say is that they're burning. And not because of the sun, but because of the orgone. And so, interesting because it's gonna do--our orgone is gonna do the same thing to Planet X that it did to Shema. And Shema has been on fire since October of last year. And Nibiru's gonna pretty much meet the same kind of fate.

The Debris Field of Planet X's Red Tail Contains Plagues

But the thing about Nibiru is the tail, itself. And when you look farther into October, we start entering the debris field, in November especially. On November 4 we start entering the debris field of Planet X, because Planet X turns around and starts moving back out of our system. If it doesn't break up and crash somewhere in it, it's gonna turn around and head out of it. And we're gonna be in the way of the debris field. And in this debris field, this red tail, is what scientists are predicting are a bunch of plagues. Zombie plague being one of them.

9-11 Bible Codes: Pandemonium - Ohio - Sherry Shriner

I thought it was interesting that on 9-11 I was given a heads up that--and this is from an official inside source; very high up--that something would happen on 9-11 to instill fear in the people. And so, they wanted as much fear built up all over again as the original 9-11 when people saw the towers fell. And you could see it played on television all day long. 'Cause they eat off that kind of fear, and panic, and anxiety, and sadness. They feed off of that. And so, they had plans--talking to another source of mine to try to figure out--what is it, suitcase nukes--what's gonna happen.

And I was talking to another source and they said, "There's gonna be a zombie attack on 9-11." And so, I had not seen either one of those in the Codes. Suitcase nukes or zombie attack. And as far as I know, neither one of them happened. But it was planned. And when you look at Bible Codes on 9-12, the day after 9-11, even on 9-11, you see "pandemonium - Ohio - Sherry Shriner."

And so, the only thing I can gather is that by putting out that warning that I did, about a possible zombie attack on the 11th, that it thwarted it. They were in a uproar that I posted that, because they were ready for it. They were dumping chemicals. They had plans to unleash some beasts from underground bases in California. They had already been priming San Diego. Because what they were doing was at the same time they were gonna have a zombie attack, they were gonna flip the switch on the electricity. And if you look at San Diego, the whole area there is like a 400-mile stretch all the way to the border where the electricity was off for several hours. Some kind of practice run for switching off the electricity. And also in other places in California.

They Use Chemicals to Activate the Zombie Virus That People Are Carrying

And so, kind of goes along on the same lines of the chemical dumping that was taking place. I know they do it quite often in Indiana and some other states. People were mentioning chemicals beings dumped. They were having chemical reactions and getting sick from chemicals. And I've always seen in the Codes that they'll use chemicals to activate the zombie virus that people are already carrying. And if you've had flu shots and vaccines within the last year, you're already a carrier of a zombie reanimation virus. There's a very good possibility that you are. We don't know which batches they contaminated with this reanimation virus. But, apparently, there have been batches of these vaccinations and flu shots that have this virus in it. I can't say all of them. I don't know. Maybe they all do. I don't know.

But, apparently, somehow these chemicals will interact with these vaccines and shots with this virus in it and activate the zombie virus in that person. And so, I always keep my eyes open when I start seeing the word "chemical" for that very reason. I used to keep an eye open because it was usually pertaining to Corexit. But now I think it's much more sinister, meaning because of the zombie pandemic they've been threatening to start.

The Number One Problem in Africa Is the Undead

You know, I thought it was interesting that in Africa, the number one cause of death in Africa is AIDS. But the number one problem in Africa, period, is the undead. They have a huge zombie problem in Africa. And you would have never thought that because the media keeps it quiet. They don't report on anything. In other words, the zombie incidence in a Massachusetts hospital last year, also earlier this year there was a zombie incidence in a hospital in Texas. Then we had, at Joplin, Missouri, which was a zombie incidence out of control. So a tornado bombed it to completely cover up what really happened there.

And so, it seems like, you know, the whole undead--the zombie thing--has never gone away. There's other countries in the world--in Russia, in provinces there; and in Africa; and in other countries, where they've had to deal with zombie outbreaks, with zombie problems. And, you know, America's not immune to this. And what's worse is when they try to activate it on purpose. Why? Because it's part of Agenda 21. Depopulation, folks. Depopulation.

We Could Be Seeing a Lot of Hollywood-Type Outbreaks by the End of September

But you can protect yourselves from zombies. And the only reason I'm bringing it up is because when I originally started paying more attention to Planet X coming in--Planet X, itself doesn't excite me. I mean, there's really--there's Giants on it, and they're burning, and they're incapacitated. And I don't even know if any of them will survive by the time they get into our orbit by the end of the month. So Nibiru, itself, doesn't really excite me too much. What does raise my eyebrows are the other planets that are traveling with Nibiru. Because I know one of them is full of vampires. And when Planet X comes in our orbit at the end of this month, those other starships, and rocks, and planets, whatever you want to call them, they're coming in our orbit with Planet X. They're gonna be with it. And so, I think we could start seeing a lot of horrible outbreaks, Hollywood-type stuff, start happening towards the end of this month. And so, I've been encouraging people to stock up on orgone water and magnetic water. You could actually kill two birds with one stone by just throwing a magnetic orgone puck in water, because it's got orgone, and you've got your magnetic water all in one.

Or you can get water, and just as you throw an orgone puck in one, throw some magnets in it. You wanna electrically charged water. Electrically-charged water will kill artifical intelligent beings. Doesn't only close portals. That's what I've been using it for. To close portals. But they also kill AIs. Artificial intelligent beings. And so, what would work against--you know, when you're talking vampires and zombies, orgone water fries 'em. It's like holy water. Orgone, itself, is the very breath of God. So imagine His breath in water. Some kind of concept. It's like holy water. And it just destroys them. It fries them. And so, you know, I keep six full bottles in a bucket in my car. I have garbage cans full of orgone water outside my house. And I'm gonna be getting some more garbage cans here soon and make, specifically, electrically-charged water with the magnets.

The TIme's Coming When It Will Be Unsafe to Be Outside After Dark

And, you know, it might come a time that it'll no longer be safe to go outside, folks. Might come a time when the Lord says, "Hey, get your stuff during the day and be home at night. Stay inside the house." I know, you know, this last couple weeks, been hearing some unearthly sounds from hell and I thought was a coy--you know, I thought it was coyotes. And I'm thinking, "They don't sound like coyotes, but what else would it be?" You know, it sounds like something on The Haunting [movie] or some kind of howling, or something you'd see in a movie or fiction format. And I'm not so sure they were coyotes. I think they're some kind of hell hounds. Some kind of dogs from hell. It was a very unearthly sound.

And when you try to see anything in the back, it looks like shadows. You can't really see a figure of an animal, and so. And it was just at sunset, too. Just right at sunset when it starts getting dark. Yeah. I think we could be in for some interesting things coming ahead. And so, just get prepared, folks. And, you know, keep some loaded orgone-water water guns in your house. Water guns, water balloons, whatever. I like the water balloon idea. But whenever you're dealing with water, make sure you have a bucket or something because stuff always leaks. You get water all over the place. Water'll drain out. Stuff like that, so. You could always just use a cup, too. Fill up a cup and throw it on something if you have to, you know.

And just a heads up. I mean, I don't mean to freak anybody out and make people afraid. Just trying to prepare. You know, the things that are coming, a lot of this is instigated and we just have to fight back. I mean, look at those 1200-pound hogs. They're invading southern states. And, good lord, did you see the picture of those things? They're 2000 pounds! Some kind of a cross between a Russian boar and something else. And they're just going crazy in several states. [Wild Hogs Invading Local Counties] You know, a little 22 [caliber gun] or 9 mm is not gonna kill one of those things. You'd need a good shotgun. And I don't know how many people, other than men, that could really handle a shotgun. So, just prepare, folks. I'm thinking electrical fences might be the way to go. Enclose your home in an electrical fence.

Maitreya Is Recuperating, but the Show Must Go On

Anyway, I've been watching the Codes for Maitreya. He's been MIA [missing in action] for about...a while now. He's even got the Queen in shock. Whatever happened with him, no one's really coming out and saying. I'm seeing in the Codes that he's been recuperating. And I'm gonna go with my initial gut instinct on the whole thing that he tried to arrive to Earth and his UFO crashed. I saw that in the Codes eight years ago. Haven't seen it since, but I remember that Code and I'm thinking, "That's gotta be it. That's gotta be it."

He's recuperating, and don't know if he'll be able to come as the Muslim messiah, the 12th imam. That's kind of a yo-yo in the Bible Codes between Maitreya and Raj Patel. Raj Patel was stood up to take his place, but hasn't really done full so either. So, obviously, they're thinking, "Well, if we wait a little longer, maybe Maitreya can make it." You know. I don't know how you crash from space onto earth and not die, but we're not the beings they are either. I mean, they're basically spirit beings. Demonic beings is more like it. They're actually fallen angels, and so. I know the orgone has fried 'em. They're all burning and in afflictions because of that. Let alone they're in the crashed UFOs.

You know, it's just a wait and see with the Raj and Maitreya. And I've also heard that they're ready to go ahead and just pull forward this Sananda, this fake Jesus that's coming. I don't know at this point who his deputy would be since he was supposed to be the second beast and Maitreya's supposed to be the first beast. And then you'd just have to switch roles. Sananda would become the first beast and then there would be a deputy appointed to him to be the False Prophet, the second beast, and so. It's kind of a wait and see on that.

I know that every time they plan to do something it's just pandemonium in the skies their ships are crashing, and their ships start falling. They've realized that, you know, that America and the world are pretty well covered with the orgone, causing them a lot of problems. And so, they're gonna have to switch to Plan B, and C, and not have the spectacular space arrival, and just show up on television sets around the world, and whatever their second to the last plans were because they can't pull off Plan A's. That's the part I love. Messing up Plan A's so they have to go to B, and C, and D's.

Orgone the Wildernesses and Unpopulated Areas, Too

Want to thank all those for sending in donations so we could wrap up some things that needed done before the year ends. A lot of people standing up and helping, and thank you for that. And all those who support, and continue to support this ministry so we can keep the bills paid, and plan things. You know, I can't say I'm sitting on the sidelines. If I could have any part in anything, I'm gonna have a part in it. A small part is better than no part, you know. You guys also need to be doing the same thing and reinforcing your areas, your towns, your cities.

And for those of you who feel led, even if you don't, just the unknown places. The deserts, the forest, the places nobody gets. I remember being out in the wilderness several years ago, and I'm driving down this road. And it's just like, "Lord, there is nobody out here. Why am I out here spending hours orgoning this huge wilderness?" And He's like, "Because nobody else would go." [laughs] "Oh, so You'll get me to go." [laughs] That's all a part of being reliable, being dependable. You know, doing things that don't make sense. You know, and just being the one that the Lord can stand up and say, "Hey, go do this." And He knows you'll do it 'cause you'll listen no matter how crazy it is.

You know, I've been in deserts and forests as much as I've been in the middle of a downtown of a city. And so, obviously, He wants the orgone everywhere, folks. And so, even if you think it's crazy, do it, you know. I would think driving across some of these states is--and I've driven across a lot of states. And, you know what? Just taking a day trip across Texas [laughs], you would probably only get a quarter of the way across in a day in Texas. But even doing something crazy like that helps, because the point isn't always about getting places that are mass populated, but protecting places that they can run to. Protecting the fields that our animals eat out of. Protecting the land, itself. And also because we're affecting jet streams. You're affecting weather patterns. And things that you don't realize you're affecting, you affect when you go out and get the areas He leads you to get. He has reasons for it. Just because He doesn't tell you what they are, they don't make sense to you, doesn't mean He doesn't have a good reason for it.

Surround Wildfires with Orgone - Stop Feeding the "Animals" with the Loosh Fires Create

And so, you know, all these fires in Texas, those Warriors should have been getting together and putting up walls of orgone on the outsides of those fires to see if it didn't stop 'em and slow 'em down. I know, when in started up in Amarillo earlier this year, fires raging in northwest Texas, that Warriors stood up and got orgone. And, you know what? You don't even hear about the fires. Shortly after I sent that orgone shipment out to him, the fires just stopped. You'll even stop hearing about it. It was like, in the news one day, completely forgotten about the next.

And so, when your areas start getting inundated with wildfires, folks, get orgone walls around them. It, apparently, makes a huge difference. You know, they use fires for instant dead loosh. And that's what they eat off of and feed off of. And so, when they need power--you know, loosh is like a food to them. It's energy. It's energy food. That's how they feed off of it is death. And nothing creates death faster than a fire. Dead trees, dead grass, dead plants, dead people, dead animals might be a result as well. Anything dead is like a instant evil, negative energy and a power to them. And they feed off of that. And so, it's almost like kryptonite [against Superman], spinach [to Popeye]. I don't know how else to say it. Because they're energy beings and they feed off of energy. And dark energy, evil energies give them more power, if that makes any sense, and so.

Orgone Warriors Are Doing the Work of the White Horseman

Anyway, Um...hmm... Sitting here looking through--and I've been doing a lot of work though these Codes lately. And I've been jumping around all over the month. All over September. And, you know, it just seems like everything's in a panic. Everything's in a uproar. And I find it more interesting that as we get further along into prophetic times, that this whole orgone faction becoming more and more aligned with the white horseman of the apocalypse. The white product, the white riders, the white horsemen. And I've always said this whole orgone faction are the white horse Warriors. We're doing the work of the white horseman. And interesting that the Codes are aligning to the same thing now. And it's fun to see. Makes "them" very, very, very angry. And all I have to look and see what they're angry about and I could follow how much progress we're having.


Anyway, if you have a question for the show, folks, I'm gonna start taking questions. You can call in at 877-245-5648. See what's going on with some of these people.

Did You See the Giant Thunderstorm over the White House While Obama Was Giving His Speech?

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hello? Can you hear me?


CALLER: Yes! Did you notice Obama, when he did his speech the other night--what was that Saturday night before the big ball game or something? In the White House, they were having that giant thunderstorm, severe lightning, all over the White House. Did you see that?

SHERRY: No, I didn't see it.

CALLER: I wondered what was going on with all that. Why'd they have a giant storm, lightning storm. And they showed it outside. And how bad it was.

SHERRY: Yeah. And he was giving a speech, huh?

CALLER: Yeah, that night he was giving a speech.

SHERRY: [laughs]

They're Not Trying to Hide the Moon Lately

CALLER: What's going on? They're not trying to hide the moon lately. It's been huge. It's clear. Not trying to hide anything. Tonight's a big full moon. You can see it as plain as day. They're not trying to hide it.

SHERRY: It looked that way yesterday, and the last couple of days. We'll go days with a full moon.

CALLER: Yeah. It's beeen almost a full moon. And no chemtrails around it or anything. Just...

SHERRY: Yeah. It's like they're more concentrating on the sun. Trying to catch a sunrise in Ohio is impossible, without clouds and chemtrails. Can't figure out what state the chemtrails are coming from, if it's even in a state. Could just be up in space in general.

If Nothing Happens the End of September, Then We Have Nothing to Worry About?

CALLER: So the end of this month is when Elenin's supposed to come by, and we'll know then if it's anything to worry about?

SHERRY: Yeah. It comes into our orbit at the end of the month. The sun, and X, and the second sun, everything's gonna be--and the Earth, are gonna be inside of our orbit, so.

CALLER: If nothin' happens those days, then we have nothin' to worry about?

SHERRY: No, I wouldn't say that. I wouldn't say that because sometimes a lot of things I see in the Codes are happening in the background. And I expect them to come in the forefront and they don't. They stay in the background.

CALLER: You know, it's hard what to believe on YouTube and stuff.

SHERRY: I know. That's why I wait and see my own pictures.

Did You Hear That Obama Will Be at the Denver Airport the End of This Month?

CALLER: I know. But did you hear Obama was gonna be in Denver at the airport those days?

SHERRY: Oh, I wouldn't doubt it. There's a huge base underneath there, so. I suspect--and we're gonna have a vampire invasion towards the end of this month, and so.

CALLER: What's his excuse for being there? How would they know?

SHERRY: Oh, they can come up with anything.


SHERRY: They can come up with anything.

CALLER: I just seen that the people were saying that he was gonna be in Denver at the airport around that 25th, 26th date.

SHERRY: Huh. Doesn't surprise me because when X arrives that the Bible describes the kings of the earth are hiding in the rocks of the caves. And what's at Denver but NORAD.

CALLER: I noticed all these people stepping down.


CALLER: You wouldn't think they'd be going yet into the shelter.

SHERRY: They wanna hide.

CALLER: I noticed a lot of 'em leavin'.

SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.

CALLER: OK. Thank you.

SHERRY: All right. Bye-bye.

Do You Think There's Something Big Coming Up for Earthquakes?

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Wow. Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Sherry?


CALLER: Hey, how you doin'?

SHERRY: Good, how are you?

CALLER: Very good. Callin' from North Carolina. I've been researching, looking at the USGS [US Geological Survey]. And the earthquakes are starting to calm down a lot now. It used to be high in the 200s. Now it's like, going down in the 100s. So, do you think there's something big coming up for earthquakes?

SHERRY: Well, they're gonna get worse. You know, I don't pay attention to the earthquakes there's just--if you follow the USGs e-mails, you're gonna get 'em every day. There's earthquakes around the world every day.

CALLER: All right.

SHERRY: And so, you know, I used to be on their mailing list. I think I still am. I'd just get these e-mails all day long on earthquakes on islands you've never heard of, in regions you've never heard of. And, you know, it would just go on and on. That's one of the things that's gonna happen as PX gets closer to our earth, especially inside of our own orbit. Because that's not really a comet. They don't really know how to explain it. 'Cause comets don't typically cause earthquakes. What I think will cause earthquakes is if the Brown Dwarf Star follows PX into our system. That's what's gonna cause earthquakes. And so, that's what I think, and so. Watch the Brown Dwarf Star.

CALLER: [quiet]

SHERRY: Is he still there? Hello? I guess he's gone. Wasn't me. [laughs] I didn't cut him off.

I Wish Sherry Would Quote More Sources for Her Info

SHERRY: Somebody in the chatroom...

CHAT ROOM LISTENER: I wish Sherry would quote more sources for her info Alex Jones style.

SHERRY: I'm sorry, I can't do that. One of my greatest advantages of having information is the fact that I protect so many people for giving it to me, and so. You know, people wanna call me a--whatever. I don't care. I'm not gonna reveal sources. I'll just say they're high up, they're this, they're that. [laughs] It's all I can do, folks. And if it's something from the Lord or the Codes, I'll tell you that, too, you know. The Lord's my biggest source of information. And everybody else just confirms what He says. So, can't do that.

Have You Heard That the Queen of England Thinks She's on David's Throne?

CHAT ROOM LISTENER: Sherry, if you read the chat, have you heard the Queen of England thinks she's on David's throne?

SHERRY: Yeah they think that, but they're not. She's knows she's a fake. She's not even of David's royalty. The Queen of England, she's German. From German descent. Her real last name is not even Windsor. They changed it. I had her last name somewhere in my notes. I usually talk about that kind of stuff on Thursdays. But she's from Merovian, the Merovian [Merovingian] bloodline. And also she has German bloodline in her. She's not even, you know, from the line of David or any kind of British royalty. It's the biggest lie on the planet. It's almost like saying the pope's a Christian. [laugh] Saying that the Queen's from the line of David. And so, yeah.

I'm from the line of David, and so. Couldn't be any more opposite ends of the pole, don't ya think, than a true daughter of David's compared to the Queen of Lizards? And she's a very high-ranking Lizard. Only answers to the Black Pope. And so, yeah. Merovians. Check out that whole thing about the Merovians and the fake royal family because they're not even British, they're German, so. [Merovingian Bloodline and The Black Nobility]

I Have Tangible Sources, but I Protect Them By Not Revealing Their Identities

Good thing I had questions in the chatroom. I'm sitting here looking. [laughs] I never get to the chatroom very much. It gets cumbersome looking at--[reading comment from the chatroom referencing Alex Jones] at least he has tangible outside sources. Well, my sources are very tangible. I'm just not gonna get drawn into this kind of stupid stuff so that people like you can go find my sources and cause harm to them. You know, I don't get into that. [comment from chat room guest] My sources are bigger than yours 'cause I name who they are. [laughs] I don't get into that game. So if you don't like it, get out of my shows. Stop listening to my show. It's all I gotta say. I don't have anything to prove. I can say what the Lord leads me to say, and information that other people give to me that confirms other things that I already know is going on.

You know, I can't think of one thing that I've ever heard the Pentagon, or the White House, or anybody--officials from there--I can't think of anything they've told me that I didn't already know, you know. Stuff I've already known. I already knew. Saw it in the Codes. Or the Lord told me. Or--you know. Usually it's one of the two, and so. People, themselves, don't give me new info. They just confirm what I already know. I already know. And so, you know. It's how it is, folks.

The Brown Dwarf Star, a Second Heaven

You know, the Lord stood me up to me a mouthpiece on Earth. He gives me info to do that. And He confirms info. And there's a lot of times I don't wanna speak things that I know. And I drag my feet on it. And I tell you about those times when I drag my feet on it. I was dragging my feet on the Brown Dwarf Star for a long time, 'cause I just thought, "A second heaven? No one in the world's gonna believe me." [laughs] And I dragged my feet on it a long time before I started releasing the info on that, and so. And I'm glad I did [release the info]. 'Cause his people have a right to know and to prepare and get ready. For some people it'll be a time of fear. For the Lord's people, we're excited. Second heaven, the Brown Dwarf Star is coming in. And this is the planet that when the 144,000 are taken off the earth, and they're in heaven and they learn a new song to Moses, and the Lord writes His name on their foreheads, this is where they'll be when that happens, and so. It's gonna be awesome, and so. Very close to seeing a lot of events and prophecies fulfilled, and so. Very close, very exciting.

The Alien Factions Are Fighting for Supremacy of Our Skies as They Come In

As far as November, haven't really been getting that far up in the Codes since September is just so packed with juicy stuff. But most of it's staying in the background. And, you know, what am I supposed to do about that? I wish you guys could see what I see. A lot of pandemonium going on in the skies. I've been told by the highest of the highest in this country that there is a huge space war going on. And most of us just pretty much known that already. That there's a space war going on. But very huge. And so, a lot of the factions fighting for supremacy of the skies as they're coming into our dimension. I've told you how the dimensions were gonna merge. And not just that, but with PX coming in, and, you know, Satan getting ready to begin his Age of Fairyness on this planet--I think they call it the Age of Aquarius; it's more like the Age of Fairyness--his forces are coming in with him to help.

Alien Beings Are Working and Flying Alongside Human Beings As Allies and Friends

And so, just a lot of different--the skies are a hodge podge. Now you not only have all these different aliens and all these different crafts, but you also have UFOs from almost every country in the world up there. You've got China, Japan, United States, Russia, Europe. All these countries with their own UFOs mixing in with alien UFOs. I mean, why do you think we have a Space Command, folks? Very involved with a side of reality that you never see. You might hear about it in 50 years. But we don't even have that long. But we have a whole Space Command. We have--one of the problems that Wikileaks' Julian Asange was getting into, was the fact that he had information on the Space Command, and the projects.

And that one kid in Europe who hacked into the computers at the Pentagon, and got lists of nonterrestrial officers, or nonhuman, but were terrestrial officers. Indicating that, one, we do have Star Wars type starships of our own in space. And they're heavily commanded. And had the names of all these commanding officers, and they weren't human. So, Spock ['Classic' Trek Profile: Spock] coming to life, imagine that. And all these different types that you've seen on these science fiction space type shows, where they had alien beings working alongside human beings as allies and friends, like Spock and other people. This is reality. This is reality for a lot of people. Especially if you're involved with the Space Command down in Florida, and so. There's a whole side to reality that we never see. We'll never hear about. But it's going on. And I think it makes it all more interesting.

We Are Your Creators

You know, you could--what is it? Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Space Command. [laughs] I'm not sure if I'd wanna be in the Space Command or not, if I was growing up in this. If you ever think about where our technology comes from, it comes from these aliens, these fallen angels. And the first things they wanna do to--you know, they wanna come to Earth, tell everybody, "Hi, we're your creators. We created you in test tubes thousands, then we left. And now we're coming back to see how you're all doing." [laughs] That's one of their agendas. Come back as our fathers, creators, claim that they created earthlings. We all know it's a lie. The Lord created Adam & Eve, put them in the garden of Eden, and--you know, you've gotta watch out for the design people, and so.

We Have the Cures for Your Diseases

Another one is having the cures for our diseases and cancers. "Oh, look," you know, "we have the cures for your diseases." Well, they should because they've created them. You know, when you look at the plagues, H1N1 and all these other plagues: polio, Black Death, Black Plague, all of these huge plagues that have hit Earth over the last 2000 years. They're from these same aliens who say that they're gonna cure some of them now. They're from the same people. Look at all the cancers. And the cancers we get are from the chemtrails in our skies that they're spraying over our heads.

It's not just a human thing where the Navy and Air Force work together in conjunction for chemtrail operations. Dumping chemtrails and toxic chemicals over our skies every day. Aliens have their own agenda, too. A lot of it's not even human aircraft. They use holograms, but they're actually spray drones. And they're alien in origin, 'cause the aliens have their own agenda on with it. They do that, too.

Man-Made Revolutions Aren't the Answer Right Now, Orgone Is

If they would just stop interfering with the affairs of mankind, we wouldn't need their "help," you know. They're gonna give us cures to the cancers they've caused. They're gonna heal our health from the disasters they've caused. Give me a break. Give me a break. We just need to rid the scumbags off the earth. And the one way of doing that is just getting your areas--if every person stood up and got their town and city, and the in between places, we could connect the dots all the way around the world and put up such solid orgone walls that they wouldn't be able to penetrate them, you know.

We need to get these people off our earth. And, you know, man-made revolutions aren't the answer right now. It's just not the answer. They want people to storm government buildings with guns. And then they can declare martial law and start killing fast and then imprisoning fast.

You know, Lord's ways are not man's ways. He's given us the weapon of orgone to use. And so, that's what we need to be getting out there, folks. That's the number one message they hate about this show. They don't care how much I reveal about White House meetings, or Pentagon stuff, or D.C. stuff. They don't care. What ticks them off the most is the orgone agenda, because it's destroying them and it hurts them the most. And so, I can't do a show and not mention it because it's the number one thing that's effective against them. Number one thing that hurts them, other than people waking up. And there's people waking up every day, every week, every month. We've had all these delays, so.

Prepare for No Electricity and No Heat

Anyway, folks, I'll be back on Thursday as we march toward the end of the month here. And be keeping an eye on weather patterns and the weather, folks. Should start to get more wild coming into October and November. I'm always getting heads up from people that, "Oh, there was a sun blast," a corona emission or CME [coronal mass ejection], whatever they wanna call 'em, and that the power's gonna be knocked out on Earth, and stuff like that. And it doesn't happen. That doesn't mean it won't. And so, people need to prepare.

If you live in the midwestern states, the east coast, any place where it starts getting really cold at night and you need heat, prepare for the unexpected this winter. Prepare for no electricity and no heat. Get you wood stocked up. Get your wood burners. Find wood burners. You can get wood burners on Craigslist for like, 200 bucks. You can get 'em brand new in stores for like, 350, 400 bucks. And so, prepare for backup heat sources and backup energy sources, folks. 'Cause the weather this fall could just get really wild. And depending on what part of the country you're in, you don't want to be left stuck and unprepared, and so, start doing that now. Get oil, for your oil lamps, kerosene, propane. You know, propane's great to stock up on for the wintertime. If you don't have electric, you can fire up the grill. And stuff like that, folks.

Wish Your Show Were Longer

SHERRY: [laughs]

CHAT ROOM LISTENER: Wish you were on longer.

SHERRY: I don't think I could have a longer show. Not without a producer. I just get so exhausted. Running on 24/7 this entire month and it's just halfway through. Kids, and football, and the ministry, and the shows, and the Codes, and everything needing a chunk of my time. And I'm running ragged, folks. I'm running ragged here, and so. And I'm always planning the next thing I'm doing, and so. [laughs]

Chicago Should Be Resting Well

CHAT ROOM LISTENER: Chicago should be resting well.

SHERRY: [laughs] Maybe I'll talk about that next week. But Chicago, yeah. Rest well in Chicago, and so.

Anyway, till [Thursday], everybody. Yah bless.


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