Aliens In The News
September 15, 2011

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And hello everybody you're live it's Thursday September 15Th, I'm Sherry Shriner. If you have a question for the show you can call in at (877)245-5648. Alternate number is (646)929-2343 I'll be taking questions today if you just want to call in.

Cubes and Rings
I was watching a video earlier about the black cube and I think everybody has seen that picture of Mecca and how they have that black cube in the center of that huge courtyard and all the Muslims march around this cube and the cube always associated with Saturn with satan worship.
Most of our corporations in their logos feature cubes and rings, Saturn rings and rings always associated with Saturn and I don't know about you but I took my wedding ring off years ago. I was just disgusted with all the occult crap. I don't think you have to have a ring on to know you're married. It's suppose to be a sign, but my gray hair's a sign. I've got a few popping up here and there by now. Anyway, been doing allot of work in the Codes lately and as usual actually and you know we've just got some interesting times coming up folks and I don't think we're going to be moving off of the time line we're on. I'll tell ya the one we're on looks pretty interesting.

Brown Dwarf Star
I'm kinda watching the dark star. What they call the dark star. It's actually called the Brown Dwarf Star. I call it the BDS, Brown Dwarf Star. And waiting to see if this Brown Dwarf Star crosses in front of the sun like PX will do. And so -- of course they call it comet Elenin -- not really a comet they just don't know what to call it. Huge planet with a tail behind it. And they're mostly it seems to me they're worried about the tail that's behind it associating what's in the tail with allot of plagues to hit the earth.

Another one of their worries and you might be seeing warnings of ~ extreme radiation leaks ~ 'warnings' hitting the earth. That's a nice way of saying expect nuclear plants to blow up.

Obama running to NORAD the end of this month supposedly under the guise of some kind of a drill. But yeah, he's running there for protection and interesting the timing of it all. That they make that announcement that he's running to NORAD for a drill on the 26TH and the 27TH. When I've been warning about the 27TH, 28TH and 29TH of September. So the timing there is a little interesting. That he's taking off during that time. Scientists have being kinda quiet about their little 3 days of darkness thing. I still don't see 3 days of darkness in the Bible Codes. It doesn't mean it's not gonna happen.

But I'm not seeing it specifically. Not coming up in the Codes I look at. And when I look at Bible Codes I look at the months, dates. Sometimes I'll pick out a particular date to look at to see what's going on. Some of the stuff I can't really say. But what I can say is that there's huge star ships in the orbit of the sun that are going to be coming in with Nibiru, this Comet Elenin. I hate calling it Comet Elenin but if you don't call it Comet Elenin people don't know what you're talking about; their so use to hearing it called a comet.

Cube in Sky
Another interesting object by the sun -- you've heard me talk about the Cube -- been warning about the Cube and how they're gonna pull out this fake mimicry New Jerusalem in the form of a cube and that's this black cube that the Muslims worship and you're gonna start seeing "Chrislim" in America which is a merging of Christianity and Islam and nothing could be more disgusting. I don't know what we have in common. We have nothing in common with them. Even allot of today's Muslims outright deceived in who this Allah is.

You know they think they're worshiping God. The Most High God. But, if they did 10 minutes of research into their own religions they would find out in the day Mohammad was on the earth they worshiped many gods. Islam back then didn't even exist in the form they have today; he had many gods, 300 gods and he chose the moon god to become the main focus of their religion and make it a monotheistic religion to rival the Jews who had one God.

Alien Scumbag Counsel
So out of their 300 plus gods, Mohammad chose Allah, the moon god. And this moon god is not the God of the Jews, of the Israelis, it's not the God of the Bible, he's not the Creator of the earth, the sky and heaven. Not the Creator of Mankind. Their god Allah is the moon god and finding it interesting that Allah is now showing up in the Codes along with all of these new age. New agers I guess you could call them. They're telling you about the Ashtar Command and it's just this council, Maitreya, Sananda, (sAINT) Germaine. There's a bunch of them and I believe 11 of them will come eventually to earth as ascended masters claiming to be ascended beings from heaven sent to earth to help mankind. Their god is also Allah, so very interesting.

Yahuah is The Most Highs Name
You know when you hear people say, "Oh, I worship god." Especially when you're talking to hybrids. Really? Which one? What's the name of your god? That's why we always call him Yahuah because that's His Name, The Most High.

Don't take it for granted that when someone tells you they love God, that they're serving God. That it's our God. Because allot of these beings that are here worship Allah. So I find it interesting to make that connection directly with them. Because it's always been there I'm just now making the connection. Just now seeing it in the Codes and so.

Yeah there's been allot of work going on the last several years. Back in 2005 when I wrote that article about the silent invasion and how they were coming to earth and taking over mankind and the Lord had told me it was already underway at that time. You can't even begin to imagine now so many people just being taken over by alien and demonic beings and you know they've been largely successful because they have been working mainly in the background.

And you know people like you and I have had a hard time of understanding how they work. How they do things. How they operate. What their terminology is. We have to learn it day by day. Inch by inch and sometimes we never even fully grasp the concept.

Someone tells you they've eaten another persons soul and you think "What? is that person dead?" "What do you mean you ate their soul?"

They're protected by His Holy Spirit
These are aspects of things that some of us can't even begin to grasp. But if you're not a Christian or you're not a believer in The Most High -- I know allot of believers don't want to be tied into the Christian crowd and I don't blame you I don't either -- but for simplicity sake -- let's just, church believers, church goers -- every body's not in the church but love the Lord -- people who do love the Lord anyway. They're protected by His Holy Spirit.

Steeped in idolatry's
But then you've got a bulk of the population following after other religions. Following after other gods steeped in idolatry's and wickedness and sin and everything else. And these people are fair game. They are accessed, because if you don't belong to The Most High God you've never accepted His Son as your Savior, you don't seek Him, then you're fair game. On default, you belong to satan. And you're fair game to him and his tactics. There's no protection for you. You know a believer of the Lords if they're being harassed they can call out to the Lord for help. He will send 10,000 angels to protect you.

People who don't have the Lord under harassment's. Get harassed. They don't have protection. And it's these people that can be accessed to all the tricks and snares that satan has and it's these people that can slowly become possessed by not only demonic beings but by alien beings.

And so it's these people. The Lost. That have been the prey of these parasitic alien type beings -- not since time began but especially over the last 6 years. It's 2011 now and back in 2005 the Lord was telling me, "It's already begun. The invasion has begun." We're all looking for outward, and UFO and alien invasions and they're coming. There's huge, huge ships coming in from behind the sun -- Huge UFO star ships coming in.

2ND Phase of the War
Different types of objects filled with different types of beings, alien beings. You can't even begin to imagine the mess it's going to be -- the end of this month when they're within our solar system. It's gonna be a zoo. But the reason I'm bringing this up is because for the most part what we consider the tribulation period they consider the war. You know?
I don't know to them and their thinking if it's the war against mankind or the war against God -- which would be one and the same really. But the war is on. The war is -- the second phase of the war is ready to begin because according to the people who hate God. People who want to destroy earth and implement their own agenda's here like Age of Aquarius, Ascended Masters. That whole crowd. They come in the guise of wanting to help mankind because it's an easy way to access mankind.

Beware of 'faith-healings'
If you allow someone to lay hands on you, you're giving them access to your temple, your body. That's why the Lord says -- the Bible says not to allow people to lay hands on you without testing the spirits. Because they infiltrate churches and in the guise of deliverance they just put demons into you. So many of them do that. They're not really delivering you from anything, they're 'delivering' you from one thing so you're like, "Oh Praise God" but they end up putting more things in you so you end up having more problems down the road.

Repairing the Temple
But also in the guise of helping, they say "Do you want me to heal you?" Hey look I'm a healer I can heal you and if you allow that person -- give that person permission you are giving them access to your temple by doing so. So in allot of ways people can be deceived into letting things happen to them. Letting them get access letting their temples become an open access to aliens and/or demonic beings because you were deceived by, you didn't know, you were ignorant of it and this happens allot as Christians you can rebuke and renounce and repent of that and ask the Lord to repair or restore your body in any way that they tried to change it -- by accessing you.

Because in the guise they use good as a front door to get to you. So they can destroy you. You know? They come in the guise of healers and friends and people who sincerely want to help you. But they really come in the back door to destroy you. And that's the way it works. That's the way they work. One of the biggest accesses to mankind and to getting into a persons temple, their body so they can slowly inch and take over it -- There's 2 different ways. There's probably more but I'm only going to talk about the two.

You've heard of parasites and worms and different parasites that we get into our bodies and these parasites are living things. They're living creatures. And when we drink bad water and get them in our bodies or you eat raw foods or however way you get them. You eventually get them in your body.

Parasites turn into demons
And it's these parasites that can actually grow and become these demonic beings that possess people. That's how they possess you. They're parasites. When you look at somebody and you say, "Oh, they're demon possessed. They have demons in them." In actuality the demons are working through the parasites that are in that persons body and so doing cleanses and detoxes and fasting and doing those kinds of things will eliminate parasites out of your body and also keeping your body clean not making it a den of thieves as the Lord stated. You turn your temples into dens of thieves because these parasites get into your body and the more ground they get is the ground you give them through sin and other ways that they influence you to sin and the more you sin and sin and sin is more access and control they get of you.

Anger fastest way to get you to sin
Control your body. Control who you are, they get it an inch at a time. And the fastest ways to get people to sin is anger. Deep rooted anger turns into bitterness because you refuse to forgive. That's when you are angry you're not forgiving. That's why the Lord always said forgive. When someone keeps doing bad to you, you'll forgive them 7 x 70 times, I mean don't hold a grudge because satan uses this as an access point to get to you. Get into you and control you little by little, more and more and more. Also alcohol, abuse of alcohol. Abuse of drugs. Abuse of anything. It's also an access point.

Another access points they use is sexual strategies. Especially at night time when you're sleeping. Sexual dreams or temptations because if they can get you to sin through lust they can enter into -- you've heard the body has chakras and I don't really get into all that stuff, but there's a base chakra, a sexual chakra -- I know about this -- I know a little bit about the chakras. But, they use the base chakra as a possession point. And if they can get you -- entice you to sin in any way -- through sexual means. Then they can use the base chakra point as a point of access. And they can continue to grow and control and take over your soul and your body. More and more and more and more so they can climb up your spinal cord and brain. They can take more and more control as you keep sinning.

And that's why it's important every night folks to ask the Lord for forgiveness of your sins before you go to sleep. Not to harbor grudges. To continuously ask the Lord to fill your body with His Spirit. To keep you filled with His Spirit so that he can't access and control you. Because if you don't have these protections they feed off of your energy. They consider the soul as like a light source and what they do they're like energy vampires. They suck on and eat that life force that a person has. I wrote an article The Net Masters -- called it Loosh Energy -- They eat off of this energy and it gives them more and more power. But it also takes more and more of you out of you. I mean it's very esoteric and it's very hard to explain. {}

I wouldn't know if I was looking at a person if someone had eaten their soul. I mean how would you know? Does that person just become bitter and angry and they're just a shell there's nothing left of them? You know? I don't know. I mean I know allot of bitter and angry people and it's usually because of finances and things like that so I don't know. You know this is just more of the ways they work. Doesn't mean we have to understand them but it's the ways they work. But from what I've heard, is that this possession part of people, that's been going on since 2005 even before then, it's now completed.

Aliens believe 3/4's of people on earth are theirs
And that they think they've got a pretty good grip on having and owning 3/4Th's of the people that are on earth right now. And that's billions. That's a huge number and it's probably these billions that they now claim to have access to and control of through esoteric means -- will accept them, who are deceived -- will embrace them when they come as 'gods' and ascended masters and become big promoters of theirs. Big cheerleaders.

Next phase of war on mankind ready to begin
And the other 1/4 percentage who are strong resistors and fight against them. These are the ones that they will come to war against immediately. Because they can tell who's one of theirs and who isn't just by looking at you. They don't have to listen to you talk. They don't have to read what you say or anything. They can look at you and in a glance know if you're one of theirs or one of the Lords. They see HIS Spirit in HIS people and these are the ones they'll come and war against right away because they already own everybody else. They know theirs. And so this part of the war. What they call the war. Is getting ready to begin.

And you know the Bible describes this as a period of great tribulation. Of great affliction and one of their biggest wars against us is through back door means. Most people don't recognize that. I'm always screaming about vaccinations. You know pharmacist comes up in the Codes. -- pharmacia -- drugs -- drug abuse --

But it's not always the bad drugs that you think of. The crack and the cocaines and the heroins. All that kind of drug abuse. Medical Drugs. They use -- there's so many millions of people on anti-depressants, they use any kind of the medical drugs, the vaccines, the flu shots. That is a huge war against people. To hurt, kill and destroy them. They don't recognize it. Because they always think, "Oh, if it was bad the government wouldn't allow it." Well guess what? The government doesn't like you. The government wants to destroy you. And they do it as a form of wanting to help you.

They kill you with a smile
It's all technique folks. It's all strategy. Yes we want to help you. We're going to protect your food. We're going to pasteurize your milk. Pasteurizing milk destroys it. It destroys all the nutritional value of milk. So, since you were born you've been drinking milk that has no nutritional value because it's pasteurized. They kill you with a smile. They give you sicknesses, diseases and plagues with a smile because they know it's going to destroy you. So of course they're happy.

Toshiba Zombie Commercial
But this is how they're working. There was a commercial on TV I saw it about 2 weeks ago I was like "WHAT!" It's a lap top commercial. It was on late at night. It was Toshiba commercial of somebody. I don't know who it was. Some kinda Japanese I believe it was. But what does a person in a lap top commercial drinking milk and then they turn into a zombie. What does that have to do with lap tops? But this is part of the commercial. The person drinking milk and turning into a zombie. Are they telling us something? Are they warning us? Another way of getting us and I do see the term -- milk -- in the Codes that's why I'm even bringing it up. I'm not saying it's gonna cause zombies but isn't that an odd coincidence?

I think it is because we know this stuffs coming up. Zombies and vampires. Hideous creatures. And when you see that part, then their first part of the war/phase/invasion is already complete because I've always said the last part of their plan. Their 3 part invasion of earth and the people here. The last part is where you'll see them with your physical eyes. That's the last part. Because they're not gonna arrive until they're pretty sure they own and control 3/4Th's of the earths population. And so knowing that parts coming up very very soon means that their pretty confident they'll have control of earth when they get here.

Plan to Eliminate the Righteous off the earth
They're going to access without too many problems from pesky Faction 4 Orgone Warriors who keep putting orgone out and destroying them and then those die hard resistors who will refuse them because of their belief in Yahushua the Son of God and Yahuah. There will always be parts of the church crowd and the Lords people who will be die hard resistors. They'll die for their faith. And they don't care if you die for your faith. They just want you to die. They want to eliminate the righteous off of the earth.
And implement their own righteous, which is unholy. Unholy, unrighteousness and that's why it's a war. Because allot of people are just sitting back and doing nothing. They're like "OK, this is prophesied it's gonna happen." satan's gonna rule the earth for 42 months so there's nothing we can do (said sarcastically) Then there's allot of people standing up and saying, "I don't think so. Not in this country. Not on this Island. Not in this part of the world." And they're standing up and they're fighting back. They're getting the orgone out. Because they know they hate it. It's crashing the UFOs now. It's gonna destroy them later. It's gonna destroy them now.

Try to eat healthy
It's our weapon the Lord's given us in these last days. That's why the Faction 4 is often termed as The White Horse Warriors. Because He's leading us to war. Against the evil and the wickedness that's not just here now, but what's coming. It's coming. It's so pervasive. You know at least when they're here and people can see them with their physical eyes, the war will make more sense to them. Because they're much more dangerous and insidious when they work in the background and they just get you while you're sleeping.

They entice you and lust you with sexual type dreams. Get you to sin and then they've got access to your base chackra. Then they can work their way up through your body and take more and more control. Oh you're not taking care of the temple you're eating allot of garbage food. And then all those parasites that get into your body accumulate. And start taking more and more control of you and they make people gluttonous, make people lazy and lethargic. You start to have health issues. The food we eat is poison. Processed foods poison. Aspartame poison. You know I won't even let my kids drink diet pop, diet anything.

FDA Food & Death Administration
If you're going to have a pop just drink pop. I prefer to drink water but, if you have to have a pop just drink regular pop. Stay away from the diet stuff because that stuff will kill ya. That diet stuff will kill you faster than having something regular and normal. I don't care what they say -- this is a substitute for sugar, what's wrong with regular sugar? You know what? I don't think they like regular sugar. I think there's something about regular sugar they don't like. I don't know why and so they try to push off substitute sugars on everybody.

Try to get everyone on substitute sugars. When I eat substitute sugar which I don't because it makes me very sick and that's what made me catch onto it -- because there's something wrong with it. It's some kind of poison. It's poison. So just have a regular coke. You know? Have a regular coke. Have a regular Pepsi if you have to drink any of that garbage at all...I drink green tea. I like green tea. That's what I drink. Or ice tea but I've noticed the big push to try to get you off of regular sugar.

Which makes me think real sugar ain't so bad. Must not be so bad because they're trying to push it so hard to get on the false stuff. And you know with them everything is opposite. If it's bad for you it's probably bad for them. I know the lizards that run the FDA they go to Brazil every year. There's a base in Peru. A mountain base where they come up with their agenda for the following year. In which ways and how they're gonna poison people. How they can be more toxic and destructive. They're not looking out for your own best interest. They have all these different ways that they're coming at us to destroy (us) and so folks you just have to fight back.

The opposite of anything they say. Go with that. Because to them black is white, white is black, good is evil, evil is good. So just play their game. Play their game. Every thing's opposite. If they say it's bad then it's good. If they say it's good then it's bad. Play their game that way you learn their speak. You learn how to fight against it and stay healthy. Just everything opposite they say.

Obama Big Pharma's little buddy
So anyway I just bring that up because I'm seeing in the Codes you always see Obama associated with pharmacy. He's big pharmacy's best friend and not only that it's because the aliens that aren't even on earth at this time. Of course they're underneath the earth, around the earth, they're above the earth. The ones above the earth are usually the ones pushing the pharmacy the most because they bring allot of the science with them to earth to make the vaccinations that they want to vaccine the populations with or the medicines that we're using. They cause a problem and then their cure is this pharmacy medicine. So that they cause the problem and then they're gonna give you the solutions. Which is their medicines. Their poisons. Better to just stay away from all of it folks. Stay away from all of it.

The majority of Corporations are satanists
I just can't even describe sometimes the stuff I see in the Bible Codes. We're just so inundated. So swamped with how they control earth and every little thing about it. And when you think about it. I mean who was that at the rituals last year? Last November. Remember in India? All the celebrities were taking off to India and the politicians and there were like 400 corporate leaders who went. They were having that huge ritual in an Indian cave or mountain or whatever -- underground base I'm not sure what it was -- they're all involved. They're all involved with pushing the satanic and alien agenda on earth and that's why you'll see the logos. The Corporate logos. The rings and cubes -- they're all involved in different ways to harm and destroy people.

Micro chips in the air you breath
People that aren't taking care of their temples, their bodies they get ripe for parasites and possessions. And they slowly take over you that way. Also chip implants do the same thing. They put chips in the air you breathe -- in the chem trails, in the barium, in the aerosols and you breathe that in and eventually if your body isn't strong enough to fight them off -- their idea is for your body to accumulate over time all these millions and billions of little granule chips. And eventually you'll become half man half machine. That's their idea of trans-humanism. That's how it starts by getting all those chips in peoples bodies to where they'll accumulate in massive amounts over time.

Takes time, but it will happen.

Detox it's critical
That's why it's important to take care of your temples folks and detox on a regular basis. You know the Lord may lead you into a 2 or 3 day fast. Where you eat nothing for 2 or 3 days or He may have you eat oatmeal. Which is a great detox -- eating oatmeal. Or He may lead you into some other kind of detoxing and cleansing program. But you need to learn to hear Him and how it works. You need to ask Him to direct your thoughts. If you keep getting a nagging feeling that you should do something. Then do it. That's Him trying to get your attention. Because they're coming out full force and if you're not healthy you can't fight back. We need orgone warriors over the entire world. Making orgone and getting it out there.

Martial Law in the Spring
Would love to see more orgone in the Middle East because the world's not gonna end this Fall. There may be destruction's. There may be invasion. There may be catastrophes, but the world's not gonna end this year. And there's still gonna be wars fought in the Middle East, You got Iran, Syria, Israel there's gonna be another huge war in the Middle East yet. I don't think it's gonna happen this year. But I'm pretty sure we're looking at Martial Law in the Spring, so things could be getting really bad. I know there's some heads up that Obama's behind some kind of, starting some kinda Arab war in the Middle East and they're watching for the Arabs to attack America.

Global Reset
Well you know what? The Arabs have never attacked America. It's always been our government in the guise of Arabs. Of being Arabs and so that just means our own government is going to be attacking us in more ways than one than we can imagine. Also look for Global economies to get shaken up. The dollar amount -- every bodys currency getting shifted and reevaluated. And they refer to it as a Global Reset where they're resetting every nations economies and trying to level the field. You know they're trying to make heaven on earth here folks. Everything has got to balance out and become one. It's never gonna happen. They're gonna make a try. Try. There's just nothing harmless about satan. Nothing he does can work. Just because of who and what he is and the way he is and how his people are that love him and follow him. It will never work.

They're hateful and greedy and spiteful and you can't have force of this 5Th Dimension they want this force on earth but they don't have the ability to love, care and have compassion for other people or anybody. And when they try to force that it's a fake-ness, it's fake. Because they don't really feel it. They can't -- they're not like us. They can't feel compassion and love for anybody or anything. It's just for themselves. They're narcissists. Everything else is fake. It's "learning to have this emotion." You have to learn how to be compassionate and kind. They probably have to sit around -- they probably bite their tongues off just trying to be nice, to say nice things and it never lasts long.

It's not in their nature. Not in their nature they're trying to be something they're not. And that's what this whole 5Th Dimension on earths gonna be. It's gonna be a fake. A fake a fake-ness -- something that they're not. They're not angelic beings. They're not ascended masters. They don't want to help mankind. As much as they lie it's just to get their foot in the door. It's just to get their foot in the door and have people accept them and then their real colors will come out. Especially when they go to cleansing the earth. What they call cleansing is eliminating those who don't agree with them. And it's so hypocritical because it's these same beings and these same people that will say -- that will come against the God of The Bible and say a loving God wouldn't force you to worship them. Well wait till your gods get here we'll talk then.

All this stuffs coming
What are you gonna do when all your little ascended masters, that all these people worship and follow start killing people who don't worship them and follow them? Hello, they're not offering people anything. They're not offering you heaven -- eternity in heaven. They're not telling you "Hey be nice love one another." They want you to be evil and do all kinds of sin and wickedness. So twisted folks. You have no idea. But all this stuffs coming. It's all coming.

World wide Jihad
You know I warned years ago about Global Islam. And still can't shake that one. It's still coming. You know I don't know why the churches are still preaching that the 10 nations of the anti-Christ are Europe. There's more than 10 nations in Europe. It has nothing to do with Europe. The 10 nation Arab Confederacy folks. We're gonna have an Islam take-over of this world. And what's their favorite word? It's Jihad. Jihad which is just an excuse to be violent animals and blame it on the 'good' of religion. It's so pathetic. It's gonna be a world-wide Jihad against anyone who is not Muslim who does not embrace these ascended masters. And they're gonna change Islam when they come it's not gonna be accepted in the present form that it is right now.

It's gonna be changed to fit the new age agenda because this Maitreya and Sananda and all of them they're into this Allah god. That's who they worship is this Allah. And so they're gonna try to make Islam a nicer, more friendly religion so that the masses will accept it because right now everybody just sees it for the hate and violence that it is. So they'll try to work on public perceptions and throw out big public relations campaigns. Like they're doing now with Chrislom (combination of Christianity and Islam) trying to make it seem like a more friendly demonized version of Islam.

Good target areas: Muslim mosques
Run folks -- don't even-- If your pastors start preaching Chrislom that we should all unite for gods sake or who evers sake. RUN. The Lord never says to compromise your faith for peace. In fact He said He wasn't coming to bring peace but a sword.
So then a good area to target with orgone folks is where all the Muslims are -- get their areas because they're so accessible.
First of all because they're following a wrong god that makes them satans on default. So they're already accessible for possessions alien and demonic. And demons just swirl around those areas. So good target areas:
Muslim mosques, temples whatever you want to call them. Their towns their cities. Their countries. There's area's of huge Muslim populations throughout the United States and those area's should be targeted with orgone. Especially Michigan. That Detroit area and Dearborn and Oklahoma, Oklahoma City. A huge Muslim population there. We'll need to target these huge Muslim populations folks.

Targeting demons & aliens
It's not the people we're after it's the demons and aliens that get drawn like magnets to these people. Orgone doesn't hurt people. It just makes demons and aliens suffer. And that's what our target is. It's the wicked 4Th dimensional beings that are trying to dominate and take over our 3rd dimension earth.

So we have a ways to go with that. But I'm really happy at the progress that we've made over the years. Just a few people standing up getting the work done. And the others who are supporting getting the work done. You may not be able to go on missions and do things but you can send in financial support and that's where it goes. It goes out the door.

All funds go into the orgone war
It goes into orgone and around the world. I mean I drive a 20 year old car. So I'm not living high on the hog here. Almost every dime I make goes into this orgone war. I walk the and plus I gotta pay the bills and so I appreciate all those who support this ministry and get and accomplish what needs to be done. It takes thousands of dollars just to go and get one area done. It takes thousands of dollars of supplies. This stuffs expensive to make.

I mean compared to the billions of dollars of technology that they have that it destroys it's cheap. Compared to billions of dollars yeah, it's cheap. But it still takes those dollars to get the supplies, you know? To make this stuff. You know suppliers raise their prices and it affects us. Crystals aren't cheap. Coppers not cheap. Resins not cheap.

And you know I always see that in the Codes the orgone is so dominant and the people that are involved are so precious to the Lord. You always see -- precious -- beloved -- and yet we're just a faction -- of a fraction. A fraction. A fraction, a small amount of people. But we've made a huge team. We've made a huge impact on the earth. Because boy they hate it. They hate it they hate us.

Is Yah's planet coming in?
We've gotta fight back, we can't let evil over-run us. Just because it's going to -- suppose to -- prophesied to. Doesn't mean we have to sit back and take it. Anyway, just a heads up as we head towards the end of September. Alignment at the end of the month. Planet X coming into our solar system. Anxiously waiting to see if the BDS comes with it. According to what they are saying NASA is saying that it will move into our solar system at the end of the month so that's exciting for us. Not so good news for them. (Sherry's laughing with delight) But they also have other huge mother ships that are coming in. Millions folks. Millions of giants and alien creatures.

So I just beg people. I'm just begging ya. Get ready. Get prepared. Get the orgone out.

Make sure you have it. Make sure your homes, your towns, your neighborhoods -- because they can -- they do sense an area that's saturated. They do see the aura of the orgone in that area and they think twice about getting into those. Anyway, be back Monday night at 10 o'clock. I have no idea what I'll be talking about Monday night. That's the way I like it. I never know what I'm gonna say until I start talking. I just ask the Lord to put in my mouth the words He wants me to speak. You know let Him have the show. He runs the show. He's my boss He runs the show.

Till next week everybody. Yah bless.