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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
September 19, 2011

Once Again the Murderer Begs for His Life from the One He Was Trying to Murder

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it's, let's see...September 19. And so, we're slowly inching along the month of September. You know, I wish it was half as exciting as what I see in the Bible Codes. But you gotta consider that things are happening all over the world that we don't get to see being in our own little caves in our own little states, you know.

What I see in the Bible Codes is pure pandemonium and havoc going on. Lots of UFOs just crashing all over the place. And every once in a while we get a blurb here in America of three states seeing a crashed UFO. Or one state seeing 'em. But a lot of that...a lot of that going on, and so.

No surprise to me that they are pleading for us to back off to let them regroup. And I think that's kind of funny myself, because why would you--especially in a time of war, us against them--if you're winning, why would you back down so the losing side would have time to regroup? [laughs] And I try to be respectful for whatever reason, but I find it very funny.

Back down. I'm not put here on the earth to back down to anything, anyone. The Most High is my boss. And we march forward.

Is Rahm Emanuel Running Away from Chicago Now that It's Been Orgoned?

And I find it amusing--I've kind of hinted over the last couple of shows that we were able to orgone the city of Chicago. I talked about doing a mission to Chicago. Didn't really think it would get done this year. I wasn't able to go, personally, but I was able to help indirectly. And the ones who did go did a fantastic job. Did everything I'd asked.

And from what I'm hearing--and it's kind of amusing because I'm hearing all of a sudden, Rahm Emanuel, who's the mayor of Chicago--all of a sudden he's boosted himself up to a six-car little motorcade just to travel around in. I guess he's headed for Washington the other day. Had a six-car motorcade. Why is that necessary for the mayor of a city--do the people know how much they're paying for all these little luxuries Rahm Emanuel's giving to himself?

Before orgone he had a driver of a black SUV--police officer, who was his driver. And after orgone, after Chicago's been orgoned, now he has three black, tinted SUVs as an escort, along with three police cars with sirens. Can he not get out of town fast enough now?  I mean, is that the thing? Is he afraid he can't hold human form anymore? That he's going to shift into his Lizard form? Makes ya wonder, you know.

More Assassination Attempts Against Sherry to Try to Stop Orgone War

I'm getting tired of seeing Lima [Ohio] in the Codes. I'm hoping to see something else pop up. They're still angry about Lima. They want retaliation for Lima. And since Lima I've gone through several assassination warnings. Still on warning.

In fact, this one beats them all. This one is now that there is a contract out on me for anybody or anything that can kill me because they can't. [laughs] So now there's some kind of open contract going out. A reward for anybody who kills me. I don't know who's putting it up. But they're so desperate and so flabbergasted that they can't get it done, so now they'll hire somebody who thinks they can. And so, interesting.

They just want it stopped. And shows how effective we've been against them. I've been saying that all along. And those of you who have faith, and can seek the Lord and hear Him, know for yourselves how effective we've been against all the dark forces that surround this earth. And there's many. It's a zoo, folks. It's a literal zoo. Many different alien nations, and factions, and races coming in.

I Get My Information from Various People the Lord Puts into My Life

A lot of disinfo on the Internet. And most of these people really do have good hearts about them. They're just clueless. And getting into areas they shouldn't be in. If the Lord doesn't lead you, don't jump into it. Because when He leads you into something, He gives you knowledge, albeit it might be slow. I'm kind of slow at learning things. And I learn most of my knowledge from the other side. I really do. I mean, I get a lot of knowledge from Him.

But I'm not from occultic backgrounds. I'm not from an Illuminati family. I don't have a sordid, deep past history of MILAB projects and everything else. I have to rely on others for my information. And so, the Lord puts various people into my life. And not all of them are people you would find sitting in the first row of church. I get my information from various sources and things. So it's very interesting.

I've been on a learning curve for the last several years. And it opens your eyes, you know, to how things actually operate in the background. Some of it I still can't imagine. Some of it's just, you know, I can't grasp. It has no meaning to me. I can't grasp it. The way they live their lives. I mean, it's just, you know, you could be a 9-to-5 corporate CEO, or even the president of the United States, and then when the clock ticks 6 o'clock or whatever, you jump in your UFO and go to a different planet. Or you [laughs], or you just jump out of your body into the astral realm and go to a city in the astral realm and meet all your little satanic buddies there, and have a conference. This stuff goes on. As farfetched as it may seem to us mere humans, thing stuff goes on. So it's a learning curve.

No wonder, you know, the Lord says there's different dimensions, there's different realms. And there is. Now whether we can grasp it all and begin to understand it's a different story. But it's there.

Congratulations to Those Who Participated in, or Contributed to, Project Chicago

And so, anyway.  You know, Rahm Emanuel running out of Chicago. So congratulations to those who did take part on Project Chicago. And for all those who sent in donations that were used to buy supplies and make this project possible. I have other projects lined up. And not letting down for a minute, folks. I might have to back down from the weather, but we still plan and prepare. It takes several thousands of dollars just in supplies for orgone, and pipes, and the special kinds of sized orgones that we make for these projects, you know, it just takes a lot of money and a lot of time to do these things, and so.

Project Destiny

I was told to--given a heads up on a Project Destiny. And this is the New World Order freaks' attempt to run away at the things that are coming. Paul Allen and Bill Gates running off to the Arctic to prepare their hideaways. Warren Buffett's in India.

Occultic Rituals on September 23

And there's rituals coming up at the end of this month on the 23rd, I believe it is, is the autumn equinox. And if you're in the occultic realm, they have sacrifices, and rituals, and ceremonies. And all these things are coming up on the 23rd.

Obama and Michelle Are Never at the White House

And, usually, when you see Obama taking off someplace, it's on a ritual date. They always announce that for some reason.

You would be amazed, as I was, to hear the actual time spent aboard airplanes that Obama has spent since he's been elected. I mean, I know I was reading something online, and it said--it was griping about Michelle's misuse of taxpayer money, and all this stuff Michelle has done. Well...let's look at Obama. He's been on Air Force One 176 times since he became president. And I was telling a friend of mine this. Probably already knew what I was telling him anyway. He did know, because he told me, he goes, "Oh, no. That's not including..." And he listed four to five other airplanes the president flies. I mean, down to a basis 727-whatever jet.

He has five different levels--even a helicopter--he has all these airplanes at his disposal. The only ones we hear of are Air Force One. And I'm just thinking, "Man! This guy is never in the White House." He's never there. I mean, he, literally, has to fly in from somewhere just to do a press conference to make it look like he's in the White House. Because he's not there. He's not there.

Let's Get Busy on Project Georgetown, Warriors

And Michelle Obama's not there. She lives in Georgetown. She doesn't even live in the White House. She lives in Georgetown. They hate the White House. So why is it they're hating the White House so much? Is it because the White House represents America? Or is it because D.C. is very heavily orgoned [laughs] and they can't stand it? Orgone burns the evil and the wicked. It burns them. Michelle Obama calls it hell. Reminds me, we need to make a project out of Georgetown. [laughs] Apparently, Georgetown is safe for Lizards. That's appalling. Apparently, Lizards posing as humans can feel safe in parts of D.C.

Orgone Is Causing Chaos in the Pentagon

I know the Pentagon's been a problem, and this one amuses me. I know that there's military factions, apart from our government, that are pro-Constitution, and pro-American people. And I know there's factions of them out there. And so, apparently, they listen to my show as well. And they're getting orgone in the Pentagon. Because it's causing a lot of chaos in the Pentagon. And I'm not even a part of that one. Not directly. So I think that's great. I think that's amusing that these patriot groups are getting it out there where it needs to be.

We Need Orgone in the Gulf of Aden

You know, I gave a heads up two years ago about the Gulf of Aden, and said, "Hey, we need orgone in Aden." I can't get there. And I can only hope that the military factions that listen to my radio show got it there. Because we definitely need orgone to affect that portal that's right above the Gulf of Aden. And not just the portal that's there, but the underwater alien base that they use for crossbreeding there, too. And orgone will just affect it all.

The Bigshots Are Taking Off Out of the Country

So a lot of good stuff going on. I know a lot of warring going on in the background. A lot of factions going at it. And, you know, just watch Paul Allen, and SETI [Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence]. I mean, he talks about, yeah, he's going to the Arctic for whatever reason. If he's running out of the country, there's something happening to this country soon. It's the way I see it. Especially Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. These are not the kind of guys that fly out of the country to prepare a place to stay. They already had workers and everybody else doing work for them years in advance. So they're running out of the country. So what's going on at the end of the month?

You know, I've talked about, on the 26th, 27th, depending on what calendar you're looking at, that Planet X aligns inside our Earth's solar system. It's actually between the Earth and the sun. And they are expecting a pole flip at this time. Some kind of pole flip. And then in November, it will flip back over. Remember like I told you, like an old man bowing over, person bowing over. That's what the Earth's gonna do, basically. The North Pole's gonna bow over. And then in November, it's gonna fall out from underneath its feet and flip back up. I guess that's the only way I can say it so you might know what I'm talking about. It'll just bow over and then stand straight back up again in November.

So we're looking at predictions. I mean, we've never gone through this before. So scientists are madly predicting what could happen if the Earth bows over, you know. I mean, if this was such a little comet--they call it Comet Elenin so you'll go back to sleep and think, "Oh, it's just a comet." You know, comets have come and gone in our atmosphere for a long time. So what's so special about PX [Planet X]? 'Cause it's so huge. It's a planet. It's a sepulchre. It's a apparatus. The Bible Codes doesn't call it a planet. Calls it a sepulchre. Like a grave. And how people who've said they've looked at Planet X in their telescopes and it looks like a tombstone. And this is coming on the 27th.

And interestingly enough, there's what they call a "Cocked Pistol" readiness drill being held on September 27 and Obama's presence is demanded at NORAD. He'll be at NORAD. So, interesting. You know, with the drill of 9-11 Cheney was at NORAD. And he was the one who ordered the Air Force to stand down. Bush was in Texas reading a book upside down. And then he was flown to warn Buffett's estate in Omaha. And they all kind of gathered at Warren Buffett's estate. Now this is a little different. It's the president, himself, going to NORAD. And all the bigshots are not even in the country. They're taking off.

Alexander Retrov's Warnings about September 27

So what's going on with September 27? Are they worried about this alignment that could cause huge earthquakes? Listening to Alexander Retrov's YouTube and his warnings of what could happen at the end of this month, he also mentioned, folks, a time period, a three-day eclipse. Supposed to be three days of darkness as a result of this alignment on the 27th, the 26th, 27th. It would actually probably be, if it's the--uh, I can't tell you which date it is. 26th, 27th. It depends on what calendar you're looking at. The Hebrew calendar is one day ahead of us. So, if we're looking at the 26th, it's actually the 27th in the Hebrew calendar. If you're looking at the 27th on our calendar, it's the 28th in the Hebrew. They're a day ahead of us, see. And this is how it's gonna work around the world because everybody's on different time zones.

He predicts that on the 27th, or the 26th, when PX moves in front of the sun, that the Pacific Rim will go crazy. There'll be 12 to 15 earthquakes around the Pacific Rim. Talks about New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia disappearing. The coastlines of China, Korea, Russia being destroyed. The west coast of the United States being destroyed, disappearing. The east coast of Australia, which on the east coast of Australia you have Sydney. Huge city in Australia. Sydney, Australia being destroyed by tidal waves.

And he also talks about, at this time, the Van Allen Belt being blown away. And the magnetic fields around the earth being blown away causing extreme radiation to fry the people. Anybody out in the open at this time would, literally, just be burned alive because we're going to lose our protection. And interesting, that's one term--terms I always see in the Codes is in regards to the barrier, the canopy, the veil that surrounds the earth. And that's two different aspects. You have a veil that separates us from seeing into the fourth dimension. And then you have a barrier, a border of this Van Allen Belt and energy fields, electromagnetic fields that protect us from the sun's radiation. And sooner or later the veil's going. They're both going.

If the Three-Day Eclipse Happens, It Will Never Be Safe to Go Outside After Dark

Now they're predict--Retrov, this Alexander Retrov predicting that the barrier field will be destroyed at that time. If that field is destroyed at that time, I'll tell you right now, the veil will probably be destroyed at the same time with it, synonymous. Because from what I'm understanding--and I don't know if this three-day eclipse thing is real or not. I don't know if it's gonna happen. But if it does, I've been warned that on the third day on, it will not be safe to go outside at dark. People say, "For how long?" Well, forever, folks.

From that day on, it will no longer be safe to be out at night. Why? Because this earth is going to be pounded. We're not just getting pounded with volcanoes, and wildfires, and tidal waves, and tsunamis, and everything that happens with a pole flip, thousand mile-per-hour winds, we're also gonna be pounded with alien species that are coming to this planet. There's a whole system traveling with this PX, Nibiru, Elenin, whatever you wanna call it. There's a whole system. One of the planets alone is a planet of vampires. And these creatures operate at night. And they will come down and start pounding and inflicting the earth, if it happens at this time. I can't give you a date on that. So I'm kind of watching it myself if there's three days of darkness. And the third night on, you don't wanna be outside. You don't wanna be outside. It won't be safe. Gonna be so many evil and wicked entities on this earth.

Aliens and Demons Are Different Things

You know, goes back to what I was saying before that, you know, a lot of people have good intentions, but they just don't have the knowledge of what it is they're trying to be experts at. Aliens are not confined, as demons, to this earth. You know, you hear a lot of Christians, "Oh, aliens and demons are the same thing." No, they're not. They're different beings.

[Demons] don't have bodies. [Demons] are the spirits of the dead Nephilim children, the offspring of the Nephilim. And they were judged to roam the earth. And that's what they do. And they're under Satan's kingdom. They're under his rule. They don't have bodies. Not in this realm. If they were to operate in our realm, they have to possess a human body, possess an animal, get a cloned body, possess that. They have to possess a body. They don't operate in this realm with their bodies.

Alien beings have bodies. And they do have bases and underground cities in our earth, but they also come from within our own solar system. They inhabit stars and planets.

How Can a Star Be a Planet?

And, you know, the term "star" is pretty aesthetic because people say, "How can a star be a planet?" Well, Venus is the morning star, folks. It's just aesthetics. Some stars are just big rocks and they mimic looking like stars even though they're planets. They're not gaseous stars like the sun is. Jupiter is 90 percent gas. I mean, you're not gonna build an underground, er, a base inside Jupiter. But if you look at Mars, and you look at Venus, and Jupiter, you see these planets at night, they look bright like stars. But Venus has a lot of alien activity on it. Mars has beaucoup military bases on it. American and Russian. A lot of these planets have bases on them. A lot of star systems have bases.

Stars that Are Habitations of Fallen Angels

You look at the stars of the Orion constellation: Betelgueuse, and [Rigel], and the other ones, and these are habitations of the Draconians. And also the Greys live there because they're subservient to the Draconians. The Orion constellation right now is the largest constellation in the northern hemisphere. It's filled with homes, habitations of these fallen angels.

Then you have the star, Sirius, and that whole--the Sirians, that whole alien faction. Tau Zeta, you have the Zetans. You have the Nordics. You have the Anunnakis. You have all these different factions. Over 200 alien races. Some of them a lot more dominant than others. And even within our solar system. Not all confined to this earth, but they are coming to this earth. And I've been warning about that for ten years. They're coming here. And you read in Revelation, chapter 12, when Satan gets cast to earth, his forces are cast down to earth with him.

Bullets Won't Kill Alien and Dead (Undead) Beings - Get Orgone Out Now

They're all gonna be here, folks. It's all gonna be on Earth. And they're gonna be your neighbors if they like it. So don't make it comfortable for them. And bullets don't kill them. That's always the first thing you hear from somebody. When you talk about aliens, or zombies, or vampires, "Oh, I'm gonna get my .38 out," "I'll get my 12-gauge out," "I'm gonna stock up on bullets." For what? They're not gonna kill these beings.

These are fourth-dimensional beings occupying the third dimension. You can't fight them in ways that we would fight. That's why I put out videos on orgone and orgone water. [] 'Cause they hate orgone. It's the only way you're gonna kill them, folks, other than chopping off the heads of zombies because they're part human, even though they're dead, the undead. You're not gonna chop off the head of a vampire and kill it. Or any one of these aliens. You need orgone water for that because it's like acid to them. It's like holy water. It's the Lord's breath in water. It's living energy. And they're so wicked that this living energy destroys them. Just think of the sun, how it destroys a vampire, because it's living energy, and a vampire is a dead being. They can't take one second of the sun without being burned. The living energy of the sun. Orgone's the same way. Orgone water's the same way.

I'm Watching to See What's Going to Happen the End of This Month Just Like You Are

Are these things gonna happen the end of the month? I don't know. I'm watching to see just like you are. I know it's not the end of the world. But there very well could be a ton of destructions going on at that time. We're talking level-12 magnitude earthquakes. Have we ever seen a level-12 magnitude earthquake on this planet? We're going to. Maybe not this year. Maybe not because of PX. But according to the Bible, and if you read Bible prophecy, there's gonna be earthquakes that flatten every city on the earth. Is it now? I don't think so. I think it's too early yet. But it's coming.

What exactly will happen on the end of this month, I don't know. You know, it would be interesting, come next week, if people in California start exodusing out of there and they're saying, "The Lord told me to leave." And I haven't heard anybody running yet, from the west coast. And I've been telling people to get off the coast for years. They don't listen to me. [laughs] Some do. But if you see a mass exodus in a week or so from anybody with a direct line from the Lord that can hear Him saying He told them to get out, then we'll know.

Israelis & Saudis and the U.N. General Assembly Vote on Palestinian Statehood

Predicting a loss of communication at the end of the month, on the 26th, 27th. They're practicing for the time when all communication will be broken down. No electricity at all and no communication which means everything is just fried. There's no Internet, there's no telephones, no cell phones. There's no iPods. Imagine that. Kids'll all have a heart attack. No MP3 players.

I mean, they're anticipat--this is the type of thing that this drill, supposedly on the 27th, that Obama's gonna be in NORAD for, he's supposed to prepare for. They don't know either if this is gonna be a scenario from Planet X or simply because--another interesting aspect being that on the 27th the U.N. is going to declare Palestinian statehood. There's a vote coming up in the U.N. General Assembly. And this vote would either declare or deny the Palestinians a statehood. This is enough to anger the Israelis. I mean, they blew up the towers, 9-11 towers for less. Blamed it on the Arabs. That's what they always do. So it's amusing that Obama would make off-the-cuff references to a Saudi war coming. Because automatically, anybody with an open mind and thinking, is already putting the puzzle together.

The Israelis are gonna do something and blame it on the Saudis. And so, Israel could do a number of things, but, you know, last time they took out the Twin Towers. What happens this time? Are they gonna blow up the U.N. to prevent this vote from taking place? Is America gonna suffer some kind of missile strikes on our soil sent by the Israelis in the guise of "We're Osama bin Laden leftovers, hangovers"? "We're still alive." Blah, blah, blah. Anybody would still buy that garbage.

Anything could happen. Anything could happen. 'Cause isn't it wild that at the same time we have this drama going on with PX moving in front of the sun on the 26th, you have a vote in the General Assembly on the 27th? So, you know, is it gonna be natural disasters or man-made disasters from the Israelis to stop this vote from taking place?

I mean, think about it. Why would Saudi Arabia prevent the vote in the U.N.? I mean, you know, they don't like the Palestinian faction too much either. When you look at the Arabs, they're all broken up into factions as well. There are different groups of Arabs. I mean, if they were all ho-hum brotherly love over there, they would've been taking care of the Palestinians all these years. But instead, they don't--you have to fight tooth and nail to get them to accept them as refugees in their country. They don't want anything to do with the Palestinians either. So it's interesting. Both things going on at the same time. And, of course, some just kind of drill taking place. [laughs] I think it's safe to assume the word "drill" is overused and overlived its usefulness in America and nobody believes it anymore.

Will Obama Visit the Hotel California for Rituals Before Heading to Colorado?

So he's running to NORAD to protect his butt from something. Not to mention he could be there for some rituals. They're all steeped in the occult. And the equinox coming up the 23rd. I find that interesting that Obama's supposed to be in California before he goes to Colorado. So seems to me like he's probably visiting the Hotel California for a ritual. We'd have to find out what the dates are. I wouldn't listen to a thing they say about his agenda.

But the dates he'll be in California--the Hotel California is actually a huge compound the Satanists have there. It's actually very real. The Eagles made it popular with their song, Hotel California. But it actually exists. It's a huge, very secured compound. I can't imagine anybody wanting to break in to a satanic feast compound. But their people are stupid. But yeah. It's there. It exists. Make ya wonder if that's where he's heading. 'Cause he's in California right before Colorado. And this whole charade of the last week of September. Just tryin' to connect dots, folks.

Wonder if he's taking Rahm Emanuel with him. [laughs] I don't think Rahm Emanuel's liking Chicago too much anymore. [laugh] You might see a mass Lizard exodus from Chicago. You might see the Obamas actually find somewhere else to run now. And Oprah, and Rahm, and all the top Lizards in Chicago. [laughs] Hey, the people are protected now.

Airline Executives at Chicago O'Hare Airport Working with Rahm Emanuel to Create False Flag

You know, Rahm Emanuel's working hard to demonize the orgone and say, "Oh, this stuff's dangerous. This stuff's making planes crash." They sectioned off a whole section of Chicago O'Hare International Airport working with airline executives in secret meetings off the record so they could come up with some kind of false flag and blame me for it. That's how desperate they are. Now I don't know what the plans are. I heard they can't come up with anything to make it stick. Anything to make it believable.

Our orgone has traveled airplanes many times. So how can they say now it's dangerous when it's been flying on planes for years? And there's no kind of fuse to ignite it. It's not a bomb. How do you light a orgone puck? [laughs]

People Getting Harassed by FBI for Bartering Orgone Supplies on Craigslist

Oh, and those little Craigslist ads, if you're looking to stock up on supplies like shavings, and copper, and quartz...people are being harassed by the FBI just because they're listing those items as barter items they'll trade things for. A friend of mine in New Jersey, being harassed by the FBI because he was gonna trade reconditioned computers for survival gear. And amongst supplies that he was interested in mentioned copper wire, quartz crystals. Had the FBI at his door. How ludicrous is that? I mean, who is the FBI to think that they can bully and intimidate America citizens because they wanna barter for quartz crystals. When has that been illegal? Have they lost their minds? Well, I know what most of you are thinking. Yeah. [laughs] But it's gonna get interesting.

Unplug All Your Electronics on September 26 and 27

Might wanna unplug all your electronics on the 26th and 27th just to be safe. Because they're expecting a huge shockwave that would destroy all the electronics. Interestingly enough, September 26 is Monday night. That's during this show. That's during this show. So I don't know if I'll be having a show. I guess next week's up for grabs. We'll play it by ear. Wow, I didn't realize that was a Monday night. [laughs] Maybe they'll all be huddled in NORAD listening to my show.

I'm Not Seeing a Huge Pole Flip in the Codes, but I Think Shema's Getting Ready to Fall know. There's a lot of stuff going on that the Lord doesn't show me if He wants me to stay focused on particular things. So if there is a huge pole flip on that date, I'm not seeing it. 'Cause I'm looking at Codes for October 10. Those are interesting. You know, I think I'm finally seeing the tumbling of Shema. And interestingly enough, remember back in--when was that when Capricorn fell? That was like what? 2007 or 8, January? When the Navy went out in the Pacific Ocean because there was a huge satellite the size of a bus--you all remember this one now--falling, and they wanted to make sure that it hit the ocean and not land anywhere. Well, that was the starship Capricorn we destroyed with the orgone that fell out of the skies. Now Shema's getting ready to fall. Shema's getting ready to take the plunge. And I've always predicted--I don't have a "thus saith the Lord" or anything like that, but I've always assumed that when Shema falls, it will hit the Great Lakes. So, unless that route has changed, because a lot of routes change over time, I think I found a Code back in 20-whatever, years ago, about Shemahitting--or a comet, I didn't even know about Shema then--it was a comet hitting Lake Huron. That would then affect Lake Michigan. And Chicago would go under the water because of the tidal waves caused by that from Lake Michigan, because of the comet hitting Lake Huron. Well, that was years ago and routes ago. I don't even know what kind of a timeline--if we'd still be on that timeline right now, if that would still happen. But I'm still finding it interesting when I look at Codes for October, Shema's there, very dominant in the Codes. And also their hush-hush talk about a bus-size satellite getting ready to hit the earth. And I remember they used to say the same things about Capricorn when Capricorn fell. And now Shema's gettin' ready to fall. So this will be interesting.

Warriors Put Up Orgone Wall to Try to Protect Ohio and Michigan from Tsunami

We've worked hard over the years to put up a wall of orgone around Lake Erie to protect Ohio and also the Michigan side. To protect those areas from being destroyed by tsunami type waves if a comet were to hit lake Huron. And you know what? I don't even know if it would, but it was worth a shot to try. Because if you look at Ohio's population, the bulk of the population right across from east to west of Ohio, within 30 miles of Lake Erie, there are just millions of people. And if all of them are, you know, taken out in just seconds, minutes, that would be devastating. It's devastating to lose anybody to anything at any time. But can you just imagine the sheer destruction if a comet hit Huron and it came Erie's way and hit Ohio. And so, we've been working, me and other Warriors, to put up a orgone barrier wall across Lake Erie in front of the land, and so. You know, Michigan also. That area around Michigan. So interesting things coming up.

Visions of Missiles Being Fired within U.S. Towards California on 10-10

And it also reminded me when the 10-10, when that date has come up every year before. And I, myself, had a vision years ago, and I don't have a date for it. But I saw two missiles heading towards California. And they weren't fired from the Middle East. They weren't even fired from Israel. They weren't fired from Arabs. They weren't fired from Russians. They were fired from missile silos in our own Midwest. And they were heading to California. Two missiles. I had this vision years ago. And I find it interesting that other people have also had visions of missiles being fired within the United States on 10-10. I was never given a date, but I always had the feeling it would be an October date as well, just don't have a day. I don't know what day. So it was Shema falling and two missiles hitting cities, San Francisco being one of them. And I believe L.A. was the other. So these are interesting things to look out for. I'm not giving any "thus saith the Lords" this is gonna happen. I'm just saying this is interesting, we need to pay attention. And every year I pay attention to these events for particular months. Sometimes things disappear and jump off timelines. And that could've very well happened as well.

Maitreya's Ability to Speak Telepathically to World through TV Knocked Out by Orgone

One of the interesting things I've seen lately, another thing that they're furious about is the fact--one of their biggest plans was when they arrived, these Ascended Masters from the New Agers, this Age of Aquarius--what we're seeing now is those two groups fighting. The Aquarians and the Pisceans. The New Age against the New World Order. Ending one regime and starting the other. And so, one of the things they had planned was that when their Ascended Master Maitreya would appear on television sets around the world, he would speak telepathically to all the people at one time. But for some reason, because of the orgone, we've knocked that ability out so he can't do it. [laughs] I don't know--I don't know why. I don't know if it's because of the technology they were going to use. Because he was gonna appear on televisions everywhere. This isn't like, "We're gonna take a 5-minute commercial break. Maitreya wants to say something to the world," and the TVs break in. This was gonna happen suddenly, instantaneously. The networks wouldn't have known it was gonna happen. And it would've happened instantly around the world at the same time. All networks would've been subjugated to this hijacking by Maitreya. [laughs] Well, now they can't do it. They can't do it. So I thought that was funny. Just throwing it out there. Another has-been plan of theirs.

They wanted to ascend in the clouds like angels, with a heavenly host of falsely lit and dressed angels singing. That's been thrown out of the water. Their instant telecommunication, introduction to mankind, that's been thrown out of the water. So as they keep planning, we'll just keep working to destroy what their plans are, folks. I'm not gonna stop. I don't care how many of them beg me to stop. I'm not here to stop. We're here to implement what the Lord has sent us to do and move forward.


Anyway, we've got a few minutes left. People on the line. [sighs] Haven't taken questions in a while, so I'm gonna take a few, see what's going on. If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648.

Iowa Got Chemtrailed the Worst I've Ever, Ever Seen It

SHERRY: Hello, listener, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hello, Sherry?


CALLER: Oh, my God! Last Satur--was it last Friday? Iowa got chemtrailed the worst I've ever, ever seen it. I don't know what was going on, but it was horrible. And other days are just plain. Yeah, it's the worst I've ever, ever seen. I don't know what--

SHERRY: Where at?

CALLER: Central Iowa. But it was just huge ones all over the place. All over, all day long, at night. It was horrible. I don't know what's going on but they were bad.

Small Central Iowa Town Shut Off Power for Two Hours

And today, our power went off for two hours. And we haven't had anything all summer going on, no storms today, nothing. It was nice in the 60s, clear out. And we live in a small town. They shut the town down for two hours. And people were out on the streets, didn't know what to do. It wasn't coming on, wasn't blinking. Computers, you know, were out at the library. Business were--restaurants closed, the banks, gas stations closed up. It was crazy today. So we got a sample of that. So I don't know what happened, but they were doin' something here today.

Tons of Red Dresses and a UFO at the Emmys

And what about the Emmys last night with all the red dresses? And was that a UFO on the stage that they were walking through?

SHERRY: I missed it.

CALLER: You missed the Emmys last night.

SHERRY: Nobody told me they were on. Come on, guys. [laughs]


SHERRY: I don't watch TV. I have to be alerted to these kinds of things.

CALLER: There was tons of red dresses. I don't know what was up with the red.

SHERRY: Really?

CALLER: And it looked like a giant UFO with blinking stars. And then the people came out, looked like walking out of a UFO kinda.

SHERRY: Ick! Reminds me of blood.

Could Obama Being Undergoing another Ritual Brain Surgery?

CALLER: And are we near the scenario of the seventh yet, in the earth changes? Do you think?

SHERRY: The scenario of the sevens? The seals, the trumpets, the bowls?

CALLER: No, are we in think...I was just wondering about Obama. Something was going on, or was it just a false flag. And he was just going there just to scare us all, or--

SHERRY: Yeah, I basically heard the same thing. That's all he's going there for a ritual. And since it's a sacrificial ritual, that he could be undergoing another one of his brain surgeries where they drill through his head. If you've ever seen his head, he's got a scar from one ear to the other, and so. I've heard it could be anything as little as that.

Comet Elenin Is Still There

CALLER: I thought something was breaking up in the skies and wasn't coming, and people weren't seeing it, or is it back now, or--

SHERRY: It's still there. There's a lot of disinfo going on saying that this comet has broken up or it jumped off course. The only off course is because it's moving in front of the sun. It's still there. We go out and take our own pictures. It's still there.

CALLER: Can we see it yet, in the United States yet?

SHERRY: Yeah, you know what? Just take your--you gotta cell phone with solar--


SHERRY: --capability, you can put it on solar, solarized and take pictures. Point it at the sun and take pictures and you can see it.

CALLER: I don't know, but that power outage. They've always scared me a little bit. 'Cause it wasn't blinking, nothing, and no reason why it should've.

SHERRY: Right.

CALLER: So I don't know if it was a test or what's going on here.

Did You Know Prince William and Kate Were Having Twins?

Did you see the Prince and his wife were pregnant like you said they were gonna be? And they're having twins. Prince William?

SHERRY: He can't even get her--she can't even have kids.

CALLER; No, the one that just got married and Kate.

SHERRY: Prince William and Kate. She can't even have kids. So now she's pregnant with kids?

CALLER: Twins.

SHERRY: Twins? [laughs]

CALLER: It's like two elevens. Like two ones.

SHERRY: Oh, very interesting. No, I hadn't even heard of that one.

CALLER: Yeah, it was on Yahoo! or something today that they just found out they're pregnant with twins.

SHERRY: Hmm. They're not even real. From the people I know have all said William's no longer there. Him and Harry have been long gone. And Kate's long gone. And you're looking at Lizards that have taken over their bodies.

CALLER: I haven't seen them for a while. I don't really keep up on that.

SHERRY: You know, they just gross me out. I can't even stand to look at any of that Lizard family. It just grosses me out. I feel so sorry for Diana.


SHERRY: And you feel sorry for the boys 'cause you don't know where they're being imprisoned at. If they're even still alive. They probably killed 'em off.

Daughters of Kennedy and Mondale Died 2 Hours Apart, Both Age 51

CALLER: The air show crashes lately. Wow.

SHERRY: Yeah. You know.

CALLER: And those two government officials, that their daughters both died last weekend. [2 daughters of 2 politicians die just 2 hours apart at 51] They were both 25. That was kind of odd.

SHERRY: I haven't heard of that one.

CALLER: Same day. Yeah. Both were 25 and died of cancer. So that was kind of odd.

SHERRY: That's usually assassination techniques. Cancers, tumors, brain hemorrhages.

CALLER: I don't know, but chemtrails were horrible here in Iowa last Friday.

SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.

CALLER: OK. Keep us updated. Hope you have a show on Monday.

SHERRY: Yeah, it's gonna be interesting. All right. I'll talk to you then. Bye-bye.

CALLER: OK. Thank you. God bless.

Beyonce and Kate Pregnancies Probably Occultic Events

So, yeah. Will be interesting if there is a show on Monday. And this pregnancy stuff. There's always significance to stuff I miss. Like this Beyonce pregnancy. And Jay-Z's supposed to represent Satan. She's probably Lilith. I don't know. Or some kind of sacrifice. Watch her lose this baby. It's one of these occultic events. You have to be one of them to understand it. The rest of us just kind of sit back and try to figure it out. And so, probably this whole thing with Kate and William, too. Because they were saying she couldn't even have kids. And now I'm hearing she's pregnant with twins. Really? [laughs] Never ceases to amuse.

I can't even look at the Queen, or the pope, and Prince Philip. I mean, these people are just so nasty. And they feel like they're so entitled like everybody owes them something. You know, the old I'm your money, and oh, I'm gonna be slaves to them. It's just so nasty. Nasty, nasty, nasty. 'Cause they're not real humans, folks. I don't know how many times I have to say it.

Have Backup Heat Source, Full Cupboards, Backup Water, and Evacuation Bags Ready

Anyway, I'm gonna be back on Thursday with Aliens in the News. Hopefully find out some more information then about possible events at the end of the month. But I think I'm giving you a pretty good rundown now.

Backup electricity, folks. Be able to stay warm. Backup heat source. Have your cupboards full. Have water, backup water. If you're in the cities, be able to get out of the cities. You don't wanna be near cities if it's gonna be earthquakes all over the place. [10 Minutes to Evacuate: Do You Have a Plan in Case of Disaster?] Anyway, we'll talk about it on Thursday. I'll see you then.

Yah bless, everybody.


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