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Aliens In The News
September 29th, 2011

Time-Lines have changed...we're in a delay
And hello everybody it's Sherry Shriner Thursday September 29Th. Somethings I want to go by. Talk about today. Dismal day out here today. No sun. Couple things have caught my eye and I was telling you on Monday about the time lines being changed. I know my radio show last Thursday was messed up by BTR again, no surprise. Actually started to think maybe I should go back to one o'clock, might be a better time zone for me. I'm up all night I figure I'll do an 11 o'clock show and get some sleep and sometimes I just can't hang on and I'm tired in the mornings, one o'clock doesn't look too bad, but then I have things to do. I just go back and forth on times on Thursdays, which makes it convenient for them to mess up my scripts which they did last week, scheduled the show for 1 o'clock instead of 11 o'clock like it's suppose to be.

NWO trying to confuse people
I was looking at a video just about an hour ago and they've got this whole thing so confused and messed up. They've been giving so much dis-info over the years about Planet X that people can't figure out what's going on now. There's dis-info everywhere about Planet X. And so just trying to wade through it and figure out what the truth is -- is a task in itself because they're calling Planet X, they are calling comet Elenin.

Red flag
What I'm starting to think is what if the Dwarf Star itself they're calling Planet X because the Dwarf Star is a planet. Where comet Elenin is not a planet and it's actually just a star ship of some kind. I've always told you asteroids and comets are just carriers. They're actually hollow rocks and they're carriers and habitations for fallen angels, what we call aliens extraterrestrials. They're carriers and I don't know how many times we've heard this comet Elenin is under intelligent control which should be red flag number one it's nothing but an alien star ship -- it's a carrier. It's not a planet. It's never even been called a planet in the Bible Codes and I've told you that many times.

The Dwarf Star
However, The Dwarf Star is a planet. I've told you what this planet is, It's a 2ND sun. It's a twin sun of heaven. I wrote an article on it on my web site. And you can go to the or and I've got big pictures of it. Pictures we've been following it the last several months getting pictures. Obviously back then there was an object behind the sun. You could see the sun and then Planet X which is the red object with a dust tail behind it.

P-X breaking in half
And they wanted you to think that they were all afraid of this comet with this tail that was gonna cause all this destruction. They're not afraid of Planet X. They are afraid of the Dwarf Star. And when you think about it. You know they say this Planet X, Nibiru -- another name for it is Day of The Lord. Would He really use an alien star ship to begin the Day of The Lord? And we all know the Day of The Lord, depending how you look at it a 3 1/2 period or a 7 year affliction period here on earth. We've had comets come and go and that's all that this, what they call P-X. Comet Elenin.
It's already destroyed it's breaking in half the pictures we've gotten -- the last week or so it just looks like it's splitting in two the same way Shema has. So there's really nothing to fear about it.
And we saw over the month, I could see the time line changing and of course the whole new age that has all these scientists behind them -- warning about a 3 days of darkness at the end of the month, which could have happened if P-X was not broken up, split I guess you could say -- destroyed. It's basically on it's last leg. Not saying it won't crash to earth yet. Perhaps a chunk of it will.

And people talking about a Comet Honda coming in. I remember seeing back in 2003 that in 2009 two comets would hit the earth. And all that time line was changed and I'm wondering if those aspects won't come back into play again. I don't see it in the Bible Codes. I don't see Comet hitting the earth. But that doesn't mean that they won't. I see the term every once in awhile. And I know that's what they're afraid of, they've been afraid of it for years a comet hitting the Atlantic ocean. And someone had just sent me an article about how they're fearing a mass tsunami wave from the volcano in the Canary Islands. That the volcano going off would trigger a mass tsunami wave. It could take out the coast line of Europe and take out the Eastern coast line of the America and so our government for years.

New York isn't destroyed by water...
Every year around spring time they would pull the Navy off the East Coast and they would wait for this comet to hit the Atlantic and every time I hear that it reminds me of the scripture in Revelation 18 about how the great city of Babylon and I've told you a million times, ancient day Babylon is modern day America. The Great City would be New York City and New York City's destroyed by fire, it's not destroyed by a tsunami wave. So I really don't know what all this hype is. That a huge tsunami wave is gonna destroy New York City. Maybe it will take out Long Island which is the barrier island in front of all the others. I really don't know, but I know the entire city's not gonna be destroyed by water. It's gonna be destroyed by fire.

Talks about how the merchants mourn, the smoke and destruction of that great city Babylon. You know it wouldn't be smoke if it was covered in water. So it doesn't align Biblically which is why I can never give that whole story credence. And I just kinda shake my head every time I hear this tsunami hitting New York City. Because I just don't see it happening Biblically.

Brown Dwarf is Yahuah's Planet
I don't think that what they're really afraid of is Planet X, it's The Brown Dwarf -- the 2ND sun -- the twin planet -- the 2ND planet, whatever you want to call it. Because Planet X itself pales in comparison to the size of the 2ND sun. It can't even compare and when you think about these things coming I just always feel extreme peace. You know I'm enjoying watching the 2ND sun coming in because -- in my article 2ND sun is our redemption coming here.


Because this is going be the second heaven for the 144,000 who are gonna be called up and eventually be returned back to earth to help the second group of 144,000 and the Bride in the wilderness escaping, fleeing, running for safety. And so I'm enjoying watching this planet come in. I don't have any fear. I'm not gonna fear Planet X either just because it's nothing but a stupid alien star ship. Those are easily being destroyed right now by our orgone and having allot of fun in the Codes with their reactions.

Bible Codes
One matrix I was working on it said:
-- Shema -- Chief -- Raging -- Aether -- Prescription -- Network -- Precious.

And it was talking about the leader of Shema raging mad, angry because of the prescription from a precious network and what have I told you over and over again how the Lord views our orgone network? We're His Precious Network and our strain, our brand of orgone we follow a particular prescription in making it and this is the one that is angering them, because it's destroying them.

Maitreya AWOL
Been seeing peeps of Maitreya coming back in the Codes I still don't know if he'll fully arrive because no one seems to know where he is, even the Queens astrologer and the Queen and higher echelon's of the satan freaks don't know where he is, he's kinda gone AWOL. And I've seen in the Codes where he's recuperating. He's been injured by the orgone. It has parched him pretty badly and so he's recuperating. I don't know if he's gonna make it back or actually make an arrival to earth.
I don't know if he's on Shema or if he's on Planet X because think about it. P-X is a controlled alien star ship -- has some kind of significance to the last days because it's aligned itself -- has moved in front of the 2ND sun and so I just keep my eyes on the 2ND sun to see if it's eventually going to pass the sun and move in front of the sun.

"...keeping everybody in derision and uninformed."
It's not P-X that's large enough to block the sun and cause 3 days of darkness, but it is The Brown Dwarf that's large enough to move in front of the sun and cause darkness. See they switch all the names and all the information so that there's so much out there that people when they start talking, you're like "Which one are you talking about?" Oh that ones messed up with that one and trying to figure out wading through the dis info and get everybody on the same page on what is what. They like keeping everybody in derision and uninformed. I don't care what the names are. First object, Second object... We know what they're going to do, what their purpose is and those who are prepared aren't going to suffer nearly as much as the ones who haven't done anything to prepare.


"Point them in the East and also to the Southwest because..."
Orion coming up in the Codes. We need folks if you have pipe blasters, if you've made your own. You've got Bucket blasters if you've made your own. Point them in the East and also to the Southwest because we want to hit Orion and we want to hit the sun as it rises and Orion the constellation Orion itself. And if you don't know how to recognize it, Google it, it's spelled O-R-I-O-N get a look at what that constellation looks like and you can't miss it in the sky. It's huge and it's out there every morning when I take my kids to the bus I see it. We need to be targeting that because there's always -- every time I turn around there's something coming out of Orion.

"Draco's who fell with satan have shoulder wings"
And Orion is the home of the Draconis Star system. I believe it's around the belt of Orion and you'll often hear this termed as Draconians. The Draconians and I've often described them as Darth Vader's. Got some interesting information about a week or two ago from someone who would know and apparently when they wear those black drapes and they look like Darth Vader's depicted on Star Wars. It's actually just their clothes obviously. But what they look like themselves is they're reptilians. A Draconian is just another name for reptilian. The difference being the older reptilians, the senior reptilians the ones who fell with satan and lost their angelic looks.

The ones who were involved with the original fall with Lucifer. These reptilians have wings and I'm not talking about the kind that are on their backs more-so but they look like they have shoulder pads on. They're these kinda wings that go across their shoulders. And so they look like shoulder pads. Football shoulder pads. And the other reptilians, the off spring of these reptilians don't have them. And so that's how you can tell. These very senior reptilians that have these shoulder type wings on their shoulders are often referred as Draconian because they're from this Draconian Star System. That's another reason the term gets thrown around so much because it's just another name. The name Draconian is just another star system.

They're actually reptilians from the star system Draconis. And so you'll hear the names Draconian, and Reptilian and to me I wondered if they're a separate group or the same group but apparently it's the same group but the very senior reptilians have those wings where the off-springs don't and so interesting. Just setting the record straight so. There's so many different details and factions and you know, so much stuff going on around us. I just like to know the difference so I thought that was interesting. But that whole star system being based off the star system of Orion.

Another object coming in
We also have another object coming in, mentioned it before and it's called the black cube. Haven't seen it on any recent You Tubes. But it's not gonna disappear any time soon either. People are just being quiet about it not catching it yet because it is a black object and could be very hard to find on sky programs like Google-Sky and allot of people have gotten it off of Google-Sky though. I mean it is this Black Cube and if you put a cube on its side it will look like a diamond and it reminds me of that song by Elton John or was it the Beatles Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds reminds me of this Black Cube. You can turn a cube on its side and it will look like a diamond. People have said "Oh that's LSD." Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, it's suppose to represent LSD. But what if it represents the Black Cube? Now that would be something more threatening. Allot more threatening. Than a star ship that's beaten up and disintegrating. The Black Cube is suppose to represent the New Jerusalem, it's a mimicry of the New Jerusalem.

Satan mimic's Yahuah
You know in the churches allot of priests wear white robes. In satan's churches they all wear black robes and the Bible details in Revelations Chapter 22 I believe it is what the New Jerusalem looks like. It's 21 or 22 towards the end of the Book and so this is what this cube, is suppose to be this mimicry of the New Jerusalem described in the Book of Revelations. It's satan's New Jerusalem his cube.
Same thing the Muslims march around in the city of Mecca, I don't know if you've seen those videos, but very much one of those objects a cube object in those videos -- worshiped the most -- this cube -- involved with Saturn other than the pyramid. It's the top two objects worshiped the most. You got the eye of Horus -- the pyramid -- cube -- the ring of Saturn always seen in corporate logos. You see just the same occultic symbols over and over again seen.

The Lord said if you want to know the end of the days then...
So that's another object coming to keep an eye on and the Lord said if you want to know the end of the days what's going on to watch signs in the sky. Watch the sky. And we're watching the sky it's like "Wow." We got P-X, we got the 2nd sun, we got a cube right now. Is there anything else behind it. Is there anything else coming in? I still haven't seen this Hopi Star they call the Blue Star Kachina. I'm still not sure what that is unless it's referring to the left foot of the constellation of Orion. In the constellation kinda a bluish colored planet, bluish colored star -- that's the one they are talking about I don't know. Not like that ones ever been Biblical. But sometimes from other ancient writings you'll hear of things they're expecting coming through in the sky. So it's interesting.

Seems something that raises the eyebrows right off of my head. If anybody knows me you know how much I hate the vaccine program and I put up a web site {} wanting people to stay away from flu shots, vaccines anything involved a syringe a needle and what are the biggest platforms that I keep seeing that they keep talking about ending the Age of Pisces and beginning the Age of Aquarius and can't really get too far on that because they're being fought tooth and nail on who run the Age of Pisces. I mean its the current nwo administration. The Bush Crime Families and all those related to the Queens line and the Illuminati families and the whole vaccination program is never gonna go away because this whole age of Aquarius that's coming in trying to be reestablished that I call it this whole alien age. The alien new age, their platform is based on the same thing and they're much more vicious because vaccinations and chippings is central to their entire plan. Their entire agenda. Their entire age.

Bible Codes
And was looking at, trying to find. This matrix I was looking at. I was looking at Codes for October 21st of this year. Seeing these terms:
-- Powder -- Platform -- Chipping -- Egyptian.

And Egyptian is a term -- it's not usually literal. Obama comes up as Egyptian because he has that ancient Pharaoh DNA -- he was a Military Lab -- a MiLab creation -- his body was created from that. He's an Alien test tube creation. Where they just go into a lab and create various creations test tubes based on various DNA. And Maitreya comes up as Egyptian because he probably has that same DNA the human body he arrives in is a manufactured human body and he admits it, he admits his body the human looking body he has is manufactured because he's not human he's really an alien. Where you'll never hear Obama's camp admit he has a manufactured human body. They'll never admit it, but Maitreya does.

Maitreya is banged up
Those 2 always come up as Egyptian and Maitreya will also come up as bohemian because he is Arab. He will be tied in with the Muslim crowd when he comes in with Islam. It's suppose to be his role. I don't know if he'll come in and fulfill it or somebody else has to or they just fore-go it. But it seems like we're kinda switching back to the time line. We've been knocked around on time lines since he went AWOL -- very dominant about his arrival and then all of a sudden just silence and then speculation -- nobody knows what happened -- nobody knows where he is.

Orgone is taking them out
I know he's hurt, that's all I know. And so kinda time lines coming in -- change the time line -- you could just have Sananda coming in -- this woman coming in posing as Mary his mother -- part of the Ashtar Command and so just kinda waiting to see what happens. I still kinda think he's gonna pull it out, that's why I think they want all these delays. So that he can heal and get here and also being delayed by the orgone because they've been trying to arrive and they're crashing in huge numbers every day and just because we hear of a meteor flying over 3 states and catching it on their cell phones doesn't mean there's not 100 more that we haven't seen.

Satan's Army is terrified right now
And just because you haven't seen it with your own 2 eyes or on a You Tube video doesn't mean it's not happening. Orgone is a multi dimensional weapon. So they could just burn up and crash in their own dimension. Burn up and crash in their 4Th dimension. Instead of being visible and seen in our 3rd dimension. So you know what I see in the Codes is outright panic right now. They're in a panic and they're terrified. Because if there's one thing these terrestrials these fallen angels understand very well it's judgment and they're very very fearful of dying and having to go to judgment. So they're very fearful of that. Very fearful of being sent to the lake of fire already.

Core Message of The Bible
You know they always act like they have all the cajone's in the world, they're not afraid of anything and hell doesn't exist and the Bible's a fraud and hell doesn't exist because a loving God wouldn't throw anyone into a lake of fire -- they want you to believe their views on things. Their beliefs, but make no mistake about it they fear it very very much because they know the Bible is true. They know that even though there have been translation errors the main core message is still there. 1) The message of salvation and 2) The message of condemnation You can't have one without the other folks. Everything in life is balanced. Everything is balanced. You have good you have bad. You have light you have dark. You have salvation you have condemnation. Everything is balanced and they know there's a time of judgment coming. They know their time is gonna be short when Lucifer is cast to the earth.

The Lake of Fire
Now whether they choose to ignore parts of it and live in denial that's how they survive is being in denial --satan thinks he can win, but what happens? The Bible says he gets chained and cast into the abyss for 1000 years and then when he attempts to usurp the authority of the Lord -- 3rd strike you're out he's cast into the lake of fire where the anti-Christ and false prophet have already been in for the last 1000 years. Their eventual fate is the lake of fire and not just satan the anti-Christ and false prophet but all those who follow and worship them.

I mean all their off-spring who have been following them -- people don't think angels can have sex and procreate because of what the dumb-ed down churches tell them. Yeah there's angels in heaven that don't procreate -- but there's allot of angels that do. And that was the whole point of Mt. Herman where 200 of the chieftains. The chiefest of chieftains of angels, who had 1000's of angels under their command -- they met, made a pact, an agreement together that they would go to earth, leave heaven and go to earth.

They wanted to mingle and procreate with human women. And this is all detailed in The Book of Enoch.

"They still can't change the core message."
One of the only prophets, a holy man signified to have walked with God. He was referred to in the New Testament. He was in the original KJV, the Ethiopian version. He was in that Bible but the RCC (Roman Catholic Church) took it out. Took out the Book of Jasher, took out the Book of Jubilees -- had no authority -- who gives them the authority to put in or take out a book? And they just wanted to keep people in the dark -- but it's always been an agenda it's always been a plan they have messed with what's in and what's not in the Bible. They still can't change the core message.

And there will always be a remnant that finds the truth and hangs onto the truth. There's always a remnant for everything. The Lord never allows anything to completely disappear. There's always a remnant of people to serve His purposes. And so there is a remnant of people today who are very aware of Enoch, have read the book and are very aware of what it says and how it exposes satan and his kingdom and how it exposes the angelic rebellion. Now there's 2 different rebellions folks.

When you had Lucifer's rebellion, he wanted to be like God, he wanted to be worshiped like God, he caused a third of the angels to fall with him. That was the very first rebellion. And part of his judgment, it was a 2 fold judgment because part of it was delayed, he wasn't thrown in the lake of fire right away, he was allowed to continue for a period of time. But a core part of his judgment was that he lost his angelic looks. And all of those who rebelled with him lost their angelic looks. And so we have these -- the Bible describes them as snakes -- we call them lizards, or reptilians -- that's what they look like. They lost their angelic looks.

And there's other different factions of them -- different alien types of beings. And then you have the angelic rebellion it happened much later after the Lord created earth and populated the earth. Some of His angels wanted to leave heaven. They met on Mt. Herman. They were enticed, they were tempted, they wanted to be with human women. And they weren't nice about it either. They took who they wanted. The Bible said they took who they wanted. In other words they abducted, kidnapped and raped who they wanted.

These are not nice angels folks. When they left heaven they became wicked, evil beings. But, when they were judged, the leaders, the original 200 that led the rebellion out of heaven were judged, chained and some placed in prison until their judgment was up and they could be released for a short while on earth -- such as Azazel. They would be released again during the tribulation period. They didn't lose their angelic looks and so they look humanoid, they look angelic. They can pose as angels. Even Lucifer can shape-shift and look like an angel. He can morph, shape-shift into -- the Bible refers to it as "transform".

Which is just another way of saying morphing or shape-shifting -- he can shift into anything. He can be a woman he can be a man. He can be young he can be old. He can shape shift as an angel. The Bible calls him "the angel of light". Freemasonry worships him as the god of light. And it's a false light, but he can morph, he can shape-shift into anything. Any form. And allot of these angels have the same capabilities. And so we call them shape shifters. And when they pose as humans they just shape-shift into human form and they look human. You can't even tell them apart.

You can look at their eyes and see slits in their eyes and bulges under their skin and it's not quite right. Somethings not quite human about them. And I have a bunch of celebrities and politicians and stuff like that on my web site that depicts this. Because allot of times they'll take over humans. You know if you're a Hollywood star and you sign that dotted line, you sell your soul to the devil, guess what? He owns you. You've given him your soul.

Contracts with satan can always be cancelled out
It's not like you can't back out of your contract but allot of them don't because he makes them believe that there's no way out. But allot of time what happens is a demon or alien entity will take over that stars body and from that point on they no longer even have control of their own body. That alien entity takes over. And so their bodies start to reflect the alien/demonic being that possesses them. You may say, "Well, where does that person go?"

Well that alien could just kill them and take over their body completely or they push them and only somebody who has ever been in the occult or psychology and can understand MPD or DID. They just push them into the back parts of their mind and they pretty much just live on the astral realm. Hard to explain it, but the astral realm, which is our dream realm is very big with these hybrids, human hybrids and those occultists who's human bodies have been taken over and they don't have control of their own body any more so they're pushed off into the astral realm and that's where they live in the astral realm.

Miley Cyrus writes about it in all of her songs. If she's asked about it she'll say oh she's writing a song about her manager or whatever. She talks it off but her video's portray allot of times, aspects of the astral realm, they have double meanings and some of these people that portray allot of the stuff in video's if you know how to interpret them will tell you what's happened to them. You know she's not one of these people who goes along, she's forced along. She's like a Lindsey Lohan, a Britney Spears, they want out but they can't get out because they don't even have full control of their own bodies and that's a big problem with Hollywood and with people in general around the world because it doesn't just affect them. Imagine how it affects other people. And so I get on rabbit trails...but anyway...

Pacific Rim and Time Lines Delayed
I kinda knew at the beginning of the month, I was pretty upset actually because I did not want to see this Time-Line go to heck. It was not like I was excited for destruction to hit the earth but you know what? We're never gonna commence, we're never gonna get going with things. Things are gonna get bad. But I have full confidence in the fact that those who have been preparing, putting up orgone walls and protecting their area's with orgone are gonna be well protected by allot of things. I mean look at the Pacific Rim -- they're trying to get -- the Pacific Rim is gonna be raging. You've got 3 corners of it raging. You got Japans part, New Zealand's part, South Americas part and then you look at North America. The west coast, Alaska, Canada that whole western side of the Pacific Rim and we've been doing allot of work getting orgone walls up all across that coast.

Put up Orgone Walls along Cali Coast
So, what we need is magnetic orgone up in L.A., in the water. You can just take pucks folks. Orgone pucks. Magnetic pucks and put them about every 1/2 mile in the water and that will create orgone walls. Just as we do through states and through deserts and where ever we're at. Throw an orgone puck every mile, 2 miles however the Lord leads you and you put up a literal orgone wall. We don't see it in this realm. But they see it in their realm, in the 4th realm. They see brilliant blue auras. It's orgone walls and so we've been trying to protect the west coast of America as much as we can. But we need more support, more funding so we can get it finished and also get it to South America so our brothers there can put up walls.

Everyone needs to be getting up Orgone Walls
People in New Zealand and Japan, everyone needs to be putting up walls around your countries. Along your coast lines. To try and protect it from these tsunami's that are coming from these earth quakes. Allot of it is man-made. Allot of it is being caused by man's technology and when it's just mans technology, orgone can fight against it. You know when the Lord decides He's gonna stands up and judge a place it doesn't matter how much orgone you have in it, it's His hand, it's His power, it's His very breath that brings forth the power in the orgone. And any place is gonna be destroyed if He decides to destroy it.

Alien Tech
But a big part of what we're experiencing now is man-made tech. And alien technology can not withstand orgone. I have a feeling that's the problem with allot of these Air Force and Navy planes that are being grounded because they're not operating correctly, it's because they're alien tech and they're running into orgone saturated areas. See? And they can't admit they have orgone tech even though we're in front of it every single day. If you're looking at you monitor. That MicroSoft, Bill Gates there's freak'n aliens on the board of MicroSoft. That's where we get the technology for computers. It's from the aliens. We use their tech every single day and I don't sit in front of a computer without orgone in front of it, because they use monitors as a vehicle to blast you with ELF waves.
Extreme Low Frequency microwaves and I also believe that somehow and I know this hasn't come out main stream but these things are 2-way. When you're looking at a monitor it's like a 2-way mirror. 2-way camera or 2-way mirror. It always feels like someones looking back. It's almost as I am looking at a monitor someone is looking at me and I don't doubt it for a second that they can spy on your homes through your computer monitors. They do it with the chips in the cable boxes. They do it with the chips in your electric meters. I was putting a bag over the electric meter outside and it keeps disappearing because they want to see what's going on.

They got chips everywhere and these chips are 2-way mirrors. They can watch you. They see everything you're doing, hear everything you're saying and I don't doubt for a second that computer monitors and computers themselves don't give them the same capabilities. They can see you through the monitors. So eventually, now, everything I say on this show other people will pick it up and run with it a couple weeks later, a few weeks later. So hopefully the scientists will get busy and figure out how we're being spied on through our computers because I'm telling you they're looking at us through our monitors. I'm just not a scientist and can't tell you where to look or how to find it. I'll just tell you what's going on and you figure it out.

But yeah because this whole thing, Bill Gates and the aliens on his board and all of that was given to him by the aliens. And the Gates family has been an occultic family for years and they want us to believe he was a college drop out -- which I believe -- and then he started this company in his garage or whatever, but his family is deep in the occult. They're very Illuminati and this whole tech, this whole computer tech was basically handed in his lap because they needed somebody to be the front man to bring MicroSoft to the world. And this whole thing has been orchestrated by the aliens that control the world. So, shouldn't shock too many people.

Those who listen to this show won't be surprised. I'm just speaking to the choir on this show Every body's got their heads outta the sand and know what's going on and so and if they're new to the show they're learning. Sometimes it can be shocking to have to realize the truth that's around us, we're surrounded by scumbags. That's the truth. So anyway folks there's not gonna be a wave taking out the east coast within anytime soon. They have the loosh generators, the fear mongers and they want to keep the fear going. They have rituals going on this week. I guess today the 29th...I think they have some kind of satanic ritual going on this week. I know they have their fall rituals at Autumn Equinox whatever it's called, I don't know. I don't keep up on this stuff all the time I just keep up on the Lord instead of what all the satanist's are doing. They're just a bunch of idiots.

But they've got some -- the usual excuse about Obama going to NORAD I guess is the most accurate. It's time for a brain drilling. He gets adjustments every once in a while {}{} while they do them in the White House. They do them in the Pentagon and they can do them at NORAD and they literally just take his skull off and do adjustments to the brain he has in there and that's why I originally heard it was time for a tune up. So if you've ever looked at the picture of the scar that runs in the back of the head that runs ear to ear across his skull it's very accurate because they literally cut the skull in half, go to work and sew it back up -- he probably has snaps. Where they just lift his head off. The top of his skull off. Yeah because they're still thinking this stuff was gonna happen not realizing the Time-Line had changed.

And so maybe they need to be listening to this show more often. They take their own occultists so seriously. All their own astrologers, astronomers...stop listening to satan, he never knows what's going on. You know? I'm the Lord's Mouth Piece on earth. I'll let you know what's going on and when if it's of Biblical significance. If they've got some terrorist acts going on the Lord doesn't typically have me spending time on those. Mans will type thing, He shows me His will type thing. So when it comes to man's agenda you have factions fighting against each other and we're just kinda like the spectators. Like the nuke bombs going off underneath the tunnels in Colorado. We're just kinda the spectators to the infighting that's been going on.

Warring Factions
And the infighting is huge folks. You can't comprehend what goes on behind the scenes. You can't even comprehend. There's different warring factions going on -- there's a patriotic faction in the military against the evil faction. And these different factions have their own Navy's, have their own military, their own Air Forces. They operate completely with no government over sight or control. And they have their own Navel Bases off on islands around the world and army bases and air force bases and then you have the regular patriotic military that we see. You know the military bases across America it's just 2 different things, 2 different worlds folks. Two different worlds. There's one we see and one we don't. And it's the one you don't that's just mammoth, it's fascinating. Where do all these billions of dollars go? To these factions. All this behind the scenes fighting going on. So never a dull moment huh?

Well anyway, I'll be back on Monday. Yeah, yeah I'll be back on Monday I'm not gonna get bombarded by a solar flair or a huge earthquake or a tsunami or a volcano. The only reason I wouldn't be back on Monday is if they destroy my computer service. We're gonna be sticking around for awhile folks. Don't be...we got time to prepare, we are on a delay and so go do what you have to know? We're on a time delay right now and so.

Help Support Sherry
Still need your support, got bills to pay this month, next month, got to get those paid up. I definitely want to thank those who supported me the last several months especially because summer was so tough, I was behind on everything and those who sent support at that time, the International crowd really stood up and I love you for that and all those who have always supported this ministry I love you for that as well. But I do need continued support folks to get through this month and the next and you know without it there's no way we could have gotten the projects done we've been working on all along and the ones we have coming up.

Always Busy Doing
I'm never not doing something folks. You know I'm a doer first, a talker second. We managed to get Chicago and I'm working on a project now that's pretty sizable like Chicago and it takes $1000's of dollars to pull these off and so I just need your continued support folks especially coming up for this month just to get the bills paid off first and then I can use what's left to hammer out what needs done and it's around the world, it's Global it's not just here in America -- it's Global -- this is a Global ministry and we're everywhere and that's what makes it so enjoyable and so much fun because we're just spread out everywhere and one day soon we're all gonna get to meet each other and it's gonna be allot of fun. It's gonna be a party on The Dwarf Star. Party on the 2ND Sun. Being able to put names with faces and countries we're just gonna have a blast. Anyway, until Monday folks. Until next week. I'll see ya then, Yah Bless.