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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
October 3, 2011

September Has Been a Total Disaster for Them

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner, October 3. And a couple things I want to get into tonight. Ah, hmm...where to start first. OK. I've been in the Codes for a while now, all week, of course. And one of the things I kind of mentioned on my last show, I wanna reiterate tonight, is that September has been a total disaster for them. Total disaster. I mean, yeah, we can get mad--and I do--and upset that things are delayed, but look at the other side of the coin. Our orgone destroyed them in September. And it does every month. Yah personally cranking it up in the month of September. A lot of things that we don't see happen behind the scenes. And a particular phrase I was seeing in the Codes over, and over, and over again was the words "suppressed aerodrome terror plan." And it's talking about the Orgone Warriors and the fact that we suppressed their plans for UFO terror.

And, you know, when you look up in the skies and you see all these UFOs crashing, and the media's calling them meteors, meteorites crashing, or an object crashing in the sky, or a fireball hitting the earth causing a fire, to describe them in various ways, for every one we see, there's hundreds we don't. And totally ruined their plans. They had a plan for a mass aerial UFO invasion. Bring in all these UFOs and terrify the earth. And, of course, basically the most we're seeing is them crashing to earth. And that's not going to end. That's just the beginning of what it does to them. Their exoduses. I mean, they're trying to leave the earth, they're trying to come to the earth. Any which way they're going from Earth, they're crashing. And so, totally destroyed their plans for a UFO terror for the month of September. And that's what I'd kept seeing for the month of September.

But I pretty much knew, by the second week of September, that that timeline was gonna be off, that it was off. When you start seeing Planet X disintegrating--and at first I didn't believe it. I wasn't gonna believe it until we saw it in our own photos. And then when we finally saw it in our own photos that it looks like it has split in half, then I knew the timeline was off, the timeline was changing. It was just a deep feeling that things were changing right then, and so. And they have, and so.

We've always been able to take away their Plan A's. That's the part I've enjoyed the most over the last ten years, is being able to knock out their Plan A's and making them go to B, C, and D. But they still move forward, folks. They've still moved forward for their plans. Remember, we're fighting against the aliens, and the alien invasion, and the chemtrail program. Basically the New World Order and alien agenda is what we fight against. What is still in power is the New World Order satanic cabal led by George Bush, Skull and Bones, the whole Hitler-Europe reich. And they all belong to that. The Queen of England is from Germany, Bushes are from Germany. The third reich never went anywhere. It just kind of reinvented itself into this New World Order that they're calling the old New World Order because they wanna bring about the new New World Order now. And we're seeing that in various ways.

Satan Is Beginning to Stand Up Evangelicals, Like Dr. John Hagee, Against Me

Before I get into that I want to mention something. That somebody had sent me a letter this week and was talking about the orgone. And, folks, we have got these Lizards riled up from one end of the earth to the other. And I can usually see it in the Codes when Satan's mad, and he's standing up people to come up against me and spit fire and lies against me. Well, it's starting to hit mainstream Lizard evangelism now because Dr. [John] Hagee is now coming up against me. And I guess he was in a prayer of some kind--probably he prayed to Satan; we know he doesn't pray to the Most High--and was mentioning me and the orgone, and stating that the orgone is witchcraft. And that's Satan's biggest ploy. To get people to say (1) it's witchcraft, or (2) it's a profit scheme.

And anybody who makes the stuff themselves knows it's not much of a profit scheme there. I mean, the supplies cost a lot of money to make and especially ship around the world. And especially when for every free dime you have, you're doing it for free. So, yeah, he's giving up, Dr. Hagee--I haven't heard this audio myself, but I suspect that many more will stand up with him to fight against us, because we're the only group on the planet that's truly making a dent in their plans. I mean, really. We're crashing their UFOs, folks. Who else is doing that? Nobody. You know?

And I can't take credit for the orgone Wilhelm Reich rediscovered--the aether energy aspect of Yah's energy; His living, breathing life force energy--and figured out a way of crashing UFOs with that. And we just picked it up and ran with it, you know. Wilhelm Reich died in prison and they thought they had destroyed all of his work. There's many aspects of Wilhelm Reich's. He went into healing aspect.

And we're basically under the other aspect of just defending our own planet, and our own people, and our own families against the coming alien and UFO invasions that are here. And to get the cabals out of here. D.C. is infested. The religious denominations are infested. Hollywood's infested. Anywhere you look we have infestation of aliens posing as humans. And the people who were once humans are no longer in charge of their own bodies. The aliens have taken over them. I know to a lot of people this sounds like Star Trek or fiction, but I can assure you it's very real.

Obama Was in Mt. Shasta the Last Week of September

You know, Obama's talking about him heading to NORAD last week of the month. And I had heard he was going for a brain tune-up. We all know he doesn't really have a brain. I mean, they cut his skull in half, they take it off, they readjust the computer that operates him, whatever they do. They can do this, I'm told, in the White House, itself, and at NORAD.

So I was kind of suspicious of the whole NORAD thing because they said, "Oh, he's going to NORAD." And they were trying to get everybody stirred up about the three days of darkness and all this destruction that was coming to Earth. And I told you I never saw the three days of darkness in the Bible Codes. It was a scientist thing. The scientists were declaring it was gonna be three days of darkness when PX [Planet X] floated in front of the sun. But by then, PX had been split in half and was deteriorating. We're seeing chunks flying off and hitting the earth. So I knew something wasn't right there.

And I also knew it wasn't right that senior White House staff wasn't being flown there. Michelle Obama wasn't gonna be there. She's still hotel-skipping around D.C. Never stays in one place very long. And certainly doesn't stay in the White House because the orgone bothers her.

And so, what's suspicious to me: why is Obama going to NORAD? And sure enough, my sources came through, and I got an earful on exactly what he was doing that last week of September. And so, it's kind of amusing because they certainly weren't afraid of anything, either. Maybe they were, perhaps. I don't know. Maybe he was going to the safest place he knew of. Maybe they were afraid and that's why he went to Mt. Shasta. Obama was in Mt. Shasta.

U.S. Presidents Visit Mt. Shasta after They're Elected

And so, those of you who have been following the New Age freaks long enough, you know what I'm talking about, but I'm gonna talk about Mt. Shasta tonight and give everybody a description of what this place is. And, boy, that would be one of the most unusual places in the world to go. Mt. Shasta is one of what they consider seven sacred mountains on the planet. Their capital city is Shambhala in India. And I spent a radio show talking about Shambhala, which is the capital city for this whole seven-mountain sacred thing that's part of the Agartian network.

In the Americas--in North America, in the United States, their sister city, I guess you could say, underground city, is Telos, and it's located inside Mt. Shasta, several miles below Mt. Shasta. And Mt. Shasta is in northern California. It's in Siskiyou County in California. There's also a lake there. Lake Siskiyou. And it's located on the southern end of the Cascade Range.

And Mt. Shasta city of Telos has always included stories about angels, spirit guides, UFOs, ETs. Allegedly being an underground city for the Lemurians. And I know a lot of people say, "Oh, that's fables," "That's fiction." I can tell you it's very true. And my research shows that every single president since Roosevelt has visited Mt. Shasta when they became elected. And so, my question is why is Obama waiting this late to go to Mt. Shasta? Usually right when they get elected, all of our presidents take a trip to Telos, the city of Telos in Mt. Shasta.

And so, I still don't have an answer as to why he waited almost four years before he went, because usually they go right away. Maybe he was running to hide and that was the safest place he could think of. I don't know. I know he was in Seattle on Sunday and all that was a cover story. The whole thing was a cover story to hide his visit to Mt. Shasta.

Telos, The Underground City of Mount Shasta and the New New World Order

And so, I'm gonna talk about this city a little bit. And you can go to and look at their book [] that they have on Shambhala-Shasta. And as farfetched as this sounds, I've heard it many times before from different places and different sources, as much as I have about Shambhala. And this is all gonna make sense now because the Lemurians have always claimed to be friendly to mankind. That they just wanna help the earthlings. And it becomes more and more obvious, when you read who and what they really are, that they're the sole ones behind this New Age alien agenda that I've been warning about for the last ten years.

Telos, itself, is a large city about 1.5 million inhabitants. The city, itself, exists in a dome structure inside and below the mountain. Probably several miles beneath it. It's not like you're gonna go to Mt. Shasta and run into it. They have resorts all over the place. They have skiing and snowboarding, golf courses, hotels, hiking. It's a vacation place. And so, the outside of it looks normal.

But deep within this mountain, and miles below it, there is a dome city, 1.5 million Lemurians. And they all equal about six and a half to seven and a half feet tall. Supposedly, they live thousands of years old. They have a King named Ra and a Queen called Ramu Mu. A council of twelve, and it's composed of six men and six women govern the city. There's no money system. Everything's taken care for by bartering for luxury goods.

Their predominant spiritual activity is Ascension. And that involves visiting different dimensions, particularly moving from the third to the fifth dimension, and are learned in temple training.

Supposedly, a very technologically advanced civilization. Have a remarkable transportation system. The inner-city transportation is composed of elevators and electromagnetic sleds. The people of Telos travel between other underground cities on an electromagnetic subway that moves at 3,000 miles per hour. Telos is a member of the Confederation of Planets, and its people travel to other worlds--I'm just reading what this woman writes in her book about Telos. They possess inter-dimensional spacecraft. Their computer system is amino acid based and is linked to other underground cities and galactic civilizations. Each family and individual has its own computer.

The city is made up of five levels. The most important is the first level, which is the center of education, administration, and commerce. Its central structure is a temple that holds 50,000 people. Other facilities include government buildings, entertainment centers, a palace for the King and Queen, a spaceport, and schools. And on other levels, there are manufacturing centers, hydroponic gardens, and circular houses.

And Telos has a historical civilization. It goes back to--almost to 12,000 BC, and way beyond that. This huge land included areas of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii, Easter Island, Australia, and New Zealand. Its east coast extended from present day California to part of British Columbia. So a huge, vast amount of land. Most of it being underwater, obviously, because the Pacific Ocean covers most of it now. They were in existence back with the Atlantis, when you hear about the civilization of Atlantis, the Atlantians. They used to war against the Atlantians. And what they did, they used to have nuclear wars against the Atlantians. And so, they built this city of Telos, big enough to hide, house, 200 thousand inhabitants, but only 25,000 made it there. Part of the Agarthan Network that's made up of over 100 cities. Its capital and seat of government is Shamballa.

And they honor spiritual teachers including Sananda, Buddha, and Osiris. So this tells you what part of the New Age they're coming from because you talk about the Ascended Masters, they're all connected. This whole city of Telos in Mt. Shasta is all connected to the Ascended Masters, the Astar Command, the Galactic Federation, Shambhala. Kind of gives you a picture of this whole alien agenda that surrounds us that's coming out of the darkness now. They always wanna say they're light beings. Well, they're coming into the light because [laughs] if we're going down with the old, into the new. And this is the new we're heading into, folks. This is the age of Aquarius. This is the new New World Order. It's the alien agenda New World Order. And so, they're all a part of it.

They're Getting Ready to Launch First Contact

And I haven't read anything on Shasta in years. I remember learning about this stuff years ago, kind of filing it away in a box in my brain, just putting it away. And here it surfaces again. Because what caught my eye was Obama going to it so late in the game. And the fact that it's tied in now--because back then I never caught the connection--with Maitreya and the whole Ashtar Command. And they are the ones behind first contact.

We've all heard about disclosure and first contact, and everyone saying disclosure's imminent, and here Obama's taking off to the city of Telos. And these beings, the Lemurians, are the ones behind disclosure on Earth. So it's almost like they're matching notes now. Comparing notes, getting the script written. Because Obama--everyone always assume, thought, that when he came to office the first thing he would do would be disclose an alien presence around us, above us, however he was gonna do it. And he's always put it off. And now that the Old World Order is under fire and pretty much on the run, they're getting ready to launch this first contact, a restructuring of our global economic system. And all of this, folks, I hate to tell ya, is tied in with this whole New Age agenda. It's all tied in to them, and so.

Occupy Wall Street Is Just Being Orchestrated and Used by the New World Order

You know, I know people look at Occupy New York [Occupy Wall Street]. And, you know, people wanna protest because they're sick of the Satan freaks and the New World Order that run our country and our planet. And the bankers who control America, who run America, they wanna get rid of them. And end the Federal Reserve which is just a pocketbook for the Queen and enslaving all the people to finance her spending sprees and everything else. Her lavish lifestyle But really, folks, it's just being orchestrated. They're using it for their own purposes.

Was reading this thing...see if I can find it...just put out by...oh, where did it go? Well, it was put out by Benjamin Fulford. And he was talking about the satanic cabals getting ready to be ousted. And...can't seem to find it, but don't get--you know...that's always been a plan of theirs. It's always been a plan of theirs to arrest, publicly, the Bushes and whoever was president at the time and all the political leaders and charge them with war crimes. And expose this whole fourth reich of the New World Order, this whole Bush cabal, all the crime families involved with that, the Skull and Bones, CFR [Council on Foreign Relation], and all of these collaborators, and supposedly throw them in jail, which they would all just go suck martinis with bin Laden, wherever he is, he's not--you know. And basically end the old system to start a new one.

The Truth about Anonymous - Another Tool of the Illuminati

And, you know, Anonymous has come out. And I just sent a video out to my list about this group Anonymous. [] And, folks, you know by now, if it's too good to be true, it is. I like these guys exposing the New World Order for what it is. But you know what? A lot of their agents do that. A lot of their agents will have radio shows or YouTubes exposing the New World Order because they have a reason for doing so. But they're still working the agenda. Still part of the agenda.

If you look at Anonymous' videos, they have a symbol on them which is a "V" in a circle. And as this video exposes the "V," the sign of the "V"--and you'll see rock stars do it, you'll see politicians do it, everyone thinks it's the peace sign, the "V" sign, it's not. What it actually means in the occultic circles is "victory to Satan." And when they put their hands in a circle, people think that they're representing the eye, the all-seeing eye, but if you do the "V" and put your fingers in a circle at the same time, you're representing--the circle represents eternity. So in the occultic world, in their terms, what you're saying by holding up that hand signal is "victory to Satan for eternity." And that's what they're promoting. Nike's one of the big corporations that promotes it. So's Volkswagen.

But Anonymous isn't a group being used by them. It's part of them. What they're doing is hacking Internet websites in countries targeted by them, to help foment the false revolution going on. This whole revolution, Occupy Wall Street, and all these other revolutions, they're brought about by them. They bring them about so that they can bring order out of chaos. And it's also seeking their own control by hacking Internet websites to take control of the Internet. They wanna take control of the Internet and all communications.

They use revolutions to replace governments with authoritarian and Islamist regimes. Number one goal. And I've always said Obama is a Muslim. Always comes up as a Muslim in the Bible Codes. Even though he acts like he's a big supporter of Israel. He always comes up as working the Muslim agenda, Islam agenda.

And what they try to do is bring about chaos, economic collapse. And part of their agenda is to deceive the truth movement into thinking that the New World Order will fail, when all they wanna do, folks, is bring down the curtain of one regime, and raise another, but we're still on the same stage of a New World Order. Especially with Anonymous. You see their "We Are Legion. We don't forgive. We never forget." So that, obviously, tells you that they're not a Christian group. Legion has always been a term for demons. Many, many demons possessing one person. In Luke 8:30, when the Lord spoke to the demon in the man that was possessed, asked him what his name was, he said, we are legion, because we are many. There's many possessing this man. And that's what this group calls themselves; Legion. And, again, folks, just another arm, just another tool of the Illuminati to bring about false revolutions, get people out in the streets to revolt.

You Won't Get the Outcome You Want by Protesting - They Fund All Oppositions

And, you know, you're kind of stuck on a two-way street. Of course you want to be a part of a revolution and bring down what's going around us. Our enslavement to higher and higher taxes. You can't even afford to breathe. They even wanna tax the air you breathe. But, really, the outcome is not gonna be the outcome you want. We're not gonna go back to freedom. We're not gonna go back to the Constitution, even though the New Age agenda promises that. You just replace one regime with another. You're not gonna get the outcome you want.

If it feels good to protest, hold up a sign. There's nothing more powerful to me, I think, than a silent protest. When people just stand still with signs. That's the most powerful protest. When they get violent, they lose the integrity of the entire protest. And, of course, we know the ones making them violent are the police. They just walk up to people silently protesting and make it a violent situation by beating them and arresting them. And, you know, it's just not gonna give you the outcome that you want. You're gonna end one regime, but we've got the other one coming behind the corner.

They control everything we do. And I can see that in the Bible Codes that--and they even brag about it; how they control the oppositions. They fund both sides of wars. So no matter who wins, they're still the guys at the top. They fund all oppositions. You look at the rise of the Tea Party a couple years ago, and people started to have faith. Said, "Hey, the Republicans might have a party now, because we've been leaderless for years." The Republicans have had no party because somewhere along the line the Liberals took over the Republican Party and it became a very liberal Republican Party. And the Republicans were always the conservative party. So now the conservatives had no party. So the Tea Party rose up. And then that became a complete joke because they brought in an MKULTRA sex slave, Sarah Palin, to be the spokesperson. That threw out any kind of integrity that party was gonna have out the window and told you right there they're controlled by the Illuminati. She's one of their sex slaves. That threw any integrity of that out the window.

And now you have Occupy Wall Street going on and--you know? And then you find out they want this one, too, because they wanna end the old regime, expose it, get rid of the Fed. It serves their purposes to get rid of the Fed. It serves their purposes to get rid of the IRS. It serves their purpose to get rid of fiat money because they wanna bring in currency backed by gold and other metals. Everything about what the people are protesting now serves their purposes, because they wanna restructure global economy and restructure global politics. And so, what they have to do to do that is tear down the former government and banking, and reestablish everything. So that's what we're watching now. That's what we get to watch.

They're Now Trying to Find a Reason to Classify Orgone as Hazardous to Mail

The thing I think is gonna happen next--I'm not looking for the sky to fall in this month. If it was going to, it would've last month. To our credit, it did or didn't happen, depending on how you look at it, because we're destroying them and we dominate the space. We dominate space. I don't care what anybody says. This little ragtag band of Orgone Warriors dominates space now, because they can't handle our Warrior--their weapons, their machinery won't fly in airspace contaminated with orgone. They crash. So we now dominate space. And we need to take over the earth as well, because if we want these infestations, these alien beings out of our government, out of our militaries, out of our Hollywood, out of our churches, then we need to kick them off Earth and make them as miserable as possible. And the only way we're gonna be able to do that is by getting orgone out there, folks. And they're still working on ways to stop it. I'm still seeing it in the Codes.

I haven't heard anything about Rahm Emanuel's attempts to use the Chicago International Airport as a testing ground to crash planes and blame it on orgone. But they're still--they're trying to come up with ways to use the postal mail. Something to do with mailing it. They want to close down the ability that we have to mail orgone around the country. And so, now they're working on ways to make it a hazardous chemical, hazardous...whatever, dangerous to mail. They're working on ways now to demonize it that way. To try to shut down being able to send it through the mail.

Orgone Warriors, Job Well Done...They Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate Us

So we really--anyway you look at it, folks, they keep coming up with one way after another to shut it down. They wanna shut down my orgone. I don't think they care about anybody else's. I don't see anybody else's names coming up in the Codes. I see the "precious aether network" coming up in the Codes. And that's my network. That's the Orgone Warriors. And, that's my name on it. And [laughs] if you could see how successful we've been...just pat yourself on the back, folks, because they hate us. They hate, hate, hate, hate us.

Now they've got Dr. Hagee speaking out against us in prayers. And, I'm sure they'll all start soon enough. I'm can't believe Benny Hinn hasn't started yet 'cause we've targeted him for years. We've taken orgone and gone to his crusades and watched him be miserable for hours waiting for Satan to show up to give him power, and Satan not showing up and Benny Hinn literally not knowing what to do but have the choir sing endlessly for an hour. You know, I've heard it all about these Benny Hinn crusades. And we've actually gotten to the point, at some of his crusades, where we got orgone underneath the risers that the choir sings on and stands on. [laughs] Just making it completely miserable for Benny Hinn.

And that's what we need to do to these telelizards, folks. We need to target all their churches and get orgone out. They all speak in tongues, and when you slow down their speech, they're calling out for Satan. They call him ha-satan. So people think, you know, they're speaking a line of jumbo, and they throw in ha-satan, nobody understands what they're saying. They're calling out for Satan because--if you look at my website, I have Benny Hinn speaking. And he says in one tape, "I see the owl. I see the owl." And who's the symbol of the owl that we know of? One is Satan, two is Lilith. And so, the owl arrives to give him his power to perform fake miracles. And what happens in Revelation, chapter 13 with the Antichrist and the False Prophet? In the sight of the beast, the False Prophet performs fake miracles. The Antichrist gives the False Prophet the power for fake miracles. And so, this is almost like a mirror image of that where Satan arrives and gives these preachers the power to perform false miracles.

But, yeah, they're looking to shut it all down, folks. It's not gonna end. That part's not gonna end any time soon.

Who Is Behind the Regime Changes? The Lemurians.

Not really sure you wanna waste your time participating in these Occupy--these revolution movements because the outcomes are already orchestrated. You're getting arrested for what? You know? They're gonna end the Fed, but they're gonna do that with or without your cooperation because they need to, because their agenda calls for it. So, basically, we're just puppets now. All the people who wanna protest because they hate what's going on now, they're being used as puppets. They need arrest, they need mass protesting, so that they can end the Fed, so that they can end the current regime so they can bring in the new one. And who's behind it? Telos City. The Lemurians at Mt. Shasta.

You know, I get so sick of people asking me about good aliens and bad aliens. "Are there good aliens on Earth?" "Are the Pleiadians good?" The Lemurians always played as good, hands-off, oh, we just care about Earth, crap. You know, if they were good aliens, they would be in heaven. They wouldn't be terrestrials, they would be celestials. There's two types of beings: celestial and terrestrial. Celestial beings are in heaven with the Most High. Terrestrial beings have been kicked out of heaven. And that's what all of these fallen angels, aliens, are classified as; terrestrials. They've been kicked out of heaven.

What they're seeking to do is--and I've talked about this on other shows--is they're working towards an emergence. Because not only are the Ascended Masters supposed to come down to Earth--and we're all supposed to think they're gods. Gag! Be prepared to hear them sing spiritual hymns or something, folks. If they even pull that one off, of coming in the skies, because I'm pretty sure they're not capable of doing it now. Pretty sure we have them on the run with that.

But what they wanna do is merge the whole Ashtar Command, this whole Maitreya and Sananda thing, with underground cities. So we're gonna have them coming down out of their alien cities on starships, and planets, and the moon and Mars, and everywhere they hide. Coming down to Earth, and also coming up from the earth from all these alien cities that are located within the earth. So you're gonna have it coming both ways. They're coming from below and they're coming from above. And this is what they're working on now. This is what they've been working on for decades, but it's all coming to a hilt soon. And you could feel it. You could feel that emergence coming. You can feel this whole New Age thing coming.

Global Refinancing in the Works - Mark of the Beast Coming

And if you've been watching the money, this whole global refinancing structure, keep your eyes on that because that's what they control. You know, if you wanna be the boss, you have to control the money. And that's why the bosses that run America--it's not Congress, it's not the president, it's the bankers. Whoever controls the money's the boss. And when this New Age movement alien agenda takes over the Earth, they're controlling the money. They're instituting a new monetary global structure.

People don't understand the significance of that. They think, "OK, we're getting rid of taxes, we're getting rid of the Federal Reserve. Anything has to be better than that." You know, one thing you can always appeal to is a person's greed. And greed can be very evil, but also very good to have. I mean, you want a better life for you and your children. And that's not greed, that's more of just wanting a better life. You don't worship money, but you have to have money to survive.

But what happens if someone says, "Hey, I'm gonna make you rich. You're only gonna have to put in 20 hours a week at a job or community service, whatever you choose to do, whatever your profession is, but you're not gonna get paid for it. You have to volunteer 20 hours a week. If you're a doctor, you're gonna work as a doctor 20 hours a week. And we're gonna give you 25,000 a month, $70,000 a month. You're not gonna want for anything. You're gonna have all the money in the world you want." I mean, that doesn't sound like too bad of a deal, does it? But the problem is they're gonna want you to join this new monetary society by joining their system. And by joining their system, you have to worship the person who's leading it. And now we see the mark of the beast coming in. You know, and this is what the Bible warns about.

Satan Rules by Deception - Seek the Lord for the Truth in All Things

And remember, folks, that the Lord talks about, over and over again, Satan rules by deception. And deception is good. People don't know they're being deceived because it's good. I mean, how many people has it taken to realize that Paul wasn't one of the twelve apostles? You could read the Bible a hundred times, you could go to church for 40 years, and never figure that one out, because nobody ever reads the one verse, the names of the 12 apostles and realizes, "Hey! Paul wasn't an apostle!" In Acts, chapter 2 [more specifically, Acts 1:21,22] it says you can only be an apostle if you witnessed, and were with, Jesus before and after his death. Paul didn't even qualify.

When you get over that deception, and you realize, "Why is there 66 books in the KJV? That's an occultic number." "Why is the word of God in Shakespearean British?" And you start to question things, folks. And you ask the Lord to lead you to the truth in all things. And it always comes back to Him, because He says to seek Him. That He is the way, the truth, and the life. Seek Him, directly, and He can lead you in the truth. If people wanna keep believing what they've been believing, He's gonna allow them to and stay in errors.

You know, some people believe things because their parents believed it, and their grandparents believed it, and it's always been that way. You know, it's time to grow up. It's time to wake up. It's time to realize that for 2000 years this hasn't been an ingenious church age, this has been an abominable apostate age. An apostate age. They spent 2000 years to snuff out the 33 years of truth that Yahushua gave us when He was alive on Earth. 33 years to snuff that out and get people believing into the wrong doctrines and the wrong teachings.

The Lord Won't Tell You When You're Believing Errors Unless You Specifically Ask Him To

Seek Him, folks. Ask Him for the truth in all things because He will open up your eyes to what's going on around you. Otherwise, you just stay in your errors. He's not gonna tell you you're wrong. You could be praying to Him three times a day your entire life and He's not gonna tell you, "Wake up. You're wrong. You're believing the wrong things." He's not gonna tell you that until you go to Him and say, "If I'm wrong, correct my errors. Tell me what I'm believing in that's wrong. Teach me the things that are right. Tell me the truth. I wanna know what the truth is." And until you start asking Him that, He will not. He won't budge. And so, He allows people to stay in their errors. He told me that years ago, because I was [audio unclear] myself, you know. Sat in churches and I never could stand that pretrib rapture doctrine. I couldn't understand it. It conflicted with all these other scriptures I could read. Didn't make any sense to me.

And you start to learn truth, and you start to see a puzzle, and you start putting the pieces in the puzzle. And everybody has different pieces of the puzzle. And everybody's at different places in the puzzle. 'Cause it depends on what you need, is what the Lord reveals to you at that time. And it's kind of a process. It's a journey. Just keep going, and going, and going, and more, and more, and more is revealed to you. And you have to keep asking Him, because if you don't ask Him, He's not gonna think you want it. And so, just bug Him, you know, He's like a dad. When kids keep bugging their parents for something, then they know they really want it. And He [audio unclear] the same way, folks.

So this is where we're heading over the next several months.

They're Threatening to Nuke San Francisco and Damascus

Found an interesting warning on Benjamin Fulford's website that the cabal on its way out, headed by Bushes, and Clinton, and Cheney, and that whole Lizardfest, are threatening--last time they were being threatened, they sunk Japan, pretty much. Big portion of Japan. And now that they're being threatened again they're being pushed out of power, they're threatening to destroy Damascus and San Francisco. Just literally destroy those cities. Flatten 'em.

The interesting thing about that is Damascus, in [the book of] Hosea, is the oldest city on the Earth that has never been destroyed. And in Hosea it talks about the destruction of Damascus. And so, that's a viable threat because that city has yet to be destroyed, and it's prophesied to be destroyed.

Now San Francisco, everybody, you know--to so many people that's a--you know, what's takin' so long? Everybody expected that one. It became such a Sodom and Gomorrah out there, everyone expected the Lord to destroy it. And it's still standing.

But they will nuke San Francisco and Damascus. That's their next thing. That's what they're threatening to do.

It Remains to Be Seen If the Old Agers Will Leave Power by December or January

From what I understand, wasn't it back in July that they had a meeting with some of the alien factions fighting against them? And they agreed that within six months they would leave power. They would leave because they were looking for a place to go to run and hide. And I believe their six months is up around December or January.

If you even wanna go with that meeting, because their meetings are almost laughable. They agree to one thing, and then they do another. That's what they've always done. And I laughed about it them. And so, what? You mean, they just agreed to leave power in six months? [laughs] Oh, no. I mean, look at 9/11. That whole thing was orchestrated to keep them in power a little longer. Because the New Agers were threatening them back then to release documents, or funding, or whatever. I don't know what the whole war was about back then. It was between the New Agers and the Old Agers. That's pretty much the factions right now. The Old Age and the New Age. They're always going at it and fighting, and so.

Supposedly, the Old Age had agreed that they would be out of power, they would leave by December or in January. So, still remains to be seen, folks. That would mean that Obama has to leave office. That would mean a lot of the world leaders that have been allies of this whole Old Age thing--that would include Britain and all the countries involved with the United States and Britain and this whole Old Age thing, would be out of--all the leaders would be out of power. And then they would institute their own New Age leaders in their place.

What If Obama Decides to Give Control of the U.S. over to the Ascended Masters?

And remember, folks, I've always warned you that the Bible says the leader of last-days Babylon is the Antichrist. So people ask me, "Is Obama the Antichrist?" He could be. He's a candidate. He's the leader of Babylon, because the last-days Babylon is the United States. The modern-day Babylon. The leader of the United States is the Antichrist. Doesn't necessarily mean--and I've always warned of this--that the president, himself, wouldn't give the keys, the authority, of the United States over to somebody else; the rulership of the United States over.

What if Obama decided to give the authority and control of the United States over to a leader in the U.N., or the U.N., itself, who was led by somebody? I mean, those are viable options, and ones you have to look at because, I know it's unthinkable, but just think if these Ascended Masters came down, and Lemurians come out of Telos, and all these Giant races come out of their homes from underneath the earth. And you have all the Reptilians and everybody else coming from space. All these aliens on our planet, and Obama falls in love with Maitreya, which he already has, and decides to give one of these Ascended Masters control of America. He's not gonna ask you for your approval, so don't expect to go to a voting booth and vote on this. But just gonna do it. And they're all working together on it behind the scenes, folks.

Now I think what they wanted to do--and I'm just surmising here, this isn't a "thus saith the Lord"--bring in this UFO terror plan of theirs to make people afraid of an alien attack, and so they could surrender to the aliens, or make a very public treaty with the aliens. And they've already had treaties. I mean, this is so old news. They've had treaties going back for 60 years already with aliens races. But they would make this one public, and make the public think it's--"Oh, we're gonna make a treaty with the aliens." [laughs] Yeah, like it's something new. And make a treaty with them. What Isaiah calls a covenant of hell, covenant of death. And then give power over to these aliens. Don't expect to vote on it, folks. They're just gonna do it. They're just gonna do it. And so, watch the various options that they choose.

The September Pandemic Turned Out to Be an Orgone Pandemic Affecting Aliens Only

Could be a long winter, so be prepared. Make sure you have heat source backups, lighting backups, food and water and medicine.

I told you I kept seeing a pandemic for the month of September. Talked about it earlier in the year. And this pandemic I was seeing was the UFOs crashing. The fact that so many aliens were dying and their vehicles crashing. That was the pandemic going in their circles. Wasn't something we got to see, but definitely something huge behind the scenes. Because so many of them are being afflicted and dying from being exposed, coming into contact with orgone, so.

And interesting that coughing is one of their--starting to see that in the Bible Codes. It was talking about contamination of one of their bases from the orgone, and coughing was one of the affects of that. Trying to see if that Code's right in front of me. I look on so many then I jump to the next. Uh, here it is. "Vile - director - examination - Obama - coughing." "Contamination - patriarchs - abode - poison - network." The poison network is us. They call orgone poison. And his abode is contaminated, which is the White House.

You know, when I say coughing, I always think, well, they're always choking me, so I wasn't taking it seriously. Until I saw "poison - network" and some of these other terms. Because [laughs] they cough because of the bad effects of orgone on them. They get runny noses. They get red, burning eyes. They get very short-tempered and angry. Makes them miserable.

Orgone's Getting Out, But Too Slowly - Delays the New Age, Delays Warriors' Return Home

And so, we're doing our job, folks. We just need to keep doing it. When I see the term "slow" in the Codes, I still wanna bang my head against the table. Because the Lord is not going to end the Old Age and begin the New Age on their timetable, He's going to do it on His. And what He's waiting for is us! Because by the time it starts, we're completed, we're done. But we need to get completed and done so it will begin, and so. Not that I want the Old Age to end and the New Age--I mean, I can't control anything these Satan freaks and factions are doing. But I wanna go home. I know a lot of you do, too. And the only way we're gonna get home is if we get our job done here on Earth. [laughs] So let's get our jobs done here on Earth. I can't control what men are doing, the Satan factions are doing. So we need to get busy. Everybody needs to get busy getting orgone out in your areas, towns, communities, cities, countries. We need to get it out there.

Get Your Financial Support Out Right Away - Ministry Bills to Pay and Orgone to Distribute

And I still need your support, folks. Especially for this month of October. Need to get bills paid. I'm always behind on bills because if I have a dollar to my name, I've gotta get orgone sent out somewhere. Always working on a project. Always working on something. I can promise you I'm not living high on the hog here. My car is still 20-years-old. In a couple months it will be 21-years-old. [laughs] You know, I can see all this crap Satan always wants to attack me with. I wonder what Dr. Hagee will come up with next, or whoever else he uses, but that's usually what they use. And who are they to talk? They have vacation homes, and mansions, and airports with 20 planes, and--good Lord. And we're just barely surviving just so we can get our work done so we can get back home. We wanna get home, folks.

Anyway, address is on the website to send support in. I need support, folks. Be back on Thursday with Aliens in the News. Be talking some more of the things coming up. Until then--if you do have money, get it out of American banks. Go to Arabia banks. Panama. Protect whatever you have in countries that are not under the Old Age control.

Anyway, until Thursday, folks. Yah bless.


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