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Aliens In The News
October 6, 2011

We're in a transition
And hello everybody it's Thursday with Sherry Shriner and it's October 6th. And just slowly creeping along October. And you know I've been looking at Codes for the next couple of months and I told you that on Monday night and right now we're just kinda in a transition. Look at this alien agenda, this new age, new world order alien agenda. The only way you can describe it is the Old New World Order and New Old World Order because the Old is on the way out and the New is on the way in.

We're in the last days
We are going from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. And allot of things that you're seeing right now you may think, "Oh maybe there's hope" Remember folks. We're in the last days. Until the Lord arrives there is no hope. Everything you see is a facade and although it sounds great to go out and protest against the bankers and elitists and just go out and protest and show how angry and upset you are about things -- get it off your chest maybe -- hold up a sign.

The fallen angels have been practicing on mankind for centuries
It really just plays into their hands. They've anticipated any reaction humans are gonna have with everything they do. And so they're prepared with solutions and these are beings that have been around for thousands of years. So they know how mankind thinks. They've had plenty of practice. On other civilizations in other time eras. They've had plenty of practice. They know how to deal with mankind in the year 2011. We're not doing anything that is taking them by surprise. And so everything going on. The occupy protests rising up all across the country. The anonymous group. Everything is theirs. They own it. It's theirs. These are their routes. They use chaos to bring in order. Problem solution out of chaos and that's what they do and so. End the Fed sounds great but guess what they're gonna throw in your face? You know End the Fed sounds great but guess what they'll throw in your face. They're going to throw in their whole NESARA program.

NESARA is the beast program
And if you haven't visited my web site, you should spend a little while reading up on that {} it's exactly what they're going to institute. When you get rid of one you're not getting back something that you liked. They're gonna bring something in to replace it. And it's gonna all be controlled by them. You know we don't get anywhere without their approval. They guide everything. They guide mankind into wars, into destruction's, into elections. Everything is through their choice. Their hands. And the mastery of it all is to make mankind think that they are doing it themselves.

Chess board comes up in Codes
That your vote actually counts. That your opinion actually counts. That the winner's of wars and I can't actually think of any winners. It's the one who writes the history book is the winner. Nobody wins in war. Everything about the earth itself is controlled and it's guided. And it's a chess board, you know? I use to see that term in the Codes all the time -- Chessboard -- and that's what it is and other than that -- script -- I see that allot too or -- prescript -- this has to happen first. This is a prescript to that. This is a script. We have players on the stage and these particular players can be replaced at any time. You just have main characters and the players change. And you'll just always have these characters. Because they're playing out a script.

Bible Prophecy has stood over time
And if you want to know what the script is you can just read the Book of Revelations, The Book of Daniel, some of the older prophets, The Old Testament. Bible prophecy has stood over time and it's going to play out regardless of what their plans of changing prophesy to fulfill their own agenda. You know either way the Bible's gonna win, so.

The utter madness that is coming
You know when I look ahead and you see the 'global restructuring' is what they call it. It's to America and the Euro it's going be the crash because when they restructure the global debt and this is part of 'End the Fed' thing, certain countries are gonna crash while others rise and the whole point of that being is to bring up everybody to the same playing field. In other words you're bringing the rich nations down and rising up the 3rd world nations.
So everybody gets on a middle playing field and so that's going to be very hard to digest to see all of these nations American and European losing their wealth and 3rd world countries gaining wealth at the same time. So this is the madness that's coming. And why do they want it this way?
Because you have to remember satan mimics everything the Lord does and so as the Lord has prophesied a millennial reign -- a thousand years of peace on earth -- David reigning in Jerusalem, their gonna mimic the same thing but what they call it is 'ascension'.

Sherry has spoken about the ascension since '05
Our millennial reign on earth is their ascension in new age circles. And I've spoken about this since 2005. About the lies of ascension and their whole 5Th Dimension. And this whole new age agenda. And just as if I hadn't skipped a year -- the same things I said in 2005 stand true for today.
Because it hasn't changed. Their agenda hasn't changed. The Lord stood me up 10 years ago to start exposing their agenda and I haven't stopped.
I have eighteen (18) web sites. Two (2) radio shows a week whether I'm tired, sick, worn out, exhausted. I had to do this radio show and I don't have any help. I don't have a producers handing me info, "Oh here's your show for today." (Sherry's laughing) I just ask the Lord what He wants me to talk about. It's His show. It's His time.
And over the years He's lead me into things and He's led people to me and He's led me towards things so I can get information and it's been a journey, it's been a process.

Listeria hitting cantaloupes
One of the things I wanted to mention. I see this mentioned, scribbled on a piece of paper in front of me. I wanted to mention been reading about this Listeria plague and how it's been hitting cantaloupes.
Folks we're just coming off a week, of last week. I forget which day it was 25Th or 26Th which was the Equinox, the Autumn Equinox and this is a high satanic ritual day and not only do you need death for rituals, you also need sacrifice's.
And it's also a time not just where groups and covens get together for sacrifice's but people in the occult have obligations to fulfill and what I'm learning is that usually when you see these food plagues. You get salmonella poisoning and this cantaloupe poisoning because I particularly know this cantaloupe thing was a sacrifice.
And so it's usually the occultists who are behind it. Because they need death. They need sacrifices. And so what they'll do is plan these kinds of infestations and plagues in our food to make people sick and die. It's part of their personal obligations, if you're in the occult.

Fulfilling obligations
So it makes you think back and look at all the other plagues and food poisonings we've had the salmonella outbreaks and all these other mysterious outbreaks that have come out. You know was it around a ritual time? Or somebody in the occult is fulfilling their obligations.
You know?

It never stops, it never ends. I don't know how they get any peace. You know? How do they get any -- because what I've heard these people in the occult -- and I've talked about this before how they 'invite' the spirit in them and of course their spirit is demons. And they all do this. It's all part of the initiation to get into these occult groups. And they call them 'friendly spirits' they are actually demons.

From what I've been told these people who get them are just tormented. All the time. Just tormented day and night by these demons that they have and you know stupid me, I thought it was guilt that was driving them to drink and do drugs.
I thought maybe they still had a conscious. But what I've been told these people drink and do drugs to shut the voices up. Because the demons never shut up they torment them all the time. And the only way you can numb them out is through drugs and alcohol.

Celebs with addictions
I don't know if it works but they attempt it and that's why so many head into drugs and alcohol to shut the voices up and I guess another way to shut them up is to praise them. You have to constantly praise them and tell them how much you love and worship them. I guess that shuts them up and so in America all day long just having to silently praise and worship the demons that you're possessed with so they'll shut up and leave you alone.

Contracts with satan can be broken
I mean they're tormented folks. There's no peace in any part of satan's kingdom. It may seem grandiose to some of you. Some of you may think you're missing something -- all these elitists have all the money. How much happiness do they have? I mean they constantly have to go to rituals. Every month there's rituals -- there's meetings. They have Saturday church services. I mean it's a constant thing and you're required and obligated to be part of this and if you leave, it's death. Not when or if but when they finally get you like Michael Jackson.

They will kill you if you leave the occult once you've been initiated and join it. So I don't know why I'm on that rabbit trail but there's always a way out folks. Because you've signed a contract with satan. You've signed the dotted line with blood or whatever. Maybe he had a ball point pen. It doesn't mean the Lord can't break it. The Lord can break all contracts you've signed with the devil himself.

Forgiveness is available
And just remember that when you're ready to commit to the Lord and leave the occult, leave the Illuminati. That the Most High through Yahushua will forgive you for your sins. Will forgive you of all those contracts that you signed. Just renounce and rebuke satan. Renounce signing that contract. Renounce your involvement with satanism and the Illuminati. Renounce it and ask for the Lords forgiveness and that's how easy it is. That's how easy it is and then commit to the Lord and start following Him.

Era coming to an end
Because this whole occultic group era is coming to an end. And we're seeing the ascension game coming to the fore-front and I know it seems it is getting better for everybody. There's revolutions everywhere and we're gonna make life better for people. We're gonna End the Fed and stop everyone having to pay taxes and turn our currencies back to metals and blah blah blah blah blah blah. It's all part of the plan folks. You're just playing along into their plans. Literally. Everything we do we just play along.

Don't be surprised who gets taken down
So more and more I'm gonna be talking about this ascension game. I've been talking about it for years anyway, but probably spend allot of time this month because really it's what's next. It's coming, it's here already...People just haven't realized, when they start seeing official ends to the old regimes and the old crime families that have dominated this earth -- the Clinton's -- the Bushes -- the whole Illuminati Cabal -- the Queen -- the Pope -- none of them will be needed when the ascension gang comes and so don't be surprised to see allot of big names just taken down. They talk about arrests. How they're going to arrest these people and expose their crimes to the world. But they're not going to do anything to them. It's not like they're gonna serve any jail time. In a world of the 5Th Dimension there's no punishment. So don't expect them to be punished because...

Everything in the 5Th Dimension with the ascension gang there's no accountability there's no justice. So don't expect justice and this is what you are going to get in exchange for an easier type of life with -- easier type of life (Sherry's cracking up) that's almost an oxymoron when you think about it because they claim that when the earth shifts into this new dimension -- this 5Th Dimension that we're gonna have it so much easier.

Well how is that so? The Dollar crashes, the Euro crashes. The 3rd world has all of our money now, they're living high on the hog. What happens to everybody else? And if you look at the other aspect the other side of the coin it looks like we're just destroyed based on our destruction.

USA inundated with foreign troops
If you look around America you got a Chinese army city south of San Antonio. You have Chinese tent cities across the border in Mexico across from Arizona. The towns that border California and all throughout our border of Mexico is inhabited with Chinese and Russian Officials. You have Chinese equipment being brought in by COSTCO containers on trains. You have them coming in from the Canadian border. You have Russian, German and Chinese equipment being brought in over the Canadian border. And so we have all this foreign military equipment coming in over the border since 1996 I think it is. I mean people think this is just a recent thing...people talk about seeing trains with Russian and German and Chinese troops. This has been going on since the 1990's.

This isn't new. So imagine how much machinery they must have here by now. And what's it gonna take to set off all of this foreign equipment that's on our soil? Well think about it. What happened in the practice run in what we'll call Libya? The people revolt and American and NATO forces step in to be saviors to the people. And so what exactly has been going on? Well, the government was toppled and children are being set in cages and sent to the Elite to be abused. Yeah. That pretty much sums it all up. They enter a country, topple a government in the guise of helping a people. The media black-balls everything about it. And the children are taken off to be used and abused by the pedophiles.

So what do you think is gonna happen in America when you got revolutions going on in every city which they call 'occupied' and the world sees all of these little mini-revolutions going on all throughout know to me I see them doing this globally it almost screams for a NATO presence in America next. Where NATO is gonna bombard America and say, "We're coming to save the people." Doesn't that make sense? Put 2 and 2 together. Did the same thing in Egypt. Did the same thing in Libya. Yugoslavia. Oh we're coming to help, we're coming to help.

Hidden Hand
In the guise of coming to help they destroy. They destroy. And the writings been on the wall forever. That America would be destroyed by Russian and Chinese and German forces. We would be under their dominance when martial law would break out. So yeah, you think that all this stuff is just grass roots now? Are the occupied protests that grass roots? Is it really a bunch of angry Americans or are you starting to see a hidden hand behind it all steering it now? Creating all this unrest and the groups to riot. To be played into their own hands folks.

"Oh look, NATO is coming to help the police are beating us up at our protests." NATO's coming to help. Yep it's going to get allot worse before it gets better folks. I know allot of people expecting allot of destruction right now from the atmosphere, from the sun and planets coming in and I'll tell you now I've been saying it, the time lines have changed and you know when you see this ascension game really start to pick up momentum and I mean not just working behind the scenes like we're use to seeing now, but when you see them arrive.

It's the wicked who are removed from the earth
You'll see people -- representatives, they'll claim they're from the Galactic Federation, it's the Ashtar Command Light Beings, light workers. Mimic's of the Holy Spirit. When you actually see these beings arrive to earth and manifest. Actually manifest -- make themselves known. Then you can start worrying about comets hitting the earth -- volcanoes going off -- mass destruction quickly and seemingly all at once.
Because don't forget that The Day of The Lord is the removal of the wicked off the earth, not the righteous. And the wicked will be punished and removed off the earth. And that's why the numbers are so high. I think if you look at the numbers after the Bowl and the Trumpet Judgments -- I think we're at one third of the population alive at the 2nd Coming of Yahushua. Second Coming of Christ. That's allot of death and destruction.

Gloves come off at that point
Perhaps they're trying to mimic that, you know? Perhaps they look at the number and you've heard of Agenda 21 or you can Google it and it's their depopulation program where they want to kill 6.5 Billion people off the planet so the Elitists can enjoy it for themselves 500 million and Elitists what a joke. If they think they're gonna be left here they're so deceived. Because when these ascended gangs come here, this ascension of aliens from below the earth and above the earth when they have control of the earth itself, the governments have given them the power of the kingdom. The glory and the power of their kingdom -- they have no threat of being destroyed by the nations of the earth -- they're being accepted by them. That's when the gloves come off.

satan can't do anything unless you allow him to
That's when the gloves come off because satan can't do anything unless you allow him to. And part of the Universal Rules. There has to be balance and part of the reason they have partitions out -- "Bring Aliens to Earth" and stuff like that. They have to be invited here. So once they're invited here and they're accepted here and everybody wants their change -- "Ohhhh a New Change." Changing from the old system to the new one. They're just gonna kill everybody. And if the Elitist think they're gonna be left alive they're crazy. They're not gonna keep them around. They don't care about them. They were their foot stool to earth. They were their means of achieving their agenda.

Michael Jackson got that one right
They're not gonna keep humans around. They hate humans. They totally hate humans because we were made in God's Image. That's been satans whole beef for 2000 years now. Because mankind was made in God's Image. He's jealous he hates it and he wants to destroy it. And that's what all these aliens are coming to do. Destroy mankind. They want you to change your carbon DNA into crystalline DNA so that you're more possess-able so they can possess you. They can possess your body. They don't care about your self empowerment. Your self help. They don't care about you. Even Michael Jackson connected on that one. "They don't care about us." His earth song, well he got that one right. Didn't he? They don't.

Hence Project Destiny
They're using the Illuminati families for the means to the end. And once they get here they'll just eliminate all these Illuminati families and you know what? I think they know it and I think that's why they are so desperate to get off the earth. To flee to run. I mean there's no place on earth they can't be found and they know that and that's why they want to get off the earth. That's why you have Project Destiny and all these other projects they have, hidden projects building bases and cities on other planets and other moons trying to find an inhabitable place to run to. But you know what's gonna happen? The ships aren't gonna leave.

Factions or Patriots nuking it out
They're gonna get crashed. They're not gonna be able to leave. And when they run to their underground cities look what's happening. They're becoming their tombs just as Yah said they would. He told me that back in 2005. Their underground bases and bunkers would become their tombs. And now you've got 60,000 dead just in a behind the scenes nuke war between the factions in the last two months so. And they don't even mention the underground wars that have been taking place over in Los Alamos
all the way to the California border.

So you've got from Washington. Or let's say from Virginia, I think that's where the city itself was located in Virginia. So you got from Virginia all the way to Colorado -- this was 2 months ago the nuke bombings that caused earthquakes on the east coast. And then you got New Mexico which is just beneath Colorado, Los Alamos all the way to the California border. That's a huge east to west section of tunnels and underground bases wiped out by nuclear radiation. That's huge.

Alien races hate one another
I'll tell you what. There is an army behind the scenes that is just ripping them up. I don't know if they are patriotic Americans or just another faction fighting against them. Alien wars are a dime a dozen they all hate each other. They try to act like they're all unified and peaceful and all united under the Galactic Federation of planets. Just like the United Nations but just like the United Nations on earth it's a joke. It doesn't mean anything. All the nations still fight. The alien nations still fight. Everybody's always fighting and to think you can change a 3rd dimensional world such as earth is in -- into some Disneyland 5th Dimension it's not gonna work. But you know they don't need it to work.

Most will damn their own souls
Because as long as they can get people to believe it will they can deceive them to the point where they'll own their souls. Because most people will damn their own souls by then. They'll damn their own souls. And that's the whole point. To destroy mankind. One way or the other. Destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy. Lie, kill, steal and destroy. So they don't need it to actually come off they just need people to believe it will. And they've got them, they just -- satan kills through deception, he destroys through deception.

People with their heads in the sand
So many people are gonna be falling for this stuff so. If you think you've been a lone wolf in the wilderness trying to wake people up about the new world order wait till you try to wake them up to the ascension gang that's coming (Sherry's laughing) this one's even crazier. I mean for me the new world order was easy. But other people hated it. You know they blast you as being a conspiracy theorist. Try this one. Try warning em about the alien agenda coming. The New Age Alien Agenda. And they're really gonna love you then.

So yeah, not too much time left folks. So keep the fight up because as exhausted as we are and I probably sound exhausted now because I'm very exhausted. There is just not a whole lot of time left so just keep it going. Anyway, If you have a question for the show, let me see where my number is. You can call in at (877)245-5648.

I've been seeing in the Codes about the lizards getting all riled up and standing up even more lizards to attack and hate us and it's starting to get vicious. They come out with everything, prayers, prophecies, You Tube videos (Sherry is cracking up) They just come up with anything and actually I was gonna start griping about it yesterday and I just held my tongue. I just didn't say anything to the Lord about it because you know look what they've done to Him all these 1000's of years. They hated Him too and we're His servants so we're gonna be blasted. They're gonna hate us. Rise up against us.

Yah raising up the orgone movement
And it's gonna get worse. I'm seeing it. It's gonna get allot worse. Every time I see in the Bible Codes that the Lord is raising up the orgone movement, the Orgone Faction, I just cringe now because I know exactly what that means. There's different terms in The Bible Codes for when He amplifies the orgone itself and when He raises up the Orgone Network. Because when He raises up the Orgone Network it usually means we're getting allot of haters out there. He raises up the hate crowd against us. So brace yourself folks. It's not gonna get any easier. Perhaps if they would come out of hiding.

You know what? How many meteors do you have to see hit the earth, fireballs hit the earth before you might start to believe, "Hey, there might be something to this orgone after all." And I'm not talking about the orgone they sell on eBay. Stay away from that stuff folks. Stay away from eBay's orgone. It's garbage, it's junk. And pretty much all the stuff on the Internet is garbage. Make your own. I have directions on my web site Make your own orgone. Because there's also very many types of orgone you can make.

You can make orgone for healing. For Spiritual Meditation, amethyst is a spiritual stone. So allot of people like wearing amethyst because it helps to keep their thoughts focused on the Lord. But if you want to kill aliens and bust chem trails then you make our orgone. Because our orgone does that specifically.

In It To Win It
Kills Aliens, Frys Demons they hate it. Ends Night Terrors. Dissipates chem trails they won't stick in your area. And so our orgone does specific things. And if you want it to do specific things then you have to make it in a specific way. And so this is our war against them. We're gonna win it. However slow we are. The times coming when we will be finished with it.
When the Lord has decided we have enough out there, then He will let us know. Until then we have to keep getting the area's that He leads your heart to get. You know?

Yah's nudging you
You feel that little nudge go get this area, go get that area. Go get this mountain, go get this dessert, go get this lake. Do it! No matter how crazy it sounds just do it. Or we're never going to get off of this planet. We're never gonna go home. We are gonna be stuck here. I'm as exhausted as you can get being stuck here. It's been a nice 45 years, see ya, I've just about had it. But this is our calling because...

One of the terms for our orgone is apocalyptic. Biblical, Scriptural, Prophetic. Apocalyptic. Because when you read of things in prophecy. When you read of the locust that are arriving and the locust are giants. They're small giants. They are large giants. They're giants. The locust race the giants and they torture mankind for 5 months and then what happens to them? It doesn't say does it? Hhmmphhh

Destroyed after 5 months
And you know what? It's because they are destroyed after 5 months. They're allowed to torment the earth for 5 months and then they just kinda disappear in the Bible. Doesn't talk about them any more. Hmmm, so what happens to the giants? And this is why orgone kicks in as apocalyptical. Because it's the orgone that kills them. It takes 5 months but the orgone will kill these 100's of 1000's of giants that are coming.

Orgone it's apocalyptical
And so has very many apocalyptical aspects to it and reasons. Just as orgone does 101 different things. You're going to see it fulfill 100 different prophesies. I mean it's, it's the all in one. Because it's His. It's His breath. It's His life energy. So, He can use it any way He wants to. That's why sometimes it doesn't make sense why we do the things we do. But it makes perfect sense and meaning to Him. And just as they tried to knock the balance of the earth off with their chem trails we've put it back in with the life energy. With the orgone. It's a life healing energy.

It heals the damage they are doing to the earth. Remember. There has to be balance in all things. And the balance was getting way tipped over. Until we started this orgone -- it's tipping the balance back in our favor. So allot of things happening that people just don't grasp because it's in the background it's not being reported on.

They think if they don't see it on a News station they don't think it's happening. And hopefully people are smart enough to know the News Media is not reporting the real news. The News Media is giving you distraction news. It's all just distraction news. If you want real news you gotta hit the alternative news sites, listen to this radio show.

I don't know anybody else who gets farther into the background things as I do. I tell you whats going on behind the scenes as crazy as it sounds. It's just something the Lords led me do now for six, seven years, so.

Anyway I'm going to take a couple calls see what's going on with people. If you have a question for this show you can call in at (877)245-5648.

Sherry: Hello caller you're on the air.

Caller: Good morning Sherry.

Sherry: Hello

Caller: I have a question, do you have...oh, first of all I just wanted to say I saw the Apple founder had died.

Sherry: Yeah I was reading that.

Caller: Steve Jobs died yesterday.

Sherry: Yeah not much for longevity for being evil.

Caller: Yeah they can't keep themselves alive you know with all their monies huh?

Sherry: (Sherry's laughing)

Caller: And also see do you remember saying the Vatican was calling everyone to be there like around the 17th of October. Is something Nibiru (aka Comet Elenin aka Planet X) coming in?

Sherry: Yep..., I don't know if they're still gonna do it. I don't see anything coming in. So whether they believe there is and they all keep to their plans is -- so be it. I don't see it.

Caller: (inaudible) don't see it either?...

Sherry: ...nope the time line was changed. That has changed.

Caller: OK. What about what is the black triangle? I had a friend see one along the highway over a corn field.

Sherry: Those are military craft. The black ones.

Caller: But why would they just be above a corn field -- in the middle of Iowa my friend is driving by at 8:30 at night. Hardly no traffic on the road and it wasn't blinking it was just sitting there

Sherry: Ahhh it's military craft for whatever reason. The black triangles are military craft you can see em on line.

Caller: Huh so they just sit there and observe people?

Sherry: Maybe they're training a new pilot how to sit still. (laughing)

Caller: Yeah so the round silver craft are alien and the black triangles are government.

Sherry: Yeah. Yep.

Caller: Also here in Iowa we've had allot of chem trails and allot of UFOs lately and we've also had DriveBy Flu shots outside at the Fair Grounds so people would just drive up in their vehicles and they give them flu shots isn't that just...

Sherry: Oh how convenient.

Caller: all over the TV just see people drive up outside in their vehicle and pull up their sleeve and inside their vehicle you don't even have to get out...Oh good Lord!

Sherry: Get your death jab. They're making it easy aren't they? They'll come to you!

Caller: That's what they say. It's really easy. No worries you can drink your pop or whatever, eat your lunch while we give it to you no problems...

Sherry: Oh chippings a dominant part of their program so anyway they can get chips in people vaccines they're doing it.

Caller: Oh. Yeah I was just wondering if we were suppose to be worried about anything coming in here...

Sherry: I'm not. I'm just totally relaxed. I can't really say a whole lot. The Lord's just told me to be quiet. And then I get a fortune cookie it says the same thing. I start laughing.

Caller: Just watching the earth changes just seeing what's going on with the volcanoes.

Sherry: You know that's the Lord's judgment on them.

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: So when they arrive all that stuffs gonna hit. And not till they arrive.

Caller: I was actually surprised they got by without anything big happening September 11th. No big...

Sherry: Yeah well after seeing the destruction we caused them in September I just laughed. I mean they planned on bringing in all these UFOs and having a huge presence here on earth. And shocking everyone into a UFO, another existence/reality and it didn't happen because they kept crashing so.

Caller: Do you know if you have a piece of coral in your house or amethyst rocks does any good or not?

Sherry: The what?

Caller: Does it keep evil away? I have allot of amethyst rocks I collect them and coral pieces. Does that help or no?

Sherry: I love amethyst. Amethyst is a spiritual stone. I just love it.

Caller: Oh I know. I went on vacation and I got some rocks and I got a bracelet. But yeah I just like amethyst and so I was just wondering if that's suppose to keep evil away or coral pieces?

Sherry: No, amethyst is a spiritual stone. It's the top floor in heaven. It's the highest floor in heaven. It's a spiritual stone. It's suppose to help your thoughts. To stay focused on the Lord.

Caller: I just love amethyst I've just always been drawn to that deep purple.

Sherry: Yep

Caller: And I always keep asking you about 1, 11. 11:11 because my signals have picked up so strongly it's just crazy...I just look...

Sherry: It's a portal. I don't focus on it.

Caller: the clock and it just catches me and really odd things...two two two, three, three, three four, four, four and...

Sherry: Ignore it...don't even focus on it. I just look away when I see eleven, eleven on a clock or something...those are portal openings. I don't focus on it. The weird stuff I just look away.

Caller: I try not to but it's really coming strong at me and...

Sherry: Yeah...well ignore it...

Caller: I go into the doctors or the pharmacist to get a prescription and all of the sudden there's one one one in big giant letters above the door.

Sherry: (Sherry's laughing)

Caller: Yeah it's crazy it's nuts and it's really getting strong lately.

Sherry: Yeah I try not to pay attention to it. Look away. Ignore it. Because it all has new age significance to their new age agenda crap so.

Caller: Why are the beams so strong to me? Right now.

Sherry: I don't know maybe they're trying to open your DNA, turn on codons in your DNA. You know this is just the way they work so.

Caller: I know so I'll just have to ignore them.

Sherry: They're trying to flip on turn on all the codons the Lord turned off in man.

Caller: I know people say all the time this has been happening to allot of people for years and years this has been happening.

Sherry: That doesn't mean it's a good thing.

Caller: Oh I know

Sherry: OK Well thanks for calling in.

Caller: OK thank you we'll see you, bye, bye

Sherry: Bye Yah bless.

Ignore those portals
Yeah folks just because you see something all the time and it doesn't make sense doesn't mean it's good. I just look away at times on clocks when it's 11, 11. I know this year, November 11th is suppose to be some huge portal opening date for the ascension gang and just like last year there is something about the first 15 days of November. It has allot of occultic significance to them. Last year the first weeks of November they were in India waltzing Obama around on a cross in some kinda ritual and this year they're expecting some kind of the last portal opening or something and the ascension gang coming in from the Ashtar Command and you know it's always something with them folks.

I'm keeping an eye on that, in the Codes and of course their return is always dominant and so trying to peg a specific date -- it's not gonna get me anywhere, because it's always dominant. They're always trying to arrive and they are always being defeated at it. And so eventually they will arrive. And I just wouldn't be worrying about all these earth prophesied destruction's from our scientists until they arrive. Because that's the Lord's wrath on the earth when they're here. The bowl and the trumpet judgments. That's His wrath. And His wrath will come when satan makes his presence on earth known and so. Till then we're gonna see allot of set-up stuff like we're seeing now.

The false revolutions going on in every city and moving to other countries around the world. Global restructuring of debts. Countries going into default because they are unable to pay their bills. Inflation, famine, all these things are man-made. And they're going to be happening and that's what we're gonna be dealing with and so. You know. I'm not looking for a comet to be falling on my head right now or the next couple of months. We're just on different time lines right now.

Time Line Switched
We were on a good one coming into September and then it was switched and so. I have been kinda depressed since then I don't know if people have noticed. It's been kind of depressing -- things get delayed and so. You know sometimes when things get delayed it's good news for them and bad news for us. Because we're missing some things. Look at it this way. As they're expecting good things to happen and bad things for us. We also expect good things for us and bad things for them.

And so when the time line changes it ultimately affects both sides. We didn't get what we wanted and they didn't get what they wanted. Nobody got what they wanted when the time lines changed. So probably doesn't make allot of sense to allot of people but I just felt like saying that anyway.

I'll be back on Monday night and I will be getting into more about the ascension game. This whole agenda that's rising up now and talk about some people that might shock you. They're involved very deeply with this ascension gang. People you've probably been listening to on the Internet for several years and be surprised who's really on your side and who's just playing that they are. Think they're patriots? Think again. Think they're Christians? Think again. So I'll be talking about that on Monday.

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Anyway until Monday night everybody. Yah bless.


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