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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
October 10, 2011

The White House Is in a Panic

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner, October 10. Couple things I wanna talk about tonight. Told ya last time on the show that October seems to be pretty quiet, and so far that's been the case. Not saying anything's [audio skips] go on with the other factions fighting, but as far as the Bible Codes are concerned October's pretty quiet. So it's almost amusing that--I was talking to a friend close to sources in Washington, and what I'm hearing from them is that the White House is in a panic. And they're all in a panic. And they're all having these meetings. And they have 'em on weekends so there's no media presence, and they pretty much go undetected. So they have a lot of meetings on Saturday nights and stuff like that.

Magnetic Orgone Has Been Closing Portals - UFOs Are Crashing into the Closed Portals

And one of the things that's going on, that I've been telling you all month, or last month is that UFOs are crashing in epic proportions. And I've been saying it. I've been seeing it in the Codes. And now getting some verification from people close to Washington that it's a huge concern, all the UFOs crashing. And one of the things happening is these UFOs are hitting portals that have been closed. And I've told you about magnetic orgone and how magnetic orgone can close portals. And so, as more and more people step up from just regular orgone, but also magnetic orgone--if you wanna target closing portals, then use orgone with magnets in it. If you make your own orgone, you can buy neodyme magnets. I have the link on my page from making your own orgone. And I also sell the magnetic orgone. But this stuff closes the portals down. It's causing much more crashes with the UFOs trying to get in and out of portals because they're closed. So, very interesting to get confirmation on that. You know, I just go with what the Lord shows me in the Codes, folks. And always one step ahead of them.

Confirmation on a Zombie Outbreak in San Diego

And what's interesting is I also got confirmation on--about a month or two ago I put out a warning about a zombie outbreak in San Diego. And this was also confirmed. It was a town south of San Diego. And the whole electricity problem down there that was supposed to be kind of a set up of some sort between Mexico and San Diego, and also had something to do with a town in between San Diego and Mexico, and so, confirmation on that--that one never even happened. As soon as I'd post the warnings on my Facebook site and my Yahoo! list that one was called off.

But I was 100% correct (I'm always correct) in that Joplin, Missouri was a zombie outbreak. And, you know, that happened, what? Back in March. And as info begins to trickle out from high sources now I've been seeing a lot of confirmations on that. Something went wrong with that. Didn't go as they planned. So they had to tornado the place down. But I've always said from the beginning of that thing that something wasn't right there, and then learning that it was a zombie outbreak there, and so.

More confirmations, folks. Just always a step ahead of them. The Lord always has me a step ahead.

Washington in a Panic over the Red Dust in the Tail of Planet X

Some more information coming out about other things they're in a panic about. And if you look at the PX [Planet X] timetable, and remember I told you last month that the timeline had changed. That PX was breaking up and I didn't see any significance of a threat from Nibiru that they were expecting for September. And October seems to be the same way. Well, you know, PX is splitting in half. You can see it in the pictures that we take that it's split in half. It's just like Shema. Pretty soon it's just gonna become a yellow ball, a orange ball in the night sky. So that's not really a threat anymore.

But what has Washington in a panic is the red tail. The red tail dust. And consider the fact that the whole "V" series [TV show] in the 1980s--the red dust was significant. The red dust that was on Earth, that affected Earth. And they're not planning, I guess you could say, to save people, they're trying to figure out more ways to fleece the people to make money off of destruction, and misery, and death. And that's the kind of leadership we have, folks. And not just in America, but all of them. This whole New World Order crowd is nothing but evil scumbags. They don't want to help the people of Earth, they want to kill you. And they wanna make money off of you while they're doing it.

And so, it should come as no surprise that in the midst of fears of this red tail dust hitting the earth, what they believe is that this Nibiru is Wormwood (if you're looking for biblical analogies), and that when the red tail dust hits, that all the water, fresh water, will be poisoned. That there's a bacteria and viruses in the red tail. And I've talked about that before because of that Russian scientist bringing it up. And so far, nothing he has said has come to be true. But let's not count the whole thing out he says. He warned of a zombie virus in the red tail dust. And I can't discount that right now.

Bush Has Plans to Sell Water to All of South America if the Red Tail Dust Poisons the Water

But let's look at what else--he has a lot of things to say. By now that would have been total destruction end of September, and half the world would have been destroyed by now, and blah, blah, blah. They don't recognize when the timelines change. That may have happened if we'd stayed on the right timeline, but the timelines have changed now. And so, they're still expecting a lot of destruction from the red tail dust. And they're expecting that all the fresh water supplies on Earth will be destroyed, will become contaminated. And so, instead of planning ways on how to reserve water, or stock and store fresh water supplies for the people, they're planning ways to fleece you.

And so, no surprise that--you know, back when Bush was president it was going around that he had purchased 2000 acres in Paraguay in South America. Everybody figured that's where he was gonna run and hide. Because he would get in so much trouble from all his war crimes and general criminal [audio unclear] stuff he's always involved with, that he would go there to run and hide. But that's, you know--he's not going anywhere. What he bought that land for was it sits on top of a water aquifer. One of the premier fresh water sources in South America. And so, when all the other water supposedly becomes contaminated by this red dust tail, they were going--he has plans to sell water to all of South America to make billions selling water. And so, they're always looking ahead on how to make money. And so, now he wants to make billions off of people who don't have fresh water.

And it goes beyond him. T. Boone Pickens bought land in north Texas on top of an aquifer, and he plans to sell water to Nevada and west Texas. Nestle is drilling for water in Michigan. Nestle Corporation. And they're bottling it, and they're sending it to Europe who's stockpiling it. And so, they're all getting into the let's-make-money-off-the-bad-water scheme. And, you know, at first it angers you when you hear this because that's just the kind of scum they are. They're narcissistic. They have no compassion or feelings for people. Just always wanting to make money.

If You Really Want to Do Something about Government, Don't Protest, Just Get the Orgone Out

What do they plan to do with all this money? If there's no fresh water supplies on Earth, how are they gonna survive? And they're thinking, "Well, we're sitting on the only fresh water around." So everyone will be dependent on them and their water. It'll become more valuable than gold or even oil. And, you know, you just have to shake your head. There's no end to their greed. There's no end. The only way to end greed off this planet with these particular narcissistic what they call elites is to get rid of them. Get them off the planet. Get them out of here. And that's what we work hard to do because most of them are possessed. We're looking at a Reptilian faction that has taken over our governments. And we need to eliminate these Reptilians off the Earth. And the way to do that--man's ways are not God's ways, and God's ways aren't man's ways--is with the orgone, because they hate the orgone. It destroys them.

And so, if you really wanna get mad--some people take to the streets with signs, occupying cities all over America. If you really wanna get 'em mad, because that doesn't do it. They alreay anticipated people would do that. So they already have a solution waiting for that. And it just ends up hurting the people that are protesting. Get the orgone out. That's what annoys them. That's what destroys them. That's what keeps them in meeting week after week, after week, in Washington and NORAD and everywhere else around the world, is how to get rid of the orgone, how to ban the orgone. They hate the orgone. That's how you get back, folks. That's how you take a stand against them.

Planet X Doesn't Qualify to Be Wormwood Right Now

And I was mostly into what their plans were about the red tail dust and supposedly destroying all the water. All I could think of was, "It's too early. It's too early for any of that." I'm not saying that water supplies won't be destroyed by red tail dust. And by the way, Earth is supposed to be in the tail of Planet X's red dust tail by November 4. So a couple things make my eyebrows rise about that. First of all, it's not Wormwood. It doesn't even qualify to be Wormwood right now. Could it later? Yes. But we're looking at a lull. We're looking at, you know, it lingering for a while, or whatever it's gonna do, because it doesn't qualify to be Wormwood. And I know there's a lot of people online who deathly believe that Nibiru is Wormwood. But let me read out of Revelation, chapter 8 about Wormwood. In Revelation, chapter 8, verse 10 [and 11] it says,

10 And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters;

11 And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.

Now, yes, this is a prophesied event, but...and I say but because it's also the third trumpet. The third trumpet sounded. The Lord's orderly. Does everything in order. And we haven't seen the other prophesied events taking place yet. And so, people are jumping all over prophecy. And they pick out this particular scripture of prophecy and they say that's Comet Elenin. Uh, don't see it, folks. I don't see it. It doesn't line up with the timeline events of other prophetic things that have to happen first before Wormwood falls. And so, another thing they don't understand is that Wormwood crashes to the earth. Now this would make sense because Nibiru/Comet Elenin, like I said, it's split in half like Shema. And just like Shema, I expect Shema to break in half and hit the earth. I expect that to happen first. Let me read this back up to the first trumpet sounding [Revelation 8:7,8]

7 The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.

8 And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood;

OK. And then we go on to the third angel sounding, which is Wormwood. The great mountain burning with fire. It's a giant meteor. It's a giant asteroid. Could be the other half of Shema falling off and hitting the earth. And I've always felt it was Shema. That Shema, the Shema star that we've destroyed, that has malfunctioned, that's been sitting in the skies for the last several years, eventually will fall to earth and fulfill this part of prophecy. Now we're looking at Comet Elenin which could fulfill the third angel.

And so, you know, people are jumping ahead into the trumpet prophecies, and the seal prophecies haven't even been fulfilled yet. The seven seals. And so, people are jumping all over the place. And I'm one of these people that just believes in a certain timeline of events. I'll see things that look, you know, like Shema crashing, and the red tail dust could qualify as that. But it doesn't fit in the timeline of now. Where we are now on Earth with our timeline here. It's not fitting, folks.

So they need to stop--I don't know who they're reading. And, you know, they may have good arguments for why they believe what they believe, but when you compare it to scripture, and you take prophecy in a whole of last-day events, it's not time yet. Not time. So, just wanted to talk about that for a few minutes.

The New Age Ascension Game, also Known as the Fake Rapture

I've been doing what most people wouldn't dare do, because it just kind of gags you to death. And that's spending a lot of time on New Age sites lately. [laughs] What I won't do, right, just to see what the other half is up to? Ugh. Now I know why I don't go near those sites.

Trying to get an overall picture of where they're at with their events and timelines. And I told you last show I was gonna talk about the ascension game tonight. And so, I started looking at this whole ascension thing. And you've heard me talk on this show over the past several years about the fake rapture. And how all these New Agers are gonna go out to be beamed up into UFOs and hauled off to hell. And they'll also be put in freezers for the aliens, to be used as food. And I've been warning don't go near the UFOs, don't get on the ships. All these gullible New Agers who think that they're coming to help them. And I've just been calling it a fake rapture. Well, the actual term for that is "ascension." I'm sitting here studying ascension. It's like, well this is the same thing I've been talking about. It's just the proper term is ascension. And so [laughs], apparently, they call everybody being beamed up into UFOs and taken en masse, they call this ascension.

And, you know what, folks? I don't understand why they won't listen to reason. If they don't want to listen to the Bible, and they don't wanna listen to me, why can't they just listen to reason? Why can't they just reason this whole thing out? It's pretty logical. If there was such thing as an ascension in the past 6,000 years since Adam was created in the garden of Eden, no one's ascended since then. I mean, come on, folks. It's all a charade. It's all a lie. They want you to think that Maitreya and Sananda, and Lady this and Lady that, Saint Germaine and all these, are people who ascended. They ascended into their own godhood and that each individual on Earth can do the same thing. Well then, why haven't they? Why didn't Mother Teresa? Why hasn't the Dalai Lama? Why hasn't one of these Middle Eastern Hindu gurus? Anybody, anywhere on this planet, ascended in 6,000 years? You know? It's all a charade, folks. It keeps you going, going, going into their doctrinal garbage.

The New Age and the Great White Brotherhood of Satanists

And they call themselves Great White Brotherhood. What does that--hello--what does that remind you of? There's a huge Great White Brotherhood Satanist group in California. And there's the home group in Indiana. You can read Dr. Rebecca Brown's books. She exposes the Great White Brotherhood, this huge satanic group in Indiana. And so, no shock that these same people pushing this New Age garbage, they're also referring to themselves as the Great White Brotherhood.

I told you they're all out of the same pod. Different peas, same pod. They all come from the same pod, folks. They're all working together. And the only thing you're seeing now is the ending of the beginning phase. Ending that phase because the useful idiots got them to where they needed to where they needed to start the second phase. And now they're ready to start the second phase. So think about it, folks. You have the old phase New World Order. And these were the useful idiots like Clinton and the Bushes, and all of them. The Illuminati families. The Rockefellers and Rothschilds, the Queen, the Pope. All these useful idiots established this whole group to work together to bring about the New World Order.

We're Entering into the Golden Age Where They'll Mimic the Millenial Reign of Christ

And everything that they've established and put forth is now coming into fruition because the second phase can be implemented now based on what they did on the first phase. And this whole second phase is this whole New Age of Aquarius thing we're going into. They claim that we're now going into the prophesied Golden Age. That it would be led by this Saint Germaine. I have pictures of him on my websites, You could also probably look at That we're now entering into the prophesied Golden Age. And what this whole prophesied Golden Age is is a mimic of the millenial reign of Christ. Everything they do is a mimic of something the Lord's going to do or already has done.

They don't come up with anything original, folks. And so, as they claim, the age of Pisces was dominated by Jesus Christ. The 2,000-years church age. So now we're heading into the prophesied Golden Age to be led by Saint Germaine, who is going to lead the world into a global community. Global political, global economic, global religious. And with him are going to be all these other Ascended Masters. I think there's eleven of them. I see eleven in the Codes. Coming with him to help implement this new Golden Age prophesied for Earth. And this is where they're heading with all their doctrines and their planning.

Saint Germaine May Claim He Incarnated as Shakespeare and Wrote the KJV Bible

Saint Germaine, interestingly enough, (he does a lot of their writing and a lot of this New Age channelings and stuff), he claims to have incarnated through several incarnations on Earth. And one of his incarnations was that Shakespeare. And so, you can see where this is going. "I wrote the Bible." [laughs] You can see where it's going. You know what? I hate to tell all these New Agers that Saint Germaine did not write the Bible. He may have, as Shakespeare, wrote the KJV version, but there were Scriptures long before the KJV version every came out. You know, people get tired of the British dialect, Shakespearean dialect. King James had contracted Shakespeare to write the KJV. And in it he's encoded his name, Shakespeare. You've probably seen all this information online. If not, you can Google it. But encoded in the New Testament is the name "Shakespeare." Because this is King James working with him when they came out with the King James Version.

King James was not a Christian. He was a pedophile. He was a Mason. He was really a disgusting, lewd man. And if you study who King James was, you'll see his occultic connections with the Masons and everybody else at that time, the Satanists of that time. And from the KJV version on, they have just been seeking to deceive mankind, and setting mankind up for the biggest fall. To crash their belief systems that when they arrive, and Saint Germaine says, "Look, I was Shakespeare. I wrote the KJV."

He translated it, yeah, but you know what? You can't take the message away. The core message is still there. It was there in the 1611 Geneva Bible and it was there in all the previous Scriptures. The core message of salvation and the Lord's doctrines for us. And so, they can't change any of that. Even though they wanna take credit for it. They always wanna take credit for something the Lord's done and is going to do. And they always wanna take the credit for that.

So don't let that shake your faith, folks, when you finally wake up and realize the KJV is basically a Masonic version of what the real Scriptures were and are. But the message is still the same. The message is still the same. Yahushua came to Earth, died on a cross, rose again, defeated death, offers salvation to all those who follow Him. The core message is still the same. They'll never be able to change that because that's integral part of who we are and who the Lord is. They work to change it. They work to change it.

Many Will Come in My Name Saying, "I Am," and Will Deceive Many.

They want everybody to believe that they can become gods just as Jesus was. They don't hold Him, esteem Him, as the Son of God, the only Son of God. They claim that everybody can become a son of God by this "I Am" presence. And Matthew 24, it states that, Many will come in my name saying, I Am, and will deceive many. And so, if you're in part of this whole New Age crowd, then you are one of the many that has been deceived. Because this whole "I Am" teaching is blasphemous. It teaches you that you are god, you can become a god, you have no need for salvation, you have no need for God, because you can become your own god. See how blasphemous that is? Do you hear Satan's hiss in all of that? You can hear his hiss, "Is it not written? [see Genesis 3]" You can hear the hiss.

And so, a heads up on those who have already been deceived. That instead of listening to them--you know, you read these New Age sites and they say, Jesus said this about a garment, and a robe. And I'm looking at that and I'm going, "Yeah, Sananda might have said that, but Yahushua (the real name of Jesus Christ) never said that. [laughs] These people can find anything that they claim that's in the Bible that's there. They even misquote Genesis, chapter 1 where it talks about man was created in the image and likeness of God. They even misquote that. They misquote everything. Every time they do quote the Bible, everything's misquoted and taken out of context.

They Want Everybody to Go to the Astral Realm

And so, they're off teaching everybody how they can have a divine spirit. How the I Am presence in each person is a divine spirit, and it has immortality, eternally youthful. It's a immortal body of light substance. Light substance? You know, this is where they get their terminology and mimicries because they wanna mimic spirit. Why can't they just say this is a person's spirit? They have to go through all this I Am presence. Everybody has a spirit. You're a spirit born into a body. You have a human body which is a shell for your spirit. And when your spirit leaves your body, you're dead.

Well, they want everybody to go astral. To learn how to use their spirits to go into the astral realm. It's basically what this whole New Age stuff's about. You know, the astral realm is the dream state. But some people go into the astral realm at night. And I've heard it's the same thing as the dream state. But it's also a viable civilization in different realms. There's cities, and buildings, and streets, and vehicles. You'll see it depicted in movies, like The Matrix. The astral realm has its own types of civilizations within it. But we're on Earth. This is Earth. Those are different realms. I've never been there. I've never seen that stuff. But I know hybrids who have. If you're half human, half hybrid, most of them go into this astral realm where other spirits are and stuff. And I've heard of it, quite a bit, but I don't think I've ever seen it myself other than dream states. Some people say when you actually have dreams, you're actually on the astral realm. Well, whatever. How do you know the difference between a dream and if you're on the astral realm? But this is all part of their agenda, folks.

They Want New Agers to Reject Salvation So They Can Soul-Scalp Them

You know, they negate the whole teaching of the Bible that the victory of Yahushua wasn't in His death, it was in His resurrection. You know, He defeated death because He died on the cross and three days later, rose. He defeated death. That was the whole victory. And they negate all that. When it comes to His purpose for coming to mankind to be the ultimate sacrifice, they negate that. Because through their teachings, we don't need a savior, because we can all become gods ourselves.

And so, if they can get you to reject salvation and that you even needed a savior or a messiah to redeem you of your sins, then that pretty much seals people's fate right there. You become a rejector of the cross, a denier of the cross, instead of an embracer. Instead of accepting His salvation, you just become a rejector of it. And once you do that, they've got you. They've got you.

You know, they pin these New Agers along. They slowly get them into apostasy and apostasy, slowly and slowly away from the truth to where they're living in such apostasy and blasphemy that they become ripe to be soul-scalped by them. And that's the whole point. They want to drag you away from the truth so that you can become soul-scalped. Because that's--you know, I've been friends with New Agers over the years online and in amicable relationships with several of them. They all hate me and, you know, I don't have much respect for them either, but we keep it amicable. And I've watched them over the years begin as excited New Agers. And all excited about becoming a lightworker and getting involved with the whole agenda. And then as time goes on you notice a steep change in them. Eventually they all start to have health problems. And then they all start to be offered health. Healings by these New Agers. And pretty soon you don't recognize the people anymore. They become soul-scalped. They're just not the same people anymore. They get soul-scalped.

And that's one of the ways--when you accept health and healing from the New Age crowd, what they do're inviting them to heal you. You're inviting them, giving them access to your DNA. And what they do is mess and change your DNA. They mess up your DNA. And by slowly doing that, they take more and more control of your body to the point where they just soul-scalp you. What's soul-scalping? It means they take over your body. Totally. Now whether you as a person ever still exist--maybe you're blocked into your head somewhere, or maybe they just kill you and you die and they just take over your body. It's happened. It's happened. You just watch this New Age crowd. By the time a person becomes genuinely interested and starts getting involved, within 1 to 2 years they won't be the same person. They won't.

Sananda, the Fake Jesus, Admitted that Resisters to Ascension Will Be Killed

So that's their track record, folks. As long as they can string you along with ascension, "Oh, we're all going to ascend." And I have some news for all of these New Agers who have up sites, because I remember going into this 6, 7 years ago, and was reading Sananda, himself, who was channeling as Jesus like he usually does. But's it's not the real Jesus, Son of God, folks. It's a mimic. It's the Ascended Master Jesus. He outright admitted that people who refuse to ascend--at first they always say people who refuse to ascend are gonna be sent on a different planet, you know. Because under the New Age kingdom that's coming, this prophesied Golden Age, there's no room for free speech. They're going to cleanse the Earth of those who disagree with them.

So if you thought being an activist against the New World Order was bad now, 'cause we get all--you know, you get attacked by tech surveillance and tech weapons, and all these attacks against you all the time--they're gonna do the same in the age that's coming up. This Golden Age. They will kill those who dissent against them. And they actually admitted it. Sananda admitted it. "No we're not gonna send them to another planet, even though we said that before. We're just gonna kill them." So you either go along with them or you get killed.

Same thing now. You know, you've got Obama running around calling everybody who disagrees with him a terrorist. Who now has free access and free reign to pretty much put anybody on a kill-list and go after them. And that's what they're gonna do in the next phase. So, one isn't better than the other. They both work from the same pod, folks. They're all peas in the same pod. You're gonna die regardless because of who you are. If you stand in the truth of Yahushua the Son of God, you're an enemy of any agenda of Satan's. Because you stand as an enemy against Satan. So any kind of agenda he puts forward, you're gonna be at odds with it. You're gonna be an enemy of his. So any agenda that comes out of anything that they do is gonna put you at odds with them. And so, yeah, they have plans to kill the resisters. The people who don't want to ascend, who don't want to go out, raise your hands up, and say, "Beam me home, Scotty," and they beam you up into a UFO.

Call Their Bluff, Folks - Will the Lightworkers Stay, or Will They Go Now?

Now here's the interesting part. One of the things these New Agers always claim is that before these conflicts that are gonna come on Earth, before the pole shift and all this scary stuff that they talk about, and the Bible talks about it, they always claim that before it happens, they're going to take their lightworkers off the Earth. So, if the White House is in a panic over this red tail dust that's coming and it's gonna destroy all the water sources, and if you listen to that Russian scientist and all them about this coming pole shift that we're gonna experience end of October, beginning of November, whatever, where's the ascension then? Because they always promised to save their lightworkers. And so, are they gonna plan it soon? Are they gonna come soon? Make this huge arrival-type thing where the world will see them lifting off their lightworkers off Earth through beams of light?

I mean, is this [laughs] know, if you're gonna listen to them, call their bluff. Call their bluff. They say that they're gonna lift off the earth all their people before disasters strike the earth. Well, where are they? Give us a date. Let us know--give us a date when you're coming for them, you know. Call their bluff, folks. Because if they expect within the next month, and I'm gonna say within the next three or four weeks, that all the water on the earth is bitter and it can't be, uh, it's not drinkable, and all these other viruses and plagues that are coming from this red tail dust, then it seems to me that that would be an event that these people are being promised to be saved from. To be kept safe from.

So, by their own hands, their own agenda, by their own speaking and their lies and their garbage, we should have some kind of UFO appearance within the next several weeks taking their people off the earth, if you wanna call their bluff on it. Otherwise, they just show themselves as the liars they've always been. Interesting, huh? They're kind of forcing themselves into that one. So it'll be interesting to see if they put up or shut up, or come up with more excuses. Because everytime they same something, it doesn't happen. They just have all these excuses to string people along. String 'em along. Put 'em on a string. Just guide and lead 'em around.

Ascension Is Just Getting Beamed Up into a UFO that's Headed for Hell

One of their other things is that by the end of 2012 that the Earth, itself, will no longer be in a 3D dimension. So that all the people who don't ascend, uh, they don't say what's gonna happen. I guess they'll die. Because Earth will no longer be in a 3D dimension come the end of 2012. So you have to sit and think, "What are they talking about?" [laughs] Earth, itself, is no longer gonna be in a 3D dimension, so it's your choice to ascend. Well, there wouldn't be anybody on Earth by then, if everybody ascended. Because ascension is just getting beamed up into a UFO. So [laughs], they wouldn't have a population to worry about then.

They'd have 7 billion people in freezers and being escorted to hell because, you know, regardless of what they tell you--they're gonna take you to other planets, you're gonna be cared for, you're gonna be happy while Earth goes through its changes--that isn't the case, at all. And I've been warning you, because I see it in the Codes. And even that one girl that wrote that book, 30 Days in Hell, or 40 Days in Hell, whatever it was, said she saw UFOs coming in, filled with people, dropping people off in hell. There was a landing zone. They'd land, people would unload off the UFOs. They were in hell, folks. And I'm also seeing how they'd be put in refrigerators. "Refrigeration" comes up in the Codes. They don't plan on taking care of you. They don't love you. They love you to get you on that UFO so they can have your body. You belong to them once you get there.

There Are Hopis in Space...Being Held Captive by Aliens

You know, I was asked by somebody, several weeks ago, who was aware that the ancient Hopis were in space. It didn't say where. It just said that they were in space. And it was asking me why the Hopis were in space. And it didn't say they were happy, they were living it up, they were having the best times of their lives. They were abducted, they were prisoners, they were in space. They were being held by aliens. They were their captives, their prisoners.

And if you look at South American cultures, what they teach all these people is that, "Oh, if you become like the Hopis, you can ascend." [laughs] "You can be immortal, eternal life, become forever youthful." They don't tell you you're gonna be a prisoner in space if you're so gullible you believe them that they can take you up into space via beams and UFOs. And so all these South American cultures and those who follow these Hopi prophecies like they're written scripture from God, Himself, are gonna be very disappointed to learn that all these people, and races, and cultures that they thought had finally reached ascension, this ascension level in the New Age where you become righteous enough to ascend into space, gonna be very disappointed to find out that the Hopis that are there now, who are left, are just prisoners. They're prisoners there.

They've gotta keep the facade going on Earth. They have to keep the lies going. Give the people false hope. You know, the only way you're going to get off Earth is if the Lord, Himself, removes you off of the Earth. And, you know, put down your Hopi scriptures, put down your prophecies from the Hopis and the Mayans, and everybody else who follow the snake, and who are part of the Great White Brotherhood. You need to abandon all of these satanic, occultic false religions and pick up the Bible and start reading it. I don't care if you read the 1611 Geneva, or the KJV, the Shakespeare version, or find the Dead Sea Scrolls from the Qumran caves, the original text. The message is still the same, of the redemption and salvation Yahushua offers mankind. That is the one thing that all of these years of lies, and deceptions, and games from the New Agers and Satan's camp, himself, have tried to beat down and cover up. That is the one message they don't want you to hear. They would rather fill you with enough garbage so that you think you can become a god on your own to where you don't need God. Well, they'll quote Him like, you know, you can talk to God, you can talk to His Spirit, but you can become a god. That's the main focus. The main focus is in you becoming a god. It's apostasy, folks. These apostate doctrines are just gonna lead you into hell.

So, anyway, to call their bluff, I expect some kind of ascension by November 4 because that's when scientists predict the Earth will enter the red tail of Planet X. November 4. So we'll see what happens by then.

The 4th Dimension Is Satan's Dimension

And another thing about this no one on a 3D Earth past the end of 2012, I can tell you right now that's another lie because...perhaps that's because the 4th dimension and 3rd dimension merge. And the Bible warns about this time when the veil is lifted and we will see these dimensional entities with our own eyes, with our physical eyes. We'll be living, coexisting, with them on Earth. If you read Revelation, chapter 12, Satan is cast down on the Earth and his host with him. If you read Revelation, chapter 6, the pale horse rider, Hell follows with him. Hell being the host of hell. Hell follows right behind him.

We're going to be--and I've been talking about this--merging dimensions. The 3rd and 4th dimensions are gonna merge because the 4th dimension is cast down on Earth. We're not in their dimension, folks, they're in ours. They wanna make it sound like we're going--the 3rd dimension is going to ascend into the 4th dimension. The 4th dimension is the spiritual dimension with hell. It's hell. These hell beings, demons, they operate in the 4th dimension. Aliens, they operate in the 4th dimension. The 4th dimension is Satan's dimension.

Angelic--angels of the Lord don't operate in the 4th dimension. They operate in higher dimensions. The fourth dimension is Satan's dimension and it's going to merge with our 3D Earth dimension. We're all gonna see them as they are. You know, you can have aliens and demons around you all day long and most people just never notice it. They never recognize it. They don't see it. They don't see into the spiritual dimensions. Some people can. Some people will get glimpses of demons or aliens beings. Some people can discern, just by the change of energy around them, that there's evil beings around them. It's why we have haunted houses, people seeing ghosts, restless spirits. These are all part of the 4th dimension. And when the dimensions merge, when the veil is lifted, all of that is going to become one huge global mess. It's gonna be a huge global mess. Humans coexisting with aliens and demons.

Uck! You know, they're so ugly...demons. They're hideous. Can you imagine. I mean, the veil was put there to begin with to protect humans from having to see into this other spiritual realm, into Satan's realm. It's so hideous, and ugly, and disgusting. People would be very fearful of seeing these beings. I don't like seeing them, and I've been seeing them for 40 years.

It's going to be a whole new twist on Earth. And so, what I think they're doing, basically, is just saying, "Hey, look. By the end of 2012, we're all coexisting together." And they're trying to put their spin on it, into this whole New Age doctrine, as they can. They want you to think that this is going to be a beautiful realm to ascend into. [laughs] Uck! It's not ascension, folks. With them it's de-scension. Because they're descending to Earth. Satan's being cast down to Earth. He's in space right now. And his hosts are in space. They have homes on planets, and star systems, and moons. And they live under the Earth. They live above the Earth and below the Earth, just as the Bible says. They live above, and below, and on, and in Earth. With the god of the air, referred to as Lucifer. And his UFOs, and all his little alien factions who are just fallen angels.

And so, by their own doctrines you can--I'm not saying it is going to happen by the end of 2012. I would like to think it was going to happen a lot sooner than that. I'm kind of tired of all this just going on, and on, and on. Delays, delays, delays. I look for it to happen a lot earlier than that. Especially with the arrival of the pale horse rider. The black horse rider of famine and death. The pale horse rider of pestilence and death. These riders still to arrive. And expect them at any time. And then we'll see a merging of the dimensions, so.

Expect First Contact Right after Disclosure

Anyway, I know that the next things on their list, on their agenda plan is disclosure, first contact, and then ascension where people are beamed up into these UFOs and taken off Earth. And that's not even supposed to happen until disclosure and first contact. So ascension, itself, could be a ways away 'cause so far we've not had disclosure. Not an official disclosure. I see "announcement" quite a bit in the Codes. So they plan it and then they delay it. They decide, "No, not right now."

Expect first contact immediately right after disclosure. It's gonna happen like boom, boom, boom. It's gonna happen very quickly once disclosure happens. I don't know when they're going to do disclosure. They're having a hard time with it right now because their UFOs are crashing. You know, they're planning this huge first contact event and it's not gonna do them much good if the UFOs are always crashing. Why would you get into a UFO if you know it's gonna crash? So they've got problems to deal with. They have huge dilemmas to work around. And I love the fact that we've been a big part of becoming this huge dilemma of theirs. [laughs] We've been a huge part of their dilemmas. Keep getting orgone out, folks. Keep it going out.

Logically Look at Events According to the Biblical Timeline

I'll be writing an article on this whole--a lot of this New Age stuff, explaining what they believe and why they believe it. More indepth. Also be talking about it on the next couple of shows. But for now, no, I don't see Wormwood being fulfilled. Now if the red tail does contaminate water, it's still not the biblical prophecy. Not gonna be the biblical prophecy. It's out of timeline. And so, I don't know what to tell you, folks, other than one eye open, one ear open, and logically looking at things and putting them together as the Bible reveals them, and so.

If You Really Want to Get Back at Them, Get the Type of Orgone Out That We Make - They Hate It

I don't know. They can--they all sit in their little board meetings all the time in Washington and think of ways to fleece the public, and how they can make billions off of our suffering and deaths. It's just--the only way you can really get back at them, folks--you can hold up a sign, you can protest, doesn't change anything. All that works into their favor of ending one phase of the New World Order and starting a second one. If you really want to get back at them, then let's get the Reptilians and these very aliens off of our planet. And the only way you're gonna do that is with orgone because they hate it.

And you have to use our prescription because that is the one prescription that's destroying them. And you can go to, look for my "make your own" page, and just follow those instructions on making orgone, those how-to videos, and get that out. And if you wanna close down portals--if you have a lot of UFOs in your skies at night, then they're coming in some way. There's a portal area, there's a portal opening in the skies. Get magnets in your orgone and throw it into those general areas you always see UFOs and it will close those portals.

Anyway, folks, I'll be back on Thursday with Aliens in the News at 11 o'clock. Not even sure what I'll be talking about then, but then I'm never sure what I'll be talking about. I just ask the Lord to put words in my mouth and tell me what to say during these shows. 'Cause they're all about Him, it's not about me.

Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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