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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
October 17, 2011

They're Putting Me to Sleep with Anesthesia to Prevent Thursday Shows

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night live with Sherry Shriner. Got a couple things I wanna talk about tonight. If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648. Probably won't get to questions till a little bit later though.

Couple things I wanna talk about. Finding it interesting that couple times in the past month I would lay down a hour or two before the show, and then I couldn't get up at all, for the life of me, to do the show. These are affecting Thursday's shows. And looking in the Codes last night, was seeing the term "anesthesia" and "breathing anesthesia." And I'm thinking, "What!? How are they doing that? How are they forcing me to breathe anesthesia and knocking me out?" But, apparently, it's coming up in the Codes, and so, interesting.

They always hated that show. They hate the Thursday show. They hate the Monday show. They hate all my shows. But it seems Thursday's shows I get the most--weirdest--attacks to try to sabotage that one. And if I look through the histories of all my shows, I'm missing more Thursday shows than the Monday night shows. Probably because Thursdays are a little bit more laid back, and I get into more about anything else going on...the things going on around us with the UFOs and aliens, and things like that. And for some reason, picks nerves with them. They hate being exposed. So I've been noticing that. Was looking at that last night. I'm looking up in the Codes for the next several months. And brought up things I wanna talk about.

It's Time They Give the Orgone Warriors Respect for Averting a Huge Global Threat

Do you think now, with the whole world watching, Planet X, supposedly coming to make its arrival, would cause three days of darkness, descend all its madness onto the Earth because of it? And now that it hasn't happened, do you think they'll wake up and give us some respect that we deserve? I mean, really, folks. They do. They hate us. But they know it's because of the orgone that PX was sabotaged. They know full well that orgone totally eliminated this huge global threat that was coming. And not only that, but the red tail dust. I mean, you could line up the scientists from here to Russia of all the e-mails, and proclamations, and announcements of all the things they were expecting to happen by the end of the month. The Vatican running their bishops back to the Vatican. All this preparation anxiety. Because they knew things were gonna happen at the end of the month and they didn't care about you and I. They didn't care about the global population.

They spend billions. They extort billions. Because the Vatican is using church funds to fund its own observatory in Arizona. They use their own funds. Governments build underground cities, underground bases from taxpayers' money. And do they tell you what's going on? No, they keep all the information to themselves to protect their own hides and hope everybody else just gets destroyed, basically. But it didn't happen. All their money can't buy them truth.

And so, they're always running and hiding at the slightest whim because maybe things are supposed to happen. But I had told you at the beginning of the month the timeline had changed and things weren't going to happen. I already told you. We're on a different timeline now. And so, it brought them nothing, folks. They ran, they hid, for nothing. We stopped them, the Lord stopped them. And we're stopping them every day. We're crashing their UFOs.

I know somebody was just driving though South Dakota couple days ago, and they saw a UFO crashed not 200 feet from the highway they were on, the route they were on. I don't know if you call them highways in South Dakota. But the route they were on going through South Dakota they saw a UFO crash just 200 feet off the main road. Fireball hitting the Earth. They're crashing everywhere. They're crashing every day, folks. And it's because of the orgone.

In fact, just in the Code I was looking at yesterday--and I'm always giving you affirmations and confirmations of things I see in the Codes in regards to Orgone Warriors and the orgone--said "apocalyptic - defeat - beast - apparatus - disgrace - Sherry - animated - annihilation - administration." They think we're a disgrace. They think I'm a disgrace. They hate me. Why? Because our orgone, our animated administration is apocalyptic and it's defeating them. It's defeating them. Crashing their UFOs, spoiling their plans.

Zombie Outbreak Targeted for Tijuana, Mexico - Get Orgone Out Along the Border

You know, they have a plan at the end of this month and on into November for a zombie attack. And, there was coordinates for their planned attack. And when you look the coordinates up, ended up being in Tijuana, Mexico. And so, we need the Warriors in Mexico to stand up and get that area with orgone. I know Mexicans, you know, they try to order the orgone, but your customs sends everything back. Very difficult to mail anything into Mexico. And so, you guys need to just stand up and gather the supplies down there and get it yourself. And if you can't find fiberglass resin, you could probably drive right across the border and pick it up. It's easy for you guys to drive across the border down there, but it's really difficult to mail anything into Mexico. So we need the Warriors down in the border towns, border areas of California on into Arizona, that whole border area needs done with orgone. The whole border area does.

They're targeting the desert cities. Because the aliens have no fear of flying into Mexico. They have no fear because there's no orgone there. And they will abduct children in the middle of the day. When you see uncloaked UFOs in the middle of the day, that shows their brashness, their arrogance. They don't care if you see them. And when they're usually around, they're usually abducting children. That's how cocky they are. And I've been told this, specifically, not from what I know myself, but from my own insiders in the administration about these UFOs in Mexico. And so, we need to get that area. And not just Tijuana. All the areas of Mexico need it. But if you wanna have a zombie outbreak soon, you're gonna get one in Tijuana if you don't stand up and do something. They're going to target Tijuana. I've seen the coordinates. And so, you need to get prepared for that. And I don't know when. I wasn't given a date. Just a place. And so you, you know, you have time now to get it done.

Zombie Outbreak in Midwest Won't Fare Well, but Need to Reinforce Mexican Border with Orgone

Over, and over, and over again, getting confirmations that I was right about Joplin, Missouri. That there was a zombie outbreak there. Didn't go the way they planned. They ended up blowing the whole place over. And since that date, since Joplin, they have been working on the best and the most effective way to initiate a zombie outbreak. And they have found that the best places are the dry deserted areas. I find it kind of amusing because wasn't too long ago when I was warning about San Diego and a place in the Midwest, and both of those zombie attacks were foiled. And the reason being is because they were found out and exposed. Another reason being is because I've always believed that they would try to initiate one here in the Midwest.

Well, you know, a zombie outbreak isn't going to fare well in the Midwest, because, from what I believe, is that orgone destroys the zombies. And not just the orgone, itself, but orgoned water is like acid to them. Will totally destroy them. And so, all their attempts, especially in the Ohio area--they hate Ohio. Come on, I'm here. [laughs] They hate Ohio. [laughs] And none of their attacks ever amounted to anything. This is one of the most well-orgoned places in the world, is the state of Ohio. And other than Ohio is Michigan. Probably the two most-orgoned states, not just in the country, but the world. And so, that's why I'm thinking no zombie outbreak is going to manage well here.

And so, they're going out in the desert areas, finding places where they can initiate the virus. Why in the desert areas? Because there's no orgone there, you know. Several years ago, the Lord had me out in the desert. I asked Him, "Why am I out here orgoning?" He said, "'Cause nobody else would." Nobody else going out and orgoning the deserts. I was in the desert several years ago.

But they know right now they've got a free zone. Orgone-free zone. The southern parts of California into Mexico. And probably all through Mexico. Because there's no orgone there. And so, look for them to target that place, those places. And if these zombies get up into California, God help us. And so, we need to put up walls, east to west, across the Mexican border, across California. Reinforce the ones across Arizona, Texas. Texas is huge. I know we've got tons of orgone in Texas. Warriors standing up all the time down there, getting orgone up. Reinforce what's already been done.

Global Monetary Reset Coming - One-World Currency on the Way

If the Lord leads you to get a place, get it. Just because it was done once maybe eight years ago doesn't mean it doesn't need some reinforcement. And so, just listen to Him, folks. Listen to where He's guiding you to put orgone. I mean, in the last 7, 8 years we've crashed the Capricorn starship, we've malfunctioned Shema, we've split in half and malfunctioned Planet X/Comet Elenin/Nibiru (whatever you wanna call it), eliminated the red tail, and we're crashing their UFOs daily. I mean, this is--you want a war against your enemies? This is it, folks. This is effective. This is effective.

You know, around us today we've got Occupy protests springing up everywhere. And I sent out some notices on my Facebook list thoughout the week about how this whole protest is being funded by George Soros. And coming out with articles across the Internet about how Occupyers are being paid. Paid to protest. 'Cause his money's behind it. George Soros is behind the Occupy protests. And I told you that this whole Occupy thing--which is going to work into the hands of the alien New Age agenda. And along with this alien New Age agenda, you're gonna see a global reset. A global monetary reset where they're going to move everybody's currencies to one flat-level playing field. Which means the crashing of the dollar and the Euro. And this could be coming anytime. It's one of these plans that have been in the circles for about 10 years now, probably longer. But, eventually, it's going to rise to fruition.

The Old New World Order Faction Will Begin to Implement World War III

And it's their plan, along with the protests, to implement this global reset. In retaliation against this--'cause what we're doing is kind of in the middle of these two different factions warring it out, folks. The New Age alien agenda and the old New World Order agenda. And the old New World Order agenda is the one represented by the 13 Illuminati families. The Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Bush crime family, the Clinton criminal cabal, everybody. That's the old New World Order. And they're going to retaliate.

They're gonna retaliate against the Occupy protests that have been sprung up against them. And what I believe they're going to do is they're trying to sabotage points around the country: nuclear explosions with the power plants (watch for that one), an attack on our water supplies, World War III coming out. Now all of a sudden, you know, you're hearing about all these Occupy protests at the same time they're starting to feed information about how evil North Korea is, how evil Iran is, how Israel's getting ready to strike Iran. They're feeding World War III now. And this has always been in their plans, folks. Whether they, you know, they build them up and they sit on them, pull them out if they need it. And I think to stop the New Age alien agenda from ousting them out of power through the protests, that they'll start World War III. And, obviously, they do, eventually.

World War III, was that Isaiah 17:1 talks about Damascus being destroyed. Damascus, Syria is the oldest country, oldest city in the world that's never been destroyed. And Isaiah talks about it being destroyed. So this city is going to be destroyed. Which means there is going to be some kind of war or catastrophe that destroys this city. So is there merit in all this hype lately about going to war with Iran, and Israel, and Egypt? Yes, there is. Because they're going to implement that to retaliate against all the Occupy protests being sprung up in the streets of America. So not only false flags on our own soil--people believe the Hoover Dam will be exploded, that power plants will be sabotaged and explode. They about exploded a power plant during the summer, the one in Illinois, with all the flooding. Doesn't take much to cause these things to explode. Extreme flooding or earthquakes can cause nuclear power plants to explode, and so. Watch for disasters causing them to explode, or acts of sabotage if they're going to go that route. I can't vouch for either of those routes right now. What I can vouch for is this whole World War III scenario being implemented and like on fire because it's their hurry-up retaliation to stop them being exposed by the New Age alien agenda.

11-11-11 Is a Portal Opening for the Ascended Masters Gang

On 11-11-11, November 11, it's a portal opening, folks. And for people who think it's some kind of divine spiritual experience, you're gonna love the New Age. This is some kind of portal opening on 11-11-11 for the Ascended Master gang. That whole crowd. The one I've been talking about for umpteen years now. Might see, you know, more of an arrival of them to Earth. They have to come to Earth, eventually, if they're gonna pull this charade off. And 11-11-11 is--you know, we've had a lot of success in blocking them and closing portals. Probably why I can't get any information on where this portal opening's going to be. [laughs] They know I'd be doing something to block it--on 11-11.

Interesting that on that same date the movie, The Immortals, comes out. And that's a big, that's a big doctrine of the New Age, is achieving immortality. The whole ascension doctrines, is achieving immortality. They think that you could achieve immortality by recognizing that you are a god. The god-existence within you. Proclaiming yourself as a god. It's almost like if you believe something, you actually--if you believe it long enough--or, I don't know. How would you say that? If you say it long enough, you start to believe it. And by then, you're pretty much damning your own soul because you're putting yourself on the same level as the Most High, Himself. I mean, we have His Spirit in us. That's the presence we have in us. His children have His Spirit. It's His Spirit in us that gives us eternal life. It gives us immortality. That gives us what they're trying to achieve through lies and deceptions.

And there's never gonna be any Disneyland heaven on Earth with them here, folks. The whole point of the Lord's tribulation period on Earth is getting rid of the wicked. And, of course, they say the same things. When they arrive, they're gonna get rid of all the evil people. And the evil people, to them, are the people that don't agree with them. Who don't go along with their agenda. Just like with the New World Order crowd now, run by the 13 Illuminati families, the evil people are the ones who believe in the Constitution. The evil people are the Christians. We're all the terrorists, you know. And the evil people for the New Agers are those who don't go along with their agenda. The Lord's gonna wipe them both out.

The 4th Dimension Is Satan's Kingdom

I've warned you about the dimensions merging. We're not ascending into immortality in the age of Aquarius. We're gonna be bombarded by the 4th dimension descending and ascending on Earth. Coming up from below and coming down from above. They're aliens and demonic beings. The 4th dimension is Satan's kingdom. But they don't talk about the 4th dimension. They want us to think that we're just gonna jump from the 3rd dimension right to the 5th.

You know, if they could actually--you know, it boggles the mind that they even believe this because if they could make demons good, then why haven't they? They've been around for thousands of years. Demons are hideous, wicked beings. So are fallen angels. They play games with mankind. Playing games. As soon as they lead people into this New Age agenda and they get them so far into believing their lies, they soul-scalp them. They're never gonna fully acknowledge and materialize any part of their doctrines they preach. All they need to do is get you to believe a chunk of it and start chewing on it. Because it makes you apostate. Pulls you away from God, Himself. And then they have access to you. They slowly destroy you.

Obama: Brought in by the 7th Regime (Illuminati), but Works the 8th Regime (Alien)

Anyway, got World War III on the horizons. And if that doesn't happen, you've got the global economic reset, the global monetary restructuring as a result of the Occupy protests. And I could tell you which faction's doing what and I think it just confuses people. So I just talk about events that are coming up. They understand that more.

You know, we've got one agenda coming in, trying to destroy the agenda that brought them in to begin with, you know. The Bible talks about the 7th and the 8th. And it talks about the beast is of the 7th, but the 8th. He's the 8th beast, but he's from the 7th. The 7th in this instance is the old New World Order phase, folks. The 7th regime on Earth is the 13 Illuminati families and their New World Order plans. The 8th and final regime on Earth will be this New Age alien agenda.

And look who's in the middle of it all. Obama was brought in by the 7th. Elected president of the United States by the 13 Illuminati families. Brought in. But he works the 8th regime. I've always told you he's a pawn of Maitreya and that whole New Age alien Ascended Master gang. Ashtar Command. So now, kind of probably, maybe it makes sense to some of you now to look at that he's from the 7th, but of the 8th. He's gonna start pushing their regime. And that's the last, final regime on Earth, is this New Age alien Aquarius Age that is trying to install itself on Earth right now. And this fall, especially come January 2012, they expect to have full control of the Earth. And it's this 7th regime, the old New World Order phase crowd, the 13 Illuminati families that are trying to prevent that from happening. And so, that's why so many things probably take place the next several months. Getting World War III off the ground. Getting a global meltdown off the ground. Dollar crash, Euro crash. Terrorist acts on our own soil caused by our government. Zombie attacks would be a terrorist attack by our own government.

They're Still Pushing for Plagues in the Food and Zombie Virus in the Vaccines

Other things I was seeing, folks, is they're still pushing for plagues in the food to kill people. This Listeria plague in the cantaloupes caused by the Satanists fulfilling obligations to cause death.

Also seeing a lot in the Bible Codes on these flu shots. Stay away from the flu shots, folks. Stay away from any kind of vaccines. They work--our pharmaceutical companies--in agreement with Obama. Work directly with the aliens in creating what's going into your body. And the aliens want to sabotage, and destroy, and control mankind. It makes me sick to even begin to think what they're putting into the flu shots. And I warned you last year that they're putting the zombie virus in the H1N1 vaccines.

Apparently, they have some kind of a way to activate. When you get a shot with these viruses and then what they put in them, they have ways to activate it. You know, they'll activate it through chemtrails. Through chemical reactions. The air you breathe, itself. Watch for people, especially in the lower southwest areas of the United States: southern California, perhaps even Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, because those are the hot areas--watch for people to get sick of the flu. Watch for massive flu outbreaks. People getting really sick and dying. Because that's when the zombie virus will kick in, will reanimate the dead person to come back to life. And starts off with getting sick.

I remember the zombie outbreaks last year. Two that I knew of: Massachusetts and Texas. Both caused by men who got sick from the H1N1 vaccine. Went to the hospitals very sick. Ended up dying in the hospitals, and then ended up coming back, reanimating back to life as zombies. So they've been practicing this one. They've been practicing. And they wanna pull it off on a massive scale for the month of November. Probably in a retaliation for the 11-11 portal opening.

Probably expecting more of these Ascended Masters (what they call themselves) to arrive bodily. I mean, right now they just, they work in the backgrounds. And so, when you work in the Bible Codes, and you're watching all this stuff unfold, it's like, is that in the background, or are they gonna finally bring it up so people can see it, and actually be something they can see, touch, feel, hear with their own senses? Actually see; these people? Because they work in the backgrounds. And so, eventually, they have to come. They're gonna pull this 8th Age, Age of Aquarius off unless we can totally destroy it. Unless we totally--and I can't even fathom it right now--totally prevent the 8th regime from even becoming established on Earth. That would be mind-blowing. That would be just...mind-blowing.

Because Satan Isn't All-Powerful, He Bribes His Followers to Do What He Can't Handle

Thought it was mind-blowing enough that we were able to pretty much destroy Maitreya, himself, from having already arrived. He's having to recuperate from whatever's wrong with him. He's being afflicted by the orgone. Nobody will say exactly what's wrong with him. They're all in shock, deep shock, for months now. And their plans have been delayed. I mean, if you walk into Satanists' underground temples today, you would see the photos of the Royal Family, Rothschilds, and Maitreya and Sananda. They all work together, folks. It might seem like it's different agendas. And to a point, all agendas work to bring about Satan's ultimate plans and purposes. But you have people all vying for power and position in these agendas fighting against each other. And I told you it would be like that. 'Cause Satanists all hate each other.

You know, in the Satanist world it's all about power and prestige. And you can lie, kill, steal, cheat to get to the top. It's OK. It's expected. And so, they all do it. I know that Satan was offering some kind of bribes to all of them. He comes up with special assignments, I guess. And whoever achieves and accomplishes the assignment gets certain rewards. And I think the last time he offered this was last month or something. And he was offering three angels to whoever--actually it's three demons because he doesn't have access to the Lord's angels. He calls them friendly spirits, but they're just demonic beings with hideous power. But whoever accomplishes whatever Satan wants, they get three demons to work for them from then on. They have their own little slaves; three demons. I find it funny because Satan isn't all powerful. He can't control events. He can't even control his enemies or anything around 'em. And so, when he can't handle something, he tries to bribe his followers to do it for him. [laughs] Yeah, what a god, huh? Why do these people worship him as a god? What a loser. He's a loser.

The World's Leaders Are Coming Together to Find Ways to Ban Orgone

So I'm not sure what his assignments, that he's giving out and bribing people to accomplish for him, are. I'm sure orgone is at the top of the list. From what I've heard, Putin, Russia's...Putin has been brought in to advise the White House and our Defense Department, Pentagon, and all of our alphabet agencies. He's being brought in on ways to ban orgone. I've told you the noose is tightening on the Orgone Warriors, on the orgone war. I've warned about it for several months. They were looking at ways to even bring about false flag events and blame it on orgone. Now it's becoming a global crisis. And they're bringing their councils, and their advisors, and worldwide governments together to bang their heads to find ways to ban the orgone. And I feel the noose tightening, folks. And it's not a pleasant experience if you're sitting where I'm sitting. Because the orgone war has always been my baby. You know, I started this back in 2004. It's been going on for 7 years now. And now the world's leaders are coming together to find ways to ban it. You'll start to see people rising up in hatred against it. And, you know, they've always been there. They've always been there.

They don't have to worry about the Christian crowd. Most of them are asleep. And most of 'em already hate me. [laughs] So it's not like they have a whole lot to work on with that one. The majority of the churches are asleep. They don't wanna hear truth. They don't wanna hear ways the Lord works, and exploits that the Lord directs in these last days. They all wanna sit back and wait for this rapture to take 'em off Earth. And they're gonna be sitting, waiting for a rapture when Chinese and Russian soldiers yank 'em out of their homes and throw 'em in FEMA camps. They're still gonna be waiting for a rapture. They've fallen asleep in apostate doctrines and they cannot see the truth.

Truly only a handful of the Lord's people are awake today and can hear the truth. Maybe that's part of their dilemma. Maybe it's because so much destruction has been caused by so few. It would be easier if I was well-known and they could take me down somehow that way. Right now I'm an unknown. I'm not in this for fortune or fame. If I was in it for fortune and fame, I'd have my picture plastered all over the Internet. The most you get is a picture that's about 30 years old. I'm not in this for fame. I'm not in this for fortune, obviously. If I don't get my bills paid, they get shut off. And that's month to month.

And I've been working on aspects of southern California right now. Cities, and towns, and communities in southern California to protect them from our government that wants to destroy them with zombies. That's what I've been working on the past couple weeks now. Can we get it done in time? What kind of a clock are we racing against? We don't even know when the virus is going to be set off in Tijuana. Racing against time, folks. And hopefully they'll just delay it again like they did last time because it's being exposed again. But we can't just rely on that. We need to do the work, so if they do go ahead and pull it off, that people are protected. People are more important than being thrown into a percentage category. Well, the percentage is, if the government's exposed, they'll delay it or cancel it. That's about a 99 percent, hundred percentage, which is pretty good. But what happens if that 1 percent, they go ahead and do it anyway? And then we lose tens of thousands of people.

Keep the Orgone Pandemic Against the Aliens Going

The only pandemic I see in the Codes right now is them dying because of the orgone afflictions. And that's the one I want to keep going, folks. That's the one we have to keep going. Every Warrior, in every state, in every country, needs to be getting the orgone out. Deserts, forests, water supplies. They wanna attack our water supplies with some kind of bacillus at the bottom-feeder fish level. Some kind of bacteria that starts at the bottom of the fish level and works its way up to affecting all of the fish in the water. And so, we need to protect our water supplies. Get orgone pipes in. Get orgone in. You see water, get orgone in it, period. If you know of a lake, get orgone in it. Give up pizza for a day. Start reworking what your priorities are so that you can get supplies to make your orgone or buy it. Whatever you have to do to get your areas orgoned. They're coming against us like a huge mountain. I just feel the noose and the suffocating starting.

Their Love/Hate Relationship with Sherry

When I look in the Bible Codes and Congress is trying to find ways...Congress is involved, the White House is involved, foreign governments are getting involved to shut us down. My radio shows are being targeted. My radio shows, being heard around the world by these same groups and people. They wanna shut me up. So, yeah, folks. How much time do we have left, hmm?

I know there's things he's waiting for me to talk about, and I'm not going to. [laughs] They hate me, but they love me. It's ironic. They need me, because they know I speak the truth. And they, more than anybody, wanna know what their next move should be for the next month or two. And I'm not gonna tell 'em. I'm gonna concentrate on events that they're planning and things that we're facing. If they have any real value, should be concerned about it right now. What we should be concerned about is staying away from vaccines and flu shots. What we should be concerned about is them looking for ways to justify starting World War III, and pulling us all into another war. Zombie outbreaks.

Demolish Their Portals with Magnetic Orgone

The Buffalo arriving in November; trying to with their portal opening. I don't know if CERN's involved with that or not. The Hadron Collider. You know, they tell you a lot of things that thing's supposedly doing, but what they don't tell you is they use that thing to open portals. [laughs] Last November they were firing it up in the first and second week in November to open portals. And they're doing the same this year. So, apparently, the first half of November is a set date for the arrival of these Ascended Masters. Just like September is...always has been. And then we have this first 15 days period in November. Seems to be a pretty set target date. We can demolish portals with magnetic orgone. So that's how you close the portals, folks.


Anyway, I wanna take questions. If you have questions for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648. See a lot of people on hold right now, so you better hang up if you don't wanna ask a question, 'cause I'm just gonna go through and start answering phones. 'Cause I can't tell one way or another if you're sitting on the line waiting to ask a question, or you're just sitting on the line listening to the show. [laughs] Time to flee if you don't wanna ask a question. I see people gettin' off my lines already. I'll see what's going on. Um...let's see...

Spreading the Orgone in South Dakota

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: [someone speaking in background, but can't tell what they're saying]

SHERRY: Hello, caller.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Hello?

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: All right, they're gone. Let's see. Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Sherry?


CALLER: This is Bev and Sam. How ya doin'?

SHERRY: Hey! Good, how are you?

CALLER: Good. Workin' hard today. Gettin' out today. All day today. Spreadin' the orgone out in South Dakota.

SHERRY: Oh, awesome!

CALLER: Lovin' it. And just wanna let you know, thank you for your prayers, praying for us to get here safe. And Sam and I are workin' hard. Workin' hard for the Lord.

SHERRY: I hear there's a lot of 'em out there. You know, a friend of mine just watched a UFO crash in southern South Dakota.

CALLER: I just heard that. And that just kind of shocked me and Sam. We've been real busy.

Republicans' Lizard-Eyes on TV

CALLER: Just wanna tell ya, thank you for the show tonight. And we were watching these Republicans on TV. I just kind of glanced--I don't do it all the time, Sherry. And I'm tellin' you, there's a lot of Lizards on there. I'm tellin' you right now.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: Their eyes just as up and down as they can be. And they're just comin' out of the woodwork, Sherry. You can see it clear as a bell.

SHERRY: Oh, I know. These larger TVs are kind of backfiring on them with their own technology, 'cause now all you gotta do is walk up to your TV and look at their eyes, and they're slits.

CALLER: Oh, it is somethin' else, Sherry. And I got my husband. He's goin', "My, gosh!" you know, 'cause, you know. But anyway, just wanna let you know take care of yourself. And keep prayin' for ya, and keep prayin' for us. And we're doin' the work, and we're goin' out again tomorrow.

SHERRY: Awesome. Great to hear. Yah bless you both.

CALLER: OK, Sherry. See you later.

SHERRY: All right. Bye-bye.

CALLER: All right. Bye-bye.

Did You See Anything in the Codes for 11-11-11?

SHERRY: Hello, listener, you're on the air.

CALLER: [people speaking in background to each other]

SHERRY: Hello?

CALLER: [background noise]

SHERRY: OK. Hello, listener, you're on the air.

CALLER: [background noise]

SHERRY: Hello, listener, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hello, Sherry.


CALLER: Yes, I was wondering, did you see anything in the Codes for 11-11-11?

SHERRY: Uh, from what I understand, it's some kind of a portal opening.

CALLER: Don't know where?

SHERRY: I don't know where. Just some kind of opening up some kind of portal. It's part of the New Age agenda.

CALLER: Are we gonna see it?

SHERRY: I doubt it. I mean, most of the stuff happens behind the scenes.

CALLER: Isn't that a date used with ascension? And some people are saying now like, this weekend or somethin', it's supposed to be the end of the world again. That same guy?

SHERRY: Oh, that's October 21.

CALLER: Oh, was it?

SHERRY: Harold Camping. Yeah.


SHERRY: Harold Camping's October 21 the rapture's gonna come and save us all.

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: And then two weeks later you have the 11-11 ascension. And I don't know if that's a portal opening for them to come in, or they're wanting all their lightworkers to be beamed up to UFOs. Which would be really disastrous.

CALLER: Yeah, wouldn't it?

SHERRY: Yeah. Because they'd all be taken to hell, and so.

Orgone Warriors Needed in Central Iowa

CALLER: Well, if people can hear me, we need to work on Iowa with orgone because there is so many chemtrails. And the clouds were really--it was hazy here and really windy today. I don't know if we were having a solar somethin' today or somethin', but it was just like--the clouds were like--looked like they were blowin'. And it was windy and--

SHERRY: Yeah. That's how it's been here.

CALLER: --it was real windy and sunny out.

SHERRY: Yeah. The last couple days it's been real windy, and hazy, and icky looking, and--

CALLER: But the KP Index says [audio not clear]. It's been like, a 2 so we haven't had any solar storms.

SHERRY: Hmm. Yeah.

CALLER: So I don't know. But I was wondering what was going on with all these protesters. Crazy. We had 'em in 4 cities in Iowa, was it Saturday. But you know what? They can only stay there so long anyway before--you know, winter's gonna hit, and they--doubt it they're gonna sit out there in the snow.

SHERRY: Yep. Yep.

CALLER: So...I thought the stock market would really start goin' by now, but how can they keep it goin' back up again?

SHERRY: 'Cause they're getting ready to crash it. [laughs]

CALLER: It's doin' really good now again.

SHERRY: Lull before the storm.

CALLER: Yeah, but if anyone can hear me out there, I'd really appreciate it if they can start gettin' some more orgone out in Iowa.

SHERRY: Yeah. I hear from people all over the United States. You know, "And do we have people orgoning Florida? Do we have people orgoning Arizona?"

CALLER: We've got a lot of chemtrails. And big wide ones, too, so. More than usual lately.

SHERRY: You know, you just gotta go out there and get it. I mean, one person in one country. We're lucky to have a person in every state here. I mean, I know some islands and countries where there's one Warrior. And there's maybe two people covering Peru.


SHERRY: And that's one of these huge target areas that need covered on a big basis, huge basis. And one of 'em's a teenager. That's a lot of pressure. That's a lot of people putting their hopes on the backs of teenagers to get work done that the Lord needs done.

People Being Abducted for Satanic Sacrifices

CALLER: Was there any significance--or probably not. I hate to say that about that race car driver that died. Was that anything, you think? Or just that was just a death.


CALLER: It wasn't related to the Illuminati or--

SHERRY: I have no idea. I have no idea if it was a sacrifice or whatever. You know, watch for people missing--and you're already seeing it. Babies missing, children missing.

CALLER: Oh, that baby Lisa! Yeah.

SHERRY: This is a high sacrificial month for the Satanists. And so, they're--

CALLER: There have been some missing lately, so.

SHERRY: Yeah. They abduct people for sacrifices on their altars.

CALLER: Do most abductions take place at night in the United States, do you think? More at night?

SHERRY: What's that?

CALLER: Do abductions usually take place more at night?

SHERRY: Ah, you know what? So many are abducted during the day just from the pedophile sex rings our government runs. The kids are out in the day. They're not out at night.

Orgone Prevented Destruction from Tail of Comet

CALLER: Hmm. I was just wonderin'. But, yeah, I was just kind of nervous about this 11-11-11 date coming up.

SHERRY: I'm not nervous about it. I just wish I knew where the portal was gonna be so we could hit it with orgone.

CALLER: You just keep us updated on that date and stuff. I don't know. Just kind of a weird date. But, um, I was gonna say, wasn't this yesterday we were in the tail of a comet or something?

SHERRY: Uh, I think we were supposed to be. But you know what? I haven't--

CALLER: But we weren't?

SHERRY: Ever since the timeline changed the second week of this month, I have not worried about a thing about it. And from what I can tell, the orgone has just annihilated all of that.

CALLER: Well, that's good 'cause I haven't heard much of anything happening--

SHERRY: Yeah, and that's why I'm thinkin', "Do you think we'll finally start getting some respect now?"

No Worries about Volcano Setting Off a Tsunami in Atlantic Ocean

CALLER: And the last two days the earthquake's been kind of quiet all of a sudden.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: Or you've heard more on that volcano that's gonna go, or if it's not, or--

SHERRY: Yeah, I'm not worried about that volcano. I'm really not worried about it. They've been--they're trying to push out a lot of hype to instill fear in people and anxiety so they can eat off of that energy. New York City's not destroyed by water. The Bible says it's destroyed by fire. So I'm not worried about a volcano setting off a tsunami in the Atlantic Ocean.

CALLER: I'll bet they're having some activity in Washington lately.



SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.

CALLER: OK. Well, thank you. Thanks.

SHERRY: All right.

CALLER: God bless.

SHERRY: Yah bless. Bye-bye.

Men in Black Demanding Camcorder Footage

Uh, let's see. I've got about--uh-oh. [laughs] There you go. Think I hung up on somebody.

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hi! Uh, can you hear me?


CALLER: Oh, wow! This is awesome. I finally got through. OK, um, I'm real hesistant to ask this question mostly because it's on, you know, national radio. all right, I'm gonna kind of make it short and sweet, and you're gonna be able--

SHERRY: I've got just 30 seconds left, so make it real quick.

CALLER: OK, a couple months ago, me and my friend got some really good live footage on a camcorder. And I don't know if it's the U.S. government, but these people in black will not leave us alone, and they are demanding our video tapes. What can I do to make these people to stay away from me?

SHERRY: Get orgone.

CALLER: I got it.

SHERRY: Orgone will keep them away. All they are is aliens. Men in black.

CALLER: Exactly. [audio skips] footage tape [audio not clear].

SHERRY: I'm running out of time here. I've gotta get going. But get orgone as soon as possible.

CALLER: All right, thank you.

SHERRY: All right. Bye-bye.

Running out of time on the show, folks. Yeah, if you've got something you want the aliens to stay away from, orgone your area, because orgone burns them, they hate it, and so. Don't be intimidated by the men in black. Rebuke them in the name of Yahushua and command them to leave you.

Anyway, until next week, folks. Be back on Thursday at 11 o'clock. Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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