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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
October 24, 2011

They Want to Demonize Iran Like They Did Gaddafi and Libya

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night. I'm Sherry Shriner and it's October 24. And kind of inching along towards the rest of the year here. And it should be interesting on all accounts. Couple areas I'm gonna focus on for now. And what I wanna do is give you a heads up on--I know I talked about it in the last show--terrorist attacks being set up. Because they're trying to push a war with Iran. They want a ground invasion war with Iran next year. And their typical war month is March. And so, if they wanna be on the ground in March next year, they need to start hyping up the public outrage against Iran. They want everybody to hate Iran, because they need public support for this war against Iran. So they're making up lies. And this whole thing about the Saudi ambassador, that was a total lie. The things coming out against Iran. You'll probably start hearing things about human rights abuses and everything else. It's all lies.

They're trying to demonize Iran just like they did Gaddafi and Libya. Gaddafi didn't want anything to do with the Rothschild's banks. They took care of their own people. They kept the resources for their own people. And there's very few countries left that don't want the New World Order parasites in their countries. And three of them being Libya, Syria, and Iran. And so, now that Libya has gone down--and Gaddafi's been dead for a while, folks. I don't know why they're saying they just kill him. I mean, everybody I know telling me he's been dead for a while now already. Probably back when it first started. But they've taken him out.

Gaddafi Was a CIA Agent - Killed for Not Towing the NWO Line

And the whole thing that was confusing to me about the Libya thing, was when I would look at the Bible Codes--and I've warned you last year I kept seeing Libya in the Codes. I mean, it was just, you know, it's one of these constants. Libya being in the Codes. Because they had been planning, at that time, to invade Libya. In the Bible Codes it kept looking like he was in an alliance with the alien New Agers, but yet it was the alien New Age faction that killed him, destroyed him. And so, I couldn't understand why they would take out one of their own. It occurred to me that every time I see the CIA in the Bible Codes, it's an alien organization. The CIA is just, you know, it's completely alien. People think the 13 families of the Illuminati on Earth are the ones controlled by aliens, but they also have their own organizations on Earth and the CIA is one of them. And Gaddafi was a CIA agent and they put him in power in Libya. And what typically happens is if you don't tow the line and do what you're told, they'll take you out. And that's what they did to Gaddafi. He wasn't towing the New World Order line, and so, they took him out, and so. Just more of their power-grab.

Getting the Propaganda Machines Going Against Iran in Order to Start A World War

They not only wanna control every major nation in the world, they wanna control all the major resources. So that's why it always looks like an octopus. This is the reason they wanted Libya. That's the reason they went into Libya. There's always more than one reason, folks. And none of them are usually wrong. There's more than one way to skin a cat, and so. Next will be Syria and Iran. And they're working on that one now. Getting the propaganda machines going. Wanting to fool everybody into hating Iran, and so. You know, I don't agree with the Iranians, but I certainly don't believe they should be nuked and destroyed because their beliefs aren't like mine. But that's what the New World Order does. Go along with them or get destroyed. The earthquake in Turkey the other day, just some hardball positioning by the New World Order. Get along with the program, or get worse.

So, everything falling into place for next year. They want total world war next year. And it's going to be massive. And so, for this year, they need stepping stones. They need more propaganda. They need more lies. They need more people hating Iran and wanting to invade Iran. And so, I've been warned about terrorist attacks on our own soil. I've been talking about the zombie attack, but that one's not really--how're you gonna blame Iran. That's just another of these sacrifice human being type things that they wanna get going. I've also been told that there will be a food contamination outbreak, probably starting tomorrow. Some kind of virus in food making people sick and killing them. So I would be real leery of eating out in any kind of fast-food restaurants tomorrow. Or any kind of produce. That seems to be a quick fix because they can just go in supermarkets and inject fruit with needles, if need be. Or if they're in plants somewhere, assembly lines, they can inject fruit with poison and viruses. We're still in kind of an area, a time frame, of where Satan wants sacrifices. You know, the cantaloupes; that was a sacrifice. Now we're gonna start seeing more of our food supply getting contaminated as sacrifices to Satan.

American Cities on the NWO Target List to Nuke

Also, I have a terror list that I put on my website years ago of cities that always seem to pop up in the New World Order circles, targeted for terror, for nuke bombings. And I remember on the script of the New World Order script years ago that they were going--part of the script read that they were gonna have a nuking of four American cities. They were gonna blame it on Russia. Well, they were gonna claim it was an accident, it was a Russian accident, pushed the wrong button, whatever, four American cities are nuked. I still think they're gonna blame Russia and Iran, and nuke four American cities. And so, a heads up on that. And I was looking at the list of cities I'd named years ago as part of their terror list.

And, you know, with all the talk of the Hoover Dam on the new $50 bill--Hoover Dam being exploded and the whole thing steeped in symbolism. An Illuminati ritual symbolizing DNA activation and a Christ transformation about to come. And the whole thing was the birthing of a new race of beings on Earth. And, you know, just a lot of Illuminati symbolisms involved with this Hoover Dam, even though it was built. All that being found on the new $50 bill. The red sky.

And Phoenix, Arizona has always been on their target list to nuke. Phoenix. Because Phoenix represents resurrection. And so they were gonna destroy--out of chaos, out of the destruction of the phoenix, the phoenix bird would arise. And you could Wikipedia the phoenix bird, the phoenix. And you'll see it's a symbol for the Illuminati of resurrection and rebirth. So watch out for that one. Watch out, not only for the Hoover Dam--I haven't really jumped on that bandwagon of the Hoover Dam. Just haven't felt led towards that. But...not saying it can't happen, it's just not my call. But these four cities that they're trying to target does come to mind, and so.

Not just Phoenix, Arizona, unless they gave--decided not to blow up the Phoenix and go with the Hoover Dam instead--maybe it gave a better ritual. I don't know. But also some other cities, in particular you have Lexington, Kentucky always on their nuke list for some reason; Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina; Richmond, Virgina; Houston, Texas; Dallas, Texas; and Los Angeles and San Francisco. You also have Chicago and St. Louis, but they could take out Chicago and St. Louis HAARPing the earthquake zone through there. I don't think those are a threat right now, but the other cities possibly could be.

Seems like they're always trying to have a false flag in Houston. They were trying to have false flags in Chicago the last several years. I don't know what the Sears Tower's called now, they sold it. Same scenario as with the Twin Towers. Sell it right before they blow it up so whoever bought it can cash in on all the insurance money on it. But they've never pulled that one off either, bringing down the Sears Tower in Chicago.

And so, I would say the cities to watch for are probably San Francisco, Phoenix, Lexington, perhaps Richmond. And like I said, Charleston, South Carolina's had false flags there before. Columbia, South Carolina. And you've got Houston and Dallas. Those are cities to watch out for. And I wish I could remember exactly the four cities that were on the target list, but I'm pretty sure Charleston, South Carolina and Lexington, Kentucky; Houston, Dallas, and San Francisco are on it. I'd have to double-check. But, you know, my website--I put stuff on there and I never take it off, and it can take you a while to scroll through [laughs] all the information I have at Put that site up probably back in 2001, and it's about 10 years of information on that website.

Warriors, Get a Huge Orgone Barrier Across Southern California - Zombie Threat on Other Side of Border

So, you know, terror attacks, something to watch for. I don't know what's going on with this zombie virus. Last I heard, they weren't ready. But that could also be something they send out to everybody so they could always claim plausible denial later. Like, "Oh, I knew a virus existed, but I had no idea they were gonna set it off." And so, we need to be ready, even if they claim it's not 100 percent ready. Even if they claim that, we still need to be ready, because they could be lying. They could be giving everybody plausible deniability on it. And so, target area was Tijuana, Mexico.

And so, we need to get southern California there with orgone. Some of you sent in orgone for that and I appreciate it. It's going straight towards the area where we need it. If anybody else lives out in that area, or can take a mission and head towards the border, that would be a big help. We've got, you know, a couple Warriors in San Diego, but we need to be able to get even lower, and I know that they're not going to go much farther south than San Diego. Can't say I blame 'em, but, you know, we can get a couple guys out there. We need to get that whole southern California. We need a wall straight across it, east to west. And when you put up an orgone wall, you put up a puck about every mile, or two miles, or a half a mile, depending on what the Lord tells you to do. And that puts up a huge barrier, huge orgone wall, across the whole state.

Anti-Orgone Machines, Anti-Orgone Ads, Anti-Orgone Prayers. "I'm not Offended, I'm Vindicated."

So, I found it interesting--I posted this on my Facebook earlier in the week, about the White House coming out with a anti-orgone machine. Spending billions of dollars in alien tech on these prototype machines. There's two in America, there's one in Ontario, there's a huge one in Japan, and they're in several parts around the world. And I find this interesting because they've been around a lot longer than I was made aware of. I'm just learning about it, and they've been around for several years. So they've been freaking out over our orgone much more than they've even let on, and so. I know I could see it in the Codes that it was destroying them, it was afflicting them, burning them. I put it on my website at, everything I was seeing in the Codes about it. They don't say anything publicly, but what they are doing behind your back is spending millions of dollars in taxpayers' money on anti-orgone machines.

And so, you know, I warned, gave a heads up, that the hate was really gonna start comin'. [laughs] They couldn't find creditable ways to ban orgone, because there's nothing evil about it. It doesn't bother humans. It's a living, healing energy. The only people that it bothers, and hates it, are evil ones, Lizards. And so, I find it funny that these same Lizards try to get people to stand up to claim that orgone is evil, that it attracts demons. Well, if it was evil and it attracted demons, the New World Order would love it. You know, they wouldn't be spending millions of dollars in anti-orgone machines. They would love the orgone if it was attracting evil, 'cause that's what they are. And so, they're standing up various people, and I suspect it's gonna be worldwide soon enough, where they'll be standing up people to speak out against it. Snide remarks on commercial ads, or even television advertisements. Telefrauds getting on TV and praying against it. [laughs] You know what, people? I'm not offended. I'm vindicated. I'm vindicated, because this orgone does exactly what I've said it does. I couldn't make a lot of people believe it, but now they watch the reaction of the Lizards against it. It kind of shows itself for what I've been saying. It hurts them. It hurts them. So, we need to keep getting it out.

You Protest, Then They Provide the Solutions That Lead Us into a One-World Government

You know, people wanna go out and protest. And, you know what? It's your right to go out and just voice your anger about all the wickedness and evil that's going on in this country and this world. Yeah, get it off your chest. Go out and protest. But the problem is, it's not gonna change anything, because they want the protesting. In fact, they're all in it now. They're helping protests spread up in more and more cities. In fact, I'm hearing now, maybe 1500 cities are having Occupy protests. It's playing into their hands. And I warned you that they already know human reaction to everything they do. They've already anticipated it. And they're ready to use it for their means.

Problem-reaction-solution. Their solution is going to be, "OK. No problem. We'll get rid of the Fed. We'll get rid of this economy. We'll get rid of this form of government." And they're gonna institute one-world government, one-world religion, one-world's economies. You're gonna see Bible prophecy come alive quicker than they could have done it, simply because the people demanded the change. And they're gonna give the people the change. Only, it's working for them better than they could've imagined. Because they've been slowly fighting and trying to change people's ideas, turning countries into police states, trying to implement this global New World Order. And now all they have to do is sweep it in, because the people are demanding change.

All this is part of the New World Order where global governments come under a dictatorship, and so. You know, they'll get rid of the Fed, and the IRS, and all that for NESARA. And if you're not familiar with the New Age NESARA program, you should go to It's a totally New Age alien agenda with NESARA. Been warning about that one for years. And so, it's not gonna get any better, folks. It's not gonna get any better. They're gonna bring change. They're just gonna bring the change that isn't gonna be any better than what we have now. So, just a heads up on that.

Neutrino Detector on White House Roof to Block Orgone - Got Pictures?

And I posted a link at of this neutrino detector, this anti-orgone machine. And this thing--you scroll through the page and look at the pictures on it. It's at It's Japan's Super-Kamiokande; it's what it's called. But there's various prototypes of this same machine. There's one on the White House, the roof of the White House. If anybody can get a picture of that, I'd love it. See anything different on the White House, just get snapshots of the White House roof. Also at Chicago City Hall building. And there's also one in Ontario. I don't know if they give the direct location for Ontario on the website, but I see where they list Ontario. They said there's six other machines around the world. Just smaller prototypes of the huge one they have in Japan. And what this thing is like, it's like a particle detector. And it can isolate and block specific particles. And so, even with, you know, this millions of dollars of tech, this thing can only--the radius is only five miles. Five-mile radius. This is how desperate they are [laughs] to block orgone. When you spend millions of dollars on something that can only give you a protection area of five miles. Five miles. I could spend ten, twenty dollars in orgone [laughs] for a protection area. [laughs] Unreal, folks. Unreal. And so, if anybody can get pictures.

Any Eyewitnesses from Joplin, Missouri Can Tell Their True Stories to Sherry

Also, if anybody knows anybody from Joplin, Missouri. I was even given a heads up that people from Joplin, Missouri have been trying to get through major news media outlets to tell their story of what really happened there, and the news media is blocking them out because they think what they're saying is silly and not true. I would love to know who these people are, where they are. Love 'em to call in to my show, send me an e-mail. I would love to get a hold of these people. Get the true story of Joplin, Missouri out. Because you guys have been listening to me talk about it since it happened, but let's listen to the people that lived there. I'm not even there and I can tell you what happened. And they lived there. And I would just love to get eyewitnesses on this show to talk about what happened.

First, Joplin, Missouri...Next, Tijuana, Mexico - Perfecting the Zombie Virus

So, you know, that was a zombie exercise gone bad, so they blew the entire town over with a tornado. And ever since then, they've been trying to perfect their zombie virus. And they were--the CDC, Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, the last two weeks, has been in conference calls with the White House and the Pentagon, trying to get the final phase of a zombie vaccine ready so they can cause another outbreak here.

Their target area's Tijuana, Mexico because it's hot there, and there's no orgone bothering them down there. And that's insulting, but, you know, that's Mexico. What can I do? Right now it's pulling tooth and nail to get people to go down to southern California and get the tip. Nobody wants to go to southern California, and so.

"We sleep safe in our beds because rough men [and women] stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm." --George Orwell

Folks, we need Warriors to stand up. I've been in deserts. I've been in your states when you were sleeping, just to protect you while you were sleeping in your state. I mean, come on. Let's help each other out here. We've got a whole country to seal off. You know, as they come up with plans, we've gotta counteract them.

You know, people wanna protest, that's fine. But, you know what? Like I said, it's not gonna change anything. It's gonna play into their hands. If you wanna change anything, get involved with the one thing that's changing them, that's destroying them, that's hurting them. And that's the living, healing energy of our orgone. And so, if you really wanna get involved and kick the scumbags off this Earth, our orgone is what's doing it. You can go to Just watch the haters standing up, railing out against it. Lizards, CIA agents, Intel agents. Preachers owned by the Illuminati: John Hagee. Watch all of 'em, folks. Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, you know, they're gonna stir up all their little Lizard buddies. Because they realize that the small ragtag band of Warriors that's destroying them are the Lord's people.

And so, they're going to use "Lord's people" to come after the Lord's people. [laughs] All just sitting in these fraud churches run by wolves and the Illuminati Lizards, are gonna come after us. And it could get ugly. But, you know what? I'm not offended. I've been listening to people hate me for years. [laughs] No sweat off my back.

But we need to get our work done. And, you know what? We're accomplishing a lot. We're accomplishing a heck of a lot behind the scenes, when they're spending millions of dollars for machines that only have a five-mile radius. We're accomplishing quite a bit. And I've told you all along. I mean, where's Nibiru? What happened to Nibiru, folks. Where's all the destruction from Planet X that was supposed to come in and half-destroy Earth. They're all running to their underground bases to hide. The orgone destroyed it. The orgone destroyed it. It's afflicting all of them in space.

We can actually win this space war against the aliens. I'm convinced. Starting to be very, very convinced that we could win this space war just with orgone. Because it's crashing their UFOs. They're crashing daily. Media calls them meteors. The Lizards can't stand it. The governments of the world are ordering--I guess the biggest business right now is the neutrino detector machines. Governments are ordering them from everywhere. It's big business right now. Why? Because the orgone does exactly what I say it does. It's burning them and it's destroying them. And so, if you wanna protest, if you wanna do something to get back and get the scum off the Earth, take back this Earth from the aliens, get involved with the orgone war against them.

Not All Orgone Is the Same - Buy or Make Our Orgone - The NWO Hates It Because It's Effective

And not all orgone is the same, folks. I hear from people around the world and they'll send me a website link of a website in their own country that's selling orgone, and, you know what? It's just so typical, the garbage you see on eBay. It's garbage. If they're painting it nice, pretty colors, it's garbage. If it's in a pyramid format, it's garbage.

Go to my website, look for the link "make your own," and follow those instructions. You can make your own, very simply. It's not pretty. It's not pretty blues, and pinks, and greens. It's just effective. It's destroying them. It's money well-spent. You're wasting your money on the dead-orgone garbage that they're selling on eBay and everywhere else, under the guise of being warriors. Gimme a break. That's the kind of orgone that attacts demons. When you twist the coil in the wrong directions, and you put extra added junk, it's not even orgone. You will attract demons to your house. But you know what? That's not the orgone the New World Order hates.

The New World Order hates the orgone that keeps demons out of your house, that repels evil. That's what they're after. They're after our prescription. Our recipe of orgone-making. That's what they wanna stop. That's the only one out of all of them that's being effective against them. Proof's in the pudding, folks. You know, government circles laugh and mock about me all the time around this country. I don't care. I'm not offended. I'm not offended. I laugh and mock at their demise. I'm vindicated. And we have more work to be done.

We Could Totally Annihilate the Alien New Age Regime Before It Even Arrives

You know, we've got both factions fighting against each other. We've got the 8th regime and the 7th regime batting heads. And we're kind of stuck in a quagmire with the 8th regime right now, because they're falling out of the skies and burning. I'm seriously starting to think that we can totally destroy this entire 8th regime from even happening. Wouldn't that be a trip? I mean, I was shocked just back when we took Maitreya out. I mean, I was shocked then. Imagine my shock now that I'm looking at the evidence. So we could totally annihilate the entire alien New Age regime that's coming. We could totally annihilate it before it even arrives. We've just gotta get busy. And not just America. America's going to be a totally blocked-off nation for them, as far as I can tell. We could be.

Other nations need to stand up and get them done as well. Canada needs more work. Africa. You know, I find it amusing, and almost insulting, that the Illuminati's running to India, and they're running to Africa, and they're buying up land and resources there. They're all leaving America. They're going out Middle East. We need to get those areas in the Middle East. And you know what? We might have one Warrior to cover an entire continent. We need to get them help. We need to send them as much orgone as we can. If they're willing to do the work, I'm willing to make it and send it. I just need the funds to do that.

You know, one of the biggest highlights I had several years ago was Buckingham Palace. [laughs] Stonehenge. And other target areas. And we need to build on those. Vatican! The Vatican! We can never have enough orgone there. And I know we have Warriors in these various countries that would do the work if we could get it to them. So that's what we need to do, folks. I need more funds for that. I need to pay bills. I need your support, folks. The clock's winding down. We can't go to sleep. We've gotta fight back.

I'm Not Here to Build an Army, I'm Here to Wake One Up

Do what you were sent here to do. I always said I wasn't here to build an army, I'm here to wake one up. Because we're gonna work together and destroy this New World Order. One person can't do it all. So I need your financial support. I need your help. I need Warriors in countries to stand up. You know, it kills me that, I can think of one person that's been roaming Africa on orgone missions, you know. One person. One person, probably, maybe three in Australia. And that's a huge continent. It's as big as the United States. One or two people in backpacks in Europe. I mean, come on, folks.

We need a lot more people to stand up and get this stuff out while we can. They can't ban it. There's no real reason they can come up with it. Isn't laughable. Well, they'd have to admit their evil, because positive orgone energy orgone only bothers evil beings. So they'd have to admit their evil. They're not gonna do that. They're gonna spend millions of dollars on little machines to put on the roofs, that only have a five-mile radius. And it doesn't work! That's the kicker. It doesn't even work! If it worked, Obama'd be in the White House, and Michelle would stop hotel-hopping. It doesn't work! And they say, "Oh, there was a leak, and that's why it's not working." And that's why they're digging up the White House lawn. Because they have to fix the leak. Or maybe they're putting a bigger prototype of the machine underneath the ground. Whatever. Either way, it hasn't worked in years. And they say they've had it for a couple of years already. It hasn't worked. [laughs] Vindication, folks. That's all it is.

Iran's Been Throwing Around the Illuminati Number 11

You know, I've been looking at Codes for next month. You know, I don't wanna say too much because [laughs] it would be more fun after the fact. Probably will be. But what I'm focusing on that does have my eyes worried is the terrorist attacks, because when they strike these terrorist attacks up, I'm usually just winging it. Going by their material. And you know how indecisive they are. They're very indecisive. They'll plan and work on something for years for one thing to happen, and then think of nothing to cancel it. And that's OK, as long as they wanna cancel it. We don't need any terror attacks on our soil. But this is how desperate they are to strike up the war with Iran. America's gonna go to war with Iran. Israel's gonna go to war with Syria.

And what I found interesting is Iran and their threats--they said if America even begins a ground invasion in Iran, that they could send out 11,000 missiles and hit the bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. American bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. 11,000 missiles. And then they turned around at a later date and said if they were attacked by Israel, they could destroy Israel in 11 days. So they're throwing this number 11 around. It's one thing I noticed. Throwing that number 11 around. And then you have--and, no, I don't think it's gonna happen November 11. I'm just saying. It's one of their Illuminati numbers, ritual numbers. Then they're saying the Hoover Dam is all set to, symbolically, to be nuked on November 11. So you're hearing a lot about this 11-11-11. It's number 11. And what I've always felt about the number 11, it's a portal activation. We could see a lot more dimensions opening up. Portals opening up here. More aliens arriving.

Two Routes to Bring About the Ascension into the Aquarian Age

And there's two different varied routes, I guess you could say, to bring about this whole ascending into the Aquarian Age crap that the New Agers put out. But it's also a New World Order plan. And on the one hand, you have the 7th regime. The New World Order cabal that we're dealing with now. The Bushes, and the Clintons, and the Illuminati families, and the Rockefellers, and the Rothschilds, and the bankers, and all them. That's the 7th regime. And to them, bringing god on Earth--the return of the Sumerian gods, the Anunnaki, which the New Agers call the Ascended Masters--to them, they're gonna bring this about by having a huge war in the Middle East. Eventually, dragging in North Korea in the war. And when the North Korean Peninsula is completely nuked and on fire, then the Sumerian gods would return. That's their view.

Then you have the New Ager view, where we're all just going to--our vibrations are gonna rise [laughs], and we're just gonna shift into a massive consciousness, and UFOs and the Ascended Masters are gonna arrive and make everything better. [laughs] You know, they always throw these hogwash terms around: "shifting in consciousness" (sounds like hypnosis) or "raising your vibrations." Every time I hear that, I just wanna choke. I just wanna scream. Because everybody I've known in the New Age--and the only time I know people in the New Age is if people are arguing with me in e-mails and IMs, and general haters about me [laughs]--the only thing I know about them is, as they keep boasting about how they're raising their vibrations and blah-blah-blah, they end up soul-scalped.

How to Use Spiritual Warfare to Combat Their Tactics for Creating Sickness and Death

And isn't it interesting, that they're all blabbering on about now, about how the consciousness is awakening? And there's a rise in vibrations around the world? Really? Is that a good thing? Because all I see is protests springing up all over the world. People are angry. People are angry. How do you translate that anger into a spiritual awakening, you know? It's loosh. It's food to the aliens. They love that kind of thing. It's like spinach to an alien [in the way it gives strength to the cartoon character Popeye]. Anger, hate, frustration, suffering. Thats like spinach to an alien. It gives them an energy. That's what they like.

Death's even better. They love death. And they're kind of in this whole sacrificial era right now where they need to put sacrifices out for Satan, so they're contaminating our foods so people get sick and die. Now Halloween's coming up. Watch for fires because those are always sacrifices to Satan as well. Any kind of a fire. In particular, deaths caused by fire. I mean, we're dealing with a bunch of Satan freaks on Earth, folks. They worship Satan. And they're getting so exposed now. It's like you start keeping a calendar, "OK, what month is this? What are the Satan freaks doing?" [laughs] You know what? Just ask the Lord to send a lot of rain, so any kind of fires that they have get put out by His rain. Any kind of food that they've poisoned rot in the stores before people even buy it, so people won't buy it. Any kind of poison they're injecting in meats, in fruits. That the Lord just turns it to water. We can combat their tactics. We don't have to be victims, we can combat it. You know, I'm not always sitting around waiting to be a victim. I would be waiting for years by now. We can combat them. The Lord's bigger than they are. They're just created beings by Him. They have no power of their own.

Terror Attacks from Our Own Country to Be Blamed on Iran to Spark War

So terror attacks coming upon us to further the lie that we need to go to war with Iran. They'll probably be set off by the Jews, or the alien cabal in our military. I would watch for nuclear strikes from our own Midwest heading west, nuking cities on the west coast. They'll tell you they're from Iran, but, you know, they're from our own missile silos. Don't believe the lies that are coming. They're just setting us up. And if you really wanna change something, get off the protests in the streets and start making orgone and getting it out. That's what's gonna change things. And at the same time, you're making protection areas and zones for people because that's what the orgone does. It makes protection areas and zones. Aliens don't like orgoned areas. They'll stay out of 'em. So it's a time crunch, folks.

Anonymous Is Just Another Branch of the CIA - CIA Is an Alien Organization

Put up information on my website,, about Anonymous. And they're CIA, folks, if you wondered who they are. Too-good-to-be-true kind of thing. It's just another branch of the CIA. I always told you that was the alien agenda. And anymore, whenever it's alien agenda, it's CIA. Because the CIA is an alien organization. So just keep your eyes on, you know, whatever they're pushing. Doesn't matter which faction. We just go against both factions, folks. We gotta destroy both of 'em.

List of New Age Elders and Counselors Includes Alex Jones, Betty Eadie, Joyce Meyers, and Oprah Winfrey

Another thing I wanted to mention. And this was a letter that I posted on my website a couple weeks ago--probably a month ago, it's been a while. And I got this e-mail. It was somebody I don't even know. I just happened to be on somebody's e-mail list. And I was sent an e-mail of a list of names of elders and counselors. And I'm thinking, "What is this?" A list of names of elders and counselors. This is another one of those White Knight type things. And it's something...uh, it has to do with the alien agenda.

And what this 24-elders thing is--and I told you Satan mimics everything the Lord has and does. The Lord has a counsel in heaven, referred to as the 4 and 20 elders, and they govern with the Lord. They are like the court in heaven with God. They govern with God. I've referred to them before as the Counsel. But these are ancient beings and they already rule and reign with the Lord in heaven. They're already there. Revelation 19:4, it talks about the 4 beasts that surround the throne, and it talks about the 24 elders.

So, apparently, the New Age would not be complete without mimicking this as well. And so, they have this counsel of elders. They call them counselors and elders; kind of interchange the two.

Benefit of Being Counselors and Elders Is Tax-Free Status from the Queen

But what struck me is the names of people that have just been added as counselors and elders for this New Age group. The...what do you want to call it? The bonuses for being one of them is tax-free status. So these people who are awarded counselor and elder status of the New Age get tax-free status from the Queen. They no longer have to pay taxes. They get tax-free status. So I want to read the names. And what they believe that they are is, uh, I'm gonna read this e-mail:

In the following are named 24 Counselors with 4 Alternates, listing into record those who are now under the Authority of the Sealed Servants of the Living God. Infraction fees for any action resulting in a Charge levied on behalf of these Counselors shall be a Hundred-fold fine, except in the case of a Death Charge, which will constitute a $1 Billion dollar fine.

These 32 persons must immediately be notified of their tax-free status and reimbursed for all taxes paid, (including property taxes), from the "Year of the Seal", (1992), to the present via the I.R.S. in appreciation for their contributions to this Universe. They are; Mary Summer Rain, David Icke, Alex Jones, Steven Quail, Linda Moulton Howe, Tom Dongo, James Twyman, Betty Eadie, Willy Whitefeather, Nick Bunick, Greg Bradon, Rosemary Altea, Nickolas Mann, Gary Zukav, Doreen Virtue, Joyce Meyers, Alan Cohen, Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Marciniak, Shirley Mclaine, Mary Louise Landis, Paula Rittenburg, Dannon Brinkley, Marcia Schafer.

So what the heck is this, folks? A list of elders and counselors, and they have conferences on Earth. There's a resolution conference for all of these people who are going to be nominated with tax-free status. In these closed-door meetings for this group,

Only the Counsel and their Sealed Servant Security Guardians are allowed to these Global Resolution Conferences.

So there's the tip-off it's the alien agenda, the New Agers, is "Global Resolution Conference."

Indeed Cathy O'Brian and Mark Phillips,(Together they shall count as one vote), Katherine Albrecht, Ed.D. and Ann Albers are added to the Elder list---

Receiving Recognition by Alien New Age Agenda for Their Contributions to Earth

And so, these people are being recognized by the alien New Age agenda for their contribution toward the Earth. Now if they were enemies of this alien New Age agenda, they wouldn't be nominated (gifted) with tax-free status and put on this Counsel or board (whatever you wanna call it) for this New Age agenda. You know, it was a Who's Who list: David Icke, Alex Jones, Steve Quayle, Linda Moulton Howe, Oprah Winfrey, Shirley McClaine.

I mean, come on, folks. You know, you hear stuff about people wondering about Steve Quayle, David Icke, and Alex Jones. Now you know. They're White Knight Journalists. They work the New Age alien agenda. They're part of this global agenda. That's such hogwash. You know what? And the thing is, I've been going back and forth in e-mails with them--the original person who sent me this e-mail [laughs], trying to explain to him who the real Counsel of the Lord is, who the real army of 144,000 are.

Some of them are just so deceived they think this is God's actions on Earth. That this is really of God. And it's like, "Hello...why would God give us tax-free status for obeying Him?" [laughs] He offers us eternal life in heaven. His rewards are heavenly, not earthly. And when the Lord comes, He plans on destroying the Earth. He doesn't plan on sitting down and running around the globe having conferences. [laughs] He's not bringing in a new economic program. He's not bringing in a new one-world government. It will be a theocracy when He establishes His reign in Jerusalem under David again. It'll be a 1000-year millenial reign.

And that's what these New Agers have been trying to mimic with their fifth-dimension facade, this whole ascension crap. They're trying to mimic this 1000-year millenial reign. But they jump the gun because when the Lord first arrives, He's coming with ten thousands of His saints at the battle of Armageddon at Israel and He destroys the wicked off the earth. His angels go through with swords off the earth and separate the sheep and the goats, you know.

If It Sounds Biblical, People Go Along with It, Especially If They Don't Read Their Bibles

And there's no coming to Earth and showering out tax-free status to people for obeying Him. [laughs] I thought that was so funny. But they just don't get it. They don't get it, because nobody reads their Bibles. Nobody reads prophecy. They don't understand Bible prophecy. And that's why they can just start creating and mimicking it. And it sounds biblical, so people go along with it. Well, you know, that's why it's deception. It's good. It's deceivable. Especially if you don't even read the Bible to begin with. So they're trying to have this fake army of 144,000 on the Earth. Now they've got the fake counsel of the 24 elders. The avenues to where they'll go to mimic, and copy, and just be wicked, they just don't even amaze me anymore. That's not even surprising. So, just a heads up on be careful of who you're listening to because they're just working the alien agenda. They're being rewarded by them for being good little information pawns. Linda Moulton Howe, David Icke, Steve Quayle, Alex Jones, all have their own agendas, folks. And it's not the Most High's.

Anyway, I'll be back on Thursday. Oh, and people who want to see this letter, I posted it on my website, It's on there. [] Also, the pictures to the link, the neutron detector, the anti-orgone machines they're building. That's on my website, as well. Till then I'll be back on Thursday with Aliens in the News at 1 o'clock. And don't forget to send support, folks. I've gotta pay the bills to stay on the air and get ready for all the attacks coming. If they're gonna nuke cities, if we could find out, even with short notice, what these cities are--hopefully it's cities that we've already got orgone in--try to protect as many people as possible.

Anyway, until Thursday, folks. Yah bless.


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