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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
October 31, 2011

Bible Codes Warn of Zombie Vaccine in Lithuania and UFOs in Romania

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, October 31, and this is Sherry Shriner. Couple things I wanna talk about tonight. Wrapping down what I pretty much thought would be a quiet October. Going into what I think is going to be a pretty funny November.  And I'll be talking about all the things going on this month.

Couple things I noticed in the Codes as I was working this week is Lithuania keeps coming up. And I remember a friend of mine telling me that the CDC was gonna test their zombie vaccine in a eastern European country. And I don't know about eastern. I just keep seeing Lithuania. Another thing that comes up is Romania. And Romania seems to be saturated with UFOs lately. And so, heads up in Romania and Lithuania. You guys need to be getting orgone out there. Because, as I've been talking about on my show for years, orgone will cause the UFOs to crash. It also fights back against zombies. And so, takes care of both problems with one weapon, being orgone. In fact, exact terms I saw for Romania were "saturated - medallic - pest - scales - basket." And "medallic baskets," they're often known as UFOs. "Pest" 'cause they are. And "scales" because they're Lizards, and so. (check out the zombie attack in Denmark just a few weeks later

Serpents Plotting Retaliation Against Sherry for Malfunctioning Nibiru with Orgone

Couple other things I found was "Nibiru - malfunction - retaliation." And so, they want retaliation for the fact that orgone malfunctioned Nibiru. So that should be interesting. They always want retaliation for something. They haven't learned yet that when they retaliate against me, I just retaliate right back. And they end up worse.

Another Code on retaliation, "nemesis" (which is another term for Nibiru/Planet X) - retaliation - acropolis - leader - plotting - serpent." And the serpent is plotting retaliation against my hometown, or my state. "Acropolis" could be either one. Known as a city, but I don't really live in a city, I live in more like a cow-town.

And I found it interesting, 'cause I was given a heads-up warning that Obama and Rahm Emanuel were both plotting their usual--they're replacing Cheney now. They're becoming the Dumb and Dumber, Peat and Repeat. They're replacing Cheney in the Codes, always coming after me. And Cheney was, for years, trying to assassinate me. And now it's Obama and Rahm seeking revenge because they hate the orgone so much.  (two weeks later Sherry's area was sprayed by pesticide trucks and she would suffer pneumonia, losing her voice, resulting in the cancelling of several of her radio shows over a two week period.)

Practice Drill for Zombie Outbreak in Delaware County in Ohio

And so, when I was given that heads up, I then notice that somebody sent me a article--and I don't have it in front of me, I just have to wing it off the top of my head--they were gonna have some kind of practice drill for a zombie outbreak in Delaware County. So I live in Ohio, all my life, never even heard of Delaware County, so I had to look it up. And it's over there by Columbus. It's a suburb area, actually, outside Columbus. Central Ohio.

So, interesting, because it's supposed to be just one of these practice drills where first responders can learn how to react and treat zombie victims. And I thought that was kind of strange because the one thing you don't wanna do is treat a zombie victim. You will become the next zombie. There's no treating the dead. They're already dead. And so, once a person becomes bitten by a zombie, you have to kill them. You either burn them, shoot them in the head in the brain. You have to destroy the brain, and so.

I put up a YouTube video. And the easiest way to kill zombies is with orgone water, 'cause that's like acid to 'em. And I'm hoping that even just the very saturate of breath of orgone melts them as well, because Ohio's a pretty fortified state as far as orgone goes. So, interesting that they're having first-responder drills on zombie outbreaks. And Obama's behind it? And Rahm is behind it? Do you think they'd really be behind a practice drill? So, apparently, this practice drill is to get ready for something else much more hideous that they have planned.

And so, you know, they're always after Ohio, folks. And I've often seen chemical attacks in Ohio. And so, one of the things I've been talking about for a while is, of course, the zombie virus. And tonight I wanna talk a bit about zombies because, you know, they're warning you through the television, through their movies, through their pamphlets, their preparedness manuals. They're warning you there's gonna be a zombie outbreak. I've been warning you. They call it the zombie apocalypse. They're really trying to start something huge here.

Targeting Tijuana, Mexico to Start Zombie Pandemic

Was given heads up last month about them trying to start a outbreak in Tijuana, Mexico. Tonight was the target date, but they weren't sure exactly when. I don't think it's gonna take place until next month sometime, if they even pull it off. I'm not saying they're gonna pull it off. They had plans to start a zombie pandemic in Tijuana and then have it's way up through the southern part of California. But then I heard they're having problems with their virus. And they still had to test it in Europe. They were gonna test it in Europe somewhere before they unleashed it in Tijuana. And they could also have other places targeted, folks.

Zombie Movies and Real-Life Parallels

The whole thing about zombies is that they put this virus--it always starts with a virus. And if you watch all these zombie movies, it starts off as being caused by some kind of virus, whether it's nuclear radiation from a nuke being released. The one movie [The Crazies] a chemtrail plane crashed in the water supply, and the virus was in the water supply. People were drinking it and becoming zombies.

Was watching Night of the Living Dead the other night while I was working here at the computer. And Night of the Living Dead was probably one of the beginning all-time classics for zombie movies. In this one they claimed that NASA's satellite was leaking radiation. In other movies, it's caused by an accident in a secret government lab, or biological warfare of some type. In Night of the Living Dead it was interesting because they had the experts from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration talking to the president. Maybe, perhaps giving a heads up that, "Hey, this is some kind of space virus," because it's not an earthborn virus. This isn't something that, you know, the usual bacterial-type infection from Earth, this is an alien virus.

They're also saying that in extreme forms of nuclear radiation that it could cause mutations. Which means a zombie pandemic could arrive out nuclear radiation, so if a city was nuked. Also called flesh-eaters. I was trying to think of that Ebola virus, that flesh-eating virus. I'm not sure if that was Ebola. That was kind of the one where it eats all their organs. With a flesh-eating virus like leprosy, I see that in the Codes quite a bit.

Noticing that I was watching Stand by Stephen King, where most of the United States is wiped out by a flu bug. And one of the main characters was from eastern Texas. They called him East Texas. In Night of the Living Dead, the areas you caught them mentioning were Houston and Galveston, Texas. So, another east Texas incidence, I guess you could say. Are they targeting east Texas? You know, if I lived in east Texas, I would be putting orgone everywhere. Because--I mean, I don't watch very many zombie movies, but the two I sit and watch back-to-back both mentioning east Texas? And so, I try to catch these parallels of things they mention, places they mention, causes that they mention.

People Who Got Vaccines and Flu Shots Already Have the Zombie Virus Within Them

And I've already been given a heads up that CDC--and I've already been claiming it for a while, just confirmation--has been putting this virus, this zombie virus--it was in the H1N1 shots, it's in the flu shots, it's in most of the vaccinations. So people who get vaccinations and these flu shots already have the virus within them.

And the government can activate and trigger that virus that you're carrying, through chemtrails. They can target a specific part of the population, and then spread chemtrails over them, and this mixes with these chemicals that's already in these humans from the shots. And it can make them very sick, they would come down with flulike symptoms from breathing the air the chemtrails are in and then kill them, and then their body reanimates. And so, I don't know how long it takes, you know, from a person to die and then reanimate back to life fairly quickly. But the fact that they can do it by chemicals is pretty scary enough.

And that's the thing I've been seeing for Ohio, the state of Ohio, a lot of times. Because they're targeting us with chemtrails, but they--chemtrails don't stick in a lot of areas in Ohio. Because we have so much orgone here that chemtrails don't stick in orgone-saturated areas. So, perhaps the reason they're going further away, you know, central Ohio, try to find out-of-the-neck places that I possibly haven't been to. I didn't even know where Delaware was, so unless there's a Warrior over there that's got orgone in Delaware, Ohio, it hasn't been orgoned. It'd be a pretty good, safe place for a zombie outbreak to begin because there's no orgone there. But should they venture out and go into the other areas where there is orgone, they're gonna die, and so. I don't think the CDC's ready for that one yet.

Joplin Survivors Who Want to Tell Their Stories, Sherry Believes You, Tell Her

I still think the whole Joplin thing was something they didn't expect and that's why they blew the place over. I don't know how many confirmations I've had that I'm totally right about what happened. But I wish people that lived there would get a hold of this show. I heard that the Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, and the big papers like that have been contacted by survivors of Joplin who wanna tell their story, and they're being laughed at and turned away. And I'm like, "Please, give them my info! How could I get a hold of these people?" Because I believe 'em! Whatever they wanna tell me, I believe it because I already know. I already know there was a zombie outbreak there. And the reason they bulldozed it down with a tornado was to hide it.

What I think happened was the orgone outside of Joplin melted the zombies. I just want confirmation. That's all I want. I want confirmation. Because there was orgone around the outside areas of Joplin, Missouri. And so, what I think is, the CDC thinks that something bad, something malfunctioned in the virus, causing the zombies to die and melt and stuff like that. I don't think it was the virus, itself. I think it was the orgone that they came in contact with that destroyed them. And so, would love to talk to people from Joplin.

I'm Starting to Think We Can Completely Destroy the Age of Aquarius from Happening

But anyway, this kind of stuff is coming up and it seems like a lot of things are gonna come up hand in hand because we've got both factions fighting it out. You have the New Age alien New World Order aspect, and then the old New World Order aspect run by the 13 Illuminati families. They're duking it out. They're fighting it out. But the thing is, even though all of these Old Age New World Order factions hate the orgone, they can still survive. I mean, we've still got Obama and Michelle and all them amongst us, and they hate it. Cheney hates it, Bush hates it, they all hate it. Aliens can't even survive in it.

And so, what I'm starting to think--well, because Bush and them have human bodies, basically--I'm starting to think we can just completely destroy this whole Age of Aquarius from even happening. [laughs] I'm starting to think, because of all the results I see in the Bible Codes--if we can't destroy the entire thing, we're gonna destroy a huge chunk of it. And so, that's what I'm bracing for.

You know, I was really shocked months ago when Maitreya was supposed to arrive, supposed to do all this stuff, and Maitreya went MIA [missing in action]. Everybody was expecting him. MIA. No one knows where he's at. And I never thought in a million years that our orgone would be able to take out some of the chiefs of this whole Aquarian Age, that are coming.

We Can't Take Out Satan, But We Can Limit Where and How He Rules

I knew we could take out Satan's forces. You know, whatever the Lord's gonna allow us to take out. But I didn't think He'd let us take all of 'em out, you know. And we won't because Satan is alloted 42 months to rule on Earth. So we can't take out Satan, but...who says we can't dictate how he rules, you know? He has all these splendor plans, you know. Bringing in this whole new heavenly dimension [laughs]. You know, they call it the 5th dimension. Anyway, you just call it ascension. We all shift into a new dimension. Uh, you just shift yourself into hypnosis and soul-scalpings. You can't tell them enough to stay away from that garbage. But that's what Satan feeds, and that's part of the garbage and crap that they buy.

And so, yeah, he has a lot of plans. But I'm thinking, you know what? We have a say in this. Because we don't have to sit back on our twiddly thumbs and just wait for all of these horrific things to befall us because the Bible says they're going to. Well, yeah, they're going to, but we have a lot to say in exactly how. You know? Yeah, Satan can rule the earth for 42 months in a cave in the Far East in a desert, as far as I'm concerned. You know, he wants all these millions of forces with him, and to control mankind, and be the head honcho on Earth. And I'm sayin', "No." No. We're gonna limit you to a cave in a desert somewhere if you wanna rule on Earth for 42 months. You know? And so, that's the kind of guts it takes, folks, because we can accomplish that. You know, we can accomplish it. And I'm seeing it all the time.

Look, we took down Capricorn two years ago. NASA had to put all their ships in the Pacific to be ready to shoot it down in case it didn't disintegrate coming through the Earth's atmosphere. 'Cause it was so large they didn't want anybody else to see what a huge starship it was. We caught Shema on fire two to three years ago. That thing's getting ready to crash to Earth. We pretty much dismantled Nibiru and Planet X, you know. And the whole tail. That one shocked me as well 'cause I didn't think we'd be able to affect the tail. Even the tail didn't touch Earth. We own space. We own the space. We've gotten so much orgone out there, their ships are crashing every day, their starships are catching on fire. I mean, look at all the huff and puff of kind of semi-preparing the people--because they give you little bits of info, then they deny it--about this whole PX [Planet X] coming in. And Nibiru.

Who would've thought? Who would've thought that this little minority band of Orgone Warriors could prevent the whole thing from happening? We knocked out the entire thing. I don't think people realize the magnificance and the huge success we've had with the orgone.

The Mayans Were Pagan Snake Worshipers

And now we go into the big 11-11 month. The Mayan calendar. You know what? People talk about these Mayans like they're the next best thing to a disciple of the Lord's. And you know what? The Mayans were snake worshipers. They worshiped Satan, folks. They were a pagan, Satan, snake-worshiping occult group. There were good Indians, there were bad Indians. And these Mayans were pagan bad Indians. They were ancestors of Atlantis. Many of the people that were on Atlantis--and I think I talk about this in one of my articles years ago--the ancient city Atlantis, shortly before it blew itself up because of the misuse of crystals, many of them had escaped to southern and Central America. And that's where you get these Mayan races developing from; these ancient Atlanteans. And then they kind of creep up into South America and America (North America).

Most of Us in America Have Israelite Blood in Us

And so, even with our own native Indians here in America, some of the natives were actually lost Jew tribes, Jewish tribes. That's why you'll have some of these Indian tribes like Cherokees that were peaceful tribes. They worked the land for food. They were peaceful tribes. And then you had the hunters and the vicious tribes like the Apaches and the Geronimos, and all them. And they're pretty much related to the tribes that had moved in from the Atlantean civilizations. And so, you know, you have a mixture of the native tribes of the things that founded--actually were the natives of America. You know, you always hear that. "Well, you're not the founders of America. The natives were here first." Well, define "natives." We have alien races that were natives. We have ancient Israelites that were native races here. And so, we have a mixture of everything. And most of us in America have Israelite blood in us. Most of us are Israelites. Most people just don't know who they are. Everybody thinks the Israelites are the dark Ashkenazi Jews, or whatever, uh, Jews that are in Israel today. Those aren't real Jews. Those are the fake Jews. So nobody knows who they are. People don't know who they are.

Mayan Itinerary for the 13 Crystal Skulls Ritual and Ceremony - Great Orgone Targets

Anyway. So we come up on 11-11-11 for this month. And the Mayans are going through this whole hocus pocus thing of these crystal skulls. Folks, what about that isn't creepy to you? Some kind of crystal skull. Why do people ask me if that's of the Lord? Does that really feel like something of the Lord to you? I mean, come on, folks. These creepy pagans and their rituals and their snake-worshiping. And now they've got a crystal skull. But they have some kind of, uh, some kind of big ritual coming up on 11-11 to open a portal in Los Angeles.

And, you know, they're--sitting here listening to their itinerary, I was on this website,, for events. And they're giving you their itinerary, and I'm thinking, "What a great target list." [laughs] We should have orgone in every one of these places they're going. Because, apparently, all of these places they're going are key energy centers for the aliens opening up gateways and portals. Because they wanna make an entrance this month. \

And so, said that on October 26--I'm gonna go through this a little bit. So if you live in one of these areas, you take note and you get orgone immediately in that area. The others arrive in New York on October 26. These are the Mayan elders. Then there's a New York ceremony with the 13 crystal skulls on the [27th].

Then on the 28th they left New York and they went to the Serpent Mound in Ohio. [laughs] I'm sure they had a lovely time at the Serpent Mound in Ohio. It's been very well orgoned. So strike one right there. Because their first real gateway place has already been orgoned.

Then they go to Cahokia, Illionois. That was yesterday. On November 1, which is tomorrow, they leave Cahokia and they go to Hays, Kansas. So anybody out in Kansas that can get Hays. From now on, here on, we can be ahead of 'em because we've got time ahead of us. We've got Hays, Kansas November 1. And November 2 and 3rd, they'll be in Crestone, Colorado. So anybody that can target Crestone. Then they go to Kaatsi, Arizona. [Sherry pronounces it Ky-ot-zy] I'm not even sure if that's how you say it. So--I never even heard of these places. So we got Hays, Kansas; Cres-ton, Crest-one, Cres-tone [Sherry tries different pronunciations of Crestone], Colorado; Kaatsi, Arizona.

Then they go to Sedona, Arizona. So we need somebody to get Sedona. I'm pretty sure there's orgone--isn't that where SETI [Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute] is? I'm pretty sure there's orgone there. But we should still concentrate on Sedona. And it's a public event in Sedona on November 7. There's a public event in Sedona. So anybody wants to go to that with some orgone. Sedona ceremony with the 13 crystal skulls plus a public event, so.

The Mayans Want to Open Some Kind of Portal on 11-11-11 in Los Angeles

Then on November 9, they arrive in L.A. And this is their big 11:11:11 Gateway Ceremony with the 13 Mayan Elders and the 13 crystal skulls at Crystal Skull Conference in Los Angeles. And this is on 11-11-11. So, from 11th to the 13th is--apparently a 3-day conference--is the culmination of their big crystal skull thing. Because L.A. is located on the 33rd parallel, so this has some kind of huge occultic significance that the 13 Mayan leaders, the 13 crystal skulls, meeting on the 33rd parallel, on 11-11-11 (three 11's)

What they wanna do is to open some kind of portal there. So we need to get as much orgone as possible in L.A. That's their landing ground. They started in Ohio. And I know they didn't have a very successful time down there at the Serpent Mound. [laughs] And they're gonna end it in L.A. And we need our Warriors out in L.A. to make sure they don't have a very comfortable and successful time in L.A. either. And in between there they're going to Hays, Kansas, and Crestone, Colorado; and Kaatsi, and Sedona. We need to get those places covered with orgone, 'cause I'm not even sure if there's orgone in any of those areas. I've heard of Sedona before. I think there's orgone in Sedona. If that's the homeplace of SETI, then, yeah, there is. [SETI's homeplace is Mountain View, California. Sedona is famous for its energy vortexes though.]

What Are These Crystal Skulls?

OK. So, what are these crystal skulls, folks? Talk about that for a little bit. I'm gonna read some of this. "An old Native American legend describes the existence of thirteen life-size human skulls made of rock crystal, that were said to speak or sing." What does that remind you of? Reminds you of the statue in the book of Revelation of the Antichrist. It begins to give life to the beast. Anyway, "According to the legend, these crystal skulls contain answers to some of the great mysteries of life and the universe." Why don't they just ask God?

"The legend also says that one, day at a time of great need, at a time of great crisis for humanity, all of these crystal skulls will be rediscovered and brought back together again to reveal their knowledge and information vital to the very survival of the human race." "Native American author Jamie Sams, for example, explained that crystal skulls are a symbol of the possibilities that exist in our own human consciousness. Crystal skulls invite us to experience other states of awareness. This may consist of seeing images within the crystal skulls or it may be a question of experiencing a trance-like state of awareness that also happens in the presence of the skulls." So while you're in the presence of the skulls, you can be thrown into a trancelike state.

"For those who have been trained as shamans, the crystal skulls provide a doorway into other dimensions. Many native people believe that the skulls form an access point into the other multiple levels of reality hat exist in parallel to our own everyday waking world. They believe that part of our soul, or our consciousness, can literally travel into these other dimensions through the crystal skulls." They're talking about astral travel through the crystal skulls. This sounds great already. First, you're thrown into a trancelike state, and then, you can be thrown into the astral realm. Hmm.

"According to indigenous elders such as Hunbatz Men the time has now come for the sacred crystal skulls to be returned once again to the sacred sites where they were first kept so as to ‘re-awaken those sites so that the right energies can go out into the world’." The right energies, folks. They're trying to--the New Agers call it a shift in consciousness. Actually, it's just alien and demonic energies.

"Hunbatz believes that, as prophesied by the ancient Mayan calendar, with the help of the crystal skulls, ‘indigenous people will now take the lead in showing the way for the benefit of all of humanity’!" These skulls--and make no mistake--tie in heavily to the New Age alien agenda, to the Age of Aquarius. And they're being used to open up portals and dimensions. People that have them in their possession can go into trancelike states. They can use them as vehicles to which they can go into the astral realms, travel in the astral realms. You know, if you're a witchdoctor and a shaman, even the natives, they would smoke hash because of its hallucinatory powers.

The Orgone Will Nullify All of Their Plans This Month

They're all into that kind of thing of going into the astral realm, or not being in one mind on this realm. And so, it all plays heavily with the doorway openings, gateway openings, of 11-11-11 with their activations. And it's not gonna work. As much as they're, you know, harping along the United States on their little crystal skulls to where, you know, it would be humorous if the Lord would just strike it with lightning. He's leaving the lightning for us to accomplish. And so, we need to get the lightning out there, which is the orgone. Because it's gonna nullify all of their plans.

I don't expect them to accomplish anything this month. Not one thing. They have a ton of things planned, folks. All these portals and dimensions, ceremonies and sacrifices. This is a very heavy occultic month for a lot of things going on behind the scenes. And I'm already tippin' my hat off to the Warriors for job well done, because they're not gonna accomplish nothing. Nothing. [laughs]

So, don't get too comfortable. For the Warriors in L.A., you need to step up and get--I know I've sent a ton of orgone out to San Diego to protect it from the planned CDC zombie outbreak there. And as low to the border as I could get it. I've sent it to people that can try to get it into Mexico to thwart all those plans. We're also getting orgone out to L.A. for other Warriors who could stand up and get L.A. That's gonna be huge because--I don't wanna count our chickens before they hatch, but, I know what's out there already and, you know, I know what I see in the Codes. [laughs]

Ask the Lord to Surround the Portals They're Opening with Fire

You know, it's always after the fact where you see "Shema - retaliation." They want retaliation for Shema. Or they want retaliation for the Capricorn. Or they want retaliation for Nibiru. And now they're gonna be wanting retaliation because their gateway--even if it does open, they come through it, they're gonna burn, so. [laughs] You know, it's--I was told the Hadron Collider is used to open up portals. So whenever I get a date of when they're gonna be operating the Hadron Collider--that huge CERN thing out in Switzerland under the border of Switzerland and France--I always ask the Lord to surround the portals that they're opening with fire, so that when they come through the portals, they burn. [laughs]

And I haven't seen anything real successful happen yet. I mean, I see crashes and wrecks. Burnings, burnts, burntups. I see that in the Codes. Very effective. And especially if he knows that we're out there working and doing what He asked us to do. Much more quickly answers the prayers of those who are the righteous and doing what He asked.

When the Alien Faction is Distracted, It Leaves Room for the Illuminati Faction to Get Busy

And so, you know, I think because the New Age alien agenda is going to be so distracted and wrapped up with all their failures this month, and malfunctions, and disasters, that it leaves room for the other faction to get busy. And so, we can't always just, you know, celebrate and go to sleep. You always gotta have one eye open on one faction, and one eye open on the other. Because what the one doesn't think of, the other one will. And so, while they're all trying to return to Earth as ascended gods, and not making it happen, the other faction is trying to hold on to the power that they have here on Earth. And they're the ones trying to unleash the zombie outbreaks, and bombing cities and blaming it on Iran so they can go to war with Iran. And so, we have to focus on--you know, I've spent a lot of time on the other shows focusing on what the Illuminati faction of the old New World Order phase is doing. So I haven't been talking about the New Age one because I didn't wanna tip my hat too early on what they were doing. But these are things we have to watch out for, folks, because they still have it up their sleeves for a zombie outbreak, a flu pandemic. And that's a scary one because, remember, the whole zombie outbreak will start with people getting the flu and dying. Because then their body reanimates and comes back to life, and that's how you got the zombies.

Obama Wants American Children to Get Anthrax Vaccines

You also have--and I thought it was just, you know, an attack on Ohio, because I see Obama and anthrax, and, you know, he's always planning my demise. So I thought they were targeting Ohio for anthrax attack. And they probably are. But I'm also reading something somebody sent to me, where Obama wants American children to get anthrax vaccines. Now specifically targeting American children, because the Muslim children would never get them (so they would be safe), because there is nothing but danger and disaster in these Anthrax vaccines. They haven't even been tested on children. And yet Obama wants the children to get vaccinated.

Did I tell you what a cold, heartless beast this guy is? He means to kill, and destroy, and harm your children. He's going straight for the kids. He isn't worried about the adults, he's going straight for the kids. He wants to destroy them. After all, they grew up to be white American adults, and he hates white America. Very racist. So, stay away from the vaccines, folks. Stay away, way, way.

Because this whole anthrax thing is straight from the alien agenda. I told you he works with the aliens. They play different parts. You know, he works with the same aliens that--this Ashtar Command--that on the New Age aspect is coming as gods. Ascended Masters. They play different hats. For one agenda they play this role, for this agenda they play that role. And so, either way, whichever agenda comes forward, they win in some aspect. All of these vaccines have been developed by the aliens, Ascended Masters, the gods who say they're returning to Earth to help mankind. They're the ones who have engineered all of these flesh-eating, horrible viruses and plagues that are coming to Earth. They've created them. And then they use people like Obama to unleash them on people through vaccinations and get them spread out to the population.

They play both factions. When we slow down one and destroy one, the other one just has more room to work in peace because they're always fighting against each other. It's really insane to try to explain all this. People write me letters [laughs]. They don't understand it either. You just have to--it's hard for me to explain it 'cause I have to work with it all the time. Just because we stop one faction, doesn't mean we stop the other one. The other one's still going. While I'm busy working on one, the other one works and gets busy. It's hard to explain. I don't work for either agenda. I hate them both. As far as I'm concerned, my job--I'm destroying them both. That's my target, and so. But I'm only one person. I can only concentrate on so many things at a time. So went I'm focusing more on the alien agenda, the other agenda thinks I'm not targeting them. And that's when they get busy with all their stupid plans and stuff. And then I have to take the focus off the alien agenda to go focus on the snake agenda, the Reptilian agenda, the Illuminati families. It never ends. There's never a dull moment. [laughs]

Stay Away from the Methods They're Using to Start Pandemics

But, you know, there's gonna be a lot of destruction this month for the one faction. But the other one just gets busy. They get busy unleashing their plans. So we gotta walk around with eyes around our heads, basically. Get your areas orgoned so they can't be chemtrailed. Because they're relying on chemtrails and superbugs to bring about the zombie viruses. And so, you know, first and foremost, stay away from the flu shots, stay away from the vaccines. Pay attention to the hospitals because those will be the focal points of any kind of a zombie outbreak. When somebody gets sick--you know, it's like the outbreak in Massachusetts two years ago--somebody gets sick, they go to the hospital, that's where they're gonna die, and that's where they're gonna reanimate--also in Texas--reanimated in the hospital. So those will be the focal points, are the hospitals. Because that's when people get really sick, they'll head to the hospitals. That one still coming. And like I've said, the way we can combat that is with orgone, and just staying away from the methods they're using to start pandemics with that.

Anthrax Is a Flesh-Eating Bacterial Disease

We've got anthrax. I've seen powder attacks. And so, if you live, especially in this region--they hate this region; Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania. They hate this whole region. If you see white powder, stay away from that because one of the affects of anthrax--when they had the anthrax outbreak, 17 people were affected, 6 people died. And what you don't know about the people that were affected is that anthrax is like a flesh-eating thing. It eats your skin. I never knew that. I just saw this on TV the other night. And so, explains some of this flesh-eating stuff I keep seeing in the Codes. Leprosy is a term to describe it, and I see that. But "flesh-eating" is also zombies, and it's also anthrax. So they're targeting this region.

Zombies Need Water to Survive, But Orgone Water Will Melt Them

But they're also targeting the warmer states because according to the CDC, zombies--if you wanna start a pandemic, you need a hot, dry place to start it. Upside on that is--er, downside-- zombies need water to survive. They're like humans. They need water. They'll feast on flesh to survive, but they need water. And so, hot, dry, arid places, probably coastal, are where they're gonna start these pandemics. So what comes to my mind is Houston, Galveston, right on the coast there of Texas. You've got Tijuana on the west coast. Not so sure they'd start one up anytime soon in Arizona because, you know, these things could die within a week at not getting water. Unless they were in a major city like Phoenix or someplace. So that's a lot of things to watch out for, folks. Different attacks, different things. Just prepare. Stay prepared. Listen to the Lord. Get your orgone water ready. You can get a garbage can of water, stick an orgone puck or two in it, let it saturate for a couple days, and then just fill up water balloons or water guns, or squirt bottles. And just spray zombie beings. I mean, you know, they'll melt.

Zombies Travel in Hordes

Some of the things they were talking about, things you could pick up, is that zombies travel in hordes. And so, you most likely won't see just one or two walkin' around. You're gonna end up with whole hordes of them, and so. If you see one or two, kill it quickly before it hordes up with a bunch of others. You need to be defensive and proactive against these things because one of the things they'll do is meet up in hordes. They all just kind of congregate towards each other. Then you've got a whole army of 'em as opposed to just dealing with one or two. And so, take them out when they're just one or two.

Chemtrails and Missiles Could Be Used for Zombie Outbreak

And watch out for the chemtrails. So get your areas chemtrailed so that they can't even--er, get your areas orgoned, so they can't use it for chemtrails, you know. Chemtrails are supposed to be the trigger mechanism for all these viruses and these flus. Or you'll also have your missile attacks. And you know they wanna blow up 2, 3, 4 American cities and blame it on Iran so that the American public will get behind America's next war, which they want with Iran. And so, what they could do is load these missiles up with virus pathogens and explode them on a city as well, and cause a zombie outbreak that way. And, you know, just no end to the madness, folks. There's just no end to the madness. So just prepare. Get medicine, shelter, weapons, a relationship with the Most High so you can hear Him speak to you, so you can hear His voice. You know, these are--we're heading into the very, very, very of the last days, folks. And so, don't play their games. Don't be like sheep doing what they want you to do. They want you to protest. It plays into their hands. What they don't want you to do is something really effective, like becoming an Orgone Warrior. Because that's what bites them in the butt. That's what destroys them. It's the most effective thing against them.

Sleep Attacks Prevent Sherry from Doing Some Thursday Shows

Anyway, folks, be back on Thursday, hopefully. Seems like they've been attacking my Thursdays shows. I have no explanation for Thursdays shows. I could be sitting here at my desk, and within an hour my head will be on top of it asleep. Some kind of sleep attack going on. I've never had any info about sleep attacks, but they're doing something where they can just put you to sleep, because that's what they've been doing to me to stop Thursday's shows. It's aggravating me. So, still planning on Thursday at 1 o'clock. Changed the time to 1 o'clock.

Still Need Your Financial Support - Targeting Homebases for New Age Alien Events

Also, still need support for the ministry. We've got bills to pay, we've got projects to do. Just got done with San Diego, and Tijuana, L.A. And so, folks, I need your continued support so I can get Warriors busy in areas that are heavily--homebases for this New Age alien crap. We need to destroy it. Sedona; Kaatsi; Hays, Kansas. I mean, come on. Who woulda thought these areas--we need to target them quickly. Quickly. So, still need your continued support folks. Can't do it without you. I'm not here to build an army, I'm here to wake one up. And that's all of you listening to this show. And that's all of you who've thought I was crazy all these years. Now you're saying, "Hey, there's something to this. She's not so crazy."

Anyway, until Thursday, everybody. Yah bless.


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