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Thursday November 3rd, 2011
Aliens In The News

November is a bust for the alien faction
And hello everybody welcome to the show I'm Sherry Shriner and it's Thursday November 4th. Couple things I want to talk about. It's not Thursday November 4th, it's Thursday November 3rd, one of these days I'll get the day right, date right.

I was looking at some stuff yesterday and of course I've been in Codes all week and I knew October was gonna be pretty quiet. I knew September was gonna be a bust after the first 2 weeks, but November's starting to look exciting again. Novembers starting to look like September was suppose to be exciting.

September was suppose to have all these huge events happening and as you know nothing happened. The orgone just busted everything to pieces. Demolished their plans. Malfunctioned Planet-X which shows you that it was basically a kind of controlled -- intelligent controlled rock, star-ship, spaceship, alien-ship. I told you the one with all the giants on it, but the orgone demolished that.

November is always a busy month
And so October looked pretty much like a recovery month. And so we're in November and things are heating up again. You've got the Mayans starting up this whole new age alien agenda crap again with their crystal skull tour across America.

Talked about that on my last show and it's suppose to be a big month for portal and gate-way openings and basically kicking off the new age arrival here and I saw this last year at around the same time the 11th to the 15th of November they had the Hadron Collider going. They had that huge ritual in India with Obama and 200 Corporate CEO's heading to India and they had a bunch of celebrities they had a huge ritual inside of a mountain or underground base whatever it was and so this year I knew November would probably be interesting again.

And seems to be the same thing, they're firing up. They're firing up the Hadron Collider to open up a portal gateway because these beings need a safe passage into our dimension. So we need to pray against this Hadron Collider, this CERN, this alien tech. Whatever you want to call it under the border of France and Switzerland.

Pray the portals fill with fire
That every time it opens a portal, it sends fire through it. You can ask the Lord that every time they fire it up and open a portal or gateway it just sends fire through it instead and so. We'll give the angels something to do. They love it when we keep em busy. Especially in warfare, there's allot the warrior angels are allowed to do. Because they probably are.

I know people are going on and on about the Hoover Dam and the Hoover Dam is out in the middle -- over by the Grand Canyon out in basically no-where land. I don't know geography very well but I kept thinking what is the big deal about blowing a dam in the middle of a dessert?

You're gonna fill up the Grand Canyon with orgone water. OK. But it's much more than that, they're not really trying to cause damage with this kind of a false flag. What they're trying to do is ignite the whole alien agenda with the symbolism. The breaking of the dam is -- it's all symbolic. The whole structure is made with a woman's uterus and tubes.

Hoover Dam instead of Phoenix?
The whole thing is just symbolic of giving birth. And what they want to do is break the water because the Bible talks about the birthing pains -- what the water represents is the birthing pains. Matthew 24 talks about the Tribulation period and how you have the birth pains and so they correlate with that. They have their own thing side by side to what the Bible has to say.

The whole thing is symbolic of breaking the water and the birth process happening and this whole agenda being born and introducing a new race of beings on the earth. Well I don't know about you but a new race of beings? What do they think they're gods now?

And that's the point. The new age they think they're gods. And they think the Annunaki are their creators and they are coming back to mankind that they've created, supposedly. I'm anxious to see what this new race of beings -- I mean the ones I've been dealing with the last couple years -- I can't imagine an entire world full of them.

Difficult to tell them apart
I mean you have it up to your eyeballs with hybrids, half human half aliens. They look like us but they're not like us. You can't tell those apart in society. Very hard to tell them apart. Then you have your soul scalped beings, then you have your super-soldiers, then you have what the Mormons are trying to push the trans humanists which are half machine half human -- cyborgs.

It's just getting crazy. And then you have the new agers "We're all just gonna ascend and turn into light beings." They're mimicking a Christian filled with the Holy Spirit is a "light worker" a "light being" on the new age side. So I can't imagine but -- the one thing that should alarm anybody, because it alarms me when I see it is we think it's bad now with their chip implanting -- putting chips in everything. RFID chips they put it in our clothes, the flu shots and vaccines. They're putting it in the air so you can even breath it in. They've got them so small now they're just little particles.

One of the biggest things I see when the aliens were to invade, the fallen angels is they're involved with chipping. Chipping is one of their biggest things and so I don't know how they're going to set that up but chipping is a huge part of their agenda -- chip implanting everybody. So apparently this new race -- of human beings, whatever it is -- it involves chip implanting the entire human race and that to me doesn't sound too good -- none of it sounds good. But the chip implanting thing is always deceptive. You can warn them "There's chip implants in vaccines. There's chip implants in flu shots." They don't care they still go get them.

I've had chips shot into my leg just walking through Lowes Home Improvement store and so very deceptive. They can harm you with those. It's like a remote trigger. They use to torment me last year all the time. Every 3 months or so when they didn't want me to do a Thursday show -- they could remote access that chip they had in my leg -- and cause me to get a really high fever. I would be so sick. And my leg would swell up triple the size and just be on fire. It would feel like if you had a blood clot. It would be burning from the inside out. It would be red.

And I finally located that chip and pulled it out. It was like a black dot on my leg. It just looked like a little dot like a black head and started pulling that out and it was like an inch long. Some kind of fibrous chip. And so they can control these things by remote access. So very dangerous for any government to have that kind of power over every citizen in their country. They can call up your chip on a computer and do whatever they want it to do. So that's what they have planned.

November 29th
But back to the Hoover Dam. 11-11-11 is the date Jonathan {JonathanKleck}, I can't remember his last name, found this on You Tube he believes that 11-11-11 they're going to blow the Hoover Dam, {} {Hoover Dam Destruction}
and this ignites the whole agenda for them and I'm not seeing it on 11-11-11 in the Bible Codes. I'm seeing it on 11-29 and so of course 9 + 2 is 11. Just another masking of their numbers. So if it doesn't happen on the 11th like Jonathan says it is, look for it on the 29th of November because I think that's the stronger probability of when that Dam's gonna blow and again it's just an Illuminati ritual about DNA activation. Christ transformation and not an our Christ transformation but a cosmic Christ transformation. A new age Christ transformation which is where they get all this ascension stuff from.

So yeah he was showing on the dollar bills, I think it was the $20 dollar bills where if you fold it and do a pyramid and turn it upside down it looks like -- it shows the Hoover Dam. And there's water coming up over the walls of the Hoover Dam and so. If you want to see it you can go to Tribulation/Now/.org I think that's his web site, I'm not sure. But I want to talk about something else going on. On the 11th.

And that is the gateway ceremony with the 13 Mayan witch craft elders with their 13 crystal alien skulls. And this is their conference at the Sheraton Hotel in Los Angeles at the LAX airport and so we definitely need people to stand up now and go out and get. Orgone the Sheratan hotel that entire area, airport area. Especially in the water in LA. We need to get it on the coast line about one every mile, every 1/2 mile, whatever the Lord leads you to do. We need to get it in the water along side LA. And also around the area -- I can't imagine the Sheraton Hotel is on the exact 33 degree spot they need to open that gateway.

I think it's for show for the public and so if you're going to go orgone the area, ask the Lord specifically which areas you should orgone and He will lead you to areas that need orgoned so. That's the fun part about going on orgone missions asking the Lord, "Ok tell me where to put it." And He will, He'll guide your thoughts. He'll show you where to put it.

Shaman = witch doctor
But apparently LA being on the 33rd parallel and so you see the whole Illuminati ritual with the numbers coming into play and that's going on the 11th and also the 12th and "...then on the 13th Ohm-bats men will impart their wisdom in this once in a lifetime opportunity, hear the real Mayans talk about 2012 and sacred crystals..." how exciting. Not. Like I said people talk about the Mayans like they're the next best thing to an apostle. It's like give me a break. They're shamans they're witch doctors.

They adopt these Annunuki's as our creators and you gotta realize. Do the Indian's even realize what they are being sucked into? Because if you listen to the Indian talk, they talk about the great spirit in the sky and they talk about all these other things and you're thinking "Are these just different terms for the Lord, or what are they talking about?"

Because you know satan mimics everything about the Lord, great spirit in the sky, great demon in the sky. They conjure up demons. They don't speak of a need for salvation. The Lords death, burial, resurrection. They speak of creator, OK? Well satan has his own cross-breeds.

Has always taken what's been created and recreated it, he's not really a creator of anything because he just recreates what the Lord has already created -- he defiles it and contaminates it by cross-breeding. But you have to wonder do they even realize -- do they really believe the garbage they're talking about.

Lord calls it the Tribulation Period
But they're all into this. I was looking at the video Mayan serpent mount video in Ohio it was just creepy. It's demonic. It's conjuring up evil spirits and they're talking about a great awakening. The Bible talks about a time when the veil will be lifted and the 4th dimension is going to be stuck on the 3rd. We're going to be co-rehabilitating and sharing earth with demons and fallen angels and the Lord calls it the Tribulation Period. The Great Tribulation Period of 3 1/2 years. A time before that the world has never witnessed. We're going to have plagues and diseases and war and death and famine like never before on this earth. How can the new age call this a great awakening?

How can they call this ascension? Into a higher dimension? When it's gonna be pure hell, death, starvation, famine, war, plagues and diseases here? So it's obvious they don't read the Bible. And I don't care what translation of it. They don't read any translation of it. So grains of salt folks, you know? Grain of salt -- those are not the Lords people. They may seem like good people but they're not the Lords people. The Lords people talk about the Lord. They talk about Him. Not generalized terms of creator and ascension. They don't correlate they just go straight to the punch. Yahushua's the Son of God, that's His real name. Yahuah is the Most High God, that's His real name.

And people always get their socks tied in knots because they're still stuck on Jesus and God. He doesn't care what you call Him, but it shows a level of maturity in your relationship with Him when you can call Him by His real name. Don't you think? Jesus is not His real name. In fact Jesus was a translated name. They took it off of one of satan's masters that's coming. The one (Mahmoud) Ahmadinejad was talking -- "Jesus Christ is coming" and the church gets all excited. "Oh he must be a Christian. He's promoting Jesus!"

Ahmadinejad speaks of satan's general
It's not the Jesus you're thinking folks. He's talking about the original ascended master Jesus that they took the name off of and used in the KJV. He's a fallen angel. He's not the real Son of God. His name is Sananda-Emanuel. He takes all the names, characteristics of the Bibles Jesus and he's coming to deceive the world that he is a god. And so this is what I've been working so hard over the years to fight against because this whole new age alien agenda -- this Age of Aquarius we're heading into. This whole ascended master thing we're heading into -- that's who they are. They're coming claiming they are gods, creators of mankind.

Sherry has been warning for years
And so the Lord stood me up years ago to prepare for this, to get ready for this. To fight against this and so that's what I've been doing. For 7 years now, 8 years, just almost day in day out. And it's getting crunch time. Now they're opening portals this month and gonna try to kick off this whole humanism, chip implanted humans. Whatever you want to call it. But, lucky for us people have been listening to me over the years and as many haters as I have I also have warriors who do listen to the Lord. Who do have relationships with Him who can hear Him who can hear His voice and they've gotten busy and we've been able to put orgone around this entire world.

And they're going to see the fruits of their efforts this month. I'm telling you. Yeah I'm just gonna have my feet up on my desk and I'm gonna have one laugh right after the next because just as September was a total bust for their agenda, so will November be. November's gonna be a total bust. And I'm gonna be sitting here laughing. You can hear it. So, I'll be talking about it throughout the month -- what they missed on.

The 9th and 11th are coming up and those are suppose to be big, really big dates and then you got the end of the month the 27th and 29th which are gonna be really big dates. Because those are 9 and 11 dates. So. Now that's as far as the alien agenda goes.

Iran is next for the war mongers
But as far as the old New World Order phase -- they're still working on their plans, they want to pump up the war with Iran so this whole month we're gonna be inundated this month with reasons we need to go to war with Iran. Because Israel is gonna try to go in and screw it up so America has to go in and do it right. And that's kinda like the email I was reading yesterday about America being scared of screwing up in Iran. You know it's all propaganda folks. They just want to prepare the public for the fact "Hey we're going into Iran."

So they're demonizing Iran, "Oh look we're bringing our troops home, look we're bringing them out of Iraq." Which is a big lie they're just replacing them with mercenaries. And we're bringing them out of Afghanistan which is another lie. They want you to think a time of war is over. They're just bringing them home giving them a 30 day break -- 60 day whatever and they're gonna be sending them back out. Sending them back to Iran. So don't let your guard down because it's all positioning. It's all a play on Iran. I mean they even gave up hating me and the orgone for a while so they can focus on pumping out Iran propaganda.

Plotting against Ohio
It's been all quiet, haven't heard much buzz on me and the orgone. I haven't heard anything on the zombies. CDC was trying to get an attack going November 31st or some time in November -- the buzz has kinda quieted down on that so not real sure what's going on. Although Rahm Emanuel and Obama still have something planned for Ohio and I can't believe that that preparedness drill in Delaware county over by Columbus is the main show because I can't believe they care about a preparedness drill. There's gotta be something else going on. But even that buzz is quieting down even though that buzz is still going on. I haven't heard anything else and I haven't seen anything in the Codes. I mean I'll see them planning stuff but as usual allot of their plans come to not.

The Lord's not going to allow them to touch a hair on my head until He says so. If He even says so.

So. I was looking at more information on these crystal skulls and they just disgust me. You've got this
-- skulls -- what about a skull isn't creepy to you? What about a skull doesn't creep you out? First of all to even touch a dead body -- you'd defile yourself to do that. They have certain customs and traditions in handling dead bodies. So why would you mimic a skull and call it holy? That's just nasty. That's just nasty.

And they supposedly speak and sing and remember how I told you I saw in the codes that when the aliens came they were gonna be singing hymns? And songs? I just thought that was so crazy. The last thing I want to hear is a fallen angel posing as an angel, a god singing hymns. I mean how nasty. And here these crystal skulls sing and talk. So you know a demon takes over the skull and speaks through it.

It's almost like a Ouija board, except on a Ouija board you have demons that control the marker thing that goes around the board and goes to certain letters. This is just a skull that speaks. Reminds me of a statue the image in Revelation 13 where the image comes to life and begins to speak. It's an inanimate object a skull and begins to speak.

Probably gives new meaning to what this image is, the image of the beast. Everyone assumes it's gonna be a huge statue. They got one that's 400 feet tall Buddha in India or somewhere. What if they had these skulls everywhere, that would just be nasty.

Why we make orgone
I was thinking I would take the skull and wrap copper coil around it, put some shavings on it and pour some resin over it. (Sherry's cracking up) A big orgone mold, but I don't think I'd even want to use a skull shape, even though it is clear quartz crystal. And that's the thing about quartz crystals what I said about em is -- I just wrote an article on why we should make orgone for all the descenders and haters out there. And why we make it. I posted on Face Book. I posted on my list. It will be going up my web site.

But the thing about crystal is they are communication devices. Now the new agers can use them and curse them, attach demons into them. And so whenever you buy crystals and you're going to make orgone you should ask the Lord to remove all curses and things on them.

I buy mine directly from a mine so I don't worry about curses and voodoo crap put on them. But just as they can be used by demons in the new age they can also be used by the Lord. I mean the Lord can literally speak to all the orgone pucks we have everywhere with crystals in them. He can speak to them. He can increase the power of them. He can decrease it. Quartz crystals very powerful and so...

Yahushua speaks their destruction
You know when He arrives at the battle of Armageddon. You read about it in Revelations. I think it's Chapter 20, 21 He arrives at the Valley of Megiddo. The Valley of Jehoshaphat / Armageddon. He doesn't fight all the armies gathered there for His return. He speaks their destruction with the words of His lips. There's no literal fighting that happens. They're all gathered to fight. But He's not gonna fight. He just speaks their destruction and so it's really one of those things's that? When He speaks they die, yeah. But He also speaks to the rocks that are around Him and saturate the place with His orgone energy and kill them. Demolish them so it's pretty wild. People say that stones and things like quartz are witch craft and evil. Really? Didn't the Lord create them? Didn't the priest of the Old Testament have a certain order of stones on their breast plates?

We're gonna be walking streets of gold
Isn't heaven? Made of 12 levels and each level is made up of a different stone? People are gonna have a real hard time with heaven. Maybe they'll just be too much haters for heaven. Maybe the Lord won't let them in. You know people always want to attribute everything to new age. It's -- you're forgetting who created it to begin with. Yeah satan takes everything of the Lords and perverts it. But don't give him credit where credit isn't due.

We're gonna be walking streets of gold. Crystals is one of the dominant stones in heaven. So anyways just thought I'd throw that out there.

Run down on target list
If you have a question for the show you can call in at...let me see...(877)245-5648 I'll take questions here in a minute but for now want to give you a run down on a target list. This is probably why they are choking me up. They don't want me giving you the target list. But, right now they're in Crestone, CO.. They're leaving Crestone -- these are some good area's for people who live in these areas and want to get some orgone out.

Destroy satans plans for his little entourage and tour across the country with his satanic skulls. We need:

  • Kaatsi, Arizona covered with orgone -- we need
  • Sedona Arizona targeted
  • Magic Mountain in Sedona Arizona (D.U.M.B.)
  • Chocolate Mountain
{Ed note: The Chocolate Mountains of Arizona are located in the southwestern part of the state east of the Trigo Mountains and southwest of the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. The mountains are located about 30 miles east of the Chocolate Mountains of California, but the two ranges are not connected. Wiki}

And I also posted on my list -- there is a huge D.U.M.B., Deep Underground Military Base in the Magic Mountain in Sedona Arizona so anybody out there if you can go and I'm not asking you to go up into the mountain and look for this base because you're not gonna find it anyway and if you get too close there's gonna be military goons around.

Just go around to the bottom of the mountain and toss some orgone all the way around the mountain if you can. Even if you got the one side that would be a big help. If you got the whole thing that would be awesome -- go all the way around it. But Sedona, Arizona Magic Mountain needs done and also I was told that there is a grey alien base in Chocolate Mountain in Arizona.

So those 2 mountains need orgone. Huge target area's for us right now and then when they leave -- let's see they're gonna be in Kaatsi, Arizona tomorrow and then they're going to go to Sedona. So we've got a couple days to get Sedona. Then they're gonna leave Sedona and drive to LA. That's where they're going to be at the Sheraton Hotel at LAX so.

Huge target areas for people folks. We need to get those areas done. Other places -- I put this on my web site it was retreats and temples of the new agers. If you just get these areas orgone will saturate into the air and also saturates into dimensions.

Why is Quebec always in the codes?
And so it's like I kept seeing Quebec in the Codes then I'm wondering why is Quebec always in the Codes? What's going on? I know they're over there. But I just seen yesterday in the Codes there is a mothership above Quebec. And I thought "That must be the same one I chased outta Salt Lake (City, Utah) Because when I saturated Utah I went to Salt Lake City a few years ago. The mother-ship that use to hang out over Salt Lake went to Rome and it's kinda been back and forth between the Vatican and Quebec since then. It hasn't been back to Salt Lake -- kinda has this thing with the Mormons and the Catholics.

And so that's why I kept seeing Quebec in the Codes because that mother-ship's over there. So people in Quebec Canada, you need to saturate that city with orgone because what will happen it will go up into the atmosphere through the dimensions and destroy that mother-ship that's above Quebec. So if you saturate the area, the city itself you'll take care of that mother-ship there. I don't know anybody who wants a mother-ship of aliens above their heads because these things are nasty. They abduct people, they breed them, they eat them. They're not here to be our friends folks.

So when we know where a mother-ship is we need to target it with orgone. It would be great if people there had pipes because that's the fastest way to destroy a mother-ship is with pipes, orgone pipes. Bucket blasters. Those saturate the air very powerfully. And as I learned with Shema. I just had one and it destroyed Shema and so.

Look for Shema to be falling to the earth. I just made a correlation the other day because I was looking at this -- they are talking about this asteroid and they're calling it YU-55 and they're talking about it may have a near miss to the earth this month or next month. They don't really know they're just guessing. And you know what? I thought that sounds like they're just covering up for Shema falling crashing outta the skys.

Because Shema's a huge rock. I'm telling you it's been on fire since October of last year. It still hasn't crashed so it's about do. And so I find it interesting they're coming up with this asteroid YU-55. I think it's Shema. I think they're covering up for Shema and I think that thing is going to crash out of the sky's soon. I don't know where it's gonna hit, but I always kinda believed it would hit the Great Lakes.

So I haven't seen a thus sayeth the Lord on it and I haven't seen it in the Bible Codes although I did see something hitting the Great Lakes last year even though it was delayed so could be. Could still be on route. You know things change. Bible Codes change. Routes change. Things get delayed, cancelled. Directions change. I mean it's not written in stone. Because everything's based on mans free will and depending on what our circumstances are at the time also depicted.

Free will is paramount
Like different things would be happening if Hillary had been president as opposed to Obama. We'd already be in World War III if Hillary got in. We'd be in World War III the first year she became president, but with Obama it's been delayed. So you see things change depending on circumstances that we're in as people. It's politics, it's people, things like that so, just something to keep a heads up on. Shema coming outta the sky's is very likely. The Hoover Dam -- I'm looking at November 29th with that. And if it happens the 11th great, but I'm telling you I'm seeing it more powerfully on the 29th the end of the month.

The 11th itself -- you know they have this whole thing set up where they're gonna shut down communications all across the country and the military is worried they're bringing all these people home from Iraq, 20,000 troops -- stationing them around America for whatever reason. Some kinda false flag is gonna be happening and I've warned about cities being nuked -- false flags going off because -- they're number one concern right now is their war with Iran.

What are they gonna blame on Iran?
And the way to do it. They took down the towers, the twin towers and blamed Iraq because they wanted into Iraq. So what are they gonna blow up and blame on Iran? And they're going to have to get the peoples anger. I mean they'll have to play this one out. So they'll have to get people really mad to be on your side to go after Iran.

So I think they'll blow up a city, two cities. Because on the script years ago they had a plan to blow up 4 American cities. That could come into play. I'm not seeing it in the codes but I'm saying it could come into play anyway. I look at general codes. I look at months because I look at what's happening this month, next month, whatever and unless something specific comes up or I'm alerted to something like "Hey look at this city it's gonna get a nuke." I can look and find it in the codes in an instant and look and see if it's gonna happen or not.

So if I have a specific I can look and deal with that allot easier. That's why I told you it's easier after an event happened and then go back and find it in the codes and all the details about it, much much easier than find something that's predicted. Because if it's planned you're gonna find it in the codes. You're gonna find it. I can look up Hoover Dam in the codes and find it but is it relevant? I can look up Hoover Dam and if it comes up for November it's allot more relevant to me than if I just look up Hoover Dam in the codes. They're planning to blow it up so obviously it's a plan so it's gonna be in the codes.

How they blow it up is speculation. Are they gonna use explosives? Are they gonna nuke it? Are they gonna use an earthquake to cause it? They're deleting all the earthquakes in the region off of the earthquake reports so people don't see them around the Hoover Dam so it remains open to exactly how it collapses, explodes and the water just falls all over the place.

Nicely orgoned water
It's just had lot's of time. I'm sure that waters nice and orgoned now. It's not gonna hurt the land it's just a symbol. But I'd love to destroy it somehow and I was asking the Lord earlier this morning how can we prevent that from happening? How can we destroy it? Keep it from happening or keep it from happening the way they want it to happen. I don't have an answer yet. But I'm always thinking of ways to combat their ideas.

To thwart them. To throw monkey wrenches at them. I mean whatever happened to Phoenix?
I like blowing up the dam allot more than blowing up Phoenix. That was always their first plan. Blow up Phoenix and out of the chaos / destruction rises a new world order The Phoenix. That was always on the script so I don't know what happened to going from blowing up Phoenix to blowing up the Hoover Dam.

Maybe Phoenix is still on the script. If you're hearing the Lords call get outta Phoenix the next couple weeks RUN! I haven't heard anything on that one but I just remember it from years ago. But you always notice certain people like HIllary that wear Phoenix lapel pin on their suit coat. I always look for that. The Phoenix mocks the Eagle. It's not a real eagle. People will look at jewelry they wear and think "Oh, that's an eagle." It's not an eagle it's a phoenix. There's a difference and the phoenix is a symbol of the new world order.

They're gonna want payback
Anyway. Looking ahead and they still want retaliation and they're gonna want it big time at the end of this month. (Sherry's laughing with delight) And we're gonna add to our conquer list at the end of this month. So I suspect December will be another month of recovery for them and pretty quiet--on the alien part. As far as Obama and them go, they're still pushing for this Iran war. All these false flags they'll be planning and stuff. You know people can stay on their toes so we can expose those -- as they come in they get announced, they can find out about them. I suspect some false flags going off between now and next year.

March is their blood month
I imagine they want to be in Iran by March because that's their blood month. Their war month. Their ritual month of death, so. Got a few minutes left in the show, I'm gonna take some questions see what's going on.

Sherry: Hello caller you are on the air.

Caller: Hello sis how are you doing?

Sherry: Hey how ya doing?

Caller: Pretty good, got a couple questions for you about them down on the mound. Did you see the video where they had that one Shaman Indian channeling the crystal skull and the skull started communicating with--he had this little ball orb in his hand and he was waving it in from of the crystal (skull) and he started to try and channel it.

Sherry: Yeah, yeah I saw that video. You posted that to the list.

Caller: Yeah. Yeah that was pretty crazy. Wasn't it?

Sherry: I thought the whole thing was just creepy. I use to like Indian movies but it never occurred to me that they're just conjuring demons, spirits. You could really feel it watching that video.

Caller: I was just laughing sitting there watching it. They were saying some people were feeling euphoric and I was thinking "Yeah it's that orgone completely engulfing them." Because they were just sitting there and they weren't even in their right mind. It was really funny watching the guy speaking underneath the pavilion. He was saying, 'for all of you who are feeling sick and queasy you have to embrace the positive energy' and they didn't know what he was talking about. He didn't even realize what he was talking about...

Sherry: I would have loved just to have been down there just to take more orgone around. Look at the people. But our whole war isn't against the people, it's against the wicked demons and aliens behind them. So.

Caller: Right. Right.

Sherry: You know?

Caller: Because I had planned on the 11th, being back down there for that day, but when you told us it was on the 29th I was pissed off but I knew Yah would crank it up. So.

Sherry: Yeah. I felt total peace on it like we'd done enough down there. We had done enough.

Caller: I just wanted to boost it a little bit.

Sherry: I know, it would have been would have been fun you know...

Caller: We see the same thing -- have you noticed the serpent constellation that's been in the sky? All week? During this ritual?

Sherry: No I haven't been outside at night. I've been hearing from allot of people the activity taking place, 2am, 3 o'clock -- the weird ships in the sky's. But I haven't gone out.

Caller: I'll tell you Sherry, every morning when I will be driving home at 1 in the morning because you know I work midnights and I see this star ship in the sky. It has blue and red lights -- it's just -- it's just over the whole Portage/Coma area. You know? My area and I try to get up close to it to take a video shot but it seems like it moves away from me. Even my wife called me all frantic. "Do you see this? Do you see this?" Yeah I see it. I'm hoping to get up closer to it so I can post it. I have one more question for you. Did you see the picture I posted where Al-Qaeda raised their flag in Libya?

Sherry: I saw you posted it but didn't get a chance to look at it.

Caller: Isn't that funny? NATO helped them which we knew helped them implement the Brotherhood of Islam over there. And as you said Gaddafi was a good guy and now you've seen what they've done. They've definitely trying to take Libya and turn it into a Muslim nation so they'll do it now. So.

Sherry: Yeah they've been listing places NATO has taken children from and put them in cages for the pedophile rings and it's just disgusting.

Caller: Yeah. Can I ask you one more question?

Sherry: Sure, go ahead.

Caller: You know yesterday they really bombarded our area in the sky. And yesterday I was listening to this local radio show and everybody was calling up wondering what was going on in the sky. What's going on in the sky why are they doing this? And I waited on-line for an hour to talk with the host and when I talked with him and told him he asked me to please send him this information -- he's been studying and I said yeah I would send it to him. But you know it's really weird how they're blasting us. They're throwing black chem-trails at us again. Now, so.

Sherry: Big ones. Full of disease ones.

Caller: I know, I know, yeah I know. But I wanted to touch base with you hon I haven't touched base with you in a month so I miss you this jobs kicking my butt. I love you. Keep on keeping on and whatever you need just holler at me, ok?

Sherry: Alright, thanks bro love you much.

Caller: OK, take care now.

Sherry: OK, bye bye.

Yeah last night I'm sitting in a parking lot with my daughter and I look up at the sky and I said, "Is that a plane or a UFO?" And we're just sitting there watching it and it disappeared. (Sherry's cracking up) Well I guess that takes care of that one. You just sit there and watch these things in the sky they're just everywhere folks. They're everywhere. The sky's are heating up at night, they're lighting up. There was one last night in Michigan with green lights, so. I like the green, red and blue ones. I see allot of those in Ohio. The ones with the green and blue, so.

Anyway folks, be back Monday night. Don't really have enough time to take another question then I have to cut them off and people get mad when I have to cut them off. They don't understand my time limits. I'll be back Monday night at 10 o'clock with some more code work for November. From what I see if we get busy this next week or two we'll have a very amusing month of November and again we're coming into times where you really need to recognize that nagging voice of the Lord's especially if He's urging you to get out of an area because they are going to be attacking cities with nukes. With disease chem trails we're talking the black ones. If you ever need to get away. You hear the Lords urging to get away from your area, your town, your city then take His urging and leave. Because they may have some success in some areas and satans agenda. Remember there's so many of them you can't follow and keep up with everything they're doing. Anyway, be back Monday night at 10 o'clock folks. Yah Bless.