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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
November 7, 2011

The Asteroid That Threatened Earth in the Last Timeline, Is No Threat at This Time

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner, November 7. Couple things I wanna talk about here tonight. You know, I've been looking at the Codes for the month of November trying to figure out what's going on. I told you on the show last Thursday that it was getting amusing. You know, they got knocked out for the month of September. Everything they had planned got knocked out from underneath them. And we're pretty much seeing the same thing for November, although they can't see it yet. [laughs] In fact, if you look at the month and kind of divide it up, it almost looks like the first half of the month is alien month. It's alien agenda time.

You have the New Agers and the whole alien agenda trying to make waves, trying to advance to Earth. And this is kind of what has the military on edge. You see them positioning all over the place, expecting a--talking about YU55, an asteroid. There's no asteroid that's gonna hit the Earth. Now if events in September--if we had stayed on that timeline--we were so close, first weekend of September, boom, timeline was changed. I'm not gonna get into why. But we were knocked off the timeline we should've been on by even now. If we had stayed on that timeline, then this asteroid would've hit the Earth, that they're fearing coming in now.

It's not even an asteroid. They just--I don't know what you call 'em. They're not asteroids, they're not comets, they're just kind of alien ships. You know, they hollow out rocks and boulders in space, and these aliens use them as starships. It makes a good cover. That's what comets and asteroids are. They're just chunks of rocks, and mountains, and planets. And they're hollowed out, and inside they're literally just alien palaces inhabited. And so, that's what these ships coming in are. They're starlike, but they're not really planets, they're not comets, they're not asteroids. They're just kind of huge, massive alien starships.

All Kinds of Disasters and Catastrophes Will Happen Once the Aliens Make Themselves Known

But if we had stayed on the timeline, then the Earth would've started getting hit by asteroids and comets. There's no doubt. Because when they--when the Antichrist rises to power, you're gonna see a shift. You're gonna see a shift from a time where the New World Order has ruled on the Earth and Satan has ruled over the Earth, and Satan's war against the Christians, against mankind...when they arrive and actually start to build their kingdom on Earth (it's already actually built, but--so to speak), the Lord's wrath is gonna come on the Earth from them being here. And also the Earth, itself, is gonna rebel against them being here.

And so, you're gonna see all kinds of disasters and catastrophes happen once they rise up out of their background noise and make themselves known, because they're already here. And I guess what we say, when we say there's going to be a coming alien invasion, is more or less the outward manifestation of their being here, of their arrival, because they're already here en masse. I mean, that's how we have a black military. It's how we have the black government, the shadow government.

The Alien Invasion Has Already Begun...Through Soul-Scalping

You have the soul-scalping everywhere. The Lord told me back in 2005 they were here; the invasion had already begun. They were soul-scalping people en masse. They take over humans that have already been put in positions of power. And they take over their bodies. What happens to that human soul is they just become a captive, a prisoner of their own body, but they have no control of it because the alien being controls practically everything about that person. And so, that's been going on for so long. And there's so many millions of them that when you say the aliens are coming, it really just means the outward arrival because they've already invaded the place en masse, pretty much, over the last six years, so.

But they've got these huge starships coming in. And, you know, in the Bible Codes I see "caravanning." They get together in their little caravans and patrol the skies. I see it over Ohio quite a bit in the Bible Codes, even though I don't typically go outside too much to view the sky. Usually busy working on stuff, and so. But I see it in the Bible Codes what they're up to, and so.

Trying to Push Off Their Agenda With the Crystal Skulls

You know, they've got this whole mind thing ritual across the country going on now with the crystal skulls. Gonna colonate at the Sheraton in Los Angeles on the 11th. And trying to spark up all the leylines and the occultic power points throughout the country. They started at the Serpent Mound in Ohio. And then they went on to Kansas and Arizona. And they're just leaving Sedona now, and heading to the Sheraton at LAX [Los Angeles International Airport] in L.A.

And so, you know, they're trying to push off their agenda because it got crashed, crunched in September. And this kind of thing, it's gonna happen again. I mean, our orgone, Yah's cranking it up. And just as it destroyed their plans in September, it's gonna destroy their plans in November. And so, I know there's a lot of hype about, you know, false flags going off in--that's the other agenda.

The Two Agendas of the New World Order: Alien and Illuminati

You have to remember the New World Order is divided into two agendas. You have, what I'm calling, the New Age alien, the 8th agenda. And the old phase, Illuminati phase agenda, which is the 7th, and so. I'm basically just calling 'em the 7th and 8th regimes, because that's basically how I see it in the Codes; 7th and 8th. And so, Obama being of the 7th, but also part of the 8th. He's like the transition being. To transition our country from the old phase New World Order, which was controlled by the Illuminati, into the New Age alien phase of the New World Order, which is controlled by these cosmic beings. They call themselves cosmic beings. But they're really just Reptilians. They're just aliens, fallen angels, that wanna come down and control the world for Lucifer's rise here on Earth.

And so, we're kind of stuck in between regimes right now. They're kind of battling it out, because the 7th regime, the Illuminati regime, they're not going down quietly. They wanna retain their power. And even the soul-scalped beings that they are, still quite greedy. Especially the Reptilians that control them. They wanna retain their power. They don't wanna lose it. They don't wanna give it up. And so, you're seeing the fighting going on back and forth. I think by the end of the month, when the alien regime, the 8th regime pretty much sees that they've been defeated again by the orgone, then we're gonna see some action from the 7th regime, which is the Illuminati regime.

Alien and Illuminati Play on Occult Numbers Regarding Dates for Planned Events

And said I didn't see a Hoover Dam blowup for the 11th. I see it for the 29th. And so, I was thinking, you know, why is it, you know, the first half of the month seems like an alien month, and the second half of the month seems like the Illuminati part of the month? If you look at the play of numbers, 9 and 11, which is very occultic numbers, no matter which faction you're in for them, 9 and 11 are key numbers. And so, the aliens usually take the beginning of the month, with the 9th and 11th being the most significant dates and days of this month for them. And the seventh regime will take the other play on the numbers, the 27th and 29th. 27th being a play on the number 9, 29th being a play on the number 11.

And so, if the Hoover Dam was gonna blow up this year, I think it would be on the 29th. A mimic of when people believe it's gonna blow up, which was on the 11th. And so, just wanted to throw that out there, because I don't know if they're gonna blow it. I know they need it for ritualistic purposes. It really has no destruction value in and of itself. The Hoover Dam's in the middle of a desert. The water's just gonna fill up the Grand Canyon. It has nothing to do with destruction. It has everything to do with symbology in the fact that the birth is taking place. They try to mimic the Bible as much as possible. And in Matthew 24 it talks about the birth pains before the tribulation period starts. And then--they're taking it further. They're having the birth. The actual birth to where, what we call the tribulation period begins. They want to begin it. Their bringing about events to mimic Bible prophecy would almost be self-fulfilling. Make prophecy be fulfilled by self-fulfilling it.

They Seem to Be Creating Events in Order to Fulfill Bible Prophecy

You know, I said this years ago when I started doin' the Codes. That it almost looks like they're just creating all of these events to fulfill Bible prophecy. To make it come about. And somebody else had mentioned the same thing in an article I was reading the other day. About how they were bringing about their events to fulfill Bible prophecy, these last-days events. I couldn't agree more. I mean, that's what I always felt when I was seeing the Codes. That there's a master plan, there's a blueprint, a script. And they know what it is. They know what the Bible says better than most Christians do. That's why they can deceive them so easily, because none of them read it. They know it. They study it. And they kept a lot of material, that Christians today could have benefited from--they kept it out of the KJV version.

Pastors Are Waking Up

Christians today are so mind-controlled, and controlled by fear and the religious whoremongering that goes on, that if you told them the KJV was incomplete, they would have a heart attack. They would probably lose all their faith in God. I mean, that's how ridiculous they are. When you start to pray and ask the Lord for truth in all things, and you're guided by truth and by Him every day, instead of religious mind control, you start to learn the whys and hows. And why He allows things to happen. And the deceptions people are in. You know, the Lord said He's the Door. Knock on Him. He didn't say, "Your pastor's the door," "Your church is the door." He said, "I Am the Door." And so, you need to knock on His door and get truth straight from Him.

You know, there's a very few bright spots in these last days. And some of them being that pastors are waking up. "Hey, why isn't Enoch in the Bible? He was the greatest man to walk with God." One of the greatest patriarchs ever, of our history as a nation, as Israel, and his book was taken out? He has 365 books. Where are they? Why is the Vatican hiding them. Why were the Dead Sea Scrolls suppressed. Why do they take little tours around the country and show you little pages that they found in Isaiah? Yeah, I actually went to one of those just to see it with my own eyes. Pages of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Why do they suppress it? Because it reveals truths that Christians today couldn't handle. Look at the hatred I get when you tell 'em Paul was a liar. Paul was a fraud. Paul was a Freemason sent in to sabotage Christianity. And if you look at the books of the Dead Sea Scrolls, they confirm everything I've said. They don't wanna confirm a thing I've said.

Why don't they have Enoch? Because Enoch tells you what's going on. He tells you the difference between aliens and demons. He tells you who these aliens are, what their names are, who the leaders are. As far as the church is concerned, they were locked up in chains for judgment until the ends of time. Really? Yeah, they were. But guess what? They're being loosed. 'Cause it's that time for them to be loosed. And not all of them were locked up. Only a partial--the leaders were locked up, not the followers. The followers were judged, but they weren't locked up.

Enoch Depicts the Watcher Rebellion, but the Church Suppresses It

There's many different falls. There's two different falls of Lucifer--or two different falls, I should say. Everyone clumps them all into one grouping as when Lucifer fell because of pride. Well, you know, there's a whole angelic rebellion as well with 200 of the Lord's leaders that had tens of thousands underneath them. Met on Mt. Herman and decided to fall from grace and go to Earth and cohabitate with human women. Enoch depicts that rebellion. Why doesn't the church want you to know that? Why does the church suppress so much information? Because they don't want you do understand what's going on in these days. The Lord always said if you wanna know what's gonna happen at the end of days, you need to know what happened at the beginning of days. As in the days of Noah. Most people have no idea what the real days were like as in the days of Noah. They have no idea.

I find it completely fascinating when I can get a good book or good article on what the early days exactly were like. You know, I have a general idea. The Lord's always given me information. And it's just fascinating. It's nothing I could put down in writing because, you know, people want evidence, they want scientific proof, they want archaeological evidence. What am I gonna--I have no evidence. Just what He's told me. The truths He's given me. So it's fascinating when I find other people--stumble on them--that have come along to the same truths I have, but also have found evidence to back those kinds of things up. I'm not a scientist. I'm not an archaeologist.

When the Lord led me to orgone, I didn't even know what a crystal was. I had no idea of crystals. As far as I was concerned, it was voodoo garbage. But I soon found that if I was gonna have a problem with crystals and stones, I was gonna have a real problem with Levites, and priests, and the Lord's temple in heaven. It's all crystals and stones. Just because Satan turned something good into something bad doesn't make it bad. Satan's bad.

8th Regime False Flags Planned for End of Month

So, anyway, for this month, November, after the first disasters of the aliens--and they're gonna try their darndest to bring their agenda out in the next two weeks. Then at the end of the month we'll have the useful idiots, the 7th regime, which is supposed to just be here to build things up for the 8th regime, they're gonna probably start their false flags because they want a war in Iran. And so, these false flags they have planned, I've heard everything from blowing up the Hoover Dam to blowing up the U.N. building, blaming it on Iran. Whatever they come up with just to blame on Iran so they can go to war with Iran.

Hillary and Biden Want War with Pakistan for Oil

And now I'm hearing that the real prize is Pakistan. That there's dissension among the ranks of D.C. That Hillary and Biden don't want a war with Iran. I don't know if they want a war with Pakistan or not, but that's where the oil is and they're sending drones there now, attacking citizens. They wanna incite a war with Pakistan, because they want a reason to invade so they can take Pakistan's oil. I don't know why some of them are backing down now from Iran. But Obama clearly hasn't. He still wants to go into Iran, so. You're gonna see them push and shove more because they want a war with Iran. And what I see for this, folks, is if we do go to war with Iran, then we're gonna end up with a ground war here in America against Russian and Chinese troops.

Years ago there was info--it was on my website, I don't know if it's still there. I don't know if I put it on there. I just know I have the info. But part of the script back then was stating that--I remember back in 2001, when I first started doing Bible Codes and the Lord was teaching me how to do them, and how to analyze them and stuff, and I kept seeing missiles in our cities, bombing our cities, and Iran was associated with it. So I go, by 2009 we're gonna be at war with Iran. And back then, Hillary, if we had stayed on that timeline, Hillary was president. And so, here it was 2009. This is like looking into the future 10 years, 'cause this was like 2001 I'm looking at this. Hillary's president, we're at a full-blown war with Iran, they're bombing our cities, but Russia's aligned with Iran, because Russia was the power backer of Iran. They were neck--you know, peanut butter and jelly together.

If We Go to War with Iran, America Will Have Ground War with Russian and Chinese Soldiers

And so, timelines changed, Obama's president in 2009. And now we're seeing, 3, 4 years later, this war with Iran looming again. If he goes to war with Iran, it going to be probably the first war--and we've been, you know, Persian Gulf War I, Persian Gulf II, we're in almost every country in the world. This is gonna be the first war where we're gonna see our own cities blown up. Because these other countries that Obama's picking on have missiles that can reach the United States.

Iran's not bluffing. Iran throws around number 11 a lot. Like, "Oh, we have 11,000 missiles, and we can hit all the military bases in the Middle East. We can hit all the American military bases." They can also hit America, but they'll also be using Russian technology. And so, I just keep seeing, in a nutshell, that if we go to war with Iran, we're gonna end up with a ground war here in America with Russian and Chinese soldiers. Russia doesn't want America. There's some kind of agreement with China that they'll help China invade America and destroy America, but China will win the land. China will gain the land for their inhabitants. They'll build up--we'll have China--some kind of new name for America based on China. But it's gonna be a Chinese war here. We're literally gonna be--have a ground war with Russian and Chinese troops here.

And so, you know, these Washington politicians, they throw odds to the wind. They're like, "Well, we'll do this." And you really don't know how people are gonna react until it happens. I don't think they think that Russia's gonna back Iran, or that China's gonna back Iran. I think they think that what happened with Iraq, and Libya, and everybody else, is that when you go bullying, everybody else just sits down and waits for the bullying to be done and then waits for the divvying. Everybody splits everything.

You know, the Russians get their own little booty for being good little boys and sitting on their knees while Americans went in and caused the damage. And everybody splits the booty up, the country up. Everybody has their hands out. It's not gonna be like that with Iran, folks. If we go into Iran, America's going to be in war. We're going to be in war. And, you know, from one minute we're looking at spaceships they can't even describe, coming into our dimension. And that's true. It's no fiction. I mean, it's true, it's happening. But you're gonna go from a sky threat to ground threats, because you're gonna have Chinese coming up your highways and down your roads.

Stock Up on Bullets, Guns, Orgone and Other Provisions

So there's two things I know. One, you better be loaded with orgone to protect you from the coming alien and giant invasions, because they don't like it, it burns them. That's why most of their agenda's being destroyed. But let's not forget that the Locusts of Revelation 9, 200 million horsemen and the Locusts are giants. That's just allegory for Giant races. And they're still coming. That's prophesied. So even if we were able to destroy the Ashtar Command, the Galactic Federation, and all these little different groups of aliens because of the orgone--and we have; we've destroyed a lot of them--we still have 200 million to deal with. It's gonna take us five months to destroy them. It's not gonna be instantaneous. So for five months we're gonna be dealing with Giants. OK?

So not just that, but then you've got Chinese. And they're everywhere. They're on our borders now. They're just waiting. They're waiting. We've got a RV [recreational vehicle] city below San Antonio. You got a tent city below Arizona. You got a tent city in Mexico over the border. And I hear from people who live in Mexico that have seen these Chinese tent cities and even say they ran into Russians in Tijuana or whatever. They've got Russian generals, Russian officers leading these Chinese troops. And then you've got the ones who were in style in the desert down in Texas. They have RV cities instead of tent cities. So, they're just waiting, folks. And they're waiting there for a reason. There's gonna be a ground war here in America.

So you better be loaded on orgone, and you better be loaded on bullets. Bullets and guns. Because I'll tell you what. They've been giving the green light to be inhuman. And most of them already will be because most of them are clones. They're just not even real--they're humans, Frankensteins. They're gonna do things you can't even imagine, to people. That's how wicked and evil they're gonna be. Orgone and bullets. And you're also gonna need food and water, medicines. Stock up on things, folks. You know, otherwise you're just gonna be like sheep led to the slaughter. You're gonna board the trains 'cause they tell you to, and head to the FEMA camps to be slaughtered.

Prepare to Defend Yourselves and Your Families - If the Aliens Don't Get You, the Chinese Will

It's gonna be a German holocaust all over again, but it's gonna be on American soil. Don't be sheep, folks. Fight back. You know, we're at war. Self-defense isn't a sin. Israel always carried weapons to defend themselves against their enemies. And that was one of the first things that Esther had to do when she became queen of Israel was rearm the people. Because they had been under occupation and had gotten rid of all their weapons. They went to sleep. And here Israel was gonna be at war. She knew what the plans were. And the thing she had to do was arm Israel all over again, and get them armed because they were gonna be at war.

And guess what, folks. We're there again. Israel's gone to sleep, America's gone to sleep. They feel safe, they feel protected. Not realizing that the very people over them are the ones who are planning their destruction. You know, if the aliens don't get ya, the Chinese are gonna get ya. So start preparing, folks. And your government, that most of you think is taking care of you, are giving everybody the green lights, 'cause they don't care! They don't care! You've got the Illuminati, bunch of Lizard freaks. They drink blood, they eat babies' hearts and livers, and prefer organs of humans. They think they're entitled to occultic rituals because they love eating children. They use their positions as royal lizardry on Earth to feel entitled to feast on people here, and the children here.

Bush Sr. Gave a Saudi Prince a Printing Plate for American Dollars

And they're gonna take all the wealth--strip the world of the wealth that they can. Billions of dollars have disappeared. Gold has disappeared. I don't know what they wanna do with dollars. I mean, I heard a long time ago that Bush, Sr. had given the prince Saudi a printing plate of American dollars. He could print as much American money as he wanted. He had the printing plate. And next, you've got Dubai going up. And if you've seen pictures of Dubai, it's just--it's ingenious, the beautiful oasis in the desert. Just technologically ingenious. The buildings that they have. The technology that they have. I'll bet ya anything it was all printed on American money plates. All built and paid for by us. Because, apparently, they don't think anything of just handing money plates out. "Here. Print your own money. Be our best friend over there, OK?"

They have more money than they know what to do with. They don't give it to their people, because suppressing their people is all the fun. You know, suppressing the people and making them suffer in poverty, because it provides negative loosh, and negative gives them energy. It gives them power. It's like their spinach [reference to cartoon character Popeye, who gained strength from eating spinach]. It's like the leaders are the Popeyes, and the suffering of the people is the spinach. Suffering, and death, and disease, and plagues. That's why you don't ever see any real solutions happening in Africa, or any of the third-world countries. Because they want that suffering. They're narcissists. They have no empathy for how people feel. And all the money you pump in to all these countries. You know, instead of teaching them how to fish, you're just feeding them fish. And meanwhile, most of the money goes to the fat bank accounts of the people that run the organizations. To the governments of these countries.

George Soros - Paying Mercenaries to Kill Christians and Funding the Occupy Protests

And I just was looking at info earlier. [George] Soros is actually paying soldiers, mercenaries, to kill Christians in Nigeria, Iran, Syria, and Egypt. You know, I was reading articles last week that Soros is behind buying up all the gun manufacturers and stuff so they can control us from getting guns, and bullets. They don't care if you have guns, but you won't have bullets to run 'em. So they wanna own all the manufacturing. And Soros is behind that. And Soros is nothing but a multibillionaire Lizard on Earth. He really is. He's total alien agenda. He's the one that's funding the Occupy protests around America. He's got his hands in everything. And from a very, very credible source of mine, he's also behind the hiring of mercenaries.

All these little armies to kill Christians in the foreign countries. Where was their rapture, folks? Where was their rapture? Where was the Lord--you know, when you tell Christians today to start stocking up, start preparing for the coming wars, "Oh, the Lord'll take care of us." And they'll start quoting scriptures. Where was those scriptures--where was all that protection for the 76 Nigerian Christians burned last week? I mean, I consider these more my brothers and sisters than most in the churches today. Because their love for the Lord is real. They know what it's like to suffer for the Lord. They suffer every day. There's so many in the churches today that are so cozy, they can't undersand why we need to protect ourselves. Because they're no threat to Satan. They're no threat. Satan doesn't care if you worship him. You're no threat. You're no threat. He gets his kicks out of killing ya.

Satan Persecutes Daily the People Who Are a Threat to Him

But the people that are a threat, he persecutes daily. And you know what? The apostles could never begin to describe HAARP weapons, and ELF weapons, and RNM weapons, and the attacks we go through, the microwave weapons. Try going to sleep at night and watching white satellite beams come through your roof and through your walls and hit you in bed at night and burn you. You ever been through that? You ever go to bed and try to sleep at night and all of a sudden you hear bowling balls rolling down a wood floor? That's just to keep you up. They're trying to annoy you. That's RNM. Remote neural monitoring. Where they come up with the--they have these weapons that can simulate bowling alleys, and doors shutting, and places slamming. Sometimes you can feel like you're sitting in a rock concert. And you're trying to go to sleep! They use this RNM technology to annoy and harass you. To keep you from getting sleep.

But some of you have never been through any of this. That's why you can't relate to why we need Orgone Warriorrs. You can't relate to having to protect and defend yourself because you're not a threat to Satan. So it's this perfect little half over here that's never been under attack, that attacks the other half of Christians that have been. Thinks they're crazy.

The Lord's Given Us Simple Weapons to Defeat Our Enemies

You know, when you ask the Lord, "How do I protect myself from this. How do I stop that from happening?" And you have your spiritual warfare prayers. You've got 'em memorized 'cause you use them so much. And he says, Use orgone. Make this orgone. Use this." And He gives you weapons. Mylar blankets. You put those over your windows. It'll stop a lot of the tech attack weapons. You know, simple things. David picked up three stones. One was for Goliath, and two were for his brothers. He killed all three. Simple methods. They marched around Jericho ten times. With what? Shofar horns. His ways are not man's ways.

How are we gonna defeat the Giants today? Aether energy. Because orgone produces aether energy. A simple energy scientific technique that is destroying their entire kingdom. I said this month I'm just putting my feet up on the desk and I'm gonna have a few laughs. Because just as September came and went with all their little plans being destroyed because of the orgone, the same thing's gonna happen for November.

Now the end of the month is when your false flags could start coming up. And, you know, I don't know if they're gonna blow the Hoover Dam. I don't know if they're gonna blow down the U.N. building. I could care less about the U.N. building. I'd just as soon see that go than Hoover Dam. Get rid of the idiots. The whole U.N., just a bunch of useful idiots. That's all they are. Make 'em go somewhere else. Get 'em out of America. Get those Lizards out of here. Why do we care? Just don't want innocent people killed. Just take the Lizards with ya. Take 'em and go. We don't want you here in America. We're the resistance. We're fighting you here. We're the resistance. You wanna come here? We're gonna put up a fight. And that's what we've been doing. And that's what we're doing now. You wanna bring in your little whatever in L.A.? Go for it. Bring 'em in. Let's watch 'em burn. We're ready for it. We're gonna fight 'em every step of the way.

The Chinese Have Terrible, Evil, Wicked Plans for Americans When They Invade

Now as far as Chinese soldiers coming in en masse, which is not if, but when, you know, hand grenades would be nice. 50-calibers would be nice. You got a nice 50-caliber weapon, that'll take out a helicopter or a tank. You know, people are gonna have to start stocking up on military stuff. Go to military auctions. I don't know how to handle that stuff, but I can tell you what to do. I can tell ya what's coming. I can point a gun and shoot it. And I will if I have to. You're defending yourself, folks, and your families. Because these Chinese soldiers coming in, they will cut the babies out of pregnant women, they will rape your children, they will take your men and dismember them in front of you. They have terrible, evil, and wicked plans of what they're gonna do to Americans when they get to come invade. So you better be prepared. Are most of you, a lot of you, affected? Where's your rapture then, huh? Where's your rapture? There's no rapture saving you from that. Where does it say in the Bible that a rapture's gonna happen before a Russian and Chinese war here in America? Will somebody show me that one?

So many Christians are asleep, it's pathetic. And they're not preparing for the things that are coming. You know, I posted a video today on my website, This Year an Overview. Somebody put together an overview of 2011. The tornado warnings, the flooding, the animals--the birds dropping out of the sky, the fish coming to shore float dead. I mean, all the disasters we've had this year. And as you look at all the birds laying on the ground dead, and all the fish coming up the shore dead, and I'm thinking, "Next year it's gonna be people." This year it was birds and fish, and next year it's people. There's gonna be people laying on our streets dead all over the place.

They're Putting Poisons in Chemtrails to Trigger Zombie Viruses

Prepare, folks. I would even get you one of those gas masks, 'cause I know I need one. I keep telling people to prepare and I'm probably one of the least. I'm prepared some, but I don't have a gas mask. And definitely need those because they're trying to put anthrax in the air. In our foods, in our water, arsenic poison. You're gonna see that a lot. They're putting poisons in chemtrails to trigger zombie viruses. And chemtrailing is a huge agenda part of the alien agenda side. Yeah, the useful idiots of the 7th regime fund it and run it, but they get all their ideas and technology from the 8th regime. And so, it's a huge agenda for both, because they use chemtrails to put cancers and disease and plagues in the chemicals that they use. And they're also putting triggers in it that will cause people to die and then reanimate as zombies. They call it the zombie trigger. They're putting that in the chemtrails. So we need to prepare, folks. If you're being heavily chemtrailed, or you see planes over your area dumping stuff, you need to protect yourself because it's gonna get more, and more, and more deadly.

I thought it was interesting that, you know--what are they so mad at? You see 'em in the Codes, they're mad, they hate me. But you're seeing the blue skies in Ohio are just ticking them off. The blue, azure skies in Ohio. And I'm like, "Haha!" You know, the only reason I have blue skies is because I have this state with other Warriors who've just gone through the state and put so much orgone in it. Chemtrail planes don't have much success here. They spray their chemtrails and they just disappear. And the skies come back and the skies stay blue. And that's ticking them off. They hate seeing the blue skies. I think that's so funny. Job well done, folks. Every Warrior in any area needs to stand up and get it because if you don't, you're just gonna become fodder for them. You're just victims. You're gonna get their cancers, and their tumors, their diseases, their plagues.

They had zombie--CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] in talks with the White House and the Pentagon, trying to get a zombie outbreak started in the month of November in San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico, in that area in between there. And it still stands. But if this fails and they can't get it off, it will come back in March of next year. They will bring it back early spring of next year. So just because it busts--if it busts for November, it'll be back. It'll be back in the early spring of next year. I already see that in the Codes.

The one thing that fights against zombies is orgone. And I think that's going to be our success weapon here because as they reanimate these beings, if these beings walk into orgoned areas, it melts them. It melts 'em. And so, they're never gonna get an outbreak heading out because--you're gonna have a lot of success in unorgoned areas, but as soon as they wander into orgoned areas, they're gonna die. That's my feeling on this. Because why else would they be so mad about our orgoned areas when it comes to zombies? Because it's gonna defeat them. We're gonna have a lot of success against the zombies. You know, I can usually tell what's gonna happen just by what they're mad at. [laughs] What, specifically, is infuriating them, besides me? They hate me. They hate Ohio. They hate the orgone. They hate the Warriors. Very aware of this radio show. They all listen to it.

The Preacher Man at Liberty Broadcasting Network Interviewing Sherry on 11-11

Friday at 6 o'clock, I'll be doing a radio with The Preacher Man from the Liberty Broadcasting Network, so. I went to the website to see if they were actually affiliated with Liberty University. I went there for two years. I didn't see any kind of association with Liberty University. So, it'll be interesting.

People waking up to the whole New World Order plan. Most people haven't taken it as far as I have because the Lord pulled me out of the 7th regime and started teaching me the 8th regime, the New World Order alien agenda, very early on when I started learning about the New World Order back in 1991. Then I was in that for about a year or two and He said, "Let me show you this." And started pulling me into the alien agenda. Yeah, hasn't been the same since. I used to be the crazy on the Internet, and people are learning I'm not so crazy after all. You know?

One More Time...There Are No Friendly Aliens

What are aliens? They're just fallen angels. They lost their looks. Part of their judgment. And then you have humanoid ones who look human because they didn't lose their looks. It wasn't part of their judgment. You have different falls, different judgments, folks. But they all serve Satan.

No such thing as a friendly alien. I get asked that all the time. I just wanna pull the hair out of my head. Friendly aliens? Really? Do you call somebody that abducts your children out of their bed at night and puts chips in their noses, or impregnates your daughters, and wives, and sisters, and puts them back in bed and they think they're pregnant by their husbands or boyfriends, and then they're actually carrying hybrid children? I mean, come on, folks. Friends don't abduct, kidnap, imprison, torture, torment, eat friends. Aliens are not our friends.

There's two different types of beings: celestial and terrestrial. The glory of one--the terrestrial--is Satan. The glory of the [celestial] is the Lord, Himself. They'd be in heaven. If you were a friendly alien, you'd be an angel. You'd be in heaven with the Lord. You'd be a celestial being, not terrestrial. Anything terrestrial falls under the reign of Lucifer, even if they reject it. Some of them don't like Lucifer. They hate Lucifer. And they go off and they form their own colonies, or factions, or whatever, and have their own counsels. He still owns them. Doesn't mean anything.

The First Thing They Want to Do When They Arrive Is Subdue and Chip-Implant Everyone

He can't control every--he's not omnipresent and omnipotent like the Lord is. He can only mimic those traits through technology. That's why everybody in his kingdom is chipped. And that's why the first thing they do when they start coming to Earth--and they're already doing--is mandate chip implants. And they do it now through vaccinations. They put chips--you're chip-implanted if you get vaccinations or flu shots.

When they come here en masse, the biggest agenda they're going to have at that time is to subdue mankind and chip-implant them. Chip-implant. They have this technology where they can remote control you through your chip. And I've told you the suffering I've gone through on that one. They've shot me with chips. And then they can just turn 'em on, turn 'em off, and remote control computers wherever. They've advanced their technology to where they can just kill you now. They can turn--and once you get this certain chip in you that they have, they can just kill you by turning it off. So, yeah. It's gonna be a war against chip-implantation. It already is if your eyes are open, you're aware of what's going on.

Water Will Be Scarce

Water's gonna be scarce. They wanna own all the world's water supply so they can control you. They wanna force famine so they can control the food. So people need to find ways, and network with others, and get into underground community-type things on sharing water and food. Because everything they have, and everything they're doing is pure poison.

Pleiadeans Are Not from Yah

Some more space wars going on. [laughs] Pleiadeans and Dracos are fighting. They're always fighting. People ask me about the Pleiadeans, but I'll tell you what, folks. Any kind of run-in I've ever seen or heard of with the Pleiadeans is the fact that the ones we encounter here on Earth are usually part of the Draconian clan playing friendly, nice Pleiadean. Because when you listen to them speak--if someone's of the Lord, you're gonna notice their fruits. Their fruits. You know them by their fruits. That's what the Lord always said. You know them by their fruits. I've never seen a Pleiadean yet lead you to Him. They know nothing of His salvation for mankind. He died on the cross, He rose again. The need for a Savior. Because to them, they preach the garbage that you are a god. And when you hear that, you know that that Pleiadean, that alien, that light being that's claiming to be a Pleiadean, is an imposter, and to not listen.

Because if there were friendly aliens, they're not allowed to come in contact with mankind, folks. They're not allowed. They are quarantined away from the Earth. They are not allowed to come in contact. There are children of the aliens, the offspring of the ones who fell, who want redemption. Who said, "OK, we don't like Lucifer. We're sorry for what our parents did." And they seek redemption from the Lord. And I'm not gonna get into that. But I can tell you this. The number one rule, no contact. No contact, period. So any kind of a contact we have, I don't care what alien race they say they're from, they're not from Yah, they're not one of Yah's. Just consider it part of Satan's Draconian faction. Because many of them switch sides. There's many, many Pleiadeans that went to the Draconian side. OK, I'm starting to sound like a Star Wars series. But this is the way it is, folks. I just tell you straight up.

Who Says Angels Don't Have Children?

You know, you have a bunch of fallen angels in the universe. A bunch of angels who have fallen who had kids. Unbeknownst to the church, "Oh, no. Angels don't have children." Really? Maybe that rank of angels doesn't. Doesn't mean all of them don't. See, the churches just put you to sleep with their stupidity so you can't recognize things that are going on around you. Until you break the religious mind control, you'll never really grasp what the universe is like and what's really going on here.

Thursday Show Is Now Back on at 11 A.M.

Anyway, I'll be back on Thursday at 1 o'clock. Changed the time to 1 o'clock. They kind of did that for me. They kept--my show was scheduled for 11 and they kept changing it to 1 so I'd be all messed up, and so. I like it at 1. It's all right. I'll just keep it. So 1 o'clock on Thursday.

Watch the Black Cube Coming in - It's Gonna Burn

I don't know what I'm talking about. I just wait until the show starts and the Lord leads me in what to talk about. [laughs] But I'm sure it'll be interesting either way. 'Cause I think this whole month is gonna be quite the sky full. Keep your eyes on the skies. You might catch UFO caravans going overhead. Some strange things going on in the skies. Lot of spaceships falling. Crashing to the Earth. The media should have a field day calling it all meteors.

Huge ships coming in. I see them coming in. Watch the black cube. That black cube structure that's off behind the sun right now. That should be coming in to our system. Probably already is. I see it passing the partition. It's coming in. But it's just gonna be another Nibiru, another Planet X. It's gonna burn. [laughs] Another Shema, another Capricorn. Chalk another one up for the Orgone Warriors. That whole cube thing's gonna burn, so. It'd be interesting to watch it anyway coming in. All these huge ships and stuff, so. They come, they'll burn. It's all I have to say about that.

Anyway, till Thursday, everybody. Yah bless.


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