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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
November 14, 2011

It's Been a Quiet Month - Their Big Plans Have Come to Naught

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it's November 14. And like I told you, folks, this would be a quiet month, irregardless of everything they had planned and they wanted to do. And that was a lot. I mean, they had some really huge plans. Opening up the stargates, and working the energy leylines throughout the country, and trying to activate the stargates here in America for the arrival of the...they call them Ascended Masters, but they're more like a bunch of fools from Satan's crowd, and so. But, yeah, they had big plans to arrive, and all this. And the Hoover Dam was another thing. You know what? I just told you guys, you know, I don't see anything. I said we're gonna sit back, with our feet up, and have a couple laughs this next few weeks, 'cause nothing's gonna happen. And nothing has. It's November 14, nothing's happened.

Why? Because it's the same as I saw it back in October, when I was looking through the Bible Codes. We're beating them. We're throwing them in so much derision. If you remember back in October, I started an orgone L.A. campaign. And wanted to hurry up and get orgone in San Diego and in L.A. And so, that pretty much wiped me out totally. And everybody who helped support those campaigns sent in orgone to help me pass it out to the Warriors in California. Definitely appreciate that. And things like that don't go unnoticed. I mean, you might have sent in 6 pucks or an entire box, but the thing is, your name's on the success of that campaign because you helped. Those who sent in contributions that month, whether it went to the orgone campaign, whether it went to paying bills so I could stay on the air, you helped. You're a part of it. You're a part of us.

The Most High Notices Everything You Do to Support This Ministry - It Recorded in the Bible Codes

And so, anything you do to help support this ministry doesn't go unnoticed by the Most High. It never does. You know, I can look in Bible Codes and see Warriors' names, and whether they're active or sleeping, you know. Whether they're supporting this ministry or not, you know. And I always get a kick out of that, you know. Because it's just not being able to discern people that you've never met, on the Internet, and you know how many games people can play. They lie about who they are. They lie about what they are. But when you see 'em in the Bible Codes, that, hey, this person loves the Lord, this person's a Warrior, this person supports Sherry Shriner, this person reads her articles, this person listens to her shows, I can see that stuff in the Codes. And so, it really cheers me up. And it really establishes my rapport with those who I consider to be close to me, who are Warriors from the Most High.

Some People of the Lord's Kingdom Are on Different Paths of Truth and Growth

Now granted, my ministry is a one in a million. The Lord has many branches on the tree. Not every person He calls is called out to listen to this ministry. They're on different paths of truth and growth. Maybe they're meant to be in a different part of His tree. And so, I don't argue with those parts of the tree. Their my brethren, I leave them alone. I do my own thing. But those the Lord sends to work with me, we get busy. We get busy. You know, it takes a lot of people to make up one kingdom. You know, you have artists, you have singers, you have workers, you have warriors.

I Like the Warrior Side of the Lord's Kingdom - The Lord's Enemies Are My Enemies

I've always preferred the warrior side. I like going after and attacking the Lord's enemies, because their His enemies are my enemies. Because I love Him. I'm in love with Him. And so, those who love Him, I love. And His enemies--and I'm not talking about people who are just asleep and ignorant and haven't woken up yet. I'm talking about literal seedline enemies sent here by Satan to attack His people and destroy them. Those are the ones that are my enemies, too. Those are the ones I fight against. And so, I always try to distinguish between sleeping, ignorant Christians and Satan's seedline, and Satan's people here on Earth sent to purposely distract, and disrupt, and destroy the Lord's people. The wolves in sheep's clothing.

You know, and the thing about the Lord is He always keeps us busy. You know, when you ask Him, "What can I do? How can I stop this? How can I bring that down?" You know, tearing down the devil's strongholds has been a main part of my ministry for the past 6, 7 years. You know, when the Lord started opening up the alien agenda to me, the fallen angel agenda, I couldn't sit and do nothing. There's nothing in me--there's no quit in me, there is no sit down and go on vacation in me. I couldn't do anything when Satan's got this whole...these armies and factions on Earth purposely working behind the scenes day in and day out to destroy the Lord's people on Earth, and destroy the Lord's Earth, itself. I couldn't sit back and do nothing. So I would seek Him on it, "Well, what can we do? How can we stop this agenda? How can we tear down their strongholds?" And that's what I've been involved with for the last 7, 8 years. And it's been a long haul. It's been a long haul. I couldn't tell ya the stuff I've gone through over the years. And I don't consider it because I'm in the war. I consider it because I love Him. They hate me because I love Him. They hate you because you love Him. And so, we're targets. Satan will literally target you just like he targeted Job.

Bible Codes Revealed Sherry Shriner as Lucifer's Archenemy on Earth

You know, I got a big laugh couple years ago when I started doing a Code on Lucifer. And one of his names is Halayel. He has several different names. And crossing his name was "archenemy Sherry Shriner." Archenemy. His number one enemy on Earth Got a big kick out of that. I worked hard for that.

But that doesn't mean to take it easy, because the attacks come. They target you. I just saw in the Bible Codes I was looking at--I can't even remember what specific Code I was in, but I could see that he was, uh, what do you wanna say? What's the word? He was going before the Lord, like he did with Job, wanting to take me out. He was advocating my death before the Lord. He wanted to take me out.

He hasn't been able to take me out for 8 years. I've had satellite attack weapons, beams, hit my house and do nothing but mildly shake it, with a loud boom. The noise was louder than the small shaking it took. I went through that twice. Two times within 5 minutes because they probably figured something was wrong with their machine and it wasn't working right. Because whatever they had hit with that beam should have been exploded into a million smithereens. I go through stalking. I go through spying, surveillance.

I go through their chemical dumping. And chemtrails don't stick over my area, so the new thing is to send trucks out into my area with bug spray packs and act like they're spraying the sides of the roads for pesticides. Why would they be doing that when it's gonna snow? You know? And so, I just have to go on the offensive and counterattack, and get orgone all over again in the areas. You know? I noticed when they started their spraying couple weeks ago, and I've been battling attacks with sleepiness and tiredness. You I'm always run down 'cause I've got kids to run all day, and stuff like that. Typical mom stuff. But this is just exceptional. I could be sitting at my computer and just be about passed out and asleep.

And so, you know, dealing with that, and now dealing with--my chest has been hurting, it feels like I'm getting bronchitis. Which is usually typical during football season every year. But it's kind of late this year, and you know what? I haven't really been doing a whole lot of screaming and yelling at the football games. And they're over now. You know, I used to lose my voice in September because of football season. Now I'm just losing it because some kind of poison attack's affecting my chest, and so.

You Always Have to Be Either on the Offensive or Defensive with Satan and His People

It's always something, folks. It's a constant fight. And what I've taught you over the years is how to combat their attacks. How to fight against it, go on the offensive, and go on the defensive. And that's one thing that you always have to be on. You have to be either on the offensive or defensive.

If you're not a threat to Satan, then I make no sense to you. And neither do the people that belong in my ministry. They don't make any sense to you. Because Satan doesn't target you. You're not a bother to him. So you can go back and sit down and pat yourself on the back for the useless Christian that you are. 'Cause Satan doesn't even hate you, what kind of a person, a believer are you for the Lord? He doesn't care if people have faith in the Lord, or proclaim they do. Because he knows the other six days of the week they're nothing. They're just sinners and hype. They just talk the talk. That's how most of the Christians are today, sinners and hype.

It's the ones who walk the walk that are a threat to him. The ones who take it, take the war to him, and shove it in his face, and don't back down. Those are the ones who are a threat to him. Because he knows he can't overcome their love for Him. You know, it's one thing to say you know the Lord. It's another thing to live your life because you love the Lord. Because you love Him.

Why Did We Allow a High-Ranking Satanic Cult Official, Constantine, to Put Our Bible Together?

You know, I wrote an article years ago. [Where The Churches Went Wrong: The Deception of the Ages]
One of the first truths that the Lord revealed to me back when I started praying for the truth in all things. And I've always encouraged everybody to always pray every day that the Lord will reveal the truth in all things to you, because we have very little of it. We have very, very little of the truth. Most of it hidden in books and texts that were never added by Constantine's commission in 325 A.D. You know, do Christians every ask themselves, do they ever bother to think, "Why was a high-ranking satanic cult official allowed to put our Bible together?" Does that make anybody sick? Constantine was a high-ranking Mason. And high-ranking Masons, if you fast-forward a few centuries here, because it hasn't changed that much in the occult realm, you're talking 30-, 31-, 32-degree Masons. Maybe even above, because we know it goes above the 33rd degree. But the one--it's the highest anybody is officially supposed to know was the 33rd degree.

But why did we allow a high-ranking occultist put the KJV [King James Version] together. And now what did he do? He commissioned Shakespeare to write the New Testament. So he had one person put the torah together from the original Hebrew. That's for the Old Testament. And then he commissioned Shakespeare, who was a poet, to put the New Testament together.

The British English of the KJV Stifles Bible-Reading, but Other Versions Distort the Meanings of Passages

And that's the biggest thing I hear from kids today when I try to encourage 'em to read the Bible and get involved with reading just a couple chapters a day and stuff. They can't get past the British English. Nobody likes the British English. And you tell 'em there's Living Word and there's different Bibles with pure English translations, but a lot of those just take the real meanings out of the passages they're supposed to be translating.

Me, I stick with the KJV. People ask me all the time, "What Bible do you read?" I've been reading the KJV since I was 8, 9 years old. And I just stick with the KJV. It's what I know. I don't like the other translations. I'd rather put up with the "thees" and "thous" and "shalts" because I'm just used to it.

If You Hear a Spirit Talking to You Using "Thee" and "Thou," It's Not the Lord or of the Lord

The Lord doesn't talk like that. You know who does talk like that are demons. You ever hear somebody talking to you, and you think it's an angel, and they're talking British English, it's a demon, 'cause they love that language. They love the "thee" and "thou" and "thou shalts." The Lord doesn't talk like that. And when He inscribed the ten commandments on the stone tablets to Moses, they weren't inscribed "Thou shalt not." We seem to like it that way, we translate it that way, and everybody seems to think it was that way. He doesn't speak, "Thou shalt not."

Study the Culture and Times Around Things to Learn More about What You Believe and Why

And so, very interesting. When you get into studying the culture and the times around things, that's when you start to learn more, and more, and more about what it is you believe in, and why. What were the times of Noah? What were the days of Noah? What were the days of Moses? What was it really like when Yahushua walked the Earth? Why did they change his name to Jesus? How do you get Jesus from Yahushua?

You know, I love the fact all these Christians, sleeping Christians, brethren, they quote Acts. Acts 4:12. There's no other name under heaven which you must be saved. And then they claim the name is Jesus Christ. Well, that's not his name. Jesus Christ was a translation. Christ means office. It's just a office. It's just a real general term. And Jesus was a translation from the Greek translation, several times over.

Are they blocking it? Are they blocking the truth? I'm not one who holds that. Because I think anybody can call Him anything. You can call Him Jesus if you want to. You can call Him Yahushua. I just think it shows a person's maturity when they call Him by His real name.

When You're a Friend of the Most High God, He Reveals His Plans to You

Because, you know what? The Lord said, in Matthew, if you read my websites, I say I'm a friend of the Most High God. Because in Matthew He used to speak in parables to the people. And then later He would bring His disciples together close to Him and explain the parable to them so they could understand it. And there's a passage in Matthew when He says to His disciples I will no longer speak in parables to you, but I will reveal my plans to you. Because a person reveals, a friend reveals their plans to their friends. To their friends.

He was their friend. He wants to be--if you're His friend, then you're someone He can reveal His plans to. See? And that's why I always put, "I'm a friend of the Most High God," because He does reveal His plans to me. And He reveals them to you, too, in various ways.

The Lord Leads You to Various People and Places to Learn Truths a Little Here, a Little There

Yeah, a lot of you don't know, and will never learn, Bible Codes. It's very technical. Very...very technical. And unless He's leading you into it, you'll never really properly learn to discern and analyze them.

But He leads you to other people. He's led you to this ministry to learn. Or He leads you to other places to learn. You know, I learn truths in various places. And it's what He told me years ago. A little here, a little there. A little here, a little there. No one religion or faith has all the truth, but all of them have a little bit of it. Everybody has a piece of the puzzle. And so, being on the truth journey, you learn to take the pieces here, there, and here and there, and put the puzzle together.

I Encourage You to Read My Article, Angels in the Flesh - Holy Angels Sent to Earth to Fulfill God's Purposes on Earth

You know, I encourage everybody to read my article, Angels in the Flesh, that I wrote years ago []. In Revelation 16:14, it talks about,

For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.

These spirits of devils, a literal people who work with and for Satan's kingdom. Satan puts his fallen spirits, his fallen vessels, people involved with his kingdom, people aligned with him, are loyal to him, he can put their spirits in people today to work and operate through people. They can even be born as regular babies. You think some babies are just born evil? And that's why. Because he's put one of his into that child.

I know people today, in politics, that are of fallen angels reborn as humans, living in the flesh amongst us. And they seek to do Satan's bidding on Earth. And that's all they do. Very devoted to Satan. You cannot reach these people. You're not going to save them. They're beyone--they've already been judged, so to speak. And they know their time's running out.

But just as Satan can put his people, his vessels into humans to work his agenda on Earth, the Lord can send angels down to be born on Earth to fulfill His wishes. Many of the prophets of old, Jeremiah, especially, because the Lord says I knew you before I formed you. He was sent here with a specific purpose and calling. A lot of the prophets were.

You look at the group the Bible talks about, the 144,000. They were put here for a specific purpose and calling. That's why He says, "No one the Father gives me will I lose, will I cast out." Because this specific amount was given to Him to fulfill His agenda on Earth in the last days. And He won't lose them.

The Churches Blur the Lines Between the Elect and the Bride

But, you know, the churches blur the lines between the Elect and the Bride. The Elect are the firstborn, the first fruits, the ones sent here to fulfill specific missions on Earth. One time angels in heaven, and then born here on Earth to fulfill a specific mission or calling. Those are the Elect. The Bride are those who are born here on Earth and choose to follow and serve the Most High God, who accept His salvation and redemption. That's two different groups, folks.

Most of the Elect have big mouths. You know them by their mouths. They're just bigmouths. They're always lovin' the Lord. They're watchmen, they're prophets. They have a sincere love for the Lord, and a sincere, righteous hatred for His enemies. They're busy about doing their Father's work. Not always so much involved with the dramas of the churches. Most of 'em don't even go to churches. Lord pulled them out.

They Control What You Learn and Don't Learn in Seminaries

When you start asking the Lord about the churches today--and He just leads most of His people out of 'em. So much apostasy going on, and not teaching of real truths.

They graduate from man's seminaries. And these seminaries, like the Dallas Theological Seminary, and many of them, led by former (supposedly) repentant New Agers? Give me a break, folks. These Satanists, these cats don't change their stripes. They control what information you learn and don't learn in seminaries. So that you always stay at the same igorant level. So much division and disruption in the churches. You know, two people can't get along in the church and they break up and split up, and churches growing up all over the place with branches off another church. I see it all the time.

If the Lord Called You to Preach, Why Are You Following Sun-God Day and Ignoring the Sabbath?

And how many of these people that walk around today and say the Lord called them to preach are following His commandments? Don't you think it would be a requirement from the Lord that those he calls and stands up are following His commandments, first and foremost? You know, I hear from men all the time, "Oh, the Lord called me to preach." And there he is in sun-god church on Sunday, and ignores the sabbath. You really think the Lord's calling up all these men so they can spit on the sabbath?

The Lord never changed sabbath day from the seventh day--Saturday to Sunday the first day of the week. He never changed it. Never. There's not one scripture, one verse anywhere in the Bible. Even the Vatican denouces the Protestants for changing sabbath from Saturday to the first day of the week, saying they have no spiritual authority to do so. That's coming a lot from Satan's people, himself. Don't ya think? They have no spiritual authority to change the Lord's commandments, and yet they say they're called by Him to preach.

So my hat goes off to the preachers who wake up to this deception, and step away and begin their own Saturday services to honor the sabbath day, the seventh day of the week. My hat goes up to those who will stand against adversity and hatred from the many others in their congregations. I've heard from pastors who had to leave their congregations because the churches didn't want to change their ways. It's a dangerous thing to be given the responsibility to shepherd a flock. It's a dangerous thing to be a shepherd. Because the souls of many are on your hands. No, they'll stand in their own shoes on Judgment Day. But whether you're teaching them the true ways of the Lord or not is going to fall on your head.

It's Not About Doctrinal Differences, but About Salvation Issues

You know, I'm not talking about doctrinal differences. I know the one thing that divides more churches than anything is the rapture theories. And you know, it's not a real salvation issue, folks. It doesn't matter if you're pre-trib, post-trib, mid-trib, no trib. It's not a salvation issue. Salvation issues are whether you accept the shed blood of Yahushua on the cross, and then He rose three days later. His sacrifice, His resurrection.

The Lord Hates Seeing Us Honor His Death in Our Jewelry and Things - Celebrate His Resurrection

And getting past the sacrifice. You know, that's one of the things that the Lord had to teach me back when I was beginning to learn. 'Cause I loved to wear the cross necklaces and cross earrings, and identify with Yahushua and His death on the cross. He hates that. I always thought--you know, I didn't think He would think anything of it. He hates it. You know why He hates it? Because death is a curse. Death is abomination. And so, while millions of Christians are taught, and go about--and no one ever says anything to them--go about honoring His death, and symbolizing it in their jewelry, they never get past the death, and they never celebrate the resurrection. You know, they think celebrating Easter bunnies is celebrating the resurrection.

That's why Satanists don't have a problem with crosses. They don't have a problem wearing crosses. Because to them, they're cheering His death on. Is that what Christians are doing? No. But, look at the symbology. Everybody's wearing the crosses. The Lord told Israel not to have signs and symbols. People think the Star of David is a sign of the Jewish people. No. It was a sign given to them by the Illuminati in 1948. They did not have a sign or symbol. It wasn't allowed. If anything, people would see a menorah and associate that with the Jewish people, who would light menorahs on sabbath day. Just candlesticks.

The Spiritual Consequences of Getting Tattoos

Piercings and tattoos. The Israelite men were forbidden to have piercings and tattoos. We're not allowed to cut and mark the skin. And people say, "Oh, the Lord likes tattoos." Really? It wasn't admonished against women because there was no need. The women wouldn't have even thought of it. Not like today's women. With tattoos everywhere. Every woman you see's got a tattoo on her.

You know what happens to tattoos, folks? The Lord always has a good reason for His admonishments. People think He's hard and cruel, but He's not when you look at His reasonings. Tattoos--demons can attach themselves to tattoos, believe it or not. Demons can associate with pictures, with objects, with jewelry. I don't wear any jewelry. I don't even wear a wedding band. I wear a orgone pendant [see]. Other than that, I don't even wear jewelry. I have no tattoos. Never been into tattoos. And I'm glad after learning about tattoos and how demons associate with them. They attach themselves to tattoos.

No, the Lord doesn't hate you if you get tattoos and things. It's sin. And we live in bodies of flesh that are sin. He'll forgive us for our sins, if we ask Him to. But you might always be fighting, and always under torment because you're reaping what you sow with your flesh. You know? Don't gripe to God that you're always under attack, and you get weak-kneed, and you can't stop the drinking and the drug abuse, and you're covered with tattoos. Because you're inviting it. Demons associate with the tattoos you have. They attach to 'em. And then they lead you into other sins.

I would ask the Lord to close all doorways that you opened by getting the tattoos. And ask Him to seal them shut, in His name. And to break all curses associated with the tattoo, and to not allow demons to attach themselves to them. It's one way of fighting spiritual warfare against it and reaping what you've sown.

Reasons Why You Don't Feel Close to God, and What to Do About It

You know, people gripe to me, "I don't feel close to God. I don't have the relationship with Him you do." And you know what the number one thing is? They don't spend any time with Him. They don't spend any time. They're drinking. I don't drink. They're doing drugs. I don't do drugs. They're on Satan's playground 12 hours a day, and then wonder why the other half of the day they don't feel close to God.

You're supposed to sacrifice the cares of this world, folks. Don't be involved with the cares of this world. When you find yourself not caring about the things of this world, you're not on Satan's playground half the day. You're not doing the things Satan wants you to do, you're focusing on what the Lord wants you to do. You're just in quiet meditation with Him. You're just talking to Him. Thinking about Him. Focusing on what He wants you to do. Not getting involved with the cares and things of this world.

I'm a simple person. Learn the hard way, folks. You learn the hard way. And then, I've always learned the hard way. Just part of the journey. And the things I learn, I just pass on to you.

If We Could't Win, Why Would the Lord Want Us to Fight? - We Can Win

You know, I was seeing in the Bible Codes this week chemtrail programs. And I know people were saying, "Wow, you sounded really tired or sad in your last show." And it was like, people have no idea what it is to know the things that are coming and the things that are going on. Sometimes I just can't take it. Yeah, I have a Warrior's spirit. I'll fight. But sometimes you just wanna fall to your knees and just stay there, because it seems so hopeless.

But the Lord has called us to stand up. He's called us to stand up and fight. If we couldn't win, why would He want us to fight? Think about that, folks? If we couldn't win, why would we fight? We can win. And we are winning every day. They were supposed to be here in September. We were supposed to have the complete year from hell in 2009. And it's now 2011. And even the delayed year--everything was delayed from 2009 to 2011--everything now this year was delayed. Because we're putting them in division. We're disrupting their plans and their agendas. We're buying time for people to wake up.

Now they're assaulting them with their chemtrail programs and their dung spreaders. They're targeting Christians in the areas they live in. They're dumping toxic chemicals on your purposely. Either in the form of just dumping chemicals on you, or in chemtrails. Chemtrails, if you have your orgoned-areas saturated, won't stick. But, it doesn't stop helicopters from flying over and dumping outright chemtrails onto your property.

Simple Ways to Protect Yourselves from Their Attacks

What I have found that works is just setting out bowls of vinegar. Bowls of vinegar will help saturate the air. So you might wanna put bowls of vinegar out. Maybe peel some onions and throw them out. Onions are a bacteria magnet. Bacteria. And so, they'll attract bacteria and poisons to the onions. Simple ways. Sometimes the orgone doesn't work in particular things. Tech weapons, beams? You need mylar blankets for that. Putting mylar blankets up on your windows at night while you're sleeping. Different weapons for different things.

And I try to list them. I have a video on how to protect yourself [Learn How to Protect Yourselves]. [also see article, How To Protect Ourselves In These Last....And Coming...Days, at]. The various ways, the various things you can do to protect yourself. Because they're coming at us. Even though you don't see it--I mean, you know, for 7 years the White House has been building these neutrino detectors. Had Japan building one to combat orgone. You never heard about it on the media. You never heard them outright talk about orgone. But they began being alerted by it, and warned about it, and worried about it 7 years ago. That's a war in the background, literally.

Are You Killing Yourself with Poisons Just to Save a Few Calories?

Milk. They're attacking our milk. Attacking our food supplies with poisons. Was reading a article today about aspartame now being called a natural sweetener. They love killing you with the aspartame. Aspartame already in most diet foods and drinks, as a artificial sweetener, natural sweetener. Stay away from the diet products. You know, I just--if you wanna eat, eat. Otherwise, you're just killing yourselves with poisons trying to save a few calories.

I don't allow my kids to drink diet pops. And I'm not gonna waste my time with fat-free stuff when the--you know, it's just a few calories less than regular stuff. I don't like the poisons that they put into the food and drinks so that then they can call it fat-free or sugar-free. They just add more chemicals in it.

Did You Know That Soy Products Are Effeminizing Our Men?

And don't be drinking this Life Water and this beast stuff, Monster drinks. Be careful what you're putting in your body, especially if you have young men, because they're really trying to effeminize our men; put female estrogen in male products to feminize the men. So be careful what you're feeding boys. Boys shouldn't eat any kind of soy. And they shouldn't be drinking the Monster drinks and the Life Waters, because they put estrogen in those. They wanna take our men and turn them into effeminate men.

And I've told you it's been quite the role reversal just the last couple of, you know, over the last century decade. Watching the difference between, you know, the feminization of the men and the over-testosterone of the women. Women are tough these days. Always looking for a fight. Where does that come from? The food and water, and the supplies we're eating and putting on ourselves. So be careful of what you're feeding your kids and allowing your kids to use productwise. It changes 'em. Just the chemicals we're breathing in the air every day from chemtrails and everything else they're putting in our air affect people.

[coughs] I can feel this bronchitis coming on. Usually they're choking me, and that can be it, too, but my chest has been hurting. Just hope I don't lose my voice.

Occupy Protests Are Ineffective - Join the Resistance Movement That's Really Demolishing the NWO

You know, the Occupy protestors wanna do something. Most of them are very sincere. Just being fed up with what's going on and they wanna protest. The problem is the people behind the protests are just the same people you're protesting against. If you really want to be a part of the resistance of the New World Order, then join the Orgone Warrior movement. Join the faction of Orgone Warriors. Start getting orgone out. It's the only thing that's demolishing them and being effective against them.

We're crashing their UFOs every day. We're demolishing their chemtrail programs. And the one thing I see in the Codes is the constant chemtrailing of the east because they're trying to hide the Dwarf Sun. And I have articles on my websites on what the Dwarf "Second" Sun is [The Brown Dwarf Star - Is Our Redemption Near?]. They're trying to hide it. It hasn't gone away. Just because Nibiru--we were able to destroy Rahab and Nibiru, whatever you wanna call it, Comet Elenin, PX (Planet X), whatever you wanna call it. We were able to pretty much destroy that. Annihilate it. Even the dust tail didn't affect us, folks. But now, they're still trying to hide the second sun. It's still there. Because that is the planet Enoch speaks of of the Lord's habitation, His abode, for His people. And they want to hide it.

You know, I hear a lot from people about Genesis 6:4. Were there giants in the Bi--yeah, there were giants in the old days, but the flood destroyed 'em. Really? Where'd Goliath come from? Where'd the king of Og come from? [Sherry means Og, King of Bashan in Deuteronomy 3:11] These were all after Noah's day. When Joshua conquered 20 Canaanite cities to retake the land of milk and honey for Israel, those were cities filled with giants. Joshua and Caleb said that were grasshoppers in the sight of these giants. Where'd they come from? That was post-flood, too. Angels fell before and after the flood, and giants were their offspring, folks.

Over time they were able to perfect the DNA, the giantism DNA, the giantism gene so they can more easily immerse in populations. [coughs] Those are hybrid seedlines on Earth, folks. In Genesis 3:15, the Lord says He'll put enmity between Satan's seed and Eve's seed. Satan's seed. Satan's offspring. He has offspring here on Earth. He has seedlines [coughs] here on Earth. The apostle John talks about them all the time. Jesus even said [coughs]--my chest is hurting really bad here. Yahushua even said that they were--the Pharisees--were of the father the devil. Their literal father. Their seedline father. [coughs]

Get Back to Your First Love, Yahushua - Ask Him to Reveal the Truth in All Things to You

My throat's startin' to hurt so I'm gonna wrap up this show. I don't know [coughs] if I'll be able to do a show on Thursday or not. Depending on how my chest and throat are doing. But until then, folks, I know we've got some quiet time the next part of the month and next month. Get back to your first love, which is Yahushua. Start asking Him to reveal the truth in all things to you.

Paul Was Excommunicated from the Church - Official Letter Found in Dead Sea Scrolls and Blocked from Churches

And go back to the days of Noah, and the early days of the church. And start learning what really happened, what was really happening, why there were really two different groups...the group of the apostles and the Pauline Christians. Why were they separate? Why were there two different groups? The churches today want you to think that because Peter referred to Paul as a brother, that they had accepted him as a brother. But in translation, kinsman is simply kinsman. Paul was from the tribe of Benjamin.

They had excommunicated Paul from the church. Found in the Dead Sea Scrolls was the official excommunication letters, and the references to it. They blocked it from the churches. Go find those old Dead Sea Scrolls that they don't want released to the public. You can find just about anything on the Internet. You can find anything on my websites. You wanna read about Paul, just go to When the Lord started revealing to me about Paul, I put up a whole website on him. Just get back. Get into research, folks. And ask the Lord to reveal the truth in all things to you.

Thanks Again for Supporting Orgone L.A. and San Diego Projects - Need for Financial Help for Projects Coming Up

Again, wanna thank everybody for getting involved in the Orgone L.A. and San Diego Projects. We do have projects coming up. We do have projects coming up that we're gonna start working on. Although I don't wanna announce what they are yet. Kind of don't wanna tip my hat. But I need your help. I need your financial support. I've been totally wiped out by these California projects. I need to get bills paid. I need to get supplies so we can start our next projects. You know, it's fun when you see something like L.A. get totally dismantled. All the hype, and gate-opening, and everything about 11-11-11 just flushed down the toilet, because no matter how much satanic power and demonic presences they were luring to L.A. to this energy center to open these stargates, our orgone just wiped it out totally. We're the Davids against the Goliaths, folks.

Anyway, until Thursday, or next week after that, I'm not sure, I'll send out an announcement Thursday either way. Yah bless.


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