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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
November 21, 2011

No Show Tonight - Battling Bronchitis and Pneumonia

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night. I just came on for a few minutes to let you know I won't be doing a show tonight. I really don't have my voice back yet. Last week I was diagnosed with bronchitis, which then moved into pneumonia fairly quickly. And I haven't had much of a voice since then. So, probably be about until next week sometime.

They're Targeting Us with Chemical Attacks - Watch Out for Eco Management Pesticide Trucks

But just wanted to give ya a short heads up. First I'd like to thank all those who are supporting this ministry and continue to do so. And I'd like to encourage everybody to support this ministry. We've got a lot of things to do and a long way to go. I can't do that without your help.

Second is, the only thing I'm really seeing in the Codes for the rest of this month and on into the next is that they're targeting us with chemical attacks. And so, be extra careful with that. I know I don't get chemtrails here. They don't stick. But they are bringing the pesticide trucks in. So watch out for Eco Management pesticide trucks. I really think they're just government trucks.

They're Retaliating with Chemtrails and Vaccinations for Destroying Their September and November Plans

Also, chemtrails and vaccinations. This seems to be their major attacks right now. Kind of the retaliations I keep seeing. "Retaliation" in the Codes. 'Cause we've bombarded them, folks. We destroyed their plans for September, and then turned around in November and did it again. So, real proud of the Warriors for that. I know it's taken a lot of work, and it takes more than one person to get the amount of work done that we've accomplished to do, and all the portals closed that we managed to close.

Many Thanks to All of You Who Supported the California Missions in Any Way - I'm So Proud of You!

Our Warriors out in California and those who supported those missions, either finances, or with orgone, or going out and actually doin' the legwork. Just a tremendous job closing down L.A. so they couldn't open up those leylines out there and activate portals. And that was their plan, folks. And before that, Chicago. Before that, Lima and Miami, Ohio. Just have got a tremendous amount of work done. And, so proud of you guys.

Not Seeing Anything Major Happening for the Next Several Months

So, you know, I don't see any Hoover Dam blowing up anytime soon, so just throw that out there. Don't see any comets, any asteroids. Don't let 'em get ya on that either. I don't know about false flag attacks. They usually just pull those out of their hat and will run with them. But, you know what? I just--the next several months, folks, I don't see anything major happening. Any kind of plans they had, we've pretty much closed down. And destroyed this 8th agenda, this alien agenda that was supposed to come about back in September. And so, we'll still be back for round 3. You know, September was round 1, November was round 2, and we'll be around for round 3 whenever they wanna strike up another attempt to arrive, and so.

For all intents and purposes, what I'm seeing is Maitreya's dead. And they're gonna try to pull the agenda on forward without him. So, I guess we'll just have to sit and wait and see what's happening.

Rick Perry Knocked Out as Illuminati Pick for President

But, let's see, who's that? Texas, Rick Perry, who was Illuminati-chosen. He's been knocked out. They're not gonna put him forward as a candidate because he's lousy in debates. So, you know, they're already planning on a reelection of Obama. So, you know, now just watch him go up against Mit Romney at this point. Just looking at elections in the future here. I don't know why I bother. Just everybody gets so wrapped up in it. But Perry being knocked out, that was notable. No longer has the green light.

So, [coughs] I'm not gonna stay on long tonight. I'm gonna get off pretty soon. [coughs] Anyway, folks. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families this week. And I'll be back next Monday night, usual time.

Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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