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Aired on 11-28-2011


Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
November 28, 2011

It's Hard to Sit Back and Say Nothing When You're a Bigmouth

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And I really don't plan on having a long show again tonight. I'm just gonna basically take the week off, get my strength back, and start back at this next week. And, I kind of knew, you know. It's been convenient, 'cause they always attack me around November, and the Lord didn't really want me saying much this month, and so, you know, it's easier for me 'cause I'm a bigmouth. And [laughs] I love laughing at their demise. Sometimes the Lord just wants me to sit back and say nothing, and do nothing, and it's haaarrrd, so.

Our Orgone Knocked Out the Life-Changing, Earth-Shattering Events the Aliens Had Planned

Couple things I did wanna mention before I wrap it up for tonight is, you know, we've pretty much demolished them, folks. The whole New Age agenda is going putz. And it's been a joy to watch the last several months. September, boy, we were heading for some big things end of September. Life-changing, earth-shattering events. And, somewhere around the second week I knew that all of a sudden the timeline had changed, and none of those things are gonna happen. And sure enough, none of them did.

The orgone knocked out Planet Rahab/PX [Planet X]/Comet Elenin, whatever you wanna call it. The orgone not only knocked out that planet--it's still around somewhere, just knocked out of our orbit right now--but also the red tail that was behind it. We've been following it for months with our own pictures, our own cameras. It was there. It was all set to just go, folks. And the orgone just knocked it out. The Lord knocked it out with the orgone. And they had a month to recuperate.

And they had big plans for November. The CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] was having conference calls with the White House and the Pentagon. And I know this stuff--I have the most...the highest-up sources you can imagine. And they were ready for a zombie outbreak. And they were ready to open up an energy portal with the leylines around California and have a birthing of this whole New Age agenda that way. And all of those plans were knocked out because of the orgone. And so, we're just seeing massive success, after success, after success, being able to destroy their plans.

The Hoover Dam, the Lord had never even led me to talk about that. Somebody else stood up, and goin' on and on about the Hoover Dam. And, you know, I just thought the whole thing was comical because I know the water sources out there in the West, and if they wanted to fill up the Grand Canyon with orgone water, go right ahead. And, apparently, they thought twice, three times, four times maybe, maybe just once. They weren't gonna blow up the dam. We managed to sabotage that in our own indirect kind of way.

Their Ascended Masters Are Disappearing Off the Radar One by One - Where's Sananda?

And so, we really don't--as we destroy the plans of the New Age alien agenda, which is, by the way, topped off with icing on the cake because they've now--and I'm hearing this from the top, highest levels--they've lost contact with Sananda. So not only have they lost contact with Maitreya--which I've known about for six months or more now, and he's presumed dead--they now have lost contact with Sananda. And so, all of their Ascended Masters are disappearing off the radar one by one. They still have the one, Saint Germaine, who is on Earth leading all of these Bilderberg meetings, and all of these global summits. He's the one that's been leading them, in charge of them. So he's still here working in the background, while the rest of the Ascended Masters in this whole New Age agenda just goes putz.

The Illuminati Agenda Will Have to Merge with the Alien Agenda Now that the Alien Agenda's Been Demolished

And so, I've been doing--searching ahead in the Codes for next year. And, you know, it's pretty much gonna be a time, I think, of the Illuminati agenda, which was supposed to have been replaced and destroyed. I think they're pretty much gonna have to compromise with them and merge together on New World Order. Because, see, the alternate plans were gonna be that all these Ascended Masters were gonna come in. They were gonna establish their own counsel, um, there's 11 of them...there was. And establish their own counsel and run things, begin a global government here like a cosmic New Age type thing, the Age of Aquarius.

And all of the Illuminati useful idiots, who did all this work to get them here and make a global government possible, were all gonna be dismantled, and destroyed, and replaced. And so, those plans have, you know, kind of gone to the wayside now because now they're gonna need the useful idiots. They're gonna need them because they've lost so many of their key players. I'm not sure, um, I saw something in the Codes about something being drowned. And was curious as to what was drowned. Something to do with one of their starships or one of their UFO's carrying Ascended Masters, I don't know. Something's drowned. Thought that was interesting.

But they're gonna have to come up with something. And the Illuminati cartel, the Bilderbergs and all them, they don't wanna relinquish their power anyway. They're in a fight with these guys. They never knew what was coming. They thought that they would be held in high esteem when the other faction came in. They have no idea. They're all so stupid, you know. And tables turn quickly in Satan's kingdom. There's no loyalty. There's no appreciation or gratitude. It's all fake. It's fake. They planned on terminating all of them. And they probably still will. As soon as they get their feet going, those people will be the first ones gone.

And so, interesting to sit and watch as things develop over the next few months. I'm still looking for desperation attacks from Obama, who's personally taken it to see my demise. [laughs] OK, yeah, they got me good. You know, they had their scumbags here spraying my area with pesticides and poisons, and three days later I was knocked out with pneumonia. Oh, well, you know. I can take a hit. I can take a hit as good as anybody else. I've been takin' 'em for 12, 14 years. You know, small price to pay for so many victories that we've had. So many victories over them. Now I'm losing count. [laughs]

Obama Doesn't Want to Run for President Again - Will Hillary Clinton Be the Next One in Power?

And Obama's time's running out. And, you know, from what I hear, he doesn't even wanna run again. And Michelle Obama doesn't even want him to run, doesn't wanna win again. Neither one of them want a thing to do with the White House. And so, it'll be interesting if Hillary is giving the green light. She had it in 2009 and they took it from her. So, it'll be interesting to see if she is the one that comes into power at the end of this year--end of next year, and so. You know, it's all just cat and mouse right now. It really is just cat and mouse.

Obama's been nowhere to be found since September and nobody seems to have noticed that. His clones have been everywhere. They're not him, folks. And, you know, from what I'm seeing, he's got something to do with space travel. He's traveling in space. He's not even on Earth. I've been wondering where he's at and I've been asking anyone who would know. Nobody knows where he is. From what I was hearing, he was still in Shasta. Last--you know, September he was having more brain surgery. Interestingly enough, his entire White House senior staff was in Chicago having their brain tweakings done. Apparently, they all have the same doctor in Chicago. They've been in and out of Chicago airport. This should make anybody cringe, who really thinks that we have a government of the people, by the people, for the people, knowing that they're going--our government goes and gets their annual brain tweakings, have surgeries on their brains. Hello? You know, I've been screaming for years, they're not human. Wake up, folks.

Truth-Seeking's Not Easy - Are You Prepared to Throw Out Everything You Learned, and Start at Nothing?

And it's really not Obama who runs anything anyway. It's the bankers behind the scenes, the senior staff behind the scenes. The aliens rule and control on Earth behind the scenes. It's just nasty. It's mind-boggling to me how people can just go along with the facade, the daily facade because it's just easier to deal with than what the truth is, you know. It's like the same argument I get in with all these religious-minding people online. I can't even call them the Lord's people. I just call them religious-minded 'cause that's what they are. And they wanna talk dogma and doctrine. And you tell them to sit at the Lord's feet and ask Him for the truth in all things, and they refuse to do that. They run back to their books that tell them the same wrong things they've believed for years. And they look for backup for the same false doctrines they've been in for years. They don't want the truth. And there's nothing you can do for these people. They wanna stay in their errors.

Truth-seeking's not easy. You have to be prepared to throw everything out you've ever learned, and start at nothing. Better late than never, you know. And you go on a journey, and the Lord starts to reveal truths. And you have to learn to hear His voice and discern what's Him and what isn't. And, you know, that's why you always stick with the confirmations and the train rides of learning how to hear His voice, the ups and downs. Yeah, I'm gettin' tired. I'm just...tired. It's been a long war. It's been a long decade. You know, just as much as I do talk about, there's a lot things I don't talk about. A lot of things I just don't pay attention to.

It's just tiring, and it's going on to what's feeling like a very long, long war. And we just have to stay with it, folks. We've got, you know, a lot of things that could've happened, should've happened, would've happened this year, have now been knocked into next year, literally. We're on delays. And so, now as people try to run and restart their plans, the other--Obama's agenda, the agenda of the Illuminati is gonna move forward, while they've got the green light, while the aliens are down and repressed.

War with Iran Means Russian and Chinese Troops on American Streets - Life as We Know It Will Change

And so, you know, they want war with Iran. And I would expect that. And that's the one thing they're gonna push. And they're gonna--we could see terrorist attacks on our own soil, to shake people up, to make Iran the boogeyman, so they can go to war with Iran. And this is what, you know--I really dread that more than anything. Because going to war with Iran is going to change life as we know it here in America. Because when we go to war with Iran, we're gonna have the Russians and Chinese up and down our streets and at our backdoors. There's no way around it. They've been planning it for years. And if this is the route that they take, they're already prepared. They've already been shipping in Russian and Chinese equipment for 20 years now. So don't think this stuff just happens. Nothing just happens. It's been well planned, well thought out. There're just different routes. And this is the route that's gonna end up being taken. We're gonna have war here in America.

Another thing is inflation. Watch inflation. By this time next year, it could be up 25, 30 percent. It's gonna get ugly. It's not getting better, folks, it's going to get ugly.

We may have escaped one agenda, with the aliens and their arrivals, but we haven't escaped the other agenda. They both--you know, if you don't get one, you get the other. If you don't get door A, you get door B, and neither one of 'em's very nice. My job is to knock out door A, and we knocked out door A. Now we've gotta deal with door B. So that's what we'll be doing pretty much next month, and next year. Dealing with door B.

Stay Away from Vaccinations - They're Designed to Eliminate and Damage Human DNA

I don't really expect much from door A. More of the usual infesting our planet with poisons from space. These viruses, these vaccinations, they're not earthly, they're not earth-based. They're from space. They're from the aliens. Stay away from the stuff, folks. They're trying to totally eliminate and damage human DNA. They do it indirectly. They do it through big pharma here on Earth. They do it to the corporations. They poison our food. We're dealing with a lot of things behind the scenes. And that's what we're gonna be dealing with more and more of into next year.

I can't tell ya the entire New Age agenda is awash. For now it is. But I just don't see anything happening for the rest of this year either, though. Every time they come up with something, we manage to combat it. And, you know, it's taken the wind out of their sails. They're shocked, they're angry, they want retaliation. And so that's what we're dealing with. We're gonna be dealing with a lot of their retaliation.

Next Year, Greater Financial Woes

So, anyway, folks. I do have my voice back a little bit, don't I? A lot better than last week. No show on Thursday. Just gonna take the week off to recuperate.

And been looking at Codes for next year. Starting that one already. It's a constant process. It's a lot of work. And, some things are interesting, most things are not. Greece coming up in the Codes. Expect them to default because Goldman Sachs [a global investment banking and securities firm] makes a lot more money if Greece defaults, than if they don't. That's how they make their money. And now you're seeing the Euro crashing. You're gonna see high inflation here in America. It's just a long roll down a road to total...what's gonna become total global economic dominance by a very few. And we're already getting there as it is, so.

Orgone Gives Powerful Protection, So Get Your Areas Orgoned and Get an Orgone Pendant

Get your areas orgoned so you can keep the chemtrails off your heads. Get orgone pendants [at] so a lot of the viruses that are coming won't affect you. You know, the one thing I just see over, and over, and over, and over again is the powerful protection that orgone gives. And that's what angers them so much. Not just their own destruction, but by the fact that people are being protected by the orgone. So there's a lot of garbage they're trying to throw our way that isn't hitting because the orgone's protecting. And they hate it when I announce it that the orgone protects people. And so, you need to get your areas protected, your homes protected, towns, your cities. We can changed the whole face of things that they've planned. That's what we're doing now. I mean, they've had to--they're scrambling. They're literally scrambling, folks, on what to do. Nothing they had planned is gonna work. Nothing's fulfilling the way they wanted it to, so.

When People Look Back at This Period in Time, the Orgone Warriors Are Going to Be Legends

Anyway, folks, I just wanna give a heads up. 29th, tomorrow, is a high-occultic number, the 11. I don't expect anything. I think November's gonna go the way of September. [laughs] You know, when people look back at the history books of the annals of Earth, the Orgone Warriors are gonna be legends. People--when it's revealed, exactly what's been going on--people are gonna look back at this time as, "Wow. Did that really happen? What was I doing? I wasn't even paying attention." Let them laugh. Let them mock. We just stay busy, folks.

Anyway, if you're not supporting this ministry, folks, you should be. I need your support to stay on the air and keep doin' what we're doin', keep at it with them, keep on their heels, their feet, their toes, keep 'em on their toes. And, I'll be back next Monday night. I'm not gonna do a show Thursday. I'll be back next Monday.

We still have their big December 25 plans every year, but the one I'd be more interested in watching this year is Russia's December 25 plans because they always had a script that Russia would attack 4 American cities on December 25. Not knowing what year. Just always a plan of theirs. I look to see things happening more with this side of things than surprises from space. I think we've pretty much put a cork on those supposed coming surprises from space. I'm not looking for those anymore. I think we pretty much dominate space right now and have destroyed it and put a cork on that whole agenda. And if I'm calling it too early, so be it, but, [laughs] you know, all I see right now is their destruction. And, we've done it. And now we just have everything else to deal with right now here on Earth, so.

I'll be back next Monday, folks. Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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