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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
December 5, 2011

Not Much Happening in December

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it's good to be back after a couple weeks of not having a voice. Had an attack with pneumonia, all that kind of stuff. Having some issues with the computer tonight. It's really on a turtle pace. I can't seem to access or load anything. So, just gonna have to get through another night with what I'm usually used to anyway; attacks of one kind or another.

A couple things I wanna talk about tonight. And, I know it's a little bit early to be getting into next year, but this is pretty much what I'm seeing as I look ahead in the Codes. Don't expect a whole lot to be happening in December, unless they pull out a false flag to take everybody by surprise. And that's usually how they work it. They want to surprise. And that's why they'll delay and cancel events once they've been exposed. Because they like the element of surprise. And so, when we talk about events that are coming up, and then we work to counterattack against them, it's often why they're delayed or cancelled. Because either the plans, themselves, were destroyed, like what we did in September and November, or because the surprise has been ruined.

We Took Back California from Them

And so, you know, September and November should have been huge months for them. They had big plans for those months. And we were able to destroy those. I mean, we closed down the portals in California. Their leyline activation thing all was a bust. Most of the places they had their crystal skull meetings at we had orgone there to close down the portals. And so, they really couldn't generate the energy they needed for their final poobah in California. Of course, we had plenty of orgone there waitin' for 'em as well. And pretty much just have taken that entire state away from them, away from their power. And so, we've been busy. We've done a lot of work this past year and going on into next.

Maitreya Is Out of the Picture - They're Planning to Bring Sananda In Now

And what I'm seeing, folks, is that--I know I've been battling back and forth all year long, "Is Maitreya really dead? Is that whole part of the agenda now defunct? Or is he just gonna come back? What's going on?" And, you know, from what I see in the Codes, he's gone. He's sequestered. Being hidden away. Dead. Whatever. I don't know what the real answer is, but I know that he's gone. As far as--from what I'm hearing--as far as the Queen's concerned, he's dead. And those at the top. And he was a big part of the occult brotherhood here on Earth. The whole Illuminati family, the brotherhood. I mean, if you go into satanic temples, you're gonna see his picture with Sananda's picture, and the Royal Family. And then you'll have, I think it's Rothschild's photo. Maybe the pope. And so, just dominating the entire Illuminati agenda has been this Maitreya and Sananda.

And so, the orgone has destroyed Maitreya. He's out of the picture. And so, now the plans are, is to bring Sananda in. And what you might see happening is something from space coming in. I don't know if this is going to be...I don't know how they're gonna do it. Some kind of new comet coming in, or some kind of starship coming in, that they're gonna call, you know, another PX or something. 'Cause Planet X really wasn't a planet either, and it wasn't a comet. It was kind of something in between. We managed to take that out with the orgone. But now they're going to come up with something.

NASA's going to come up with some kind of announcement that there's something coming in from space. And we're used to that one. And I really don't know, at this point, what kind of announcement NASA's gonna make, but you're gonna see Obama get involved and the Vatican get involved, because Sananda works really close with the Vatican. And I told you he flys around in this starship called the Capricorn II.

And, you know, about two years ago when they had that whole fuss out in the Pacific Ocean about this satellite that was falling to Earth and they sent out submarine ships or whatever out in the ocean. They were gonna send missiles up to blow it up if it didn't break up by the time it hit Earth's atmosphere or whatever. And I told you then, you know, that wasn't a satellite, that was the Capricorn I. It was a huge starship. It was Sananda's main starship. That the orgone had destroyed it. And it was falling towards Earth. Pieces of it. And so, they had been restoring and rebuilding another one, and that's the one Sananda has now.

But he's always kind of been associated with the Mormons and the Vatican. He used to sit above Salt Lake City and work somehow with the Mormon temple there, the people. And we went out to Salt Lake. We orgoned it pretty well. And he had to move. So, since we orgoned Salt Lake City and the whole temple area, he's been pretty much back and forth between Quebec and the Vatican.

Sananda, the Lowest Ranking Ascended Master, Is Coming as Jesus of the Bible

Now he's going to come to Earth as the Christians' messiah, the Bible Jesus. And I've been warning about this guy forever. You know, Michelangelo painted a portrait of Jesus. That wasn't Jesus of the Bible he painted the portrait of. It was this Sananda. And so, people adopted, in the churches, over the years, this picture of Sananda as Jesus. And now you'll understand more, and more, and more why Yahushua (His real name) says the churches aren't His. I mean, they call themselves His people, houses of His worship, but they plaster this Sananda's picture in them. And this Sananda's nothing less than one of Satan's own generals.

They call themselves Ascended Masters. There's 11 of them. And according to these Ascended Masters, this whole New Age poobah thing, Jesus is the lowest ranking one. I mean, he's the lowest ranking. It was--you've got Maitreya, St. Germaine, Lady Nada (who plays Mary), you've got all these characters and this Jesus, this Sananda is the lowest ranking one of them all. Now I doubt if--there's no Muhammad, there's no Muhammad there. [laughs] I don't know who's going to play him. It was supposed to be Maitreya. I don't think they're gonna be able to pull that one off.

But interestingly enough, just because Sananda comes, portraying that he's the Jesus of the Bible, and many people will accept him as Jesus because he looks like the picure in their churches, the picture on their bulletins, the picture on their plaques, and all their little Christian items that religious bookstores have been selling for years with Sananda's picture on them. You know, it makes me sick to walk into people's homes or churches and see Sananda plastered somewhere. It's just nauseating. And they think, "Oh, that's Jesus. Well, it's just a picture of him." You know, no matter what your intentions are, this is how Satan works. He attaches demons to things, folks. And if he can, you know, put this Sananda in your house and in your church, you know, it's not even--it's not because you think, "Oh, it's Jesus," so there's no ill intent, you've still got Satan in your house because it's one of Satan's people. It's Sananda. So that's not Yahushua. It's not the Son of God. So you need to get rid of that stuff.

When Sananda Comes, Expect Him to Promote a form of Islam, not Biblical Principles

But he's coming. So, Obama's supposed to be set up to announce Sananda with the Vatican. It's gonna start with some kind of announcement with NASA (which stands for nauseating). But the interesting things is, like I've said, is I don't think that this Sananda, when he comes, is going to be promoting biblical principles. I think he's going to have some kind of Islam that he's promoting. Because when I look in the Bible Codes at this coming Sananda, I also see an increase of sharia law. Obama is very accommodating, very familiar with sharia law. He's a Muslim. And he's going to help institute sharia law here in America.

And so, I've always known and felt that the route that would be taken in the last days, it was going to be a literal war between the Muslims and the Christians. And we're seeing it in Africa. You've got [George] Soros funding radical Muslim terrorists to kill Christians in Africa going on now. Hundreds of Christians being killed weekly, if not daily, with Soros funding. Muslims have always been animals, whatever country they go into. You look at Europe today. Sweden, the high amount of rapes taking place. They use their animal behavior as an excuse. You know, that's the whole thing about Muslims and Islam. It's a boyhood club, where you can commit any kind of atrocity and blame it on somebody else, and you're guilt-free, you walk away. And they all protect each other. And this is what's coming to America.

George Bush, Sr., back during the Persian Gulf War I, allowed all 2,000 members of Saddam Hussein's Revolutionary Guard to come to the United States, and he settled them around Oklahoma City. And then, you've had an influx of them since. You know, look at Michigan. Detroit is a strong hub of Muslims there. They're also in New York now, trying to make their presence known in Manhattan. They've been doing this to Europe over the years. And they're not peaceful, you know. If you don't believe they're peaceful, they'll kill you. That's how peaceful they are. They rape, they murder, they steal.

Muslims Have the Morals of the Talmud Jews

They have the morals of an alley cat. In fact, they have the morals of the Talmud Jews. The Talmud Jews, which are basically Satanists because they're not Torah-believing Jews, they're Talmud Jews. And the Talmud is a satanic book of filth. And in the Talmud, it's OK to have sex with a four-year-old child. This is how these Satanists rule. It's one vice to another. It's one disgusting thing to another. And they all protect each other under the guise of religion.

But in the Talmud--and interestingly enough, not just the Talmud, but with the Muslims, and even with the Amish, even with them, it's OK to lie. It's OK to lie, if you're not lying to a fellow Amish person, or a fellow Jewish person, or a fellow Muslim. It's OK to lie to everybody else. And, you know, what's the commandments preach? Thou shalt not lie. The Lord hates liars. He casts them into the lake of fire. And it doesn't differentiate who you're lying to. It just says, "Thou shalt not lie." Do not lie. And so, you can't call these supposed religions religions, that don't promote ethical and moral behavior. If they don't promote ethics and morals, then they're just Satanists. They're run by Satan, they're dominated by Satan.

You know, it reminds me of the garbage you read from Paul in the New Testament where he says, "It's OK for me to lie. If I didn't lie, I wouldn't be able to convert people." Really? What's the Lord say? The Lord says not to lie. "Thou shalt not lie." And then you have this supposed apostle, who was never an apostle. There was only 12 apostles. There were never 13. Matthias replaced Judas, not Paul, who says it's OK to lie. And he boasts about the fact that he lies. He's so in your face with what a crooked con he was.

[See Sherry's websites: and]

People Would Give Up Their Lives to Defend the Conman False Apostle Paul

And people will die defending him. They would give up their lives to defend this snake Mason called Paul. That's why I have a whole website on him,, where I expose the lies and corruption of this Paul that people have never done five minutes of research on. His father worked for the Roman government. Paul was raised under the tutoring of Halayel [Lucifer's Hebrew name], um, not Halayel. Just about. What was his name? Gamaliel. And then there was another one. Hallel or something. But his father was a high-ranking Mason for the Roman government.

And then Paul infiltrated Christianity. First his job was to destroy it. So he infiltrated it as a persecutor. He couldn't overcome them, so he joined them as a believer to destroy them from within. Very interesting how he came about. But most people will just read his four different versions of his Damascus conversion [laughs] and believe it to be true. It's just a farce, folks. I mean, he was on his way to Damascus. Really? Damascus was a safe zone city. So why would he be taking soldiers to go to Damascus to hunt down Christians when it was declared a safe zone for Christians? They never found one soldier that was with this party to confirm this blinding light and revelation that Paul had. Never one soldier was found. Nobody could ever confirm it. That whole thing was a setup, folks, so they could get inside and infiltrate and corrupt Christianity. And if you follow all the apostate teachings over the years, the last 2,000 years, in the church, 98 percent of them stem from Paul's teachings. Yeah. Almost every one of them come from Paul's teachings. All the apostate teachings, and religions, and branches, sects, and churches that have grown out over the last 2,000 years, based on Paul's teachings.

I Wouldn't Be Surprised if Paul Comes Back as One of the 11 Ascended Masters

I wouldn't be surprised if they don't bring him back as one of the 11. Because they talk about 11 of these Ascended Masters that are going to come down. Germaine is already here. Germaine, St. Germaine of this Ashtar Command of the New Age and the aliens. He's already here. He rules over all of these global summits that they have. So he's already here directing everything. Getting everything ready for a world summit. A world economic order.

I don't know who else is here. Lady Nada is supposed to arrive with this Sananda as Mary. To play his mother. To play Mary. With Maitreya out of the picture, I'm not sure at this point who steps in as the False Prophet, because--very well could be Obama stepping in. He qualifies as the Antichrist, folks. He qualifies. And so, Sananda could easily come down and play the False Prophet to support Obama's rulership here. He could very easily do that. Or you could see roles get reversed, and this Sananda become the Antichrist and Obama becoming the False Prophet. You know, people always think it's the pope, but you gotta look at Revelation, chapter 17. The Vatican is destroyed. And that's the first thing the beast does. He hates the whore. You see this woman rides the beast She hates the beast. She hates the whore. The Antichrist destroys the whore. And so, the Vatican will be destroyed. So you're not gonna have a pope to worry about at this point.

Legislation That Frames Regular American Citizens as Terrorists and Allows for Indefinite Detention without Cause

You know, they're pretty much--Bible prophecy talks about how they want to rule from Jerusalem. You know, all the destruction that's coming to America could force them to flee to Jerusalem. And, you know, then you get into other parts of prophecy that most people won't even be alive to see at that point. Because you're not looking at all the destruction that's coming to America. You sit now, and you watch all the i's being dotted, and the t's being crossed, and the legislation being put in place.

You know, couple years ago, I put on my website their homegrown terrorization act bill. [New Obama Law Warned Will Jail 500,000 Americans] It was the beginning of their war against the saints. And then recently you have the Senate passing into legislation aspects of their defense authorization bill. [20 Things You Should Know About the Bill That Could Ruin America] And in it you have them being allowed to detain citizens without cause, without warrant, without trial. They can pick you up from your home. If Obama so points his fingers at you, and says, "They're terrorists," the military can now go pick you up from your home and take you to Guantanamo Bay. Without telling your parents, your families where you're at. Your kids won't know. Your husbands, your wives. You'll just disappear. No one will know where you're at. And they can hold you as a prisoner as long as they want. There's no civil rights in place anymore. They have, with the stroke of a pen, eliminated any kind of rights that we have as Americans. If you don't see the war we're at right now with our government, then you'd better wake up. 'Cause those who do see it, they'll be taken alive. Because they're gonna torture you. They're gonna do despicable things to you. And you'll wish you were dead. So don't be taken alive to begin with.

I Suggest You Get a Concealed Carry Permit and Learn How to Use a Gun

I was just reading about Wisconsin. All the people, thousands now, signing up for concealed carry permits. If your state allows you to carry a gun, concealed carry, I would suggest it. I would suggest you getting a concealed carry permit, and learning how to use a gun. Because it's not the terrorists from caves in Afghanistan we have to worry about, that we're fighting against, it's the animals in our own governments, folks. And they're literally animals. The Bible Codes call them animals, because they're not fully human, folks. I've been trying to say this for a decade now. And entire decade, I have been trying to warn you. There has been a hideous conspiracy against this world for years. You're placing humans with aliens.

How You Can Tell You're Looking at a Hologram of a Reptilian Disguised as a Human

And I was just looking at a Bible Code About Hillary. And, you know, all these politicians who use holograms and special effects to make their eyes appear real. Because they don't have real eyes. They use holograms to make them look real. And I've taught you to look at the slits in their eyes. They have these snake slits, vertical slits instead of round pupils. And now they're trying to come up with some kind of alien tech or holograms or whatever so they can hide the vertical slits so that their eyes look round. Interestingly enough, if you look at somebody's eye and it looks a round, black pupil, and you see a black line protruding out of that, you'll know it's a hologram, because even their holograms aren't perfect. I've seen the worst Reptilians on TV look like they have round eyes, but the thing is, you'll see this black little line shooting out of the pupil. So that's how you can tell they're using holograms. 50", 47" TVs now, you can walk right up 'em and look at people's eyes on television. Sportscasters, newscasters, Reptilians. Pastors, religious people, Reptilians. Government, senators, representatives, Reptilians. Reptilians posing as humans.

Illuminati Turns New Government Officials into Reptilians - Condoleezza Rice Regrets Her Involvement

You know, it reminds me of something years ago. Years ago. Back when I was talking to Peggy Kane. And Peggy Kane does reverse speech, and she also does something with EVP [electronic voice phenomenon], static noise, she tries to find noises in static, stuff like that. Different types of things. We don't believe the same things. But I have respect for her because she's a seeker of the truth. I don't think she's found it yet. She doesn't think we've found it. But we'll leave that aside. We have our disagreements. But I respect her technology, her use of it, her willingness to attack and go after the wickedness and evil on this planet. I have a lot of respect for that. That's more than most Christians do.

And she was telling me once about how she had stumbled upon this Planet X through her EVP technology. They were all gonna go out to Iraq and they had this UFO buried under the desert. And Condoleeza Rice and all these other people--this is back when Bush first became president. They were all being herded out there because there was some kind of imminent threat coming to Earth. They always use these imminent threats to keep their own people in line. This is what I'm beginning to see. Kind of like a pattern. "Ooh, there's a comet coming. It could hit Earth. We all have to go. We all have to go now." And all the brotherhood, all the people involved with the brotherhood in the government, they all flee, they all hide, you know. But it's really calculated. Because what they do is they herd all of them to the safety destination point, which at this point was in Iraq, this supposed--this UFO they had out there. They were gonna take them off Earth until the threat passed.

And so, Condoleezza Rice and all these other gullible government officials went. And I remember one of the things that Peggy Kane had found, Condoleeza Rice saying that she wished she'd never gotten involved. She regretted ever having gotten involved with this Illuminati thing. She regretted it. One thing I find interesting is, after all is said and done, the next time you see Condoleezza, she's a Condolizard. She was pure Lizard from that point on.

And this was on my mind the other day as I was just sitting here thinking back over the years of things that have been happening and have happened. The friends I've lost. People that have turned from human to pure alien. And it's this whole connection to this one event that struck me. Because one minute they're all fleeing into Iraq. They're being taken there by underground shuttles, and secret flights, and UFOs. You know how they travel. All being taken and put on this UFO and being whisked off Earth because there's imminent threat coming towards Earth. And then the next thing, none of them are human. So this is what they're doing.

This is what I'm convinced they're doing. They get all these people, these newbies, into the government, like Condoleezza was at the time. Incoming senators, incoming Cabinet members. Whatever aren't already Reptilians. All these elected officials that aren't part of the brotherhood at that point. And get them involved with this whole--create a scenario, whisk them off in the guise of protection, and then they soul-scalp them. They get them all together. Maybe they do take them off Earth, I don't know.

Soul-Scalped People Populating Mars Colonies?

Maybe these are the poli--these are the people that are creating colonies on Mars and other planets. Because I told you back in 2000 there was colonies on Mars. That America was very popular on Mars in the Bible Codes. Maybe these are the kinds of people that are populating these colonies. They keep taking politicians up there, astronauts up there. Astronauts, they go to the moon, and they get kidnapped, and abducted, and replaced by Reptilians that have now taken over their bodies, their identities. They have their memories, they look like them, they act like them, but they're not really them, because the real person is gone.

Prince William's and Prince Harry's Souls Were Switched

You know, it's like William and Harry. I told you, what? Last year, year before that the boys were gone. The real ones are gone. The ones we're looking at now are the Reptilian replacements. Their clones, their replacements. They're not the real William and Harry. Condolizard Rice, not the real Condolizard. The real one's gone. The real ones are taken. They're gone. They take them somewhere. They hide them somewhere. And then the ones they bring back, that step in as our politicians, are now no longer even real humans. That's how they do it. It's nothing for them to take a soul out of a person and put it in someone else, or something else. It's nothing for them to switch souls. They can do it. It can be done.

You know, I was told last year that, you know, in the occultic circles Prince Harry is much more savage than Prince William because he's--Prince William's more like his mother, Diana, and didn't really want anything to do with any of their wickedness and evil ways and stuff. And it tormented him to have to be involved with that. They would force him to do things he didn't want to do. And so, I was told they were gonna switch--they were going to put Harry's soul in William, and put Harry, uh, Harry in William and William in Harry. I was told there was a ritual where they were gonna do that. And I've also been told that those aren't even the real boys to begin with, the real ones are gone.

The Queen...very, very high ranking. I think she's above the pope. I'd have to check my sources on that. A while ago, I got a listing of exactly what the power structure is here on Earth. I do believe the Queen was above the pope. Where everybody thinks the pope was above the Queen, it was the other way around. But I think Rothschild--Rothschild is above the Queen. He is not below her, he is above her. Rockefellers don't even make the ranking list. They rank, but not in the top three. You have Rothschild, you have the Queen, you have the pope. A very evil and Reptilian-dominated structure and hierarchy that we're being controlled by. These Reptilians masking as humans are the ones guiding the course of events here on Earth. And if we don't stop them, they're going to destroy every human on Earth.

And so, this is what we're battling against, folks. I know a lot of you can't grasp your minds around, "Oh, that's David Icke material." Well, you know what? I was talking about this same time I even heard of David Icke. The same time--I was doing orgone two years before I even knew Wilhelm Reich, that he had done orgone. These are what I see. These are the things the Lord leads me to. You know? You know, and all this time I've never even talked to David Icke. Never. In 10 or 11 years we have never spoken to each other. Not in e-mails, not indirectly, directly, in any way, shape, or form, we have never spoken to each other and we have both come to the same conclusions from different angles, from different ways, different sources. And we've never spoken to each other.

Can You Handle the Truth? Build a Relationship with the Lord and Let Him Teach You.

You know, it just--if you start asking the Lord to teach you the truth in all things, and you ask Him every day, and you stay consistent, be prepared to be shocked. Be prepared for the fact that He's going to teach you the truth in all things, He's going to start leading you into truths. How many people could handle that? It's a journey. He'll start you where you need to be started. And then he'll start leading you from one truth into the next. But you have to learn to stay at His feet. You have to learn how to recognize what is Him and what isn't. And that's part of relationship-building.

I get asked all the time by people, "How do I learn to hear His voice?" Because I keep telling you the voices in your head are not Him. He doesn't speak to our heads. And so, I get asked that all the time. And I have articles. I have articles on relationship-building with the Lord, and the kingdom of God, and how to start your own signature relationship with Him. It's one of these things that, you know, you could go spend 30, 40 years in the churches today and never learn. Oh, they'll tell ya put on the whole armor of God, but they never tell ya how to have a relationship with Him. They never tell ya how to build a signature relationship where it's a one on one relationship between you and Him.

The One Thing Satan Hates the Most is a Praying Believer

They never teach you real spiritual warfare. Most people today in the Christian community are no threat to Satan. That's why they don't understand us. That's why they have no understanding of my gazillion death threats and assassination attempts over the last 10 years, and the fact that I'm still alive today. There's some Satan really hates. And there's some that he just--don't bother him, he's indifferent to them. And that's pretty much almost the majority of the Christian community today. They're indifferent to him. He doesn't care about 'em. They don't bother him. They're no threat to him.

But the one thing he hates, that we all have in common, even if I am at huge such odds with these other brethren, Satan hates praying people. He hates people who pray. And so, that's why he wants to wipe out every Christian off the earth, whether they like each other or not, or what the backstabbing status quo is at the time. That's why I ignore them pretty much. I won't even get involved with the dramas. Their hateful e-mails. I don't get involved with that drama. Because when it comes down to it, the one thing that Satan hates the most is a praying believer. People who pray. That's why he wants to destroy every Christian off the planet. Because they pray.

And that's why Obama is declaring that Christians are a threat to national security. He has declared. One of the biggest reasons for this latest bill being pushed through the senate is because Christians are terrorists. And he wants the legal legislation to begin going after them. In the homegrown terrorization act bill they never defined terrorist. Left it very vague. And in this latest bill they don't define terrorist again. It's very vague. It's anybody who takes up arms against the United States, even if you're in America. Well, really?

Over the last hundred years, who exactly has taken up arms against our country. It's always been the government themselves. Their boogeymen Al Qaeda, their CIA and orchestrated terrorist cells around the world. They're the ones taking up arms. So define arms. Because they're going to quickly [word unclear] the fact that all these people that are occupying the country, in whatever city, for whatever protesting, they're gonna be seen as taking up arms. I guess arms now includes posters. Posters? Come on, folks. He really has to be one insecure psychotic to consider posterboard as a national security threat. Don't you think?

Church Leaders Will Be Told to Embrace Sananda

If Americans don't stand up and start doing something, we're toast as a nation. Because they've already got their bills in place. The military is now giving police departments whatever they want. Humvees, assault rifles, whatever they want they can get free now from the military. We're going into a police state. They're going into round up mode.

Especially when they bring Sananda in because the Christians, at first, may start to embrace him. And I'm sure Joel Osteen, and Kenneth Hagin, and all these pagans that are running the huge churches today will be told to embrace Sananda as Jesus of the Bible. And so, they will. And so, they'll lead the thousands and tens of thousands of sheeple that flock their churches every week. They'll embrace this Sananda.

But the thinking Christians will begin to listen to the lies that this Sananda tells them, and realize, "Hey, there's something wrong here." He's not the Jesus of the Bible. And they'll start to rebel against this fake Jesus, this Sananda. And these people who rebel will be the ones that Obama vehemently comes after.

Be Prepared to Fight Martial Law Roundups - Learn to Sleep with a 12-Gauge Shotgun Beside Your Bed

It's all in the working stages, folks. It's in the working stages. And the only thing we can do is protect ourselves and arm ourselves, and not be taken like sheep to the slaughter. I mean, you look at Auschwitz and the Holocaust in Germany. And you've asked yourself, "Why didn't the Jews fight back? Why didn't they do something? Why did they just get on the trains?" You know? Why didn't they do something? Why didn't they fight back.

And so, now it's our time, folks. When you've got long lines being herded on the trains, are you gonna stand there and be herded onto the train? Or are you gonna band together and fight back? You're gonna die either way, because once you're on the train, you're as good as dead. So you've got a few minutes, from being lined up and boarded onto the train to actually being on the train, where you can actually fight back. You've also got when they pull you over to begin with. When they come to your house, when they start rounding you up, fight back. You know, they're gonna think twice about these roundups when they realize that every time they go to round somebody up, there's gonna be a fight. There's gonna be a fight. That's why they had these plans to round people up in the middle of the night, catch them off guard, catch them sleeping. You know what? Learn how to sleep with a 12-gauge under your bed, or beside it so you can grab it really quickly.

We're not in a safe country anymore, folks. They're not looking out for your welfare. We are at war with a satanic government that has declared war against the patriots and Christians of this country. And it's our duty to defend ourselves, to defend your families, defend your own lives, and fight back. You know, if they break into your home in the middle of the night, regardless of who or what they are, it's your right to fight back. It's your God-given right to defend yourselves and your families. [see Sherry's article: A Call to Arms]

I Don't See Us in a Full-Blown War with Anybody Within the Next Several Months

You know, I'm hearing a lot of riffraff about how, you know, Hillary and Cheney want to go to war with Pakistan, Obama wants a war with Iran. I don't see, within the next several months, you know, that we're gonna be in a full-blown war with anybody. I wonder if it's even gonna take place because Iran has always said that if America was going to strike against it, that they would begin a preemptive war against America. They would strike first. And you gotta wonder if that's not what happens, because we know the destruction of America is all over Bible prophecy. You can read the entire chapter of Revelation 18; the destruction of America. So you gotta wonder if that's not what happens. That Iran preempts against America. I don't put it past it. I mean, we're in Iran now, they do all this stuff. Like in Pakistan they sell them assault rifles to shoot and start stuff, because they want a war with Pakistan. So they'll sell Pakistani gangs rifles, give 'em rifles, and tell them to shoot Americans or shoot our allies, so it all instigates into a war against that country. That's how they do things. You attack yourself, blame it on your enemy, and in your people's eyes that justifies going to war against those enemies. Israel does it all the time. America does it. America got it from Israel.

Sending Your Money to the State of Israel Today Is the Same Thing as Sending It to Satan

What's running Israel today? Serpent seed. Reptilians. They're not real Jews. Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 talk about the fake Jews. That's them. The Torah-believing Jews, the Bible-believing Jews in Israel today are persecuted. They're even killed. They're hunted down, they're followed, they're harassed. They hate Torah-believing Jews, Bible-believing Jews in Israel. And then, you go Sunday, after Sunday, after Sunday at these apostate churches that litter our country, and they tell you to support Israel. They make it sound like you can't be a Christian if you're not supporting the Satanists that run Israel today.

You know the Satanists that run Israel today believe that Jesus is rotting in hot excrement in hell. That's what they preach in their Talmuds. And they preach that anybody who worships this Jesus should be beheaded. And yet, you go in every Sunday to your churches and it's almost like patriarch furvor, "We have to support Israel." Do you know what the Lord thinks about Israel today? Have you ever bothered to ask Him? Or do you just take blindly what your pastors say because they're towing the line from what their teachers told them to believe and say. Yeah, they're pumping out these pastors from these seminaries, that are all controlled by the same Satanists they say they're fighting against, they're standing up against. Really? Would you support a bunch of Satanists. Oh, you don't have to send your money to Israel then. 'Cause you know what? You can just--there's Satanists all over our own country. Maybe if they start posting their main headquarters, you could just send your tithe checks there. 'Cause that's the same thing as sending your money to Israel today. These churches who tithe to Israel. You might as well send it straight to hell. Put Satan's name on the envelope and send it straight to him. And they hate Americans. I mean, the Talmudic Jews, they hate America. There's more real Jews in New York City than there is in Israel today.

The Lord Wasn't Gathering His People Back to Israel in 1948 - That Was a U.N. Lie

And the Lord never said He was gathering back His people to Israel. That was a U.N. lie. The whole thing about 1948, Israel's liberation, blah, blah, blah, the whole thing was set up by the Illuminati. The whole thing was a lie. The Lord regathers His people back to Jerusalem in Israel shortly before the millenium reign with Christ. It's not happening now. There's no aliyah to Israel right now. Never has been, it's been a lie. The whole thing was a lie. It was a setup.

The Jews never had a symbol. The Lord was against symbols, folks. Symbols and signs, that's how Satan operates. And yet, in 1948, the U.N. comes up with the Star of David as the Jewish symbol. And people believe, "Oh, it's the Star of David. Must be religious. Must be a nice symbol." [laughs] They're that much asleep.

In the Last-Days Church of Laodicea, the Lord Is Standing Outside the Door, Not Inside

Nobody ever researches anything. You blindly believe what you're told to believe, because your parents believed it, your mom believed it, your dad, your grandparents. And so, lies just keep getting circulated age, after age, after age. 2000 years of the apostate church age. And today's Christians are always so patriotic about it. They think, "Oh, knowledge is increasing in the last days, and we're the last days generation. And we're more knowledgeable, we're more holy and righteous than anybody else has ever been." That's pretty much the attitude. Couldn't be further from the truth.

What'd the Lord say about the last days? Church of Laodicea, He's standing on the outside of the door. Not even involved with the church, not even a part of it. He's standing on the outside of the door! That was a depiction of the last days church. And guess what? Yeah, you're right. This is the last days. And where's the Lord? Standing on the outside of the churches, not in them.

Today's Christians need to wake up. Wake up, quit thinking you're all that, you have all this religious knowledge. 'Cause it's wrong, it's apostate. It's got you nowhere. That's why your lives are empty. That's why you can't figure out what it is you're missing. And you keep going to church week after week trying to figure it out. Maybe it's something you're not doing right. Maybe you're not praying enough. Maybe you're not reading the Bible enough. Maybe you're not saying enough rosary prayers, or whatever religion you're in. That's because it's wrong.

Just walk away from it and ask the Lord to reveal the truth in all things to you, and sit at His feet every day. Ask Him to start teaching you what the truth is, reveal the truth to you, teach you how to get to know Him, and how to hear His voice, how to be led by Him. And you just pray these, and you pray it every single day so He knows you really are sincere, and He will take you on a journey of truth. You're not gonna get it in the churches today, folks. Get out of religion. It's not about religion, it's about relationship. Relationship-building. Learning how to sit at His feet and build a relationship with Him. You don't learn about that in the churches. They just want your money. They wanna buy another vacation home, they want another Mercedes, they want another airplane for their private airports. Quit supporting the Satanists, folks.

Satan and His People Hate Each Other, but Not as Much as They Hate the Lord's Believers

Anyway...I'm not even sure if my computer's running. It stopped running the beginning of the show. But I will be back Thursday at 1 o'clock with Aliens in the News.

[sighs] I didn't even get into some of the other things I wanted to talk about tonight, but I'll talk about it Thursday. It's just all of the ways we're surrounded by Satanists, the alien agenda. It's all combined. It's all together, folks. They all work together to target us. Different groups, different of Satan's--Satan's like a tree, himself, where he has all these different branches and they're all working with a common enemy, which is us, Lord's believers.

Doesn't matter how much they all hate each other, they'll always hate us more than they hate each other. They'll always agree on one thing. That they need to destroy the Christians off the planet. Even though they all hate each other and fight amongst each other all the time. And so, this is what we're dealing with. And greater is He who is in us, than He--than any of them. Than any of them. I'm not afraid of them, and you shouldn't be either. And we could destroy them. We could destroy their plans. We've been doing it for 6, 7 years now. And we've got some more work to do. But we're getting there, folks.

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Anyway, I'll see ya on Thursday, folks. Yah bless.


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