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Aliens In The News
December 8TH, 2011

2011 slowly creeping along
And hello everybody it's Thursdays with Sherry Shriner and it's December 8th, 2011 slowly creeping along -- the end of the year and so. Couple things I want to talk about today.

Lizard government now activating FEMA camps across USA
Posted this to my list yesterday -- seems to be a wild rush on martial law coming to America and so. Couple articles being sent to me, one of those from Infowars and talking about government activating FEMA Camps across the US and what struck me about -- is it's not talking about establishing camps -- talking about activating camps. And been talking about 100's of camps throughout the US and this has been going on since back in the 1980's but find it interesting that now they're getting ready to actually staff them.

Red List round ups happen before Martial Law hits
KBR (Kellogg Brown & Root) sent out a contract to staff the camps. No I don't think martial law is going to hit in December, but remember folks William Cooper warned that 6 weeks before they planned on having martial law that they would begin the red list round ups.

Enemy Combatant
And the red list being the big mouths and the really pesty national security threats -- you know the people who print the real news on the Internet, Alternative news sites, Bloggers, conservative talk show hosts, reporters, news paper magazines writers -- whoever is considered to them -- the satanists -- who run this country and are mostly soul scalped by the reptilians. Whoever is a threat to them. Whoever is a threat to their agenda is considered an enemy combatant.

Legislation just passed
And we saw this in the National Defense Act passed last week -- in the Home Grown Terrorism Bill that was passed several years ago. Or I don't know if it was passed but that one went through the Senate. And so they've been inching away at this slowly since the 1980's, detaining American citizens. In fact now they can bully you off the road. Arrest you, put you in a van -- take you to an airport put you on an air plane and take you to Guantanamo Bay and they don't have to tell anybody you've been arrested -- been picked up -- where you're at.

Defend yourselves
I mean this is abduction and kidnapping. I don't care if it's the government. It's abduction and kidnapping. So you have a right to defend yourself folks. You have a Biblical right to defend yourselves. You may not have a legal right but you have a Biblical right and Biblical rights supersede legal rights and so -- you know?, we're at war. We're at war. They're coming after the believers, the Christians in this nation. They're coming after the patriots. Anything good anything light in this country. They're coming after you. 2012's gonna be the year folks. So people need to prepare for that.

Concealed Weapon Carry Permit
You can get a concealed carry permit. Whatever is necessary. You know once they have you you'll never be seen again, they just want to torture you so why be taken alive? Why be taken alive? They're sadistic, they're satanic. They want to take your kids and put them in their little pedophilia sex slave rings. Don't let it happen. Protect yourselves protect your families. Now somethings got to put a stop to this other wise it will come to a full out war and that's probably what happens.

Extermination Facilities
I find it interesting they're talking about these camps that can hold 2 million people at one time. So from here to Alaska at one time all of these camps can hold up to 2 million people. Now we know these 2 million people aren't gonna be sitting in these camps for very long because there's no shelter at these camps. There's no facilities at these camps. They're merely fenced in areas. Because they plan on -- that's a temporary holding facility. They're treating you like cattle. Put all the cows in the pen -- all the humans are gonna go in the pen and then they're going to whisk you off. Put you on trains and buses to extermination facilities.

Learn from Auschwitz
They're not gonna take you to the Taj Mahal. The 5 star hotel down the road. They're not even taking you to a prison because prisons have facilities. They have restroom facilities. They have beds. They have cells. These Internment Camps are not prisons. They're extermination camps. If you are taken to one of these camps then your death is about 100% guaranteed unless you do something there to break out of there.

It's almost like sheep being led to the slaughter and I hope Americans wake up. I hope they got a good hard look all these years at what happened to the Jews in Auschwitz. They just boarded the trains. They just stood in lines to board the trains because a couple thugs with rifles were pointed at them and board the trains and go onto their deaths. You know there's more of us than there are of them folks.

Fight Back you will be taken and killed
There's more of us than them. Overtake the thugs with guns. Do what you have to. If you die in the process at least then perhaps others can get away. You're going to die anyway. These aren't prison facilities these are extermination facilities. And the only reason they have processing is so they know who to take off the list. Or so they know who to put on the master list of those already picked up and killed. That's why they're processing you.

What sparks Martial Law?
So what exactly is it that starts this? What exactly is it? They're always waiting for that one event that sparks martial law in America. That one event. They've been getting ready for it for 30 years now. What's the main event? You know what I think it is?

Bible code possible route
I'm going to give you an idea of two different routes that I see in the Bible Codes. That I think sparks the raids where the government has to clamp down on unruly citizens because they're protesting in the streets. Maybe they're not protesting in the streets. Maybe they're protesting on their keyboards and instead of shutting down the entire Internet. They just decide to shut down the people doing the typing at various homes across the country.

Sanada coming soon
But what I see is this. They've got something going on and I told you on last Mondays show where NASA and Obama and the Vatican are working together to bring in this Sananda. And I've explained a million times who this Sananda is, he's this fake Jesus of the Bible. They're going to announce him as the Son of God. I'm not exactly sure what their announcement is going to be because they keep changing his role. But they're gonna bring him in.

What makes the Christians so furious?
Now what would send people into a frenzy, a fury. Well imagine if Obama was to say and this is very likely "OK here's Jesus the Son of God but you Christians have it all wrong. You Christians have misinterpreted in the Talmud and the Torah and he is actually Muslim. He actually wrote the Koran not the KJV (King James Version of the Bible). So we're shifting to sharia law. And we're gonna enforce sharia law in America from such and such a date on."

What is coming to America?
Sharia law becomes official in America. Then you have this Sananda this Jesus who also promotes sharia law. Because this is what I'm seeing in the codes folks. I'm seeing sharia law coming to America -- not salvation. Not eternal life. Nothing Biblical. They're not preaching to the lost.

Aliens using manufactured bodies to get over on mankind
It's gonna be about economy and politics and Chris-lam. Talked about that earlier in the year. This Chris-lam, this mixture of Christianity and Islam. Because that's what it's going to be. It's going to be a mixture. Now imagine the Arabs on the flip side who have been expecting Maitreya to show up. And I've told you Maitreya's MIA. He's AWOL. Nobody knows where he is. Even the Queen is floored. Because the orgone has destroyed him. But think of it this way. What if OK. Even the new agers admit that these human bodies that Maitreya portrays himself as having -- was having and this Sananda, this Jesus, they even admit that these bodies are manufactured.

Fallen angels are hideous looking hence the manufactured bodies
Because in their real forms they're grey aliens. They're tall grey aliens. And you can go to my web site and I show a picture of their main leader, this Michael also known as Hattan. What he appears like in his human form and how he appears in his real form. And his real form is a tall grey alien. What if Maitreya's real form which is tall grey alien or reptilian whatever form he has -- tall grey alien. Because these are fallen angels folks and they lost their angelic looks and were given these hideous forms and that's what they are.

Swapping out one dead ascended master with...
What if he takes Sananda's body since Maitreya's body has been destroyed. What if he takes over Sananda's body. So now you have a mixture. You have Maitreya in Sananda's body. I'm just conjecturing on this using conjecture on this theorizing. I don't know that I know that I know on that. I'm just theorizing. What if Maitreya takes over Sananda's body.

But then you have the problem of all the Arabs who look at Sanada as -- and recognize Sananda as the Jesus of the Christian churches and say "That's not our Allah. That's not our Mohammad, our 12th Imam that's coming. He's not Arab. He's not Muslim looking."

And so they're going to have problems and issues with that. As much as Christians are gonna have problems and issues with the fact that all the sudden this Jesus of the Bible shows up and starts promoting the Koran. Starts promoting sharia law. That's gonna be a global unsettling among the Arabs and the Christians. So this could be the possible reason -- the one thing that puts people in the streets up in arms.

What if Obama says...
Because if Obama says "We're now suspending the Constitution of the United States." Which they've trashed over the years anyway -- what if -- what if they now announce: "We're now suspending the Constitution and instituting sharia law and to Sananda I'm now giving complete authority over the United States. He's to act as acting president and I'm going to step down and be his vice president."

According to Old Testament Prophets...
You think that people would throw a fit? Anywhere? And now maybe 1/2 the country wouldn't notice. Too busy doing other things, but the other 1/2 would. I've always said you gotta watch because the last days Anti Christ...the Bible says according to Old Testament prophets.

  • The Anti Christ is leader of last days Babylon. Last days Babylon is the super power the greatest nation on earth.

  • And that would be the United States and so there's some people who say Obama is the Anti Christ and that very well could be.

  • And others say he's not and that very well could be too.

  • Because I've always said watch for the president to step down and give the keys...The authority of the United States over to somebody else.

  • And then that person then becomes the leader of Babylon and then qualifies as the Anti Christ. See how it can go either way folks?

Expecting people in the streets in anger
But interestingly enough they are expecting people in the streets in anger. Is it a dollar crash? Is it a stock market crash? You know? Or is it something as crazy as that? That they would just bring in this alien. Obama already has a pact with him. He already has a pact. He already has an alliance with him. I see:

-- concordance -- pact -- alliance -- treaty --

I see this stuff in the Bible codes all the time in regards to this Ashtar Command. This new age council -- this alien council that are the rulers behind the Illuminati. The new world order on earth. They are the rulers. They rule over everything in the background. And Sananda, and Maitreya and Germain. This Lady Nada this fake Mary they're all part of this council -- this alien council people call it the Ashtar Command. Obama already has a pact with them.

And see this is the pact that I always see when I read Daniel 9:27 about "his pact with hell." People say "Oh that's Israel's pact." Israel makes a pact with the leader that arrives and you know the story. Protestant prophesy I grew up in it for 40 years. And that sounds very viable but you know what when I work in the Bible codes day and night like I do and I see Israel come up -- I'm Israel, you're Israel, this country is Israel.

Because if you're a born again believer in The Most High you are Israel. It's the people of Israel. Where are the people -- the Lord's people today? The Lord's people today -- the real Israel is in America. It's in Europe. It's all those who are born again believers of The Most High.

And He makes a pact with Israel. And in the Bible codes I don't see the land Israel. I just see the term Israel. It signifies Israel the land of Israel and the people of Israel. I always see Israel in relation to America.

And not the Talmudic satanists that run it -- the land of Israel with the Talmudic filth. I see it in relation to America -- is Israel. Is this the new land of (milk and) honey the Lord gave us? Because you won't hear it talked about in the churches.

Did the Lord move His people into a new land of Israt? Give them a new land of milk and honey and that's when He established the United States? Because from what I can tell there are 2 Israels. There's America Israel and there's Israel Israel that's in the Middle East -- and yeah, I see (Benyamin) Netanyahu and (Ariel) Sharon (still in coma going on 5yrs) and the leaders of Israel come up in the codes. The land of Israt. Israt's Israel but allot of the time talking about America too. So very conflicting. Very interesting. But the Anti Christ makes a pact with Israel.

So the Anti Christ for all intents and purposes is this space alien brought in in a human body. He's going to be very tall because he's a fallen angel and the fallen angels are very tall. Very tall. I have seen Sananda and if it's the one I've seen. He's very tall. He's probably about, almost 7 foot tall. Like 6' 7". Looks like an NBA player. Very tall. Not a giant but tall.

Tall Boys and no dull moments
Bible codes calls them tall boys. Tall boys. Not giants but tall boys. So this is all coming to a head sooner than later because from January till December of 2012 I don't think there's gonna be a dull moment. Allot of things should have already happened. In May. In September -- in November of this year.

And we blocked and destroyed their plans from every angle. Well in 2012 they're coming back with their plans and their own anti-defensive weapons against us. To implement them. They have their Neutrino Detectors. That are going into probably 3rd and 4th generation modes now. And this is -- I'm gonna go out on a limb -- I think for the very few at the very top -- because like I said we can't destroy all of them. They're allowed to implement their agenda on earth for 42 months. But with the world being saturated with orgone because we did our job and we're still doing our job to ensure that it's totally done by the time this all starts.

satan is a tool of the Lords
For some reason we were allowed to destroy Maitreya. But you know we can't kill satan -- he's allowed to do other things -- but he's a tool of the Lords. The Lord's allowing him to rule and reign over the earth to test the faith of the people here. And that's the main reason the Lord allows it to test peoples faith. To test you. I think they're going to come up with some kinda device that'll clear the air directly around them -- in a limited space. Right now they've got a billion dollar Neutrino Detector that can only clear the orgone out of the air 5 miles around them.

Well, if you saw how huge that Neutrino Detector is -- if you went to the web site where I posted it on my web site page somewhere. That thing is huge. Massive. Well they have smaller versions. They have one on the roof of the city council building in Chicago.

They've got one on the roof of the White House and I think they're gonna be able to come up with some kind of other device where they can wear it on their wrist. Maybe not the human aspect they won't have enough by then but these aliens like Sananda. These Ashtar people/beings. That they can clear the air around them. I don't know I'm just going out on a ledge because I see Sananda showing up. He's got a face mask on. He can't breath our air. Because the orgoned air is very putrid to them. It's very nasty. It's like when you hear from people who have had alien abduction experiences and they talk about the horrible smell of grey aliens.

That they smell of fire and brimstone. That's kinda like, probably, I'm just guessing -- it's as putrid to them as fire and brimstone is to us. For the fallen angels/aliens to smell orgone. Because orgone is a living, vibrant to health energy. And it makes them sick. Just like anything dead makes us sick. You smell that fire and brimstone you smell these awful demons and aliens they have a very bad bad smell. And that's what they think about the orgone it has a very bad bad smell to them.

Face Mask
I'm looking at codes for next year and I'm seeing face mask. And I'm like you gotta be kidding. I've been seeing face mask since 2001. Since 2000 when I started really digging in the Bible codes. That when they finally showed up they would have face masks on. Or they'd be dependent on inhalers just to breath. Because you would see -- respirator -- breathing -- inhalators -- in the codes and I'd be "Oh that's got to be an inhaler!" Or they personalize these Neutrino Detectors and clear the air around them. I can't imagine you know having to wear face masks for 42 months. That's why I'm thinking the one's at the top like Sananda. The very elite the ones at the top will get some kind of instrument, devices so that they can breath. So that they can clear the air around them so they don't have to wear face masks.

FEMA camps will be run by creatures who are not human
And everybody else who operates on the earth will have to have the face masks on. Because when I use to have visions of the coming martial law here -- and they were very disturbing, very weird. One of the things, the things I would see is they had on face masks. Not just to hide their faces, because they're not really human. But to be able to breath and operate here. The lower level ones.

Philistines & Locusts
They're not gonna get Neutrino Detector devices to help them breath here. They're gonna get face masks. And so the whole coming FEMA thing -- and I warned about this years ago.

Go look on [ ] on FEMA. The FEMA camps, because the ones who run them aren't human. They're tied in with the giants -- I see Philistines coming -- I see Locusts coming -- The locust of Revelations Chapter 9.

Why are they in pain?
Interestingly enough, in the KJV -- Revelations Chapter 9 talks about the Locust coming from space and they do come from space but perhaps not the way we have thought. Extreme North, extreme parts of space it's gonna be what? 200 million locust whatever -- they're already here! That may be where they're from but I got a real eye opener the other night when looking in a code and it talked about the locust armies in Nevada. In Nevada.
And they are in pain because of the orgone that's been put there.

They're already here!
So how's that for a little bit of a waking up shock? They're already here. They are hiding. We have locust armies in Nevada. And these locust are these creatures that are unleashed on the earth and have stings in their tails and interestingly enough people have allot of various different interpretations on the locusts and I've told you they're not little creatures, they're not little locust with scorpion tails -- what I see in the codes is this sting that they have has to do with syringes and they're being prepared.

They're being shown how to give people shots. Now I don't know if they're gonna walk up and be all nice, "Please lift your sleeve" and then shoot you in the arm with the vaccine. They may have those vaccine guns -- I have a chip implant gun I show on my web site years ago. I've been shot with them before. I've gotten shot with chips in the back of my legs and have to pull them out. Looks like a little black dot, like a black head on your leg. I pulled it out, it's a chip about an inch long.

5 months of pain and torture
Never felt it going in if you do it's just like a sting being bit by a mosquito or something. I don't imagine they're going to be that nice, they don't care if you feel it or not. I see in the Bible codes that they are being trained to shoot people with these syringes. That's the 5 months of pain and torture people are going to go through, running from these things. Now remember people with the seal of God in their foreheads aren't gonna be harmed by them.

Well past the 6th Seal
Which means we're well past the 6th Seal at this point folks. Now these locust come after Sananda arrives. Shortly after. Now remember it use to be Maitreya. Two years ago you'd hear me on my radio show say first Maitreya arrives and shortly after Sananda arrives and then the locust would arrive. We start to go into prophesy mode at that point. Well towards more towards the tribulation period at that point -- but now with the elimination with Maitreya outta the picture which I'm still hesitant on. They may still pull a rabbit outta their hat and still bring him in, I don't know.

He's gone
But right now the plan is -- and this is the top of the occult world folks -- that Maitreya is gone. I mean I wasn't just the only one saying hey I don't see him in the codes I think he's dead. They were saying we've lost touch. We can't reach him. He's gone we don't know where he is and finally coming to the realization themselves that he is dead. I'm hearing this from the top, from the Queen that he's dead. Being floored. I have impeccable sources folks. Not just the Bible codes, not just the Lord Himself. He puts people in my path.

When you see...
So what's gonna happen? Well when you see Sananda arrive. When you see Obama announce some kind of agreement he has, I don't know what the exact announcement's gonna be right now. But when you see him actually set foot on earth and become visible because these beings and people I've been talking about for years have always been behind the scenes.

Go into hiding from this point on folks
They've always been operating behind the scenes and you've never seen them physically with your eyes. But when they do come up front and you do see them visibly with your eyes. It's time to hide. It's time to go. It's time to find a place and hide. Because at that point on, the great tribulation period will begin and I'm talking things you've never seen. I'm talking comets and asteroids and alien beings and creatures and plagues -- things you can't even imagine hitting this earth. It's time to duck out and hide if you want to survive.

They've always wanted that Christmas Eve Alien Invasion
So if they anticipate May -- OK May is a dominant month. I'll give you the dominant months.

  • March
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • September
  • sometimes January comes up because they always wanted that New Years Eve Alien invasion. They always wanted that Christmas Eve Alien invasion.
  • They always wanted the Pass Over one too -- to disrupt our Pass Over. That's why March and May are dominant. So if they plan on "OK, we'll bring them in in July or September" then 6 weeks before then they could possibly start the round ups of the big mouths disappearing.
Watch for big mouths to start disappearing
You know they could plan a January arrival and shock everybody which would mean they would start the pick ups of the big mouths in December. It would be now. It would be now. So just keep your eyes open folks. Watch for big mouths to start disappearing. You know?

Media will lie about the reasons for pick-ups
Watch for things that aren't being talked about on the daily news on television because they're not going to be announcing anything going on. They're not going to be talking about raids going on if they do they'll be lying about it. They're going to say Oh they were picked up for drugs or weapons and make lies about why they're picking people up. I don't put that past them. I don't put it past them at all especially when I always see the term powder in the codes. Makes me wonder "Why am I seeing powder?" Cocaine. We know they're a bunch of cocaine freaks. OK we get that. Are they going to blame us? Are they going to plant drugs on us? And say that's why they're picking us up. We're terrorists? We're drug abusers? I don't know. Something to watch for.

Terrorists they're going to have to demonize because what are they gonna say? "Hey, we're picking up this mother in a cow town in Oklahoma and...well" They're going to have to demonize her folks. They can't say well we don't like her because she's a Christian. They're gonna have to come up with some kinda lies. If they even bother. I mean they could just have a total media black-out. THE END. It's a total media black-out.

People that protest they saw a raid and saw some people that just disappeared, their protest will fall on deaf ears. There's gonna be a media black-out. You never heard about the 2000 people who disappeared after 9-11.

Eliminated all potential blow back
Nine Eleven. There was literally -- there was one guys home a family lived there in Virginia, the home was bull dozed. Completely obliterated, it was bull dozed to hide all traces that this family had ever existed. Because he was involved in the planning with the government for 9-11 and immediately after they eliminated all threats. All the people who would come back later and say "Hey I was involved in the planning of that."

Reports about seeing people taken away
You know at the time it happened I was hearing about people showing up at internment camps being lined up and boarding trains dressed in suits and dresses -- these are white collar people folks. Where'd they go? You think they took them to the Taj Mahal? And what ever happened to the people who showed up at Guantanamo? The children included. And what was missing from Flight 93? The kids on the flight. The class was on a field trip. Showing up at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. About the same time it was supposedly shot down -- well they won't say it was shot down but Cheney admits to it. It wasn't the real plane. It wasn't the real flight. The real flight the people were taken away.

Good job to warriors in Arizona
So it makes you wonder folks. They're always ready. With excuses. I think the thing that shocked me for the week was the locust. Not too often I see Nevada come up in the Bible codes. I wasn't expecting it. But they're already there. They're waiting. They're hiding. So good job to the warriors who got orgone out there because they're in pain. They're suffering, they're miserable. They want to get out of there. And they're told they have to wait and they are suffering and it makes them madder and madder and madder.

Outright destroy them
The longer they stay there I'm sure we can outright destroy them. Just get some orgone out there. Destroy em. It burns them. That's what happened to Maitreya. Maitreya's problem was he wouldn't leave me alone and he was always too close to an orgoned vicinity. Served him right. You want to come around me, watch me, what's there to watch? Am I really that interesting?

Times running out
I've destroyed 10's of 1000's of alien beings that sit around and watch, spy on me. I don't know what their deal is. If I can sense or feel their presence around -- hear or see them -- I'll literally destroy them. And it doesn't take much. It doesn't take much especially when the Lord anoints you and gives you the power to do so. So I'm still in the codes. Still looking ahead to next year. And it's you know -- make you go hmmm. Makes you realize times running out. That people don't have much time left.

5th Seal those killed for their faith
If Sananda arrives, that means the 2nd part begins which means that the 5th and 6th Seals have already taken place. The 5th Seal is the thousands, perhaps millions of those who have been killed for their faith, which means the round ups begin or have already begun. The 6th Seal is the world leaders hiding in their caves and their underground bunkers because something from space terrifies them. Great shaking, a great earthquake. Signifies the 6th Seal. Great earthquake. This stuff is gonna happen very quickly and I've talked about the bathtub affect.

Bath Tub Effect
That once one event happens it's all going to happen very quickly like water in a bathtub when you pull the plug out, starts out slow then drains very quickly. Starts to drain out slow then as you get towards the bottom it speeds up. Yeah that's how it's going to be. Other people call it a whirl wind. A tornado affect.

NWO and Brotherhood
Saturn prophet...(Sherry coughs from a deep congestion chest cough)...Saturn prophet, still dealing with the effects of this pneumonia. That's what he is. He ties the whole project together, the whole new world order agenda. The whole brotherhood that run it. If you haven't seen videos on Saturn and the tie in to the new world order and the Muslims / Islam. You need to see those videos. I think I have them on my web site, because they're all tied together.

You know I've known for a while these Ashtar Command, these beings this whole descended masters they call them -- they worship Allah and so when they come they would be worshiping Allah. Only Maitreya is gone so when this Sananda comes this will be the 12th Imam. That's a very strange mix folks. A very strange mix of Islam and Christianity that's coming.

Aliens working with Wolf Churches
And I gave it a term last year. Chris-lam. Another thing to watch out for -- see if I can find...flu shots coming to the church. The government is working with faith base organizations to unite churches and all these wolves who lead these churches and the mega churches like the Benny Hinns and the Joel Olsteens and the blasphemous network TBN -- they are working with all these religious wolves. To let them implement flu shots in all their churches. They're going to be bringing in people -- go to church and get a flu shot.

Wake up folks. What better, easier way to target the Lords people albeit their ignorant and sleeping. What better way to target them than at their places of worship. (Sherry coughing for several seconds and cannot talk) They're hitting my chest. Either way I'll talk more about that on Monday night. I'll be back at 10 o'clock Monday I wade through different things starting to come together as pieces of the puzzle. New routes they're taking, different routes they're taking. Try to piece it all together. Their big push I've always told you vaccinations are from the alien agenda. Literal chemicals aren't even man made.

Vaccinations are meant to kill and destroy mankind
I betcha scientists couldn't even tell you what's in the vaccinations because they're coming from the star ships in space directly. Obama goes and gets them. They send shuttles up to get loads, pay loads of these vaccinations. These toxic cocktails. Directly from the aliens themselves because they want humans to ingest them because they want to tamper with and destroy your human DNA. That's what these vaccines do and they load you with chip implants.

And the locust themselves, Revelations 9, the sting in their tails. They're shots. They will be injecting you with chemicals. So they want to destroy you. It's all very nauseating to me. But that's what their agenda surrounds folks. I wouldn't be surprised if his mark, satan's symbol isn't a syringe. Wouldn't surprise me at all.

Anyway folks if you're not supporting this ministry you should be. We don't have a whole lot of time left and I still have many things to do and accomplish here in a very short amount of time. Have my eyes on huge projects to come up.

Getting the orgone out
We accomplished so mush last year folks I mean seriously what with the small amount of funding we had, we accomplished so much and we need to do it again. We need to keep doing it. You know I don't sit on my butt and do nothing. I'm busy all the time sending stuff out. Planning next projects, planning missions.

Just because I don't always talk about it on the show. I don't like to tip my hat allot of times. I'll usually have a good laugh after something's done. But it takes allot of planning and it takes allot of supplies for the targeting that we do and so I need your support because I use that for supplies that we need to make the orgone we use to get out. Also to pay the bills.

Allot of areas are protected
You know 2012 could be a real eye opener for allot of people. But the one thing that's the one staple that I always see in the Bible codes. The one thing that angers them the most is that allot of areas are protected. They are protected. How are they protected? Because they are orgoned. Because their agenda -- these beings can't operate and don't operate well in orgoned areas and that's what angers them so we need to get more and more areas orgoned folks.

This is a huge country really, for such a small minority, number of people going out and getting it done. Allot of work to do and we're doing the work, you know? We know we're the minority. We know the majority will always hate us.

That's just how Israel is. They've always hated their prophets. They've always hated the truth. The majority's always been steeped in apostasy. And today is no different. Look how many are sitting in the churches. Look at how many are going out and getting vaccines and getting flu shots.

We are surrounded by the sleeping, with people with their heads stuck in the sand and that's how Israel's always been. But there is always a handful of people who wouldn't bow to Baal. Who wouldn't bow to Caesar. The Lord's always kept a handful of people true to Him. That's where we are today folks. We just stay true to Him and do the things that He asks. The exploits He needs done that He asks us to do, we do them. We're reliable. Dependable and reliable. That's what I see in the codes and it's just a section. A fraction of people.

The Lord has led you here
And if you're listening to my show and you've been a listener for years then the Lord's led you here.

If I make sense to you. If everything I say resonates as truth to you then you better believe the Lord led you here directly because you're one of the few. I don't make sense to allot of people. That's why I have allot of enemies, they're part of the majority. Their not part of the minority.

They love their apostasies
They are part of the majority that just wants to keep their heads in the sand and He hasn't led them. He hasn't woken them up. He hasn't opened their eyes and ears, because they love the lies. They love their apostasies.

They don't love the truth. If you love the truth then the Lord will open up your eyes and ears. That's why He leads people to me. But not everybody wants the truth. Not everybody wants the truth they still fight it.

Anyway, be back on Monday folks at 10 o'clock. Until then everybody.
Yah Bless.