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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
December 12, 2011

The Orgone Warriors Are Demolishing Them, and Assassination Attempts Against Sherry Have Failed

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. December 12. Slowly inching towards the end of the year. You know, they're crashing all over the place. I'm hearing from everybody around the world watching meteors fall from the skies. Oh, it's funny. And some say, "Oh, I saw a falling star." Really? "Yeah, it had a green to it." I don't think falling stars have green. [laughs] Shades of green light when they crash. They're crashing everywhere. I can see it in the Codes. I don't even have to go outside and look at the skies. We're destroying them. We're demolishing 'em. And another reason for their rise of hatred towards us from them and wanting to eliminate the Orgone Warriors.
And I've told you from--you know, they've been coming at us for years. The one thing they don't want to do is talk publicly about it because it will give us credibility. And so, what they've been quietly trying to do for the last 6 years, maybe 7, is assassinate me. I've gone through eons of that. I've taken about every hit you can think of. But the Lord's not gonna let them murder me. Wasn't going to then, isn't going to now. It's not in His plans, much to their demise. [laughs] And so, we just keep going, you know, folks. I'm not afraid of them. I've got work to do here. I'm getting my work done. I'm not cowering in fear. I'm not hiding. I'm not putting anything else before Him. He is my main focus, my main priority. And I'm going to accomplish what I've been sent here to do.

Does It Get Any Clearer That Obama Is the Enemy of America?

And so, they get in their little committees, and they try to come up with all these legislations. You know, last year it was the homegrown terrorist act, or that was a couple years ago with George Bush. And now we have the north [national] defense act from Obama, which is another one of these vague bills that pretty much defines that anyone in America can be picked up, hauled off, taken to prison, no lawyer, no rights, nothing. Just picked up and hauled off, to anywhere, they don't even have to tell you where they're taking you, and held indefinitely. And so, this is pretty much a green slate for Obama to write his enemies off the map, to where he can just send out kill-order lists, pickup order lists, of all his enemies that he wants to target and get rid of, and have them disappeared. And for those who might think this is a conspiracy theory, the legislations are on the websites, and he's supposed to sign this into law on the 13th.
Does it get any clearer that he is the enemy of America, folks? I have been shouting this when he was running as a candidate, that he would destroy America. And that's exactly what he has set out to do, and exactly what he's doing. And now he's coming after the Lord's people because the bulk of us make up America today. Well, they say they--you know, if you asked Americans today if they believed in God, like 3 out of 4 are probably gonna say yes, but the thing is is lip service is a lot different than walking in the ways He commands us to walk. There's walkers and there's talkers. And there's a lot more talkers than there are walkers. So you can really start defining down Christians, themselves. The way the Lord sees it. But either way, Christians are a threat to them. And they wanna eliminate Christians, the bigmouths, all their enemies.

Sananda Is Behind the FEMA Camps and Obama Is Giving the Orders to Round Up People

And I've been seeing this in the Codes, and I've been doing a lot of Bible Codes the last several days--I'm always doing Codes, just depends on what I'm particularly looking at at the time--but I've been focusing on FEMA camps for the last several days. And, you know, my general impression of everything I'm seeing so far about FEMA camps is that it literally is orders from the White House, from Obama saying, "Go pick this person up. Go pick that person up." You know, they're gonna come after his enemies. And the person behind this is Sananda.
Sananda's behind this whole FEMA camp pickup internment-type thing. And Sananda, I've been telling you, is the fake Jesus that's coming. He's one of the lower-ranking of the 12 of the Ascended Masters. Part of the New Age alien agenda, the Ascended Masters and the Ashtar Command. And they're all--you know, the Ascended Masters are all in the Command, and so. Jesus has always been considered--Sananda has always been considered one of the lower-ranking Ascended Masters.
Since Maitreya Is Dead and Sananda Is Taking His Place, Will His Soul Incarnate Sananda's Body?
But we were able to eliminate Maitreya. He's been terminated. The orgone has just destroyed him. And so, now Sananda takes his place. And Sananda is going to be a mixture, and like I said on my last show, it makes you wonder if Maitreya's soul doesn't incarnate this Sananda body. Because they're just bodies that have been manufactured for their spirits because their spirits are actually alien beings, what we would consider alien beings, but they're really just fallen angels. But they don't have--they lost their angelic looks, any type of humanoid looks. They're grotesque beings. And so, they create and manufacture human bodies to possess so they look human.
So it makes ya wonder if Maitreya isn't coming in Sananda's body because Sananda is going to come as a righteous man. He's going to play the part--he's gonna look like Jesus of the Bible. He's gonna have the long hair and wear the tunic and be barefoot. He's gonna go to Bethlehem. And he's gonna play the part of Jesus of the Bible. He's gonna portray himself as a righteous man and preach righteousness. Something you would expect if the real Jesus were to return to Earth. He's gonna play the part.
But like I've always said, these creatures--and that's what they are, they're animals, they're creatures, they're hideous beings, they're full of wickedness and evil. And while he's preaching righteousness, and portraying himself as a righteous man, in the background he's ordering the deaths of all those who don't believe him, cheer him on, are following him, are buying his b.s. He's ordering their deaths.

Those Who Don't Accept Sananda as Jesus of the Bible Will Be on Obama's Hit List
And so, the biggest friend or foe to this coming Sananda is going to be those in the American churches. Now, when he arrives, you're gonna have Benny Hinn, and Joel Osteen, and all the big wolves in the big churches promoting him as Jesus of the Bible. They're all gonna promote him because they're all in line with the same secret societies. And, you know, you can go to YouTube and type in "Joel Osteen shape-shifting" and you can see he's possessed by a Reptilian. He's got the snake-slit eyes. I've seen Rexella Impe shape-shift before. I mean, they're shape-shifters...they're wolves, folks. And they're gonna be the biggest cheerleaders of the coming Sananda.
And so, the church is gonna be divided. Half of them are gonna believe that this is the Jesus of the Bible because they don't read the Bible. They just go to church and believe what they're told to believe. And then there's the other half that will reject him because they know he's not the real Yahushua, the Son of God. And so, it's going to be a war, a dividing war. And the ones who don't believe, they're going to be turned on. They could be called everything under the sun. They could be called wicked, evil, Satanists...everything that these people are, they could be branded as that. And it's gonna get ugly because they're going to go after the dissenters, the ones who don't accept Sananda as Jesus of the Bible. They're gonna go after them, and persecute them. They'll be on Obama's hit list. And so, you know, next year isn't gonna be real pretty.
Next year's gonna be one of these decisive years that, you know, a lot of new things happening. You know, in a way it's refreshing for me because I'm tired of seeing the same old Codes about them returning and all this stuff going on. But the refreshing thing was--last year--was were able to destroy their plans. They had huge plans in May. They had huge plans in September of returning to Earth. Also being able to use Nibiru, and their allies were on Nibiru. The portal opening in California in November. And we were able to destroy all those plans, just wipe 'em off the map, just with the orgone. Just getting the orgone out and causing their vehicles to crash, causing the portals to close, just eliminating them. We destroyed Nibiru with the orgone. The inhabitants are burning inside of it. I'm not even sure where the structure, itself, went. It just kind of floated out of the sky. It's still up there somewhere. But the inhabitants are frying.
NASA, the Pope (the Vatican), and Obama Will Work Together to Announce Sananda's Arrival
So, what I'm seeing now is that this whole FEMA camp they're getting ready to staff them. Obama's getting his target list ready. And they're gonna come after the Lord's people. [FEMA RED / BLUE LIST - Marked for TERMINATION] Well, couple things will be happening, too. One of the things I see is that when Sananda arrives--and I told you a couple weeks ago that NASA [Sherry pronounces it as in the word "nauseating"], NASA [Sherry pronounces it the regular way while exaggerating the first syllable] [laughs], NASA and the pope and Obama, the Vatican, they're gonna work together to announce Sananda's arrival. Now there's some kind of starship or something cloaking behind Mercury (the planet Mercury, for those who don't know), and there's something he's--they're gonna say something. They're gonna say something phenomenal's been found in space. I don't know if they're gonna use the cigar-shaped cylinder thing Sananda travels in, as this phenomenal thing. I'm sure they're gonna come up with something a little bit more ceremonial.
But they're gonna work to bring him in, probably a lot of Hollywood production-type stuff with the holographics. And, you know, they were--they've been trying to pull the holographics thing off for years. And we've been able to negate that, because with the orgone-saturated air, they can't use their aerosols that they need for holographs. Now, if you have your area saturated in orgone, then you know chemtrails don't stick in your area. Well, that's the problem they're having in space. As the orgone continues to saturate our aerospace, the aerosols don't stick, and they need those aerosols from chemtrails to make the holograms work.
So now they've come up with some kind of neutrino detector-type machine. I don't know if it's that particular machine, or now they have prototypes, or what's going on. But several years ago, by in 2001, I was hit with a really bad assassination attempt. It was about 2002 maybe. And since then, they've been trying to find ways to combat the orgone without publicly saying anything about it. And so, they've been working with the Japanese and coming up with all this stuff. I had no idea the neutrino detector even existed until last month. And so, one of their ways of combating it.
Sananda's gonna have some kind of device that they're going to use to try to clear the air so that--clear the air of orgone--so that they can saturate a particular area will all their evil chemicals and whatever they need to make the holograms work to bring Sananda in. That's part of their plans. They're getting a little dependent on their devices to counteract the orgone. They can't do it worldwide, but they're trying to do a small enough area so they can at least pull off--have Sananda arriving in the air with the heavenly hosts, mimicking the Jesus of the Bible, and good enough to fool, you know, churchdom today. All the sheeple sitting in the churches today with their heads stuck in their hymnals and not even learning real truths. So, that's gonna be, you know, pretty convincing, I'd say, to dupe half Christianity, maybe even half the population, I don't know.

What Are the Locusts Doing in Nevada?

But when he arrives, after his arrival, the couple things I see coming up in the Codes, fairly quickly, is the fact that Philistines are here, which are Giants. Different faction than the Locusts. The Locusts come from Revelation, chapter 9. And what I thought was amazing was, in the Bible Code I was looking at the other night, it was talking about the Locusts in Nevada suffering. They're burning from the orgone that's in Nevada.
And I'm thinking, "What are the Locusts doing in Nevada?" You know, 'cause, you know, they're supposed to come out of the pit, which is space. And, yeah, they're from there, but when you read chapter 9 it goes into a very ceremonial-type thing where all these Locusts are coming from space. And here we have Locusts in Nevada? And so, yeah, they're from space, but they're piling up around the globe, folks. They're piling up in underground bases. And by the time we do see them, yeah, they'll be coming down from the sky towards us, but...I was just shocked, I guess you could say.
I mean, this is almost as shocking as, you know, Maitreya being dead, and finally realizing, yeah, he is dead. And then going back and forth, back and forth with that. Because I saw that in the Codes. So I'm thinking, "Oh, I'm just misinterpreting that. He's really not dead." I was just shocked. I couldn't believe--you know. [laughs]

This Whole Alien New Age Thing, It's Islam

But now the Locusts are coming. So we have Philistines, we have Locusts, and we have this fake Muslim Jesus. And he's coming Muslim. He's coming looking like Jesus of the Bible, but he's preaching Islam.
And the one thing I've been able to pick up over the last six months in the Bible Codes is that all these Ascended Masters, this whole alien New Age thing, it's Islam. It's all Islam. They worship Allah.
Because I deal with a lot of fallen angels on a, you know, more than I care to have to deal with. Not a daily basis, but, you know, enough to take my time up over the last year. There's a lot of fallen angels here on Earth, in human bodies, that have been put together in laboratories. MILAB rats, you might called them. Created people with various DNA. They create these bodies. And they can be a mixture of human, animal, and even vegetation DNA. They create these beings in laboratories, these clones, and then they put spirits into them.
And what they do is, you know, if you read my article, Angels in the Flesh [], where the Lord puts His angels born on Earth as humans, and I said Satan does the same thing. Well, Satan doesn't necessarily have to have his born on Earth as babies, as humans. He can create these cloned bodies and then just put his angels into them. And then come harass me. I've dealt with quite a few of them the past year. And they tell me who they are. And they always come in the guise, at first, that they wanna help. And then, you know, after a while, you figure it out. Sometimes it's faster times than others. And you always wanna give 'em a chance, but, you know, my length of pity is getting really short. My patience is getting really, really short. Just 'cause you get tired of dealing with it. And once you deal with it, you can pretty much spot it head on from then on. But either way. I don't even know why I brought that up.
But they're all here. They're all working together to bring about Satan's agenda. And what I'm seeing in the Codes is they all worship Allah. They worship Allah. And this whole Saturn thing--and I posted YouTube videos on Saturn on my Facebook, and on my Yahoo! lists, and on my websites. This whole Saturn worship is tied in to Allah. And that's why, in Mecca, the Muslims march around a black cube. That whole thing is part of Saturn worship. And this Sananda that's coming is part of saturnalia, part of this Saturn worship.
Correlation Between the Movie, Legion, and the Locusts in Nevada
Bible Codes calls him a mamzer, which is a clone, and I've told you he's a clone, just like Obama. He's a beast. And he's coming with an assembly. And there's also--I'm seeing two different types of assemblies, in the Bible Codes, that are coming. One is an assembly of the Philistines. Also, probably the Locusts because they'll be traveling together as well.
Kind of reminds you of that movie, hmm, Michael and Gabriel...I can't remember the name of it. But they're fighting it out in some diner out in the desert. But it's interesting that this movie depicts a story line of these locusts, these locusts...this cloud of locusts coming into the area. And they're wicked, evil beings. They're not little green locusts, folks. They're Giants.
But then seeing this in Nevada--that they're in Nevada...and I've warned you that Hollywood depicts a lot of information in their movies. And even their videos. I've been trying to dissect one of Britney's latest videos. I'm not gonna go--rabbit trails. But you can pretty much see their agenda in everything they put out, whether it's the movies or music videos. Rihanna does a lot of that. Lady Gag-Me. They use Britney for it, too.
So it was interesting, the correlation between that movie of Michael and Gabriel fighting it out. Let me see if somebody in my chat room's listed the name of the movie. [laughs] Somebody list it. No one's listing it. And I can't see it. Either way. Interesting correlation because they are in Nevada, and in the movie they come from the desert. Legion. [laughs] That's it. Legion was the name of the movie. ['Legion' Spoilers Discussion]
Once Sananda Arrives It Will Be One Prophetic Event After Another
So right now, they're hiding. They're hiding in their underground bases, and they're waiting for the arrival of Sananda. 'Cause once Sananda arrives, things are gonna happen on Earth fairly quickly. It's going to be just one prophetic event after another. And it's gonna be just one destruction after another. It's just gonna happen fairly quickly. And, you know what? Like the Lord told me years ago, things aren't always gonna happen the way we expect. You know, like with the locusts coming out of the abyss and all this. Revelation, chapter 9, you expect it all to happen all at once, and here it's, you know, it's happening that way, they've come from the abyss, but they're hiding in underground bases here on Earth.
And so, don't always put all of your understandings in a box, because they'll happen the way, like the Lord said, it'll happen in ways you don't expect. So, that's what I've been seeing for the most part right now. And I could tell you when I start to see things in the Codes, usually within 1 to 2 years the events that I start seeing in the Codes are fulfilled. They're fulfilled within 1 to 2 years from the time I start to see it.
So I'm not saying everything's going to happen next year, but as quickly as things are gonna happen once Sananda arrives, I wouldn't doubt it. It usually, typically depends on all the delays. 'Cause we're in a delay now. I mean, Sananda should have been here in September. And if Sananda was here--actually had arrived in September like he was supposed to, there would've never been the crystal skull crap happening in November. All that would've been, you know, pushed off. It never would've happened. That was another push to get him here--the whole crystal skull thing with the Mayans--'cause his September arrival failed, so they came up with plan B. And plan B failed. So now they're coming up with plan C. And I don't know exactly how they're gonna bring him in, but I see he's with an assembly. So it's gotta be the old September plans, just pushing it off till early next year, but it--you know, I can't give you a month because they're all coming up.
And this is what's crazy. Because they're so indecisive on when and how they're gonna do things. Things could be happening in the background, which is why I'll see December, January, or February coming up, and then people don't see anything happening until later, with their own eyes, which is May, and July, and September (their other favorite month). And so, all the months are coming up. Literally.
All of the months are coming up. So I can't tell ya, "Well, in February the pickups start," because February could just be a month where they're trying to target me. I know they're coming for me for the pickups. It's the whole reason for the pickups. They wanna target the Orgone Warriors. They're comin' after us. Retaliation for all the destruction, and chaos, and derision we've caused them over the years.
Ron Paul Is Just One of Them - He's for the New Age Alien Agenda

I've already been told by White House insiders I'm within the top three of those waiting to be assassinated by the White House right now. And I know that they recently tried to kill Jesse Ventura.
The one for Ron Paul, I don't necessarily believe that one. I think it's to give the people who like Ron Paul ammo to continue liking him, because they think he's a real threat to Obama and them. But from what I hear from my insiders in Washington is that Ron Paul just met with the Rothschilds. He just had a meeting with the Rothschilds, and there was somebody else. I can't remember who it was. Maybe it was the pope or something, or the Queen. I don't remember. It was somebody else really high up. So he's obviously one of them. And it's what I've been saying all along, is that Ron Paul is just one of them. And I have a whole page of Bible Codes on him, and some information, at You can go there and look for my Codes on Ron Paul. [Dr. Ron Paul Bible Code] But he's in bed with all them. He just--he's a White Knight politician for the New Age alien agenda.
You know what? It reminds me of the White Dragon Society. Benjamin Fulford and that whole White Dragon crap. That's just another arm of the New Age alien agenda as well. They have their White Knight journalists, which you'll have Oprah Winfrey, Alex Jones, Steve Quayle, all those people enjoying their tax-free status. I posted a letter on my website on all these people who were being promoted. And part of their privileges of being promoted was tax-free status. Must be nice. And Alex Jones and Steve Quayle were a part of it. And so was Linda Mouton Howe. [Tax-Free Status For Those Working the New Age Alien Agenda? Are These What They Call "White Knight" Journalists, Politicians, Celebrities etc..?] And so, some of these people that you think are really anti-New-World-Order are really just working for the New Age alien agenda. And the reason they're so anti-New-World-Order and willing to give out information on it is because that's what that agenda does. They expose the 7th regime, which is the New World Order regime, because they're trying to implement the 8th regime, which is the New Age alien agenda.
And so, you know, a lot of big-name people involved with deceptions on both sides. I mean, ask yourself. I've been the one screaming about UFOs, aliens, this whole alien agenda, for a decade now. We're the ones stickin' it to them and destroying them. Crashing them out of the skies. Uh? How come they're not asking me to be on their radio shows? They all know I have an incredible amount of integrity and credibility. I can see in the Codes all the time how they're shocked at my information. The fact that the things that I know that I know, and the things that we're doing. I scare them to death. I scare them to death. Which is why they don't come near me with a hundred-foot pole.
And so, you know, I really doubt that when the bigmouths start being picked up, that they'll be the first ones on the list. They'll probably, if they go anywhere, it'll be to a vacation resort somewhere, because they're part of the agenda. I mean, look at Hal Turner. I couldn't even listen to his show, but he always amused me. I pegged him from the beginning. But he was just so, you know, anti-this, anti-that, and then when push comes to shove, and he gets arrested 'cause he's scaring a couple judges, it comes out that, "Hey, I'm an FBI informant. I'm an FBI agent. Leave me alone. Get me out of jail, you idiots. I'm one of you guys. I'm workin' for you guys." It's basically his whole defense. And so, that's pretty much what'll probably happen with Jones and Quayle and the rest of 'em, if push came down to shove. "OK, leave me alone guys. I'm one of you." And get your little green card out. Get out of jail.
There'll be no green cards for the Lord's real people. But you know what? I'm not worried a bit. I'm not worried a bit. That's why I'm havin' so much fun stickin' it to 'em. Because the Lord says that the church of Philadelphia will be protected.
Lieutenant Colonel SC Is Suffering from Lung Cancer
And so, sittin' here catching on some chatlogs going on. Somebody saying Lieutenant Colonel SC is missing? I just saw him online last week. I'm not sure he's really missing. I know he's suffering from lung cancer, so. Haven't really talked with him, kept in touch with him. I know he's back to anti-orgoning. [laughs] Maybe he wants to live a little longer. I don't know. Suffering terribly from lung cancer, and so. Probably in the hospital, folks. He's not in the best of health, and so.

The Lord's Going to Supernaturally Protect the Orgone Warriors

Anyway, back to what I was saying, is that, don't fear these camps, because I really doubt that there's a person listening to this show who has love for the Lord, has fought for the Lord, has been a bigmouth for the Lord, is out there putting orgone out, will ever see the inside of one of those camps. The Lord's going to protect the Orgone Warriors. He's going to protect this little ragtag faction that we've managed to build over the years. He's going to protect them.
And if you read Revelation, chapter 12, it really comes into perspective. And I've done studies and ran shows and analyses of Revelation, chapter 12. But this is the way I see it. And I really hate to say it, because I hate tipping my hat to the morons listening to this show, but so be it. You know, they're gonna come after the Lord's people, and the Lord is going to supernaturally protect them from being taken. And that's what infuriates Satan all the more. Because they're doing all this stuff to eliminate the Lord's people. I mean, they said this back in the 80s. I mean, we weren't even doing orgone back in the 80s. But they knew they wanted the internment camps. And they started getting ready with Rex 84 [Rex 84 - Your Internment Camp Awaits You] and all these other projects because they wanted to eliminate the Lord's people.
Well, fast-forward to the 2000s and the Orgone Warriors have come to the forefront of their total hit list. Their total we want retaliation, we want revenge, we want atonement, we want to torture and kill these believers, these bigmouths, these Warriors that are really stickin' it to us with this orgone. Well, the Lord's not gonna let it happen. He's not gonna let it happen. And so, what happens is Satan is furious and goes after the rest of the church's remnant. Because he can't get us. So he goes after everybody else. So--and I see "blasphemy" in the Codes all the time, where he blasphemes against us, he blasphemes the Lord. And so, he has to be totally angry, and I see "anger" already. I've been seeing that for the past year because we're destroying them. Crashing their ships, crashing their patrols, their caravans. They have UFO caravans. We're destroying so much, folks. Just demolishing huge chunks of their armies.

"I Ain't Worried About That. We'll Be Raptured." Really?

And so, you know, the biggest thing about Christians today in the churches is, "Oh, I ain't worried about that. We'll be raptured." Really? You know, why is it American Christians are so arrogant to think that they'll never suffer here in America. That everybody else is called to suffer for the Lord and die in His name but them. Because they're wrong because they are gonna suffer and die for His name. You know, they've got wars going on in Africa and in Muslim countries against the Christians being funded by Americans. George Soros is funding the elimination of Christians in Africa right now. It's been going on in Muslim countries for ages.
It's been going on in China and the Asian nations. They don't play around. They hate Christians in the Asian nations. They've always been persecuted and killed. And these people have more of a heart for the Lord than most of the people sitting in the churches in America today. Because they're living life literally on the edge. They know when they accept Christ as their Savior and they start serving Him as their Messiah, that their head could be gone the next day and their life is on the line. And they do it anyway. And they die gladly for Him. They die, in horrible ways. Where was their rapture? Where is their rapture? 300, 500 Christians died last week, where was their rapture? So why is it Americans think they're gonna be raptured, they're not gonna suffer, when the Bible says the fifth seal, uh, talks about all the souls of those who were beheaded. Because they're literally gonna be tested and tried for their faith. They're gonna have to through suffering and persecution to prove that they even love the Lord, because their works...there haven't been works to be tried and tested.

The Elect: Already Tried & Tested - The Bride: About to Be Tried & Tested

A lot of us have been tried and tested over the years. We've been tried. We've been tested. And we've remained faithful. We've kept Him as our priority. We've kept Him as our focus. We didn't move to the left. We didn't move to the right. We've been suffering from satellite attacks. Dealing with supernatural things that most people couldn't even begin to understand. Astral realm attacks. Lilith. I love it when I sit there and my husband watches that Arnold Murray all the time, and the guy gags me to death. He'll sit there and talk about a whole show about how Lilith doesn't exist. The next day she'll be buggin' me the next night, you know. [laughs] Really? I wish I could just grab her by the hair, and pull him to his office, and set her down on his desk. "Here's Lilith." [laughs] I deal with things you can't even imagine. Here people talk and do whole shows about how they don't exist. Really? And, you know, there's people like me around the world that have just been born a little different. Have experienced things from the time they've been born other people will never hear, see, or even know about. And they've been tried, and they've been tested, and they've been found perfect in the eyes of the Lord.
Now there's many others, our mockers. Those who condescend us constantly, claim we're going to hell, denigrate us, blaspheme us, because we're the Lord's people, the real ones. And their faiths are gonna be the ones tried and tested. And they're gonna lose their heads to prove that, "Hey, yes, I do love you, Father. I'm sorry. I didn't know," cause you never asked Him. You never took 5 minutes to ask Him, before you start mocking the brethren, that were the real brethren, the firstborn.
Some of you today think they're of the firstborn, and they're not. They're not the Elect. The Elect are the firstborn. And the Elect, I totally make sense to. They totally know what I'm talking about. Everybody else is kind of, "What is she talking about? That girl's crazy." I don't make sense to them. Because the Lord has shut their ears. They're not part of the Elect. They're not the firstborn here on Earth. There's 144,000 Elect, firstborn here on Earth. The rest of the tens of thousands of Christians that are here are the Bride. They're not the Elect, they're the Bride. And the Bride is gonna go through persecution. They're gonna go through martial law. They're gonna have to prove their faith for the Lord and die for His name, because they were not worthy to be tested before then. Their works were not worthy. And so, they'll have to die by their faith.

I'm Not Here to Make Money Off the Lord's Name, I'm Here to Lead His People

See, so many people think that, "Oh, I'll write a book. I'll write a whole series of books. I wanna make a ton of money. I'll just spend my life makin' money off books that I write off the knowledge I learn." And you know what? That's the one thing, the number one thing that's going to burn faster than cellophane paper. Because when you try to make money and commercialize the name of the Son of God, He is going to reject and destroy those works.
That's why over the years I've always been very careful to have my intentions good. Because--you know, I wrote 2 books. [Bible Codes Revealed: The Coming UFO Invasion and Aliens on the Internet] I'm thinking, "Great. He's gonna burn 'em because He's gonna think I'm commercializing His name. I didn't wanna fall in the same ruts. But those books were a result of the outcry of people who didn't wanna read the articles on my websites. 'Cause you can go to my articles page on my websites [Articles], and every one of those chapters that are in my two books are on the website. They're free. And how many radio shows have I done over the years, and they're free. [Sherry Talk Radio] The archives are free. [Archives] I don't charge for anything.
The only reason I have to charge for the books is because they're not printed by me. The publishing company prints those, and they charge for that. I get a small pittance of 10% commission, which is like a dollar a book. I think, by now, I probably may have...may have broken even on the first book I wrote, on the cost of that. Probably still working on the cost of the second book. [laughs] You know, I had to--money came out of my pocket to produce those books. And not my pocket. There was donations given to me from a certain person to produce those books.
You know, I keep my intentions pure. I'm not here to make money off His name. I'm here to lead His people. You know, He told me He was gonna stand me up to be a mouthpiece to the nations. And that's what I've been. He told me I was here to lead an army. To wake one up. I'm not here to build an army, I'm here to wake one up. They're already here. They just need woken up.
And the Lord's never gonna get to the point where He gathers us all together in one place, until He does it, Himself. He needs us scattered. If we were all in one place, under one roof, how would we have accomplished what we have accomplished already? Getting orgone to the four corners of the earth. It's everywhere. We would've never been able to accomplish that if we were all living together under the same roof. And yet, in such a short amount of time, we've been able to accomplish everything we've needed to. We have orgone around the world, literally. And on most of the major islands. We have it everywhere. It's unthinkable what we have managed to accomplish.
And it's not me, it's the Lord. I mean, He's the one who's been able to wake people up, step them up, to get the work done that's been needed to get done. You can see the proof's in the pudding. Look up at the sky at night and see stars falling all night long. They're not stars, folks. The stars aren't green, and red, and blue. [laughs] We're stickin' it to 'em, folks. You know, and the Bible says His people in the last day would do exploits. And that's what we're doing. We're doing exploits against the satanic filth that's taking over the world in the guise of the New World Order and Zionism.

Chrislam Is Going to Be the New Global Religion

And now we have Chrislam rising. And Chrislam's going to be the new global religion. It's going to be Chrislam, a mixture, a compromise of Islam and Christianity. I just think it's...I can't think of a more disgusting compromise. And such a blasphemy, because the Lord, you know, we're never supposed to compromise the gospel, ever, and yet that's exactly what the churches have done for the last 2000 years with the RCC [Roman Catholic Church] in charge.
And people think, "Well, Martin Luther broke away from the RCC and we created the Protestant branch. So it's the RCC, the Catholic church, that's evil." Well, Martin Luther was an agent for the Catholic church. He was a Jesuit. So let's back up a little bit on history. When he created the Protestant, he mixed the evil with the good. So all you have is two different branches. You know?
I mean, even the pope'll say, "I don't know why the churches changed the sabbath from the seventh day to the first day of the week." The Bible, the Lord, Himself, never granted anyone permission to change the sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. But with the stroke of a pen, or a wim, that's exactly what the churches did when they split from the RCC. They changed sabbath from the seventh day of the week to the first day of the week. That's why every one of them is hypocritical. They preach to follow and keep the ten commandments, and they don't keep them, themselves. One of the very commandments is to honor the sabbath day and keep it holy. The seventh day of the week is the sabbath day. Do they? No. No, they honor Sunday. They honor the first day of the week. And so, right there you can tell the hypocrisy that runs rampant, and whether a church has the real truth or not. Do they keep the commandments? The biggest test of all. So then you can start eliminating. Anyway, I'm not gonna get on a rant on that. Maybe next time. [laughs]

The FEMA Camps Are Going to Be Run by the Philistines, the Giants - Get Orgone Around Those Locations

But this is what I'm seeing, folks. Just a lot of back and forth war. A literal war right now in the background between their anger, and their want for retaliation and revenge against us. And they're doing it through these camps. We need to get orgone--if anybody knows where these camps are. There's maps on the Internet locations. If you can get close to them. You don't have to get close to them, because orgone has a really huge range. Just find a general area and throw some orgone around the perimeter of that area where you think a camp is. Because what's gonna happen is that these camps, initially, are gonna be run by the military.
But fairly soon after, and I don't know a distance of time, but they're not gonna be able to take it. The humans just are gonna be replaced. Put it that way. By the Philistines. The Philistines are coming. They're gonna be here. And they're going to be the ones that take over these FEMA camps and start running them. I don't know if the humans just decided, you know, get a bug of consciousness, and say, "Something's wrong with this jailing up all these innocent civilians and killing them," and quit doing their jobs, or what, but eventually they're all gonna be replaced.
And these FEMA camps are gonna be run by the Philistines, the Giants, fallen angels that are returning to Earth. They're gonna be run by them. Could be the very Giants that our government has been bringing in over the last several years. They've been flying in to the Sinai desert, and shipping them through underground tunnel systems, and also transporting them semi-trailers, semi-tractor trailers, transporting them to bases. Probably one at a time. That's how big these things are. 9- to 20-feet tall, folks. And they've been storing them in underground bases.
And those are the ones we've been going after last summer. You know, we went to the one in North Carolina. Attacked that one. Went after the one in Lima, Ohio. And now I'm seeing in the Codes that there's bases in Nevada. Probably Area 51, or 52, who knows which area? But you know it's gonna be a protected area by the military. Even though it's a heavily protected area, like I said orgone has a range. And the Lord can crank it up and kick it out, and He's makin' 'em suffer. [laughs] They can't beat us. Can't beat the Lord. All we have to do is be faithful and get it out there, and He can do what He wants to with it. And He is doing what He wants to. So that's a heads up.
I don't know exactly when they're gonna start roundups. I think fairly soon. I would think sooner than later. But that's just my guess, before you start running into all these delays. And so, it's really hard to tell because they always delay stuff. But that's their active plans. That's their plans. And that's all I can do is tell you their plans. And then as the months come and we can start deciphering if they're failing or succeeding, and what's going on, so.

Give Me Feedback - Should I Keep the Thursday Show or Not

Anyway, be back on Thursday with Aliens in the News. Guys, give me some feedback on that, because I really been thinking if I should just keep to a Monday night show, and go ahead and cancel the Thursday show, or keep both shows going. So, give me some feedback on that. I know I've heard some people say, "Hey, just keep doing Monday's show." I think it might been easier on people, just listening to one show a week. So you can give me some feedback at my e-mail address:, or on my Facebook list, or on one of my Yahoo! lists. Just give me some feedback on what you think I should do with Thursday's show; keep it or can it. I give a lot of information on Thursday's shows I don't necessarily give on Monday's shows. And so, people that only listen to the Monday show miss a lot of info I give on the Thursday shows.

Anyway, folks, due back on Thursday a 1 o'clock with Aliens in the News: Thursdays with Sherry Shriner. Until then. Yah bless.


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