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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
December 19, 2011


Politicians in Washington Are Tightening the Noose on Us

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it's December 19. Inching along another year, are we? And, you know, I've been busy in the Codes as usual. Couple things I wanted to talk about tonight 'cause I just get really aggravated by the things that are going on and going to happen. And, you just get angry. It makes me angry. You know, you go from one emotion to another, but at the end, you're just angry. Because when you hear so much about, you know, our liberties being taken away over the years, our freedoms, you start feeling the noose, because you know they're coming after you. That every piece of legislation they put out, every time they do something, they're spitting on the Bible, they're spitting on the Constitution, they're spitting on us. So, ultimately, they're spitting on God.

And so, it just makes me furious, folks, when you've got all the politics in Washington going on to tighten the noose on us. And by who and what? You know, I hear stories all the time about what's going on in DC, and it just makes me sick. I don't know--I'm probably talking to the choir, as usual, but when you see how maddening and crazy it all is, if people would just wake up and realize that behind the scenes, pulling all the strings of our politicians, are Satan's fallen angels. They're pulling the strings. They're cheering on and writing these legislations that are coming out, and our Congressmen don't even read them, they just pass them. They don't even read them. They do what they're told to do. It's The Brotherhood they're protecting.

Obama Declared that America's a Battlefield and We're the Enemy Combatants

You know, the National Defense Act passed and now you can be picked up, taken to Guantanamo Bay and disappeared, and nobody knows where you are. You know, the enemy combatants. Obama's declared that America's a battlefield. Who are these enemy combatants that he's so afraid of? You know who they hate? They're afraid of, and they hate the very people who think they're disgusting and belong in prison. That's who they're afraid of. Those who don't go along with their sick and wickedness, and their wicked ways, are the ones who are a threat to them. And you know what, folks? We're the majority, so we need to take control. We can't allow these things to happen to us. And I'm gonna give you scripture references tonight about why it's mandatory that you do defend yourselves against them when they come to pick you up. It is mandatory for you to defend yourself and your family. Israel was always armed for that very reason. To protect themselves against tyrants. And Washington has shown themselves to be sick tyrants.

Those in the Highest Levels of Our Land Are Obsessed with Cocaine and Sodomizing Young Boys

You know, I often see in the Bible Codes the terms "cocaine" and "cannabis." And for those of you who don't know what cannabis is, it's weed, it's marijuana. And it's pretty much in regards to all of them. It's the aliens and domesticated aliens. And domesticated aliens are those who live amongst us posing as humans, or who have taken over human bodies. They possess human bodies. They've soul-scalped people and have taken over their bodies. So this pretty much covers the Illuminati, the CIA, and all the intel agencies at the very top levels.

One of the things I hear all the time about DC is how they're all so obsessed with cocaine and sodomizing young boys. The highest levels of our land, the White House and Congress, and they're obsessed with drug abuse and raping young children. They're sick, folks. And they're afraid of us? They need to be locked up. They need to be hunted down and locked up. There should be mandatory drug testing on every level of our government, our entire political system, and our law enforcement agencies. Because it crosses over into all boundaries, this sick Brotherhood.

They're politicians, they're preachers, they're judges, they're cops, they're prosecutors. There isn't an area that isn't dominated by, what they call, The Brotherhood. And that's why Illuminati children understand too full well that there's no place to go to get real help to get away from them. There's no where to go. This Brotherhood not only control from the cops, to the prosecutors, to the judges, they control the advocacy groups: child protective services, social services, at every level. There's no justice to be found...anywhere.

And these same sodomizing drug addicts are the ones passing legislation to get rid of all of the good people who refuse to go along with their demented sins. The people that belong to the Most High, who have ethical and moral values are the enemies to those who don't. How full of cocaine do you think they are when they come up with such nonsense pieces of legislation like the Patriot Act or the National Defense Act, and every other illegal act they've penned over the years? It's illegal because it goes against our Bill of Rights and the Constitution. So you have every right, folks, to defend yourself against these satanic, drug-abusing, sodomizing, child-raping freaks from hell. And that's what they are.

The Vice President's Main Role Is to Oversee the Drug Trade Here in America

You know, I was told several years ago that the office of the vice presidency's main role is to oversee the drug trade here in America. They don't help fighting against drugs. And you've seen the pictures online of soldiers protecting opium fields. That's the vice president's main role. Of course, if you look in school books, he presides over the Senate, well, if there's a tie vote. But there hasn't been really any voting going on, it's just yes-men in Congress. They're just, "Yes," to all this legislation. So there's no ties. He has plenty of time to do his other job, which is to oversee the drug trade. And it's so prevalent in DC, folks. It's dominant. Cannabis and cocaine. And that's the one thing I keep hearing, even again with this administration, as the same with the last, was that they're obsessed with it. They're obsessed with cocaine and sodomizing boys. It goes hand in hand. Hand in hand.

There's a Herpes Outbreak Amongst the White House Senior Staff

Another thing I've heard is that the entire White House senior staff, there's a herpes outbreak amongst the White House senior staff. They all share the same prostitutes. Now they're all getting herpes. This is the sick, ungodly people that are running our country. These are the people we're putting our basic everything in their hands to run this country. Our welfare, our money, our education. Our entire government is completely corrupt.

We're Giving Power into the Hands of Drug Addicts Who Decide Who Lives and Who Dies

And these people--I mean, I can't stand to be around a drug addict for 2 minutes, or an alcoholic. They just ramble. How can these people, full of drugs, be clear-minded enough to be given all this control. They can start wars as they please. And they do. What were they on when they called that one? What were they on when the military bombed Libya under Obama's authority and Congress had never even announced war. [Bolivia President Calls for Obama to be Stripped of Nobel Peace Prize]

Since when did the president get authority over Congress to begin a war? Does anybody even know what the executive and judicial branches, and legislative branches are anymore? It's all gray areas. Nobody cares. And they're so full of drugs they don't even know. But the people who aren't should be the ones leading this country.

And what are they gonna do? Come after the enemy combatants. Who are the enemy combatants, that they call the Red Lists? These are the bigmouths and the really pesty national security threats. You know, the people who print the real news on the Internet, have the alternative news sites, the bloggers, the conservative talk show hosts, reporters, newspaper, magazines, writers. Whoever's considered, to them, to be pesty to the Satanists of this country. Whoever's a threat to them. So that's who they're coming after. That's who's on their Red List. As Obama stuffs his nose full of cocaine and pillowtalks with his blondhaired, white young thing he's sleeping around with, committing adultery, decides who lives and who dies. Give me a break, folks.

Are we giving that much power into the hands of people who are drug addicts? Drug addicts. And they're deciding who lives and who dies in this country or this world? He sends out death squads to take people out, on some binge. You know, one of the biggest ways to tell people who are cocaine abusers is to watch them because they're so--when they're not on cocaine, they become intolerable monsters. They have very, very bad tempers. They're intolerable to be around. They throw things at walls, at people. They're just intolerable. They're monsters. And then when they're on their cocaine, they're the nicest people in the world to be around.

The Bible Is Full of Exhortations to Arm and Defend Yourselves Against a Tyrannical Government

It just angers me. It frustrates me to think that so much power in the hands of those who belong in mental institutions. And all we can do is sit back and prepare. Sit back and prepare. Because in case you haven't noticed, the Bible is full of exhortations to arm yourself and defend yourself against a tyrannical government. I wrote an article years ago, A Call to Arms, and I wanna go over a few highlights in that article, because I noticed there's still so many people that are so conflicted with what they read and what they're told in the churches because the government has been working with pastors over the years to dumb people down to think that they can't defend themselves so that when they come picking them up, they won't defend themselves. They'll be pacifists.

The Bible never teaches us to be pacifists, folks. It never teaches one thing about passivity. In fact, most people misinterpret scripture to make it sound like it does. Oh, they quote the scripture, "Turn the other cheek." That was in regards to taking revenge in your own hands. If someone slaps you in the face, it says turn the other cheek, let them slap the other one. What it's basically saying is don't take matters in your own hands. That's why the Lord appointed court systems and judges, because you take them to court, you don't take violence in your own hands. You don't take retribution and retaliation in your own hands. You take 'em to court. You see, so many people misinterpreting scripture to become dumbed-down sheeple.

You know, biblical law of self-defense empowers us to defend our lives against wicked men who hate God. And this includes those folks trying to implement the satanic New World Order who completely fulfill that criteria. We may defend ourselves biblically against evil even to the point of killing those who try to harm us. 'Cause we're not to go down silently, but to stand up against those who come up against us, and defend our lives against them.

It's Not "Thou Shalt Not Kill," It Is "Thou Shalt Not Murder"

You know, our forefathers based their thought on the sixth commandment, "Thou shalt not kill." It was a common interpretation was that the sixth commandment required every lawful means should be taken to preserve our own life and the life of others. In other words, if murder was wrong, actions allowing murder like not defending oneself or others were also wrong. This was the right of self-defense. And, "Thou shalt not kill," in Exodus 20:13, it was actually mistranslated from "Thou shalt not murder." The founders of our Constitution considered this one of the most basic of human rights. They accepted this as a right of all levels of society: the nation, the states, the counties, and family, and individuals.

If right and wrong existed, and if murder was wrong, then citizens had the moral obligation to defend the good and innocent at whatever level. Most refer to the sixth commandment that tells us "Thou shalt not kill," which was incorrectly translated in English and should read "Thou shalt not murder." God gave Moses many of the situations which would require a death penalty. God clearly has told us never to kill--has not told us never to kill, He has told us not to murder, which means we are not to take innocent life. If someone is trying to harm you or kill you, they're not innocent. If someone has wicked intentions against you, they are not innocent. You have a right to defend your life against them, and those you love.

We Have a Due Right to Form Militias as Abraham Did When He Rescued Lot

The Bible's full of stories, folks, that promote self-defense. One of the earliest tells us some men who kidnapped Lot, and the patriarch Abraham organized a militia, and by force of arms, rescued Lot from his kidnappers. He organized a militia, and he went back and retrieved Lot. And, you know, I have a whole section of government tyranny in this article. Biblically speaking, tyranny exists when civil government departs from God's law and commands us to do things that are forbidden by God, or forbids those things we are commanded by God to do. You know, many Christians go through and twist every scripture imaginable and take them out of context, in how to deal with violence, tyranny, and oppression. But we have a due right, folks, an inalienable right under God's laws to own weapons, to form militias, for our own self-defense.

And God's laws are mirrored in the Constitution. We have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Not "had," until the Patriot Act arrived. The Patriot Act and the National Defense Act are illegal. They're illegal acts. Illegal legislation. They go against God's laws. We are to obey God. We are to obey our government until they contradict God's laws. And then we are to obey God over government. And that's what makes Christians pesty national security threats. Because they understand God's laws. They understand it's all right.

Be Prepared - America Is the Babylon of Revelation 18

You know, there's not a whole lot of time, folks. There's not a whole lot of time till they start rounding up believers. And I can't tell you enough how it's important to be prepared... I'm gonna lose my phone connection. Unreal. I'm hearing...something's wrong with the phone here. Let me go to the chat room and see if they can hear. I'm gonna lose my connection. [sighs] [laughs] It's always something, isn't it, folks? It's always something. [pause while reading chat room comments] You can still hear me? All right. Good. I'll keep talking till you can hear--can't hear me anymore, because I'm losing the phone connection.

You know what, folks? One thing I wanna encourage you to do is read my article on A Call to Arms [], read my article on America the Babylon [], and familiarize yourself with the fact that America is all over last days prophecies. Not forgotten about, not not mentioned like Masons Jack Van Impe and Hal Lindsey want you to believe. They want you to believe America's not mentioned in prophecy. They sell videos and books on it. What a waste of money. America's all over prophecy. America's Revelation, chapter 18. If you wanna know what happens to America, read Revelation, chapter 18, and then read my article, America the Babylon, or vice versa, because America is the Babylon of Revelation, chapter 18. And one of the things I want you to pay attention to is what it says in Revelation 18:13 about merchandising the souls of men. It talks about Babylon and how they sell all these prescious jewels. And everything they describe is commercial products. Because Babylon's the leader... [phone connection cuts off]


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