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Aliens In The News
Thursday December 22, 2011

And hello everybody it's Thursdays with Sherry Shriner and it is December 22nd. Couple things I want to talk about today and on Monday I had problems with the phone going dead and all that, so hopefully won't have that problem today. Something caught my eye skimming through emails earlier and Anonymous put out a video and I told you Anonymous is just a branch of the CIA if not the Jesuits all together.

The scumbags plan on murdering big time in 2012
And they've put out a video on the Illuminati's plans next year for -- 2012 -- that in 2012 the world's rulers plan to kill 82% of mankind and so doing this through H5n1 vaccine. Some kinda revamped air borne virus and it raised my eyebrows because I've been seeing allot of this in the codes. Looking ahead.

Seeing allot of plagues. Seeing allot of chemicals being used. Seeing allot of chem trail action coming and vaccines. And in fact it looks like they are...and I've warned about that, I've warned that eventually that the chem trails would become completely deadly. Because you see them getting worse and worse and worse in the Bible Codes and this could be the year. I know they're on a push, on a rush. They're on so many delays they have allot to make up for. They're always delaying, delaying because we're sabotaging their plans and this definitely could be the year. They're on a push. They're on a rush. Because we've been sabotaging their plans and this could be no different. This could definitely be no different -- we've definitely been sabotaging their plans since 2009 and it was never more noticeable than this year.

Fabulous Amazing Orgone
Now anyone can deny that our orgone does everything that I claim it does and say it does. They'd have to have their heads in the sand. We demolished Planet-X for crying out loud. Have we gotten any credit for that? No.

Planet-X is MIA
Main stream media just ignores it. Anyone who's ever posted a planet X is coming video and NASA video just ignores it. Wondering why Planet-X has just gone silent. No one giving us credit for malfunctioning and destabilizing Planet-X and the red dust cloud so many scientists were putting their necks out on line. They were warning there were zombie viruses in the dust cloud and other unknown viruses and plagues that could hit earth from the Planet-X tail and those were all true. Those were all true. They were true claims. And now that it didn't hit. Has anybody been giving us credit? No. Nobody has. The Lord does. I see it in the Bible Codes. The Lord gives credit where credits due.

Yahuah will hand out rewards on Rewarding Day
But I'll tell you what people sure shut-up, run and hide. They just want to mock and criticize and ridicule my ministry. My war against the aliens. On earth, above the earth and inside the earth. They just want to mock and ridicule it, but when the proofs in their face they deny it. They run and hide. But that's alright. Like I said. The Lord gives credit where credits due and we will get the credit we deserve when we stand before Him on judgment day. On rewarding day because we have nothing to fear. We have all the rewards in the world to reap. We're doing what He asks. We're the silent minority. You know? Other than me running my mouth constantly and a few other warriors we're pretty much the silent minority. And we're the most affective. We are the ones doing the most damage. And everybody ignores us. Everybody runs and hides.

Why radio shows don't invite Sherry
There's radio hosts that won't touch me with a 1000 foot pole. Why? Because they're afraid I'd out them on their own shows. I know who they are. I know who they work for. I'm not always such a big mouth. Sometimes I can be nice and polite and be quiet and just get my point across. I'm not rude. I don't think I've ever really been rude to anybody. You know? If you're rude to me I'll be rude back but most of the time I'm pretty leveled headed -- the Bible Codes call me nice. I'm nice. There's a couple other terms too. Can't remember them off the top of my head right now.

Stay away from the vaccines folks
But I always thought that was kinda funny. Yeah I'm nice. I'm nice. So yeah we could be heading into 2012 with allot of plagues coming in. Allot of flues. Allot of viruses. And they always start them off by themselves because they want you to run and get the cure. Which is their cure. Which is vaccines. Stay away from the vaccines folks. I don't know how many times...I have a whole web site on stay away from the vaccines.

They're putting DNA changing chemicals in those vaccines

Saturate your area with orgone
You can't even imagine and not just the vaccines but the chem trails. What they can't inject with vaccines in your body they'll dump over your head so you'll inhale it. And so it's more important now than ever folks to stop the chem trails from hitting your areas and the only way you can do that is by saturating your area with orgone. I'm talking getting 50 pucks out just around your neighborhood. And then branching out and getting further out and out and out because you don't want them getting any closer than possible near you.

Put a wall around your county. Start with your neighborhood. Your own house. Then branch out. Your goal should be to put orgone walls up around your entire county. And that's putting an orgone puck every mile around your county.
  • Get a map
  • Map your county out
  • See how many miles that is
  • Then you'll see how many orgone pucks you'll need

And you can make your own orgone. I have the instructions on my web site. You can go to

Orgone is easy to make
I have videos. I have instructions. If you can make a meatloaf following your mama's instructions then you can make orgone. It's not hard. All you do is gather up 4 ingredients and put them together. It's not hard. Don't let it intimidate you. The first time you do it. It's like this huge mountain that you overcome. You may screw it up the first time. You may not mix the glue(hardener) and the resin right. But you know what? If you just get a quart of fiber glass resin and dump that whole tube(hardener) in and stir it up good you can't screw it up. If you get a gallon of resin, dump both tubes(hardener) in the resin and stir it up good you can't screw it up. The only way you're gonna screw it up is if you only partition out a little bit at a time. Don't do that.

Get the pans set up prior to mixing the resin
Get your pans ready then mix up your orgone. Then mix up your resin and shake it up and pour it over your mold. It's very easy. Nothing complicated about it. I'm telling you. We've got to get walls up. Because if we don't then so many people are gonna start getting pounded with these deadly chemicals. And they're going to get vicious. You know we're use to seeing chem trails in the sky's and people get coughs.

I always get coughs when I have shows. I don't know why. I don't have coughs any other time. Just when I do shows. They have witch circles and try to choke you everywhere and I don't know what's going on. It's been going on for 4 years.

Effects of vicious chem trail attacks
Sore throats is another thing. Eyes burning. Folks, you've got to protect your areas. So get out, get your maps out. Get your counties covered -- 82% and you know what? -- I hate to say it but it's Biblical. When you look at all the judgments, what the Bible calls the Tribulation period. There's only about 1/3 of mankind left. By the time Yahushua returns to the earth only 1/3rd of mankind is left.

You go through all the Judgments you have the:
  • Seals -- which we're going through now, then you have the
  • Trumpets and the
  • Vials and what is that the
  • Lightening judgments Revelations Chapter 10 there's a whole set of judgments that John didn't reveal, you have those judgments. You have the:
  • Bowls the
  • Trumpets the
  • Mystery 10 Judgments -- the
  • 7 Judgments Revelations Chapter 10

Many deaths in Tribulation Period
And so by the time all these plagues and famines and wars and mystery plagues and diseases and -- things you can't even imagine that are gonna come -- all comes -- in a short span -- 3 1/2 years. We're talking 3 1/2 4 years where 85% of mankind is killed.

That's allot of people. What there's 7 Billion? That's whole countries will disappear. And the Bible already depicts a whole country that disappears some dispute and say it just referred to a city, others referred to it as city nation. Revelation 18 Babylon is destroyed. Who's Babylon? America. America is going to be destroyed.

Super power destroys her people
Now granted much of the destruction is allowed to take place because the Lord's vengeance is on her for interning and imprisoning and killing her own people. It's a huge reason the Lord completely destroys America.

It's His vengeance. The Old Testament Prophets predicted that a last days super power, super nation would imprison and kill it's own people.

Watchmen for years have been screaming about FEMA camps and internment camps. That since the 1980s our government has been working to establish these camps. Different project names. Really not important. Only because look at the outcome folks. They're building camps.

Legislation to enslave people
And now they've passed legislation (NDAA) that enemy combatants can -- whoever they consider enemy combatants can be picked up and hauled off to these camps. No questions asked. No trials, no lawyers, , no attorneys, no judges, no courts. They just pick you up and take you to these camps and I've told you what these camps are. There's no facilities there folks. You're not spending the night. If you are spending the night it's out in a penned in area like a cow. They're treating humans like they are cattle.

Former Amtrak station in Indianapolis is now a gassing facility
They just put you are in a penned in area and then they're going to move you on trains to facilities like the one in Indiana the Amtrak facility where they have gassing warehouses set up where they pull the trains right into these warehouses, close the doors, unleash the gas and you are killed as you sit right in the train. And they can just open the floors up and dump your bodies right out. This has all been meticulously planned folks.

These things are gonna happen
They're gonna happen. The Bible says they're gonna happen. You've seen You Tube video's and read articles and stumbled on web sites that have warned you this is gonna happen. This isn't Disneyland any more folks. These things are going to happen.

Hollyweird foreshadowing
And when you watch Hollywood because they always tend to foretell things in their video's, their movies. They warn you about great plagues coming. And what's the one thing you see? Quarantined towns, quarantined cities. Empty places. Empty. Just devoid of all people. That's the one thing you're gonna see in allot of these movies.

Other than the actors in the movies themselves. The area's are desolate. There's no people in them. So how do you go from a booming infrastructure in societies from one end of the coast to the other to all the sudden destitute and devoid of people? That's some serious rounding up folks.

Round ups
Round ups. Rounding people up hauling them off to camps and killing them. What? Are they gonna tell you they're quarantining your area? Because of an H1 bird flu virus coming out thing? And everybody just gets on the plane and goes? Get on the train. Picked up by helicopters? I can't believe it's going to be that easy for them. We need to fight back folks because you know what's coming. If they got you you're gone. You're as good as dead. So you need to fight back. It's hard to do -- it's hard to fight back when you're not feeling well.

Prepare to hunker down
So be prepared to barricade yourselves in your homes folks. You're not going to survive on the run. If you're in a city you should have some kind of back-up plan to run. Somebody's house outside the city.

Get going on hunkering down
You should be getting out of the cities now. Most of you won't because you're still chasing that almighty dollar. Still got college student loans to pay off. You know what? They don't care about you. You can see the writing on the wall. It's time to go hide. It's time to start getting somewhere where you can protect yourself and your families. Run and hide. Ride it out. Cities aren't the place to do it. They're gonna unleash terrible things in the cities. One airplane over a city with deadly chemicals could kill a million in no time.

Deadly chemicals unleashed over head
Just the air you breath all the sudden becoming very deadly and toxic, people falling over dead. I never saw the plane coming. They never saw the plane overhead. They never saw it leave 5 minutes ago and you walk outside and boom.

Breath the air fall over dead these kinds of things are coming folks. You know I often get into arguments with people. Not real arguments but you know Protestant view points on the Tribulation period is something I grew up in and I learned everything there was to know about Jack Van Impe and Hal Lindsey. Some of the greats on last days prophecies.

Sherry student of prophecy all her life
I've always been a student of prophecies since I was 10 years old. I read Late Great Planet Earth when I was 12. It was one of my favorite books for years. And they always carry the same kind of thought. The same kind of thinking.

And when I was younger I started writing a book on last days prophecies and Tribulation period and it never went any where -- and I was a little frustrated because I felt, you know, I really need to write this book.

But the whole thing was a learning experience because the Lord told me "That's what mans told you. Everything in that book was what they teach in the church. What man wants you to believe." And tell me it isn't right. "Now let Me teach you."

Turning away from what man says
And I'd get stuff in my emails that are dominantly Protestant thinking and the church towing the line on what they teach on Bible Prophecy I just gag. I just have to. I've been there done that the Lord's woke my eyes up opened my eyes up -- I'll not go back to it -- let me tell you one of the common mis-perceptions in the church.

I don't even think they teach Bible Prophesy today. I think you'd really have to watch -- go find Jack Van Impe or Hal Lindsey on TV who are avowed masons -- so go learn from satan what the Bible says? I don't think so. The Lord pulled me away from that years ago.

But they basically set themselves up to be these prophesy guru's. When they are avowed masons serving the 'god of light' Lucifer. Makes me sick.

Sherry needs to revise an article on the Beast of Revelaton
I wrote an article several years ago on the Beast of Revelation which I have to revise because Maitreya's been killed. (Sherry's laughing with delight)

Who'd of thought
Who would have thought that one? Who would have thought the Lord would allow us to take him out? I'm just amazed. I'm still floored. And the only reason that I know that I can know is because the occultic reaction. You know I told you I have sources that are incredible.

I believed it about 50% what I kept seeing(in the Codes) until I heard that the Queen was absolutely stunned and shocked and floored. She doesn't listen to my show folks. I don't even know she knows who I am or anything. Totally different angle. Totally different person from a different area of the world shocked and floored because Maitreya's dead and so they know their own ways.

From their own ways. So I know that it's true. So now they're bringing in Sananda the Jesus of the Bible that they've mimicked all these years -- they've created him and they're ready to set him up and bring him in. Obama's buddy's with him. Got a pact with him some kind of concordant an agreement with him the same agreement with hell that Daniel talks about no doubt.

And then NASA, you know we've got several different types of alien carriers coming in. I don't even know what else to call them. Spring. I wouldn't be surprised to start hearing more and more from NASA -- about In-coming -- whatevers they want to describe them as coming -- planets stars, I don't know, what are they going to call them?

But there's incoming objects from space and they're going to meet the same fate Shema met years ago. Our first success story in defeating satan's kingdom -- his little air-ship, star ship. We destroyed Shema. We crashed, we destroyed Capricorn after that. Then we destroyed P-X and now they've got other objects coming in, I don't even know what their names are. But I can tell you we destroy those too. (Sherry's cracking up.)

What we need to focus on
So the things we need to focus on are getting our counties and our states saturated more and more with orgone so that chem trail planes aren't killing us. And even in the countries you're in and Islands you're on -- because this show is International. They're going to be going for you too. This is Global. This is going to be a global menace. This isn't just America. This is a global menace. Every country needs to be covered. Every area, every city.

But anyway back to what I wanted to confront for a little bit. On the 1st beast, the Anti Christ and it's very clear -- In Chapter 13 Verse 1

And I stood on the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and on his horns ten crowns, and on his heads the name of blasphemy.

This is John he's describing standing beside the sea and watching a beast rise out of the sea. Now if you're in Protestant theology, no matter what denomination you're in, they always just automatically assume 'sea' means Gentile nations.

I think Hal Lindsey started that one. And everybody else just picked up on it that 'sea' always means Gentile Nations. And so from this on he picks up his point that this whole beast is from the Roman Empire. The 7 heads and 10 horns all describe the Roman Empire.

Sea in the Bible means...
Know what? John was an Israelite. This is written from his pen and even if you look in Strong's the word sea is Mediterranean Sea. It's not Gentile Nation it's -- he watched a beast rise out of the Mediterranean Sea. And they would refer to it as 'the sea' back in their day. They would just call it the sea and the sea could be the Mediterranean Sea and another popular name was the Red Sea. It was always the sea. They would just call it the sea. If you look at Strong's it's referred to as the Mediterranean Sea. Not referring to gentile nations.

Anti-Christ controls Muslim nations
And if you look at the first 3 nations that he controls, Ethiopia, Libya and Egypt that he goes to war against. He takes over control with Ethiopia, Egypt and Libya. Are these roman nations? No. They're Muslim. They're Muslim nations. The Mediterranean sea.

The beast rises out of the sea. All of the nations around the Mediterranean sea right now are all Muslim nations folks. They're Muslim nations and this sea this monster gathers 10 kings to rule and reign with him for 1 hour. Which signifies a short amount of time. A space of time not like a decade or a century. Just a short space of time. Maybe several years of whatever. One hour..

Anti-Christ will rise out of this area
So here we have and this is what I've been saying for years. A Muslim Arab confederacy. Ten Muslim/Arab Nations and from this is where the Anti-Christ will arise out of. We're gonna have an Islam war here -- on the world, in America. You know one of the most confusing things I keep seeing in the Bible Codes here in America and I've been warning about it. You're gonna have this Sananda coming. This Cosmos Christ.

New Age Cosmos Christ
If they have their way for the 8th regime. This Cosmos Christ. Michelangelo painted a picture of him the churches accepted him as Jesus and people and churches have this picture plastered on their walls. It's Sananda. The man that's coming is Sananda.

It's the fake Jesus that's coming. This Sananda they call him an ascended master -- a lower level, but an ascended master. Nice of them huh? Well he is lowest ranking but he's still one of us -- bottom level. Lot of respect huh? But they're gonna masquerade him as the Jesus of the Bible. He's gonna come with Mary. And not the real Mary. A fake. Lady Nada is her name I think it is, she's an ascended master as well.

Sananda will irritate everybody - Christians Muslims you name it
And he's gonna come and people are going to expect him to preach Biblical Truths. Well he's gonna preach righteousness. He's gonna wear the tunic and be bare foot and travel to Bethlehem and try to play out the script as people would think Jesus would do. The real one, Yahushua, the Son of God would do.
But then he's gonna start promoting -- he's gonna be a mixture of the Cabala, of the Talmud and the Koran -- he's gonna be a mixture. You're gonna see him in countries and countries around him promoting Sharia Law. So imagine all these Arab nations that have been waiting for their 12th Imam to arrive -- and Maitreya was suppose to fulfill that prophecy but now Maitreya's defunct.

We got some good news and some bad news for Arabs regarding the Imam...
So now they have this Jewish Jesus arriving, someone they totally don't expect because they're expecting their Imam -- but he's promoting their stuff, he's promoting their sharia law. He's going to be a huge contradiction. The Christians aren't going to accept him.

The Arabs aren't going to accept him and he's going to be trying to persuade the world that they've have it all wrong that the Christians have interpreted the Bible wrongly and that he's going to correct all of our misinterpretations and errors. And he's going to say the same thing to the Muslims. That they have misinterpreted their Koran and he's there to correct all of their misinterpretations and errors. And he's going to try and combine both. And that's why I said to watch this Chris-lam that's coming out. Chris-lam.

2 Satanists promoting Chris-lam
And you know I knew it was an agenda years ago when somebody gave me a heads up about George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton finding people and being the ones in the background propping up Chris-lam. So it's been years in the making. That's what they're gonna be dealing with -- everyone's going to be dealing with this Chris-lam, this I don't know (Sherry's laughing) this creature from space coming announcing he's the Son of God and people don't read their Bibles.

Yahushua shows up at the end of the Tribulation
You know they don't know what the real time line of events will be. The real Son of God comes at the end of the Tribulation period, the fake one comes first -- the one masquerading as Him the Anti-Christ -- he comes first. But you'll have your Benny Hinn's and your mega churches everybody propping up this Sananda and this Chris-lam. And many sheep will just fall for it. Many of them will. Another thing the Lord was reminding me of. I was talking last week about my article A Call to Arms I will talk about on Monday Nights Show.

The order of things
Martial Law happens before we even get 1/2 way near the Tribulation period. So, you know, so many Christians think that there's going to be a rapture and they'll be raptured off the earth before anything bad happens. We have a rude awakening coming. You'll have a rude wake up call.

Where is everybody Else's raptures? 40 million Americans -- Christians -- not Americans but Christians 40 million died under Stalin's rule. Tens of millions have died under brutal dictatorships in the Asian countries. They die to this day. Where was their rapture? And you know what? Tens of thousands of Americans are going to die and they're going to be asking themselves the same thing as they are being held in these pens "Where's the rapture?"

Heads up
It's gonna be a rude wake up call because for some reason Americans have this entitlement attitude that they won't suffer persecution when the Lord said we would suffer persecution just as He had. But they don't think it will ever get that bad. They have a rude wake up call coming.

You know they're gonna be doing pick ups in the middle of the night and they'll be using helicopters. so they can get you out of the way faster. Out of sight out of mind in 5 seconds. They come in. They pick you up. They take you off. Be prepared to fight back folks. You don't want to be taken, not to these camps.

Sherry has orgoned Ohio very well
Or will they start with vaccines? Flu outbreaks? I keep seeing them trying to dump chemicals in my area, over my head and I got hit with pneumonia just a couple weeks ago after they went through with pesticide trucks. Chem-trails aren't effective in my area. I haven't had a chem trail in years. So they are bringing in pesticide trucks.

So now you gotta watch out for pesticide trucks. That's what they plan to do. That's the number one plan is chem trails because pesticide trucks are tedious, you know it took them a couple days to get enough spray in the area to give me pneumonia. That's allot of work, allot of trucks, allot of men. I counted at least 4 trucks and 6 men. That's allot of time and money and knit picking just to give one person pneumonia.

Bible Code terms for chem trails
So they're gonna pretty much stay with their chem trail operations and that's what I see in the Codes. I see -- dung spreaders -- chemicals.

Get your area's folks. Get your areas orgoned. Make sure you put up walls. One puck every mile is a tight wall. Oh I love tight walls. It takes allot of orgone for a puck every mile but that's OK. You've got to get your priorities straight here. You've got to get your priorities straight. Stop buying the fancy TV's, running up credit cards on things you don't need -- on things that won't serve you if your kids are dead. You want to run debt up, run it up buying orgone supplies -- buying orgone supplies and getting it out in your area. That's the only thing worth going into debt for. Stocking up on food supplies and water.

So they're coming with their deadly chem trail operations. Their flu's, their manufactured flu's from space -- vaccinations from space. If you guys could see what I do about these vaccinations coming directly from space -- air ships -- UFOs -- you would gag just as I do, probably more. I wish you could see what I see. They talk about so and so scientist and such and such a laboratory developing this. They were just told what to make from what the aliens already had it together.

I mean I see shipments coming into earth from these star ships. They distract you with making you think it is man-made when it's definitely not. It comes from space because these aliens want to kill us and destroy us.

Revelation 18
You know another thing I wanted to mention was Revelation 18 talking about the destruction of Babylon. And I started talking about this in the last show. But in verse 23 at the end of their destruction it talks about "and in a light of a candle shall shine no more in thee and the voice of the bride and bride groom shall be heard no more. And the merchants for by their sorcery's were all nations deceived."

The meaning of sorcery
And if you look at the word sorcery in the Strongs comes from the Greek word pharmakia and is defined as a druggist, a pharmacist, a poisoner. The entire pharmaceutical industry poisoning and deceiving the world. The countries who think they're getting help from Bill Gates and his wife -- oooh yeah they're traveling to India because they want to help millions of children get vaccines.

Occultists racking up deaths
Oh please, they're occultists. They don't want to help your children. They want to kill your children. It's like pump you kids with vaccines now so that in 20 to 30 years they start coming down with diseases, cancers, tumors, plagues that they wouldn't have if they hadn't ever gotten those vaccines.

They want to kill you as an adult. They never want you to reach an age of retirement. If it works earlier than that, some people are affected much earlier by vaccines. They're killed instantly, go into a coma have adverse reactions. They don't care. They don't care.

Rx = Death/Destruction
Pharmaceutical drugs. This last days Babylon is a leader in pharmaceutical drugs. Different variations of translations: For by your medications were all the nations deceived. For by your merchants were the great men of the earth by your sorcery were all nations deceived. By your pharmaceutical drugs by the vaccinations folks. Pharmakia. Medications. Pharmacy. Poison and I've always told you in the Bible Codes that vaccinations come up as poison. Pure poison. It's even more interesting is when you have 200 million locust in Revelations Chapter 9 being unleashed on the earth with stings in their tails. You know what these stings on their tails are? They're syringes.

This is a metaphor. Symbolically describing these giants that are coming from space that I told you are even already here. I saw where they're suffering in the Nevada desert. They're waiting to be unleashed. And the orgone that's been placed there by warriors is causing them to suffer. And they're being trained in how to inject people with syringes. They're being shown how to do it. Stings in their tails. A metaphor for syringes. They're going to be pumping people with their chemicals. With their vaccinations.

Alien Agenda
Someone sent me a web site the other day and I was looking through it and it was pretty wild -- because -- he describes -- you can go to it it's and describing all these physical transformations that have been taking place within his own body. Through sound, vibrational frequencies and the chemicals. Because they put lots of chips. You're inhaling chips.

You are being infested with chips in flu shots and vaccines and you are seeing a changing. A metamorphosis change in bodies into something else. You know one of the things he described because he's a person experiencing these things. He described a bulging in his forehead, in his cranium because his body is changing and that there is a puffiness and bulgy-ness to his forehead taking place. Another thing is that his skin was becoming leathery, more like leather.

And the reason it struck my interest is because I often see the term leather, leathery in the Bible Codes. The skin turning more into leather and when he was talking about these physical bulges in his head it made me think of Obama who has the same bulges in his head. There are many other celebrities and news reporters you'll see the bulging in their foreheads. There are You Tube videos on Obama, that one lady she's like me she never lets up. She just goes at em, she puts out new video's all the time on Obama and she nails it. {} You know?

And so you can go to You Tube and just put in "Obama the reptilian bulges" you see the scaring on the head. I can't think of her name(faceintree) off the top of my head but she has tons of videos out about him and this is...I had no idea about this, I've watched politicians and I don't see this kinda thing in my cow town, I live in a cow town I don't get out much but this guy lives in a city and everybody else around him. He says it's dominant in the males right now. He's noticing it amongst male coworkers and other males on the streets hitting the men.

This is their whole kick off to a new race it's suppose to be trans-humanism. Transformation of humans and the Mormons want to do -- their whole idea is to do 1/2 man 1/2 machine. But I'll tell you the alien view is to just turn a human into an alien.

They have a different theory, a different agenda folks. You know these occultists are just told what they need to know and are led on their little agendas like the Mormons have been with Sananda. They've have worked closely with him for years and the Vatican. They're coming out with this trans-humanism. Half man half machine and they think by loading people with chips, in their air, their food and water that eventually a person will digest so many chips that it would just accumulate into their body.

Eat eggs and oatmeal 3x a month
That's why I started saying months ago to start detoxing and keep the heavy metals out of your body. And you know detoxing and you want to become more alkaline. You can eat fruits and vegetables, eggs and oatmeal are good for detoxing. Go on a 2 to 3 day detox every several months and start getting all the aluminum and metals out of your body.

And you don't realize how much metal you've ingested because it's invisible. You don't see air you're breathing, the metal in your food or drinking in your water. But this is what they're trying to do to those not looking, not watching, not paying attention to ingest a ton of metals into their body until it accumulates and accumulates and accumulates. And they can use it to literally change that persons DNA. It changes your DNA. (cell phone music in background) Yeah that's my cell phone going off.

Get the orgone out folks
Anyway folks, stay detoxed, get the orgone out because we're not gonna have much quiet time in 2012. I can see us being busy. You know I'm busy which means somethings going on because it says I'm bustling. I'm very busy. I'm always very busy but I get the feeling that there's gonna be stuff going down where I have to react very quickly and try to get orgone in certain area's very quickly. Pretty much like I had to do this whole year like when I had the giant base in Lima.

Orgone Missions in 2011
We bustled over to that one and got it done. We got Chicago done. We got San Diego and L.A.. And things come up and you don't have a whole lot of time to prepare and make all the orgone necessary. I mean it takes a couple people working together and most of all it takes allot of finances to do it. It takes allot of supplies. I mean I went through $1000 in crystals in 2 months -- I mean just to stop something they're trying to implement it can cost $1000 to $3000 immediately to cover what they plan to implement their plans. I mean just to stop that zombie outbreak in Tijuana, Mexico they had planned in November. It cost about $2000 in supplies. And so I'm not going to get much of a break because I see us hurrying up and being busy the first several months of next year -- the coming year.

So I need your support folks so I can get stocked up on supplies. I need to be making ahead now that I can see we are going to be very, very busy.

Staying ahead of the onslaught
I need to get started now because if a particular crisis happens in a part of the country that we can react quickly. We can get orgone to those people in that area, that state, that city quickly. I mean when they act we counter act. I mean we have to fight back against them folks. We can't just sit on our butts and let people die.

You know the quote what do they say about good men sit back and do nothing. They know but they don't do nothing. What's worse is we can't afford to do anything. We need to kick that in the butt and start planning ahead and so we can accumulate supplies. Accumulate a stock of crystals. A stock of wire. A stock of shavings, stocks of resin so we can get supplies out to people who will get them out. Apparently there are going to be real area's of concern coming up in the next several months and I always do what I can to help folks.

I'm always doing what I can to help. So I don't want my hands tied either. I don't want to say I can't help the people in Wisconsin or New York or California or Texas because I don't have any money. I mean that excuse just always sucks. That's always the worst one. I can't help you I don't have any money. That one just sucks.

We need to get busy
So help me out folks. If you're not supporting this ministry you should be. We need to get busy now because we know there's allot of plagues and things coming in the next couple months they got planned for Spring of this year(2012) that we need to get busy for. I don't know what area's they're targeting but when they do I want to get orgone to those area's and those warriors right away. Need to plan ahead. Plan ahead.

Anyway folks I'll be back on Monday night at 10 o'clock, till then everybody. Yah Bless.

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