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Aired on 12-26-2011

Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
December 26, 2011

Their Christmas Plans Were Not Going to Happen, and Neither Will Their New Year's Plans

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. It's December 26. And the paganisms of yesterday are finally over and we can all breathe a sigh of relief. [laughs] And on to the next ones. And so, you know, I didn't even bother wasting my time with all this December 25 occultic hype they were trying to push about their arrival on Christmas. 'Cause I knew it wasn't gonna happen. So I didn't bother wasting my time on it and giving them any of my energy. And I won't do it for New Year's Eve either, because we're kicking butt. And all we're doin' is taking alien ship names with us. [laughs]

You know, they're working behind the scenes, trust me, they never stop. And they're trying to open portals and gateways to bring in all these different alien factions and their starships and things. And I often see in the Bible Codes "caravans" coming in of the smaller-type ships. And, you know, that's usually when you'll see a spike of stories on the Internet about a fleet of UFOs seen in Europe or Russia or Mexico. You'll start seeing--notice that very few fleets are ever seen in America, because they crash here. And they're learning that they're not safe anywhere because they'll crash. Our orgone war has extended worldwide. Our Warriors in every country are getting busy. And I can see that because I can see it in the results. When we're crashing UFOs, that's your results, folks. We do the work, the Lord increases our efforts, and they crash and burn.

And so, whatever they had planned yesterday, and I just say "whatever" loosely, 'cause I really don't feel like going into it, but they burned. And they're gonna burn on New Year's Eve. And it's going to go on for the next several months into the next year. And so, while the alien agenda is burning and smithering away, the other agenda kicks up. So don't think it's every quiet and we buy time, because, you know, I have to follow two different agendas here. I've got the alien agenda, which was my assignment to take them out, and we're doing that. And then I have the New World Order agenda, which we face daily in our lives with our governments, and all the garbage they wanna pull with turning our countries into police states. And so, that kicks up. When the other side goes down, the other side kicks up.

And so, it's not time to go to sleep, folks, it's time to prepare. You know, they've got their legislations they're working on. And I'm not looking over my shoulder expecting roundups to happen any time soon, but I'm preparing. You never know. You know, they like to do things by surprise. They like to distract you with misinformation so they can pull a surprise in when no one's looking. Come from a different direction. And so, you just kinda keep your eyes out and you stay alert. But from what I can see, you know, it's going to roll on. And I don't think there's anything that I'm seeing in the Codes I need to be alarmed about. That I need to say, "Oh, no. Really? That's gonna happen?" 'Cause everytime I see that in the Codes, I see us coming in the backdoor and kicking their butts. [laughs]

And so, you know, just gonna be a lot more, uh--next year's not going to be a nice year, by any means. 2011 was a year of huge plans and huge plots and huge agendas, and we just dumbed them down. Agenda-dumber, agenda-dumber. That's about right. Looking at the chat room. Hello, guests. All the people in the chat room. Pretty amusing.

Oil Fracking Could Cause a Water Shortage by Contamination

But still stay alert, folks, because, uh, especially with anything the Lord's telling you to do or prepare for. Because we all live in different parts of the country.

One of the things that struck me, I was watching this show and they're talking about the coming water shortage in America, and the states they were listing that were affected by water, I mean, yeah, the west coast, 'cause they've been in droughts for years. I mean, I was in the west coast years ago. What was it? 2005, 2006, somewhere around there. And the water was horrible out there. The lakes were way below standard levels, and the rivers and things like that. And so, you know, when you hear of water shortages in the desert states, it doesn't strike you for alarm. California, Arizona, Nevada, whatever. There's no water in Nevada anyway, practically, it's on the border of Arizona, and so.

But the other states that they were showing, and which pretty much started to encompass the entire country, I noticed a correlation with the oil fracking that's going on. You know, when you sign these oil leases--and I know it's a big thing in Carrollton, Ohio and this whole county. They've found more oil in Carroll County than their home base in Texas. And they've been leasing everybody's land and making millionaires overnight. Of course, that didn't affect me. [laughs] But a lot of these farmers that have huge tracts of land are becoming millionaires overnight leasing their acreage out for oil fracking.

They claim it won't destroy your water. And there's a section in the contracts that if they destroy your water, they'll fix it back to the point where it was before they started. In other words, if your well has to be redug or go in deeper or whatever, they'll fix it. Well, apparently, that's not gonna happen, because, you know, if we're looking at a shortage of water, and all the water's ruined, how can they repair what it was they damaged before they started drilling on your land. And so, this could be the huge reason that this whole country could be brought to its knees on a water shortage. Not because of droughts, but because of the water being contaminated from all this oil fracking, so. It's a new way of drilling oil in this country and--for oil and gas--and I think worries that it's going to destroy our water source are very justified. Could very well do that. But anyway, just thought that was interesting. Correlations. I'm always--if something pops out at me, then I pay attention.

Detoxify Your Body by Increasing Its Alkalinity

Another thing I was looking at--and tonight I'm just gonna talk about a million different things. I really don't have any rhyme or reason to anything I'm talking about tonight, I just talk. I've talked about alkalizing your bodies. I've mentioned that earlier in the year, 'cause it keeps you detoxed. Because if your body becomes too acidic is when you start getting diseases, and cancers, and overweight problems, digestive issues, and everything else that a majority of Americans are facing. If it's not one thing, it's the next. And the way to stay constantly detoxified is just to keep your body alkaline. You need a balance of alkaline and acidity.

And so, I think I'm going to start this year. This is something I'm becoming more and more conscious of throughout the year. Because especially staying detoxified, because they put so much metals in the air that we breathe in the chemtrails. The air you breathe, the food, the water. Dumping chemicals and metals in everything. And so, you wanna stay detoxified so those metals don't accumulate in your body. 'Cause that's how they--they're trying to transform you from inside out. By breathing in these metals, you breathe in chip implants. And you eat chip implants. That's why you don't even know it, they're the size of a grain, folks. And so, you're loading up all these chips in your body without becoming aware of it. That's the whole transforming agenda, the transhuman agenda. You get slowly overtaken by all the metals and chips in your body, and your body starts to transform. And then people, like this guy I was reading last week, start noticing physical changes happening to them. They start getting bulges in their foreheads, or whatever else is happening.

So detoxification has always been an issue of concern. And you can detoxify going on a 3-day diet of just eating oatmeal and raw vegetables. But this year, seeing there needs to be a balance, what I'm gonna do since I'm the cook around here, is during the week, Monday through Friday, eat healthy. Raw vegetables, fruits.

There's a whole list of things you can and can't eat. And the things you should eat are turkey, which everybody gets sick of after one time a year, so that one's gonna be hard. Turkey, salmon, trout, halibut, and fresh-water fish. So we need to eat a lot more fish, a lot more raw fruits and vegetables, and a lot less of chicken and beef.

Let's see. The "no" list--I don't eat pork anyway, so no pork, no veal, no chicken, liver, and beef. Eggs is even on this list. I don't know why eggs would be considered to make your body too acidic because eggs are great for repairing cell damage. And I'll always eat eggs because of that. Especially most of us, if you're listening to this show, you get pounded by ELF [extremely low frequency] technology. By their constant attacks from their satellite weapons. Radiation and ELF. And the vitamin K in eggs will heal that. You'll heal your cells. So eggs are very good for you to eat because of that. Because it repairs your cells.

So I'm gonna eat 5 days healthy and 2 days of junk food, and that'll be my week. I mean, there's your balance. I'm not a big junk food eater, but I do like my sweets every once in a while, or eating out once in a while, and pizza and that kind of thing, 'cause you get tired of cooking. So that's a good way to balance. Be conscious of what you eat 5 days a week, then on the other 2 days, on the weekend, you just relax. So that oughta give ya--kind of balance your body needs.

Become Conscious of What's in the Foods You Eat

Think everybody needs to start becoming more health-conscious. Especially since they're concentrating on poisoning just about everything out there. Dairy products are becoming loathesome. Really, seriously have to start pulling away from milk, sugars, and starches. Potatoes are terrible for you. Beef.

I don't think chicken is bad. I think you just have to stay with good chicken, like Perdue chicken. And stay away from Tyson products. Tyson chicken products--the stuff I've heard about Tyson, it's just nasty. And these are people that have visited facilities. They clone their chickens. They puff them up with steroids because, you know, food's sold by weight. You're not really getting chicken meat. Stay away from Tyson chicken.

And, you know, chicken would probably be more healthy to eat a Big Mac than a Chicken McNugget, and so. And I say that sarcastically. Chicken McNuggets have so much fat in 'em, I have to get my own kids off of them, because I hate it when they want those things. And they're not even made with real chicken. It's kind of like chicken products they sweep on the floor. You thought hot dogs are bad. I'd hate to see how chicken nuggets are made. [PHOTO: Pre-Chicken Nugget Meat Paste] And getting away from the terrible fast foods owned by the Illuminists.

[Transcriber suggestion: For the taste of McDonald's, but with the ingredients that you choose and cook yourself, try copycat recipe sites. This one, McMenu: Do-It-Yourself McDonald's Restaurant Recipes, outlines most of the McDonald's recipes, but shows the use of Accent, which is MSG or monosodium glutamate (a potentially dangerous flavor enhancer). Try substitute seasonings. Also limit or avoid soy ingredients which are in a high percentage of foods and drinks in various forms. Soy contains estrogenlike compounds that can potentially cause hormonal and physical changes in men, women, and children.]

Have Some Poop with Your Fries?

Now I don't mind Wendy's. Wendy's seems to have real beef. But I have a real big problem when you hear from people who tour these facilities and can hear how the cows are killed, and the ones they're buying at auctions. Now I live in a cow-town and every Monday there's auctions at the barn in town. And the Amish bring their animals in. There's always horse gear there. And horses on auction. Or cows, or chickens, or pigs, or whatever you wanna auction off for that week, or go in and buy. And these weekly-type auctions are everywhere.

And I was told of one time of this cow that had a huge tumor on its neck. So nobody wanted it. And I don't know what the asking price was, but guess who bought it. McDonald's. And one of these things I've heard from FDA people familiar, associated with the FDA--and turn their heads the other way, because no one wants to mess with the Illuminists, they're all part of the agenda--is the killing process of these animals for fast-food restaurants is so--done quickly now. They do it by machines. And when they line cows up for the--I don't know what kind of a machine it is that kills them, but often, when these cows are killed, they'll defecate themselves. And instead of being cleaned off, all of it is pushed into the grinder and the crap is mixed in with the beef. And I've heard that a lot of this fast-food beef has 30 percent goo material that they can't even identify. It's because it's feces, tumors, cancerous things on these animals.

So start paying more attention to the things you eat, folks. You can have some poop with your fries. [laughs] That's just really nasty. Ask the Lord to guide you on more things of what you should eat and what you shouldn't be. 'Cause their agenda is to kill you. And that agenda is really gonna step up in 2012. It's going to be the year it really ramps up, because they want to eliminate 90 percent of the population. And so, they're coming after us with everything they've got. Deadly chemtrails. Deadly vaccines. Everything we've already had in our midst for the last umpteen years. But they're going to ramp them up this year to where they're particularly more deadly. And so, we need to prepare. If you get your bodies more alkaline, then all their assassination attempts against you, their death agenda, won't affect you. So I guess you could put that in the survival category. How to survive the Satan freaks that are running the global governments of this world, and so.

The Entourage of Ships That Were with Planet X Are Still Coming In

You know, I was reading, let me find it...and somebody else was mentioning about how the elites--Satan freaks--I hate calling them elites, 'cause they're anything but. But they're establishing cover stories so that the public doesn't find out about Planet X's entourage of accompanying celestial bodies arriving towards Earth. And remember last October, September, November we eliminated the threat of Planet X and the red dust tail. But along with Planet X, it was a whole system of huge ships coming in with it. And it's these very ships, I don't know all their names, but--I know, I do know their names. I couldn't even blast them off right now--but they're coming in. Because I've been seeing that in the Codes, that there's going to be objects coming in. And this is where they're coming in from, is the entourage that was with Planet X/Nibiru. And so, these ships are gonna continue coming in, these large objects.

Now I'm not too worried about it, because right now, in particular, we own the space. We own space with our orgone war. They come in, they're gonna burn. So that's why I'm paying more particular attention to the other kinds of details that do us more good right now, like alkalining our bodies and getting our immune systems up so that their ground assaults, Earth assaults, I guess you could call them, the ones who want Earth, trying to destroy us, to fight their agenda this year. So, interesting.

Also on Their Agenda...Adjusting Currencies and Causing More Unemployment

Another thing coming up is they're getting ready to evaluate 130 different countries' currencies around the world. And what's gonna happen when they do this is the strong currencies will crash (not completely). But what they're trying to do is make the rich nations poor and the poor nations come up to the level of the rich nations, which puts everybody on this medium, halfway level, I guess you could say. Which is a bunch of baloney. But that's what they're trying to do. And so, I would say by this time next year we're going to see double inflation from where we're at today. Double. Huge increase in inflation coming up within the next year. People are gonna be bitin' it. They're gonna be bitin' the bullet just to survive.

And their agenda isn't to improve unemployment, but to cause more unemployment. So if you were holding your breath just trying to get through this year and hoping for greener pastures next year, they're looking for ways to take even more jobs away. It's not going to get better. What they say in front of the cameras, and what they do behind the scenes, is two different things. Don't listen to them about wanting to improve employment, or that the unemployment figures are getting better, and blah, blah, blah [sigh] because what they're doing is the opposite. They're looking for more and more ways to cause unemployment in this country.

How the Foreclosure Game Is Played in Cleveland, Ohio

You know, I think it's pathetic that in Cleveland alone, Cuyahoga County, which is the main county around Cleveland, 20 thousand homes are up for foreclosures. And what they do is--there's practically half-neighborhoods empty. The houses are empty. Nobody lives there. But they make it look like people live there. They keep up appearances. They don't put "for sale" signs in front of the homes, so that buyers who do wanna buy a home in the area will buy a house that's already for sale and has already been on the market the longest. And so, that's why they're very slow, it could take over a year, year and a half for a home, once it's been foreclosed on, to be put up for sale. Because they want all the other houses to get bought that are up for sale.

And if the house doesn't get bought, you know, instead of putting these houses on auction block, they're bulldozing them. They're bulldozing the houses. You're gonna see entire neighborhoods disappear just in Cleveland, just in that one county alone because they're bulldozing. That's 20,000 houses that potentially could be bulldozed. And these aren't all just areas that you wouldn't want to live in, some of them are in very nice areas that you couldn't afford to live in, unless you got a nice break on a house, like if you got a good deal on a auction and you could own a house in that area.

Why don't they help the people? They're gonna bulldoze the house anyway, so why don't they sell it at cost, or sell it at a great price, so other people can afford to buy it? This whole foreclosure thing is maddening, because they want people in the streets. They want chaos. They want suffering, they want sickness, death, homelessness, unemployment. They want chaos, because they want people ready to receive Sananda as their redeemer coming to help them and save them from the suffering they're in, from the chaos they're in. And they know that people now aren't ready to even begin to accept this fake Jesus that's coming in. So what they wanna do is create conditions to where people are suffering and just will take any way out of it. Somebody comes in offering, you know, carrot-stick bribes to the rabbits to accept their agenda because they're gonna help them, and then people will accept it, or be in too much misery that they don't even know what's going on and they don't care, they're not paying attention.

Power outages, power shortages. You see these solar-flare hoaxes all the time. "Oh, there's a solar flare on the sun. It's gonna hit the world." Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Those are false flags. Those solar-flare flags. I get really tired of 'em, because it's their agenda to take down our grids. They want you to be without power, because they wanna take down the Internet. They don't want people to have access to the Internet. So they can begin roundups and martial law and making people disappear without even declaring martial law. And people don't know about it. You're out of the loop. You know, that's one of their big agendas is wanting to shut the bigmouths up. Take down their websites, take their radio shows off the air, take down their archives. So they simply just disappear and people don't have access to them anymore. They don't have access to the truth. A lot of retaliation. That's on their agenda. [sighs]

Please Don't Sit on the Line to Listen to the Show - The Money to Pay for That Needs to Go to Other Things Instead

Anyway, another thing I'm doing is if you're just sitting on my lines with no question, I'm booting them off. I'm booting off all the phone numbers that just sit on my line. If you had a question to ask, then I'll answer that one. But for the others who just wanna sit on my line and--'cause Blog Talk Radio gives you an option. Press 1 to ask a question, press 2 to just sit on the line. And, yeah, guess who they stick it to to pay for that when people just sit on the line. And I just don't think I'm being a good stewart with my money letting people sit on the lines and soak up fees for me, and so, if you don't have a question, I'm gonna boot you off the lines. And I am gonna take questions tonight, so if you have a question, you can call in. Uh, see what the call-in number's 877-245-5648. So if you have a question or comment, you can call in tonight. I'm just kind of hanging back tonight.

And I've been looking at these Christmas Codes and [laughs] January Codes. They'd be interesting if I didn't already know they were gonna lose everything they were attempting.


Let's see what's going on with this caller.

The Comedian Caller

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Ooooooaaaaahhhh...hello--

SHERRY: [Sherry disconnects call] I don't know what the heck that was. [laughs] All right, sit on the line since the time of the show to do that? I don't know what the heck that is. [laughs]

Anyway, if you have a question for the chat room, I'm looking in the chat room now. You can post it in the chat room and I'll answer your questions in there. Got a lively chat room goin' on tonight. If you've never been in the chat room, you can go to the chat room at my Blog Talk Radio site. Just go to [laughs] [reading chat room comment] "That was Obama getting excited." Yeah, let him on my show. [laughs] Obama, you gotta show more class than that if you want on my show.

I'm a nice adversary, enemy. I don't know what exactly nice in that context is, but I'm nice to people. I certainly don't have any pity for Satan's freaks. I don't pity them. The Lord warned us, folks. You know, when He came, He had to deal with the Talmudic Pharisees of the day. And they were every bit of Satanists then that they are today. In fact, it's the Talmudic Pharisees of the past that are leading Israel today. And He told 'em, "Ye are of your father, the devil." And when He calls them their offspring, He literally means offspring. His seed. Satan has a seed on Earth.

Watch Out for TSA Checkpoints

Let's see, [reading chat room comment] "Sherry, did you hear about the TSA [Transportation Security Administration] hiring 12,000 teams to man the roads and do stops?" Yeah, I've been reading about them amping up TSA spots. And I was watching a video yesterday about a group of--I don't know, I can't remember what they were called. But a bunch of guys went out with signs warning everybody that TSA stops were ahead. So I thought that was funny. They're advertising where the stops are so you can take poster boards out, get about a mile ahead of these guys down the road, and start warning people that there's a TSA checkpoint ahead. [laughs] That would be me. I'd be out there with a poster board. "TSA Check 1 Mile Ahead. Warning, Driver." [TSA song by local artist Steve Vaus goes viral]

You know, I was pulled over in a stop, couple years ago, and it was so crazy. Because I'm coming back from Wal-Mart with my daughter, and I get pulled over in a stop. They wanna know where I'm coming from or whatever, do I have a license, blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile, this guy in a truck is coming towards us from the other direction, and they just wave him through. Uh...Hello? What's a little more scarier on the roads? A mother with her kids, or a single guy in a truck? And before I even got to the point, 'cause I didn't even know there was a checkpoint going on, there were people in front of me pulling off, driving down alleys, and I didn't pay attention to that at that time. Because these people were getting away. They knew there was a checkpoint ahead and they could see it, and they were driving down alleys and getting out of there. Uh, yeah, but pull over a mom and kid just to harrass 'em. Yeah, we're a real threat to the roadways. That just rubbed me the wrong way. They just wanna harass. And if it was a drinking checkpoint, I looked real good, 'cause I had a cooler in the backseat. I was getting ready for my son's graduation party. [laughs] "Yes, officer, it's empty. No, it's just at Wal-Mart." What business is it of theirs?

So, yeah, TSA checkpoints. Just be nice, folks. When you start to give them problems is when they start to get "I'm gonna show you how big I am" mentality. I've always been nice with traffic stops and they've always just waved me on. I remember one time I got pulled over--and they find these crazy things to pull me over. Cracked windshield; well, yeah, there was a storm and a branch fell off my tree and cracked my windshield, which happens (this is a true story). And I didn't have it replaced yet, so I got pulled over for that. And I unrolled my window. The cop's walkin' up to my window, and he starts covering his nose. I thought the guy was gonna shape-shift right then and there, 'cause I have a ton of orgone in my car. [laughs] And he could smell it. It was reeeally bothering him. So I just had to laugh. This was Ohio State Patrol, a statie, covering his nose. He couldn't get away from me fast enough. So put orgone in your cars.

I've heard from other people that when they've gotten pulled over the cop would walk up to the window and then basically just turn around and wanna leave because they had orgone in their cars. You know, if they're Lizards, they can smell it. They hate it. If they're regular--if they don't mind, if they don't have an aversion to the orgone, then they're just bored cops looking for a ticket to write. So, I just treat them with respect. I don't cause problems, unless, uh--you know, I've never had to worry about it. Even if I do think they're stupid, I still show them respect. When you start to get mouthy and arrogant, you just draw out the worst in them.

If you have a complaint, go to the police department and file a complaint against the officer who pulled you over. Get his badge number, get his car number, the time of day, and state your complaint. In fact, that's the number one most effective thing you can do because that's what they hate the most. When people file complaints on police officers, it goes on their files. And it's never removed. It's always permanently on their file that there was a complaint. And when they try to get promotions and anything else, those complaints on their files hurt them. And so, if you really wanna get back at them, go file a complaint. And make sure it's a legitimate complaint. Don't make one up. Be legitimate. But that's one thing that they don't like. And they know the people who file complaints and make a fuss and things like that are credible citizens, not just troublemakers.

The Comedian Caller Calls Back

Anyway, let's see what the callers are up to. Let me see if that loudmouth called. I think he called back. [laughs] See if it's Obama. Aw, my computer's freezing. Maybe Nibiru will call in. We haven't heard from them in ages since I burned the crap out of 'em.

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: [lullaby-type music starts playing, then sounds like someone's passing gas]

SHERRY: What, are you trying out for comedian? Is that your New Year's resolution?

CALLER: [music and sounds continue until Sherry cuts them off]

SHERRY: Guy wants to be a comedian.

The UFO Objects Coming In and Oil Fracking Causing Earthquakes

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hello, Sherry?


CALLER: This isn't Obama, but this is a Michelle. [laughs]

SHERRY: Hey! Is this the Iowa...?

CALLER: Yes! Yes, yes. I've been sick lately with throat stuff, so haven't been feelin' good. Still haven't gotten snow here.

SHERRY: We don't either. I'm not complaining. I'm not cursing myself either.

CALLER: It rained a little bit--no, me either, so.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: Any earth changes that we should know about, or Madrid [New Madrid Fault Line], or anything?

SHERRY: You know what? I was just reading Enoch. And I posted this passage on Enoch at about how all the patterns would go crazy in the last days. And so--

CALLER: Yeah, I've noticed the earthquakes've really been pickin' up and gettin' stronger. And they're not reportin' 'em, and--

SHERRY: Well, earthquakes are, you know, there's so many objects coming in now that were behind PX as it came towards Earth, that now these big objects are coming in, that could be a part of earthquakes. Also this oil fracking is causing thousands of earthquakes.

CALLER: Do you think it's fracking or just the world's--you know, the, um, Earth is just fallin' apart. Like--

SHERRY: Well, it's falling apart. We don't have to deny that.


SHERRY: But look how the increase of earthquakes, now that they're really going on a roll with this fracking everywhere, the earthquakes have just increased crazy. Look at Oklahoma, after they started fracking Oklahoma. And they were just riddled with earthquakes, one end to the other.

CALLER: Wyoming has some, too. Hasn't Wyoming?

SHERRY: Yeah. All of 'em. And I expect it to happen here in Ohio now, because they're starting the fracking here.

Homeless People Need to Protect Themselves

CALLER: You see a lot of homeless around here lately.

SHERRY: That's, you know. The homeless people need to protect themselves, because if they're really the ones behind this pushing homelessness, we're gonna see a lot of homeless people disappearing. And so, people need to watch themselves if they're homeless. Getting picked up in the middle of the night by police officers and anybody else that's hauling them off, because I think that's part of their agenda. Make 'em disappear.

Questions About the Popes

CALLER: Have you heard the pope is ill?

SHERRY: Oh, I wouldn't show much pity if he was, but...

CALLER: Really. What was that before, when we buried the one pope with the red shoes? What was that about?


CALLER: Remember they showed his red shoes?

SHERRY: Yeah, I have the pictures on my site,, how they look like Santa Claus.

CALLER: Yeah, I just wonder what was that about.

SHERRY: His elf shoes. I probably have it on my website, but it's been so long since I looked at all that stuff.

CALLER: And you don't remember. It's been a while, so--

SHERRY: Yeah. And once I put something on, I never hardly ever take it off, so I know that stuff's still on there.

There's Going to Be an Increase in People Seeing Fleets of UFOs

CALLER: I haven't heard much about anything lately with, uh, you know. It's been quiet really, actually.

SHERRY: Oh, it's just the calm before the storm. They had big plans for yesterday.

CALLER: Oh, did they?

SHERRY: Oh, yes. They had big plans. And they have big plans for New Year's Eve. And you know what? I'm just ignoring 'em. I'm just like, "T'ha, I'm not even wasting my radio shows on it because, boom, they're burning, they're falling.

CALLER: I don't go outside because, you know, it gets dark so early and it's so cold that, you know, I don't go outside and look at the sky anymore. So I haven't been seeing if there's even--what's goin' on, so...


CALLER: These UFOs or anything, so.

SHERRY: You know what? There's gonna be an increase in people seeing fleets of UFOs. There's gonna be an increase of that. But as long as we keep getting our orgone out, we'll take care of the problem.

CALLER: Well, that's good.

If You Don't Know If Something Is True, Just File It Away, then Keep an Eye on It

CALLER: What else have I--I was gonna ask you somethin' about--

SHERRY: Why do these people keep calling back? I hang up on 'em and they call back to just sit. And I just said I'm not taking sitters on my lines. And these people just keep callin' back to sit.

CALLER: So what's...oh, gosh, it was just on my mind. I had a question for you.

SHERRY: I'm sorry, I was running my mouth.

CALLER: Oh, I know. It's just I haven't talked to you for a while. And I haven't been on the Internet at all.

SHERRY: Well, I haven't had call-ins for ages.

CALLER: Yeah, you haven't, so. I did have a question, but...I guess I can't remember right now. I just think it's been really quiet. And, you know, January 1, know, all that's comin' up. Just let ya know the planes crashin' lately, it's been weird.

SHERRY: Yeah, well, I think that the magnetics might have a big thing to do with the planes crashing.

CALLER: Yeah, I've been watching earth changes. Not the Zetas, 'cause I know what that's about. That's not good. But I just watched the regular earth changes of what's goin' on around the world. Who knows if that's even true, but--

SHERRY: Some of it. Some of it's always true because it has to be truth to catch your attention. But then they always throw in the little lies. And so, you just have to learn to chew the grass and spit out the hay. Or just file what you don't know. If you don't know if it's true, just file it away. Think about it. Keep it in the back of your mind. And then keep an eye on it.

CALLER: It's been really dark here during the day kind of. And we haven't seen the sky. But, yeah, we can see we have a lot of big, heavy chemtrails. What are the ones that look like a big--they went in a big circle?

SHERRY: Oh, those HAARP rings?

CALLER: That's weird. Are those HAARP rings? Big chemtrails, real thick, and it looks like a--just big circle.

SHERRY: Those are probably HAARP rings.

What Percentage of Our Local News Reporters Are Reptilians?

SHERRY: What zip code is 401? What area code is 401?

CALLER: I don't know.

SHERRY: Somebody find out. Go to [laughs] Somebody listening.

CALLER: Nope, don't know that one. But, well, I won't take up anymore time. I just wanted--oh! The question is, what percentage of our news people, local news, do you think are Reptilians?

SHERRY: Oh, ew, ugh. You know what? I've been watching the same one's in Cleveland for 30 years. And it's not like they're not human, they didn't begin human. They just get possessed.


SHERRY: You start seeing the possession of these people. Now I know like, CNN, which is Lizard Network, they just hire Lizards off the street that need a job.

CALLER: And Fox, too, right?

SHERRY: Yeah. Fox and even NBC, a lot of 'em, the major networks are full of Lizards. Now the hometown networks are one thing, but the major networks are another. They're just full of 'em.

CALLER: Before you--on one of your shows, you were gonna--and I guess on your next show--you didn't have one or somethin', but you were gonna name some people that we'd be surprised that were Reptilians. Can you think of just a couple or something just that we'd be really surprised that were?

SHERRY: [laughs] Would anybody on my show be surprised that somebody was a Reptilian? [laughs]

CALLER: No, no.

SHERRY: I don't remember that one. I'll have to look at it.

CALLER: Yeah, there were some people that you were gonna mention that we'd all be surprised that they were.

SHERRY: I can't imagine, 'cause I have so much stuff on my websites, I rather usually just expose people.

CALLER: Yeah. I know.

SHERRY: I don't hide anything. I just run out of time at times.

They're in Total Shock of the Things We're Accomplishing

CALLER: I was just gettin' tired of this election stuff. We disconnected our house phone. I'm tired of all the crap calls that we get and we don't hardly use it, so.

SHERRY: Yeah. I don't know why I keep mine. I guess that's the line they use for death threats. I guess it amuses me. I really don't know why I have a landline phone. I don't even answer my cell phone let alone my landline phone.

CALLER: I haven't had any problems on my cell phone hearing clicking lately or anything, but. Yeah, Nibiru needs to call in.

SHERRY: [laughs] Nibiru has not called in in a long time.


SHERRY: I'm sure they're going to. I can see them tr--

CALLER: [first part of sentence inaudible] hear from 'em. [laughs]

SHERRY: [laughs] Maybe Dick Cheney'll call in...

CALLER: [first part of sentence inaudible] things in the news that you say. Do you see anything in the Codes comin' up really soon that--

SHERRY: I see a lot of stuff coming up, but the thing is is they're null, they're voided, and so, I just don't even wanna go into them because, you know, it sounds crazy when I talk about it to--

CALLER: They're not ready to battle yet. [laughs]

SHERRY: They're in shock. And so, you know, let 'em sit and stew for a while, because they're in total shock of the things we're accomplishing. And so, you know, let 'em sit and stew. I know Michelle Obama's getting mad that I'm talking about her on my show, so I didn't mention her tonight. [laughs]

CALLER: She does look Reptilian. She does. She has the face of a Reptilian.

SHERRY: She's probably on a Mexican beach somewhere. She likes those Mexican beaches.

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: [laughs]

Kind of Quiet Right Now because of the Delays

CALLER: You know, I haven't seen much Army--any vehicles or--you have any updates on FEMA vans? I haven't heard that in forever.

SHERRY: Yeah, you know, it's been quiet here.


SHERRY: All we've got's a bunch of oil people runnin' around settin' up this oil base or whatever they're puttin' here.


SHERRY: Other than the government, their little pesticide trucks a couple weeks ago, it's been quiet since, and so. You know, I just keep my eyes out. But I live in a cow town. Not a whole lot happens here.

CALLER: Wow, kinda like me. Small town, so.

SHERRY: Yeah. I just count on everybody else who goes in the cities to keep me informed on what's goin' on.

CALLER: Well, God bless. And we'll keep listenin' to your show. And just keep us up on news and the Codes, so--

SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks for callin' in.

CALLER: Hopefully nothin' happens on New Year's Eve.

SHERRY: Um, it won't. It won't. We might get more dead birds or something, but--

CALLER: Yeah, that is odd. I was thinkin' that had somethin' to do with the pole shift or something--

SHERRY: Remember last year, New Year's Eve, all the dead birds?


SHERRY: In Arkansas. Yeah, that's when the whole thing started with all these animals dying everywhere. Birds, fishes--

CALLER: [first part of question inaudible] the pole shift, do ya?

SHERRY: It's not a threat right now. We eliminated the threat with Nibiru, so. You know, some of that stuff was delayed and pushed back, and so.

CALLER: Haven't heard much news on the volcanoes or anything. I just kinda watch earth changes, but nothin' big's been happening.

SHERRY: You know, I see Etna, every once in a while, from Italy. It'll show up. Other than that, not in America. Not Yellowstone or anything, so.

CALLER: You hear a lot about the flooding. Like Vietnam and all that, but--sinking, so. They're having a lot of fracking. And their water's getting hot. It's boiling when it comes out. You know, you don't know if all that's true.


CALLER: I don't know anyone there. [laughs]

Wear Orgone Pendants to Block Their Tech Attacks

SHERRY: What I am seeing is an increase in them using their weapon, their heart attack weapon. Their coronary apparatus. And then I get an e-mail, somebody mentioning Barry Chamish just had a heart attack. And I was floored because I've seen this in the Codes that they're pulling out this heart-attack machine.


SHERRY: So people need to start wearing orgone pendants because it will block against their tech attacks. Oh, well, thanks for callin' in.

CALLER: OK! Thank you.

SHERRY: All right.


SHERRY: Bye-bye.

Defend Yourself Against Their Heart Attack Weapons

And that is a warning, folks, because they are pullin' out their heart-attack weapons. And they can cause people to have heart attacks. And so, I don't think Barry Chamish just had a heart attack on his own because of bad health. [** Author/Researcher BARRY CHAMISH Serious in Hospital After [Another] HEART ATTACK***] Probably on the list of their "to target," and so.

Orgone pendants, putting Mylar inside your clothes, perhaps. Lining your shirts inside with Mylar blankets. And they're really thin. Those space blankets. They're really thin, but these things will block satellite beams or ELF beams, and stuff like that, and so. If you know you're targeted, or you know you're--you feel like someone's targeting you, trying to make you get a heart attack, get Mylar on you. Get a orgone pendant. And, you know, specifically ask the Lord exactly what to pray for. How to counter-defend against their weapons, and so.

Get Ready for Greater Death, Misery, and Suffering in 2012

Stay alert, folks. Because like I said, it's not time to go to sleep. They're gonna be stepping up death in 2012. It's the number one thing on their agenda next year is gonna be death and misery. They want misery. They want people suffering. And so, get ready for that. Get ready for high inflation. And next Monday I'll be talking about the year ahead. Be talkin' more and more about 2012, and so. Yeah, tin hats.

Anyway, be back on Thursday at 1 o'clock. I'd thought about just cancelling the show and taking the week off, but I'll be back on Thursday at 1 p.m. Just do the show. See what pops up for me to talk about.

Until then, everybody. Until Thursday at 1 and next Monday at 10 o'clock. I'll see ya then. Yah bless.


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