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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
January 2, 2012

2011 - Most Sabotaged Shows Ever

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And the first show of 2012. You know, I was just sitting here thinking, "This is my 8th year starting Internet radio." That's 4 years longer than I ever thought I'd be on. I thought we were all gonna be in FEMA camps by 2009 when I started looking at Codes in 2000. And, you know, it's delays. But it seems like it's still the same people coming back into the picture that I saw a decade ago. And so, I'm gonna talk about that a little bit later. What I wanna do, being the first show of the new year, I wanna recap some things that happened last year. And what I think were the largest stories of the year that everybody else just poobahed on. So a slight recap of last year.

At the beginning of the year I released several videos. Mind you, I'm about as tech-oriented as my dog and cat put together. And so, that was a feat. And I got that accomplished. I released 3 videos. How to protect yourself with orgone, the coming zombie pandemic and how to protect yourself with orgone water. And also announcing the arrival of the second sun, the twin sun.

And it was also a year, folks, 2011, the most sabotaged shows I've ever had. Absolutely the most sabotaged shows. I mean, I blessed all my other radio networks I've been on over the years, and different things, because of, you know, complications, and sabotages, and, you know, it didn't change going to Blog Talk Radio. It doesn't change going anywhere. They just--they get your number and they pull it. And so, definitely, 2011 being memorable for the most sabotaged shows I've ever had. I think in one month I had like, 6 or 7 shows that were just completely sabotaged. Couldn't even get on the air.

And so, it's not gonna get any better for 2012. In fact, in 2012 they're gonna outright pillage my stuff and take it off the Internet, and so. I saw that for 2011 and the worst it got was sabotaging my shows. But in 2012 I look for them to start removing my show, perhaps the archives, my websites. We're heading into a different era with 2012, so. If you thought 2011 was bad, brace yourself.

We're Turning into the United States of China

I started the year warning about China's Green Zones in the USA already being implemented. And they have a number of Green Zones in almost every state. Areas of land that have been designated to the Chinese. And when this story first broke, there was a small huff. But then it's kind of died down and disappeared. But I can guarantee you those Green Zone designated areas still stand there. And we're gonna be seeing a lot more of these Chinese Green Zones here because we're going to turn into pretty much the United States of China, and so.

When the Sun and Earth Align with Ophiuchus, the 13th Zodiac Sign

Also announced Ophiucus the 13th sign. And that will have more into play probably the end of this year. This 13th astrological sign that they've put in after Sagittarius. And so, interesting, as we head into 2012, that on December 21, 2012 we will be basically aligned in the dark hole of the galaxy. And if you look at Sagittarius now, the arrow points right at the center of the galaxy. And on December 21 we're going to be aligned in the dead center of the center of the galaxy, that dark hole. And this dark hole is where this Ophiucus, this 13th astrological sign, comes in play. They put it right there in the dark hole. So, very interesting. I'll probably talk about that more throughout the year.

Yah Is Warning Us to Stay Away from All Vaccinations and Flu Shots

In March I started out with warnings and admonitions from the Most High against all vaccinations and flu shots. It's totally Satan's agenda to kill and destroy through vaccines and flu shots because they load them with chip implants. Every vaccine and shot has chip implants in them.

Many, Many Hybrids Amongst Us

Also announced--in 2005, I announced the invasion had begun. And in 2011, it was apparent that there was just so many hybrids amongst us. Hybrids and humans, soul-scalped humans. And it was becoming obvious through shape-shifting, the advent of digital television, we could see the snake-slit eyes on TV. The phenomena with Judge Judy and other journalists just losing their composure on TV and rambling. Just so much amongst us. More and more of these hybrids coming into play and focus. And people's awareness raising of exactly who and what is among us.

Tornadoes Go Around Orgoned Areas

You know, we had a attack of tornadoes. Especially the southern states being targeted with HAARP tornadoes. And interesting to note that, though, areas that were saturated with orgone survived damage. Areas that had orgone in 'em, the tornadoes went around. They passed over them and only targeted areas that didn't have orgone in them. And so, a victory for us with the orgone. But also angering them.

My First Assassination Attempt of 2011 Was a Psychic Attack by a Group of Warlocks

It was in March, my first assassination attempt of the year. [laughs] They waited till March while I made it three months into the year. And I would find out later that it was dealing with a group of warlocks working together, trying to give me some kind of long-distance voodoo heart attack-type thing. And I can remember just being in so much pain I thought I was a goner. I thought that was it. I thought that was it. I'm gone, I'm goin' home.

And so, bounced back from that one. And we retaliated with going up against one of their major Giant bases, strongholds, in Lima, Ohio. And so, for the month of March and April, er, uh, the month of April and May we went on separate missions to Lima, Ohio and just bombarded everywhere the Lord led us to go to take out that--there was a huge, ancient, archaic base underneath Lima and also going over into under Miami, Ohio.

And so, we were able to take that out shortly after getting a death-threat phone call. And at the time I thought it was Maitreya. May have been. Could've been Satan, himself. I just remember at 2:30 in the morning answering the phone. And I knew something was up. Nobody calls me at 2:30. Nobody calls me. Nobody has my phone number. So how did they get my phone number? And so, interesting that it was silence for a long time. I could hear a hiss, kind of a raspiness to it. And then you hear a whisper saying, "You're dead." And, you know, at the time [laughs]--I'm not shocked about getting a phone call death threat. What I'm shocked about is my lack of response to it. I could've come up with something better. And I just said, "Oh, whatever," and I hung up the phone. [laughs] I knew who I was talking to at that instant when I answered the phone and there was no hello, when, you know, somebody saying, you know, answering the line right away. I knew I was speaking to a Lizard on the phone. And so, I knew what, basically, what they were gonna say. But you would've thought in all that time I was waiting I could've come up with a better response. But it's not like I really wanna talk with Satan, himself, on the phone anyway. So it was kind of interesting. And that kind of led to a battle, all summer long, it feels like, to the rest of the year, with the other side. So, obvious that so much of them listen to this show.

Crediting Orgone for Their Failure to Blow Up the New Madrid Fault Line

In May, they had problems getting the [New] Madrid Fault Line to blow up. They were trying to target the Madrid Fault Line. And I chalk that one up to all the orgone we have alongst the fault line. I was hittin' the Mississippi River years ago with orgone. It was pipes and blasters. And, you know what? I credit the orgone for that because they couldn't get that place to erupt, and so. I credit the orgone with that.

Closed Down a Huge UFO Portal in Western Pennsylvania

I worked in June and July closing a huge portal opening in western Pennsylvania. Single-handedly got that one pretty much myself. Couple trips out there. And, you know, just a lot of fleets coming through that portal. Seemed like there was always a lot of UFO activity on the Ohio and Pennsylvania border. So I went on over there into the western half of PA and took care of that portal in June.

Something Is Rotten in the Town of Joplin, Missouri

And this is one of the biggest stories, I think, that was pushed under the rug, was the Joplin, Missouri tornado. I was screaming at the time, "There's something going on in Joplin. They're covering up a zombie epidemic there, a zombie pandemic. Something happened there. It was a zombie outbreak." And nobody else would pick up on it. And usually so many people listen to my show. They usually just take something I say and run with it for a mile on their own shows. And I went out on a limb on that, because it was just something I totally felt. And my own intuitions, I'm hardly ever wrong.

And I would find out, a couple months later, that I had totally hit the nail on the head, and this is from government sources, that there was a zombie outbreak there. That it was a practice run to test a zombie virus that the government had, that went very wrong. Something went totally wrong with that. And so, they had to bring in a tornado to just flatten down the area. And, if you saw the YouTube videos of journalists not allowed near the morgue. Bringing in the military to block off the area. I mean, come on. Did they do that in Alabama and anywhere else where there was a tornado? No. Because they had a lot to hide in Joplin, Missouri.

And I think it really opened up people's eyes that, "Hey, something going on with our government. Why is our government working with the CDC to perfect zombie viruses." It almost became the year of the zombie because, for a while there, I just kept feeling led by the Lord to warn them about the zombies, because they were trying to instigate zombie epidemics. Joplin, Missouri was just the beginning. There was another one several months later in Illinois and the Midwest area that never got off the ground either. We stopped that one. Because, so far, we had been in a lot of luck that--you know, we had orgone near Joplin, Missouri at the time of that. Maybe that's why it went bad. Maybe that's why it didn't go as planned.

Seems like the orgone is a number one huge defense mechanism against these zombies. Not just the water, itself. Just being in a orgoned area. And so, that's why I've been harping all year on people putting walls up around their counties. You don't want zombies even stepping foot in your county, being in one. Not even your state. But your town and county's a good place to start to put up walls.

Our Orgone Is So Positive and Healing to Humans That They Don't Know How to Demonize It

You know, I announced in August that the White House was working with the TSA to ban my orgone. From top government sources that I had at the time. They wanted to create a false flag and then blame the orgone for it. They'd even closed off a whole section of Chicago O'Hare International Airport so they could test crashing a plane and blaming it on the orgone. And these were viable things that were going on. They couldn't come up with a believable, credible false flag event to blame on the orgone. They just, you know, there's nothing evil or wicked about orgone. It's not dangerous. It doesn't hurt a human. It's healing to a human. There's a lot of healing properties in orgone. It's only dangerous if you're wicked. It repels the wicked, and negative, and evil energies. And so, they couldn't come up with a false flag for the orgone.

And, you know, they were having global conferences in the White House through satellites. Bringing in international leaders. Discussing ways to ban orgone. To get rid of the orgone. So, we're very effective against them, folks. Our orgone war has debilitated them far more than they'll ever admit, but I see it in the Codes all the time.

And so, in honor of their "let's trash the orgone and blame Sherry Shriner for it," we went on Chicago missions and totally bombarded and saturated Chicago with orgone. And it was shortly after that when I would hear about the White House having a neutrino detector machine. And there also being one in Chicago. And these machines are supposed to detect orgone and then turn it into DOE orgone, dead orgone energy. 'Cause that's the kind of energy they like. They like dead orgone energy. And so, as far as I know, there's one in Chicago on top of the City Hall building. And there's one on top of the White House. I don't know how effective they are. I don't think they're very effective at all because nobody will go near the White House. Nobody goes near it. It's almost like they all meet and converge to have a press conference or something there, and then they all flee as fast as they can get out of there. A lot of orgone in DC, and they're not liking it very well.

Loud, Hellish Noise Heard Worldwide

In August, a lot of people hearing the loud, huge, horrendous noise of a portal opening. I heard it here in Ohio. I know that people around the world heard the same thing. Just huge, horrendous noises. At one point, it sounded like you could hear people from hell screaming. I thought it was people down the street. And I'm thinkin', "Wait a minute. I live in a cow town. What's down the street?" you know. [laughs] And so, just a--and the same stories from everywhere from people who heard it, and so. At the time, had been warning about dimensions merging. And people around the world and in Florida hearing loud, croaking noises. And these last for like, a half hour. These aren't noises that last 5 minutes. These are 30 minutes long, and so. Part of the year we're dealing with, just new phenomena. Also rings and other types of objects in the skies going on at the time.

White House in Cahoots with CDC to Create Zombie Epidemic

Had warned about the White House working with the CDC to unleash a zombie epidemic in Tijuana, Mexico. And so, that got us busy. That was towards September and October. But we--all year long, folks--we knocked their timelines and their plans out.

Orgone Warriors Score Huge Victory Over Planet X

The second biggest story thrown under the carpet that we never got credit for was knocking out Planet X and its red dust tail. They just kind of brushed that one under the carpeting, didn't they? And that was huge. That was a huge victory for us. Planet X was full of Giants. And I'm not saying it's dead. I just don't know where it is right now. But it's malfunctioned. And started malfunctioning early in September.

And about the first week of September, second week, I knew that the timeline had changed and things weren't gonna happen. There should've been a lot of things happening at the end of September with Planet X coming in, the red dust tail hitting. And even NASA was releasing videos and intelligence agencies releasing videos warning the public, in their own ways, of quite a bit of danger coming ahead with PX. You had the Vatican all scurrying to hide in the base underneath the Vatican. Keep themselves safe. You had all the corporations, the CEOs, heading in their own hideouts. Everybody fleeing to hide. And here it was a total bust because the orgone destroyed PX. [laughs]

And, you know, the orgone saturates the atmosphere. And, you know, I've said it over and over, "We own space." We own space now. Because we have so much orgone in space that anything wicked and evil that's coming in, you've been seeing it all year long with UFOs crashing all over the place. The media calling 'em meteors. But we know that they're UFOs and just have been crashing all year long. So it's no surprise that we were able to disable Nibiru with it. Planet X. And also eliminate the red dust tail. Any dangers of the red dust tail.

Orgone Warriors Take Down Two Birds with One Stone - No Mayan Portal Opening, No Mexico Zombie Pandemic

Also the whole Mayans, and their tour across the U.S. starting in October with the crystal skulls to usher in the New Age of a human race. And they have these ghastly, demonic crystal skulls. Culminating at the Sheraton Hotel at LAX [Los Angeles Internation Airport] in L.A. And we were able to prevent their plans from happening. They were gonna open up this portal and all this stuff. And totally negated anything they had there. Our Warriors got their airport hotel orgoned, the whole area orgoned.

We got orgone all the way down into Tijuana, Mexico. And so, you know, not just LAX and L.A., but San Diego, itself, and Tijuana. Gotta get in two birds with one stone because they wanted to, you know, open this portal in L.A. and also start a zombie pandemic in Tijuana, which would have creeped up into San Diego. And so, one of my missions was to target San Diego. Get San Diego covered. And I worked on that for a while with others. And never expected to get it down into Tijuana. But one of our Warriors got it into Tijuana, and so. Being able to negate any kind of plans they had of starting up a zombie pandemic there. And interesing that somebody just posted a video last week of a mother ship exploding over Tijuana, Mexico. [laughs] You know, they've hit my time stamp, the orgone stamp of the Orgone Warriors. Yeah, we've got orgone in Tijuana so now they can no longer just waltz through there and abduct people. And one of their favorite abduction places is Mexico. They've always had a lot of fun just going into Mexico and abducting people. And these UFOs have bases in the mountains of southern California. And so, you know, now I hope that the whole area is saturated enough to where, you know, any time they come out of their bases and fly their UFOs, they're just going to crash. Gonna crash and burn. They're gonna explode. And it protects a lot of the people. Not just in Mexico, but in San Diego and California, itself, and so.

Obama Is Not Out Traveling Across the Country - They Use Clones and Look-Alikes

You know, it's been a wild year. Talked about...back in...what was it...September when Obama disappeared. And people thought he was just hiding. For perhaps safety from PX that was coming in. And from my sources I heard he was having brain surgery, and has these outrageous scars all over his head. You can see the YouTube videos on that. Because these leaders are controlled, folks. I said it from the start when Obama was running for president, that he wasn't even human. And so, they have different Obamas that they pull out at different times.

He's not traveling across the country giving speeches, folks. He's not giving book tours. You would've thought it was a joke because Obama comes to Ohio like, every month. And it's not him. They use clones and look-alikes. I'm really thinking what they're doing is creating these look-alikes and clones to see how they can stand up against orgone. Because from my very highest sources that I've heard from have said that nobody comes to Ohio. If there's a politician in Ohio, it's a look-alike, it's a clone, because no politician will come to Ohio because of the orgone here. So saturated here with orgone, they won't come to Ohio.

I thought maybe they were using him as a fishing expedition, these look-alikes, to see if I'll come out to one of his speeches or something. You know what? I have no interest in wasting my day, wasting my time hearing this blabbering golem speak. This soulless being. You know? It's a golem. It's what the Codes refer to as a golem. It's a Frankenstein.

And you know, throughout the year talking about the various things I have in regards to the White House. And, folks, you don't hear this stuff on any other show on the Internet. You don't hear this stuff until after I've said it, and then everybody else picks up and runs with it. Because the Lord has stood me up to be His mouthpiece on Earth. And I get my information in various ways. And I'll continue to do that in 2012. It's gonna be a very interesting year.

We Neutralize Some Huge Threats in 2011

I think we've been able to neutralize some huge threats to our Earth in 2011. You know, I warned about them bringing in Giants from the Negev Desert. They've built brand new underground tube shuttle systems large enough to contain Giants. Because before, they weren't large enough. But they're still carting them around in semitrucks. Yeah, so of 'em are so big, they have to put them in these huge semitrucks to the underground bases. And we took care of the one in North Carolina. A Warrior down there took care of the one in North Carolina there. Around Bostic, North Carolina.

And so, it's just been a full year. You know, neutralizing PX, the red dust tail. The zombie pandemics that the CDC was working with the White House on. The Madrid Fault Line blowing. The portal opening in L.A. Huge portal openings across the U.S. that we were able to close. The one in western Pennsylvania. The ones in Chicago. So it's been a huge year. It's been a huge year. And I don't expect it to let down a minute because, you know, I'm seeing it in the Bible Codes already we're gonna be busy in just a couple months. I mean, we're gonna be busy again on more missions, and so. It means some things are coming up.

People Waking Up to NWO Crowd's Evil Deeds, but the Greater Deceptions Coming Will Put Them Back to Sleep

You know, and people asking me, "What do we have to look forward to in 2012?" And, you know, I spent the whole month, last month, giving you a heads up on the things I was seeing 2012. And, you know, it's--kind of goes along with what the Lord told me. Every January 1 I spend time with the Lord to get a word for the year. Even though it's not really an official year because, you know, it's the Gregorian calendar, and the Lord never went by that. But we're forced to as captives here. Under captivity again. And, yeah, the Israelites just don't realize that they're prisoners again. And, we are. And so, every January 1 I spend time talking to the Lord. It might not be the official new year, but it is by our calendar new year.

And He's basically told me the same things I've been seeing in the Bible Codes for this year. And that's, you know, a lot of things have been coming out the last couple years. All the darkness being exposed. Everything coming out in the open as to what they've been doing. And we're gonna see more of that probably on a larger scale this year. Because everything's gonna be exposed this year. But what's interesting is it's not going to--it's not gonna wake people up because although they'll be woken up to all the evil, and deceptions, and plots, and conspiracies that have been taking place with the New World Order crowd the last umpteen centuries, years, there's still even greater deceptions coming after that. And the world's gonna be blind to those.

They may be introduced to--oh, this is the New World Order crowd. This is the Bushes, and the Clintons, and the Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers, and the Soroses and all the big people behind the scenes. And the names, the people that run things behind the scenes we don't even know what their names are 'cause they stay out of the limelight, they stay out of the public eye. That might all be brought to light and exposed. And all their evil deeds and things they've done towards humanity and mankind brought to light. But people'll go back to sleep shortly after and totally fall to the deceptions that are coming afterwards.

Obama's Destruction of America Has Led Us from the NWO Regime to the Alien New Age Regime

The Lord's warned of huge deceptions this year. Big deceptions. And so, a lot of sickness, and death, and destruction this year. And keep in mind that the term "destruction" doesn't always mean bombs going off, and fires, and earthquakes. Destructions can be a dismantling, a destroying of way of life as we know it. I mean, look at what happened last year. We lost the middle class. Huge unemployment numbers here in America. And the hopelessness that's overwhelming this country. People can't find jobs. And jobs are low-paying jobs.

You know, there's just been a total destruction of the way of life for Americans here. And I warned about that when Obama was nominated. That his job was to destroy America. And he's done that. He's done it. And people think that this is gonna be a rally around the flag year, and let's vote in another Lizard, Ron Paul. Basically, I don't see that happening either. And so, you know, we're gonna probably see the end of one regime this year and the rise of another. And what I'm talking about is the end of the New World Order regime, what's called the 7th regime, and the rise of the 8th regime, which is the alien New Age.

The New World Order always ruled during the Age of Pices. The 2000-year church age. Age of Pices. That's what they ruled in. That's what they were dominant over. And now we're heading into a new era of the Age of Aquarius. And this age is dominated by this whole New Age alien agenda.

Now That Maitreya Is Out of the Picture, Sananda's Coming in to Play Both the Christian and Muslim Cards

You're going to see the Cosmic Christ arrive. You're going to see Sananda arrive claiming that he's the Jesus of the Bible. Only, he might be a Jew, he comes as a Jew, but he's Islamic. Because what happened was they always had their plans of bringing in Maitreya and then Sananda. Well, last year, in 2011, we managed, somehow, we were allowed to destroy Maitreya with the orgone. And that one has taken me months of shock.

In the Bible Codes, he's always referred to as "Cain." Also referred to as "Tammuz." And if you're in the occultic circles, they do everything by these characters. And I really have a hard time following any of that Isis, and Tammuz, and Horus, and all this stuff. But for the occultic circles, Maitreya was Tammuz. Actually he was representing Cain who was Lucifer and Eve's son. And so, you know, being able to take him out was huge.

He actually got caught, trapped, in a orgoned area, and his ship malfunctioned, and, you know, he suffered the effects of that. And I can't even tell you what specifically happened to him because nobody knows. And I thought I was just, you know, "Well, maybe I'm just interpreting this wrong. Maybe I'm understanding it wrong." Until I got confirmation from my sources that even--something had gone wrong with Maitreya, that he was AWOL, that even the Queen was shocked. That they all believed he was dead. And so, when I heard that even the Queen believed that, I was floored. Then I knew I was hitting it right on the head because he hasn't appeared in Codes, he's--you know, he doesn't come up. And you could see their plans change to where they're now ushering in the Islamic Jewish Christian messiah, this Sananda that they're bringing in. And so, the plans now are that NASA, and the Vatican, and our government will work together to bring in this Sananda, as this Muslim Jesus. I don't know how--you know, this Chrislam. You're gonna have this mix of Chrislam. Christianity and Islam compromised and combined together.

Sananda Is Behind Martial Law in America and Is Working with Obama to Prepare for It

And so, what's interesting is already seeing a heads up on the pope retiring in April of this year. The NDAA bill passing, which gives military authorization to detain American citizens. Which means Obama can pretty much write up his target list now, and send 'em out and have his enemies detained. Picked up and detained by the military. I don't see that as significant now as it might be later. I think for now, they'll just be coming after the bigmouths. And I don't even know when they'll be doing that. I know they're not gonna speak on that.

What I am watching is this arrival of Sananda. Because Sananda, himself, is the one behind martial law in America. See, he's gonna come as, "Oh, I'm the messiah. I'm gonna come rescue you from these goons who are imprisoning you, and killing you, and torturing you." It's so hypocritical and psycho, you can't even imagine. He's the one ordering this stuff. He's already working with Obama on this stuff. He works behind the scenes with this Saint Germaine character who's from the Ashtar Command, works with the global governments on narrowing global government, so. So they have these global summits everywhere around the world throughout the years. And Saint Germaine's usually in charge of those. Bringing in one government, one economic...economy for the world and stuff like that.

Well, Obama's been working with Sananda getting all this martial law stuff, preparations, this military detention stuff, FEMA camps ready. And I don't know if it's to start before he arrives or after he arrives. Because before he arrives, you're gonna have people like me warning everybody. And, of course, I've been doing that. But you're gonna see a greater amount of people waking up to who he is, what he is. He's a fake, he's a con. That he's just this Grey alien, tall alien Lizard being in a human body--cause they're manufactured bodies--coming to play Christ and deceive the Christians, and outright just aggravate the Muslims because, you know, he's a Jew. And he's coming as a Jew, and he's not hiding it.

They plan on coming in and saying, "OK, look. You both have it wrong. The Muslims are wrong, the Christians are wrong. Here's the right." And they're going to rewrite everybody's bibles. They're gonna rewrite the Bible, our KJV, and then Muslims' Koran. And this one person is going to right all the wrong in religions and have everybody worship him.

It's not gonna happen--there's gonna be a resistance to that. And so, what I'm thinking is that martial law and this FEMA camp stuff will start either to prevent uprisings to begin with, and protests, or wait until they already start and then just put them down quickly by hauling everybody off. I'm not sure, at this point, if the haul-ups begin before or after this Sananda arrives. What I am sure of is they are gonna happen.

Satan Gets to Rule for 42 Months, but How He Rules Is Up to Us

Now will Sananda arrive this year? I can't tell you for sure if he will or not. I'm seeing a lot of delays because we closed portals. I've told you we own space. They still have these big plans of bringing in Sananda, you know, with an angelic host arriving from the heavens and all this. And we're takin' all that stuff away from them, you know. Satan gets to rule the Earth for 42 months, but the Bible doesn't say how. And so, if I could take away all his big plans, and his big egos, and just shoot it down to nothing, that's what I work for. You know, that's what I'm workin' for.

Yeah, he gets to rule for 42 months on Earth, but guess what? How he rules is up to us. [laughs] You know? We don't have to sit back and let him have his dreams come true. Let's make him miserable. Let's put him in a desert somewhere, to the remotest parts of the earth just to get away from our orgone. Because the orgone, they hate it, it destroys them, it burns 'em. And so, as they keep planning and changing their plans, we'll just keep targeting and doing our job of getting orgone everywhere that we can.

Hillary Clinton Is Coming Back in Dominance and May Replace Joe Biden as Vice President

You know, I'm seeing Hillary coming back in dominance. I said, back in 2000, she'd be president in 2009. And she actually got shorted out, robbed of that one by Obama. Well, she's coming back in the Codes still in charge. In fact, what I said was that I see her in charge of martial law. And sure enough, sure enough, I'm seeing it coming back in the Codes. And, you know, there was an announcement that Hillary may replace Joe Biden as Obama's vice president. That we would see an announcement this year that she would be replacing Joe Biden.

But, interestingly, in the Codes, I'm seeing Hillary busy. I'm seeing her aligned with the Vatican and Sananda to bringing in this Sananda. She's involved with this. She's also involved with the martial law coming here to America. And so, Obama's name, like, above a whisper now even in the Codes, she's more dominant than he is. So I'm not gonna assume anything, but I'm just gonna say she's gonna have a very powerful position. Because it's always been this way. When I saw America truly in trouble, and the people here truly in trouble and being persecuted, Hillary's been at the helm. And you know what? It doesn't sound as incredible now as it did 12 years ago, because she wasn't even a senator of New York back then, when I started warning about Hillary Clinton. She wasn't even a senator of New York. She wasn't even in politics. And so, now 12 years later, here we are and everything I've said is coming into fruition.

In the Codes for 2012, I See Us Still Getting the Orgone Out There

We always face delays. And that goes without saying because we--you know, so many things should've happened already just last year that didn't. And now we're seeing total negations because, you know, they've allowed us time. They've given us time. They've actually, have not known what to do about the orgone. Have not understood the effectiveness, and what it is. And so, over the time of us staying busy, we've been able to dominate the air with it now. We've got the air saturated with it. And as we keep saturating the air, we keep taking away their plans. And so, that's what's been causing a lot of the delays. Changes of plans. They're in derision. They're freaking out.

And so, that's what I see us in 2012 doing. Still getting the orgone out there. And, basically, one of the biggest things I see in the Codes is because it's protection. It protects people. And with deadly chemtrail operations coming--Obama's given the green light to everything you can imagine that would harm our country, or destroy the people, or make you sick, or kill you. He's just giving the general green light out to everything. And so, if you saturate your area with orgone, chemtrails can't penetrate your area.

You Know You Have Enough Orgone in an Area if the Chemtrails Disappear in 5 Seconds

You know, I told you in November my latest assassination attempt where they were trying to kill me with chemicals. Some kind of chemical attack. And the worse they got was pneumonia. I had pneumonia for about 2 weeks or whatever. But they had to literally come in themselves with trucks and spray these chemicals around my property and stuff because they couldn't spray it overhead. Because the area has too much orgone in it. Chemtrails don't stick.

And so, that is true protection, folks, is to get your areas completely saturated so that when you watch the chemtrail planes come in and start to spray, their trails start to disappear in 5 seconds. They don't even stick. They just start disappearing. And if they're taking longer than 5 seconds, then you need to get more orgone out there. It's a good way to gauge if you've got enough orgone in your area or not. A better way to gauge is the planes stop coming altogether. [laughs] They just stop comin' 'cause they're wasting their chemicals, they're wasting their time. You know, they hit these orgoned areas and it just turns to water. I don't know what it does. They don't even bother anymore.

And so, if you watch chemtrail planes start laying chemtrails and they stick in your area, that means you don't have any orgone in it at all and you need to get some in your area. If you watch and it's not disappeared in 5 seconds, then you know what you need to work on, you know what needs work. And if it's keeping chemtrails out of your area, it's gonna keep the zombies out of your area. They don't like it.

When Sananda Arrives, the Revelation 9 Locusts from the Abyss (Giants) Are Right Behind Him

And, like I said, I don't know if Sananda will arrive in 2012 or 2013. But remember that when he does arrive, the Locusts are right behind him. He comes with the Locusts. The whole Revelation 9 event where the Locusts are released from the abyss--and these are Giants, these are just another term for Giants--they come with him. And he's also the pale horse rider. And you can read in Revelation, chapter 6, how the pale horse rider...Hell and Hades ride with him. They come right after him. They follow him. They come in with him.

And that's what I'm seeing in the Codes. I'm seeing the Locusts coming with him. And these are Giants, folks. These are 9-, 10-, 12-, 15-, 30-feet Giants. These are huge Giants. And the one thing I'm hoping is if we're keeping chemtrails out of our areas, and we're keeping zombies out of our areas, hopefully it keeps the Giants out of our areas. 'Cause they don't like it either. They're evil beings.

Anything that does not have the Lord's Spirit in it or them cannot take orgone. It burns them. And so, that's why we need to set up protection areas. Our hometowns as protection areas and zones. You don't want Giants in your areas. You don't want Giants in your counties. Be bad enough they'll be storming up and down our highways tearing them up. Which means transportation could be all a mess. And you know, without transportation, how's your stores gonna get stocked up? How ya gonna get to work, you know? There's a lot of stuff that could just come to a standstill. Not just with the arrival of Sananda, but, you know, hundreds of millions of Giants and Locusts. Come on, folks. Hollywood's been trying to warn you the last couple years with all these movies coming out. There's always a bit of truth to all these movies they've been putting out. So that's what I'm watching for for this year.

The Vatican Is also Working with Sananda to Bring in the New Age Alien Agenda

Look for disclosure to this alien disclosure. The complete revamping don't even know how, you know, getting rid of the old New World Order and bringing in the New Age alien agenda. And, of course, the Vatican will have a huge hand in that because they're the ones been working with Sananda all these years. They work hand in hand with this Sananda, this Jesus, this fake con being that's posing as the Son of God to appease the Christians, and then pushing the Koran and sharia law to appease the Muslims. And it's gonna be a mess. But these are things on the charts this year.

Stay Away from Vaccines and Shots, and Build Up Your Immune Systems

A lot of destruction and disease with the chemtrails and the flus. Do not get the vaccines, folks, and the shots. Build your immune systems up. I spent the last show talking about getting your body more alkaline. And that's what you need to do, build your immune systems up. Because a lot of sicknesses coming, deadly chemtrails coming, and, of course, trying to finagle this Sananda into getting him here.

Their Plans to Bring in Sananda in the Spring Will Fail, Thanks to the Renegades (Orgone Warriors)

And like I said, I don't know if they'll do this whole FEMA thing before or after Sananda gets here. And Hillary having a role in that. And so, if she has a role in that, I--you know, I don't see it any time within the first 5 months of this year. It's gonna have to roll over towards the middle of the year, and on or into next year. Because, obviously, there's gonna have to be some kind of announcement that Hillary's going to be vice president, probably replacing Obama at some point. And so, this is gonna get interesting, folks. So I don't know if they're gonna cram all that in 2012 and hold Sananda off till 2013. They don't even know what they're doing right now. And so, I know that they're tryin' to bring him in in March, and in May. And I'm seeing those plans demolished by the Orgone Warriors. And so, you know, it's gonna be a battle. They're gonna have to fight for it. If they wanna bring him in, they're gonna have to fight for it because we're gonna be fighting against 'em every step of the way. Just let us know where he's gonna be, where their plans are to bring him in at, and we'll be there with orgone. I mean, we'll target it. So anyway, folks, that's kind of a wrap. Short review of what I see coming this year.

I Need Support from the International Community to Fight This Orgone War

Don't forget that if you're not supporting this ministry, you should be. I don't know how we got so much accomplished last year. Could never have gotten it accomplished without your help, that's for sure. Took every penny I had. And I don't make many. [laughs] Every dime I make, every dime I get, goes to orgone missions and a lot of times things that you don't even hear about because I don't like to forecast things I'm doing, a lot. That way it just gives them a heads up of what we're doing.

But we definitely need to stockpile up on orgone and supplies so we're ready when the Giants get here, when Sananda gets here, when whatever they have plans coming. We need to be stocked up and ready so we can get orgoned in those areas. And this is worldwide. Not just America, but it affects things worldwide. Protects every country. And so, I need your help. I need support from international community here, folks. The Warriors are everywhere. I just know we have to get ready because 2012's gonna be one year where you're always looking over your shoulder, I'll tell ya that much. Not that I'm worried about it, but they're not gonna give me a minute's peace this year. I can tell ya that. I haven't had a minute's peace in the past month. The invisible vehicles all over the place, and people, and dealing with the invisible military. And those aliens don't come here anymore. Now they send invisible military. So, just need your support, folks.

Anyway, I'll be back on Thursday with Aliens in the News at 1 o'clock. Till then, everybody. Yah bless.


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