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Thursday January 5th, 2012



Prepare for the coming season

And hello everybody you're live with Sherry Shriner, Thursday January 5th. If you have a question for the show you can call in at (877)245-5648 I'm taking questions during the shows on Thursdays since I don't typically get to them on Monday nights.

Couple things I want to talk about today. I was posting some stuff on my face book site yesterday about the false opposition Ron Paul. Everybody's saying "so election season is here, it's election year and we still don't have anybody to vote for. What are we suppose to do?"

Prepare. We got things heading this way this isn't going to be a fun year folks.

Selected not elected

Get ready. Don't waste your time on fixed elections. Don't waste your time on there's somebody of hope out there. That we have somebody to vote for. Because they control the entire process from local politics all the way up the ladders. They control the process. If they don't have you 100% under their control by the time you are at high ranking party levels -- then you can forget it -- you're never going to get near media time, attention time from campaign leaders from party leaders that help you get nominated as a viable party candidate.

Go along or get slimed

You have to be one of them. And if you're not 100% under their control things happen. You end up being disgraced and shamed outta the race. They discredit people. They attack people's character. They put slime charges on you and that's one thing that is never erased from peoples minds when they do that. It's either the drugs or the slime. You know they frame you with past sex escapades that never happened and put all these people up against you -- to speak against you.

Ron Paul is a pawn of Hallayel's

That's what they do folks and so don't think for a second that Ron Paul will save us all from the wicked new world order when just last month he was meeting with the Rothchilds and Rockefeller s getting his marching orders. He's just plays the false opposition. He's as deep as you get -- he's in masonry, the knights of malta and the Jesuits and the Roman Catholic -- I don't even want to call it a church -- it's the system. I have a whole page on Ron Paul

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Dr. Ron Paul
Found in Genesis 28:13
By Sherry Shriner
Ron Paul is a Knight of Malta. His wife is an Eastern Star. And his daughters are members of Rainbow girls group (freemasonry for kids). This is just the tip of the iceberg..he has many codes, one code alone had over 31,000 words in it. I went through that one and another one, each word in them and how the words related to each other and both are dominant with Ron Paul's association with NESARA and the Alien Agenda to destroy America via "cleansing." His alignment and enlistment with the "Brotherhood" and his association with Satan and the NWO. He is an enemy of the Most High. And yet Christians and Patriots are fooled by him?? How and Why???? They simply fall for anyone without 5 minutes of research!

You know a couple links on my site.

Ron Paul: Race, Ritual and the Scottish Rite

Ron Paul, Alex Jones, The John Birch Society & The Jesuits - The Truth

- Ron Paul's Masonic Jewish Economics

Ron Paul Supports Globalization and a One World Currency

Ron Paul is a shape-shifter

And I've put these links on my Ron Paul page at page as well and I'm pretty sure by the end of probably next month we'll be getting some pretty good shape shifting videos of Ron Paul. I've already got pictures of him giving the masonic devil hand salutes letting everyone know the agenda he's really playing.

The fix is in folks

It's all a set up folks. So get prepared, spend your time and energy on the things the Lord wants you to do.
I know He's not telling anyone out there to get on the band wagon for Ron Paul. You have all these Christians wasting their time -- is anybody led by the Lord today? Do you really think the Lord's involved with our politics? The only thing you get from politics is get out of it, get away, get ready, get prepared.

Obama salivated for NDAA signing

You know Obama signed in the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) they say he signed it on New Years Eve, I don't know why -- but he signed it allot earlier than that. They say he reluctantly signed it. He salivated at signing it. He wanted it, he black balled them into making the entire thing. This is what they want. He campaigned on closing Guantanamo Bay and now he signs indefinite detention for Americans Bill.

Guantanamo Bay next stop for Obama's enemies

So now he can take these very Americans who put him in office in Guantanamo Bay without trial or charges against them without contacting a lawyer. This is the kind of a snake I warned about years ago. People jumped on the bandwagon Barack Obama. People jumped on the bandwagon of George Bush, Bill Clinton. Different stripes of the same cat folks. And not only that but it's gonna become Global.

They're trying to fix it so that in a Global society which they're trying to push us into -- you see if you piss off and aggravate a bunch of Muslims like I usually do -- they're trying to fix it so that -- that other country can press charges against you and then the United States would export you to Saudi Arabia or where ever to answer to the charges being leveled against you.

Global Society negates personal freedoms

That's what they're doing folks. And it doesn't matter who's laws are what where when it's done. In a Global society there will be no free speech. In a global society we won't have the freedom we have now to have web sites up and to present your views and the truth and beliefs on web sites -- it wouldn't be happening. And a global societies is what Ron Paul's behind. You know he says one good thing people like "End the Fed" but he wants to bring in NESARA global economic program.
{ NESARA Sucks }

Ron Paul works for satan

He's all for globalization folks he's no different from the new world order crowd. Just a different stripe on the same cat. I'm also looking at this one editorial by Naomi Wolfe. How Congress is signing it's own arrest warrants with the NDAA Citizen Arrest Bill. And I thought this is great because it's saying everything I've been trying to say for years in a nutshell.!#ScaredToDeathOfTrueFreedom

Under military rule civilian politicians are a threat

You remember me saying that Red List Pick-ups they'd be picking up theirs first. That's basically how she's warning them. She's saying "Hey they did the same thing in history!" and if we're turning around and copying history the same people who put these kinds of legislation's in place in their countries, back in their regimes -- they were the first ones picked up and hauled off to the camps in a military rule.

So she's warning the same thing about our Congressmen about the same military rule -- this act in place because under military rule civilian politicians are a threat and they're the first ones hauled off.

And I've always said when this whole new age agenda takes place they have no need for our politicians. They don't want them. And even under NESARA they're already working in the background at the local level to replace at the local level all of the local politicians we have there and any resistance will be met with their termination and I mean literal. They shipped em off, terminated them -- resistance or not probably...

The only reason Congress people supported this garbage is because they're lied to. They're told you'll be safe. You and your family will be safe. So they've got protections, they got bribes they got lies they can hold onto. Come join with us we'll keep you safe during the bad times that come you and your family will have a safe place in such and such a place. Underground base, island, country whatever. They're gonna protect them and their families. And so they feel secure in destroying everybody else because they're just thinking about themselves.

And so they pass legislation like this -- with little thought because at least they'll will be kept safe, them and their own -- so they think but I've been warning for years.

There's no safety. You're all going to be shipped off and killed at these camps. They buy the lies they're being told and this goes for any group. You know I find it amusing that all these satanist societies -- one of their biggest reasons they join is for safety and fame and wealth and they think that when the coming dollar crashes and there's chaos in the streets that their money will be protected and that they'll be protected and satan's gonna protect all his people (Sherry's laughing) satan hates his people. You know? And they're going to be using allot more of Hollywood and entertainment to soften people up for the coming world changes.

You're going to start seeing allot more vid -- yeah videos coming out -- movies coming out about stars singing about our world needs help and we need to fix it type stuff. Propaganda for conditioning for global societies, a global world, a global government, a global religion, global society. And they'll use their industry puppets to help bring that along and you can always tell who their puppets are -- they all use the same hand signals. Same pop stars and Hollywood movie stars. The bands and the religious leaders will be getting involved to condition the people.

Push them towards this is broken now we need to fix it and now we're gonna fix it. They're going to introduce all this global garbage. It's always a main focus of entertainment folks. Singers and songwriters and the movies.

So we're seeing suicidal actions of our own Congress taking place signing their own deaths with NDAA. They'll be the first one's shipped off because they're the first ones no longer needed under a global society. No longer needed and nobody wants the threats around. Nobody wants big mouths who are political threats to their agendas. And neither does the regime that's coming in.

They don't want anyone in the past regime here and involved. They'll all be eliminated and replaced.

Top of the top running for their satanic lives

Now you got the Walmart people over in Africa looking for land to build an underground base there. You got Warren Buffet and Bill Gates and everybody -- they're heading in every direction. One's heading to the Arctic the others are heading to India. You got people heading (Sherry's cracking up) to Africa.

These are the top of the top of the Elite. So if they felt so safe that satan was going to protect them in the coming changes then why are they all taking off in fear. I heard Bill Gates is having his own Navel ship built. Why would anyone need a Navel ship? He's having his own Navel ship built. They're so afraid to die and they're not going to die for their principles they destroy everybody else with them and then they run and hide.

And there's gonna be no hiding you can't hide from The Most High. He knows where they are going. They don't even believe their own garbage. They sit and sing about how great satan is in all their little satanic crap services every week. They mimic church services and they have their own satanic services and they meet weekly and they always have all these rituals and garbage and crap they do and one of the things they do is when you get to higher levels in secret societies you become possessed. Literally, you invite a 'friendly spirit' to come into you to aid and guide you in your life in your walk with satan. They mimic the Holy Spirit. And at their church services they stand up and give testimonials what the 'friendly spirit' has done for them. How great it's been for them.

Can you imagine having to listen to this garbage? These people are so tormented because these 'friendly spirits' once you invite them in like they do these 'friendly spirits' torment them. It's an audible voice that they hear constantly. And not one, but several. I don't know how many but they hear voices and they're -- they get to a point where the only way you can drown them out is by alcohol or drugs.

That's why you see so many of them stoned outta their heads all the time or becoming alcoholics they drink so much. To silence the voices they hear. The demons that torture and torment them all day and they can get really loud and bother-some I guess unless they start praising satan or blaspheming God.

And so one of their commands at these high level societies is that they have to blaspheme God throughout the day. Nobody has to hear it. They just have to do it to themselves. Blaspheming God all day long and it will keep the friendly spirits quiet if they do that.

I mean how terrible is that? Blaspheme God all day or praise satan. These people get no rest trust me. I'm on the outside looking in -- I've never been involved with any kind of secret societies or satanic cults or anything. I'm not one of these people that came out and had this big testimony. I've never been involved. I've always been on the outside looking in. But I hear it from everybody who is.

Why would you sell your soul?

People at the very highest levels of these secret societies. And they tell you -- you promise them anonymity. You're not gonna mention their names and I never have. I've always protected people and where I get my info. But they'll tell you exactly how and what goes on at these things. And I don't understand that. I don't understand why, how they'd want to be involved.

Constant rituals constant demands and when you get to the highest ranks of these societies your job is constant sacrifices. You constantly have to be producing death for satan.

And that's why you see bird flues, swine flues, mad cow disease, H1N1s, H5n1s and everything else that's coming out. You see tainted foods -- how many product recalls have we had -- because of e-coli or salmonella -- peanut butter, fruit, apple juice. Everything you can think of because they have to come up with stuff that will hurt people.

So all of these things are usually agenda's of the satanic -- the tops of the hierarchies because it's what they're commanded to due. They have to get in their quota's for the year. They have to put in "I created this. I did that." You know? And I warned about the past recalls, cereal and milk. The last thing that was the melons and I see them come up in the Codes and I warn you about it.

These are all planned instigated by these satanist's who have to fulfill sacrifice requirements to satan. They don't necessarily have to kill you, that would help them, but just to make people sick -- is also good. Make people sick. Hurt 'em. If you destroy them then that's extra bonus points. So you'll see satanists get involved in various things that hurt and destroy humans.

Vaccine program that Bill Gates does, destroys millions -- on killing the 3rd world -- talks about how he wants to help them -- he wants to kill them -- vaccines over time destroys that baby's immune system and as adults they get cancers and tumors and sicknesses and everything else. Some of them don't even make it to adult-hood. It's their early retirement program.

It's their euthanasia program

They don't want you reaching the age of 65 and retiring and now I think what it's 67? They want you to be a slave and they want you to die early. They don't want you living off of your social security or the government when you're old. It's their euthanasia program. That's why they are so adamant that people get vaccinated because it's euthanasia. It's their guarantee you're not gonna make it as an older adult.

And especially today with vaccines that they can literally just dissect and tear apart and put completely -- more deadly toxins in them today than they've ever have before in the past. It's like designer vaccines. The Bible Codes calls them poison. The Lord admonishes us and warns us to stay away from them.

They are putting poisons in your body. Taking live animal DNA. You're putting other live human and DNA in your body and it's an abomination. So just some things to look out for because the Lord told me just the other day was that this was going to be a year of sicknesses. Allot of sickness this year. So spend time building up your immune systems folks. It doesn't matter what country you're in. They don't change their agendas. Every country is on a different plan of the script. Different stage. They all work towards the same thing.

March is their War Month

United States deploying it's soldiers to Iran now. Calling it a training exercise. It's not a training exercise folks. They're getting ready for war. They want war with Iran. And so that's what they are building up to now. I would imagine March would be their go to month. Because March always seems to be their war month. Getting ready for the month of March. And I've been looking up Codes on Martial Law and I'll be talking about that more on Monday night. But that seems to be pretty dominant for this year and not in ways people expect. Oh yesterday had a 2 hour power outage here and came outta nowhere. Half the town was out of power.

Power outages

And it didn't even occur to me until later that that's exactly one of their chief plans when they start pick ups is that they're gonna create power outages. And when the powers out the powers out. You got no Internet. No telephone unless you know -- cell phones will work and you're in the dark. They're going to do it at night when it's dark. They're going to do it in the dark and take you by surprise.

Then they're going to raid area's and start their pick ups during these power outages. So be prepared folks. Gun and flashlight. Grab your gun first then grab your flashlight. Because that's when they plan. That's why they have all these billions of dollars worth of night vision equipment, stuff so they can see in the dark. It ain't gonna do 'em a bit of good if you got floodlights and flashlights. If you can see them. Defend yourself against them folks.

You are under the law perfectly allowed to shoot and kill an unauthorized person in your home. Someone enters your home and it's unauthorized. You have a right to defend yourself. And I don't think they're gonna come to the country's first, I don't know. I know their plans of attack and how they're going to do them but not which area's they plan to do first.

I know they don't like the country. They don't like country folks because everyone in the country has guns. You have to live in the country. So they know they are going to have to put up with allot of resistance in the country. In the cities are much easier for them. Cities are seen as soft. City people -- you know for living in the cities they're ripe for being the first one's hauled off. Because they're the least prepared. They have the least amount of space to store and stock things they need. They're the least one's to have a weapon. For living in a city the one to least have a weapon and they can round them up en-masse -- throw them in police paddy wagons and take them to the trains.

Methods of round-ups

I mean they see cities as a much easier way to go in round ups. They could also use the threat of quarantining areas. There's a flu outbreak we're quarantining this area. And throw people in police paddy wagons or whatever in buses and take them off to the camps that way.

Bible Codes show round ups

I'm not exactly sure what the catalyst is -- behind the reason that they're gonna begin the pick ups I just know they are going to be happening. We know what the real reason. The real reason is to get rid of the Christians. Because they have big plans and if you've been following the New World Order since Bush announced it back in the 90's. They've been pretty much mirroring everything the Germans did back in World War II. All of the legislation's. The creation of all these new bureaucracies and this is since what 1990, 1991. Everything in the last 20 years has mimicked Germany and what the Nazis did -- the build up to World War II and the Holocaust.

We have this Homeland Security run by a Russian. We have literally aliens leading many of our departments. They're not even real humans. Soul scalped humans and they want to come after the Christians just as the Nazi's went after the Torah believing Jews.

The Holocaust itself was to destroy the Torah believing Jews. It wasn't about eliminating all of them. They already had it all planned out. The U.N. with the Rothchild's backing was going to give Israel back their land.

They already had it planned out before WW II even started. That was just cause and solution. But what they wanted was -- they wanted this new state of Israel to be dominated and controlled by the people that were creating it. By the U.N. and the Rothchild's and the satanists in charge at the time and still are.

And the only way they could guarantee control of Israel is to get rid of the Torah believing Jews. And let the serpent seed liners. The serpent seed the fake Jews become the rulers and dominant of Israel. If you read in Revelations 2:9, 3:9, it talks about the fake Jews. And that's what the holocaust was about. It was about eliminating all the Torah believing Jews. Bible believing Jews. So that the satanists, the one's who believe in the Talmud could control and dominate Israel and that's exactly what happened.

America mirrors Nazi Germany in last 2 decades

So fast forward 90 years, 80 years now. When was World War II? About 70. So fast forward in America this whole Martial Law and I'm seeing the same things now in the Codes mirroring Nazi Germany. They want to get rid of the real Christians. The real ones. Not all the fake one's that sit in the Joel Olsteen's and Kenneth Copeland churches. Those aren't real Christians. And they even know that.

Yah leads 'em out

If they were led by the Lord, if they were real Christians they wouldn't be in those churches. Anybody with a prayer to the Lord for truth in all things He leads outta those churches. They're not afraid of them. They're afraid of the one's who aren't in the churches. Who do seek the Lord. And so they gather up their list. They go to Internet Chat Rooms and Boards and Groups -- they're every where. I wrote a book "Aliens On The Internet" how they operate. They infiltrate everywhere on the Internet posing as pastors, as leaders and they gather names of the real Christians.

Rebels are anti nwo

The radicals. The one's who can't be controlled by the establishment. The one's who aren't part of the establishment and these are the one's and the biggest thing is they're all going to be anti new world order, obviously. These are the one's they're coming after. They want to destroy the real Christians. Not all of them at first. At the beginning it will just be the real ones.

Yahuah's people won't abide by the lies

Because what they want to do is bring in this Muslim Jesus and establish him as the Jesus of the Bible and they don't want resistance from the one's who will know better. They don't want to hear the back-talking and fighting and alerting and shouting from the awake Christians to the sleeping Christians to wake up! And realize this isn't the real Jesus of the Bible and so they want to round up all the big mouths. The real Christians first and get them off to camps so they can kill them. And then when the sleeping Christians wake up and then start to wiz-en up to the fact this Sananda is not the Jesus of the Bible then they'll go after them.

Families in derision

But you read in Matthew 24 Mathew 24:10-12
And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.
And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.
And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

and this scripture kept coming to me last couple days I've been seeing this all unravel in the Codes. It talks about mother against daughter. Father against son. Parents against children. Children against parents and you know this is a war coming between the real awake Christians and the sleeping ones. Because they're coming out with some Draconian legislation -- and I know you're all shocked when you hear that one -- they're coming out with some really wild stuff.

Mandatory Sunday church service

Last year it was circulating about Sunday Law. The Sunday Law to require people to go to church and worship on Sunday. This is going to come back this year. You're going to see this back. They're going to require you, require the entire nation probably -- the entire world to go to church on Sunday -- Sungod Day and worship this Jesus. It's going to be a requirment. It's gonna be a law that you have to go to church on Sunday and for all of you that the Lord has pulled you outta Sunday churches it's gonna be quite a problem. It's gonna be quite a problem to go back into those dens of satan because you really don't see it until you're outta them.

Ghastly things

You'll never believe it. You'll never -- what I'll say will sound so blasphemous to people but they'll never see it until they walked away -- how satanic our churches are today. They're not the Lords churches. They're the churches of Laodicea. Yahushua's standing on the outside. He wants nothing to do with them. And that's our churches today. So there's gonna be a war. Can you imagine your in laws calling into the government because they know you're not going to Sunday church. They're gonna get you on a list. Get you in trouble because you're not going to Sunday church. They have some ghastly things planned. That's just one of 'em. Sunday Law and there's some more that are coming out. More legislation's they're ready to pull out. And don't think for a minute they're not gonna pass and they're not gonna be enforced.

Because it didn't take them long to sign in NDAA or the home grown terrorism bill they signed in last year. That pretty much signed in the same thing -- to go after home grown terrorists. And define home grown terrorist. It's anyone who doesn't believe as they do. And they're satanists. So that pretty much puts the majority of the population as considered terrorists. So these things are coming. Sicknesses. Flu's so spend time building up your immune system so you don't catch this stuff.

Stay away from the flu shots. Stay away from vaccines. Then we got more Draconian legislation's coming down our throats. That's not if but when and you're gonna start seeing raids happening. And there's gonna be black outs on these pick ups and I'm sure they'll do smear campaigns. "Oh we're just picking up those people because they have this deadly flu." "We're taking them to quarantined area's where they can get help." Yeah help. Remember they always speak in opposites. By help they mean they want to destroy.

Bill of Rights is gone

Or they're going to say, "Oh they had drugs. It was a drug raid." or they'll say "It was some kind of prostitution raid." They'll use slime. Slime or drugs as excuses to pick up good people and use slime to discredit them. To discredit their reputations, their good names and ministry's. They'll use lies. And you won't be heard from again. You won't have access to a lawyer from that point on. The Bill of Rights in America is dead now. Dead. And most of the country doesn't even know it. Doesn't even know it. So many people praising Obama, they have no idea the things he is passing to destroy the very people who praise him. Who don't know what he's doing, what he's done. So they're coming after the real Christians folks.

They'll get rid of us so the satanists can take over the churches without hindrance. Because the Benny Hinns and Joel Olsteens and everybody else running these mega churches are going to become big cheerleaders of this Sananda that's coming and they'll be able to persuade their congregations to believe that this Jesus is the one -- the Son of God of the Bible -- I mean, he's not it's a big lie folks.

You know one of the things the Lord told me that this year is that everything would be exposed. Brought out and exposed and so I half expect this entire new world order regime to completely crumble. Things coming out you'd never expect and it's happening quickly. I mean it's happening allot quicker than I thought. I mean what it's January 5th and already they're announcing that a body has been found on the
Queens estate. Talking about Lady Gaga performing some kind of a blood ritual in a bathtub. Where she was soaking in blood. All this stuffs gonna come out.

And yeah that body found on the Queens estate I asked my sources and they said, "Yeah, she was a ritual sacrifice." The Queen -- the Royals eat humans on a weekly basis. It's not just a once in a while ritual for them like it is for some satanic sects. They do it all the time. They feed off humans. And so the stuff you see coming out about native children disapearing from their schools in Canada and stuff tied in with the Catholic Church, not to mention the Queen. It's all true. Because they feed off children. They are delicacies. Then they feed off of adults. They feed off human body parts. They're cannibals. And you're going to see this stuff come out. All of their hideous sins they do in private, their crimes. They're gonna be exposed. They're gonna come to light. People are going to see exactly who and what they are.

The Lord warned about people being deceived

The Queen, the pope, the Rothschild's, the Rockefeller's, the whole Illuminati. The whole structure is going to be exposed and come crashing down. It's all going to hit the light of day this year. Because all of it's going to be wiped out and they're going to begin a new day (laughs) a new age. And the one that's coming is even more wicked and deceptive than the one we're getting rid of. And that's the one thing the Lord warned me about. He said: "People can't grasp the deceptions now."

And when it's all exposed they're all going to be shocked and think "Wow all these conspiracy theorists were right!"

Regime coming in worse

Well good luck getting rid of all these criminals and this whole Illuminati system and then they are going to embrace the whole deception that's coming. And think OK this is the good one. This is the good government that's coming to finally help us. It's just as wicked and even more deceptive than the one being torn down. So you get rid of one and think the people will wake up but it's not gonna happen. They are going to be just as deceived as the next one coming in. And a good gauge of that is look how many Christians are voting for Ron Paul. Watch how many patriots are on the Ron Paul bandwagon right now. He's a good litmus tester on how deceived people can get. Just as Bush Jr. was. How many Christians were deceived over Bush Jr.? People wouldn't believe he was a satanist until he even admitted he was in Skull & Bones.

Consequences for allowing yourself to be deceived

And then they just brush that under the rug because they're told to. Oh he's still a Christian. He's holding the Bible. He's going to church. Don't judge!!! (laughing) They try to sweep everything under the rug. You know there's no sweeping under the rug. There's always consequences when you refuse to face the truth and instead choose to live in denial. There's always consequences with denial. So this is going to be quite a year. Going to be quite a year.

UFO exposure this year

I would expect some kind of alien UFO exposure this year. Because they're trying to bring in chief alien Sananda this year. This Cosmic Christ. This Cosmic Son of God. I don't think it's gonna happen right away. I think we've got some time before they bring in Sananda and they're going to have trouble bringing him in anyways. Because the way they want to bring him in -- the fake light show with the whole blue beam project of bringing him in from the sky -- they can't work that right now because our orgone is combating their technology to do that. So they have their plans and we have ours. We are the resistance against them.

Trying to demonize the orgone again
So as they bring in chemists now I've been told -- they couldn't find a reason to make orgone responsible for plane crashes. So now they're bringing in chemists to work on a toxicity angle. That our orgone is toxic to human health. OK. So that's their plans now. Bring in the chemists. Make it toxic. Always trying to bring down our orgone because it's the only thing that's effective against them. It burns 'em they hate it.

Wicked beings cannot abide by the orgone

You know I was laughing about the Obama's coming back from their Hawaii vacation and I think the British newspaper on line made it pretty clear how they didn't want to come back to the White House. They hate the White House. Even the kids. They show the looks on their faces coming back and saying how they didn't want to come back. And Air force One drops 'em off on the lawn and right behind Air force One is the little helicopters whatever they use to travel around. Because he headed to Arlington this day and Michelle headed to Pennsylvania. They don't stay in the White House. They hate the White House. Why? Because the orgone saturates the area of the White House. And it gives it a repulsive odor to them. Repulsive odor. To us orgone has no smell. None no smell at all because orgone has a healthy vibrant energy but if you're wicked, anything living and vibrant is repulsive. Just like you know some people have near death experiences about going to hell and the repulsive putrid odors and the stink and the stench. Or coming into contact with grey aliens and they stink.

To the aliens we stink

They smell like sulfur and rotten eggs and it's a repulsive odor. They don't smell that. We do. They don't. They think we stink and so if you're a wicked evil being orgone is repulsive. It smells. And so they hate being around the White House and so they leave. I don't think they've been there a full month in the past 4 years he was elected there. And it makes you wonder why these other lizards are lining up to do the same thing. Get nominated to the White House and spend your whole time fleeing from it. Finding going to other places to stay everywhere but the White House and then playing off on the illusion you are in the White House.

Underground bases all over DC

And there's underground bases all over DC, probably where they really head. If these underground bases are so great how come they don't stay in them very long? Some people do. There's an underground base in DC under the Capitol. Huge underground city a mixture of military, human and alien in this underground city and that's basically where everything's happening now because they're not meeting in the White House to put legislation's together and things -- all the high level meetings are taking place in these underground cities.

Everything else is illusion folks. The White House a complete illusion. Congress a complete illusion. I really won't care when they bomb the Capitol and get rid of Congress because who needs 'em? They're not working for us. They are the very puppets of the regimes that are going to destroy them. Nobody wants them and they will eventually -- get rid of Congress and DC and it will become irrelevant down the road because under a globalization a global regime Congress doesn't even rank at the bottom of it.

Anyway folks, be back Monday. Ten o'clock. I know I said I was gonna take calls and then went on a rampage -- I'll take 'em next Thursday, sorry about that folks.

Not going to be a pretty year

Just want to get people prepared for what's coming this year. It's not going to be a pretty year. Work on your immune systems folks. Get your health in order so you're not affected by these sicknesses that are coming our way and stay away from processed and packaged food. That's another way they use to contaminate and make people sick.

Anyway see you on Monday night folks. Until then. Yah Bless.