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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
January 9, 2012


Trying to Put a Timeline of Events Together

And that's For Your Name Is Holy [referring to the musical introduction to the show]. Love that. Paul Wilbur. Welcome to the show, everybody. It's Monday night, January 10. No, it's the 9th. Monday, January 9.  Been busy this week, you know.

A couple things I wanna talk about tonight that Yahuah's had me focused on.  Last several weeks, it seems. And I've been trying to put a timeline of events together that can actually be something you can grasp because the Codes right now are really crazy. I mean, months for everything. Beginning of the year, end of the year. And so, it's really hard to figure out what's gonna happen when because, you know, if it doesn't happen this year, this March, it could happen September or October. Just months being put everywhere on everything. So they don't even know.

You know, the Lord--you know, we have free will. And we can go down a certain path, and then change our minds, which we've done for years, and then go down a different route. And so, I can be following a certain timeline in the Codes, and then it abruptly changes and goes to a different one like we saw in September. You know, we had Nibiru coming in, and it was gonna cause all this destruction, and we were on this particular timeline, and then, boom! Three weeks before it was to happen, the timeline was changed. The orgone had decimated Nibiru. Makes ya wonder, "Where'd it go?" [laughs] "What have they done to Nibiru?" You know, it's just kind of disappeared. So that's kind of interesting.

"You Said This Was Gonna Happen, and It Didn't"

I know that they're decimated by the orgone. The orgone destroyed Nibiru. The inhabitants of Nibiru were huge Giants. So you folks all ought to be happy on that one, because huge Giants on Nibiru. And the red dust had viruses in it that we've never seen before here on Earth. And I know the Russian scientists had been warning about a zombie virus being one of them. And, you know, I just have to deal with people's snide comments. And they're like, "What happened to the zombie pandemic or outbreak you said was gonna take place?" and blah, blah, blah. Well, we stopped it. We targeted it and we stopped it. You know? I mean, get off your butts, folks. Do something. People wanna sit around and gripe, "Well, you said this was gonna happen, and it didn't happen." Well, that's 'cause we stopped it. You know, we're busy.

There's a handful of us that are busy, as opposed to all the bigmouths sitting on their couches praying to God that somebody's busy, because they're not. You know, they don't do anything. Good-for-nothings. And there's plenty of those that call themselves Christians today, and those are the ones the Lord says, "Why do you call them Mine?" When I talk to Him about the complainers, and the backseat drivers, and the lazy ones, He says, "Why do you call them Mine?" So it's gonna be very interesting, when push comes to shove, to see who really are the ones chosen by Yahuah to enter into the straight gate.

A Group of Rogue Greys

So what I find interesting is I'd heard a story a couple weeks ago. I didn't really think much of it. I mean, it seemed kind of odd to me at the time. Supposedly, there was a rogue group of aliens that broke off from everybody else. And I heard it was Greys. And so, I'm thinking, "Well, how do Greys break off from anything, because they're hive-mind controlled." They're all chip-implanted. They can't think for themselves, act for themselves. They do exactly as they're told. They're like puppets. And they're at the, you know, small--they're at the end of the chain because they're just controlled and manipulated beings. I mean, if you popped off those black shells on their eyes, those are just light covers really. They're light deflectors because they don't like light. They're hell beings, I guess you could say. And they have the beady red eyes, if you were to pop those black sunglass-type protective coverings off their heads, off their eyes.

And so, they're controlled beings. They're manufactured in space. They're like--you know, I've talked about this years ago--it's like they're cars and they're just put on an assembly line and manufactured and shot out. And then they're chip-implanted, controlled. And then a demon can take that body, that Grey alien body, 'cause demons don't have bodies to operate in. If they wanna operate in this dimension, they need bodies. And so, you know, Greys fulfill that role. Clones fulfill that role. But anyway, there's this group, supposedly, of aliens, breaks off the pack, and now they're on their own.

Obama and the Government Are Worried about Some Kind of Coming UFO Invasion

And I'm working on a Code yesterday on FEMA pickups, and I see this matrix that caught my attention. It says "passing - object - diverting - stolen - next." So there's some kind of stolen object that's gonna be passing by, but it gets diverted. I don't know. Diverted to where, I don't know. But I found that interesting. You know, how do you steal an object in space? You know, only something aliens could do. Maybe they're having starship crash-ins or whatever. What do they call them? Home invasions? They have a starship invasion? Take over somebody else's starship? And I see several mentions of possible coming armadas. And, you know, this is so typical because I've been seeing this type of stuff for years in the Codes, because what happens is they plan this huge armada or huge ship to fly over to be seen by people. They want people to see it. Like the Stephenville UFO last year in Texas. [Stephenville UFO - repost by special request] And some of these larger ships. You know, they actually plan this. They just uncloak and allow people to see them.
And so, I don't think too much about it because, you know, they're always in the Codes that they're gonna come in some huge group, a caravan of UFOs. And then it doesn't happen, because what happens is they come towards the Earth, or whatever, whatever area they're heading into, and they start crashing out of the skies because they hit orgoned areas. They start burning and crashing. And this supposed huge arrival, this threatening arrival that was supposed to be, comes to be nothing. People don't even notice. Wouldn't have even known there was a huge plan that night, you know. So, when I see this kind of stuff, I just kind of shake my head now.
But, apparently, Obama and the government are worried about some kind of coming UFO invasion. And, you know, I wrote about these invasions. I wrote a book 12 years ago, and all the articles are on my websites. You can read it for free. You can even listen to my book for free at Yeah, there's appearances coming. If this rogue group wants to make some kind of statement to Earth, then bring it on. That's all I've got to say. Bring it on. They're all rogue to us. Doesn't matter to me. Well, there's an alien there, and an alien there. And over there, and over there. And they're together, and they're not. You know what? There's all this drama. Soap-opera stuff amongst all these different factions of aliens. I hate all of them.
They're aliens. They're extraterrestrials. If they were nice, friendly beings, if they were heavenly beings, they would be celestial beings. They would be in heaven with the Most High. They wouldn't be kicked out of heaven, thus carrying the extraterrestrial title to them. Do you get it? So if they're not in heaven with the Most High, they've been kicked out and they're wicked. They're wicked. So many people get played by them. "Oh, we're here to help mankind." They're here to feast on mankind. They're here to eat mankind. [To Serve Man: The Aliens Are Coming And They're Cannibals!] They've been eating and abducting humans off Earth for thousands of years. They trap them in underground bases and use them for crossbreeding experiments. Use them as breeders. It's barbaric what they do. This has been going on for thousands of years, folks. They're not our friends. Your friend don't abduct and eat you. Or stick chip-implants up your nose while you're sleeping.
Anyway, so just a heads up on some kind of...I don't know...UFO ship flyover something coming up. Gonna make their presence known here on Earth. You know, bring it on. Come over to Ohio. Come over here. [laughs] Come over to Ohio. I'll welcome you to Earth. [laughs]
FEMA Is Not Here to Help Us, but to Take Over and Put Us in Internment Camps

So, FEMA, a lot of people catching up on the fact that they're not here to help Americans, this country. Federal Emergency Management Agency. Hello? You know, I talked about them years ago. I did a Bible Code on them, I think back in the early 2000s. I could tell it's one of the first ones I ever did 'cause the way it's done.  I started looking at it on my website tonight. It's supposed to have been one of the first Codes I ever did.  But I was warning about FEMA even back then because, you know, they don't even really try to pretend now to actually help people. 'Cause they're not here to help. They take over areas that have been destroyed and they become the biggest terrorists and pests in the place. They're not helping people. They're trying to confiscate their guns and put them on buses to internment camps like they did in New Orleans. What ever happened to all those thousands of people they bused out of Orleans? Has anybody ever found them? Have they ever returned? Because they were being bused to these camps and they weren't being allowed out of them. So they were being held against their will. And where's the outrage? And you never hear about it. You never hear of it.

But anyway, what I was warning about was that this FEMA agency, which is, for the most part, I'll go on a limb and say they're mostly human right now. I don't know if that's too far of a limb to say they're mostly human. Maybe they're not by now. But they're not gonna be for very long. Because what I have always felt is that the Anunnaki that are coming, the Giants--and they are coming. As much as we annoy them, and delay them, and pester them, and kill them, there's still gonna be plenty coming. I mean, the Lord's word will still stand true, and prophecy will be completed. To what extent is up to us.

But either way--'cause we have domesticated aliens now and people don't know it, don't realize. When I look at the Bible Codes, it talks about "domesticated." I know exactly what they're talking about. It's domesticated humans--they're among us as humans, living as humans. They take over human bodies. Or they clone human bodies. Possess that body. They soul-scalp a human body, which is like literal possession. They're amongst us now.

The Heads of Our Federal Agencies Are the Cream of the Cream of the High-Ranking Domesticated Aliens

And when you look at the White House, when you look at the heads of our federal agencies, those are the cream of the cream of the high-ranking aliens that actually control the Earth. You know, to them, our little ranks of presidents and vice presidents and senators, that means nothing to them. Little titles, you know, that means nothing to them. They really don't care about positions of power because they can work in the background just fine, and nobody really knows who and what they're actually doing. But when you look at the heads of federal agencies, the NSA, the CIA, FEMA, Homeland Security, DARPA, and the list goes on, those are all very high-ranking aliens working as humans here on Earth. Domesticated aliens, the Bible Codes calls them.

All these heads of agencies being high-ranking Masons, or Eastern Stars in the women branch of wickedness. Because when you get into secret societies, you're signing your name on that dotted line and you're volunteering for things you never imagined would happen. You know, when you sell your soul to the devil for fame, and fortune, and rank, and position, he always wants more, and more, and more. And he requires much of those people. Always the continual sacrifices, the continual deaths they have to produce, and suffering. And he take more and more over them. And what happens to a lot of these people is they become completely soul-scalped. Aliens, literally, just take over their body. Kill their soul and take over their body, and resume their lives here on Earth as that person. Kissinger, Bernanke, Geithner, Rahm Emanuel, Dick Cheney, Leon Panetta. I mean, all these heads and former heads. You see them as just wicked humans, but their wickedness goes further than you can ever imagine because they're not even really humans at all.

The Giants Will Be Taking Over Running the FEMA Camps

So these coming Anuk, which I've warned are already here--I was talking about a Code that I was working on last month and was talking about Giants in Nevada. Referring to them as Locusts. And I've told you the Locusts of Revelation, chapter 9 are already here. They're just waiting. Talk about how they're suffering because there's a lot of orgone in Nevada. Just one or two people. That's all it takes, folks. One or two people to saturate an area and decimate an entire colony of Giants. That's how we don't need the huge numbers. Our Orgone Warriors, our faction, we don't need to be a majority. We don't need huge numbers to win this. Because we already are, and look how small we are. But they're waiting. They're in Nevada. They're waiting. They're in misery. They're suffering. But these are the types of Giants that are gonna be taking over FEMA. They're gonna be taking over running the FEMA camps that the aliens in high places in the government have been creating over the years.

Everybody's heard of FEMA camps by now. These internment camps that they're setting up to throw people in. And these aren't prisons, and they're not resorts. These are cattle grounds, basically, a herding ground. You're being penned in, you're gonna be thrown in a pen--for the train to come. And then when the train comes, it takes you to an extermination facility. There's no beds. There's no shower facilities. There's no indication that, hey, ten thousand people are coming here. Why? Because they're going to brought in, fenced in, then moved out like cattle. They're not there for a length of time. They're there to be taken to an extermination facility. One of these extermination facilities is at the Amtrak station in Indianapolis, Indiana. If you live on this side of the country, you'll be trained in to the Amtrak station, so I've heard. That's what I'm saying. Once they've got you in a pen, you've got nothing to lose, but to try to get out. Overpowering guards with guns, aliens with guns, Giants, whatever, because from that point on, your number's up.

Do I think it's gonna be 10,000 at a time? No. I mean, not to begin with. Because they're gonna work very selective now. There's not gonna be a mass pickup of people at the beginning. It's going to be selective. They wanna come after the bigmouths and the churches. They wanna come after the people who--the sheep who are awake. The watchmen, the prophets. They wanna come after those who are awake. The anti-New-World-Order Christians are the number one target on their list. Why? Because they intend on bringing in Sananda, which is this fake Jesus.

You Know You're Dealing with a Demonic Fake Because Yahushua Never Claims His Name Is Jesus, Ever

Remember, they had all these plans for Maitreya. And so, I was on the Maitreya bandwagon for years, warning you of Maitreya. Well, we killed Maitreya. The orgone killed him. For some reason, the Lord allowed it. I'm very surprised over that one still. So, Share International, and [Benjamin] Creme, and all their years of work with warning about--warning, well, they were cheerleading the arrival of Maitreya. While we were warning against it. All that is gone. Maitreya's not comin'. So, Sananda's coming in his place.
And Sananda has taken the body and character--he's been playing this character of Jesus of the Bible forever. I mean, that's just--he's a mimic. He shows up in people's dreams, and their near-death experiences, and their visions, and he claims he's Jesus. That's how you know you're dealing with a demonic fake. Because, number one, Jesus never claims His name is Jesus, ever. Because it's not His real--it's not His name. [laughs] Jesus isn't His name. His real name is Yahushua. He will never, ever, ever claim that Jesus is His name. That's how you know you're dealing with a fake.
Unless Sananda Takes Control of America (Last-Days Babylon), Then He'll Come as the False Prophet

So, here comes the fake; Sananda. Which beast of the Bible he's gonna play, I haven't figured out yet. Some people say the False Prophet. Some people say the Antichrist. The Antichrist--here's a good way to tell. 'Cause you just sit, and wait, and watch. The Antichrist is the leader of last-days Babylon. Last-days Babylon is America. It's the number one superpower nation of the time, which is America. The leader of Babylon is the Antichrist. So, unless Sananda takes control of our country, then he'll come in as the second beast, the False Prophet. Because the leader of Babylon, according to the Old Testament prophets--and you can read my article on America as Babylon, talks about it all over scripture references that give you that the last-days Antichrist is the leader of Babylon. That's why it can't be Prince Charles, or Prince William, or any kind of European leader, unless they take over the United States. Unless they take over this country. Because the United States, itself, is last-days Babylon.
Helps to know all of Scripture when you're tryin' to piece the puzzles of prophecy together. You have to know what, you know, what all the Scriptures are saying. It's taken me years to read the Bible about a thousand times, folks. Knowing what this prophet said, and that prophet, and this prophet, and that prophet. No, it's not an easy task. But that's what the advantage is going to be to the wolves in the next coming months, because people don't read the Bible, so they don't know what the prophets said. They don't know what Yahushua said. They don't know the words of the Lord in the Bible. They don't know there's a fake coming first.

They're all gonna be ready to embrace this Sananda as the Jesus of the Bible. And you're gonna have Joel Osteens, and the Kenneth Copeland, and Benny Hinn, the Masonic TBN network [Trinity Broadcasting Network] all cheering him on. Maybe he'll go and do a little fake prayer with Pat Robertson, and hold hands with Benny Hinn onstage. I mean, it's going to get craaazy. And 40 million right now would totally fall for this, easily, out of the people that claim they're Christians today. Because there's 40 million alone that think Kenneth Copeland is a man of God, when he's a freakin' Lizard. They're Satanists and Lizards. They're soul-scalped Lizards. And people are following them like they're men of God. That's 40 million deceived already. So imagine how many he's gonna deceive when Sananda joins the stage with Benny Hinn. And it will happen. You watch. It might sound crazy, but. Maybe Benny Hinn will do his little crusade in Bethlehem and this fake Jesus goes to Bethlehem and does his little tour of Jerusalem in a tunic, barefooted, totally depicting Jesus of the Bible.

They're Going to Start Rounding Up Religious Bigmouths Who Warn that Sananda's a Fake

So what they need to do, is they realize that people like me aren't gonna buy, and have not bought, and will never buy Sananda as Yahushua, the real Son of God. And so, what they wanna do is get rid of them. We gotta get rid of the bigmouths. We gotta shut 'em up. Gotta shut 'em down. 'Cause they're gonna persuade everybody else, and wake everybody else to the fact that this guy's a fake, he's a liar, and we're all just his little puppets helping win the charade along. So they're going to come after us to shut up the bigmouths. Yep. That's what it's all gonna start at. That's what it's gonna start as. That's your catalyst.
Remember I kept telling you I wondered what the catalyst was going to be that would set this whole thing off, start it off? Would it be a pestilence, a quarantining? What? And I still see pestilence coming up. And the Lord told me there was gonna be a lot of sickness this year. But I also see "selective" for FEMA pickups. Which means they're gonna be selective. They're coming after a certain targeted group first. They're being selective. Coming after the bigmouths.
Now if you're a bigmouth against the New World Order, but you're not religious, then you're not gonna be a threat. So you won't see a lot of the bigmouths disappear. 'Cause people like, you know, Alex Jones, and everybody else who are basically Jesuits anyway, working for the RCC [Roman Catholic Church], they're all gonna be promoting Sananda. Ron Paul, Jesuit, RCC; he'll be promoting Sananda.
The only ones that are gonna be threats are the religious bigmouths. People with their eyes awake and know their Lord, and know Scripture. And how many of us are well-known? How many of us could disappear and people would really know? You know, how many of us have been helped with getting more known? You know, you've got facilities, and producers, and the radio shows, TV shows, and all that. That doesn't come about unless you're one of them. You know, you can't even get on TBN unless you're a high-ranking Mason. Kenneth Copeland runs that network. You can't even get a show on TBN without his approval. That's how tightly controlled everything is. That's why the good people don't get heard.
The people telling the truth get buried. Get Blog Talk Radio.  They get stomped to the side. They want people to ignore them, so they discredit them, and they lie about 'em, and try and come up with smear campaigns. I'm mean, look at the smear campaigns they've come up against me for years. All lies. They just try to discredit people. They want you to believe lies. They don't want you to listen to the person. 'Cause they know you're not a Benny Hinn. You're not reaching an audience of 40, 50, 60 million every week. Heck, you're probably lucky to reach thousands. So you're not a real threat to them, but they don't like you anyway, because they know that even the few thousand that are listening to you, tens of thousands, are given the truth. But they still need us. They still need to know what the truth is themselves, because, you know, as much as they hate me, they wanna know what I'm seeing in the Codes and what's coming. It's kind of like a catch-22.

When They Start Doing Pickups, They'll Cut the Power in the Area - Get Battery-Operated Floodlights

One of the biggest things to watch for is power outages, because that's a big part of their plan, when they start doing pickups and coming after people, is to cut the power in the area. That's why it's nice to have those huge battery-operated floodlights type things like that, because they're all prepared with night-vision goggles. They're already prepared for night pickups. And if you can combat it by flooding your area with light, it kind of mutes all their equipment, to protect yourself against them. Protect yourself against them. We have every right in the Bible to take up arms and defend ourselves against these wicked and satanic people who are coming against the Constitution of America. They're not supporting it. They're not enforcing it. They're coming against it, trying to shred it. And that makes them our enemies, 'cause it makes them God's enemies. We have God-given rights through our Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Now if these people are coming against us, they're coming against God. You have a right to defend yourself, folks.

Don't Let Fear of the Giants Rule or Control You - Put Your Focus on the Lord

I don't care how big a Giant is. My ancient grandfather wasn't afraid of 'em. And you know what? Neither am I. I don't care. I don't care if it's 9-foot or 30-foot. 'Cause Yahushua, Creator of that thing, is more powerful than that thing will ever be. Don't be afraid. Don't let fear rule you. Don't let it control you. That's why the Lord always says focus on Him. Put your focus on Him. Focus on Him. I've known for a long time these Giants were coming. I had a vision years ago, and I've talked about it some on this show. Of watching these things just picking up people like they're ants, off the ground, and ripping their limbs off. That's how powerful they are. [Man-eating giants discovered in Nevada cave] And they just--they're beasts. They eat constantly. That's why the Bible describes them as Locusts, because they act like locusts. They invade an area, they eat everything in sight, and then they leave that area decimated where there's nothing left. That's what a locust does. And that's what these Giants are gonna do. Invade an area, eat everything in sight, decimate it, and then go on to the next area. So imagine what I'm--kinds of things I'm seeing as the Lord shows me what's coming with these Giants. They're eating humans. They're not coming here to drive our vehicles, and blend in with society, and go to our nightclubs. They're coming to feed. They're coming to eat. You could see people running and screaming, and trying to get away from these things.

Saturate Areas with Orgone to Create Protection Areas that Giants Won't Go Into

What I find amusing, and very encouraging, is that, you know, there's not a whole lot of things that are gonna aggravate a Giant, unless there's lack of food or something. So to see that there is something they hate, something that does make them mad, is really encouraging. Means we're doing the right thing. They hate the orgone. They don't hate all orgone. They hate my orgone. My prescription is on the website, You know why they hate our orgone? Because it's exactly what I've said. They're protection areas.
All these areas that have been saturated with orgone become human protection areas, so that humans can run into orgoned areas and the Giants won't follow them in there because the Giants don't like the orgone. So now, you know, they come to Earth, and they're ready to stomp it, and control it, and overtake it, and overpower it, and feed on the people, and they have to be annoyed and pestered because there's protection pockets all over the place. They weren't expecting this. They weren't expecting it. So it's kind of like a kink in their plans. Now they have to say, "Now wait a minute. What is--that's an orgoned area." And they won't go into the orgoned areas. That's your protection, folks.
If You Survive the Times of the Coming Giants, Thank Your Local Warrior Who Orgoned Your Area

And people are always praying, "Well, the Lord's gonna protect me." Yeah. Because people like me have been busy in the background for years making areas foolproof and protective. Heh! You know, they sit there and slam me for stuff, and we're the very ones that are protecting their bigmouths, lazy butts. Yeah, you know what? When you ask the Lord for something, don't be surprised at how He fulfills it. At what the answer is. You know? When you survive the times of the coming Giants, you can thank your local Warrior who orgoned your area. If you do. If you survive.

The Giants Will Be Working with FEMA to Enforce Chip-Implants - Locusts with Stings in Their Tails (Revelation 9:10)

So that's the one thing that aggravates 'em. That's the one thing they hate. Orgone and protective areas. 'Cause these Giants are coming, folks. I mean, they're already here. They're here. They're all over the world. They've been coming in at the Negev Desert for the past decade. They've been landing there. Then from there, they're carted off to wherever. Or maybe they're using some of these portals, you know. I just see Negev come up in the Codes a lot, so I know it's involved. Then they're going to become domestic Giants and work with our government, when they're not feeding on people. And become the new employees of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
They're going to be working with FEMA. They're going to be the ones overseeing the internment camps. And one of the Codes I found on them was "FEMA - enforceable - chip - administrator." They're gonna be enforcing chip-implants. And I've warned about that. See that with them all the time. Being enforcers of chip-implants. And I always see them involved with syringes. They're shots, vaccinations. What's the Bible talk about, uh...the locusts with the stings in their tails. [Revelation 9:2-4 (King James Version)] They're gonna be in charge of chipping people. They're gonna be using syringes to do it. And, you know, Locust is a branch of the Giants. I'm not even gonna say it's one general term to describe them all. There's so many different factions of Giants that are coming. Not all of them are Locusts, but all the Locusts are Giants. That's one way you can look at it.
"Chip - enforceable - Babylon - administor - Enlil." Enlil's just a branch, a faction of Giants. And those are humanoids. The Enlil Giants are humanoid. Tall humanoid-looking Giants. "Enlil - army - overpowering - shocking - assassination - murder - dissenting - uncompliant - beloved." They're coming after the Lord's people. Who are the beloved? The Lord's people. They're gonna be killing us, we're gonna be killing them. It's gonna be mutual warfare. There's enmity between us. Mutual hatred. And it's gonna be mutual warfare.

The Lord Says that His Bride Will Be Tested - He'll Allow Wicked Things to Come Upon Them

So many people believe that since they're born again, bought by the blood of Christ, that wicked things aren't going to come upon them. Really? What's the Lord say? Scripture says that His Bride will be tested. Notice I said His Bride will be tested. His Bride will be. The Elect will be safe, kept hidden. The Bride will be tested. The Bride are all the ones that are going to be left open for testing because they don't love truth. That's what distinguishes the Elect from the Bride, I think, the most. You know, there's obviously other factors.
But the Bride doesn't have a love for the truth. They claim they do. And they have a sincere love for the Lord, and they really think they're living their lives for Him. Oh, they'll have ministries, and they've seen the Lord work in miraculous ways, and blah, blah, blah. The problem is they're stuck in errors, and apostasies, and apostate doctrines, and doctrines of devils. And if they were lovers of truth, they would have seen, the Lord would have opened their eyes to that, and they would've walked away from it.
But because they love their errors, and delusions, and mimic healings that Satan will give them to keep the delusions going--the false, demonic spirit of healing, the false demonic Holy Spirit pervadin' in the churches today. "Oh, it feels good. I was slain by the Spirit and knocked backward on the floor," and pinned down by a demon. Then when the demon gets off of them, they can stand back up and they call it "slain by the Holy Spirit" because the feelings are so overpowering. They claim it's the Holy Spirit. It's a fake spirit.
You can actually sit in these churches, and I have, and I've seen demons rise up out of these people that were being slain and laying on the floor. These demons, they're like almost humanoid-type demons. I don't know how to describe 'em. They actually look human, but they have no hair, they're just bald. They're like, 5'6." They look like they don't have no clothes on. They're just skinless. And they jump in people and make them fall backwards. And then when they stand up to get out of the person, that's when the person is able to regain their feet and stand back up. Yeah, if you've got eyes to see, you can go into these Pentecostal churches and see this kind of thing happening all over the place.
And these pastors that are Masons have sworn their allegiance to Satan. And so, when people come up to them for prayer, to be delivered, they take demons out of them and put them in the person standing behind them in the line. They'll just switch demons around all day long. So you go in there for prayer for one thing, and several months later you're dealing with something else, because they took that one demon out of you and gave you someone else's. Gave you something else to deal with. It's actually quite pathetic.

The Lord Won't Force Truth on Anyone

But there's so many who don't pray for the truth in all things, so the Lord can't open these people's eyes. He can't reveal the truth to you if you don't want it. And He's not gonna knock you over the head and say, "This is the truth, I want you to believe it." He won't do it. That's why, you know, so many of us get aggravated because we have to learn the hard way. You have to learn by experience, going through it. Been there, done that. Why didn't He save me from it to begin with so I didn't have to go down that road? He wants you to learn. And you weren't asking. He doesn't--He's not gonna force truth on anyone. Trust me, He doesn't. You have to beg for truth. He doesn't force it on you. I've been begging for it for 12 years. You ask Him every day, "Give me the truth in all things." Seek Him for it every single day. And ask for discernment and wisdom.
The Battle of the Sheep - Sleeping Sheep Will Hate the Sheep Who Are Trying to Wake Them Up

You know, these times are coming, folks. When I was looking at Matthew 24--the Lord always has me in here lately--talks about "wars and rumours of wars," and"nation against nation," and "kingdom against kingdom." And we get that part. We've been there for a while now. What's the next thing? And "these are the beginning of sorrows," verse 8 and 9. "Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake. And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another." Many shall be offended? Since when did people start killing each other because they were--what's this talk about? They're offended?
There's nothing that can lead to war faster than a spiritual reason. When Sananda comes, and the Benny Hinns, and the TBNs, and everybody starts promoting him as Jesus the Son of God of the Bible, and the real Christians stand up to say he's a fake, he's a liar, he's a phony, they're gonna see civil war on the Internet alone. There's gonna be the battle of YouTubes, the battle of forums, the battle of church denominations, the battle of the sheep. It's going to literally be a battle of the sheep. The awake against those who support Sananda. That's what's gonna lead to the pickups, because the real churches probably actually support the death of those who don't agree with them. They're gonna hate the Christians who are trying to wake them up and warn them he's a fake, he's a fraud. It's gonna be a civil war. Just among the Christians.

Sananda Will Have His Opposition Eliminated Before His Arrival

And to make it easier for Sananda--'cause he's the one behind all this to begin with. He's the one behind FEMA. The Giants are actually his forces anyway, to begin with. He'll have the people who don't accept him, all those who oppose him and resist against him, he'll have them rounded up and murdered so that when he does physically arrive, there's not so much resistance against him. Because what happens next, in Matthew 24, it's talking about "And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many." Because you're gonna have the Benny Hinns, and the Osteens, and everybody all standing up to promote Sananda as Jesus the Son of God. And he's gonna be off on his little "I'm Jesus" tour throughout the world. You know, he'll be busy in Israel building on the charade that he's the Son of God and stuff. And so, this is what's coming, folks.
So they wanna get rid of the opposition before he arrives, as much as possible, so that the sheep war doesn't detract from the fact that, "Hey, he's here. He's arrived."

Obama, the Pope, and Hillary Clinton Are Workng in Agreement with Sananda

So I suspect, over the next several months, through the spring, there's going to be this rising sheep war, I call it. I don't know what else to call it. The war of the sheep. It's actually the Antichrist war on the saints. Remember, the first thing he does, and he works it in the background, is begin a war on the saints. And if I was to look at exactly what's being shown to me in the Codes today, I would have to say it's Obama and Sananda, because they're working hand in hand. People don't realize this. You do if you're on my show. They work hand in hand. They have pacts together. They have agreements together. They're working together with the pope to bring in Sananda.
Everybody's on the Vatican bandwagon. Get over the Vatican thing. What a waste--it's not a waste of time because it's the whore, it's the harlot that burns with fire. It's gonna be destroyed. Babylon--it's the leader of Babylon that's the Antichrist. According to the Old Testament prophets. So that's what we go by. That's what I go by. I go by everything--what the Bible says. The leader of Babylon right now is Obama. And what I see in the Codes is Obama has agreementts with Sananda. This whole FEMA roundup thing, the war of the sheep, this is all being instigated and designed between Obama and Sananda. Between these two. You know, I see Rome mentioned every once in a while. That's not dominant here.
So these two are gonna be--and if Obama's replaced, you know, let's not hold our breath. I don't think he's going to be unless it's Hillary, because she's very dominant in martial law and pickups. She works behind the scenes on this. And she has her own alignments, and allegiances, and loyalties with this Sananda, and this whole Ashtar Command, and this alien New Age order that I've been talking about for years. She is aligned up her ying with them. She's their girl. And she's gonna be the one that's behind getting all this pickup stuff and martial law coming and stuff like that, too, so. It's very knee-deep. Up to her eyebrows. She's more dominant than Obama is. So this kind of stuff is what's coming, folks. And I can't give you months. And, you know, with so many things--remember I told you that it's all gonna happen very quickly once things start? The bathtub effect. That's basically what we're going to be looking at.

Designer Chemtrails Targeting Believers

Amongst all this, you have all these pestilences coming. You see "dung spreader" in the Bible Codes, and they're gonna be chemtrailing all these wicked viruses and pestilence everywhere, making people deathly sick. And these are like, designer chemtrails because they're targeting believers. They're targeting the sheep. So they're finding out where you live so they can dump chemtrails over your head. They are targeting you, folks, with the chemtrails. So, if you weren't paranoid before, now you have a reason to be. And why stay paranoid? Just get your areas saturated with orgone, because orgone will keep the chemtrails from sticking in your area. Yeah, the targeting's on. The war is on. The war against the sheep. In many ways.
Make My Article on Sananda into Videos and Make Them Viral - Get the Warnings Out There

Well, anyway, folks, I'll be back on Thursday with Aliens in the News at 10 o'clock here on BTR. And, as usual, I have no idea what I'll be talking about. That makes the show so exciting, don't you think? I never know what I'm gonna talk about, I just show up. Let the Lord lead the show. Been doin' that for years. I don't have a producer. He's the producer.

Anyway, folks, have an article on my website about Sananda. [Sananda] I put a page of information together about him so you could make videos and get it viral to warn the people about this fake Jesus that's coming. You know, just take any info you want. Take pictures, info, whatever, and make videos and get the warnings out there.

Anyway, until Thursday, everybody. Yah bless.


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