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Thursday January 12th, 2012

Thursdays With Sherry Shriner

And hello everybody it's Thursdays with Sherry Shriner and a couple things I want to talk about today. If you have a question for the show you can call in at 877 245-5648 I'll be taking calls today. Try to do that on every Thursday, call in day. See what you guys are up to out there.

You know I was looking at this story that's been going around Yahoo and it's supposedly about Chavez. The title of the article big atomic bomb will come out. "Iran's Ahmadinejad, Venezuela's Chavez Joke About Atomic Bomb"*(entire article at end of Sherry's transcript)

Chavez has kahunas

And you know what? This is total propaganda. This article is so untrue. It's totally planted propaganda. Because you know why? Because they've been totally trying to kill Chavez forever. I'm starting to think this guy has the same protection as the Lord gives me. They can't kill me either and neither can they kill Chavez. There's allot of Americans who like Chavez. Chavez has offered to do allot of things for the people here.
And he's got kahunas. He's not afraid to stand up to the big boys of the new world order. He's not one of them. I don't know what he's a part of but he's not one of them which is why they want to kill him. They can't control him.

And so this whole article is a set-up because what they want to do is blame a false flag on Chavez. It's actually amongst the talks with the freaks in DC. They want to bomb a southern state and blame it on Chavez. So they're laying the ground work. They're sending out propaganda like this. So when it does happen they can point back and say "Look at the article we posted back in January about the exchange between him and Ahmadinejad" or mini brain cells as I use to call him -- still do.

Because this is what they want to blame it on. They're setting him up. You're seeing the set-up. Oh look they joked about setting the atomic bomb off. You know? And then we see an atomic bomb go off in America and people will be well look this guy was laughing about it in this article a few months ago and look he did it. And this article is a total falsification.

It's a total lie. Total propaganda. Their picture looks photo shopped and I'm just a complete amateur. You know I usually can't tell when pictures are photo-shopped it certainly looks like this one is. Yeah Chavez isn't friends with the bullies the new world order. But he's a friend of the American people.

So very interesting that all this is getting set-up. I was reading an article somebody had sent to me about the Def-con 4 warning -- and that was interesting -- the gist of that is if you guys saw that Monday Night football game between San Francisco and Pittsburgh, that was just played in Pittsburgh -- that was a disaster. It was on after my show. I caught it after my show or...I don't even remember. But I caught the game and before it even started there was a huge blackout. It was a 30 minute delay in the stadium and so the game finally gets under way and then in the 2nd quarter another black-out hit another 15, 20 minute delay...that whole game was a disaster.

I didn't see the whole thing but I did see the blackout part. Anyway then there were reports circulating on the Internet that there was a UFO that actually caused the black-out, I don't know if you saw now this Def-con guy who watches the warning signals...that's the warning system...said that was a signal that they're getting prepared to strike in 3 weeks...and he's looking at signs like they all do. And he says Katy Perry is singing about California Girl was a hint where the target was gonna take place. They used one of her songs...I don't know, one of their latest rituals ceremonies, award ceremonies or whatever something. Then Lady Gaga -- big cheer leader is singing about the paparazzi. You can't escape the paparazzi -- that's actually a subliminal message for you can't escape the new world order.

It was interesting but his assessment was that there would be a bomb attack in California the 27th, the 28th of this month. Now I know they want to bomb California, everybody does it's always been on their target list to bomb San Francisco or L.A. but so have other cities -- you know they've always had a top 10 list and so if they bomb California, it would be southern California near San Diego and they're trying to set-up Chavez as the patsy. Because they want to take him down.

They want to take Chavez down. They want to go to war with Iran.

So look, 2 birds and 1 stone with one propaganda article. Featuring Iran and Chavez. Iran and Venezuela. You know I don't see anything in the Codes about any nuking of California or anywhere for January. So I'll throw that out there. But I can also tell you this that there's allot of stuff I'm not shown in the Codes -- stuff that goes on behind the scenes. I can figure it out afterwards after an event happens.
Allot of times I don't catch things that are planned.

Because just too many things are planned to keep an eye on for all this stuff -- I'm only one person. I already spend almost every waking moment in the Codes when I'm not spending time with my kids so it very well could happen. I know that this false flag is coming. I know it's going to be taken out of the hands of what we call the new world order cabal.

And what you normally think of when you hear the new world order cabal is Rothschild and Rockefeller and the Queen and the Pope and the Bushes and our Clinton's and the government we have now and all their little satanic friends around the world who are involved with this new world order crowd -- that would be Kissinger and Timothy Geithner and Ben Bernanke and all these money people behind the scenes that you don't always hear about and who are the one's that set policy and decide which direction we're gonna go in.

Millions of 'em

The powers actually going to be taken out of their hands and it can be at any time because if you remember I told you about the Illuminati itself -- have blood-line families -- we know of 13 there could be many more and there are many more but they have like this core of 13 is supposedly the top. I'm not sure if that's even true -- I'm not -- I'm sure it's true what I'm saying is I'm not sure it's limited to 13 names there's so many of them. There's millions. You know we're not just talking about 100,000 of these satanic freaks. There's millions of them. We just don't know all of them because they mingle in society amongst us. They're just not at the top of the hog pen I guess you could call it because hogs are an abomination and hence the term hog pen.

So above them is this council that satan has that pretty much rule over the Illuminati families. I think it's interesting that if you've ever heard that song "Kashmir" is a song by the English rock band Led Zeppelin
[From: ]

Kashmir lyrics
Songwriters: James Page;Robert Plant;John Bonham

Oh let the sun beat down upon my face
Stars to fill my dreams
I am a traveler of both time and space
To be where I have been

Secret elders of the gentle race
This world is seldom seen
They talk of days for which they sit and wait
All will be revealed

Talk and song from tongues of lilting grace
Whose sounds caress my ear
But not a word I heard could I relate
The story was quite clear
Woah, woah

Ooh, oh baby I been flying
Lord yeah mama, there ain't no denyin'
Oh, ooh yes, I've been flying
Mama ma, ain't no denyin', no denyin'

Oh all I see turns to brown as the sun burns the ground
And my eyes fill with sand as I scan this wasted land
Trying to find, trying to find where I been

Oh, pilot of the storm who leaves no trace
Like thoughts inside a dream
Heed the path that led me to that place
Yellow desert screen

My Shangri-La beneath the summer moon
I will return again
Sure as the dust that floats high in June
When movin' through Kashmir

Oh, father of the four winds
Fill my sails, across the sea of years
With no provision but an open face
'Long the straits of fear
Woah, woah, woah


Well, when I want
When I'm on my way, yeah
When I see
When I see the way, you stay, yeah

Ooh, yeah yeah, ooh, yeah yeah, well I'm down, yes
Ooh, yeah yeah, ooh, yeah yeah, well I'm down, so down
Ooh, my baby, ooh, my baby, let me take you there

Oh oh, come on, come on
Oh, let me take you there
Let me take you there
Ooh, yeah yeah, ooh, yeah yeah

Ashtar Command is Kashmir

I think he refers to this council in "Kashmir". If you listen to the lyrics to that song...but there's a council and different things the new agers refer to them in different terms as the Ashtar Command. You'll hear about the Galactic Federation and all this stuff but you know what it's the Ashtar Command that rules over earth with the Illuminati families as their pawns. And the Illuminati families are the seed line of these aliens. You know they're hybrid families from fallen angels because aliens are nothing but fallen angels and they get their directions and orders, marching orders from the Ashtar Command. And Henry Kissinger is probably the main person in the USA in direct contact with them.

Also Rothschild in Europe are in direct contact with them. I know you always hear about the Rothschild but Kissinger probably the worst. Every president has had the misery of having to deal with Kissinger as long as I can remember. He has always been in the background controlling things because he's the main go to person in America for the Ashtar Command. Just as Rothschild is in Europe and so you know they can take it out of the seed -- the human hands -- the Illuminati families and do things themselves like they did with 9/11. You know I had a picture on my web site and you could see a UFO in the distance. And the beams that were struck at those buildings to pulverize them, I believe came straight from those UFOs.

UFO technology behind 9/11

Yeah they laid the ground work they put the charges in the buildings, but it wasn't the airplanes that set it off it was the beams from those UFOs. And they can do it any time they want to. They can nuke a southern city and blame it on -- have it blamed on whoever. Part of this Ashtar Command is Sananda. And I've been talking about Sananda this fake Jesus who is coming. He's also a member of this Ashtar Command. Maitreya was a top chief, one of the top chiefs along with Hatton. They call Hatton by several names. They call him Michael the Archangel and I have a picture of him at of Hatton because he admits to being a tall grey alien. So I have a picture of what his human, his humanoid body looks like and his original self the grey alien. So you know keep the humanoid body because the grey alien is really ugly.

But that's what these aliens are that we're dealing with. They're fallen angels and fallen angels lost their looks they lost their bodies. The other ones the giants the humanoids they're part of a different rebellion and a different judgment. You know when you're looking at reptilians and lizards and these tall grey aliens.

And these ugly creature aliens -- they were the one's who lost their looks and they were the ones who initially fell with satan 1000's of years ago when satan rebelled against the Lord -- they took satan's side. Because part of their judgment is they lost their original looks. The others, the giants and the humanoids we're gonna be dealing with were Watchers who fell from heaven because they wanted to come down to earth to procreate with human women. They're part of a different rebellion. Their rebellion against the Lord. Enoch talks about it in Chapter 1.

So at any time, this Council can take control away from their seed lines here on earth and make things happen. So if we were to be bombed the end of January. It would be something that they've set up. Something that they could do. And then give the credit to the Illuminati families or however the occultic people credit themselves with stuff. So yeah it's possible but like I said I'm not seeing anything for the end of January but what I am seeing is -- I'm gonna talk more about it Monday night is they're really trying to trump up an alien invasion threat for the next several months and I -- I don't take this stuff sitting down...I'm thinking I mean what can we do?...are we ready, are we prepared are we doing enough and I think we can beat this one, it's beatable. I mean look at what we did last year. Look at what we've been doing over the years.

Look how the Faction 4 destroyed satan's kingdom in 2011

Look at the huge plans we destroyed in September and November. I mean we closed down a portal at LAX in November. They couldn't even bring in their little voodoo crap then. New agers wanting to and the Mayans wanting to open portals and bring in demons. Yeah, all that went to naught. All that went to nothing. P-X nothing. The red cloud nothing. We've done so much damage and we are going to continue to do it. They want to come in? Bring it on. Bring it on.

I wish there were things that I could say -- but I really can't right now. But all I can say is bring it on. (Sherry is laughing and laughing and ...) You know if I'm laughing it's because something good is around the corner. Gonna happen for us...and it is. But we gotta get busy folks. We can't be sitting on our thumbs. Especially now. I know everybody wants a breather. I want a breather. After the year I had last year. But there's really no time -- no time for breathers. I'm already plotting and planning and trying to figure out how I'm gonna get my next target area done.

You know the Lord puts target area's on my mind. And that's what I focus on and I don't necessarily talk about those during radio shows. He puts things on my mind. Things to do so that's what I'm busy doing. There's no time for a breather folks. I was talking about various things with a friend of mine and there's a huge, huge FEMA base in Hobbs, New Mexico.

Hobbs, New Mexico

So if anybody can go get that place with orgone -- that's Hobbs H-O-B-B-S -- New Mexico. We need to get it done. We need to target all these FEMA camps. Because I don't think it is going to be humans who will be manning them for very long I've told you giants are gonna take over them and man them. They're gonna be FEMA. So, while we can. We need to get -- if there's a FEMA camp in your state we need to find it and get it done and don't always expect to find this on maps folks. There's so much that I find when I just go out and start driving. They don't put lakes on maps. There's stuff I've gone into that are not on maps. They're on older maps.

If you get maps from the 70's those are some of the best maps because they leave so much stuff off the newer maps. Trying to hide stuff. Trying to hide and so I'll just be out driving around and run into stuff. The Lord will just direct me. Don't ever think you get lost -- with good reason -- I always get 'lost' when I'm out driving around. The Lord always ends up leading me to the front gate of something. I'll tell you what. Just be prepared and get it done. Get the jobs done folks.


So they've got false flags they are planning -- setting up people. They want to set-up Chavez. They want to set-up Iran. Two birds with one stone because they want to take out Chavez and they don't want the American people getting angry over it. And they want to go to war with Iran. They're sending 1000's of troops to Israel calling it a training exercise -- which we know is a deployment because even the Bible talks about Jerusalem -- I want to try to think of the exact wording -- the presence of gentiles in Jerusalem. So you're going to have NATO forces in Jerusalem. I don't even think they're going to destroy Israel but they don't completely get it.

Jeruselum the planned nwo International City

Look at Tel Aviv officially Tel Aviv-Yafo. They're gonna get parts of Israel in WWIII. But they're not totally going to destroy Jerusalem and they don't want to. They want to make Jerusalem their new international city for the new world order, their new world economic and political order and religious order that is coming. They want to make Jerusalem the center of it and what I find interesting is that little scripture in Isaiah. Is it Isaiah? I think Obadiah, I think it's Obadiah {ed.note Obadiah means "the worshiper of God." The prophet would be known only by that which his name imports, that he worshiped God.} talks about the destruction of Damascus.

Isaiah 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.
Damascus Isa 7:8 Ge 14:15 15:2 1Ki 11:24 1Ch 18:5 2Ch 28:5,23 Jer 49:23-27 Am 1:3-5 Zec 9:1 Ac 9:2

Damascus is Isa 8:4 10:9 2Ki 16:9

ruinous Isa 25:2 37:26 Jer 49:2 Mic 1:6 3:12

Isaiah 17:1 "...ruinous heap..."
And the thing about Damascus is it's never been destroyed. It's the longest standing city on earth.
It's never been destroyed but the Bible talks about it being destroyed -- It talks about Damascus. Damascus's Destruction. So we know what's coming because it's gonna lead to the destruction of Damascus. So many people think that nothing bad's gonna happen until the rapture happens. And you know what folks? You're playing into the hands of the Illuminati. You really are because they know what the churches believe because they preach these false doctrines up in them. And use their pawns in the denominations and religions to push their own agenda's.

You know they tell their own people they're initiates, their recruits that satan's gonna come and he's gonna protect his bride. He's gonna take his bride away and protect them and his bride is all the satan freaks that serve him. He is going to take all of them and protect them during the times that are coming. So satan is going to have his own little rapture type thing. And you know what's funny is they don't even believe their own garbage. Because if they believed this Bill Gates wouldn't be running to India. The Walmart folks wouldn't be running to Africa to build an underground base. You know these people are every where. The guy who runs Seti he's in the Antarctic.

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet running & hiding

I mean they're running all over the world to dig and build hide outs and hide from what's coming. They're leaving America. They're leaving the country. They're going to hide. So if they really believe that satan is going to protect them. Why the rush to go hide? Where's your faith in satan? You little satan freaks. They even know he's a liar. They serve him because they have to. You get to a certain point where all the window dressing comes off when you're in the occult. You realize you are knee deep in the occult and you can't get out and all the lies and deceptions you were told leading up to that point you were fooled by it, but you are so deep into it, you are sold scalped by then and they realize what a farce it's all been. But they have to play the charade for the newer initiates. Play like it's something cool to get involved with.

Join the great white brotherhood they have to keep up the charade, keep the window dressing up so they can deceive all these other men into joining these secret organizations. Because if they can get men, on default they target all of the off spring of the men who join these. So by default if you have a family member that's involved in secret societies the masons or any of em. When they join these secret societies they give up all the names of family members. And they become targets of those societies. They become targets of the demonic realm.

Cut the generational curses out of your life

So allot of these people that have family members in the masons and in other societies don't realize why they're being targeted with so many demonic things happening in their lives. They don't understand where it's coming from. Now the Bible says we suffer the sins of 7 generations sins of our fathers. Seven generations folks and satan never forgets. And satan dots his i's and crosses his T's -- and he knows who he is allowed to legally target -- his legal access is what he calls it -- his legal access to people and of course the people don't realize what's going on. And they're born and they grow up in this world and they're dealing with night terrors and demonic attacks and see things and hear things normal people just don't and can't understand why. That's why. Generational curses folks. Generational attachments.

Southern States

Anyway a heads up on a couple southern states. Southern California, Arizona, Texas, Florida. You got to wonder what happened to Alabama. You know the Queen always wanted to nuke the southern states because she hated the Bible Belt. She didn't like the Bible Belt states and that would be -- probably be Georgia, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina those states in through there -- considered more Bible Belt getting up there Bible Belt Texas -- Oklahoma. Follow where the beast prophets are because they move into the states -- their satanic temples that they call churches. And start fleecing the sheep. So.

And I'll be keeping an eye on California because there's allot coming up with that state and we're trying to get allot of orgone work done out there and we need warriors to just stand up and get that area. They have special plans for that state. They want to degrade it so bad that the state defaults so the government can take control of it and what they want pretty much to do is set California up as a test state. So they can set up all these programs -- they're probably already doing it. So they can set up all of these programs to test on people. You're going to become experiments.

They want to experiment on the people and you are already lab rats because California is one of thee worst states out of the 52 states that we have as far as meat production goes because they're eating cloned meat and don't even know it. And I just found that out and I was trying to find out what the list of states ranked bad to worst. Because you know cloned meat is out, they have been cloning meat. But at the top of the list for the worst of the worst is California. They're cloning allot of meat. And people are eating cloned meat you're not getting real beef. Real chicken you're getting cloned meat.

You are test subjects for the government. No wonder so many of them are vegetarians out there. Also Texas, Florida -- you're eating tainted meat. You can't De-contaminate meat. I guess the safest states to be in right now as far as meat goes -- if you're getting real food in the grocery stores would be the Midwest states and the east coast and the upper Dakotas. North and South Dakota -- Midwest area to the east coast.

That swatch of the country is -- still has more real meat -- has more real meat for sale than any other states. Listen to your instincts folks. Listen to that little voice in your heart that you think is intuition. If you feel lead to stop eating red meat. Stop eating it. Stop eating chicken. I'm not saying eating meat is bad. I'm saying eating the meat they are selling us at the grocery stores is bad. It's cloned meat. That's just nasty.

Anyway if you have a question for the show you can call in at: (877)245-5648. Let's see what's going on.

Power Outages

Sherry: Hello caller you're on the air.

Caller: Morning Sherry.

Sherry: Hey how ya do'in?

Caller: I finally got a little snow today. Winter storm coming.

Sherry: Saw that on the weather radar. Couple states getting a storm today.

Caller: We had a sickness going around our section of Iowa that everyone's been getting it it spreads and everyone got it. And it lasts for a couple weeks and it's into your throat, but yeah we had chem trails before Christmas -- LOTS -- and I think they sprayed something.

Sherry: Yeah

Caller: Cause everyone's got it.

Sherry: Hmm-mm

Caller: Did you see where Justin Beiber they showed a picture he got a tattoo on the back of his leg of Jesus with thorns on His head.

Sherry: No I was laughing last year when he got his name tattooed on his arm and it was spelled the wrong way.

Caller: That's funny but yeah he got a big one on the back of his leg and they showed it was Jesus with a big crown of thorns on His head...I don't know what that's suppose to mean?

Sherry: Oh they're all promoting Jesus now -- I mean look at what they're doing with Tim Teibow. In Colorado the Denver Bronco's making ...

Caller: ...I didn't see the game...

Sherry: ...making him look like a god...

Caller: I just saw that on You Tube a couple days ago about that UFO, was that a cloud? Or a signal from the UFO?

Sherry: Oh what game?

Caller: ...above the game.

Sherry: Denver's game?

Caller: No the one where the power went out and the halo above the sky dome...

Sherry: San Francisco

Caller: What?

Sherry: I never saw it on TV. They didn't show the halo on TV. I just...

Caller: ...oh no I saw it on YouTube.

Sherry: Yeah I saw it when it happened and...I was watching it...

Caller: ...who do you think it was?

Sherry: This could have took me by surprise. I was just watching the game. The power went out. It took forever for the game to took forever for the game to start...

Caller: They didn't have any power outages here in Iowa.

Sherry: We had it out here and my eyebrows went up because I know when they start their little pick ups the first thing they're gonna do is knock out power. And I've been telling people when the power goes out grab your flood lights and grab your gun because they have night vision equipment and they can sneak up around your house and you won't even see 'em coming. So I know that's one of their plans

Caller: Flash light and gun that won't do me a bit of good -- I have no place to hide they'll get me, but I don't want to go but...

Sherry: What goods it gonna do them? Flash you flash light in their face. You know? What goods it gonna do them if you got flood lights running on batteries? You know? Point and shoot.

Caller: I guess do what you gotta do.

Sherry: Protect yourself, protect your neighbor.

Caller: Yesterday was the 11th did you see the 11th? I was watching that big earthquake on the 11th.

Sherry: Aww I didn't pay attention.

Caller: Philippines 7 point something.

Sherry: hm-mm

Caller: They've been having allot of quakes lately. What was that one in Arizona. Between the two, there was a big earthquake in Arizona a few days ago.

Sherry: I don't know.

Caller: A hot spot they said it was between 2 old volcanoes.

Sherry: You know we have so many 1000's of earthquakes in America every day -- yeah, I just don't pay attention any more. It would have to be a 9 to get my attention. I get these emails all day long from the USGS about earthquakes.

Caller: Yeah they don't post 'em all and...

Sherry:'s all day long and

Caller: big they really are, don't tell you where they all are. Change 'em over to the last week if it happened in the last hour so...

Sherry: Yeah, it's like changing

Caller: And seeing this last week and within the last hour so...they're really not reliable.

Sherry: Yeah I mean they said we've had 4 here in Youngstown Ohio. I've heard of one.

Caller: Isn't that due to mining though?

Sherry: Yeah the fracking.

Caller: Yeah

Sherry: And it's gonna get bad because last year in Oklahoma there were 2000 earthquakes because of the fracking and now they've just started doing it in Southern Ohio and so we're gonna get hammered.

Caller: Does that mean the ground underneath is collapsing?

Sherry: They're drilling it. They're pulling -- I don't know what they're doing. They're drilling it for natural gas. So...

Caller: That's scary.

Sherry: Most of them you don't even feel. I mean...I don't know...

Caller: Did you hear of anything big happening yesterday? On the 11th? Because that's usually a date they say 1-11.

Sherry: I haven't heard of anything. I haven't heard of anything yet. So I don't know I've heard they're having policy meetings on what false flag they can pull off next. And who they can blame it on.

Caller: It's actually been kinda quiet, don't hear any more about the protestors or Glenn Beck and his big things going on everything's changing so hear so much about it and then all of the sudden nothing...

Sherry: Yeah, well when it's quiet they're plotting.

Caller: Yeah it seems they are because it's been very quiet.

Sherry: They are plotting when it gets quiet...they're trying to bring in Sananda, that's their biggest thing. And they're using everything possible. I mean they're planning false flags, they want an alien invasion so then they can bring in Jesus to rescuing us from this alien invasion. They've got plans underway. Probably talk more about it on Monday but you know, you never know.

Caller: Well I just wondered about that.

January is a prepare month

Sherry: I think January's gonna be a get ready month -- prepare month. Because it's gonna be an early Spring and they're already trying to come outta the gate with all kinds of things that have been prevented already.

Caller: There hasn't been any big giant UFO sightings or anything?

Sherry: There's going to be.

Caller: ...been kinda quiet...

Sherry: ...there's going to be...

Caller: ...about that...

Sherry: There's gonna be. I see caravans in the Codes where they're gonna be caravanning over -- you know...many ships together stuff like that. So it's coming, they got -- it's there it's coming.

Caller: Well keep us updated on all the new stuff that's coming out you usually do so I'll let somebody else talk so thank you.

Sherry: Alright.

Caller: Bye bye

Sherry: OK thanks for calling in, bye.

They always have something they're plotting when it's quiet folks. If you have a question for the show you can call in at (877)245-5648 Another thing I want to mention is city people. You need to toughen up because you know you're talking about FEMA pickups and to them city people are the easiest target. Most city people only have 1 to 3 days food stored up. Most of them are unarmed. For living in the city you wouldn't think that but there are more armed people living in the country than cities.

City Folk and Country Folk

They're more concerned coming after country folk than they are the city folks. In the cities they can block off an area and hoard everybody onto FEMA buses fairly quickly -- without much resistance. They do as they're told by the police. And so from what I heard city people are allot softer and allot easier targets for them. So we need to reverse that a little folks. If you're in the city you need to get tough. Get armed. Become a threat to them. Make them think twice hey they're going to think twice if they try to cordon off a block of maybe a thousand people and half of them are armed.

Get concealed carry permits and learn how to use weapons. Know how to protect yourselves. Because all they're doing every day and night is thinking up ways to destroy you. Just because you are a Bible believing Christian. They want to destroy you so learn how to protect yourselves folks.

Yes the Lord is our protector but He also said to use wisdom. In other words do for yourself and He will bless it. I get so tired of people who just don't want to get off the couch. That's what religious mind control conditioning does for ya.


When Israel went to war. When their enemies were surrounding coming against her, the Lord always had them prepare. Esther's biggest challenge when she was a queen, was that Israel had become so lax in their slavery that they had totally disarmed. They didn't have weapons, which was a Commandment from the Lord that they have weapons. Old Israel everybody had a weapon.

Because when they went to war they didn't have their own weapons -- a government handing out government issued guns. Every man had a weapon and he went to war. So Esther becomes queen and her biggest thing is she has to rearm people.

Esther rearms the Lords people

Because she knows the war is coming up against them and they're going to get slaughtered. So she spent her time rearming the people because they had gotten lax and disarmed. Don't ever get too lax folks to the point where you can't protect yourself and your families. Re Arm. Don't disarm.

You got your eyes open? You're a threat

The wars on folks. Satan's war on the saints there's going to be -- this is the year you are going to see the rise of attacks against Christians -- the war on the saints. They are targeting the sheep. It's the biggest thing on their agenda right now. Non religious patriots aren't a threat to them. What and who are a threat to them are believers in the Lord who have their eyes open. Who are against the new world order who pray. Praying believers. Because they are the most effective in and the most powerful. The rest are just church sheep.

If they've got you sitting in a church every single Sunday under one of their seminary pastors. A pastor who's graduated from one of their seminaries you're not a threat to them because you're under their control. They control the seminaries. They control the pastors that come out. And tow the statuesque. They control all that. What they fear are people who break out of the religious mind control conditioning. Break out of the denominations and ask the Lord for the truth in all things and wake up to what's going on around them. Those are the ones they fear because those are the ones the Lord can use.

Those are the one's the Lord uses to do exploits against satan and his kingdom in tearing down his strong holds. They're a huge threat to satan and his kingdom. So that's the one's their targeting folks. And not to mention that the coming of Sananda and Tim Teibow and his John 3:16.

You might think that's real nice but it's an agenda it's a plan. They want everybody finding religion again. They want everybody loving Jesus again. They want everybody loving Jesus. You know why? Because they're bringing in this Sananda this fake Jesus, and eventually there's going to be forced worship, that everyone has to worship him. They're gonna enforce the blue laws the Sunday laws. They want everyone to go to church and worship him. That stuffs coming.

The Elect and The Bride

There's going to be a huge war. Christian against Christian -- coming up. Because there will be those who know who and what Sananda is and there's going to be the Christians who are totally blind to the truth and are going to accept Sananda as Jesus the Son of God. So there's literally going to be a war just between believers. And it's going to escalate to the point where they will happily persecute their fellow believers who oppose and resist Sananda.

So your own family. Your own friends. Your own church members, they're going to be persecuting -- helping the government persecute those who don't follow Sananda. Who don't accept this fake Jesus who's coming as god. I see a huge sheep war coming. I don't know what else to call it. It's going to start out as back biting and you know what? We do that every day on the Internet now. I mean if you look at it -- I'm always attacked by fellow breather-en -- believers. "I got God I don't need orgone." Well if you asked God what you need He'd tell you to get orgone. There's back biting and fighting all day long on the Internet between believers.

Will the head in the sand crowd wake up in time?

Look how long it took for those who wouldn't believe that Bush was a satanist. Then look how long it took for people with Obama -- realizing he's not who he's saying he was.

Look how long it took for Christians to believe the new world order even exists until Bush announced it -- literally from his mouth and they still won't believe it.

They still believe the government wants to do good for America. They still have their heads buried in the sand. And you guys know what it's like to go out there and pound the pavement. And try to wake people up to what the truth is.

But wait till Sananda arrives. It's gonna be a literal -- I don't even know what to call it. It's pure out war trying to wake people up. You're trying to save these people's souls.

They are gonna end up losing their souls

But you know what? Those people who follow this Sananda that is coming -- this fake Jesus that's coming. They are gonna end up losing their souls. Now the churches are all deceived into thinking "Hey we're not gonna be deceived." Yeah. The deceptions gonna be really good and even the elect won't be deceived. Yeah it's so good the elect could have been but they won't be.

Biggest way to tell

They consider themselves the Elect. They're not the Elect. There's two groups. The Bride and the Elect. You know how the biggest way you can tell who's in what group?

The Elect know the Name of the Son of God. The Elect knows His Name. His Name is Yahushua. People call Him Yashua. Yahshewa, Yahushua that's His Name, not Jesus! And the Elect call Him by His real Name. So that's a big way to tell what you're looking at. The Elect or the Bride.

Because the Bride still with their heads buried in the sand 2000 years later calling Him Jesus. And now when this Jesus does come, this Sananda. They're gonna be totally fooled by him. It doesn't say the Bride's not going to be deceived it says the Bride is going to be tested.

Please oh please peeps WAKE UP!!!

It says the Elect won't be deceived because your eyes are already open. You already know what's going on around you. You're already sounding the alarms screaming for everybody else to wake up.

It will be a huge -- a huge coming division between the Elect and the Bride. A huge war. The Elect trying to wake everybody up and the Bride hating 'em and being the reason for allot of the persecutions that are coming up against everyone that's coming up so more about it on Monday. Still trying to peg out in the Codes -- what I see coming in the next several months. It's a zoo. It really is. It's a total zoo. I know they want retaliation for us knocking out Maitreya.

But that's nothing new. They always want retaliation for us for something. But anyway folks. Be back on Monday night at 10 o'clock. Till than everybody Yah Bless.

Iran's Ahmadinejad, Venezuela's Chavez Joke About Atomic Bomb

By Andrew Cawthorne and Brian Ellsworth

CARACAS, Jan 9 (Reuters) - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez lavished each other with praise on Monday, mocked U.S. disapproval and joked about having an atomic bomb at their disposal.

"Despite those arrogant people who do not wish us to be together, we will unite forever," the Iranian president told socialist leader Chavez at the start of a visit to four left-leaning Latin American nations.

Despite their geographical distance, the fiery anti-U.S. ideologues have forged increasingly close ties between their fellow OPEC nations in recent years, although concrete projects have often lagged behind the rhetoric.

Ahmadinejad was in Venezuela at the start of a tour intended to shore up support as expanded Western economic sanctions kick in over the Islamic Republic's nuclear program.

"The imperialist madness has been unleashed in a way that has not been seen for a long time," Chavez said in a ceremony to welcome Ahmadinejad at his presidential palace in Caracas.

Both men hugged, beamed, held hands and showered each other with praise.

As he often does, the theatrical and provocative Chavez stuck his finger right into the global political sore spot, joking that a bomb was ready under a grassy knoll in front of his Miraflores palace steps.

"That hill will open up and a big atomic bomb will come out," he said, the two men laughing together.

"The imperialist spokesmen say ... Ahmadinejad and I are going into the Miraflores basement now to set our sights on Washington and launch cannons and missiles ... It's laughable."

U.S. officials from President Barack Obama down have expressed disquiet over Venezuela's close ties with Iran. They fear Chavez will weaken the international diplomatic front against Iran and could give Tehran an economic lifeline.

The United States and its allies believe Iran's nuclear policy is aimed at producing a weapon. Iran says it is only for peaceful power generation.

As well as Venezuela, Ahmadinejad plans to visit Nicaragua, Cuba and Ecuador -- a visit that Washington has said shows its "desperation" for friends.


Those nations' governments share Chavez's broad global views, but do not have Venezuela's economic clout and are unable to offer Iran any significant assistance.

Regional economic powerhouse Brazil, which gave the Iranian leader a warm welcome when he visited during the previous government of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, was notably absent from his agenda this time.

Analysts are watching closely to see if Chavez will back Iran's threat to close the Strait of Hormuz, the world's most important oil shipping lane, or how much he could undermine the sanctions by providing fuel or cash to Tehran.

Ahmadinejad, who is subordinate to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on foreign policy, has said little about the rising tensions with the West, including the sentencing to death of an Iranian-American man for spying for the CIA.

The Venezuelan and Iranian leaders mostly limited their comments on Monday to mutual adulation and anti-U.S. snipes.

"President Chavez is the champion in the war on imperialism," Ahmadinejad said.

"The only bombs we're preparing are bombs against poverty, hunger and misery," added Chavez, saying 14,000 new homes had been built recently in Venezuela by Iranian constructors. (Editing by Daniel Wallis and Kieran Murray)