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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
January 16, 2012

Do You Really Want Me to Reveal This Stuff, Lord?

And that's "bump, bump, bump," out to Karl Rove. He makes fun of my song. [referring to her musical introduction song, It Always Has Been, created for her by Lectrosoul]

And you're live, everybody. Folks, it's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And I've got a lot of things to talk about tonight and go over. Touch base about a bunch of different things. They really should be nice about my show. Talkin' about me behind my back...

You know, just a lot of things I can reveal about them tonight, and I'm going to. You know, I was goin' through information and one thing I asked the Lord was,  "Do you really want me to reveal this stuff?" And He said, "Yes." And I said, "Why?" And He said, "Because you're the only one that's not afraid to." And so, uh--Didn't say, "You're the only one not afraid to," He said, "You're not afraid to."

And so, I have a lot of things tonight. Because one of the things you're gonna see this year is a lot of things brought to the light. Things done in secret. The wickedness of those that we see every day and listen to every day. Televisions and radios. And I want people to get an idea--you know, it's one thing to talk about how they control and how they rule in the background, but they bring it out. And, you know, there's symbols and there's statues all over the world showing who they pledge their allegiances to.

And these are the leaders of our governments. These are the leaders of our entertainment industry, the religious industry. You know, if you've been listening to this show long enough, I would hope you're no longer a part of the religious industry. It's all controlled. You know, they don't fear you if you're sitting in their sun-god churches every Sunday under one of their ordained pastors because they control all the seminaries.

The people that they're worried about are people who listen to the Lord. Who have relationships with Him. Because, you know, if you're sitting in the churches, you have a relationship with your church. You have a relationship with your pastor. The Lord wants you to come out of that and have a relationship with Him. And you really don't know what the difference is until you leave the churches, and you start to sit and just His feet, and ask Him to reveal it to you, the truth in all things. And it's quite eye-opening.

Hugo Chavez, Jesse Ventura, and Roseanne Barr on the Hit-list for Satanic Sacrifice

Gonna give a show-out tonight to Hugo Chavez, Jesse Ventura, and Roseanne Barr because these three people are on the hitlist for death. And these Satan freaks, they want a high-talent sacrifice. They're looking to kill someone who's, number one, on their nerves, or, number two, for whatever reason, they're on their target list. And so, they want to kill one of these three people. And there's others on their target list, but these three were brought to my attention.

I don't know why Roseanne Barr. And so--she lives out in Hawaii. She had some kind of reality show or something about goats or sheep or somethin'. [Transcriber note: Though an admitted Kabbalist and feminist, she, too, is unafraid to call politicians and other individuals out on their corrupt activities and deceptions. Roseanne World October 2006 Archives]

And Jesse Ventura, who's hangin' tough, not takin' their bribes, their bailout--they're tryin' to buy him off. And he's refused it. [Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura] [Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (videos)]

And Hugo Chavez simply because he stands up against the bullies of the American New World Order. The European New World Order. And he's actually doing what he can--he does things to help the American people. And that's something that the rest of the world doesn't differentiate with. You know, they assume all Americans are as evil as the government. And, folks, there's nobody as evil as our government. It doesn't get much [more] evil. The people, the majority here are not like the Satanists that run our government. And Hugo Chavez knows that. [Hugo Chavez Interview]

And it's probably the hand of the Lord, Himself, that has kept him alive the last several years. Numerous assassination attempts against him. And I've pretty much been through the same things, and so I can relate to what he's going through. They've used everybody near him to try to kill him. And nothing's worked.

I can relate to all the poisoning attempts. He's had many, many, many poisoning attempts. And I've gone through the same things. You'll be out on the road, on a mission, and you'll eat at a restaurant, and they try to poison your food. And it doesn't work. Or they slip poisons in your sugar. If you drink a lot of coffee. I used to be a real coffee hound. And I used to see sugar in the Codes a lot, and I couldn't figure out why I was seeing sugar in the Codes. Maybe they were doing something to the sugar. More specifically, maybe they were doing something to my sugar. Because at one point I had enough poison in me to kill 10 men. The Lord had me go on a 3-day detox with eating just oatmeal.

So it's constant, and it never stops. It never stops.

Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, and the Other Front-Runners Are Illuminati Puppets

It took 'em like, 20 years to kill Michael Jackson. He was on their target list. He had left the Illuminati. And they finally got him through that doctor. And from what I hear, the doctor was framed. He was blackmailed into giving Michael Jackson an overdose of that stuff he was on. Because, from what I hear, they were gonna kill his kids. They threatened to kill his kids if he didn't do what they said to harm Michael Jackson. And he really doesn't look like a vicious guy, but he's not goin' to stand up in court and say, "Hey, they practically put a gun to my head. They said "your kids or Michael." And so, obviously, he's going to protect his kids.

You know, they use fear to control people. And if you don't fear them, you're the victor over them. It's as simple as that. Because you can't be of any use to them if you don't fear them. If you don't fear dying, then you are a victor over them, over Satan. And that's why Ron Paul won't be elected for the Republican nomination, because he's not afraid of dying, so he can't be used by them. So their pick is Mitt Romney. And they like the sacrifice Mitt Romney gave, or had. And I'm not sure what it is. What kind of sacrifice. I'm sure we'll hear about it eventually. [Republican Mitt Romney and the 'Mormon Plan for America']

But they like to sacrifice. I told you they've all been meeting with the Rockefeller, Rothschild, and making the rounds to the Illuminati. Ron Paul's a big Illuminati puppet, folks. He's not apart from them. He's one of them. But so is Mitt Romney, and so. There's not anybody in the front-runners that's not one of them.

With the Brotherhood, You Have to Give to Get

And so, you've probably, if you've been watching YouTube videos that have been exposing how this Brotherhood works at the higher levels, and just to get into the Brotherhood to get fame and fortune, you have to give up something. And so, a lot of these newer people coming in--I can't remember her name, but she sings those weight loss commercials and she got that Oscar. [Jennifer Hudson] She was on American Idol. And she was kicked off at like, number five or whatever, in the top ten. But shortly after she became famous, there was a home invasion in Chicago where she was from, and her mother and sister were killed. And then you'll hear of Kanye West's mother, who had a--was going in for plastic surgery and died from the anesthesia or something. And, you know what, folks? These are just sacrifices. They sacrifice people they love. They'll make huge sacrifices because you have to give to get, in those ranks.

And so, if you want fame and fortune, you have to give up stuff. You have to give, to get. Michael Jackson sacrificed his skin. And so, they would give him injections that whitened his skin. It's also what probably caused him to get lupus. But that was his sacrifice because he didn't want to kill anybody close to him. Other people will sacrifice girlfriends. That's, you know, common among the rappers. They'll start dating somebody, knowing all along they're just gonna sacrifice her. So you'll hear about the deaths of girlfriends of these rappers. Drug overdoses or car accidents or whatever. It's always covered up. You'll never get to the real truth of what happens to all these people around celebrities because it's the Brotherhood. They cover it up. It's their sacrifices. They sacrifice them. You have to have sacrifices.

Anything Abominable, Like Eating Feces and Drinking Urine, Is High-Ranking with Satan

Now if you're a MKULTRA kid--and there's plenty right now. You've got Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber. MKULTRA kids, they've been controlled from the time they were born. They've been put through MKULTRA programs, through trauma-based mind control. And so, they're controlled. They're very controlled. And most of these kids spend a lot of time on the astral realm, because that's where the Lord provides to protect people that are under trauma-based mind control. They go to the astral realm, safe places there. And, literally, demons, the alters that are created within them through DID and MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder), take over those people's bodies, those kids' bodies.

You know, I've heard people that said they've seen the Jonas Brothers shape-shift, that they're not even human. Justin Bieber's not human. They've seen Miley Cyrus eating feces in underground Hollywood clubs. I mean, can you imagine? I mean, what do you do? You go to an underground Hollywood club, a super-secret Satanist club. Do they serve feces on toothpicks? These people are nasty. And you can it's tell the sheer demonism, demonic beings that control them that make them do it. I mean, what human could eat feces and not just puke? Eating feces is huge with them. Anything abominable is high-ranking with Satan. Anything that we would think is totally inhuman, abominable, then that's what you must do in Satan's realm.

You know, we're taught that the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering. Everything about the Lord is good things. If you want fame, and fortune, and position in the world today, then you have to join Satan's kingdom. It's called the Brotherhood. They have a different codename for it now because everybody's on to the Brotherhood. I don't care what the codename is because everybody still knows what you're talkin' about when you talk about the Brotherhood.

We gather together in remembrance of Yahushua in communion with wafers and juice. Some churches serve wine in communion. Satanists have their own services that mock Christian services. They have them almost every weekend. They have them in underground churches across America. And they do everything opposite and against what a real church would do.

Why would you wanna join a group of people that think eating feces and drinking urine is fun? It's not optional. You have to do it. They all do it. And they don't complain. They get beyond that stage. They don't complain, they do it.

Every City Has Its Own High Priest - Group Members Are Forced to Be Sodomized by Donkeys

You know, there was a--over the weekend, real busy, real busy. Because on Saturdays and Sundays across America they had mandatory rituals. So no matter what group you're in, or which one you came out of, or which one you join into, every city has its own high priest. And, you know, these aren't little covens like witches where there's only 12. These groups are huge. There could be a hundred, two hundred people at a gathering. They meet on estates in people's mansions. Often on a Friday or Saturday night so it looks like the person's having a party, maybe.

They meet in churches on Saturdays, underneath Catholic churches, for rituals. St. Patrick Cathedral in New York City, they hold human sacrifices underneath the basement of St. Patrick's. And guess who the high priest is in New York City of the satanic cult there. It's George Soros, who's replaced David Rockefeller because David Rockfeller's getting too ill. So now you have George Soros, who's the high priest of New York City, who was holding a ritual--believe it was yesterday. Hillary Clinton was there. All the top elites were there. Eating their feces, drinking blood, sacrificing--I don't know if they were sacrificing humans.

I don't think they were yesterday, over the weekend, because it was the donkey show time. They have these rituals where they bring in animals. And this weekend, pretty much all the groups had donkeys. And they force all the member to have sexual relations, bestiality, with the donkey. Now could you imagine Penny Pritzker in Chicago with her little clipboard, and you know, it's the bestiality weekend. All the groups are celebrating bestiality. The high priest is the one who decides who gets what. So can you imagine Penny Pritzker sitting there with her clipboard, "OK, you. You've been on my nerves for two months. You get the cat." "And you. You've been on my nerves for a month. You get the dog." "And you. The highest-ranking of us all. You get the donkey." She chooses who gets what. And she forces them to be sodomized. They all do this. Not just her.

They force them to be sodomized by donkeys. They force them to perform fellatio on donkeys. And nobody gets away with it. Just because you're the president of the United States who goes to the Chicago ones where Penny Pritzker's in charge--just because you're the president doesn't mean you get out, it means you have to give more. Because you've got the highest rank in the land, more abominable things are expected of you. Yeah. Can you imagine that? They don't have time to pay attention to the misery and suffering of Americans because they're too busy creating it. They want Americans to suffer. They don't have time to read legislation. They're too busy getting sodomized by donkeys. This stuff goes on, folks. The Lord wants it exposed. I'm exposing it. It goes on. [See Ezekiel 8 where the Lord exposes the defilement of His temple to Ezekiel. Ezekiel Chapters 8 through 11, the Glory of the Lord departs]

One of the Biggest Things You Give Up in Satan's Kingdom, Is Any Kind of Humanity

One of the biggest things you give up is any kind of humanity. It's nothing but about humiliation and degradation. You want more, you have to give more. You have to give up everything about what makes you human. And they all don't sit around in their black robes. That's so Hollywood. Because in all these rituals, the big part of them is the orgies that take place. They all take their clothes off, they're all doing drugs. And you're appointed to either have sexual relations with demons or animals. And the demons will manifest as humans. And you have to have sexual relations with whoever you're told you have to. Nancy Pelosi probably gets a rise out of that one, huh? Wonder who she could torture. She's the high priestess in San Francisco.

I'm collecting my little list of who's what and who's where. So you have Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco. Penny Pritzker, who's also the White House counsel on the White House chief-of-staff, in Chicago. George Soros in New York. These people travel around like it's nothing. I mean, seriously, they're not getting molested by the TSA when they got to the airports. 'Cause I do think they go throughout the airports. I seriously, as much as I hear, one day they're in one state, and the next day they're somewhere else a few hours later. I mean, it's impossible. It takes us a day to travel to the west coast. These people could be in the west coast and the east coast within a day. They have to be traveling by UFOs. Or the underground super railway system that they have. And they don't get tired, which signals to me that almost every one of them's MPD. Because MPDs need very little sleep. You know, the host thinks they're goin' to sleep, but then another alter takes over. And, heck, they're takin' off across the country. They don't sleep. I think, typically, a person with MPD can go on 2 to 3 hours sleep and be done with it for a day. And they have multiple alters in them that take over to be that person, so that person just looks like they're a busybody all the time.

They're Going to Cause an Agricultural Recall by Poisoning Vegetables

Been given a heads up that they're gonna cause a agricultural recall. They're working on causing an agricultural recall. Gonna be poisoning some kind of vegetables to cause a recall. Hoping it'll kill a few people before it gets recalled. So be careful over the vegetables you buy, folks. Ask the Lord to bless them. You should always ask the Lord to bless everything you buy from the grocery stores. Because they're always trying to plant something that will make people sick. It's part of their requirements. When you serve Satan, you know, your duties never end. It's always more, and more, and more, and more. And on top of eating poop, and drinking urine, and practicing bestiality with donkeys, you have to sacrifice. You have to cause death and suffering. And when you cause death and suffering, it's accredited to you, and that's more power that you get.

A List of the People Involved with the Donkey Rituals This Weekend

You know, these people are willing to have sex with donkeys to ask people to support their fashion lines. Because you don't get a big name brand in America unless you're one of them. So Kanye West is coming out with a new fashion line and he wants everybody's support. So, yeah, he'll do his rituals in Chicago and ask for everybody's support. You know, there was a huge who's who list of people who were at the rituals this weekend. And if anybody disagrees, you can send me an e-mail and I'll take your name off my list. Otherwise, I'm gonna read the names I was given. And these are people, folks, that we see every day, and you never realized, ew, behind closed doors he's a worshiping Satan freak. He's eating poop and having sex with animals and demons. And they all have herpes, folks. Almost all of 'em have herpes. It's a given when you're a Satanist.

So this weekend, involved with the donkey rituals: Reverend Jesse Jackson, Rabbi Shmuley (however you say his name), the co-founders of Google, the guy who started Beanie Babies, Derrick Rose (co-owner of Chicago Bulls, or the owner of Chicago Bulls), Mike Quigley (congressman), Senator Dick Durban, and Mark Kurt, William Wrigley (Wrigley billionaire), Emanuel Rahm [Rahm Emanuel] and his wife and brother, Kanye West, Sam Zell (owner of the Cubs), owners of the Black Hawks, the co-founder of Groupon, Valerie Jerrett, NBC news anchors Allison Rosadi, ABC's Ron Major, NBC's Brian Williams, Wyatt Rockefeller. And then you have Hillary, and George Soros, others involved.

The Team Owner of the Denver Broncos Recruited Tim Tebow into Masonry

You know, I was warning about Tim Tebow. How they were using him. And I had that confirmed, because, you know, Tim Tebow's a nice Christian guy coming out of college. Just getting his feet wet as a professional football player. And already, already succumbing to the powers that be, that control everything around us. The team owner of the Denver Broncos, being the Satan freak, has recruited Tim Tebow into Masonry. And that's a stepping stone. That's a stepping stone into getting into the level of the Brotherhood.

You know, you look at these people and you wonder, "Don't they want out, once they get in? "How do they get past the feces crap?" And I was told that they do enough to stay alive. Look at Lebron James. He was recruited in by his agent. And doesn't really want anything to do with it, I've been told, but does enough to stay alive because he wants out.

What they do is like, what the Denver Broncos owner probably did with Tim Tebow, is tell them, "Hey, Masonry is just a good-works organization. It's all about just doing good works." So then they join. And you start moving through the levels, and you realize, "Hey, wait a minute. This isn't what I signed up for." Because then you start learning the ghastly truth of Satanism and what they do. And you want out. Anybody with a conscience would want out. Or you either suck 'em to it. From what I'm told, most just suck 'em to it. You just give in, because you don't wanna lose--they give you a taste of the good life.

Satan Lures You in with Good Things, Then Keeps You in by Forcing You to Do Ghastly Things

You know, you get--they take you on private vacations to isolated islands. Or you get the penthouse suites and hotels. You get yachts, private jets, shopping trips. They lavish you with gifts. They make it look like it's the good life. "This is the good life. Join us. You can have anything you want. You are a god. You can have the world." That's just what they tell them. They don't tell them the small writing. And so, people get infatuated by the luxury and the lavishness of being--wow, rubbing elbows with the rich. The rich and the elite. Your own private jets, and yachts, and islands. The good life. They're treated very well.

And then they join. They decide, "OK, I'm gonna join. I'm gonna join with you guys." And then when you get in, it's rituals. Eating babies' hearts. Sacrificing babies. Drinking blood. Being forced to have, if you're married, adulterous relationships, because all of them are forced into adultery. Satan doesn't honor a marriage. You're married to him. And it just becomes who they are. And it takes over them. And these are the people we look up to? Rihanna, Chris Brown, Jay-Z, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt? Those two, Angie and Brad, were doing sacrifices and rituals with the Obamas on Halloween. George Clooney. It's a Who's Who of Hollywood. In fact, George Clooney and Brad Pitt were doing a ritual in some guy's house. Can't remember the name. And the house burned down like a day, two days later after they left. The house burned down. It was the middle of nowhere in the mountains. Then they have to do rituals.

You Give Up Everything and Become an Abomination Just for Fame and Fortune

These people, these freaks, are always meeting to do rituals together. Because if you want the movie roles coming in, then you've gotta keep doing the rituals. If you want more fame as a singer, you want more time on the award shows, then you've gotta be doing your time in the rituals. If you don't do your time in the rituals, then you suffer. Satan makes you pay. Look at, uh...oh, what's her name...Martha Stewart. Her whole brand is dying. Why? 'Cause she stopped doin' rituals. She's part of them. But when you stop going to the meetings, and you stop going to rituals, you start slowly losing everything that you had built up. You have to give to get, in Satan's kingdom.

Beyonce sacrificed her first child to The Master--they call him The Master--so she could begin her own solo career. That's what these people do. That's what they give up.

That's why the Lord says be in the world, but be not a part of the world. 'Cause if you spend all your time wanting fame and fortune, and money, and power, and position, eventually you're gonna run into this wall, this brick wall of the Brotherhood, where you either join or give up all your dreams of being rich and famous. Because they control everything. They control the media. You won't get five minutes of media time as a celebrity if you're not one of them. And so, these celebrities will go to this underground Hollywood parties, have sex with a million old men, pedophiles that are there, the agents and the handlers that control Hollywood, control the stars. If you wanna be a celebrity in Hollywood, then your attendance at these parties is gonna be mandatory. Eating feces, drinking urine, having illicit sex with these old men. You give up everything and become an abomination just for fame and fortune.

And we call them the elite? Elite what? Poop-eaters? You know, I was looking at a website. Somebody sent me a link of a escort that Karl Rove's been seen taking good care of lately. Guess for a while. Guess she's one of the ones that makes her rounds with all the politicians, and the rappers. You know, I thought I was looking at a pure porn site. I thought I'd stumbled on one of the weird parts of the Internet. And this is what they want. This is what they do.

I don't know how any woman can be married to anybody of power and position, because you'd have to suspect, even if you were stupid, you'd have to suspect. Because none of their husbands are loyal. They're not faithful. They can't be. They're not allowed to be.

They Use ELF on Sports Teams All the Time

When you join into Satan's kingdom, and you join the high levels of the Brotherhood, it's expected of you to be as vile as possible. If you can't be vile, you're not gonna get anything. You're gonna lose. Your teams are gonna lose. Your players. Not doing enough rituals? They use ELF [extremely low frequency] on sports teams all the time. That's why--and you'll be sitting there watching a basketball game, and all of a sudden, one of the players that's typically a star has a really bad game. They target ELF on him. They target ELF on teams to make 'em play worse so the other team wins. It's all fixed. It's all controlled, folks.

Shaquille O'Neal. Lady Gaga. Did you see Shaquille O'Neal showing off his ring? I saw a picture of it or YouTube or something. I didn't watch it, but I saw him holding up his Masonry ring. He must've went to 33rd degree. When you reach the 33rd degree level, you get a ring. And inscribed on it is your title, which is "Worthy of Worship." Does he really think he's worthy of worship? What? He get sodomized by enough donkeys that got him that title? That's nasty. Worthy of worship.

And you don't have to necessarily--there's a lot of people in the Masonry lodges that get up to that level and never get invited to join the ranks of the Brotherhood. Because they want the tops of the tops. They want the entrepreneurs, lawyers looking to become more prominent. A lot of business people involved with it. There's tens of thousands, folks. It's the wannabes. And then you have those who have already reached the top. And the ones who have already reached the top, the Bushes, and the Clintons, and, you know, the White House senior staff, White House council, Congressmen, top athletes, multimillion-dollar contracts, they're the top of their fields, and these are the ones who are somewhere at the middle ranking of those fields looking to push their way up. How greedy are ya, how bad do you really want it, because you're gonna have to do a lot of vile and disgusting things to be awarded it. You're awarded it. You're allowed to succeed. That's how much Satan controls.

If you wanna be a network news anchor on one of his media stations, you're gonna have to be puttin' your time into the rituals. Sacrificing babies, adults. It's not once a year, folks. They have to do it constantly because Satan's always demanding more, and more, and more sacrifices. They huff and puff it until you join, and then you learn the true dark side of evil.

There's an Underground City Under the Capitol Building When Rituals Are Performed

You know, the Lord says come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. "Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light." Matthew 11:30. He doesn't require us, His people, to give to get. He blesses us because he loves us. He says, my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

Then you look at Satan's kingdom, where it's very, very heavy and demanding. Demanding. How do they get anything done in Washington? You know? Putting all these legislations together to destroy America, but they always have to break away to go do rituals. It's a good thing there's a city right underneath the Capitol because they don't have to go too far. Underground city right underneath the Capitol building. Yeah, they don't go very far. Break away and sacrifice a baby on a lunch break.

This is the kind of people we're dealing with, folks. And it's all of them. It's not a hand-picked few.

Voting Doesn't Matter - Those Who Are Chosen Made a Sacrifice That Pleased Satan

Senators and congressmen are elected ahead of time. They're elected ahead of time. They're chosen because they've sacrificed, made some kind of sacrifice that pleased Satan. And they've been doing their rituals and going to the rituals. And they've shown that they can keep quiet, not say anything to anybody, keeping quiet. And so, then they're awarded to be elected for a certain year. "OK, you can run in 2012." But say they join the Brotherhood in 2008, 2009. And then they're told, "OK, you have to do this, and this, and this, and then you can join in 2012, you can be elected."

Voting does not matter, folks. Voting doesn't matter. You know, they sit and they have conference calls. The media networks all have conference calls during all these political meetings. And they conspire on what they're going to report and announce. They conspire together the whole time these primaries take place. So that way they can put their candidate at the top.

On all the network stations it looks like Mitt Romney's winning. Nobody likes Mitt Romney! The Mormons don't even like him. But "they" like him. Satan liked the sacrifice. And Mitt Romney's afraid to die, so they can control him by fear.

They conspire behind the backs, with satellites. I know it doesn't surprise anybody. But everything's controlled. That's why I don't waste my time pounding the pavement, "Vote for my candidate." I don't have a candidate. They're all Satan's scumbags.

They Want an Energy Crisis Really Bad

They're working on an energy crisis. Food shortages. They want an energy crisis really bad. Nevermind the fact that we have an untapped reserve, oil reserve in Alaska, that allegedly has more oil in it than all Saudi Arabia. They want an energy crisis. They want gas to go up to $15 a gallon, because they want you and I to suffer. They want people to suffer. So they're engineering and working with Wall Street--you're gonna see a lot of focus on Wall Street the next few weeks, and Iran to bring about this energy crisis and inflation. It's what they want.

This Will Be the Year of Sickness - Get Your Immune Systems Up

We also have variants of H1N1 going around. I've warned this year it's gonna be the year of sickness. And you guys need to get your immune systems up. One of the biggest things the Lord has me doing is alkalizing and getting my immune system up. If you're too acidic, then you're body's going to feed cancer. It's going to feed into illnesses and sicknesses. And so, you need to alkalize your body. And you do that by eating vegetables, eating fruits.

Get off the aspartame. Away from the pop, the sodas. Get away from those. Get away from sugar. Drink water with lemon in it, or just drink plain water. Drink distilled water or spring water. Distilled water is supposed to be the best.

Eat a apple every day. I eat a apple every day, and I try to eat a celery stick and a carrot every day. Sometimes I don't get 'em before they head out to the rabbits. [laughs] So try to eat celery, and carrot, and apple every day. If you can't stand to eat vegetables--I'm not a big veggie eater--get you some supplements. I've been taking cinnamon and apple cider vinegar supplements. If you can drink apple cider vinegar, probably much better than taking a supplement, but just can't stand the smell of it, so I'll cheat and take the supplement instead of drinking apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar has a million and one uses and it'll also help you lose weight and detox. It also brings your blood pressure down. Has a million and one uses. So you'll wanna take apple cider vinegar every day. Mix a quarter cup in with two cups of water or something and just drink it. If you're brave enough, just swig it right out of the jar. Take a couple drinks and, ugh, be done with it. Garlic is really good. Start paying attention to your health. And you know what works for you. And so, what you need to do is write your own rules and stick with 'em.

Perverting the God Gene - Trying to Take Away Man's Ability to Acknowledge the Most High as Lord and Savior

Stay away from the vaccines. Stay away from the flu shots. I still see those agendas coming in. When Sananda comes, he's gonna be a big promoter of the syringe, which is a syringe, a shot. Either flu shots, vaccines, whatever. That's his whole agenda. To shoot you up with garbage and chemicals. The Locusts that are coming, that's gonna be their agenda. Shooting you up with chemicals. They wanna change your DNA.

And not only that, they've got this god gene, or whatever it is. [Geneticist claims to have found 'God gene' in humans] And they shoot chemicals in people to make them atheists, make them agnostics. They wanna take the ability away from people to acknowledge the Most High God as Lord and Savior. They wanna take that ability away from them so that they don't believe in God. And somehow they can do that through chemicals. Putting some kind of chemical imbalance into your body, into your DNA.

They're killing you. Because from what I understand, my limited understanding of it, is every cell that we have has oxygen in it. And if you have oxygen in your body, you have the breath of life inside of you. You have God's imprint in you. Because, how did He create man? He created mankind with the breath of life, breath of His life. He breathed into the nostrils of Adam. That's the missing link. That's why Satan can't create a perfect human being. Because the missing link was God's own personal breath. Satan can't duplicate that. So you end up with a bunch of people, basically dead cells, no light in them, no oxygenated cells left. And if you wonder if this is crazy, they do it. A lot of these people don't bleed red blood, and that's why. I've been talking about soul-scalped humans for years. They don't bleed red blood. They don't have oxygenated cells. Because an oxygenated cells would, when it hits the air, blood hits the air, would turn red. Interesting, huh?

They're Plotting Our Demise, but Not Sure What They'll Implement Next

A lot of things they've got planned this year. And then the Codes are a mess. I've got multiple months listed for one thing. So if it doesn't happen this month, it can happen that month, it can happen that month. It might not happen at all. This is how crazy and in derision everything is. This is how crazy it is. They don't even know what's going on till they actually do it. They're plotting right now. Having all these little plotting meetings everywhere. Figure out what they're gonna implement next. Naturally, it's suffering, so they wanna focus on the suffering because they get power when you're suffering. It's accredited to them. And when it's accredited to them, then they get more fame, fortune, or whatever Satan gives them.

So watch for an engineered energy crisis coming. More focus on Wall Street. Crash of the dollar. Inflation's probably gonna rise about fifteen percent this year, if not higher. Food contaminations. Food shortages.

Zombie Outbreaks Started in Africa Now, but America Seems Immune - Orgone Works Against Them

Was given a heads up that there's currently zombie attacks in Angola and Gabon, countries in Africa. That they're having a real problem with the zombies in these two parts of Africa. In the same breath, they're wondering why they can't get these same pandemics going in America. Because it's our government testing their vaccines, the CDC, that's causing these zombie outbreaks and attacks in Africa. Because they want to unleash them here. And when I got a heads up that they were targeting Tijuana and San Diego, we pounded the place with orgone. And we've been pounding America for 6, 7 years now with orgone. And they can't get zombie attacks started here, and wondering why. [laughs] I see the writing--I see it's already protecting us. And I told you it would protect us.

Eventually they're gonna find areas, loopholes in the country where we don't have orgone. And those areas will probably be hit with targeted attacks. Or they'll come out with some kind of a strain that can override...I don't know how, but let's just say that they do, or they can--I don't know. They're gonna keep trying. They're not gonna give up on America because they want zombie attacks here. They know the stuff they've got is good because it's doing all this damage in Africa. It's just not working here in America. And that doesn't mean they won't say, "It doesn't work here in America, so let's get Europe," or "Let's get Australia," or "Let's get Russia." Everybody needs to get their areas orgoned. Get the orgone saturating their air. Because the orgone definitely is preventing them from starting outbreaks here.

They're Planning to Blow Up the Big Ben Clock in London and Blame It on Terrorists

You know, they wanna create a huge terror attack in London so they can take out the Big Ben clock. Why don't they just take it off the wall? Why do they have to be so dramatic and hurt people in the process, and blow up the building, or the top of the building? It's located at the top of a building. It's a huge clock. They call it Big Ben. They wanna blow it up and blame it on a terrorist attack. Why don't you just send some workers up there on a ladder and take it off it you don't wanna look at it? I mean, come on. These people make me sick. Always planning someone's destruction, someone's terror.

And remember what I said, folks. When you don't fear them, then you've overcome them. Because they want to rule, and they already do rule, on fear. That's why they control so many other, what they consider weaker governments, weaker countries. That's how they control, through fear. "We'll kill you." So? They've been tryin' to kill me for 10 years. I'm still here. The Lord will protect you. So don't fear them, folks. Even if you do die, you go to heaven, with the Most High. Isn't it a little bit better than being bombarded on Earth with a bunch of Satan freaks eating poop and having sex with donkeys?

Top Three States Eating Dominantly Cloned Meat Are Texas, California, and Florida

Anyway, folks, be back on Thursday, 1 o'clock with Aliens in the News. I don't know if I wanna keep calling it Aliens in the News or just jump to Thursdays with Sherry Shriner.

Heads up on Texas, California, and Florida. You are the top three states eating dominantly cloned meat. The FDA does not have to mark meat that is cloned. And they're not. So now, more than ever, time to band together with local farmers and start buying fresh meat off local farmers. Because those three states are the highest ranked in eating cloned meat. And I know Ohio can't be faring too well. They say the Midwest and the east coast are pretty high on the list for safe meat, but I'll tell ya what. This meat here has no fat in it. It's too lean. It's just way, way too lean. There's just something no normal about it. And I've been eating a lot less of meat. Getting off the meat. Don't eat Perdue [Sherry means Tyson*] chicken. Eat the other brands. Perdue [Sherry means Tyson*] is cloned.

[*Excerpt from Sherry's December 26, 2011 show: "I don't think chicken is bad. I think you just have to stay with good chicken, like Perdue chicken. And stay away from Tyson products. Tyson chicken products--the stuff I've heard about Tyson, it's just nasty. And these are people that have visited facilities. They clone their chickens. They puff them up with steroids because, you know, food's sold by weight. You're not really getting chicken meat. Stay away from Tyson chicken."]

Fast foods, they're mixing up feces with the meat and feeding it to the people, and calling it 100 percent ground beef. You know why they call it 100 percent ground meat? It's mixed, so it is ground up. They use loopholes all the time, folks.

Anyway, be back on Thursday. Till then, everybody. Yah bless.


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