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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
January 23, 2012

America the Great Satan - The Leaders of America Serve Satan

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And got a few things I wanna talk about tonight, bring up. And, uh, whew, you know, last week or so I've been trying to paint a picture of what exactly this dark cloud above us always is. You know, I remember back in the 70s there was some kind of oil fight going on, and I was just a kid. And you could see these Iranians holding up signs, "America the Great Satan." And I used to think, "They don't know us. They don't know America." And now you look at 40 years later and it's like, "Hel-lo."  They knew something back then we sure didn't know. I don't think there's anybody who could doubt now who the leaders of America serve. They serve Satan.

I get so tired of social networking at times. You know, I've got a Facebook site and everybody wants to argue over their candidate. "Oh, we need Ron Paul," We need Newt Gingrich," "We need Mitt Romney." They're all Satanists, folks. And just because Ron Paul says things better than anyone else and tells you the things you wanna hear--it's 'cause he works a different agenda. He works the alien New Age agenda. But they pretty much want the same thing the New World Order wants. They want global currency, global government. And the only way you're gonna get global government is either you force the Federal Reserve and IRS on every single nation, or you just abolish it and bring in a world government. And then you pay U.N. taxes. So either way you look at the New World Order as a global government, eventually you're looking at the abolishment of the Federal Reserve. It just goes to say. Eventually it will be abolished. And so, you know, they just serve different agendas, different factions.

The People Ruling America Are a Bunch of Cocaine Addicts

But they all serve the same boss. They're all Satanists. They're all going to their little rituals once or twice a month. I mean, you peel back the curtain and you look at these people that are making legislation and enforcing legislation that's taking your rights and freedoms away, turning this country into a prison. And it's the same people that are sitting there while they're making up policy and legislation, while they decide what they're gonna do next, they're practically OD'ing [overdosing] on cocaine while they're doing it. They're a bunch of cocaine addicts. These are the kinds of people that are ruling America.

Seriously, we need some kind of drug policy enforcement run by a totally independent party. And I mean independent; they can't be bought. There should be no politicians on drugs. No law enforcement officials, no judges. They should be doing mandatory drug testing at all levels of our government. If they wanna enforce this on welfare recipients, then it should start at the top as examples. They should all be drug tested. Congressmen, the White House, the advisors. 'Cause they're all a bunch of cokeheads, folks.

You wanna talk about a war on drugs? Yeah, the war's on drugs because they can't get enough of it. It's how they make their money for all these black budgets. It's how they pay for their underground city underneath the Capitol where they all spend most of their time. It's why nothing gets done in Washington because they're all running to do rituals. Or sitting in meeting halls, meeting rooms stuffing their noses with coke and showing pictures of little boys they've raped and killed.

The Correlation Between Hitler and Our Leaders Today

Yeah, these are the people that we think are the elite above us. I hate the word elite because they're just scumbags. All of 'em. You know, Henry Kissinger, Karl Rove, Ted Turner, the Clintons, the Bushes, the pope, the Queen, the Royal Family, Ben Bernanke, Penny Pritzker, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice. They're all in it, folks. They don't wanna save America, they wanna destroy America. They wanna get control of the world's resources so that when America is destroyed, they still own all the world's resources amongst themselves. They don't care about the country America. They're in a faction, a Satanist faction. All their own little group. And they wanna control the world's resources.

You know, if World War II was a practice run, mirroring what we're gonna see with this coming New World Order, then there's a few things that they've missed so far. I mean, Hitler rose through Germany's conservative party. What we would call the Republican Party here in America, the conservative party, which really is not conservative anymore. The real Republicans here don't have a party. The Liberals have taken over the Republican Party. So we basically just have two liberal parties in America.

But Hitler rose through the country's conservative party and would often quote scripture. That's why I used to gag every time I'd see President Bush and Bush, Jr., they'd sit and quote scripture and make a mockery of going to church. That's all it was was a mockery. Not to mention they all have German descent. The Queen, herself, and the Royal Family, Windsor's not even their real last name. They're from German descent. They wanna tell you, they want you to believe that their line is from the royal line of David. It's a bunch of hogwash, because they're from Germany. They have German descent, they have German blood. They're not from the line of David. They're moreso Merovians than anything else, besides German. It's all scripted. It's all a show, folks.

My Hat Goes Off to the President of Argentina for Standing Against the NWO

You know, you hear people scream about the economy and the dollar crashing. And it's gonna get really bad. Probably by the end of this year inflation's gonna be about 25 percent. They're engineering crises. They want people to suffer. And so, they would love to see gasoline at 11, even 15 dollars for a gallon. They would love to see that. That means Americans are mad, they're angry, they're suffering, they're hurting. They'd love to see it. Anything to make you suffer. And they're always looking at new ways to attack our water and our food.

You know, they wanted the president of Argentina, Kirstin something, I can't think of her name. [Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner] But they wanted her to put poisonous chemicals in the farmland to poison the agricultural food. All their gardens. They wanted to poison the soil. So contaminate the food that the Argentinians were eating. And she flat out refused. Instead, she sent troops out to protect the farmlands in Argentina. She's another one that's not gonna be bullied by the Satanist New World Order thugs that are ruling America. Her and Hugo Chavez. They're not gonna be bullied by the Satanists. My hat goes off to her, and him.

And you know, that infuriates the bullies here. It infuriates 'em. Because they've done everything they can to poison us every which way. Every which way Americans turn around, they're being poisoned. You got the chemtrails in the skies. You've got the Monsanto Frankenstein food. Our soil's contaminated. Our water's contaminated. Our air's contaminated. If we don't stop them, if we don't get all this crud out of our government, out of our corporations and turn America around, then we're all just gonna be victims. And that's what they're enjoying. They're enjoying the victim factor. They want some kind of recall over agricultural products. I don't know what that would be about this time of year. I guess they could target anything in the grocery stores. Tomatoes, corn. I don't really see any fresh corn in the stores right now, just canned junk. And I refuse to eat corn anymore, unless it's from the farmers around here.

Satanists Are Always Busy in Their Ministries for Satan

But they want some kind of a crisis. They engineered one a couple months ago with melons and cantaloupes. And that was all an engineered crisis by the Satanists trying to make people sick. Because they have missions to do. You know, when you're a Satanist, you have to have a ministry for Satan. Like Christians, a lot of people have their own different types of ministries. Whether you work in the office, or you teach Sunday school, or you're a transcriber, or whatever you do. Feeding the poor, visiting the elderly. Whatever your ministry is, you know.

Well, when you're a Satanist, you have to have a ministry for Satan as well. That's why you don't see them idle. They're not sitting still. When they're not killing babies, and eating hearts, and getting bonked by donkeys, they have to have to have a ministry for Satan. And so, a lot of them will work together on things that would please Satan, which is things that are hurtful, things that would make people sick, poisons, cause a lot of deaths, cause a lot of injury. Food recalls, formula recalls. You're hurting the innocent. That would be like the highest on Satan's totem pole would be to hurt babies. As repulsive as it is to the rest of us.

A lot of 'em work in churches. A lot of witches will go work in churches and work as Sunday school teachers. They'll work as pastors, deliverance pastors. They'll take one demon out of somebody, and the next person in line they'll put it in. They want the person in front screaming about how he's been healed or delivered of a demon, and then the pastor just gives it to somebody else. I've seen 'em work. They all have ministries for Satan.

Is There Anybody Over Us Who Hasn't Given in to Satan?

So you gotta wonder, is everybody over us evil? Is there not somebody who hasn't given in? And there's a few people, compared to the many that have, amongst us. You know, the Lord, last week, was showing me that even today in Satanist America (because the Satanists dominate here) there's balance. There's balance in all things. There has to be balance. And even Satan respects the rule of balance. And so, he doesn't require every single person that has fame and fortune to be a part of his ritualistic groups. And I found who some of these people are that aren't. And then I have names of those who are. It might open your eyes a little bit. I probably won't shock anybody that listens to my show. I think the ones that aren't would shock you more. [laughs] Doesn't mean they're perfect, but they're not a part of the Satanists. They don't gather on weekends to eat feces and drink urine, and kill babies and eat hearts.

Some of the ones that are not a part of Satan's weekend abominable groups: Paris Hilton, J.Lo [Jennifer Lopez], Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Sylvester Stallone, Reba McEntire, Joan Rivers, Dolly Parton, Paula Abdul, Jenny McCarthy, O.J. Simpson. These people were not a part.

And Michael Jackson was in, but he left. He's not a part of it. Britney Spears is forced into it. She's a MKULTRA. She has no consent, no say. They force her into it. But she has been fighting them for years. So those people--and there's probably many more, I just don't have their names. Some of you might wanna argue about Sylvester Stallone. He may be a pedophile, but he's not a part of the occultists, themselves. He's not a part of it. Paris Hilton, some of you might wanna argue about that one, but she's got plenty of money, she's a heiress, and so. Usually people that already have money don't join it, 'cause they don't have to, they don't need to. They already have plenty of money. So she's not a part of it either, which I was surprised, because I would've pegged her for being it for sure.

Warn Kobe Bryant and Tim Tebow about the Brotherhood!

One of the things that did surprise me--I've talked about sports figures, and I've talked about LeBron James being a part of this weekend Satanists groups. I call 'em weekends, but they really go week-long. I mean, these people never stop. But he has been trying, over the years, through Nike commercials to recruit Kobe Bryant into it. Kobe Bryant was never a part of it. Kobe Bryant rose to fame and fortune on his own abilities. And so, he was never a part of the Brotherhood. And when you go to YouTube, and you look at Nike commercials with LeBron and Kobe Bryant, if you read through the lines, it's like LeBron James was pleading to Kobe Bryant if he wants to be join. phone's being sabotaged. Uh, guys let me know if you can still hear me not.

But anyway, Kobe Bryant has given in, suck him to 'em, and supposed to be joining on the 30th of this month. So if you wanna Tweet Kobe Bryant and give him some encouragement not to join the Brotherhood. I guess he's had a divorce. Lost a lot of money in that. Wants to be bigger and better than ever. So feels he needs to join to get more fortune, more status. And so, him and Tim Tebow, folks, we need to be pounding their Twitters and encourage them not to join the Brotherhood. Because once they join, there's no getting out for them.

I'm gettng notified about my phone here. People still hearing me, so I'll keep going. Just amazing how I had [words inaudible] on my phone before the show started, not I have nothing. [laughs]

Jim Carrey Replaced Martin Scorcese as High Priest of the L.A. Satanist Group

Anyway, some of the people that I did wanna talk about, some of you might be surprised the most is that been getting a handle on celebrities in Hollywood. And I just read a list of celebrities that are not in the Brotherhood. Not joining the underground Hollywood parties, eating feces, and having pedophile sex with all the old men executives. People doing it just for status and movie roles.

Comedy Central Steven Colbert's one of 'em. Kurt Douglas and Goldie Hawn have been in it for a long time. Goldie used to be one of the most powerful witches in Hollywood. But she's lost her status as the highest witch. And I thought she was replaced by Cher. Cher's a powerful witch, but she's not the highest-ranking witch. I don't know right now who the highest witch is in Hollywood. Now, Gloria Allred's in it. Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers, John Travolta, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Eminem, Sarah McLachlan, Martina McBride, Kelly Clarkson, Nora Jones, Kesha, Chris Brown, Sinead O'Connor, Queen Latifah, William Shatner, Simon Cowell, Ryan Seacrest, Kathy Griffin.

Martin Scorcese used to be the high priest of the L.A. group. But six years ago he was replaced by Jim Carrey. And, you know, I was so shocked when I heard that Jim Carrey was involved with the whole thing. I guess the real Jim Carrey was in Living Color. I never saw Living Color. I have no idea what it is. Some kind of television show or series that he was in starting out. And somewhere after leaving Living Color, joined the satanism sect of Hollywood. Got demons to help him become a better actor and more funny. And so, now when you see him acting out his comedian roles, you're seeing the demons that he has working through him.

Demons Sing and Dance Through People in Hollywood

Comedians will get comedian-type demons. Singers will get singers that sing through them. [Satan is behind popular music] If you've ever watched one of Willow Smith's videos, you can tell she's totally disconnected. Her voice was given to her by a demon. A demon sings through her. And it almost sounds like Rihanna when you're listening to Willow Smith because they have the same demon singing through both of them. You know, you always wonder about these copycat voices in Hollywood. 'Cause I was talking about, with my friend, how Lady Gaga, and Madonna, and Christina Aguilera all have the same melody to their voice. All have the same voices. And it's because they share the same demons. They're given the same demons to help them sing. So that's how you'll hear a lot of copycat voices through Hollywood. There's not too many originals.

Jim Carrey's daughter is joining American Idol's show. I didn't even know he had a daughter. And she wasn't that fantastic of a singer, I guess. But you know what? When the whole season starts with American Idol--like they're gonna say no. Everybody knows who Jim Carrey is. He's the high priest of L.A. His daugher wants on American Idol, she's getting on American Idol. I would've died laughing if one of 'em had said no. That would've shown cojones. 'Cause J.Lo was not even involved with it, but she knew who she was. You could tell by the way she looked at her. You watch when she comes back, when the season starts. I mean, I don't watch it. I keep up with it from other people. I hear things. She'll have a fantastic voice then. She'll probably get some demon work. She'll go to one of these occultic ritual things and get demons to help her sing, like they all do.

There's even demons for dancing. Help people dance really phenomenal. You'll see YouTube videos of these dancers that are just phenomenal. You can get demons for dancing. When you join the occult, you can get demons to help you with anything. They're not called demons in the occult. They call them friendly spirits. And so, you can ask for friendly spirits to help you with your lawyer, for legalwork. If you're a politician, with politics. If you're a entrepreneur, business ideas. They call them friendly spirits.

Wasn't shocked to find out the number two guy behind Jim Carrey in Hollywood is Robert Shapiro. O.J. Simpson, one of his top attorneys. He's the number two guy in Hollywood. And also that Al Gore spends a lot of time with the satanic groups in Hollywood. Because he wants attention. He wants media attention. Whenever he comes out with something stupid like global warming, or something totally false, and made up, and imaginable, he'll get all the media attention he wants for it, because he rubs shoulders and eats poop with all these people in Hollywood. 'Cause I asked what group does he go to? Chicago, or Texas, D.C.? And I was told he goes out to L.A. I was shocked, and so.

The Guy Behind All the Paul Mitchell Hair Salon Products Is High Priest of Texas

There's big groups everywhere. The Satanists have groups in every city. If you're in New York, you're gonna answer to George Soros. He's the high priest in New York. If you go to Chicago, you're gonna answer to Penny Pritzger. If you go to San Francisco, you're gonna answer to Nancy Pelosi. If you go to Texas, you're gonna answer to John Paul DeJoria. And so, you know, in L.A. it's Jim Carrey. When you're in a group, you have someone you answer to. John Paul DeJoria in Texas, everybody will know who he is when I mention this. He's the one behind Paul Mitchell hair products. In fact, he was a business partner with, I don't know if it was Paul Mitchell direct, or him and his business partner created Paul Mitchell products. But he killed his partner when he realized how wealthy he could get over these products. And so, he's behind all the Paul Mitchell hair salon products. He's also behind the Patron Ultra Tequila. Some kind of tequila, alcohol that's out. And so, he's made billions off of hair products and tequila. And he is the high priest of Texas.

Joel Osteen Was Promoted to Spirit Counselor in the Houston, Texas Satanist Group

What's interesting about Texas is that Joel Osteen was just picked, was just nominated, I guess promoted to be the spirit counselor for the Houston area. And I've told you all these religious people are Satanists, folks. And Paul White and Joel Osteen both are spirit counselors for their areas, their area groups. And they're the ones that are in charge of recruiting and keeping tabs on people inside the group. They help run the groups day-to-day operations. They talk to spirits about what people inside the group are doing.

If you're in a satanic group, or Brotherhood, or whatever part, they keep tabs on you 24/7; demons who watch you. And if you're not doing something that would please Satan, they report you to people that are in your occultic group. And so, you know, Joel Osteen would be the one that these demons go to and say, "Hey," you know, "this woman over here, she's not doing dirty, evil deeds." And then Joel could report that to the high priest or priestess, and that woman would be in trouble. I mean, it's--you're not free in these things. You're very tightly controlled and watched. And like I said, everybody has a ministry, so this is Joel Osteen's ministry for Satan. Being a spirit counselor within the occultic group. And remember, they don't call demons demons, they call them friendly spirits. No surprise. And no one knows how to use demons more than Joel Osteen does.

Jim Carrey, as High Priest, Told John Travolta to Sacrifice His Son or His Wife

Kenneth Copeland, all of them involved, they all just basically sit back and watch because they've already been through the ranks. Already at the top. And they move over to give other people access to positions. I mean, you don't get much worse when you're already so far up at the top that you hear from Satan direct, himself. 'Cause I was asking, "Well, why aren't Bill Clinton, or George Bush, or Hillary Clinton, or, you know, Dick Cheney--why aren't these people high priests and high priestesses?" It's because they already hear from Satan direct. He already speaks to them direct, so they don't have to be a high priest or high priestess. He speaks to them directly and tells them what to do. They take their orders directly from Satan. If you're in an occultic group, you take your orders from the high priest or high priestess.

You know, if you go to John Kerry [Sherry means Jim Carrey], and he doesn't think you've sacrificed enough...there was a conversation where Jim Carrey told John Travolta he didn't have a good enough sacrifice. So he told him he had to sacrifice his son or his wife. And made John Travolta choose between his son or his wife. One of 'em was gonna be sacrificed. So what did we hear about two or three years ago? We heard about how his son fell in the bathroom on vacation and died. Yeah. That was John's decision. That was his sacrifice for Jim Carrey and Satan. Because you can only kill animals for so long, folks. And then they want a human sacrifice.

Jennifer Hudson Was Supposed to Be Bigger than Lady Gaga, but All She Got Was Weight Watchers

They want you to sacrifice someone that you love. It's required of all of them. I mean, you know, I was kind of mocking Jennifer Hudson, but--'cause I talked about her a little bit on the last show. You know, right away, off the bat joining, she sacrificed her mother, [brother,] and sister['s son]. So what did you hear? You heard about an invasion in-home burglary where her mom and sister['s son] were killed. [Jennifer Hudson - The Jennifer Hudson Family Murders]

And you could tell it was a setup. I mean, the whole thing just reeked. A celebrity all of a sudden losing someone you love. That's status quo. Because they give them up as a sacrifice. She was supposed to be bigger than Lady Gaga. And what'd she get? Weight Watchers commercials. All she's done is Weight Watchers commercials since she got her Oscar. Right off the bat she got an Oscar. And then Weight Watchers commercials. And she hasn't really succeeded as a singer at all. So is it--you know, it's what I've been saying. You have to give to get, in his kingdom. It's not always worth it, folks. It's not always worth it. It never is. It never is worth it, because they can't take their money with 'em. And they're never happy. They always need more, and more, and more, and more money. And then Satan turns around and wants more, and more, and more due diligence from them for having it.

They Prey on Illegal Immigrants - That's Their Number One Target

You know, there's a new show coming on TV. In 2010, there were almost 700,000 missing people. 700,000, just in America, of missing people. How many of 'em did you hear about from the daily media? You never hear about it. You never hear about 700 thou--you never hear about 7. You never hear about 70. Where'd all these people go? The media covers it up. I mean, look at the fact that these top echelons in the government, above us, the politicians...the politicians, the judges, the White House and the president, all required to eat hearts almost on a weekly basis, if not daily basis, to make Satan happy. That's a lot of people. That's a lot of people that have to die so that a Satan freak in D.C. can eat their heart.

They have tunnels underneath hospitals in every major city. They have underground tunnels to blood banks. They have access to hearts, blood, and organs of people. 700,000 a year disappearing, folks. A lot of people. And one of the ways they get away with it is they encourage illegal smuggling of immigrants into America. That's why every city has a Little Italy section, a Little China, the Russian, Hungarians, whatever. You have different sects within your city. And they smuggle illegal immigrants into it.

Like how many Mexicans do we have here? So when those people show up missing, there's no record of them ever being here. And so, a lot of it goes unreported because there's no legal record of that person having ever been, or worked, or lived in America. And so, they prey on illegal immigrants. That's their number one target. And they even help bring them in, themselves. You know, the CIA has their hands behind drug smuggling, gun smuggling. You better believe they have it on illegal immigrant smuggling. Because these people then are taken and used at sacrifices for their cults at the top of America. And you don't hear about the missing because there's no record of them. So that's exactly why they've always encouraged--they've always looked the other way on illegal immigrants. Because they plan on using them in sacrifices.

There's a Lot of Unbelievable Stuff Going on, but It's True - Wake Up, Folks

So, when you start to open your eyes and see what's going on around you, folks, it's just nauseating. It's just nasty. And then you read about Isaiah and the Old Testament prophets and they warned about the last-days superpower was going to be knee deep serving Babylonian gods. Ancient Babylonian gods. And then you see the symbols all over our government buildings, of Molech, and the owl, and all these Babylon gods that they follow. They don't hide it. People just don't understand what they're seeing. The Washington Monument, the obelisk, another huge pagan symbol right in our midst. Satan's phallus. Freemasonry's all about sexual connotations of male and female. And that's exactly what that's about. Satan's phallus, the Washington Monument.

So anyway, just a heads up, folks. I don't know how much clearer I could make it. And how disgusting this black cloud over America is. And they don't care that I reveal this stuff, because they're darn sure no one's gonna believe me. You know? No one's gonna believe me. It's too disgusting to be believed, therefore no one will believe it. That's their logic. And they're probably right. Other than a handful of people, that it doesn't surprise at all. Most wouldn't believe it. Most simply wouldn't believe it.

You know, they make darn sure they keep up the haters in the chat rooms and the forum boards to hate Sherry Shriner so they won't listen to me. They put out lies about me and try to discredit me. And that's why they're not afraid. "I don't care if she talks about that. I don't care if she reveals that. 'Cause no one's gonna believe her." That's the general consensus amongst all of 'em. But people need to wake up, because this stuff is going on around us. And it's organized. And they've been doing it for a very long time. They've been doing it longer than I've been alive. Longer than you've been alive. You know, a lot of 'em are born right into it. They just climb the ranks as children into adults in the same satanic groups that their parents have always been in. I mean, they's all around, folks.

["There is nothing so powerful as truth, and often nothing so strange." --Daniel Webster]

The Federal Reserve Is Privately-Owned and the American Government Doesn't Profit a Dime from It

I think the only way you can hurt 'em is to start making 'em accountable. You know? Take those drug tests in D.C. Make our presidents not only show legalized birth certificates--that should've just been a given--but make them take drug tests and show that they're sane to run this country.

You know, division of church and state benefitted Satan. You know, it was supposed to be about keeping the government out of the church. Well, they're already in the church through the IRS. 501(c). They're already in the churches. And if you're a 501(c) church, then you're not allowed to endorse political candidates. And there's a list of thou shalts and thou shalt nots that you're allowed, or not, to do if you're a 501(c)(3) church, which most of them are, the majority in America are.

So the government's already in the churches. And Satan always used that to his advantage because we lost grip on controlling those who would be kings over us. Who's holding the king accountable? Who's holding the country's purse accountable? Nobody even owns the Federal Reserve. It's privately-owned. You know? It's privately-owned. This group of business people decided to split up the Federal Reserve in America, and then scam us to death and put us in debt to death. And then they're the ones who profit off of it.

Our government doesn't profit off a dime from the Federal Reserve. All the interest they collect on people's debts, they don't pay taxes. And not one penny of theirs goes to the American government or the people. It's run by a private corporation. And you know you wanna have say in how it's run. Ben Bernanke is not--he's an unelected official, but no one can get him out of office. No one. He's the CEO behind the Federal Reserve. He's not elected. And it's the most powerful office in the country. Because whoever controls the money has the power. Obama can't devalue the dollar. He can't crash the dollar. Bernanke can. Obama can't cause inflation. Bernanke does. He can.

Take Your Money Out of the Satanist Corporate Banks and Put It in the Smaller Banks

It's the small banks that help Americans. Take your money out of the rich corporate banks (they're run by the Satanists), and put it in the smaller banks to help America. Because the larger banks are the ones who decide if they're gonna give out loans or not for the small business people. And right now, credit is so tight that they're not giving loans to anybody. They're not giving loans to anybody to stay open, let alone open a new business. Put your money in the smaller banks so that they can fund local business owners. They can help out the local business owners.

Our federal government, our Federal Reserve, they wanna see America go bust. They wanna see the economy crash, the dollar crash, inflation rise, and America bust. That's their whole plan. You know, Obama's not the most powerful person in America. It's Bernanke. And so, who are these bankers that have all this power and money? Who are they backing? They're the ones that put Obama in office because he's a yes-man. And their the ones who also own all the Republican candidates that wanna run for office. They own everybody. They don't take just one person, one side. They fund both sides, so whichever side wins, they own that side. That's how they are.

So it's not necessarily Obama's job, or his ability, to crash America's money. It's Bernanke's. Although Obama was put in office with a charge to destroy America, and he's done a good job of it. And he wants 4 more years to spend it even more into oblivion. You know, last year Michelle Obama probably spent tens of millions on vacation around the world. Last 4 years. She's never there. She's always on vacation somewhere. And she'll have 4 more years to do that if they're reelected. And, of course, they're gonna be.

Rick Perry Was Chosen by the Illuminati to Be the Republican Front-Runner

You know, Rick Perry was the one chosen by the Illuminati to be the Republican front-runner. And he messed up. He wasn't handling debates well, and so they had to pull him. Now, do you think the Satanists have any kind of compassion for what they consider screwing up, in their circles? When you promise them something, and you don't deliver, they're gonna get you for it. They're gonna call you on the carpet for it. And the things they did to Rick Perry, because he screwed up, are just nauseating. Nauseating. You don't get treated well by Satan when you screw up.

And so, right now Mitt Romney was their replacement for Rick Perry. And now you have Newt Gingrich coming in. Newt Gingrich might as well put his wig on George Bush, because he's just a yes-man to the bankers. Everything--he voted yes on NAFTA, on GATT. On every legislation that turned America into a New World Order prison society, he voted yes on. So, no, folks. We don't have a candidate for us, for the people. Get busy preparing. Load up guns, bullets, food, medicine.

There Will Be a Column of UFOs in America Soon

You know, they're preparing...they want to enforce a UFO invasion here in America. Which is funny because they really don't have to enforce it. I see it coming anyway. I hear, on one hand, that they're planning different ways of bringing in a UFO invasion. And that Rihanna's battleship movie coming out--and I have no idea what it's about. I haven't even seen a trailer on it. But that's supposedly, probably, in all probability the route that they're going to use, what they're going to do.

But you know, I see in the Bible Codes, myself, that there's going to be a column of UFOs in America soon. I know that they have a target date set. Waiting to see if it even happens. A lot of things they plan get delayed. And the biggest obstacle, and even they're facing the biggest obstacle they have, is the orgone. They want to plan a specific type of invasion. They don't know if they wanna have all these UFOs and aliens coming in shooting beams and killing up people. 'Cause I told you they're aligned with them, folks. They have treaties and pacts with aliens. They'll do what they ask them to.

Let's Keep Putting Big Monkey Wrenches in Their Alien Invasion Plans with the Orgone

So they don't really know if they want 'em all coming in and shooting up people all at once, shooting up buildings, causing pure chaos. Or if they just want 'em to come in and do a power flyby with maybe tens of thousands of UFOs at once, flying over the country, over every major American city. Because the orgone has presented a problem for them and their logistics. There's some areas that UFOs just cannot enter without crashing. You fly over orgoned areas and these UFOs crash. And they don't always know or can tell exactly which areas have orgone in 'em. And so, they take quite a risk in flying over orgoned areas. And every time they think they know where they're at, we pop up with more orgone [laughs] and present whole new problems for them. We put the hugest wrench in their plans imaginable. Every time they turn around. And that's why I keep telling you, folks, get the orgone out. Get the orgone out.

Women in the Bible Have Been Queens, Prophets, Evangelists

You know, I don't know who this loser is in my chat room saying women aren't supposed to be prophets? Women have been kings. Women are--women have been queens, they've been prophets. I don't know what Bible he's reading. But, obviously, really just an instigator. Because it was Esther who stood up and armed the people of Israel and got them prepared for war. And there were evangelists. Priscilla was an evangelist. There have been women evangelists. It wasn't a popular thing for women to do in the older days because they had so many responsibilities at home. They didn't want the responsibility of other...responsibilities [laughs] They had children. They had homes to take care of. And the Lord doesn't show favorites, folks. He doesn't show favorites. Satan shows favorites. Satan shows favoritism, sexism. The Lord doesn't. The Lord says if the men are silent, He'll stand up the women. And if the women are silent, He'll have the rocks proclaim His name. There'll always be a remnant.


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