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Thursday Afternoon with Sherry Shriner
January 26th, 2012

Brutal clamp downs coming -- total economic chaos

And hello everybody you're live it's Thursday afternoon with Sherry Shriner. I'm sitting here going through a few things. If you have a question for the show you can call in at (877) 245-5648. Thursdays are the call-in days so if you have questions or comments you can call in on Thursdays. Mondays I usually spend the time just talking about things that the Lord leads me to and on Thursdays I just talk about things that catch my attention or something the Lord might lead me to.

I was just reading an article this morning about Russia being the new north pole and how they're finding armadillo's in Tennessee and flowers that typically only grow in southern states growing in North Carolina and Tennessee. They're getting a much milder climate now. I hope it trickles up to Ohio. I can't complain about it, it's probably been much milder than most we've had, one of the mildest ones we've had in 10 years. But quite interesting because Enoch talks about the last days and how the weather would just be outta whack. Talked about how fruit would just grow outta season and other things he's describing. Basically just all the weather just being outta whack and I would suspect next year would even be more so.

Because on December 21st of this year we enter the center of the Milky Way. The earth kinda rotates to the center in the Milky Way and so we're gonna be in a whole new -- different type of alignment.

You also have the earth itself which is tilted over about 40 degrees which is why Russia is the new north pole and we have allot of large objects coming into our solar system that's going to affect the earths gravity. Now last year, we had so many things going on and we had Nibiru coming in. We had the threat of the red dust clouds. With zombie viruses and viruses unknown to mankind involved with that cloud and then...we went to work and the orgone decimated Nibiru, I don't know if it caused it to malfunction or what happened but Nibiru left.

And so as even nauseating stated - NASA that it was a planet under intelligent control, meaning they can navigate the thing. It's like a huge star ship and I told you. It's full of giants.

Well Nibiru has been -- I don't know where it went. I don't know where it went but wherever it is it's coming back. Ima seeing it coming back. They're repairing itself -- repairing themselves and it's being restored. I don't know what all the problems it encountered other than being welcomed in our system by the orgone. I believe they're trying to build or have built some kind of a shield to put around it that they think will protect them from the orgone. But interesting I'm seeing it coming back in the codes and probably even being able to see it in May.

So here we go again. With Nibiru. I don't know if the red clouds gonna be behind it -- and we'll just be in a repeat from last year or what, but it's coming in and one of the things that caught my attention was George Soros warning of brutal clamp downs coming -- total economic chaos.

This is the stuff that I use to see coming back in 2009. This is the kind of stuff I use to see when we were expecting objects coming from space to wreck havoc here on earth and so here we are again under the same kind of threat. Now they have allot of different plans going on right now. Because they don't know what's gonna work and what isn't. And they have different groups and different factions planning different things.

You know you got the new world order agenda. Which there are 2 different factions within that fighting against each other for control of it. Power in it, whatever. Then you have the alien agenda. The new age alien agenda which is fighting against both of the factions of the new world order.

So we have basically 3 different factions fighting it out. Now if Planet Nibiru comes in, in May, it could cause allot of the destruction's that I saw years ago that they were expecting back then in the Summer months.

So it will be kind of interesting now we are back on a different time table now. It's more Spring and Summer oriented instead of Fall and Winter oriented like it was last year. This year it would be the Spring and Summer.

So yeah it could reek allot of havoc here weather wise. Which could be -- I don't know -- perhaps why the government is so unsure of what's happening themselves. There's been reports of military equipment in southern California -- 78,000 foreign troops. And they're calling it military exercises? Since when do they do military exercises in the winter time?

Southern California targeted just like Alabama

And there's been fumes -- sulfur smells south of San Diego, north of Mexico and there's really nothing in that region. It's basically a region most people don't even want to go -- because of the border crossing is there and it's a highly volatile region and so it's -- you know it's a -- I don't know why they would be targeting that area for earthquakes. Now I remember putting out warnings last November -- getting ready in October because they were targeting that area for a zombie outbreak. And so warriors got busy and we orgoned the southern part of California and that area. All the way to Tijuana.

So I can't imagine they're still trying to target that area with zombies, but now it seems like it's being targeted with earthquakes and I don't know if it's something they can control or not because when I first heard about the sulfur fumes coming outta the ground the first thing out of my mouth was sounds like earthquakes. So something may be going on underneath the earths crust there -- kinda plays into their hands though because they've been wanting, they've been targeting that area for some reason. They've been targeting southern California.

One thing after the next -- it's almost like Alabama. Now Alabama stumps me. I'm just...I'm stumped with Alabama. I often see Alabama in the codes and a couple years ago I put out a warning about Alabama. Alabama. Been seeing something about Alabama didn't see what was going on...and then somebody sent me an article about a meteorite landing in the swamps in Alabama. And I was like well we need to get orgone in the swamps of Alabama. And so that went away for a while. Didn't see Alabama in the codes. Well now it's coming back up. I have no reason why...they hate Alabama, it's a target. I do know that. I don't understand why they hate Alabama. The Queen especially targets Alabama.

You know I was warned about false flag attacks in the southern states and with last week having tornadoes hit Alabama. They're trying to do in Alabama like they do in Ohio which is force vaccines on the kids. No vaccines no school. And that's a total lie. They say it and try to bully you and scare you into thinking you can't go to school unless you get a vaccine. But when you pull out a letter stating your state rights "Say No to Vaccines" because of religious or political differences they shut up.

Parents who are going through this with school systems across America no matter what state you're in every state in this country gives exemptions to vaccines and all you have to do is go to my web site { } {} there's a link on there for state exemptions. Find your state, copy the exemption down, type it out on a piece of paper and say you are claiming that exemption for your child. They'll shut up. They won't even bring it up again.

Because knowledge is power. They know they can't enforce you to have vaccines. Now what they're doing in east coast states is lining the kids up and taking the parents to court. That's ludicrous. I don't know what those state exemption laws are in those states, but I would be doing the same thing. Because no state can force you to vaccinate your child. There's also a letter you can produce stating that they'll be held financially accountable if your child has a bad reaction to that vaccine. And no doctor will sign it and no state will sign it because they know vaccines are deadly. They don't even give them to their own kids, the doctors. They want you to give it to your kid so your kids will be dead by the time they are 30. Vaccines today are not the vaccines we took as children. They were bad enough when we were kids. There was Mercury and other toxic things in them when we were kids -- now imagine 40 years -- 45 years later the advancement of their own technologies an everything that they can put in the vaccines that they put today. They put stuff in vaccines today to target your DNA.

They put chips in vaccines. Twelve girls in New York in the same school getting turret syndrome from the vaccines, the flu shot the vaccine whatever it was they had taken and none knows why -- that's because no one will admit why. Because the vaccines were contaminated with it. And you can't sue the vaccines, they all make themselves safe from being sued.

But anyway, back to Alabama. Beyond a heads up I don't know why they're targeting that state. I just know that they are. I know last year tornado season North Carolina, Alabama a few of the southern states, the area's that had orgone in them weren't affected by tornadoes. Tornadoes hit the orgone walls and they switched directions. And so you need to get your areas orgoned. You know, Kentucky, Alabama. I watch these things sometimes and it's almost like the Jet Stream path, they start them in the south and then they want to swing them up into Ohio, along the southern part of Ohio and it always looks like "Hey they're coming, they're coming this way..." and it will hit walls and just fizzle out.

It doesn't even reach Ohio half the time. So people in Kentucky and Alabama you're kinda like in the path, they're trying to get me in Ohio, I'm pretty sure of it. You know they don't give up! But the fact that they hate Alabama too I'm stumped as to why.

So you need to protect yourselves. Also it was about this time last year -- probably February or March when they started hitting those states with tornadoes. We had a huge HAARP tornado season last year. Where they just drummed up one tornado after the next to cause destruction. So you need to get your areas covered folks, get orgone in 'em because you're in the wrong path at the wrong time. These aren't natural tornadoes these are HAARP tornadoes.

So just a heads up on Alabama and those southern states. Another thing, not that I try to mention Soros too much, but frankly behind Ben Bernanke, the second highest position of power in America today would be the High Priest of New York. Because that's the power center of Babylon, city of Babylon it's the power center. It's the power center. So whoever the satanist High Priest is of New York holds huge power and if you listen to my Monday night show I was telling you how David Rockefeller was the High Priest of New York City and you all know what kind of power Rockefeller holds -- he's pretty much one of the main writers of the new world order behind Rothschild and so with Rockefeller leaving that position because of his health -- you now have George Soros as the High Priest in New York. And so he would know because they plan this kind of stuff.

The President of the United States is not the most powerful person he's controlled by people above him and these are the types of people that control the position of the presidency. You have Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, who controls the money in this country. The Federal Reserve is not even a Federal Agency people see the word Federal and think "oh the government owns it" It's not even a government Agency. It's not owned by the Federal Government. Let me read you a quote about the Federal Reserve: "Some people who think that the Federal Reserve Banks United States Government institutions. They are private monopolies which prey upon the people of these United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers; foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers; and rich and predatory money lender..."

And this is from one of the speeches made on the Floor of the House of Representatives by the Honorable Louis T. McFadden of Pennsylvania in the 1930's.

The Federal Reserve is not owned by our government. Private monopolies of banks control the Federal Reserve. And there are governors appointed by the Federal Reserve the top position being the Chairman. These are unelected positions. These are positions that are merely given to them. The people don't have the say but it is these people that run the Federal Reserve that can cause inflation in our country can crash the dollar. That are behind the rise or the fall of interest rates. The President doesn't control it. The Congress doesn't control it. The military doesn't control it. There is not one agency in America that can control it. It's controlled by outside interests -- they decide what's gonna happen to Americas money. And it's an unelected position. And people get mad at the president. They are looking in the wrong place.

The President doesn't even control it. Ben Bernanke is the most powerful person in this country. The only thing he can't do is declare war. He controls the money and whoever controls the money holds the power of any country. So you have Ben Bernanke then you have George Soros he's the High Priest of New York now. You know ask yourself why there's a Catholic Cathedral -- St. Patricks Cathedral -- the money center, business center of Manhattan -- the catholic St. Patrick's Cathedral is right across from the Rockefeller Center in New York and that church is a facade, it's a front. They sacrifice babies in the basement of it. I mean come on folks. This is the highest satanic position in America. David Rockefeller use to have it now it's George Soros.

They don't sacrifice bunnies and dogs and cats. So why isn't there an outrage? Why aren't they occupying? occupying St. Patrick's Cathedral because I've heard from many people about the underground part of that church. They sacrifice humans there. They sacrifice babies there. That's how they honor their god satan and these are the kinds of freaks that have power in America. So they're expecting riots in the streets. What's gonna cause riots in the streets that would result in brutal clamp downs? You're hearing this stuff from the horses mouth. They plan this stuff so they know. You know what could make people so angry that they would deserve to be shot down and dragged to prisons?

We're not talking about occupy protests folks. We're talking about the L.A. riots all over again. We're talking about riots -- in the street. Anger, people are angry, they're rioting. What would make them so angry that they would riot in the streets and need military to come restore order. I don't see any OJ trials going on at the moment. The only exciting thing I see today is Obama is suppose to be in court in Georgia -- proving he's an American citizen. Do they really think people would riot? I think he's pretty much lost his fan base. He's not the same Obama they thought he was 4 years ago. You know I don't think he's going to have all that huge support. I would find it very amusing that they thought people are going to riot if Obama had to be removed from office because he's not eligible to be president.

I think people would be cheering in the streets. You wouldn't need the military for that -- unless they want to cheer along with us. You know? I don't know. At the same time we have threats from outer space. You know I see Ashtar Command vehicles they do some fly overs they always say the same thing but they always are saying that but they can't get anything going because they just crash. They hit orgoned areas and crash. In the event that this whole V scenario should ever come about -- that the ships are hovering over our cities. Folks get the orgone underneath that ship. Orgone is an automated weapon. It never stops creating positive energy once it's made -- correctly. On my web site and it eventually saturates the air. So anything that's evil in the air has a problem with it. It crashes it burns them.

It crashes their ships it decimates the passengers because they're evil -- and so if there was a 'V' Day here or anywhere, that's what you'd need to do. Make orgone pipes. Make regular orgone blasters, just to get 'em saturate -- get 'em in ponds and lakes and oceans and forests and any where. Your front yard. Your backyard. Get it out there so it's saturating the air and it will destroy any type of alien space crafts hovering in the air above your city or town.

Currency ready to crash

You know I've heard we've created real problems with logistics in their planned arrivals because they are trying to find area's that they can get into that are resistant to the orgone or there won't be orgone there. So we just have to watch and react to what they're doing because the only thing I can think of that would cause that kind of rioting in the streets -- super inflation all of the sudden -- the crashing of the dollar and you have to know that behind closed doors this whole global currency thing is getting ready to explode. They're gonna crash the western currencies. The EU, the Euro, the American dollar and they are going to raise up 3rd world currencies. So it's kinda gonna go teeter tauter. Ours are gonna go down and theirs are going to go up. They're trying to balance I don't know how you'd even say it. Balance financial equality. I don't know -- this is socialism in progress folks. Being shoved down our throats. But that's what they're gonna do. They're gonna crash the wealthy countries currencies and raise up 3rd world countries. Because they want a level playing field on money, eventually...

It will lead to a one world currency for all nations. That's really what they're head -- that's where they're heading they've been heading that way for a long time. And even Ron Paul supports that one. The global currency. Everyone has the same dollar. Everyone will have the same dollar. Everyone will have the same currency. But the only way to achieve it is chaos. Because out of chaos comes the solution. So they're going to cause chaos. You know I told you probably around this time inflation would be up about 15%. It's going to get bad with inflation. If you thought last years run on gas -- $4, $5, $6 a gallon filling up the beast broke your back with gasoline. I know it was costing me almost $200 to fill up mine at that time. I have an ancient beast. It's what? A '94 or '96 and that things a guzzler.

High gas, because they want to raise gas up another $11 a gallon to $15 a gallon that's their dream goal right now. $11 to $15 for a gallon of gas so then imagine $5 for a loaf of bread. Half of your income right now probably goes to your mortgage payments and rents and you're probably trying to squeeze out the bills and living expenses with the other half. Well now half is gonna be rent and the other half is gonna be gas and food. You know how are you gonna afford all your utilities and all your little gadgets. You have to pay for TV.

TV use to be free you have to pay for that. Water use to be free now you have to pay for that. You have water. You have garbage. Is it amazing any kids move outta the house these days. All the bills and they're just gonna get worse and worse this year.

In fact I was told to be expected some kinda sweeping legislation that banks don't have to prove deed or title to your house the mortgage...right now they're being sued...there's billions of dollars against banks right now in lawsuits regarding fraudulent foreclosures. Well the answer to that is not that they're going to show up in court and answer for any of that -- they're going to pass legislation to erase all those lawsuits because the banks will not be enforced to show they had deed and title and mortgage to your house.

So all those lawsuits will go away, be swept under the rug. And with that more and more foreclosures this year. You thought the foreclosures over the last few years were bad? They're suppose to get into the 1,000's* this year. It's going to en-double, it's going to increase from what it's been over the last few years.

We have empty houses everywhere, in every state, in every city -- no for sale signs in front of them, so you can't buy them. They just sit there empty and what they do is if there's 15 houses in a neighborhood that have been foreclosed on and there's signs on 3 of 'em because they want to sell those first 3 and then they move on the waiting list how long the others have been sitting there. And if they eventually sit there empty too long then the cities can bull doze them. They're bull dozing the houses down instead of selling them at auction so that people can buy them and turn around and use them for rental properties and rent them out to people. They are bull dozing them down. Bull dozing houses down. You're gonna see whole neighborhoods disappear.

They're not giving people business opportunities out of being able to turn around and rent out these foreclosures and make 'em rental properties and the codes are a mess. The codes when you look at this year it's just pffttt -- it's just -- it's in derision. It's one thing after the next because they don't even know what they're doing. So there's no clear set plan. I don't know how many times I've been told, NASA and the President and the Pope are working together to bring in Sananda. OK, I know this. I see it in the codes too. But what I see in the codes that the government isn't seeing is that the Pope isn't doing very well.

Pope afflicted by the orgone in the Vatican

Whoever got orgone in the Vatican Good Job! because it's destroying the Pope and he's putting allot of pressure on Obama to stop the orgone here. To stop it to get rid of it here. You can't get rid of it. I don't even know why they bother to stop it because you know whatever but he's putting pressure on Obama to stop the orgone. They have meetings constantly -- there are engineers, scientists, physicists -- everything you can think of from governments around the world -- the best of the bests -- getting together -- putting their heads together -- trying to figure out ways to discredit the orgone.

So they're trying to bring in Sananda -- I can't see that happening because the orgone's demolishing that faction. I'm not saying he's not going to -- I expect him to arrive I just don't know how. Everything they plan I can look at in the codes and say "No it's not gonna happen that way." (laughing) "...and no it ain't gonna happen that way..." because we keep taking away their A, B's and C's -- Plan A's not gonna work, B's not gonna work. C's not gonna work -- they gotta think up new ways. So while they're trying to pull off their alien faction stuff, well the new world order that hates the alien faction starts pulling off -- going ahead with their agendas.

When it's time to run

Which is you know they want to own and control the Middle East -- own and control the world basically. Tighten down on America. You know the worst thing that we could see isn't Nibiru. It isn't Nibiru at all, it's Sananda. When he's here is when it's time to run. Of course when Nibiru comes back I expect this to be like a suicide attempt. Where they're going to come back get close to the earth -- empty out all the inhabitants on Nibiru to get to earth and then the whole thing is just gonna implode. That's just what I suspect because it's ready to fall apart. The orgone's just destroyed it.

So what we have is millions of giants coming to earth. In addition to the Nibiru giants, I'm seeing Anunuki for July. I'm seeing Anunuki here in July and this is additional. This isn't Nibiru giants this is additional giants. You know I find it funny that it was confirmed to me, "Hey, you're right, they are bringing giants in." And I talked about this a couple shows ago how they're bringing them in to various countries. They're bringing them in via the underground subway systems. They are building new subways, tall enough and big enough to cart these 20, 30 foot giants in and I was told, "Hey you are right they are doing that but it's just a wild card."

A wild card? Who are they kidding? Do they just think this is a wild card on the chess board they just might pull it out and use it, they might not...and what are they gonna do with all these giants. This isn't a wild card this is Bible Prophesy. Bible Prophesy. Giants. Returning.

Giants coming in it's Bible Prophesy it isn't a wild card. Who are they kidding? And the one thing that they can't stand is the orgone. Now think about it folks. The rider of the black horse his job his assignment whatever his whole calling is famine and inflation. Now remember back in Noah's day there was famine. Why? Because there was no food -- it wasn't because -- there was no food -- the giants ate it all. The giants would eat -- I don't know if it's mentioned in Enoch, Enoch or another book yeah he does talk about the brothers -- yeah he does.

There were 2 brothers alone that were 33 Fathom tall. I don't know how tall that is in our language -- I think may be 46 feet or something like that. But these 2 brothers alone would eat 500 cattle a day. A day. And if there were no cattle they would eat people. Now I don't think we've got 46 foot giants coming. I think that's where they got Jack and the Beanstalk kind of stories. But we do verifiability, people have seen 20 foot giants in the Negev Desert in Israel. I've told you they were 20 foot and I've been telling you they've been coming into that desert. Our governments talked to them. They've met with them in the deserts. They're bringing them in in trucks. They've got bases. They had one in Lima Ohio we pounded with orgone last Spring.

They got one in North Carolina around Bostic North Carolina that's been pounded with orgone. When we hear where they're at we pound it. I was seeing in the codes where they are suffering in Nevada. They're being hidden in Area 51. Where that whole area is there because the orgone is getting to them. That's our only defense against them folks because I mean unless you've got a 12 gauge that can blast the head off of one of those things and most people would be so frightened to be approached by one of those things. You're looking at Revelations Chapter 9 where it talks about locust, because they act like locust that travel together in hoards arrive in an area, decimate it. Eat everything in sight and then go to the next area and repeat the same thing.

There's no stopping them, they just start and stop. Start and stop they go from one area to the next. And they stay in that area until everything's decimated. Everything's gone. People, animals, food, plants whatever. They decimate it. That's why the symbolic term for them is locust because that's how locust act, hit an area, they eat up all the greenery off the trees and plants and then they leave and go to the next area.

Imagine that with millions, thousands of 20 foot giants and they're all sizes. There's small giants there's big giants. They're just all different sizes. Those are coming shortly after Sanada arrives. That's why I said when you see Sananda you really got to really think about heading out and getting out of the cities and finding a cave or a rock or something to hide in because they're gonna be brutal. This is world wide this isn't just America. This is world wide folks. Sananda will probably come into the Middle East somewhere. He's gonna walk around Jerusalem like he's Jesus.

He's gonna be visiting Bethlehem and all the Biblical sights. That's gonna haft to be amusing and they had this whole thing where I think they were suppose to bring the Lord in Mt. Herman the ancient mountain that the Watcher angels met on and made an agreement to rebel against the Lord and come to earth and procreate with human women -- it was Mt. Herman which is on the border of Israel and Lebanon.

Well, we got orgone there a long time ago and so now I'm seeing an alternative sight pop up in the Bible codes that they may head to Mt. Nebo instead.

{Mount Nebo is a 1,000m (3,300ft) high mountain located 10km/6 mi NW of Madaba in Jordan, opposite the northern end of the Dead Sea.{source:}}

Mt. Nebo needs to get orgoned

And it stumps me how am I going to get orgone to Mt. Nebo? Mt. Nebo is on the border of Israel and Jordan. Mt. Nebo is where Moses was buried by the Lord. You know when they came out of Egypt, the exodus out of Egypt came across the desert it was on Mt. Nebo when the Lord showed Israel to Moses and showed him the land from the view atop Mt. Nebo he could view the land. The view. I'm thinking "How am I going to get orgone there?" Israel warriors. Anybody out that way if you can get to Jordan -- Mt. Nebo -- we need to get it saturated with orgone because I don't know if they are gonna hover a huge space ship over it or what they'll do but that's their targeted secondary place now.

Ashtar and their garbage lies

Another thing is seeing Damascus coming up in the codes and the only reason that's coming up in the codes is it's always been a plan of the Ashtar Command to announce their global summit, their arrival to the world in Damascus...blah, blah, blah we're here we're your ascended masters we're your creators whatever they're gonna claim, you know they've got a bunch of different garbage lies they've got planned.

That must be before Damascus gets destroyed. Because Damascus is gonna be destroyed. It's gonna be turned into a parking lot -- so if that routes gonna happen they better hurry up because if there's a World War 3 -- which I'm seeing in the codes -- Damascus regardless -- it's prophesy. What is that? Obediah 1 through 4 talks about the destruction of Damascus and Damascus has never been destroyed. It's the oldest standard city in the world.

And so it's prophesy that it get's destroyed. So that coming up in the codes is interesting because it's either going to be destroyed or the landing base, the announcement base whatever of these new age ascended freaks that are coming. It's just a Hodge podge of different things popping up and wanting to happen.. It's just so many things working together. All these events wanting to happen. And you know certain peoples plans are getting delayed and blocked and other peoples plans fighting for and trying to get attention to be implemented and so I just have a million different things things to watch for at one time. You know?

Sunrise is covered with chem trails

Nibiru should be visible by May. I'm not saying we'll see it because they pound the sunrises with chem trails and I have this area orgoned and chem trails won't stick so it's not this area and I don't think anyone in this country can look at a sunrise without seeing 8 chem trail planes in front of the sun. You know? I just thought maybe it was the 2nd sun that was going to come in closer but now I'm thinking yes Nibiru is going to return. So, Nibiru is a matriarchal planet. They have a queen. I do think there are black giants on Nibiru. I know they have a counsel. The Nibiriuan council. It's very orderly, just because they're orderly doesn't mean they're nice.

They're coming to destroy. We are going to have a mixture. A mixture of giants here. Mixtures. Different races of them. Different factions of them. I haven't talked about the Joel Chapter 2 giants yet, that's further down the road. We have invasions of different factions of giants coming in -- you know worry about UFO's greys and haven't seen anything yet, these giants are coming in.

Prepare folks. They don't like orgoned areas so get your areas orgoned and I'm not talking your yard, besides that -- I'm talking about getting a map and getting your counties circle -- go around your entire county, one puck per mile with 5 ounce, 10 ounce whatever the Lord leads you to use. Every mile throw a puck around your county. Put up orgone walls around your county.

Do your state. You know it's not a time of sitting down and going to sleep not with everything's that is coming because I have a feeling towards the summer time of this year, inflation and everything else coming in people aren't going to be able to survive. They're going to be losing their homes, their vehicles because they can't afford to drive them. Now is the time to get busy. Now! Usually I like to take the months of January and February off and take it easy because it's too cold to do much. But we got to get busy folks. We need to get busy so I can get supplies stocked up so I can get supplies and orgone set aside so when we do start getting invasions if there are areas that need it right away I can get it there. You know?

It's allot of planning ahead of time but we got to do it because it's going to be too late later. Do appreciate the folks who are donating to this ministry and I know who you are and I love every one of you. I know who you are. Appreciate the gifts that are sent in. The boxes of various goodies. People send me all kinds of stuff. I love that -- my kids love that. I like reading -- someone sent me a letter of missions they did last year in California. I've been reading that.

Some of you I never hear from. I don't know where you are, who you are but you're out there getting the work done and you'll tell me 2 years later about it. That's what's so funny about the whole thing. I know there's warriors I never hear from because the Lords told me that years ago. There's military units, there's Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines that listen to this show that have been getting busy. I know I'll never hear from half the warriors. I just try to direct you on what needs done -- right away. You know?

Right now we need orgone in Omaha, Nebraska. Omaha Nebraska. Huge elite lizard base there where Warren Buffet is, no surprise to anybody. But we need orgone warriors in Omaha to just saturate that area. They're also in Lincoln Nebraska so we got those 2 cities, Omaha and Lincoln. Just to knock out a strong hold there because that's where they are at. Also Manhattan, St. Patricks Cathedral needs orgone attention. Let's keep the satanists in the basements you know? Let's get St. Patricks Cathedral, Bedford New York that's where allot of them live -- the Highlands in New York. Alabama, protect yourselves because they are just gonna keep slamming you with tornados.

Area's needing orgone attention:

  • Omaha Nebraska
  • Lincoln Nebraska
  • St. Patricks Cathedral, Manhattan
  • Bedford New York
  • Highlands in New York

I don't know why they hate Alabama. Southern states -- you know they keep wanting to plant false flags in the southern states. And I consider this latest hit on Alabama with tornadoes a false flag because I was told a false flag that there was gonna be a false flag and next thing I know BAM a tornado hitting Alabama. And Alabama coming up in the codes now and it's very rare to see any state but Ohio come up in the codes. Ohio comes up constantly only because I'm here, but when I see Alabama or some other state it gets my attention.

So you might want to get out maps and break up missions. Somebody get the north side of the state. Somebody get the South, East, West and get orgone walls up around the state.

Know how to break cloaking? Please give Sherry the information

Anyway, be back on Monday night. If anyone knows how to break cloaking give me a shout. Send me an email. I'm clueless how -- we know the government has invisibility cloaking -- they can cloak objects, cars, planes, helicopters, people. So we know they can do it. I deal with this almost every day folks. Invisible planes over head. Vehicles sitting in my driveway invisible. Don't ask me how I know they are there. But I need something that can break cloaking.

So if anyone has figured out that technology yet how to bust cloaking on something let me know. Because that's what I'm interested in. And not surprising the troops training in the San Diego desert have night gear equipment because they plan on doing this at night and that's what I've been telling everybody get battery operated flood lights so when they do come in your areas -- your electricity will go off -- that's a precursor to roundups. The electricity in the areas going off so you're not gonna have Internet access to warn your buddies. Your phones not gonna work. They probably have cell phone jammers. To jam up your cell phones. Your land lines won't work either there's gonna be no electricity in your area.

That's a pretty good heads up that somethings not right. Why is our power out? Get your flood lights out and get your guns ready. You know you are going to need light to see. Especially see them. Be ready to defend yourselves folks. Anyway be back on Monday night. Continue to send in donations folks so that we can get prepared for so many different things -- scheduled to come up in the next several months. We need to stock up and prepared on that and I can't do that without funding.

Till then everybody, till Monday night. Yah Bless

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