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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
February 6, 2012

The Super Bowl Halftime Show Was a Big Satanic Ritual

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it's February 6. And a couple things I wanna talk about tonight. I've been doing a lot of looking over people's comments about the Super Bowl yesterday. [laughs] The one thing I haven't heard from anybody is the whole super--the halftime show and all that. I'm gonna talk a little bit about that.

But amazing thing to me about the halftime show with Madonna is that she had clothes on. I mean, there's obviously a lot of symbolism, Illuminati symbolism, throughout the whole thing. It's a big satanic ritual. [Satanic Ritual Performed at The NFL Half Time Show] And every person who held up lights and had lights on, you were part of the satanic ritual. That's part of their rituals is light. And, you know, it's easy--you see how easy it is for them to sway. You know, a good percentage of the people in the stadium, that probably don't even know who or what the Illuminati is, to participlate in a satanic ritual and not even realize it. I bet half those people didn't even know they were participating in a satanic ritual.

It's so easy for Satan to deceive people. That's why it's called deception. You don't see it coming. You don't realize it. Or you don't believe it. You're in denial. That's why it's deception. But you're still held accountable for being deceived. Because Satan deceives the world.

And many of these same people that say, "Oh, no! I believe in the Lord. I would never participate in a satanic ritual," these same people are those who are fooled by those who appear to be good. I mean, look at everybody that voted for George Bush. Hello? Those were all Christians. He ran on the Conservative Party. Most of 'em are Christians and patriots. Look how many were deceived by him and he's nothing but a Satanist fool.

And then you have Ron Paul running. Hello? Same thing. Rewind the script. Same actors serving the same boss. And people are so easily deceived. That's why it's called deception. By deception Satan deceived the third of the angels. By deception Satan deceives the majority of the world to accept his mark to worship him. Do you think he's gonna come out on the world stage with horns protruding out of his head and say, "Worship me," and then so that way everyone will know, "Hey, it's Satan"? No. That's why the Lord said look at their fruits. Don't listen to what they say. Look at their fruits they produce. What kind of fruit are they producing?

So it was interesting. I might get back into that a little bit later. Couple other things I wanna talk about tonight.

I'm Seeing Some Kind of Catastrophe Coming in California the End of April or May

Was reading this story, it was yesterday, and, I don't wanna misquote him, but Karl Rove has made a comment in some story that he believes Israel will attack Iran, somewhere between April, May, and June. And that wasn't too surprising. We've been hearing threats of Israel attacking Iran for a while now.

But what struck me was that, you know, I'm working in the Codes day and night, and I'm seeing some kind of annihilation, some kind of catastrophe coming in California, some time end of April or May. From mid-April to mid-May. Somewhere in those two months. I'm seeing death and destruction in California.

And I'm thinking, "OK. You know, I've been here before. I've seen this before." And it was destruction of the alien rituals that they had going. Opening the portals back in November. And we were able to stop that. And they were the ones that were destroyed. They were the ones suffering death and destruction because the orgone-saturated air closed the portals, and they couldn't make their entrance. And, you know, we're crashing UFOs all the time with our orgone. And so, I never quite know exactly who's on the end of destruction.

But when you look at California, they've been targeting that state for a long time. And the government wants control of California. They want to control the entire state. They want it to get so bad in debt that they take over receivership of the state and the government takes over California. That's what they want. And if you think they have good plans for it, you know, pack up and move out now. Because they don't. They wanna destroy every person in the state.

The One Thing That's Keeping the Zombie Apocalypse From Happening Is Orgone

Another thing is the southern part [of California]. They were targeting, last year, I think it was last October, when I started warning people that they had a zombie attack planned for Tijuana, Mexico, which would affect the southern part, even up to San Diego. And we got a lot of orgone down there. And the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] is having a hard time being able to successfully implement a zombie pandemic here. Now they use the same viruses that they've been practicing on in eastern Europe and Africa. In fact, Angola, Africa's got a real zombie problem now. Various parts of Africa usually do. They test these vaccines out there, these viruses. And they break out in zombie pandemics.

When they tried the same vaccines here in the states, they don't work as good as they do in Africa. They don't have the success rate. And so, they're starting to think, "Hmm. Wonder if it's the climate." There's a climate difference, because Africa has a hotter climate, obviously. And so, maybe the zombies are thriving better in hotter temperatures. Why is why, to begin with, they were going to Tijuana and Southern California. It's all desert down there. You've got the Baja Desert, all that down there.

But I'll tell ya what the big difference is. Because the United States has a lot more orgone in it than Africa does. You know, when I find out where they're targeting, we get orgone there. And that's the one thing that's keeping a zombie pandemic, the zombie apocalypse, from happening right now. And so, their backs are against a wall on orgone. You know, we've had a huge success with it.

The Dents We've Been Able to Put in Their Plans with Orgone in the Last 7 Years

If you look at how many years we've been doing orgone now, and started this orgone war 7 years ago. Uh, well, let's see...6, 7...we're on our 8th year of orgone. 8th year now.

And we've, in this time, we managed to take out the Capricorn starship. It crashed into the Pacific Ocean.

We took out Shema, which was a huge metropolis city. When you think of Shema, I think of V. The TV series, miniseries, V, and that huge starship they had. [DVD Artwork for Season 1 of 'V'] The Bible Codes describes it as a metropolis, as a city. And Satan had a temple in it. Just a huge starship. We've taken that out.

We took out Nibiru. Nibiru was supposed to impact Earth in the fall of last year. And we sent it whimpering away. It went south. Down to the Antarctic to restore itself, rebuild itself. It may be trying to make a second comeback here this year. If it does, we'll probably see it early spring, summer. Sometime around that. If it can revive itself and get back here. Tentative on that one.

We've done a lot of damage to the Hadron Collider. You know, that thing's been busy blowing holes, portals, open. Trying to merge the dimensions or make dimensional portals for other factions of alien groups to come in. We've done a lot of damage to that, just trying to--the portals that they've been opening, I can't specifically say how, 'cause I won't, but we've been able to get orgone to saturate through the portals when they open them, so that if anything does come through, it's just gonna crash to the earth. And so, we've had huge success with the Hadron Collider.

Another one is chemtrails. We've been able to demolish their chemtrail program. If you saturate your area with orgone, chemtrails won't stick where orgone is. And so, you'll see a clearing above any area that has chemtrails. You'll watch the planes come in, they'll start their spraying, and depending on how good you have your area orgoned, the spray, it just starts to disappear, starts to dissipate, it won't stick. And so, we've had huge success against the chemtrail operations.

And also with the UFOs. They come in. They burn. It burns 'em up. And they crash to the earth. And people think it's falling stars, they think it's meteors. We're crashing UFOs all over the place, folks. And we've been doing this for years. For years.

Another area of huge success has been against vaccinations. You know, waking people up to how destructive vaccinations are. That they're trying to change your DNA. They're trying to put chips in people. Transhumanize them with these chips. Also the cancers and the many deaths that are caused slowly by these vaccines. They target specific age groups. They target areas with different things, different batches. And we've been waking people up to stay away from the vaccines, stay away from the flu shots. And we've ruined a huge chunk of their plans using vaccinations. And I have a website on it, Just a ton of information there on vaccinations and why you shouldn't vaccinate your children, why you shouldn't get flu shots.

And so, we've been able to put dents in almost, you know, huge chunks of their plans. You know, 10 years ago, I was praying and asking the Most High, "Show me how to tear down their strongholds. Help me to tear down the New World Order's strongholds." And if you look at all the different areas we've been able to destroy their plans, it's just amazing. You know, we're not sitting around on our hands and thumbs doing nothing, and pounding the walls. You know, we've been busy.

Their Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark to Find Ways to Block the Ancient Energy of Orgone

And so, their backs are against the wall right now. So out of desperation, they've called a conference in Copenhagen. It's in Denmark. Sometime in February or March, early spring. I don't know exactly when the date is yet. March seems to be pretty dominant. So, in March, in the Hebrew month of March, it could be middle February here till middle of March. On our calendar, it would be mid-February to mid-March. So anytime between that time they'll probably host this conference.

And it's not gonna be a--it might be, but I'm not, you know, particularly--all I know is that the guest list is gonna be very particular. Only certain people invited. Because they want the best of the best. And humans, that's you and I, for the most part, for the you part--I know I'm human. Uh, I know I've got various people and groups listening to this radio show. But for the most part, the human scientists can't grasp orgone. They don't know what's going on. They don't get it, basically. Because this is an ancient energy. Wilhelm Reich rediscovered this ancient energy. He didn't create it. He didn't discover it. He rediscovered this ancient energy. It was known in the past. They had orgone energy. They knew all about it in the past. It was probably referred to something else, because orgone was a term Wilhelm Reich gave it.

But the Bible Codes says this is an ancient aether energy. And it doesn't reveal to me anything other than that ancient. But when I see the word "ancient" in the Bible Codes, we're talking ancient, ancient old. We're not talking thousands of years, we're talking tens of thousands of years. We're talking this is ancient. Orgone energy existed before even the Earth was created. And so, that's how old it is. This aether energy. Because if you look closely at exactly what orgone is, it's a living force energy. It's a life force, a healing energy. One of the terms for it is chi energy. And chi is breath. And a lot of times in the Bible Codes, I'll see "breath" in relation to orgone. It's Yah's breath. It's a duplicate of Yah's very breath, Yahuah's very breath. And what we're doing is putting balance back in the earth because they're trying to tilt the balance. Satan, in his own way, is trying to take everything healing and living and destroy it, because he needs negative energy to work in, to thrive in.

You know, when the Lord created the Earth, He created it in a balance. He created it light and dark. He divided the day and the night. We have good, we have bad. Evil, righteous. Lightness, darkness. Everything is an energy, folks. And because He knew, He knew that Earth was going to become a battlefield. He knew it would be a battlefield. He knew that when He created Adam and Eve that Lucifer would cause them to sin. Just by the very way He designed the balance of the Earth, He knew.

Otherwise, He woulda just created, you know, another dimension of heaven. Earth would've just been a dimension of heaven. There would be no night. There would be no darkness. No evil energies. No negative energies. It would've just been another offshoot, dimension, planet of heaven. But He knew. He knew when He created it it was gonna become a battlefield. And that's what it is. It's a battlefield for the souls of mankind.

Does Satan Have Favorites in Hell?

You know, Lucifer hates humans because they were made in the Lord's image. That's why he hates mankind. And all these little Satan freaks that think they're so special to Lucifer because they do all these evil things, and they rise up high in the satanism ranks, they think they're his little favorites. He gives 'em fame. He gives 'em fortune. He keeps 'em occupied to influence everybody else to do evil and follow him. But when they die, do you think he remembers anything of--oh, you know, that they were one of his favorites? Does he have favorites? 'Cause everybody just suffers the same in hell. I mean, everybody just suffers in hell. I've never heard one good story about hell. A lot of pain. A lot of suffering.

Do these people actually--they have to live in denial. You have to be in total denial to knowingly be involved with Satan's kingdom. You have to be in total denial. Because, yeah, you know you're with Lucifer. And you know that hell exists. And you're hoping the Bible's wrong. You're just in denial. Denial of accountability, judgment. Most of 'em are afraid to die. They don't wanna die. 'Cause they don't--you know, the part of humanity that's still part of them knows that there is a God, and it's not Lucifer. And that's why they get involved with drugs and alcohol, and all these other activities, because they're miserable. All the fame, fortune will get them nowhere when you spend eternity in hell with Satan.

If They Can't Get You by Vaccinations, They'll Try to Get You by Chemtrails

But anyway, all his little clandestine black operations around the world with chemtrails to dim sunshine from hitting Earth, they wanna dim the earth. They wanna make it dimmer. And there's like 101 uses for chemtrails, folks. There's not just one reason they have 'em. There's 101 uses. They use 'em for aerosols. They put aerosols in the air so that they can can use holographic technology to produce what looks like Jesus in the clouds, or angels, or, you know, whatever. They use it for holograms. They put poisons in the chemtrails to make you sick. They put chips in the chemtrails now. Chips are so refined, you can actually just breathe it in as air. Breathe in chips. There's 101 uses for them.

But if they can't get you by vaccinations, they figure they'll get you by chemtrails. They'll spray the vacc--same crap they put in vaccinations, they'll put in the chemtrails. And so, Satan's trying to tip the balance from being a--the planet Earth--from being a healing and life force energy planet into something dark and negative. Evil energy. Dark energy. Because he wants to take over the planet and rule it through the Antichrist and False Prophet that are coming.

Taking Away Satan's Successes and Turning Them into Failures with Orgone

So what we've been doing with the orgone war is tilting the balance back, keeping it balanced. Taking away his successes and turning them into failures. And keeping the Earth at a balance. So he gets furious. He's furious. And they're calling this conference in Copenhagen, with all their top Lizard scientists that do understand what's going on, because the humans just don't get it. And they're bringing in, you know, the best of the best. Meeting of the minds. International countries throwing fits. "What is this orgone? We wanna stop it. We have to stop it. We have to get rid of it." And so, they're meeting to figure out ways to discredit it. To stop it. To get rid of it. To block it. One of the things is not only to familiarize themselves with exactly what it is and everything it's done, but to figure out ways to block it and stop it.

They're Stepping Up the Credibility Attacks Against Sherry Shriner and Her Orgone

You know, they have a huge--that's huge Plan A. Plan B is to attack my credibility. But it's not all orgone that's pissing them off. It's my orgone. Sherry Shriner's orgone. Our orgone. The orgone the Lord gave us. And so, they're starting character assassinations. You know, they started that years ago. They started, you know, coming against my character years ago. Because they're desperate. They don't have anything else.

I'm a person of integrity. A person of upstanding character. And they know this. And so, they pump lies about me. You know, I've been dealing with these lies for years. People put up videos, put up websites, talking about how I'm a Nazi, how I'm a lesbian, how I'm a witch, how I'm a alien. You know, anything they can come up with. You know, anything. I'm a born-again child of the Most High. I'm also a grandma. I've been married for 20 years. I have 4 kids. I've never been with a woman in my life. And they come up with these lesbian rumors constantly.

But the one they're comin' out with next is that I'm a white supremacist. And I'm thinking, "How is that gonna fly?" Some of my very best friends are of color. I don't care what color skin a person has. I have friends all over the world. Different nationalities. Different colors of skin. I don't care what color a person's color is. It's their heart that attracts me to them. Not their race.

But this is what they're planning to do. And, you know, the first thing I could think of, "Are they really serious?" [laughs] Are they really serious? Because it's not gonna fly. But they don't care if it flies. Because when you throw out lies against somebody, somebody's gonna believe it. People will believe it regardless, whether they know you or not. I mean, look at that gorilla dude on YouTube. He put out some video on me and David Icke bein' Masons. Just because my last name is Shriner doesn't make me a Mason. Yeah, a lot of Shriners are Masons, but the Shriner organization is a Muslim organization. They worship Allah. And so, people think because my last name is Shriner that I'm a Mason. That's like saying because a person's last name is Jackson they're a dancer and singer. So it's ludicrous, but they use anything they can. And so, Plan B is to step up character assassinations on me. To just discredit me with smear campaigns. And I see it coming. [Sherry Shriner]

I've seen--you know, I was sitting here at my desk earlier this week, and I'm thinkin', "It's just coming in on all sides. The box I live in is getting real small. Because there's just so many attacks coming from every angle. Every single angle I could see, I could even imagine. It's just coming. This is how desperate they are. This is how effective we've been. It's a testament to how effective we are. Because we're not a huge group. Orgone Warriors are probably the minority of anything. I mean, look at our number compared to, you know, a Ron Paul campaign, or a Joel Osteen church, or TBN. You know, we don't have those numbers. We're very few, but look how powerful we are, that they call an international conference together of the best of the best, to put their minds together to figure out how to stop us. That goes to say something. You know?

One of the Talent Sacrifices to Satan Was the Creator of Soul Train - More Sacrifices to Come

You know, I was just reading somebody was killed by a oncoming--I think it was the guy that invented Soul Train. Remember I told you they were gonna have a talent sacrifice, they wanted talent sacrifices? And then we had the death of the guy that created Soul Train. And there was another one, too. A couple of 'em popping out now. But he died from a vehicle going the wrong way. Crashed into him. I'd just experienced that myself not two weeks ago. I mean, they never stop with the assassination attempts. It's been going for 8 years now.

We Have a Huge Event Coming Involving a Grey Alien Caravan

But another thing I see coming is there's some kind of caravanning going on. There's gonna be columns of UFOs. And I never really know, when I see this stuff in the Bible Codes, how big it's going to be. If it's going to be something that nobody notices, nobody witnesses, it's just gonna happen and nobody cares. Or if it's going to be some huge mainline event where everybody's gonna see it and it'll be on the media. You know, the media, they lie about everything. So, we'll go to the real media, which is YouTube [laughs] and see if anybody catches videos of it and posts it. 'Cause the real media won't. But you never know exactly how big an event's going to be as far as publicitywise, I guess you could say.

But either way, we have a huge event coming. And these are Greys. The ones behind this are the Greys. The Grey aliens. And so, that's coming up, you know, in a matter of weeks. And I don't know if it's going to be, you know, just something, "Oh, look. I saw a bunch of UFOs over my house," and one person posts a YouTube, or if it will be a huge, you know, worldwide attention-getting event. You just never know. But we have this Grey alien caravan column thing coming.

And we have some kind of destruction coming in California. I'm seeing Giants in July. And I don't know I said, it could be something behind the scenes that nobody notices. Or it could be a huge media event. I don't know. But interesting. And you know what? These events can always be moved, and delayed, and pushed back. That's why I don't like getting on timeline things, months, because things can be delayed.

Karl Rove Talks About Israel Attacking Iran - False Flag Connection Between California and Iran

But, you know, it perked my ears to hear Karl Rove talking about Israel attacking Iran because I think that's, you know, obviously it's propaganda. They want people to get used to the idea that, "Oh! We're gonna attack Iran." They're also using the media to get people conditioned to, "Oh, look at all the protests and stuff that's going on in Syria." They're starting to set up Syria in the news. 'Cause it's all propaganda to get people conditioned to thinking Iran's gonna bomb--er, Israel, and Syria's coming up. These are the two nations they're getting ready to bomb next. You know? They're ready to go to war with Iran, and they're ready to go to war with Syria. And if you were watching the Super Bowl last night, Madonna ended her paganistic rituals with "world peace," which is Illuminati-speak for (read it backwards) "world war." They want world war.

So, what's that have to do with California? Well, I don't know yet, but it seems to me that there's going to be some kind of false flag in California and they'll blame it on Iran. And the timing is just too...too close, I guess you could say. Because Israel plans on attacking Iran in early spring, and there's annihilation in California, there's death in California. Well, how's that related? Well, put two and two together and you'll see that they're planning to false-flag California and blame it on Iran. And get people conditioned that we're gonna be at war in the spring. Now why they're missing March, I don't know. And maybe they'll push it up because March has always been their death month. March is the war month on their calendar. And if you've noticed, all of our wars have, you know--with Iraq--started in March. And so, interesting. Um, not all of them, but the second one did. The first one started on January 16. And I remember that because that was the day I was married, 20, 21 years ago. [laughs] But Bush started his--Bush, Jr. started his in March and it's always been their war month. Shed-blood month.

Satan Is Out of Control - Requiring More and More Rituals and Sacrifices from His Satanist Circles

And Satan's getting really, really out of control. I mean, maybe it's always been this crazy in the Satanist circles, but he's just demanding so much of them right now. You know, you can have all the fame and fortune and status you can handle if you follow him, sell your souls, sign your name on the dotted line. Maybe you just get Weight Watchers commercials. I don't know. But he requires an awful lot of them. And they've been doing rituals. They've been busy bees. They're doing satanic rituals 3, sometimes 4 times a week. And they're required to be at these. When you're at the very top levels, you know, they're flying in from all over the place to do a minimum of 2 rituals a week. Some of 'em. 3 rituals. And these are all-night type things. These aren't, you know, they do a lot of their stuff at night. Because none of 'em sleep. [laughs] They don't sleep.

They have the MPD/DID. And so, these people don't sleep. The host may go to sleep, whoever that is. But different personalities are constantly taking over their bodies, and they're doing rituals all night. They hold meetings in the middle of the night. You know, strategy meetings, policy meetings, we hate Sherry meetings, we hate Pastor Manning meetings. They hold meetings, and on weekends. They're meeting all the time. Late night Friday nights, Saturdays, Sundays. When the media's not around, because the media doesn't expect it. They work 8 to 5 pretty much. [laughs] 'Cause most of them are doing rituals at night, so no one's co--you know, who's covering the government when all the main journalists are in the rituals with all these politicians? Eating poop and sacrificing humans, to glorify their Satan.

And so, he wants more death, basically. When they're doing these rituals, it's because they're looking for outcomes. They're giving to get. And so they have to do--kill more people, eat more people, eat more poop, to get more death, destruction, and chaos on Earth for Satan. Because he needs negative loosh for power. It's his spinach [a reference to the cartoon character, Popeye]. It's what he feeds off of. So they want more suffering. They want more job loss, even though Obama gets on TV and says, "We gained 250,000 jobs. This time last year, we lost 800,000." You're still in the hole there, Obama. [laughs] And everybody knows your numbers are lies. They didn't gain anymore jobs. They lost 250,000 more jobs. He says it with glee.

They want more job loss. They want more foreclosures on houses. The dollar's--the economy's about to crash, if you haven't been paying attention. I don't even know why they're still trying to stall it. They've been trying to stall it since 2010 when all the gold was gone. There's no gold in our vaults, folks. There's no gold. It's gone. They've been propping up the economy since then. And they're still tryin' to prop it up. The other nations are fighting against them on it.

The New World Order Is Not Global, but There Will Be Global Government by Deception

You know, they want you to think that the New World Order is global, but it's not. It's pretty much just America, the western countries, America and Europe, who are under siege by this satanic cabal run by the Illuminati families. It's not global. There will be a global government coming. But it's not gonna be this satanic cabal we see now. No, it's going to be more of a let's establish heaven on Earth kind of crap. Something that's going to appeal to the people. Something that's going to get them all excited. The Ron Paul fans will love it, because they'll believe and buy every word of it without any research, without any discernment. The world will fall for it. Because the Lord has told me that, you know, this New World Order structure that's in power now is going to be exposed for what it is, and it's going to come down. But the one that replaces it, this heaven on Earth facade, is going to be much worse than the New World Order could ever've thought of being. But it's going to come in by disguise, by deception.

You know, you're turning to Constitutional law, getting rid of the IRS, getting rid of the Fed. Everything people want. It'll happen, but it'll happen at a price. They don't see the price part. They just hear the things they wanna hear. But it's gonna come at a price. And that price is gonna be your soul. And the Lord told me this kingdom, this next satanic kingdom that's coming in--we refer to them as kingdoms or agendas--is much more deceptive and going to be much more worse than the New World Order one would've been. Because it's catching people by their patriotism, by their senses. It's everything they wanna hear, everything they believe in, they just don't get the part that it's coming through at a price. And that part's the one that's deadly. When anything comes at a price, it's deadly.

And so, you know, I look for this year as one of the big years or this whole New World Order regime to come crashing down. If not this year, next year. Because there's just so many windows open for this year. There's so many delays that we've been dealing with. And we gripe about delays, but, you know, when you look at...things [laughs], we're the reason for a lot of delays ourselves because we've been able to successfully stop so many of their plans. We have them in derision. Instead of pushing bombs, and pressing buttons, and moving on with their agenda, they're organizing international conferences to try to figure us out. So, yeah, a lot of it is our own fault for causing delays. But that's the way the Lord wants it. We just do as He leads, as He directs. We're His soldiers. He's the Boss. We just do as we're told. And so, you know, it has them in derision. Has them screaming mad. So we're effective. We're very effective.

The Alien Super Bowl Message: Giants Win, Patriots Lose

You know, yesterday's message about the whole Super Bowl thing is that the Giants would win. The Giants will win? What a joke. You know, I look for messages in everything, and I know a lot of people that listen to this show do. Patriots against the Giants and, uh, you know, the Giants came out strong, then they started to lose, and then they came back at the end to win it. Is that, you know, the message here? The Giants coming out strong, might lose a few battles, but gonna win it in the end? The Bible says they're gonna lose. And I'll bank on that any time of the day. They're not gonna win this war. They're gonna win battles, but they're not gonna win the war. Maybe they're tryin' to pump themselves up with some kind of false satanic patriotism amongst themselves. Then they give themselves peptalks all the time. They hold services to give themselves peptalks. Keep them all pumped up, riled up. You know...whatever.

Madonna Knows Her Final Destination - The End of Her RItual Was Also Symbolic

You know, the end of the ritual last night, yesterday, with Madonna and Cee Lo Green in occultic dress that, you know, the long black robes, like that of a priestess and high priestess of occult groups that wear those long black robes. I didn't even know Cee Lo Green was one of them, so kind of shocked. I really don't know too much about him. But at the very end, Madonna sang she's feeling the power of the midnight hour, from some song, and then dropping down to hell, below the stage, symbolic of dropping down to hell. Yeah, that's where she's headed. That's where she's goin' and she knows it. The whole thing was symbolic. You know?

And has a excellent article. [Madonna's Superbowl Halftime Show: A Celebration of the Grand Priestess of the Music Industry] There's already YouTube videos up of the symbolic meanings of the halftime show. The Roman soldiers, the Egyptian/Babylonian symbolisms. Baphomet, the crown on her head. That thing, that Baphomet, where she's mimicking Semiramis.

Was M.I.A Giving Freemasonry the Finger?

What I thought was funny, this was showing pictures [link to article is in second paragraph above]. And that Mia [pronouncing the "i" as in "my"] or Mia [pronouncing the "i" as in in "me"], Mia--whatever you say her name. [actually, it's M.I.A., as in Missing In Action] I've never even seen her before. But she's giving the people, the cameras, the finger during her performance. And she's looking right at the camera, with the "M" on her waist signifying Masonry, and giving the camera the finger. It's like, you know, they're displaying the "M" clearly and she's giving the camera the finger. I think she's giving the Masons the finger. I don't think it's us, I think it's the Masons. Because the most dominant thing about the picture is the Masonry letter on her waist and giving them the finger.

Madonna Displays Her High Occult Rank Over Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.

Another thing is Nicki Minaj, and I don't know her either. I'm sure younger people do, or whatever, in the pop scene. But all of her dancers had on "M's," but she had on "N" [laughs] as in "no." [laughs] She had a "N" on her waist.

And, interesting, this reminds me of the last ritual thing Madonna did with, uh, who was that? Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, when she kissed them during some kind of show, some kind of awards festival or whatever. She was doing some kind of song. And basically what it is is they bring out these pop stars, and Madonna displays in a ritual that she's over them, that she is the queen of pop, that she's the high-ranking witch. Because all these rituals are designed to say 101 things as well, and hers being that she's the top, she's over them. And the last one with Christina and Britney was that she was initiating them in to the in of the Illuminati or whatever.

So, this latest one with Nicki Minaj and Mia [M.I.A.] seem pretty interesting, but they don't seem as, uh, they seem a little bit more rebellious to the whole thing. I might be reading it wrong, but I just think it's amusing, you know, that they, you know. Well, they're on stage with her, so, obviously, they agreed to be part of it. But, you know, it's all status thing. And Madonna ranks very highly in the occult world, being the queen of Satan freaks, as far as entertainment goes. And just has a really good expose of everything that was going on during the halftime show. has a good expose. has a lot more pictures. So, very, very interesting.

Rappers Who Are Aliens Posing as Humans Tend to Wear Sunglasses When It's Dark

I always wondered why all these people, these rappers, tend to wear sunglasses when it's dark. You know? Is that the cool thing? How do you see, if you're already in a dark place, and you have sunglasses on? You know, what's the thing with sunglasses? And what I was told by those who know is that even laser lights, any kind of stage lights, if you're an alien posing as human--like Cee Lo Green here with his big, black sunglasses with his long, dark robe--they, uh, any kind of lights aggravate the eyes. Because they don't have to worry about their real eyes being seen, or the slits in their eyes being seen, or shifting into something else. Some of them are just very, very, very sensitive to light. And so, they have to wear the glasses, because the light is so aggravating to their eyes. And so, maybe when they're shifting into a different being, or personality, or whatever, whatever that one is, can't take lights. I don't know. It just seems--who was that band? That one with Fergie. Black Eyed Peas? 'Cause that guy always wears glasses. You'll never see his eyes. He always wears sunglasses. And I was told that he was not even from this planet. Whoever jumped into him, took over his body, not even from this planet. But then you have Justin Bieber who was also jumped in. There's some being that dominates him from under the earth. And he doesn't have a problem with light, so.

Signs That Madonna Was Abused to Get Ready for the Ritual

Interesting that has a shot of Madonna practically on top of her head. I don't know she was in the middle of a cartwheel or what. But it shows a lot of bruising around her inner legs, around her crotch area. Just a ton of bruising. It looks nasty. It's really bad. So she's probably been abused the heck out of just to get ready for this ritual coming up. I've never seen anything like that bad in my life, so. I'm gonna post this to my list and my Facebook so you guys can see these pictures.

We're Effective, But We're Still Being Slow - The Laborers Are Many, but the Funds Are Few

But just a heads up on the things that are, and the things that are coming. You know, the Greys coming. Maybe we'll see Giants in July. I don't know. Just, I'm keeping an eye on that one. The one I do see dominant is this arrival of Grey ships coming. And I just don't know if it's going to be a huge worldwide event, or just, you know, one of these come-and-go things. So just keeping my eyes on that for the next several weeks.

If you have pipes, get them out. Get 'em out. Point 'em up into the sky. We need to get more and more done. We're still being slow. Effective, but slow. We need to get more and more of our areas covered, because they don't plan on coming and dropping cheesecakes from the sky. One of these days, one of these caravans of theirs are going to be very deadly. And we need to be prepared. We need to let 'em hit an area with good dose of orgone, and burn 'em up before they can even think of doing damage here.

My Financial Goal Is $50,000 by April to Cover Target Areas with Orgone - Your Donations Are Needed Right Away

So, anyway, like I said on Thursday's show, folks, we need to get busy and I need your funds to do that. I need to raise about $50,000 by April just to get all of our target areas that we have planned done. We need to act quickly this year. There's no sitting around and waiting for the cold months to end and planning things in the summer. We need to get busy now. And so, I need people to just drop huge donations at this ministry.

And I, you know, I just can't emphasize enough that we need to get some work done. And I can't tell you what targets we have planned because then they'll know. I like to brag about things after we're done, not before we do 'em. [laughs] We have enough trouble when we're doing them. But the Lord always has our backs, and so. I just need your financial support to get the supplies we need and everything we need. Because we've got the people willing to do it, we just need to be able to get the supplies we need, and so. I need to raise a huge amount of money by April. And, you know, I haven't seen that in this ministry in the 8 years.

We've Got a Huge Task Ahead of Us - Time for Everyone to Wake Up and Get Started

And It's time people started waking up and stop supporting the wolves. And the people who sit on their thumbs and talk about being Warriors and soldiers in the Lord's army, but they never leave their church buildings. You know, we have a huge assignment, a huge task ahead of us. The Lord said, you know, and David said, they would do exploits in the last days, and this is what we're doing. This is what He's leading us to do. And so, I need your support, folks.

Anyway, I'll be back on Thursday. And with Aliens in the News: Thursdays with Sherry Shriner. And we'll figure out then what exactly...what I'm gonna be going over. I don't even know until a few minutes before the show starts half the time.

Buy anyway, until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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