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Thursday Afternoon with Sherry Shriner
February 9th, 2012

"Fireballs of February" Bwahahahaha
And hello everybody you're live it's Thursday with Sherry Shriner can't get the Chat Room open today folks. I'm gonna keep trying during the show but I've been trying for the last 35 minutes so...looks like they're messing with it today.

If you have a question for the show you can -- oh here we go -- if you've been waiting to get into the chat room you should be able to in about 10 seconds...yep, so I'm in so you can go ahead and get in...everybody else is already in...figures, they're just blocking me out of it. It's OK you are welcome to my home even if I can't get in it. Couple things I want to talk about and if you are sitting on the line and you don't have a question you better hang up because I'm just gonna hang you up or surprise you and ask you what your question is.

Please don't call-in and just sit on the lines
Guest call in number is (877)245-5648 for people who have a question for the show. Don't call the line and just sit on the line that costs me $25 bucks when you do that I shouldn't have to pay that.

Couple things I want to talk about. I was just reading an article on Ben Bernanke and people like Ben Bernanke and George Soros -- when they speak you want to listen because they're the ones controlling the strings folks. They're the ones that are set as lower than the president because they are unelected officials but we all know that's a scam and these are the ones, the money men who really run things behind the scenes and so I thought it was interesting that the chief lizard of them all, Ben Bernanke Federal Reserve Chairman a lizard group to control the money of America. America does not even own the Federal Reserve. The government doesn't control it.

13 private bankster families own the Federal Reserve(about as federal as Federal Express)
Congress can supposedly legislate it to control it but that's not -- that's just book work, that's a sham as well. Nobody controls the Federal Reserve. It's privately owned. They do their own thing and they are the movers and shakers of our economy not the president. You know I did a show a few weeks ago, why waste time blaming the president because he may be the top elected official here but he has the least power here. There's 12 levels of national security above the president. So just because you become president doesn't mean that you know everything there is to know, you have top security clearance, that couldn't be further from the truth. And the reason they set that up was because the presidency is an open door, every four years you could have a new person in office.

They don't want people coming in and out every 4 years knowing all of the secrets. What are the secrets? The Black Op Operations.

The Alien Agenda: the contracts and treaties our government has made with the alien agenda. All that is way above the presidents head they don't even know about it half the time. And when they try to find out they're even limited to what answers that they're given and so it's really priorities I guess on what the power structure really is here in America because it's pretty much dominated by our military branches and our intelligence agencies. They're the ones that work together and actually steer the course of America along with these lizard agencies that actually have nothing to do with America that are independent but control it like The Federal Reserve.

Bernanke trumpeting doom for USA
But anyway Ben Bernanke is talking about -- and this is all smoke screen stuff -- he is talking about our budget and our debt and how it can run serious economic consequences: "Even the prospect of unsustainable deficit has costs. Including an increased possibility of a sudden fiscal crisis..." and these are the key words "sudden fiscal crisis". Bernanke goes on to say, "Although nobody knows when a fiscal crisis may come. It is surely ever closer." Talking about high interest rates coming outta nowhere that could create a "fiscal crisis" and basically that high interest rates could happen "overnight". He basically says, "As we have seen in other countries recently interest rates can soar quickly if investors lose confidence in a government to manage it's fiscal policy."

The unmitigated greed of these banksters
And basically just warning everybody that we can pull the plug at any time they want to and cause a huge fiscal crisis -- interest rates. We'd have a whole Greece scenario here. And of course Goldman Sachs CEO's running to Greece to try to keep that country in debt. Don't think they're trying to help it. They make more money when a country is in debt and having problems. That's how they make more and more money. I don't know when enough is enough. How much money do you need when enough is enough. These guys have billions and trillions in dollars they've stolen from every country. When's enough enough? They can't even spend the amount of money they have in their own life times. They couldn't even spend it.

So it's getting to the point where America's pretty much set-up just like the 3rd world countries are -- you get somebody in office and they just embezzle billions - into private bank accounts. Obama was off in the Caymans and had like 2 billion dollars and what do you think that's his own money folks?...he's stealing our money. And that's what they do dictators and leaders they steal money and pad their own bank accounts in off-shore banks and that's the reason the 3rd world countries problems will never be solved. Will never be solved because they just use the money handed to these countries to better their citizens, they pocket it. And you know it doesn't make sense. You're always throwing money at the problems and never fixing the problems.

When you have people starving and no food -- like these television shows they show. Well get them out of those areas and into metropolitan areas where they can survive. I mean it's like putting a bunch of people into the desert out in Utah or Arizona making them stay in the desert and starve and then every once in a while you pillage money from people with pleads in television shows and governments to help feed these people and put clothes on them and educate them instead of just taking them outta the desert moving them into the city, so it's really crazy.

" increased possibility of a sudden fiscal crisis..."
And anyway I don't know why I'm on that bandwagon. But that's just -- just watch for Soros watch for Bernanke. Soros warned of riots, brutal clamp downs and possible total economic collapse and that was on January 24th and then two weeks later Bernanke's warning of " increased possibility of a sudden fiscal crisis..." and it makes me wonder if this doesn't have something to do with the Global Reset that's going on right now. One hundred and sixty countries are going to reevaluate their currencies. Allot of people waiting for the Iraqi Dinars ( to revalue and that's a huge investment opportunity for allot of people who like to gamble I guess you could say it is. Investments are gambles. And so that threatening to come about, this Global Reset.
And how that's going to affect western countries I don't know. How it's going to affect America and the UK, Australia.

160 countries revalue their currency then...
I don't know how it affects the new world order owned countries. Because face it, Canada, America, Australia a huge chunk of Europe all owned and controlled by this new world order mafia cabal satanic, satanism -- yeah it's controlling the western countries. So if the other countries band together and reset their currencies and revalue their currencies that could pretty much bottom the dollar out I'm suspecting simply because they keep talking about a fiscal crisis coming and at the same time the other countries are talking about revaluing their currencies.

It reminds me of that part on the script for global government putting everybody's currencies on the same value line -- bringing everybody's currencies to a global currency so it's all the same there's no difference between a Yuan a Euro or a Dollar. Bringing everybody up to one playing field and then establishing one global currency. That's what they want to do and how they get there is what we're seeing now.

It's pretty much gonna crash the American economy by doing that and while the other countries their currency is now worth more ours is going to be worth a lot less and so...I'm no economist here. I might be a crayon in the box but I'm certainly not the brightest and so I try to wade through all this stuff. And that's something to watch for folks over the next month or two. I suspect sometime in February and March that we're going to see some kind of economic crisis here while the other countries are faring alot better. So anyway...

San Onofre Power Plant Southern California false flag
Was reading a quote from Gingrich who's just another Bush puppet an "Iran nuke attack on U.S. is a real danger" they're already starting the propaganda. Propaganda to nuke California. Something going on with the San Onofre and I don't know the total name of it, Nuclear Power Plant, southern California down by San Diego somewhere and they're targeting this plant as a false flag and I know somethings coming. I know somethings gonna blow in California and I'm just trying to pinpoint when and where and right now the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant is the number one target and they've already been throwing the propaganda out into the media saying that there's leaks at this power plant -- ah yeah because their HAARP is trying to create earthquakes in southern California to make the San Onofre blow. They've been doing this to power plants on the Madrid fault line and they've been prevented by outside intervention.

And it looks like there was some outside intervention stopping some kind of submarine off the coast of California that had six missiles and it was completely unmarked -- no markings on the submarine so you know that's the number one flag for a false flag operation. There's no markings on the submarine, black-ops submarine with six missiles and scouting, targeting the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant.

So interesting how that's all falling apart. And they're getting ready and gearing up, "Oh Iran's gonna attack us, Iran's gonna attack us"...when they're the one's planning to attack us and blame it on Iran. Just like they blew up the towers on 9/11 and blamed it on camel jockeys. They're gonna do the same thing with California. They're gonna blow something up and blame it on Iran. And they could actually target more than one city other than California. It's just that right now California's the most dominant from what I'm seeing in the codes other than Ohio. And you know Ohio's always in the codes because I'm here and they hate me here and they're always planning my demise so when I see Ohio it's I'm like "...yeah, OK whatever"

Yah has my back He always does
I don't know if they're gonna blow up Ohio just because I'm here or just blow my house up or I know that's one plan seems one of their biggest plans blowing my house up just targets and I really don't know what that accomplishes. I don't know maybe some kind of self satisfaction blowing up my house. I dunno. Bring it on you know? Yah has my back He always does. I'm not worried about them I go to sleep at night just fine. I'm not worried about them hovering over my house -- "Whoops we dropped a missile." If they dropped a missile. Can you even imagine? Them claiming moving equipment from one base to another and just happened to drop a missile -- I mean I don't know what they're gonna do. It just seems ludicrous. Whatever.

Some things I'd like to do. I was thinking about this earlier in the month and stuff I'd like to make OrgoneBlasters a non-profit organization I don't know how you'd do that. I really don't make a profit off of it anyway because any profit I do get goes right back out into the war and so looking to make that a non-profit this year. Get it legalized I guess you could say. And also thinking towards the end of the year starting a Sherry Shriner TV on-line, you know get my own little TV studio. Instead of doing radio shows just do the TV thing.

And so that's just some thoughts. I would need alot of funding for that. Though for that I'm thinking towards the middle or end of the year and I don't know how I'd do it right now I'd have to get a studio somewhere to be able to do all that so...definitely need funding for that because right now we're operating on a shoe string as usual you can't really plan big things ahead when you're operating month to month and that's basically what we're doing now is operating month to month.

A shout out to the faithful supporters
You know the faithful supporters of this ministry I thank you so much for always being faithful and sending in tithes and donations and offerings and you know it pays the bills for now but we definitely need larger funding folks. We need people with deep pockets to step up and fund this war. We're the resistance. We're I don't know how many other ways to say it you know? We're the resistance here. We are the one affective group on earth right now tearing down the strongholds of satan where it hurts. You know?

They don't care if you sit and run your mouth against them all day, they don't care. I mean I could sit here and so what I've been doing for 8 years -- expose their plans, expose who they are, expose where they are, they don't care. What does hurt them is when you get a weapon like orgone and you get it out there because that hurts them. It's the foot work, it's the actions, it's the doing. People can run their mouths all they want to, they don't like 'em, they want to shut them up but it doesn't hurt 'em.

Orgone is the only weapon taking out satans forces
What hurts 'em is something like the orgone. It burns 'em. Causes the UFOs to crash out of the sky. It boils them, heats them up. They hate it. They're allergic to it. Different groups of aliens have different reactions against the orgone and they're all bad. They don't like it. Some will break out in hives and boils.

All of the successes we've had
Some will cough, some will get just massively sick, emaciated. I mean I talked about it on Monday nights show. All of the successes we've had with the orgone. Shema, Capricorn, Nibiru, Hadron Collider, Chem trails, a war against vaccinations because when you take out the chem trails you put a huge dent in their vaccination war because if they can't get you to shoot up with their toxic needles, they'll put it in the chem trails and put it in the air you breath.

Big changing events in 2012, 2013 not much time left folks
And every time they turn around we're finding new ways to come at them. And we're being able to target them with more and more orgone in more of their areas. So that's what we need to do folks. Keep targeting -- we don't have a whole lot of time this year. You know this is 2012. And 2012 and 2013 are just going to be -- you know there are going to be big changing events. We don't have alot of time. We got some huge targets left to do that I want to do by this Spring. We have to be getting ready now. Now is the time to prep for that and we need 1000's of dollars worth of materials right now folks. For pipes, for copper, for crystals, resin, everything. It's just thousands of dollars worth of supplies.

I'd like to raise about $50,000 just by April, so...

Folks really, the white horse is riding, trying to ride supported by too few is the problem. We need people with deep pockets and I have the workers. I mean I've got warriors all over the world to where if I sent them orgone they'd go get it out. They'd go get it where it needs to be. And you know being a part, being a supporter, being a financial supporter is as important as being a warrior itself. It's just as much as going out there and doing it yourself.

Donations do qualify you as an Orgone Warrior
I got a letter donation from somebody the other day and they wanted to be a warrior but they can't get out there and get the orgone out themselves but they'll support financially -- they wanted to know if that would qualify them as being a warrior. Well it sure does. It sure does. Where would we be without people financing it? You know we wouldn't have even started A to B five years ago if it wasn't for donations to make missions possible back then. We're still in the same boat.

Non-profit organization and Sherry Shriner TV
So anyway that's the 2 areas I'd like to head into this year, non-profit organization and Sherry Shriner TV. Nobody's ever seen what I look like, very few people. I've met with a handful of warriors over the years.

So there goes my anonymity I guess you could say. I like being anonymous. I like being able -- going into areas and people don't recognize me.

Orgone Warriors in Chicago pound the 5 star hotels + Conference Centers
I like that. A Copenhagen Conference coming up -- was looking at codes on that and that was amusing. G-8 and NATO Conferences coming up in Chicago in May (19th and 20th)some of you people out there in Chicago can't think of the name I think I mentioned it on one show. Some kind of conference center, McCormick or Ryan's I don't know I'll have to look it up. I'm sure there's news articles in the papers out there already about preparing for the G-8 NATO conference. You can figure out where it is. Pound it with some orgone. Pound it as well as the 5 star hotels in the area with orgone. Make their welcome more than welcome or make their arrival more than welcome.

Do Not Drink the Milk it is poison and Monsanto corn in alot of cereals is poison
Stay away from milk folks unless it's organic, unless your getting it off of a farmer himself. Stay away from the store bought crap. It's really just toxic poison now. Probably has been for a long time. Almond milk is a good alternative. I like almond milk. And also corn based products -- this is Monsanto corn and if you read ingredients folks -- cereals are full of that Monsanto corn. Don't feed that garbage to your kids. It just makes them sick. You know I have to watch my kids because whenever he starts eating school lunches he gets sick because it's garbage.

Box lunches at school should be avoided as well
They serve our kids these box lunches they look like frozen dinners. Those frozen dinner meals. You wouldn't feed that to your dog. And they're feeding that to our kids at school. So my son packs his lunch but every once in a while gets to the point where he wants to buy at school and he always starts to get sick. It's garbage. So anyway just a heads up on a few things.

"Fireballs of February"
Watch the clouds in the next month because I see alot of these "travasaries" coming up -- caravanning, UFOs caravanning but they hide in the clouds. They use clouds for cover. So watch for moving clouds. Look like UFOs -- can't even imagine, probably be thousands of them coming to Ohio -- that's what I see. So I don't know if they'll do anything to make their presence known or they're just gonna scout by -- probably give me the finger on their way over Ohio I don't know you know. Bring it on come on. I'm not worried about 'em. Imma notta worried about a thing they have planned.

May is looking interesting and another thing is the Nordics popping up in the codes. I mean -- OK we got the Philistines, we got the greys, we've got the Ashtar command and now we have the Nordics popping up in the codes.

Alot of this aura's stuff -- people are catching from mountain tops, volcanoes the purple rays and stuff. This is the Nordics. This is the work of the Nordics. Seen that in the code I'm thinking "Why are the Nordics coming up now?" I mean they usually stay in the background. They usually you know, their usually deceiving the new agers with accepting the coming Ashtar command and stuff -- there's so many different groups of them and they're not always what they say they are folks. They're not always who they say...they may say, "Oh here, here's my picture" and they show this angelic human looking being -- calls itself a Nordic but it's really an ugly lizard.

They're not always who and what they say they are. So anyway let me check -- if you have a question for the show you can call in at 877 245-5648. See what's going on with some listeners.

An Idiot calls into the show and wastes Sherry's precious time
Sherry: Hello caller you're on the air.
Caller: Hello
Sherry: Hello
Caller: Yeah. I want to talk about an alien encounter if that's OK with you.
Sherry: Yeah, go ahead.
Caller: A couple days ago I was working out in the yard. Getting some wood so I can heat up the house with the oven...not the oven but the stove, whatever
Sherry: Yeah wood stove
Caller: Yeah wood stove. Yeah. And I saw this light and it was dark out. I saw this light and then there was a message. You know I took out a note pad and I wrote down what I saw and you know I took I spent some days looking up on the Internet so I can translate it and it said...uhh...some weird language I had no idea. I'm still wondering, you think you could translate this for me?
Sherry: Well I don't know...pfftt...I don't know alien speak either. I know some Hebrew.
Caller: No it's like I don't know it's like any speak it's like -- (long pause) hold on, I have it saved in my computer somewhere. I wrote...I saved it as a document or something...hold on I gotta find it...give me a second...
Sherry: You know if an alien came to me and said something in some kind of foreign language I would just tell it to speak English. Because it knows English.
Caller: OK here's what it said, "Queer o ah la violation debt sue koolo."
Sherry: I have no idea. Maybe somebody out there knows foreign language better than me. I would just tell the thing to shut up and speak English. But that's just me. They can all speak English.
Caller: I dunno, what should I do? Do you think they're trying to come get me or something?
Sherry: Yeah, I would rebuke the things in the name of Yahushua. I wouldn't give 'em the time of day if I saw a UFO I'd be pointing a pipe at it. Or holding an orgone puck in my hand and asking the Lord to send the energy directly towards the UFO and blow it up! Don't play with these things. They're not your friends. They don't want to take you out to dinner. They want you to be their dinner.
Caller: Hold on. My friend in the room just told me that that was Spanish. And he just said that was...he said what I just said was "I want to rape your bum-bum."
Sherry: That would be like British bum bum for butt or something.
Caller: No the aliens want to rape me should I do something about that?
Sherry: Well I would rebuke them in the name of Yahushua and like I said ask the Lord to cause their craft to crash. Don't play with these things they're not our friends.

The caller on the other end starts sending sound affects like water flushing, farting, twisting rubber sounds, etc., this goes on for like 30 seconds...
Sherry: What the heck was that?
Caller continues to send the sounds and won't answer Sherry.
Sherry: What the heck was that?
Caller: I think they got me.
Sherry: Oh come on.
Sound affects keep coming...
Sherry: Alright enough of this crap.

Aliens do abduct people to rape, kill and breed them
If you have a question for the show folks you can call in at 877 245-5648 and don't waste my time with stupidity, that gets old. Anyway, checking out the chat room here. Anyway if you have a question for the show and you are in the chat room I am paying attention to the chat room right now I hardly ever do but I'm watching it right now so you can ask it in the chat room. Yeah that was the flavored cactus-dude that called in folks. He was sitting in the chat room. I just kicked him out of there.

Sherry and friends took out Dulce
And yeah it's not funny. Aliens do abduct people to rape, kill and breed them. Cut them up and use them in their vats for alien cess pools at Dulce Base. And Dulce Base comes up in the codes we got a huge accomplishment orgoning the heck out of Dulce a couple years ago.

Need donations for upcoming orgone missions
Looking for some huge accomplishments this Spring with the help of the Lords people because there's just some areas that need bombarded and we're going to bombard them and so...can't do it without supplies. If you have a question for the show you can call in at 877 245-5648. There's people on the line now just sitting there -- jump off the line now if you don't have a question. Just jump off the line.

Types of churches after the Lord left
Wanted to talk about the churches of Asia in Revelations Chapter 2 and 3 because maybe I'll do that on Monday some huge significance the churches of Asia John talked about in the first 2 Chapters of Revelation he talked about -- describes 7 types of churches that would be in existence over the next several thousand years after the Lord left and these churches are in existence now and some of them are going straight to judgment. Others will go through persecution while others will be protected.

Calls cost Sherry on Blog Talk
And that's what the Bride today, the churches today can't distinguish. They think everybody is going to be protected by a rapture when the Lord doesn't say that. One group will be protected. The others will go through persecution and FEMA camps and tribulation and all that. So probably make that the topic for Monday nights show since I'm not gonna get into it today. Maybe it's best not to answer calls. Yeah you know I really should cancel that part of the radio show. Because it's just costing me money. And people just drain my lines they don't have questions they just sit on 'em and I hardly take calls. I don't even take that many calls.

And I get to talking about stuff and I don't even take calls. I don't even need that aspect to be paying extra for it and I don't know why I do. Anyway Spain coming up in the codes -- Nordics in Spain or something like that so I'll be watching for that. You know you've got a grey whatever coming up with the alien greys I told you there is caravanning I'm seeing in the codes -- these are the greys that are caravaning -- traveling in groups over our skies. Seen that with the greys and I think that our government factions, factions of our government whatever believe that this coming caravan of the greys is going to be hostile. Very well could be. See alot of them kind of panicking getting out the preparation on the Internet that there could be an attack by grey aliens or an attack by aliens that they're preparing for and this is the same thing I'm talking about -- this coming caravanning I see in the codes and I mostly see that in Ohio know can't say for sure exactly what they are going to do because we could expect one thing and it totally fizzles out and turns into nothing and so I don't want to get everybody all hyped up and worried about some grey alien invasion coming and it doesn't happen. You know.

Pneumonia virus with a 50% mortality rate-
And also some false flag events going off in May of this year. Expecting that April, May. But also expect something in March because March is a death month for the occult and was reading something about some kind of virus going around -- pneumonia virus and it has a 50% mortality rate and it's spreading throughout the states -- that might be something to keep an eye on because that would be considered a sacrifice.

And they're all looking all these little satan freaks are looking to make their sacrifices to satan within the next -- especially in the month of March, but they're always looking for ways to fulfill their requirements as satanists they have to have sacrifices. And when you're high up in satanism in these elite levels you have to have mass sacrifices. So that's why alot of them will be working together to create food contamination's, e-coli, Ebola, salmonella all this stuff -- usually sacrifices from satanists. They put this together, it's on purpose folks it doesn't happen by accident. And so the latest pneumonia threat and you know the solution will be much worse than the threat of getting pneumonia is the vaccine -- stay away from the vaccines -- get on natural herbal medicines. The stuff that can keep you healthy and build your immune system up so that you won't even be a victim to the pneumonia stuff. Yeah (laughing) kinda, just reading a comment from a listener. Says, "What dumb asses ever thought it was a good idea to build nuke plants on fault lines."

This is true but they do it folks. That's why they put them there. They knew darn well there were fault lines there. They do everything according to script and deep planning. I mean they are all part of satans brotherhood. They're all part of it.

Garlic is great
If you have a question for this show in the chat room. Yeah. Garlic is great. You can eat a clove of garlic a day especially if you feel sinuses coming on, sicknesses coming on. Chop up a clove of garlic, eat a clove every day. I know it sounds nasty but it really is a cure all. It really is. It's about 100 times more effective than penicillin -- just eating a clove of garlic. I know Yah has been leading me in to getting healthy and finding healthier ways. I don't take medicine. I'm the type of person who will just suffer through sickness and not take anything. And now He's leading me into natural herbs and medicines and vitamins and people send me stuff all the time because I'm just so stupid on this stuff because -- they'll send me stuff to help me out.

Clay baths good way to detox
Clay baths good way to detox all the metals out of your system -- somebody sent me a bunch of different types of clay baths you take that and use it for detoxing all the metals out of your system. Getting alkaline staying away from foods that are acidic -- pure fat foods, a pure fat diet your a magnet to cancer if you just have a pure fat diet you're gonna be a magnet to cancers and tumors and so alkaline your body. Get more alkaline and you do that by eating more fruits and raw vegetables in your diet. Munch on a carrot. Munch on a celery. Lettuce. You know instead of picking up a bag of chips pick up a carrot. Pick up a celery. Put some peanut butter on the celery to make it better. I mean start eating healthier. Get outta the fat food system because you're just making yourself a magnet for cancers.

They feed in acidic bodies and if you're more alkaline, fruit and vegetables and organic, cancers can't feed off that. So you'll be alot more healthy and also your kids will be alot more healthy. You know vitamin C, D-3, especially now you can get supplements for D-3 and vitamin C they have 'em in gummies. My kids like those -- gummies. I even like gummies better than swallowing a pill. Eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Probably heard that.

Eating an apple a day is not only great for building your immune system but it's also great for your digestive system. If you have trouble with digestion, eat an apple a day.
Eat it in the morning so it has all day to work and you could eat it in the afternoon. You shouldn't eat fruit after 6 o'clock at night it just turns into sugar. So eat all your fruit before 6 o'clock and -- you know what works for you folks. Because you know you read all these health tips and all these diet plans and you know it comes down to you because you know what works and what doesn't. If you're having problems with digestion like the majority of people are starting to have then you don't eat raw foods past 6 o'clock, it's common sense.

Eat an apple a day
Eat your raw vegetables and fruits before 6 or any type of acidic type of like pasta and stuff and then after 7 o'clock on, 6 o'clock on eat something soft like oatmeal, eggs something soft. It doesn't take your body as much work to digest. You know I've had problems with digestive issues for years and you just have to learn what works for you and stick with those things. Alot of people becoming more and more chemical sensitive. Sensitive to light. Sensitive to the sun. Sensitive to more and more foods. That's because you have alot of metals built up in your body. What you need to do is take one of these clay baths and detox all these chemicals out of your body just by sitting in a hot bathtub with some of this clay bath mixture.

And that links usually posted on my Facebook site for clay baths, but you know, we got to start taking care of us so that we can start taking care of others. You know? We're healthy and we're around because they're targeting us. They hate us. They hate big mouths. They hate the ones who are awake. They hate people exposing them and so that's why we're a target folks. I talk to people every day who are targets and who are just waking up and they can't figure out why am I being targeted? You know?

And it's like I said a long time ago. They know who you are when you're born. They know who you are before you do. They know you're sent here on earth to be here in the last days to be a Watchman on the wall or to be an orgone warrior. Or to be instrumental in waking people up or leading others to salvation or tearing down the strongholds of satan. They know who you are. They know what your calling is. So that's why they attack you. That's why they attack. Get orgone in your houses. Especially under your beds. The kids rooms under their beds. Around your homes. Keep demonic and alien activity out of your homes. Stop the night terrors.

We have a weapon to use against them. Nobody wants to have to stay awake 24/7 to rebuke demons. Yeah you can rebuke them in the name of Yahushua. Have them chained and cast into the abyss in His name but you got to be awake to do that and if you're awake it's because they woke you up. You're being harassed. You can stop the harassment to begin with by keeping them out of your house to begin with. By having the orgone there.

Having orgone in your house is like having your house being oiled 24/7 and you know when you anoint your home with oil it wears off. It's not a permanent fix. Where the orgone is. That's why the Lord gave us that. Because I use to have to anoint my house all the time and just ended up with problems a week or two later. It never lasted very long. When you seek the Lord for answers don't be surprised what He leads you to.

Anyway just a heads up on the things coming up because they're up to alot. If you look at Bill Gates he's funding vaccinations to destroy their DNA. Giving them cancers and tumors -- everything he does -- he's like a foot soldier for the new world order because he has billions of dollars and so you're gonna find his hand working in the depopulation agenda. To work in the depopulation arena because all of those are considered as sacrafices to satan.

And apparently they must think that the most sacrifices you have -- the better you have it in the after life. I don't know. I'm just throwing that out there because he spends alot of time, with his wife in these charity projects. Which are just evil projects that are just sacrifices to satan as laborers of the new world order because they must think that they're gonna get something back in the after life because they've already got money now. The guys got billions. And it's all a sham because hell is hell and there's nothing good about hell. There's no good part to hell. It's all bad. But Bill Gates one of the top laborers for them and then you have Soros, Bernanke and the executives at Goldman Sachs. These are the snakes to watch.

These are the ones to watch. Obama's just a front man. He's just the one in the front that people think is to blame and usually focus on him to blame and that's the way they want it. Because they don't want you waking up to the fact they're really the ones who are pushing the strings and controlling everything. They want you to think it's Obama and Congress. Our real enemies folks are the bankers at Wall Street. It's the Goldman Sachs. And George Soros the top satanist in New York City the ... I mean come on he has more power than Obama does. It's the top satanist in the country. Whoever runs St. Patricks Cathedral in New York City, it use to be David Rockefeller and you knew how powerful he was, is, well now Soros has replaced him. So Soros is now the Rockefeller of America and then you have Ben Bernanke who has the purse strings in his hands.

So these are our enemies folks. These are the ones we need to shut down. These are the ones we need to go after. Pile up the orgone folks. Pile them with orgone. Soros lives in the Bedford area of New York. He lives over there by what's her name...Martha Stewart. In that neighborhood. We need to pound it with orgone. Chase these lizards around. Chase 'em out of the country. Alot of them going to Africa. Buying up land in southern Africa, New Zealand the Antarctic. India. They're heading out of America. Why's that? Because they know they've got all these destruction's planned here. They're working with the aliens on a hostile alien invasion that's coming here. I mean they're actually working with them folks.

I've been warning for 10 years about UFO invasions coming and our government is working hand in hand with them. They're helping them make this possible. They want them to come here and destroy America. That was Obama's job. To destroy America. And the military is trying to ally with the aliens to see that happen -- the black ops parts of the military. Not the patriotic part the black op's part.

So anyway folks I'll be back on Monday night with Aliens In the News 10 o'clock I'll pick up and talk about -- pick up with the churches and who's left and why and who's protected and why and it all goes back to the 3 biggest doctrines right now and the 3 biggest doctrines being taught right now in the churches that so many people are deceived by. And that's the teachings of the rapture. The teachings of the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple and Russia's War against Israel.

And so I mentioned that last week I'll be mentioning this again this week. This Monday. Anyway 'till then everybody Yah Bless.