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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
February 13, 2012


An Exorcism, a Levitation, and a Demon-Possessed Nicki Minaj on the Grammy Awards Show

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner, February 13. Moving right along into February here. A couple things I wanna talk about tonight.
I didn't watch the Grammy's the other night. Busy doing other things. But I've been reading about it all over the Internet and saw a couple videos on it. And, you know, it really sounds like I didn't miss anything. They had an exorcism, a levitation, and a demon-possessed Nicki Minaj onstage.
And you know what? I'm so sick of this blatant satanism in our faces constantly. You just get so sick of it. You get sick of their rituals onstage, the black masses. Sick of the sheer satanism, the "I love Satan" signs. And you see it everywhere with religious figures, politicians, celebrities. They hold up the horned--devil horns. Or they hold the "V." Or the circle. All representing Satan. The circle represents an eternity with Satan. "V" represents victory for Satan. It's's so in our faces constantly.

Boycott Hollywood Until They Clean Up the Satanism in It

You get sick of the industry puppets. And what I mean by the industry puppets, look at Rihanna, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, or Jay-Z, Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce, just all of them, that they sing for the industry, they sing the songs and come out with the videos that the Satanists who control the industry want to present. And then you just get sick of all the mind-controlled kittens and puppies that are in Hollywood. And they're all big fans of Satan. And even when I say this, boycott Hollywood. Boycott their award shows, boycott the sponsors who are sponsoring the award shows, until they clean up the satanism in Hollywood. It's time to clean up Hollywood.


You know, we should be able to watch a Super Bowl, a football championship, without having to be gagged by a satanic ritual. You know, the same thing goes with award shows. You know, there should be disclaimers on a television, "At halftime there will be an Illuminati ritual." Or, "Singer, singing at the Grammy's (or the Oscars) will be performing an Illuminati ritual. We will be praising Satan." You know, spare the rest of us, 'cause we don't care. We don't want involved with it. There's more of us than them. There's more of us who hate Satan than who praise and love him like they do. You just get sick and tired of it always in our face, throwing it in our faces, every single day. I think just about every single corporation out there has a satanic logo for the Illuminati. It just gets tiresome.
And then that's what the Bible describes. The last-days Babylon. It would pick up the symbolisms and the beliefs of the ancient Babylon, the new Babylon. You know, I have an article on a hundred reasons why America is the last days Babylon.

You Don't Have to Bow to Satan to Be Rich And Famous

You know, Nicki was talking about, in an interview I was reading, how she embraced satanism at 14 years of age. And then she adopts these alter personalities. Her song featuring Roman Zolanski. And there's a song that she says that he does the rapping for her. And Beyonce said the same thing. Beyonce said when she goes onstage someone else takes over her. And the one guy, the singer for The Doors, I think it's Jim Thorogood, I don't know, I can't even think of his name [Jim Morrison]. But he said the same thing, 'cause he didn't have a voice either. He was a beach bum.
And what happens is when these people join into Satanism, they're given demons that sing through them. And you're hearing it now with that Willow Smith. She's got the same kind of voice as Rihanna. If you'll notice, Madonna, and Christina Aguilera, and all them have the same voice. Because they share the same vocalist demons that sing through them. You know, I think that's why so many people now like this Adele that's come out. Because she's unique. She actually sings with her own voice. She is not involved with the satanism crowd.
But, you know what? You sit back and you watch, by the time her next album comes out. Because what they do is, celebrities are allowed to come out without being a part of them and get fame and fortune. But then they start dangling the carrots at 'em. Because, you know, if you wanna stay famous, and you wanna stay makin' the money, join us. 'Cause if you don't, we're gonna take all this away from ya. That's what they do. They blackmail 'em. And so, let's just hope that she walks away. That she doesn't bend to them.
And, you know, they can't force it, because in all things there has to be balance. There has to be balance. Not every celebrity is a Satanist. There's a small balance there. But they don't get half the time and attention that the other ones that love Satan get, because Satanists own our media. But you don't have to bow to Satan to be rich and famous. They just use that as a crutch to try to recruit you in, to pull you in.

Whitney Houston Was a Huge Satanic Entertainment Sacrifice of the Illuminati

And another thing about Whitney Houston dying. Now I've told you guys, during the past couple shows, over the last month, that they were looking to make a huge entertainment sacrifice. Never thought it would be Whitney. Didn't know who it would be. But it was quite surprising. And then you listen to all these stories coming out. And, you know, they're all a bunch of garbage. They talk about her bodyguard finding her in the bathtub. And they talk about her boyfriend being in the hotel room. The initial reports are usually the most accurate. But you could already see the Illluminati coverup in this thing. And, of course, the coroner will go along with whatever they want him to. 'Cause he's part of them, too. They pretty much own all of L.A.
But, you know, Whitney Houston was a pretty tall lady, so, you know, bathtubs are what? 4 or 5 feet tall, or long. You know, how does a grown woman drown in a bathtub? I mean, give me a break. She isn't two-years-old. Then another story is drugs and alcohol. She was getting ready to go to a party. So I'm pretty sure her--if she was gonna drink, hadn't even started by then, 'cause you're busy getting ready. People were in her hotel room with her.
Now, if anyone believes this one, I don't know how. One of the stories was that the bodyguard found her in the bathtub. Well, hel-lo? If you're a female, and your daughter's there with you in the hotel room suite, whatever they had, and you're wondering where your mom is, wouldn't a daughter go check on her? Why would a bodyguard go check on her? They would send another female, you know. So that one doesn't hold water either. In fact, nothing I've heard holds water.
You know, it's just a typical let's kill 'em in the bathroom style. This is what they do. Because dying in a bathroom would be so repulsive that nobody would believe it was a murder. You know, it would just have to be an accidental death. They were in the bathtub, they were on the toilet. It would have to be an accidental death, you know. Plus with the drug setup and the alcohol, such a typical Illuminati coverup, the whole thing. And so, I don't think we'll ever hear the real cause or see anybody come to justice for killing her. Because they never do when it's an Illuminati murder. It just gets swept under the rug. Because the people who have the power to investigate are part of it. And so, they help with the coverup. That's how Hollywood runs.
I mean, we're looking at, you know, deaths that have occurred, you know, the last 30, 40 years in Hollywood that just got swept under the rug and blamed on drugs or alcohol. And, you know, Janis Joplin, Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, Kurt Cobain. I mean, these are just typical Illuminati murders that just get swept under the rug. And all this continues on, you know.
Whitney Had Turned Her Life Back to the Most High in Her Last Days

I'm really glad for Whitney, though, in the aspect that she had turned her life back to the Most High in her last days. She'd been serving her church again. She was getting back to the Lord. So, really happy for her. He's taken her home, basically. Allowed it to happen. Whatever happened to her, He allowed it to happen and has just taken her home.
You know, they tried for 20 years to kill Michael Jackson. A lot of these celebrities are protected for a long time, and then the Lord just allows them to be overtaken and killed. So, you know, whatever his reasons and purposes are, Michael Jackson was fighting back against the Illuminati.
Other singers didn't want anything to do with them. One of the biggest no-nos is to join the Brotherhood and then get out. That's bad enough, if you try to get out. But to seek the Lord and turn to the Lord when you get out, and for the reason for getting out, that's a death sentence. That's a automatic we're-going-to-kill-you. And they will come after you until they kill you. That's why it took 'em 20 years to kill Michael Jackson. Because the Lord protected him. And, most likely the same with Whitney Houston. He's protected her for a long time.

Many Countries Are Turning Against the New World Order

You know, they're just around us constantly, folks. And, you know, it's time we clean up Hollywood. Get rid of the death cult. Get rid of this Illuminati scum that's destroying our planet. And, you know, it's getting really smaller and smaller for them, because you've got about 169 countries in the world, and about 160 are turning against the New World Order crowd. And so, that makes the Western nations a real small number compared to the rest of the nations of the world. Albeit, we've probably got--they brag about America's army being the best in the world, but you know what folks? Don't ever count out the sleeping bear, because Russia has space weapons America hasn't even thought of yet. And [laughs] Russia's is not a part of the New World Order bully crowd. America and Europe, Canada and Australia, the other countries, uh, Germany, run by this Nazi cabal. Italy along with it. Britain. You know, their world's getting a lot smaller.

The Satanists Can't Stand a Country That's Not in Debt - Expect Them to Go After Brazil and Venezuela

You know, they've been trying to kill Hugo Chavez for a long time. And now, also, the president of Brazil. Can't remember her name [Dilma Rousseff]. But what they fear is, uh, these two countries, Venezuela and Brazil, are starting to become rich. You know, they've told the New World Order to go back to hell. To go back crawl under the rocks they've crawled out of. They don't want any part of it. And they're doing good things with their countries and for their people.
Well, the Satanists in the New World Order can't stand it. They can't stand a country that's not in debt. They want every country in debt. If they don't own the banks, they go to war until they do. And so, you know, keep an eye out on the Satanists that run this country to try to nitpick a war with Brazil and Venezuela. They'll come up with some other--some asinine excuse to go up against them. But I could see this one coming. I don't know if they'll tie this in with the war against Iran. But it's, you know, their two enemies right now. Iran's banks are not controlled by Goldman Sachs, and neither are Brazil and Venezuela's, so those countries are on the hitlist.
Goldman Sachs Requires It's Recruits to Be Involved in the Brotherhood

Goldman Sachs is, when you think of bankers that are controlling Washington, and Jewish bankers controlling the world's economy, it's Goldman Sachs, they all come through Goldman Sachs in New York. And so, you know, some of the biggest Satanists come out of there. And one of the things they do is, when they recruit you in to work for them, is get everybody involved with the Brotherhood. That's the number one requirement is getting involved. They recruit you in. And if you don't recruit in, they kick you out, they fire you. So that's the one place, you know, they all spew out of somewhere, and in this instance it's Goldman Sachs. Controls everything. The Federal Reserve. I mean, the Federal Reserve's not owned by us. It's not even owned by our government. It's a private monopoly of bankers. So why does a private monopoly of bankers get to control our economy? You know, come on, folks. Wake up. Let's eliminate the Fed. Why are we paying taxes to the Queen? Eliminate the IRS. Unfortunately these things will never take place. America will be destroyed before we ever see freedom here.

Politicians Lie Until They Get in Office, and Then They Pull Out the Real Agenda

I know people have, you know, a lot of false hope in Ron Paul, but he's another one of them, too, folks, and so. He runs a good agenda, says a lot of things you wanna hear. But then get elected, they don't do anything. They don't do a thing to what they said they'd do. I mean, look at Obama. His promises of ending the Iraq and Iran war, er ending the Iraq war, closing Guantanamo. Never closed Guantanamo. It's still there. You know, they just--they lie till they get in office, and then they pull out the real agenda.

Ron Paul's Agenda is NESARA - The Beast Economic Program

Well, in Ron Paul's case, the real agenda is NESARA and this whole New Age agenda that the Lord put me in ten years ago to start warning people about. He's what they call a White Knight politician. Alex Jones is what you'd call a White Knight journalist. They work this NESARA, New Age alien agenda. And I have a website on it at So if you're not familiar with their agenda. Oh, yeah, and it sounds great, you know. Sounds like everything you want. Eliminate the Fed, restore the Constitution, get rid of the IRS, blah, blah, blah. Just sell your soul and get the chip. Join the kingdom. Because that's what they demand. You have to give to get. Is it worth your soul?
So, you know what? The Lord told me earlier this year, He said when the one regime ends--which has been deceptive. It's deceived a lot of people because you just can't wake people up. They don't wanna hear that their leaders are Satanists and what the New World Order really is. So the next one that replaces it is much more deceptive. And the next one is what's...has everybody in a tizzy now. They love Ron Paul because he's the frontman. He's one of the spokesmen for what this next agenda is. They just don't tell you what the small writing is, folks. So, anyway, just a shout-out on that.

The Pope Is in Terror Because the Orgone Saturating the Vatican Is Destroying Him

Been busy in the Codes. And there's something going on with the pope. He, right now, is just totally in terror. He is, um, you know, I was reading this article and it was kind of setting up the propaganda about how the cardinals are talking about an assassination on the pope, you know. Now, if this was true, it would never be in the media in a million years. You wouldn't be reading about it online. They're setting you up for the fact that--actually, what's having to happen is the pope wants out. The pope is in terror, he hates Rome right now, because the Orgone Warriors, whoever did it, whoever orgoned the Vatican, it has saturated the Vatican and the Alps. The Alps are the mountain range around Vatican and Rome. And it's destroying him. It's destroying him. He hates it. The Bible Codes calls it "terror." He's in terror because the orgone is saturating the area.
And I looked at him to take an early out, you know, March, April, May. Sometime in the spring. There seems to be some kind of agreement between Sananda and Obama and the pope to whatever happens. They're in on it. And, you know, I don't know if they're gonna do some kind of fake assassination attempt on him or what they're gonna do. But whatever it is, they're all in agreement. So I find that interesting.
If you look at him, he just looks like hell warmed over. He just looks like a demon. You know, it's hard to hold form as a religious man when you're constantly sacrificing humans in the basement of your Vatican, and then, you know, drinking blood, eating hearts, eating organs, participating in bestiality services, and then have to look normal. Look like a religious man. I don't know how anybody could look at him and see any kind of the Holy Spirit of God him, or the love of God. He just looks like a demon in a long robe.
And so [chuckles], he's on his way out the door either way, because the orgone is just destroying him. So, good job, to the Orgone Warriors in Italy out there, whoever got it. I remember somebody telling me that they got the Vatican, and it was years ago. And so, interesting now that the Lord is cranking it up or whatever He's doing, and pretty much destroying that place for the Satanists.

There's a Tunnel from the White House and Capitol to Their Underground City - They Do Rituals There

I know right now they don't even go near the White House. Everybody hates the White House. Nobody goes near the White House. The only time they go near the White House is when they're gonna have some kind of press conference there, or the media's gonna be there for some kind of coverage. Otherwise, they don't even go near the White House. They hate it. It's just saturated with orgone.
They've been building--they've got their underground city. They've got a tunnel from the White House to this underground city. Same thing from the Capitol. There's a underground city there in D.C. and I hear it's right below the Capitol. And there's a tunnel to the White House to get there. And that's where they've been meeting. And they have rituals every weekend. Even during the week they're having these abhorrent rituals.
And every Saturday my Internet service goes out. If not my computer, itself, my Internet service goes out. And this is because they don't want me announcing what they're up to. Who's gonna be there, what's going on. Play-by-plays like I've been giving you guys, telling you what's going on. They get angry. And so, they've been cutting off my Internet access service so that I can't reveal their plans, expose their plans. So I find that annoying, but amusing, because it's just getting so dominant among them.

Was Madonna Donkeyized Before Her Super Bowl Ritual?

Satan is...they're in a panic because they're delayed in their plans. And so, I guess they think more and more rituals is the answer to speeding things up. And their practice of bestiality is just outrageous, folks. You know, I've talked about it on this show couple weeks ago, and how they bring out the donkeys in their ritualistic meetings.
And there was a picture of Madonna. And I have it on my computer. I didn't post it anywhere. It's kind of a tasteless pic. I got it off the WordTruth[.tv] website before they took that article down about Madonna, or it got sabotaged, or whatever happened to it. But you could see her doing a cartwheel, and there is just intense, massive bruising on her inner thighs. And, you know, when I saw that, I was just appalled. I mean, just massive bruising. And, you know, it's like, get off the donkey, Madonna. She's gettin' donkeyized.
And I guess the thing with her is she wants to be the next...uh, you know, she's already the queen of pop. You know, they call Whitney the queen of pop. And Madonna's already basically been--she wants to be bigger. You know, she wants the world to just totally idolize her. And so, to get, you have to give, and so this is the kind of rituals they do.

Rick Perry Was Brutalized by the Satanists for Having to Drop Out of the Republican Race

They do anything Satan tells them to do. If he wants them to have sex with a donkey, they have sex with a donkey. A horse, a horse. Dog, a dog. Cat, a cat. This is what they do. Politicians do the same thing. And if you make them angry, you can be punished by being sodomized by a donkey. Or a horse, or a cat, or a dog. I don't--you know.
They use it as a punishment as well. I mean, Rick Perry was brutalized for having to drop out of the Republican race because he was their chosen man. And he sold himself to them that he could be their man. And so, they backed him, but when it got to the, you know, when push came to shove, he couldn't perform well in debates. And so, Rick Perry had to withdraw. He got punished for that. And it was brutal. That's what they do, folks.
So, I just think it would be interesting if we just started to fight back against the Satanists running this country, and boycotting until they remove their Satanic logos, get rid of their industry's open worship of satanism, and stop the garbage. Let our voices be heard, you know.

From Orgone Energy to Roswell - Wilhelm Reich: Eisenhower's Secret Ally Against the Aliens

You know, I was given a heads up that Omega Man was on Daniel Ott's show, The Edge AM, and he was dissing orgone. And, you know what, folks? Obviously, you know, it always angers me when somebody spouts off an opinion that they know nothing about. I mean, he probably has never bought orgone, made orgone, experienced orgone. He said it attracts evil. Well, that's what the trolls say online to scare people away from it. I mean, that's--you know, when I hear the usual troll lines, it really ticks me off. Because it means they've done absolutely no research and they're just throwing out an opinion they heard. And I have no respect for those kinds of people, at all.
You know, Wilhelm Reich has a lot of material that you can buy at the Wilhelm Reich Museum if you wanna study orgone. And he was actually in the desert, in New Mexico, when the UFOs crashed in Roswell. It was his--he was checking out--and there's a picture of it in his material. He had this cannon of pipes and he was pointing it at the sky to see what it would do. And that's how he learned it would crash UFOs. [Wilhelm Reich, Orgone Energy, and UFOs]

Of course, they confiscated his work, threw him in prison, where he ended up dying in prison. Because he was commissioned by, I think it was Roosevelt or Eisenhower, can't remember which one, that wanted him to find a way, a defense against aliens and UFOs. [From Orgone Energy to Roswell - Wilhelm Reich: Eisenhower's Secret Ally Against the Aliens] And so, Wilhelm Reich discovered that orgone pipes and orgone-saturated air could cause UFOs to crash. Well, it's at this point that the president decided he didn't wanna kill the aliens because he was going into a contractual agreement with them instead. So now he didn't have any use for Wilhelm Reich. And that's why he was thrown in prison. These lies and charges were brought up against him.
But that was why he was initially--got involved with orgone. Because, I believe it was Roosevelt or Eisenhower, I don't know which one it was. Can't remember. But that, you know, they were looking for a defense against UFOs and aliens. And that's the same thing we have found. We make the same orgone Wilhelm Reich did. The same thing we have found is that it destroys UFOs.

If You Have Night Terrors, Put Orgone in Your Room and They'll Stop

It burns aliens. Shape-shifters don't like being around it. If you have night terrors, put orgone in your house, in your room, and the night terrors will stop. I mean, I don't know how many times I've heard from people that only sleep during certain hours of the day or night because from 12 a.m. to 3 or 4 a.m. they just can't sleep. They're harrassed. Or they just wake up and they don't know why. Others experience it very well knowing it's night terrors, demon harrassment, in their bedrooms at night. Put orgone in your room, they'll stop coming in. They hate it.
And so, how they can say it attracts know, I don't see it. Now, you can DOE orgone, dead orgone energy, which the Don Croft crowd is famous for. You can make junk orgone that might attract them. But I've certainly never made orgone that attracted evil. They hiss and hate me. You know, when I first put orgone in my room, when the Lord first led me to it, in the spirit I could see this big orangutan demon-type thing walk into my room while I was laying in bed, and I could hear it hiss and growl. And it turned around and left. Because when they come into an area that has orgone in it, you may experience anger and their reactions to it. But just keep it in there, 'cause they won't be back. They won't come back. They hate orgone.
They Spread Lies About Orgone Because They Know It's The Only Thing Effective Against Them

And so, it's a typical government troll idea to spread around the exact opposite effects to scare people away from it, because they don't want you having orgone in your homes. One of the things that angers them the most, that I see in the Codes, is the protection areas that we've been setting up. You know, when you saturate an area with orgone, that area becomes a protection zone because aliens won't come in it.
You know, orgone kills the dead. It's gonna kill zombies, it's gonna kill vampires, it's gonna kill aliens because they're nothing but fallen angels. It kills the dead. It slowly destroys them. And so, that's one of the things they get angry about is the protection areas. They don't want people protected. You know, they want to be able to come in and harrass you without being hindered. That's why they work so hard against me to discredit me. To spread lies about me on the Internet. They spread lies about the orgone. Because they don't want people doing exploits with the orgone. They don't want people becoming Orgone Warriors. It's the only thing that's been working against them that's been effective.
You know, you can go out and pick up your postcards and protest in front of their buildings all you want. They don't care. But put orgone in the building, surround the building with orgone, and you're gonna get a reaction from 'em. [laughs] They get angry. They get angry. You know, if you wanna do something useful, saturate a city with orgone. Get orgone down at Goldman Sachs in New York City. Get orgone in St. Patrick's Cathedral. Go where all the Wall Street bankers are. Make 'em burn in their own skin, and fry, and come out with hives and boils. They hate the orgone. That's effective, folks. You want warfare? That's effective warfare. Now if you still wanna hold up a sign, so be it. But I'm telling ya it's much more effective to plaster their areas with orgone than postcards.

We Should See a Rebuilt Nibiru by May, but Expect It to Crash

Anyway, a lot of stuff coming up and Nibiru definitely coming back up in the Codes again. They're rebuilding it. Trying to bring it back. We should be able to see it by May again. Round 2 with Nibiru. I don't know what to really expect with round 2. But we are eventually getting Giants here on Earth. They've already been coming into the Negev Desert in Israel over the past couple years. And they've been shipping them off into underground bases around the world. And these are huge Giants, folks. These are 19, 20 feet tall. These are huge Giants.
I don't know how they're rebuilding Nibiru to bring it back. I think they're putting some kind of shield around it. Trying to find ways to defend against the orgone-saturated air. I believe eventually it's going to happen exactly what I saw years ago in the Codes is that not only will Shema crash, but Nibiru will crash. And they're huge rocks. Both of them. And so, interesting that in Revelation, chapter 9. I believe it's chapter 9 or 8, 8 or 9. Talks about a lamp burning, falling to Earth. Shema. It also talks about an asteroid crashing into the waters. And I believe that's probably Nibiru. I don't know exactly for sure if it's Nibiru yet, but I know Nibiru was going to break up into pieces and eventually crash just like Shema is, and so.
You know they've also got this cube, black cube. And it's been coming in from behind the sun. And that's also gonna burn. Everything Satan has been working on for thousands of years to happen in these times is gonna be destroyed. It's gonna be destroyed, you know.

If Orgone Was Evil, Why Would World Governments Run By Evil People, Be Trying to Stop It?

Now I know they're all meeting in Denmark this month. I believe it's at the end of the month. 26th, 27th, somewhere around there. To discuss ways of stopping the orgone. They can't stop the Warriors. They've been tryin' to kill me for years and I'm still here. [laughs] And so, they're tryin' to be, I don't know, political about it maybe. I don't know what the word is. Tryin' to bring top-notch world scientists together to figure out ways to stop orgone.
Now, if orgone was evil, and attracted evil like Omega Man thinks, then why would the world governments be sending top scientists to try to find ways to stop it when they're all run by evil? You've got nothing but Lizards running most of the governments, especially the ones dominated by the New World Order crowd. So why would they be worried about evil? They would be happy. They would be putting orgone out for free. They would pay me just to make it and hand it out for free. You know, doesn't make sense, folks, because it's very effective. It's a very effective tool against them.
You know, I started this about 8 years ago. And I'm not gonna stop. You know? The Lord put me on this. He put me in the New World Order alien agenda. And I haven't stopped since. It's been continuous. You know, I started looking in the Codes back in 2000, 2001. It's just been a very long decade for me. Who would've thought we'd be here in 2012? I certainly didn't. I sure didn't. From the way things looked back then, looked like everything'd be over by 2009. We'd be in a world war, the United States would've gone to hell in a hand basket.
And here we are in 2012 because of delays and derision from the same satanic crowd that wants to think they're in control, are the very ones that can't control much of anything. They're in derision all the time. They fight all the time. They're fragmented. There's so many different groups of them that there's not really one person in charge that's leading them. And so, they hem, haw and fight via factions over, you know, which faction gets to lead for a while or win for a while. And that's what you see with the elections here in America. You have Mitt Romney who's been chosen by the same Satanist crowd who controls Obama. They fund both sides. You have George Soros funding Romney and Obama. And then whoever wins, they still control the outcome, because it's their money behind both of them. It's all a charade, folks. It's all a charade, so.

When the Global Government Is Set Up, Satan Will Get Rid of Those Who Helped Him

But there are different factions that just fight against each other. That's why when you see a different route or you hear a particular thing, they're not necessarily wrong, because there's many routes of bringing about the Antichrist, of bringing about the New World Order. It's just the one that gets picked. That doesn't happen until, you know, it's D-Day, time's up, they have to pick one, one has to go, one has to win. You know, different roads to the same place is basically what it is.
Satan doesn't like to tip his hat. He's been using these useful idiots for years to set up the global government. And once they are ready to take control and bring the whole world under a world government, the useful idiots won't be needed anymore. You know, when this next agenda arises, Bush and Cheney, and Rahm, and Rove, and all the dogs and cats running this thing, they're not gonna be ruling with Satan on Earth, they're gonna be first ones in FEMA camps. He's not gonna need them anymore. Then they're gonna realize what a liar he is. We've been warning them for years what a liar Satan is. But they just love him to death. They want their fame, their fortune, their positions. They'll see what a liar he is when he gets rid of all of them, you know. They're nothing but useful idiots.

The Lord Allows the Bride to Be Persecuted by Satan for Being in Guile and Apostasy

You haven't seen, you can't even imagine the things that are coming on Earth. You haven't seen anything yet. This is a cakewalk compared to what's coming, folks. This is cakewalk. And if you're not prepared for the things that are know, don't expect the Lord to have your back. Because you know why? People who aren't prepared aren't walking in Him. Because those who are walking in Him, the ones He can lead, the ones He can talk to, the ones He can guide, are prepared.
You know, tonight I wanted to talk about the churches of Asia. The seven different types of churches. I guess I'll have to do that next week 'cause I'm running out of time.

But, He allows...He allows the Bride to be persecuted by Satan. Because they're in guile. They're found in guile. They're into witchcraft, which is rebellion, and apostasy. And the only way you're in apostasy, wrong teachings, is because you're not sitting at His feet asking Him what the truth is in all things. Because if you're not asking Him for the truth, He can't lead you to it. Just because you've been sitting in a nice, cozy church for the last 20 years, and tithing to a wolf, and saying, "Hail, Jesus. I love Jesus," doesn't mean you're not in apostasy and you're not angering Him. A huge chunk of the Bride has angered Him. They think they're doing everything right. But He doesn't find them perfect. He is not happy with their fruit or their works. Because they're not seeking Him, they're seeking their churches.
And, you know, you go to these churches and it's all just a bunch of gossiping, backstabbing garbage. You know, you've always got your people who think that they're better than everybody else. You know, that's not just in politics, that's dominant in our churches. The backstabbing and the, "Oh, they're rich," and, you know. The rumors, the dramas, the divisions.

There Are Churches Where the Lord Is Dominant and Not Every Other Word Is Paul or Mary

I hate church. I can't stand religion. I love the Lord. I sit at His feet. He pulled me out of the churches years ago. When you start asking the Lord for the truth in all things, one of the first things He's gonna do is pull you out of the churches. Don't be shocked. Don't be surprised. He'll pull you out of the churches because they're not His, they're not of Him.
There are a few pastors today that I hear from that, yeah, I'd go sit in their churches. I know the Lord's there. 'Cause these pastors, they're doing what the Lord says to do. You know, and they're Orgone Warriors. They've got congregations in Alabama that are Orgone Warriors. They're getting the orgone out, they're preaching the Lord and not Paul. Imagine that. A church where the Lord is dominant and not every other word is Paul. Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul. I can't sit in a church. Just wanna vomit 'cause all they do is worship Paul. You know, you're just sitting in the Nicolaitan churches, the doctrines of the Nicolaitans, which is the RCC, the Roman Catholic Church, that's enough to make you vomit. And every other word is Mary this, Mary that. Mary wasn't the form of worship on Earth or when she died. It's idolatry. They need to read Revelations, chapter 2, because the church of, uh, who is that? Smyrna? No that was the early church in persecution. And then you have Thyatira. The rebellious church, the Jezebel church. I mean, there's so many of them. Pergamum.
I wanna concentrate and focus on the church of Philadelphia because that's what most of my audience would fit under. The church of Philadephia. And I'm not talking about Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, folks. This is a church in--these are symbolic churches that existed in Asia Minor back in the day, which is modern-day Turkey. And He gave us a description of the seven different types of basic churches that would be operating throughout the church age. And the Lord, in particular, wants me to focus on Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea, because these are basically the three dominant churches that my audience in dealing with. You know.
And if you're still sitting in Catholicism, Lord help you. It's such a satanic religion. The whole thing is such an abomination. I could spend shows on Catholicism. I don't waste my time. You really can't wake up them. It's hard enough getting people to wake up to protecting themselves, and just learning to sit at the Lord's feet and asking Him for the truth in all things every day. That's a bigger task than you could imagine. And you all know how it is because you're trying to wake up your loved ones just to realize that there's a difference between chemtrails and contrails, and you can't even get that far. Or that 9/11 was an inside job. You can't--there's just some people that you just can't get a half-inch through their thick skulls.

If I Wasn't Effective, They'd Leave Me Alone

But for those who listen to this show, I'm gonna take a look, I'm gonna talk about this next week, about the church of Philadelphia. I'm gonna tie it in and relate it to a few other things that might surprise you. But it's an interesting study and, you know, it's just something the Lord's been leading me to the last couple weeks, so I know He wants me to speak on it. I just get carried away with other things. Other things coming up, happening around us. And I can see that they're gonna be sabotaging my show [laughs] the next couple weeks. Hopefully it doesn't--it's just my Internet, itself, on a Saturday, and not my show on a Monday night. It's always a hassle, folks. But you know what? If I wasn't effective, they'd leave me alone. You know? When you're not a threat to Satan, they don't bother you.
So, anyway, a couple things coming up I can't even, I can't talk about yet. Maybe here in a couple weeks after the fact. 'Cause I know before the fact, I won't be able to talk about it. Just one of these things that the door's open and let's see if it happens, you know. I'm not afraid of them, though. And they know I know stuff. They know. They have cameras around my town. They have my house bugged. I'm under 24/7 surveillance. And I know. There's a lot things I know. And they know I know, and it goes in circles. [laughs] It truly does. Sometimes I could never put in words the things that go on. Lucky for me I just speak what the Lord wants me to say for the general good of everyone else.
They're Still Mad About Our Major Orgone Victories

Anyway, folks, they're still mad about California. [laughs] They're still mad about Shema. They're still mad about Nibiru. They're still mad about the Capricorn. And so, they want a lot of retaliation, and so. All I can say is just do what the Lord leads you to do and prepare. I mean, you know. I had two low-flying military helicopters over my house today. I need to get a video camera. I was just telling someone that today, I need to get a video camera. 'Cause you can hear 'em comin'. They're so loud. You can hear 'em coming. Sometimes they just don't hide. They want you to know they're comin'. I need to get video cameras of stuff, some shots of stuff, videos. I never liked this tech stuff, you know. But I need to get tech-oriented.

Thanks Go Out to the Warrior Who Sent Sherry the New Laptop for Backup

A shout-out to a Warrior who just sent me a brand new Dell laptop so I'll have backup. So, unfortunately, it'll be--not necessarily. I could probably put a different Internet service on it. So, yeah, you know. Trying to prepare and work my way around things.

Thinking of Taking the Show on Live Internet TV by Year's End

I'm really, uh, been thinking about the idea of going TV by the end of the year. Maybe TV, YouTubes, videos, whatever, doing this show via YouTube. Or TV Live Stream or whatever you call it. I think that's the direction I wanna head towards the end of this year is going live on the Internet. Making a studio, going live.
You know, I was looking at going into going non-profit, and I guess this 501(c)3 thing is what non-profits are. But the problem with that is if you're 501(c)3, the government can have a say in what you speak about and do. And there's no way they're gonna get a foot in anything I'm doing. [laughs] So now I have to rework that somehow. Because I've wanted to make this whole ministry, the whole Orgone Blasters, into a non-profit ministry. But I can't. I refuse to do the 501(c)3 thing. First thing they'd do is say shut down. They don't like the orgone. [laughs] I'm not gonna give 'em a say in that. So, I don't know. I'll have to work my way around that one somehow. And the other thing is is the live TV. I think that's the way to go. At least on the Internet.

Zombies on Mainstream News

Anyway, folks, I'll be back on Thursday, 1 o'clock, with Aliens in the News. Interesting stories coming in. Fox News talking about a possible zombie attack, impending zombie attack. Fox News talking about it now. Vampire bats hitting Texas. So I'll be addressing this and some more stuff on Thursday.

Giants from Nibiru in Africa

Also, keep an eye out in Africa, Kenya in particular, with Giants. Tall, black Giants in Kenya. I'll throw that out there. Kenya, maybe Ethiopia. That general area. Giants from Nibiru arriving in Africa. Might be interesting, huh?

Anyway, folks, until Thursday. Yah bless.


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