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February 16th, 2012

...they aren't concerned because...
And hello everybody you're live. It's Thursdays with Sherry Shriner and it's February 16th moving quite along here. Couple things I want to talk about today. Been looking in the codes for the next several months and things always look interesting. Some things I can't talk about yet, but pretty much everything coming out in the open.
Sooner or later -- if you look through the You Tubes and news clips of everything there's always truth mixed with garbage. Usually the truth is pretty blatant and other times the truth is ridiculed and mocked and that's why they aren't concerned because people won't believe it because it's so obvious and in your face.
Or so ridiculously sounding people won't believe it. And so they really don't care when things get leaked out. They do it themselves. There's really no secrets. It's usually revealed somewhere. But there's been allot of talk about blowing up a USS carrier and blaming it on Iran and that's actually a viable, that's one of their more credible things that they will do because they're planning it as we speak. You know false flags aren't new to this audience. They know what they are.

Do the dirty then blame another
False flags are a terrorist event that they blame on somebody else. That our government does itself like 9/11 was a false flag they blew up the towers themselves then blamed it on camel jockeys. And the same thing with Oklahoma City bombing, Timothy McVeigh was a MK Ultra chip implanted pawn patsy used by them. So yeah it goes on every country does this and I think Israel's the one who mastered it.

I always said they're the ones who blew up their own hotel at the Olympics in what was that -- '72, '77. But they're notorious for that. So there's allot of talk on disguising U boats or whatever they want to call it and then blaming it on Iran and what they're planning is it will probably be done by the Mossad

{ed. note The Mossad, short for HaMossad leModi'in uleTafkidim Meyuchadim (Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations), is the national intelligence agency of Israel. }

But either way their plans right now is to blow up a ship a navel carrier and blame it on Iran so they can get moving into this war.

Obama tying a noose around his neck because...
I find it interesting that Obama doesn't want a war with Iran and he doesn't want to support Israel either and so he could be tying a noose around his neck if he doesn't play ball. They could very likely the Mossad could very well set up an assassination attempt against Obama. Everybody knows how Israel wants to war with Iran and obviously there's going to be a war. If it wasn't for that one passage in Obadiah that talks about Damascus being destroyed and so far Damascus has never been destroyed -- it's the oldest standing city on earth. It's never been destroyed. The Bible talks about the destruction of Damascus. So we know there's going to be a war and Damascus is going to be destroyed.
Isaiah 17:1
The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

Israel will not be destroyed. Israel maybe they'll take some hits but they're such a tiny nation. They're not going to be destroyed. As far as Iran they kinda fall in the same boat as Brazil and Venezuela. Because those two countries so falling under the fire of the US government. They want to take Chavez down. They want to take down the president of Brazil as well and the reason being is because Venezuela and Brazil are becoming rich and they're good to their people.

nwo bullies
And the bullies of the new world order. The satan freaks of the new world order can't stand it. They want them in debt and they want them controlled by their own banksters and so the same thing basically with Iran. Their banks aren't controlled by the new world order. Libya's weren't. And they go to war with countries that aren't. So. And I was reading something and I can't remember where it was talking about moving ships down in several base areas in South America and I was just thinking "Oh here goes..." ya know? Here goes...

Bullies flexing their muscles
If it's not Iran and the Middle East -- now they hafta go flex in South America. And so I think eventually it's going to provoke the bear. The sleeping bear which is Russia and the United States and Israel may start this war but they're not gonna win this war. They're not gonna win this one. In fact this is the one America's gonna finds it gets it's butt kicked. And it's not just the military and militarily speaking. It's this nation speaking because it's the people of America that are going to become the victims of the satan freaks that dominate this country. I mean we've always been but we're gonna lose our country. We're gonna lose our country to a Russian and Chinese invasion and we've never had a war here on our own soil and so this is going to shock allot of people.

nwo becomes very small
But this is the route and the time line that they're on. That they've taken -- you know depending on which route they go down. The outcome for America is not good and you know what? I've always warned about Obama anyway. His job is to destroy America and so he's just on target as far as being Obama is concerned.
He's just on target. All he has to do is instigate World War III and Russia and China are gonna finish it. I mean the new world order does not own the world. They think they do -- they have allot of money and they may have the powerful nations but when you've got 160 nations other countries out there that can band together and unite against them -- all the sudden they become very small.

nwo comprises only 20 countries
They become very small. There's like what? Twenty countries, twenty nations involved with the new world order. Not all of them are part of this group of the new world order and Russia and China and Iran and Japan they all have their different ideas of a global government. They all serve in the brotherhood. They all serve satan but they're different branches. They're different groups. Just like in America. They're all the brotherhood -- but they're different groups -- they're not all together in one group. That's why there's so much derision because everything's so decentralized -- not one group has full power of controlling -- anything.

Heavy blood sacrifice month
And they're all fighting for control. So it's always in derision. They're always in derision. So I look for that to happen. I don't know when. Probably some time this summer. I'm still waiting to see what they pull for the month of March as far as blood sacrifices -- it's a heavy blood sacrifice month for the satanists. I don't know if they'll cause more deaths in Syria. I know they want to. They want more suffering and death in Syria. It's going to be targeted somewhere. And right now they've kinda got it going in Syria. I don't know if they're going to come out with something new or just amplify something they've already got going on.

Dragon society after Clinton for a deal gone south
From what I hear Bill Clinton's under attack by one of those Japanese Dragon societies. I'm not sure which one -- there's 3 different ones that I know of -- they've got the White Dragon society. The Black Dragon society and the Blue Dragon society. So I'm not sure which one he's in a fight with but he was suppose to be -- he was involved in some kind of billion dollar deal with them and he messed up and so they're after him now, they're after him.

So I'm gonna try to find out more information what the deal was about -- when it comes to Clinton there's always one thing that comes to mind and that's drugs because he's such a drug addict. And his entire career has been based on drug running. Mena* airport as governor of Arkansas he used that to run drugs in and out of Arkansas -- he's always been a cartel -- they always say 'cartels' as if they're in South America, you know. "Oh they're in South America." They're here in the United States and the biggest 2 drug cartel runners are George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton and so I'm sure that whatever deal he had with this dragon society in Japan either had to do with drugs or some kind -- some kind of a scheme -- money laundering scheme -- a money laundering scheme he had set up with one of the Japanese dragon societies.

Mena airport drug running.

I'm sure it involves drugs and money because that's about the only thing that interests Bill Clinton. Not the only thing but the main thing. I know they're pretty blatant about it. They don't even try to hide it. I've heard that they have lunch and dinner around the country around DC with other drug cartel leaders. Out in the open -- out in public as if it's just another business lunch having a business meeting. They're very out in the open but people don't catch on you know. People don't catch on who they are meeting in public and it's kinda like in your face type of thing.

So it will be interesting to see what happens with Bill Clinton. I really could care less I'm just throwing it out there because they're all satan freaks.

Clive Davis behind Whitney's death
Some news on Whitney. I finally found out what really happened with Whitney Houston. And interesting it's not what you're being told by the media of course you all know that. The whole thing. Her whole death was set up and orchestrated by Clive Davis and Clive Davis is the Sony CEO and he was the one instrumental in helping her with her career. So kind of a full circle loop the one responsible for her death. He had a huge insurance policy on her -- he banked really big on her death.

Untraceable CIA drug
Apparently when she signed into the Beverly Hills Hotel -- sounds to me like when she signed in initially signed in and she was there she was by herself. They say there were body guards and whatever but sounds to me they were in on it or she was by herself because when she went to her room to check in there was somebody inside the room waiting for her and he ordered her to take off her clothes and get in the bathtub and he shot her with a shot a syringe and what it is -- is it's some kind of poison from the CIA that they injected her in, injected her with and it's untraceable. It won't show up in toxicology reports or autopsies. It totally dissolves in the blood stream and breaks down in the blood stream so it can't be traced. Some kind of poison that the CIA has. And so the whole thing was a set-up.

Brotherhood celebrated Whitney's impending murder
And the reason that they had the huge party in the Beverly Hills Hotel was because they knew she was gonna be killed -- they knew she was gonna die and they had this party in celebration of her death. So all those little Hollywood scum scumbags that were there at the party -- I don't know if they were in on it or not but they are all part of the brotherhood itself...
I mean if you look at the guest list, Miley Cyrus and the others that were at the party. They're all part of the brotherhood. So it was a celebration of Whitney Houston's death they weren't celebrating the Grammy s that's just a front cover and later that night they had a -- one of their huge rituals. L.A. always has and Jim Carrey who is the High Priestess of L.A. -- the top ranking satanist who is the high priestess who runs that group out there -- they actually had an honor ceremony to Clive Davis for eliminating Whitney Houston, so.

Another thing -- Madonna with her latest worship of satan -- her half time tribute -- she's been moved up to number 2 position as far as celebrity satanists go. Right now it's been held by Robert Shapiro the attorney. Robert Shapiro. Jim Carrey being number 1. Robert Shapiro was number 2. Now it's Madonna, she's been moved up to number 2. But she's not gonna stay with Jim Carrey's group, she wants to branch off and have her own group I hear. So Robert Shapiro will probably stay in that one with Jim Carrey, but Madonna is going to branch off and begin her own group in L.A. somewhere or wherever she starts it. She could start it in New York or whatever and she spends a lot of time in both states so -- just a heads up on what's going on pfttt around all the satan freaks.

satan wants a 'rise of evil'
Another thing is -- I was commenting -- like I said on my last show it's just getting so blatant with their evil. It's in your face. I mean we just turned around we had this huge Illuminati ritual at half time super bowl. Then you have the Grammy Awards and Nicki Minaj and her "I love satan" crap. It's just getting so blatant. And this is being planned. This is all by design because what satan wants -- is what I'm being told -- is he wants a rise of evil.

He wants what they're calling a 'rise of evil' and so they want it to become more and more and more -- even so more prevalent in the media.

Boycott Hollywood
So you're going to see it more in commercials -- just generally you're gonna see it every where. Just a huge increase in occultic symbols Illuminati rituals blatantly in your face and you're going to see a general rise and that's why I said in the last show we need to boycott Hollywood. We need to tell em we don't need to see your stupid rituals.

We don't want to be duped unknowingly just for watching it -- we don't want a thing to do with your "I love satan" crap.

And so to fight back groups need to rise up to clean up Hollywood and the outright worship of satanism and whatever they have to do to put a stop to all of this. Because if we don't stop it -- do something now it's going to be much much worse -- it's going to get very bad. You all know satan operates off of loosh like spinach for Popeye.

...he needs negative evil energy -- he needs praise, gives him power, suffering gives him power and when he wants to materialize here on earth more and more, especially in form -- he's going to need power to do it. need to stand up folks...
...and so that's why he's demanding more and more of his followers. More deaths, more rituals, more sacrifices because that gives him power so. The rise of evil. Have to form general resistances against that.

You know boycott the media stations that are puppets to it. The companies placing the ads. The commercials. Everything's gonna start getting really occultic -- really nauseating and sick. And we need to let 'em know. "Hey, we're the majority out here!" And we don't want your satan crap. Even if you're not a Bible believing Bible thumper believer Christian you need to stand up and say enough is enough is enough is enough, you know...

Gas planned to sky rocket -- planned to hit $10 a gallon
Oils gonna sky rocket. Their plan is by the end of summer fall to have gasoline at about $10 a gallon. And so need to plan ahead folks. I know. My hands are tied. I have this 1994 Suburban. The thing's a beast. I can't imagine gas being $5, $6, $7 dollars let alone $10 to fill that thing. But that's what their plan is.

You know right now gas here is I think $3.37 a gallon and I'm thinking " I wish I could just fill up a big underground storage tank with gas..." at $3.37. It's gonna rise to $4 and then it's gonna go to $5. Then it's gonna go to $6 and

Chaos is gonna hit the streets. People are gonna be outraged and people are gonna hit the streets. I mean when you're only working minimum wage jobs and driving 30 to 40 miles to get to it and you're paying $7 a gallon that's not gonna happen. It's going to be a lot of people having to quit their jobs -- because people can't afford the gas.

You quit your job, can't afford the gas can't afford your houses either. Can't afford to pay rent. Can't afford to pay your mortgages. It's going to be chaos and that's what they want. They want chaos. They want suffering. They want people irate and angry and marching in the streets and they're prepared for that.

They're prepared for that. You know part of their plan is that when oil starts to increase that Obama will tap into the private reserves in America. But they're going to do something to eliminate that. I think they're going to use earthquakes or something to stop his ability to tap into the reserves so...or whatever excuse they come up with.

Because they want the gas to go up to $9, $10 a gallon and they'll say we don't have reserves or our reserves have been shut down you know and with war going on in Iran or Iran boycotting and not sending oil out or whatever the reasons are -- you know Iran just kinda plays into their excuses that's why they're provoking Iran. Iran doesn't want a war with the United States. Neither does Venezuela or Brazil. Neither did Libya. The United States and Europe are just being bullies. The governments are just being bullies. It's the banksters. It's Goldman Sachs. It always comes back, it always comes down to Goldman Sachs the banksters.

Buy at prices today to stave off tomorrows prices
So they'll use Iran as a cover story to fulfill and push forward a lot of their satanic agenda here. There's also a web site you can go to I've posted it on my Facebook -- what is it?

My Gallons and what you can do is buy today's prices, secure today's prices, you buy up gallons now and when it goes up they'll reimburse you and so you'd have to check out the web site it's kind of a good way if you have money to prepay for gasoline ahead of time. I don't know a lot of people with the money to do that but it's a good way to get ready for the increase of gas prices.

Also getting into smaller cars. You know the last gas crunch we were in about a year or two ago people ditching their SUV's for little troll cars. That's what I call 'em troll cars. And now they're getting comfortable again with the lower gas prices and you start seeing the gas hogs on the road a lot more and well now it's crunch time again folks and it's gonna get bad.

Time to get rid of the gas hogs if you can and get some stuff that's worth...that can hold gas. You won't have to pay as much. So I'm just mentioning some things I've seen in the codes I've been mentioning off and on.

The pope and April Death Code
Especially when I saw -- I mentioned something about the pope in April. He kinda has a death code in April that's why he wants to leave and now one of his very own cardinals leaking out that the pope may be dead within 12 months so. Interesting. He wants out of Rome. The orgone saturated air is killing him, it's terrifying him. He wants out. And so, it should be interesting -- who replaces him, he's such an evil scumbag.

Natasha comes to DC
Another interesting gossip around the Beltway, I always like the gossip. It's always like what now, you know? But apparently one of the chief White House advisers and I don't know which one. He was having a fling with a Russian spy posing as a stripper...I mean don't men ever learn? Don't they ever learn? Are they always lame? This evil...this stupid? These men in DC don't ever get it? I mean this is typical James Bond stuff -- you send in a beautiful stripper -- she ends up being a Russian spy and she lures the guy into giving up a bunch of secrets about their plans for the upcoming -- you know -- upcoming Iran war.

Or whatever. And so...a lot of derision going on about that. These people are something else, if they ever took their jobs seriously for two seconds instead of spending most of their time with prostitutes and Illuminati rituals...we might eventually advance as a nation only we haven't gone anywhere in years we're just in limbo -- you know? -- because we're going at the whims of these satanic societies.

American media's a joke where's the Sam Donaldson's?
So now Russia -- whatever plans they had our government had classified, they now know what's going on. I'd rather read Russian newspapers on line than American media. I mean we all know American media's a joke it doesn't tell you anything. I'd rather read the Russian news sources. They're usually a lot more accurate than Fox or CNN or ABC, CBS or NBC. I mean those are all owned by the wolves.

So why would you go to the wolves for news and information? Think they're going to tell you something? You know there's so much left out of the news. It's amazing. It makes you miss the old Sam Donaldson and how he use to ~ he use to get on the presidents. He use to be a go-getter.

He use to make them stand accountable for all of their stupid decisions and plans and they got rid of that kind of reporting because they wanted controlled reporting. You know they wanted it all to be controlled so these press conferences at the White House. These just controlled setting -- they're jokes -- reporters are screened -- they're the friendly ones to the 'societies' -- they're going to ask questions that are pretty much just lame questions -- not attacking anything -- not revealing, or digging for any kind of real truth.

It's just a whole controlled and scripted events that take place. And so...I don't know it's a lot of things coming up and more home foreclosures coming.

Original Titles for the homes
I warned you about this last month or two. Because they're going do away with requiring -- so the only defense people have had now against home foreclosures and what's been staling them is that they didn't even have the original titles to the homes and that's what's considered an illegal foreclosure. Because they can't produce the title.

Because they package 'em up and sell them off as derivatives and junk bonds and everything else and so it's illegal if the bank doesn't have the deed to your home. The actual deed. Well Obama's gonna pass legislation that says the banks don't have to have the actual deed to foreclose on the home. So the loop hole people have had in the past year or two that kind of stalled their rage on foreclosures that's gonna come to an end and people are going to have no recourse.

And so they want more foreclosures and so we're going to see a spike it's gonna start all over again. We've kind of had a reprieve the last 2 years. Well it's gonna spike again. And it's gonna hit hard. There's gonna be allot more, a lot of home foreclosures this year. Especially when gas hits all time highs. I think that's gonna be along with the foreclosures just a real beginning of the crashing of our economy that they've been watching and waiting for and planning for. You know you'll see Obama on TV "Oh we've created 275,000 million thousand jobs and some whatever and it's like in the same breath he doesn't mention the million jobs he just took away. Yeah you just created 275 thousand but you just took 1 million away.

They're snakes folks
They're snakes folks. They don't want you working. They don't want you living. They're all working together to dismantle and destroy this country. And everybody other than the Tea Party is just kinda walking around in a stupor. You know? This blind "I trust the government" crap. You know people are told the government is looking out for the best for them. Wake up! Wake up! You know? Wake up!

More foreclosures more tent cities more clamp downs on guns
And you know you never see these on the nightly news. All the tent cities going up. You don't see that you know they'd rather, you know fill it with garbage...garbage news. So they'll be a lot more tent cities. They want a lot more chaos with sniper shootings and senseless deaths so they can begin their clamp downs on guns.
They want gun control. Hillary Clinton's a big one behind that one. They kinda pick and choose their assignments because there's an agenda there's allot of things that need done so the satan freaks within the societies pick and choose which part of the agenda they're gonna hack away at and they're gonna work.

Outrageous food prices
That's what they do it's their ministry to satan. So expect that one. More gun control laws. More home losses. More unemployment. Higher gas prices and if there's higher gas prices folks you better believe food's gonna get outrageous. The cost of food is going to be phenomenal. You know I said at the beginning of this year by Christmas of this year I expect inflation to be up 25, 26% so we're gonna see it getting worse and worse and worse it's gonna be ready to bottom out by December.

So could even go higher depending on how well they execute their plans of destruction. They're still working in the background to bring Sananda in, this fake Jesus. He pretty much works with the pope in the Vatican. They're he's pretty much behind the scenes, he's pretty much at the Vatican.

sT. Germain runs NATO and Global meetings
And you know they've got Global-8 and NATO meetings coming up in Chicago in May and it's usually sT. Germain that runs those meetings. They never talk about him being on the guest list but whenever it comes to these secret societies and their summits he's usually the one running them -- behind the scenes running them.

Germain will be in charge of global economy
He actually appears to them in person. Stuff you won't see on the evening news. He is also part of this Ashtar Council that Sananda is a part of -- Maitreya was a part of -- it's the council that sits above the earth and uses their pawns -- the Illuminati on the earth -- to do their bidding these useful idiots and then when they all come down and take their places -- you know Germain will be in charge of the economy.

Sananda will be in charge of global religion
Sananda will take over as everybody's savior and messiah. And the others come in place there's about 11 of them I believe. But once you see Sananda the others will be behind him shortly and I don't know if he'll pull it off this year. I'm starting to think -- I know the new agers have been claiming for years
-- the Age of Aquarius started back in 2008, 2009 that we were already in the Age of Aquarius at that time and I'm beginning to think the Age of Aquarius actually begins next year -- I think you know how everybody talks about the date December 21st, 2012.

I think what that actually is, is an official end to the Age of Pisces and the official beginning of the Age of Aquarius and so I think from December 2012 and beyond is actually when the Age of Aquarius will officially start. And it could start any time. I think once you see Sananda arrive that's obviously the official beginning.

Age of Aquarius aligns with Bible Prophesy
Because he brings them into the era of the Age of Aquarius so I know people think this is all new age hog wash and stuff but it aligns with Bible Prophesy and so that's why the Lord's put me in this alien agenda years ago and back when it was kinda ahead of everybody else at that time. I met with much anger, hatred and resistance by everybody but now it totally makes sense to a lot of people because they've seen it develop over the years.

They've seen what I've been talking about coming true. You know I was the one in 2006 warning people to get off of Japan. Get outta there. Get off the island I warned for 2 years then I let it go. I moved on.

And they're not done with Japan. Kissinger's furious with Japan and he wants to focus on Japan which means he wants to sink Japan. So it never ends folks. It never never ends with them. They get humiliated -- Japan recently kicking Kissinger out. So he's been humiliated so now he wants to retaliate. Sink the island. You know and everybody's got an agenda.
Everybody's got an agenda they got their own agenda they want to go in and you know these are the people behind the scenes that really, really control the strings like Kissinger and Soros the people who are in unelected positions are the ones who have the most power in steering this country in which way we go. I mean Kissinger's almost always been the right hand man of this council this alien council that rules over earth. He's always been their right hand man. But this council itself they use all the different nations.

They're the ones that create all the different dividing groups. The dragon societies in Japan and you know China's a dragon society as well -- they control them too. They'll use them to eliminate the new world order crowd -- the new world order agenda and the Age of Pisces and begin the Age of Aquarius. And this Age of Aquarius is this La La kingdom that they want to build on earth and this is the one that the Lord's been warning about saying "Hey you know the new world order crowd was deceptive deceived a lot of people..." had people thinking hey our governments taking care of us and Bush is a Christian, Reagan is a Christian, Carter is a Christian blah, blah, blah you know people fell for all that BS. You're gonna fall they're gonna fall a lot harder with the BS that's coming.

The Age of Aquarius is nothing but it -- and it's this whole Age of Aquarius agenda that will lead us into the arrival and worship of the anti-Christ so...not us but people in general. There's gonna be a lot of people deceived by what's coming. They're gonna be so glad that the evil new world order and the fed and the IRS and all that's eliminated they won't realize that what's replacing it is actually much more worse than and much more evil. They're gonna think that it's good when it's not it's evil and so. Just a heads up on that folks.

It's not easy looking at the codes of what's to come
It gets harder and harder when you have to sit and look at codes every day like I do and you just, you know, you're always dealing with bad things that are coming that are going to be implemented or are -- you know -- disasters being planned. You know, but that's my job so.

Anyway, not getting very near our goal of $50,000 by April, was running a campaign to get $50,000 by April so that we could get busy now with missions and work we need to get done and it's not looking very good folks so I need people to stand up and donate to this ministry.

If every person who listened to this show, this broadcast on Mondays and Thursdays donated a $1. Donated $5, $10, we'd have well over $50,000 thou -- we wouldn't have to worry about money for the next year. You know? It's like you see all this coming and your hands are tied. You can't do a thing about it because you don't have the financing to hit the road. You know we can't hit the road. We can't make the orgone we need to make because we can't afford the supplies. It's just endless folks.

And you know gas hits $6, $10 dollars a gallon I'm gonna be sitting home like everybody else. You know? We need to get busy now we don't have much time. You know they're threatening invasions, the greys. They want to come. They want to blow up my house. They're threatening to blow up my house. Threats. By Lilith. She's such a skank. I can't wait to just kick her butt from one side of the universe to the other but these are viable threats.
I mean I get them all the time but you know they're in particular increasing right now. And you know we could start to see a lot more happening in the skies this spring than people could ever imagine. I'm sure it's gonna come out into the open. They're gonna come out from behind the scenes. Right now they operate behind the scenes and they hide. They come out at night. They hide in clouds. You know it's going to come to the point folks where they stop hiding and they're going to make their presence known so everybody can see what I've already been seeing for years. You know?

Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. So I just -- I can't imagine why people -- why they can't see the same things I see. Maybe it's not hidden from me where the Lord hides it from other people. Or maybe they're just in denial. I don't know. I can't explain it. But eventually they're gonna stop hiding. They're gonna stop hiding.

Interesting that I was working on this code and I seen this term come up and so I went to the dictionary because I had no idea what it meant. And if I could find where it it is, this term came up and it was cicada


[si-key-duh, -kah-]. And it's C - I - C - A - D - A and so I was looking at this and the meaning is any large homopterous insect of the family Cicadida I don't know how you pronounce it. The male which produces a shrill sound by means of membranes on the under side of the abdomen.

Now I'm not exactly sure if that's a cockroach or cricket or exactly what kind of animal this is but it was related to the beings that fly these black helicopters. You know I warned you this black helicopter phenomenon first of all yeah, our military has unmarked black helicopters they use them to move Bush and Clinton's drugs around the country but there's also another part of them that operate these black helicopters that aren't human at all. And I remember hearing back when Katrina happened hearing from people who lived in Louisiana and Alabama and these states that were affected that when these black helicopters would come in their areas their dogs would just go crazy.

And I told them that's because they're not human, they're not being flown by humans. They're being flown by these alien beings and I didn't even know what they were. So interesting years later I'm seeing it in the codes Cicada and has something to do with flying these black helicopters. Totally different branch type of aliens. I mean we're use to dealing with greys and lizards and Vulcans and reptiles and now you got Cicada coming up. So that's different.

Somebody knows what this is and you can send me a picture of it. I'd appreciate it. I'm sure this term cicada is related to what these aliens are I'm not saying they're exactly what this defines. I'm saying they may look different -- I don't even know what I'm saying -- just interesting dealing with -- there's over 200 different species of alien factions folks. I've seen a handful. So some of this other stuff is just as new to me as it's going to be to you.

But the one thing in common that they all have is they all hate the orgone. They all hate it and so we all need to just keep getting busy getting our areas and our farmlands and our deserts and our swamps and our rivers and our lakes and our oceans -- we need to get it covered with orgone folks. We need to get it covered and not just in America but every where around the world.

Because if they can't infiltrate America they're going to go to your country. So, think about that one. You know? I know we had one warrior in Greece getting work done. We have one warrior in some of these other island islands around the world. Maybe one or two in countries as big as Scotland or London or Germany or Switzerland. Sometimes we just have -- that I know of -- I know there's other warriors I don't know of -- I know that clearly. But when I think of 'em "I can think of one person in that country...I know of one person in that country"

And that's a huge responsibility for that one person who lives in that country. To be protecting their countrymen. Their sleeping brothers and sisters with their heads stuck in the sand. You know? It's a huge responsibility and what you need to do is just ask the Lord to make a way possible for you to get the orgone in your country. If Africa can do it I don't even want to hear excuses from European countries. I don't want to hear it because Africa can do it!!! And if they can do it anybody can. And I know because we got warriors in Africa. And they don't buy it they make it themselves.

Small window folks
So I don't even want to hear from these other countries "Oh I don't know I can't get the supplies..." I don't even want to hear the excuses. If they can do it in Africa with sticks and stones you can do it in your country which is far more richer than Africa. So everybody just needs to stop with the excuses and get the work done because this could be the last 6 months push that we'll ever have to get the orgone out. A 6 month window. Perhaps. And that's probably generous. That could be very generous if they all of the sudden become hugely successful in all their plans and they get their war with Iran in March instead of June or instead of September or the October surprise.

Chinese soldiers along Mexico border don't like the orgone very much
Basically when they get this war with Iran going it's gonna be time to hunker down. It's going to get really bad here on the home front. And you know that's not even before the Chinese invasion so -- I mean it's before but you still have that to deal with and they don't like the orgone. They don't. They hate it. We've been pestering the Chinese tent cities and RV cities along side the border -- hiding in Mexico for years. They don't like the orgone, so. The Lord told me if I didn't get it down there along the border a couple years ago that they were going to over take Phoenix and so we've done a lot of work to protect Phoenix.

You know a lot of these other cities on the southern states. So we need to keep doing that. So I need your donations to do that folks and keep active and keep going because you know, if we're thee only effective resistance against them then we should be busy 24/7.

24/7. You know there's a difference being verbally resistant against something you hate and being an effective soldier against something you hate. A huge difference between a talker and a doer. And I've never been much of a talker. That's why -- you know -- been a challenge -- 8 years on the radio. You know? I mean I've always loved news. I wanted to spend my life in television news I loved television news that's what I wanted to do. But I always thought I'd be reporting on the White House at the White House -- that I'd be reporting and I am still reporting on the White House just in a totally different aspect than I ever thought I was gonna be's kinda amusing.

So. Now I just get the dish and the gossip and the plans and expose them any way I can. I let you know what's going on as I can because I'm sick of the fact their all cozy thinking they can do all their secret deals and wickedness hidden away from the public. Time to bring it to the light. Time to expose 'em.

Expose 'em for who and what they are. You know I'm not afraid to do that so. Anyway be back on Monday night folks. I might get into some scripture teaching and aligning it with prophetic events. You know the Lord has been leading me into this the last couple weeks and I just get distracted with things so still looking to do that Monday night you know kinda line things up prophesy wise.

Anyway folks. I'll be back on Monday night at 10 o'clock. See ya then. Yah bless.