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February 23rd, 2012

Prepare for Spring and Summer
And hello everybody you're live it's Thursday afternoon with Sherry Shriner and for those of you with questions for the show you can call in at (877)245-5648 I'll be taking questions today. Not a whole lot going on right now. I'm busy preparing for this spring and summer and I hope you guys are too because a lot of plans against us. They plan on implementing a lot of their own plans and so it would be wise to prepare ahead of time as you can.

U.S. pulled their ambassador to Syria last month
I was reading this article on US Warship moved to Syrian Coast Tensions Mount and this is their real goal behind the goal because the Bible speaks of Damascus being destroyed and so with this increased tensions in Palestine and Syria. The United States pulled it's ambassador to Syria last month. They are telling their people to leave, immediately and so they are just getting ready for heightened tensions. Start their propaganda to begin their war on Syria.

Mess with Iran awaken the Bear
Because they know if they begin a war on Syria that Iran will descend Syria. Because Iran is allies with Syria and so that begs the question: Since Russia is allies with Iran -- if Russia won't get involved and back Syria -- I think Russia will wait and see if the United States is going to bomb Iran because that seems to be their biggest ally is Iran.

A lot of deaths against the Arabs currently
I don't -- you know if Iran goes to war with Syria that's their own thing. But if America attacks Iran it's totally separate. I think as far as Russia goes and so. Interesting that a lot of deaths against the Arabs right now and I told you March is their death month and in the Hebrew calendar about the 20th of February to about the 15th -- somewhere around there of March is what they consider Adar -- which is their month of March. Their months go 1/2 of ours to the other 1/2 of ours where ours begins differently and so.

I.C.E. - U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Technically this could be their month of March already. Even though we view March as our own March. Starting next week and so. Either way the blood month coming and they always like to plan something for the blood month. Another article I was reading. 'Big sis orders ICE to prepare for massive influx of immigrants'.

D.H.S. directs I.C.E.
Department of Homeland security chief Janet Napolitana has directed I - C - E ICE to prepare for a massive influx of immigrants into the United States calling for the plan to shelter and processing of large numbers of people.

Why would there be a mass influx of immigrants into the United States? Unless they opened the borders?

Talking about sudden mass migration of immigrants and they're gonna be headed straight for these internment camps. And I remember doing a show not too long ago and this is exactly what the satan freaks like. Because when you have illegal immigrants coming into our country.
There's no paper trail of who these people are or where they are and so these are the very ones that are abducted and taken and used in ritual killings. You know satan has demanded more and more and more killings from the satanist groups around this country. I would imagine around the world. But I know for a fact around this country and so they're killing people almost daily folks. might want to think twice...
They eat human hearts for power. A lot of them drink human blood. The Bible Codes call them 'blood suckers'. What we'd call vampires. But it's been a huge increase. They are constantly doing rituals now and when you have illegal immigrants it's kinda like -- you know -- a protection zone for them because nobody can prove whatever happened to their missing loved one in America. So if you are an illegal immigrant or thinking of being one, you might want to think twice about being one in America.

All plays together...
You're high on the hit list for becoming a sacrifice in a satanic ritual. Obama had signed the National Defense Authorization Act allowing for the illegal detainment of people -- and this is all playing together folks -- some states fighting against it. Which is great to see. Hope to see every state gets on the bandwagon and fights against that. But interesting that they throw terms in their letters of riots and civil unrest -- "strategic shock events" -- report produced by the US Army war college warns US may experience massive civil unrest in the wake of a series of crisis which are termed 'strategic shock'.

What exactly is 'strategic shock'? An alien invasion? Crashing of the dollar? Something a strategic shock. How about unfavorable legislation passed by Congress. I saw that somewhere else kinda buried in an article I was reading. We know they have all kinds of unfavorable legislation's. The health bill is one. The NDAA is another one. The Patriot Act was beginning it all off.
You know who knows what all Obama could come up with as a 'strategic shock'. Replace the Constitution with Sharia Law? That would do it. That would be a 'strategic shock'. You know? And it's not too far from a possibility either. The reason he doesn't want a war with Iran is because they're fellow Muslims. He's a Muslim president folks. The last laugh has been on them for a long time. We've been at war with Muslims since 1990? And we get a Muslim elected as President?

"Strategic shocks"
Any now they're planning 'strategic shocks'. Unpopular legislation's. Eventually when they want their own way as illegal as Executive Orders are -- how they just sign in these executive orders that are illegal because no president can make his own laws. That is Congresses job. So these executive orders are a way to go around the Constitution. But they're still illegal. Illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal. But he can sign these executive orders and then Congress acts as if they are laws and hello? Executive orders are nothing but illegal wannabe laws by the president.

state laws will be ignored
Usually passing some kind of dictatorship that the president can enforce on the country. Eventually I see them ignoring state laws. And usurping state laws and obeying Federal laws. You're going to see the gradual, eroding of the independence of our states. And you see that now with blackmail. "You're not going to get state funding for roads and projects if you don't accept our laws and they use all kinds of bribes.

But just watch for things to generally get worse. I was warning about gas going up and up and up and up and I was just reading in Florida where gas is at $6 dollars a gallon. So if you've been enjoying this $3 dollar gas. Don't get too comfortable with it. I'm gonna take a call. If you have a question you can call in at (877)245-5648 if you're just sitting on the lines you better have a question or I will hang up on you.
You better have a question.

They're practicing the earthquake machines and 'warming' up Madrid Fault line
Sherry: Hello caller you're on the air.
Caller: Hello Sherry
Sherry: Hello
Caller: I have a question. What was that big quake in Missouri? What was that from? Was that a quake or was that something else? That was felt in 9 states. Did you feel it?
Sherry: Some people think they're doing pre(preparation) work to blow the Madrid fault-line.
Caller: Well you know the 11th is coming up...of March.
Sherry: Yeah? Well a lot of people think that they're prepping to blow the Madrid fault-line...
Caller: (inaudible) ...oh go ahead...
Sherry: ...a lot of people think they're going to blow the Madrid fault line so they're doing work on it.
Caller: I didn't know if that was mining or HAARP or something.
Sherry: No as far as I know they're just warming up the fault line.
Caller: Yeah the only thing is I see gas going up and things seem to be moving along quietly with the gas and the presidential stuff I don't even listen to that so...I just wondered what was going on in California too they've been having bigger ones (earthquakes) in northern upper California and Oregon and stuff and I thought maybe...
Sherry: All those are in the northwest and like Vancouver Island. They're practicing their earthquake machines. So a lot of it is just targeted practice.
Caller: You haven't seen anything in the codes for out in California or anything?
Sherry: Not specifically. I mean California is always going to come up because...
Caller: Oh yeah...they've just been having so many, so many bigger ones lately so...
Sherry: Yeah there's so much in California. It's like New York City. It's a rainy day code if you want to find a destruction plan you can always find one in California or New York. So unless it comes up...
Caller: Yeah I thought they'd keep more on their plans, their plans to go a little stronger here. Their plans for 2012 so was gonna happen. Today they say the stock market is at it's highest. I don't know. And what was that ship that was going through that straight or thought they'd sink it and blame...
Sherry: That's their plans. That's their plans to blow up a ship in the straights of Homuz and blame it on Iran. That's they're working on that day and night. They want to make that happen so...I mean this comes from horses mouths that I know so...They don't care if people know. They don't care. Because generally people are powerless to stop anything.
Caller: Yeah. Well I just think it's been kinda quiet lately and the presidents been singing the blues and...
Sherry: Well when it's quiet they're plotting.
Caller: Yeah I think they are right now. Well I'll ... I'll let someone else talk so.
Sherry: Alright well thanks for calling in.
Caller: Thank you, God bless.
Sherry: Alright buh bye

You have a question for the show folks you can call in at (877)245-5648

Sherry: Hello caller you're on the air.
Caller: Helloooo
Sherry: Yes hello.
Caller: Hello Sherry? Hello. (audio breaking up) Can you hear me? (now audio is clear)
Sherry: Yes.
Caller: OK, I have a quick question. Have you noticed that a lot of the bills, the money, the currency they have if you fold it length wise and then turn it into a pyramid then turn it upside down they actually show different things that are supposedly are going to happen like the Hoover Dam breaking as well as in New York -- the water coming over the buildings and basically that their plans are to all of these things are meant to come to be. Have you heard anything like that?
Sherry: Yeah I've seen the web sites on it -- they even got YouTube videos out on it.
Caller: Have you ever heard of Johnathan Kleck?
Sherry: Yeah
Caller: He was doing a few videos on that and I was just wondering what you thought of that.
Sherry: Well you know, some people I just don't have a real high opinion of even though the info can be good but you know...whatever...
Caller: Yeah...well I think you are doing a good job and thank you for taking my call and good luck. Yah bless.
Sherry: OK thanks for calling in.
Caller: OK buh bye
Sherry: Buh-Bye

If you have a question for the show folks you can call in at (877)245-5648 if you're in the chat room I'm looking at the chat room. If you have a question you can ask it in the chat room. I just thought I'd give today's show back to the people itself. I haven't taken calls in a long time -- haven't taken questions and so feel free to ask them. Looking at peoples chat in the chat room right now. People getting all hyped about the Galactic Federation? Do these people not learn anything? They need to go back and listen to my archives 2005, 2006 every year since then. Been trying to warn people. That there's no such thing as a friendly alien. They have their own agendas here on earth. We just sit back and watch the factions fight it out.

nwo run by Illuminati should dismantle in 2012
And this should be an interesting year because we should be watching this new world order faction run by the Illuminati pretty much dismantle and break down but the thing is will it do it this year? Will it be in time? You know. Will it happen in time -- either way the faction that takes over and replaces the new world order satan freaks in charge now is just as bad. It's way more deceptive that's why it seems like it'd be so much better. You know promises of restoring the Constitution -- getting rid of the IRS -- the Federal Reserve. You know pretty much the Ron Paul agenda. Because that is the alien agenda. He's a front man for them. Establishing NESARA and these agendas aren't if but when. You know they're gonna happen it's gonna happen. And so.

And so many people get excited about that and I've been warning for years it's just a hideous agenda waiting to take over the one we have now. Much more deceptive. You know the new world order Illuminati freaks don't hide who they are. Everybody knows they worship satan. It's all out. It's out there it's all exposed. You know?

I mean they spend almost every night in their little city underneath the Capitol killing people in ritual sacrifices to satan and this is a who's who of politicians. They're all there folks. They're all there. They worship satan. This whole thing is literally becoming a war against God fearing patriots in this country against satanists.

It's in our face daily. In our entertainment, news, politics, religion. Even your biggest politicians in America in the churches when no one's watching they're worshiping satan. Worship satan when nobody's watching they're worshiping satan.

Which books should I read in the Bible and what are the names of the 12 apostles?
Sherry: Hello caller you're on the air.
Caller: Yeah how are you doing.
Sherry: Good how are you.
Caller: Good I have a question. How do you -- I'm new to all this and I want to talk to other people but I have absolutely -- no -- no connections to anybody -- you know -- people that I know would think ya know that I lost it but I've always been you know following this kinda stuff and you know when I found this. How do you do it? How do you know get in touch with people and you know that you can actually email and find what's going on. How they're preparing.
Sherry: You know I have groups on line I have, I have Facebook. I have Yahoo lists, one for OrgoneBlasters, one for NWO vs Christians. You can find like minded people on line. That's not the battle. Most people are respectively alone in their own areas in whatever country they're in in the world. Because the majority of people have their heads stuck in the sand and they don't want to hear what the truth is. And so you're gonna find yourself alone. It's almost an uphill battle trying to wake people up. But don't get discouraged. Just keep learning. Ask the Lord for truth in all things every day and start preparing for the things that are coming.
Caller: Now I got away from the churches and I'd like to know. I'd heard that Messianic Jews are -- some of them -- should I be worried about or -- I need to know where I can meet people and stay in fellowship you know?

The Lord's leading people out of the wolf churches
Sherry: Well you know what? If the Lord is leading people outta the churches it behooves me why people want to run to them. You know? He's been leading people out of the snake pits for the last few years. They're not -- He is not a part of them. Most of them are the church of Laodicia. Even the Messianic Jews try to explain the asinine things that Paul said and the things he did instead of just discrediting him and getting rid of him.
And so you have all these churches today involved in Pauline Christianity and not following what Yahushua and the apostles taught to believe and so that's why the Lords been pulling people outta them. I know it gets hard because you want to be with like minded people but you know just ask the Lord is there a church in this area -- that is fit to go to. You know? Seek Him on it...
Caller: Well regarding Paul regarding Paul just a couple more questions you know I was under the upbringing teachings of the Bible were all inspired by God. Why would God allow Paul's quotes to even be in there? If it's misleading and...
Sherry: We were all taught we were all brought up that way that's mind control. Because they pull Johns quote anyone who adds to or takes away from 'the scriptures' -- that was referring to Johns book Revelations. The KJV (KingJamesVersion) didn't exist back then. The KJV was a book that was compiled and depiled and compiled again by the RCC (RomanCatholicChurch) they would put books in take books out put books in.

Paul was a mason of the day, satan worshiper, alleged homosexual.
Marcione wanted to leave all books in except for Paul's. Paul was a mason of the day, satan worshiper, alleged homosexual. The churches are head over heels with him. You can't walk into a church today and not hear Paul being taught instead of Yahushua. They were not the same. Yahushua had 12 apostles. Paul had 12 followers and began his own religion which most of the churches are following today. Pauline Christianity. And so they want you to believe "Oh no the KJV is God inspired" and you know what? There are books in there that were inspired by Him but not all of them are so I don't read Paul's books. And in 20 years of asking the Lord to lead me what to read He has never once led me to a Pauline book.
Caller: What books should I stay away from? And what books should I read?
Sherry: You know just go to and I have all of Paul's books written there you're looking at the 1st and 2nd Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossi-ans. These are all Paul's books and his followers were Luke and Timothy who both left him after finding out what a scoundrel he was. A huge chunk I think Paul wrote 13 books.

{The following from Sherry's web site }
Books Written by Paul and his 'disciples'

Mark, Luke, Acts, Romans, I & 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossi-ans, 1&2 Thessalonians, 1&2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon, (and no one knows who wrote Hebrews).

Paul's disciples were not Yahushua's Disciples and Apostles! The Names of Yah's were...

Peter, James, John, Andrew, Philip, Thomas, Bartholomew, Matthew, James the son of Alphaeus, Simon and Judas the brother of James (not the Judas Iscariot who betrayed Yahushua). Now look who replaces Judas, the one who betrayed Yahushuah....

Act 1:26 And they gave forth their lots; and the lot fell upon Matthias; and he was numbered with the eleven apostles.

Matthias replaced Judas Iscariot...

And who are Mark, Luke, Timothy, etc...? They were NOT Disciples of Yahushua they were disciples of Paul's! And even they LEFT PAUL and abandoned him because after following him for a while, realized what an apostate liar he was! Don't think so? Read the KJV! Satan doesn't even hide it, it's all right there for folks to read who will bother to do so!

It's even Luke who declares the qualifications to even be an apostle! They were NOT apostles and NEITHER WAS PAUL! He didn't qualify to be an apostle because PAUL didn't walk or even know Yahushua when He was alive on earth. A Qualification to be an APOSTLE!

Wake Up People!!

You know the giants are gonna be here -- they're surrounding us now
Sherry: the New Testament a very occultic number too. Sign of masonry. 13 out of 27 books written by Paul. (inaudible)

Caller: One more question. Will we be here actually fighting the giants...I mean will the elect by taken up before that or will we be taken up in a little bit...I mean how's that work.

Sherry: You know the giants are gonna be here -- they're surrounding us now. They're here in Deep Underground Bases (D.UM.B.s) They're below the earth, they're above the earth they're scattered throughout the mountains in the Middle East I'm hearing. They're being hid in bases and also if you read Revelation Chapter 9, Joel Chapter 2, they're going to be everywhere.

And so yeah we will be here when the giants arrive so that's why we're preparing with the orgone because they hate orgone we're making protective areas with it we're getting busy. Christians think "Oh before anything gets bad there's gonna be a pre-trib rapture" contrary to what the Bible teaches that hey, there are churches here, there are believers here who are going to be allowed to go through persecution because their works were not found perfect. There' only one group of believers who's works have been found perfect that will be protected from the hour of testing that comes upon the whole world and so there's gonna be a lot of Christians here -- pseudo Christians who will be thrown into persecution. Who will be allowed to be allowed to be gathered up and taken into FEMA camps and killed.

Caller: (inaudible breaking up)...and I don't have my orgone... today and (inaudible) will I be know?

Sherry: You know what? It's time to prepare now. Because the times gonna come real soon where there's no time to prepare left. They're trying to fight the orgone now. There's an International Conference this week being held in Copenhagen Denmark to try to stop us. To try and overcome the orgone because it's destroying them. It's making their UFOs crash. Their ships and star-ships and UFOs are crashing all over the world. There's a YouTube video of a star-ship over Canada exploding last week and they're exploding everywhere. And so we don't have a lot of time these are the protection areas that you can make with the orgone -- just get your orgone out in your area -- giants don't like it -- aliens don't like it -- demons don't like it. People being hounded by night terrors at night. Get orgone in your bedrooms they won't come in. There's ways of protecting ourselves.

Caller: Well I have it ordered it's on the way but I mean I'll have to have it with me at all times to be protected or I could be killed.

Don't leave home without it
Sherry: You know what? When they arrive I wouldn't leave home without it. I don't think there's going to be much leaving home once they arrive because commerce is going to come to a complete halt. These giants are huge and the thing to watch out for is this Sananda this new age cosmic Christ that is coming. Because when he arrives the arrival of the giants is right behind him. And so that's the one thing to watch for. This Sananda he looks like the Jesus of the Bible. When he arrives it's time to hide. Basically. Because the giants are right behind him.

Caller: (inaudible) for the we'll just be hiding?'re going to see the tribulation period arrive in force
Sherry: Basically yeah. That's what they need to do that's what I've been telling 'em to do when this Sananda arrives because you're going to see the tribulation period arrive in force when this guy arrives. I mean it is pretty much sealed, enforced, implemented happening now when this guy arrives. And so yeah it's a good time to find a cave.
Go find a cave somewhere. Get out of society. Get out of the cities because the first thing they do is the anti-Christs war on the saints. Coming after the patriots and believers in this country. They already have their lists. They know where you are. Who you are. They do practice runs you'll see helicopters around your house, your area. You know I've been dealing with this stuff for years.
Helicopters over my house every time I move somewhere. All their practice runs beginning -- because they plan on doing middle of the night home invasions, abducting people putting them on trains taking them to these camps. Knocking out electric in areas.
That's why I say when your electric goes out grab your gun and your flashlight because that's the first sign they are abducting people. They knock the electric out. So you know it's gonna be a prophetic time.
The Bibles warned us about this time coming. People just don't want to believe it. They want to believe there's going to be some secret rapture that whisks them away to heaven and it's not Biblical.

Caller: We won't be warriors until we're killed and then we come back with Jesus. Pretty much because I don't have a cave to run to.

Get out of the cities. Those are the red zones.
Sherry: Yeah. You know what? Just ask the Lord what to do. Get out of the cities. Those are the red zones. Those are the hot spots. There's some green area zones throughout the country that they are not going to target. And pretty much these green zone areas are in the country. They're small towns away from the big towns cities. Head for a small town.

Caller: OK. Thank you.

Sherry: Alright. Thanks for calling in.

If you have a question folks you can call in at (877)245-5648

Sherry: Hello caller you're on the air. (no answer)....Hello caller. Hello.

People don't want to sit on the lines because I'm just gonna boot. If you don't have a question for this show don't call in. Looking in the chat room now you have my attention. If you have a question in the chat room...let's go through here. No I don't think scientists are faking skeletons. The Bible talks about 30 foot tall giants. And so folks don't think that the scientists have to fake skeletons of giants when they're all over the place.

Just obey Him
Sherry: Hello caller you're on the air.
Caller: Sherry?
Sherry: Yes.
Caller: Hi. I didn't know if I was on or not.
Sherry: Well you're on.
Caller: OK this is Janet down in Oklahoma. How you doing sweetheart?
Sherry: Good how are you?
Caller: I'm OK I'm OK I just -- the Lords been putting something on my heart and I wanted to talk with you about it because I trust your insights they're always the right one. This Paul thing. My mom and dad were Jehovah Witnesses and boy from the time I was about 9 years old I've been fighting this thing with my mom and dad. But I didn't know about Paul until I was turned onto you. And then it started me thinking whenever I would read any of Paul's writings I would get so confused and it would just throw me backwards in my search for truth. And my mom and dad told me that speaking in tongues was satanic. And then other people had said no that's the outward manifestation of the Holy Spirit within you -- that's one of the gifts of the holy spirit...well it talks all about that in Paul's writing but I can't find it anywhere else...
Sherry: (Sherry's cracking up)
Caller: ...and like you said it's demonic and also this deliverance ministry thing that's going around on the Internet thing this...The Omega Man deal?
Sherry: Yeah...
Caller: Yeah I don't trust it...
Sherry: You know what's interesting about that whole thing
Caller: I really don't trust it and it gives me really weird feelings in my spirit.

Stay away from Deliverance Ministries
Sherry: Right stay away from it. Because like Bob Waterson...I don't know if you've ever heard his show out in Colorado.
Caller: Uh uhh.
Sherry: Needful deliverance over the radio and I'm just not a big fan of deliverance ministries. I was involved in one a couple years back before the Lord pulled me outta the churches and one of the things is that, like the Bible says if a demon is delivered out of a person -- if that house isn't swept that demons going to come back and bring seven times seven of his brothers with him.

Luke 11:26 Then the spirit finds seven other spirits more evil than itself, and they all enter the person and live there. And so that person is worse off than before."

Caller: Right
Sherry: And what happens with these fast food deliverance ministries is -- what I call 'em --
Caller: That's great.
Sherry: these people ...these people get delivered of the demon they had and a month or 2 later they're gonna be 100 times worse off than the month or so before then.
Caller: Yeah
Sherry: Because they're not sweeping the house. They're not learning how to clean the house what gave them access to begin with. You gotta find out what doorways these people had open for these demons to have access...
Caller: Right.
Sherry: ...and then you have to close those doorways.
Caller: Right.
Sherry: Otherwise they come right back.
Caller: ...with wicked intent...
Sherry: And the problem is they do come back and these people end up destroyed. They end up in worse condition than they were before. And so I'm not a big fan...just leave 'em alone...leave them with the demon they have because they get rid of that they're gonna end up with a 1000 more worse ones.

Caller: Well and you know Jesus(Yahushua is the correct name)went around and took the demons out and they say OK Jesus did the healing(s) and took the demons out and we're suppose to follow in His footsteps. And yada yada ya and part of you says Oh yeah that sounds really great but then you got the tugging in your spirit that goes wo wo wo. Wait a minute.

...first of all Yahushua is His real name
Sherry: Well you know Jesus -- first of all Yahushua is His real name, He never went on a massive deliverance ministry. He would run up on people and the demons would start calling out to Him and cussing Him and saying things to Him and then He would deliver that person from the demon. He never went around you know putting His hands on people and running a big deliverance ministry. His biggest message was salvation and baptism. Because when you're filled with the Holy Ghost the Holy Spirit through baptism and salvation demons won't stay. You know they'll always be around to harass you but you are filled with the Holy Spirit.

Caller: Yeah they don't have a home.

Sherry: So if you open doorways through sin then you get possessed. You get harassed by demons and possessed by demons and then that takes counseling. Deliverance is you know closing the doorways. Repenting and rebuking the sin. Getting rid of generational curses which could have been the reason people are born with demon harassment's to begin with because of generational curses.

Caller: Riiiigggghhhhtttt.

satanists profess Jesus Christ as their Lord all the time 'cause that's not His name
Sherry: And a lot of this stuff could be handled through Spiritual Warfare Prayers and just because a pastor says "I believe in the Lord. I'm saved." Doesn't mean he is. You know the satanists have put the Christians to sleep thinking a satanist can't profess Jesus Christ as Lord. That's the biggest lie I've heard. And they can so. They do it all the time.

Caller: Oh yeah they know exactly who He is.

Sherry: Because it isn't His name. Jesus Christ isn't His real name.

Caller: Yeah yeah...that's another thing you try to tell people what the real name is and they act like why not call Him Jesus that's the name humans are delivered out of. You know and I say well if you know the sacred name then why not use that?

Sherry: Yeah and there's a big difference between the elect and the bride. The elect knows His name. And when He writes His name on their forehead. They're proud of that name! Why do you bother arguing with somebody who argues up and down about His name? What happens when Yahushua writes Yahushua on his forehead?

Caller: (laughing)

Sherry: You know? It's like who's this? They don't have to worry about it. They won't be there.

Caller: Yeah

Sherry: They won't be there. That's why the elect is 144,000. Only 144,000 out of professed millions of believers in this country. They have their heads in the sand. Most of them are the churches of Smyrna and Sardis and Laodicia and they're going into tribulation. They're going into persecution.

Caller: I tell you sweetie I've really been enjoying your teaching on that because there's a lot of that I didn't understand -- so much of the scriptures is -- you read and you pray, you read and you pray and ... and you think, OK I'm going to get some kind of enlightened word here and it never comes and it never comes...(inaudible)

Sherry: You know just be patient ask the Lord every day to reveal the truth in all things to you and the biggest things to do is when I would always pray I would ask the Lord where do you want me to read? I'll tell you the 3 books I always felt led to. Because Matthew has the most words in red of any other book in the Bible if you have the red letter edition.

Caller: Ahhhh

1)Matthew 2)James 3)Psalms
Sherry: I love studying the words of Yahushua Himself. So Matthews my number one favorite book. Then He would have me in James because that's a big patience book and I never had patience. I couldn't stand having patience and He would have me in James and because I'm such a warrior and it's just who I am He would have me in Psalms and I'm related to King David anyway so I love reading my great grandfather. My ancient grandfather.

Caller: Oh yeah

Sherry: But Psalms is a good book for today to be reading because we're surrounded by enemies. Our government wants to kill us. Fellow Christians want to kill us and it's gonna come down to that it's gonna be a literal war between believers with their heads in the sand that want to follow satanic apostacies and believers who are awakened. It's going to be a war between the church. I see that coming.

Caller: It's a daily war anyway. I mean just (inaudible)

Sherry: Yeah it already is. But wait until they get the authority to go after the ones they disagree with.

Caller: You know what Sherry? I'll tell you what. I'm not gonna give then that satisfaction. I'm not gonna do it. I'm not taking the mark, I'm sorry kill me I don't care.

Sherry: Yeah right.

Caller: I will not sell out Yahushua. I'm not gonna do it.

Sherry: Yeah well the biggest thing is gonna be this Jesus that's coming. The cosmic Christ Sananda because he looks like the Jesus in the pictures they hang up in the churches. Because that's Michelangelo painted satans general Sananda. And now everybody thinks that's what Jesus looks like. When he arrives try telling them that's not the real Jesus of the church...of the church of the Bible.

Caller: Yeah they'll stick a knife in ya...

Sherry: They won't believe you...

Caller: my opinion. It's scary...

Sherry: It will be a hell fire fight on that one

Caller: That's right. You know it would be nice to know what He looks like -- I try to imagine that when I talk to Him...ya know? I had a dream one time and my grandson was going into surgery and the most elegantly dressed doctor you've ever seen...He was impecably dressed -- Italian suit, beautiful hair -- long dark hair. He came to my, this is in my dream. He came to the room I was waiting in and He said "Don't worry. Your grandson's going to be fine. I'm His doctor and I'll make sure he is OK." And after I woke up I think who I saw was Yahushua. Sherry. I've never seen anyone with that much regality. And just smile. He was beautiful. Impeccable.

Sherry: He does not look anything like Sananda. This Jesus in the churches. He doesn't look anything like him.

Caller: After that the only clue I have what He looks like is that dream. I'll never forget it as long as I live. It made that kind of impression on me.

Ask Him to reveal His face to you
Sherry: You know what? Ask Him to reveal His face to you. What He looks like because I did that for years and like you where I had thought I had seen Him one time and He told me "I already showed you Myself. You've already seen Me."

Caller: wo

Sherry: And then I knew that experience I had that I had actually seen Him.

Caller: ...ooohhhh OK, ok yeah...

Sherry: So bug Him. Just bug Him...

Caller: ...I even get chills today just thinking about's just...His regality it was like...He was just royal. I don't know...It had to be Him...

Sherry: ...well the one I ... I just saw His face...and uh...I was know but it was something I had to hold onto especially with all the persecution I've gone ... the persecution the assassination attempts...all the hatred all the threats and you know it's little things like that you hold onto. You have to hold onto.

Caller: ...sister please understand that I pray for you everyday and I appreciate what you've done. I've been following you since since...oh my goodness since I can remember, early early 2000's...


Caller: ...yeah so just know there are people out here that love you and pray for you and couldn't get along without ya...

Sherry: (Sherry's laughing softly)

Caller: appreciate you.

Sherry: How's it going out there in Oklahoma with all that fracking. Are you guys -- how's your water table out there now? I want to ask that to anybody who lives out there.

Caller: You know it's a lot of...I've got property -- I live in Muskogee in the city right now because that's where I have to work but I have property about 100 miles east of Oklahoma City and if you drill a well you need to drill 4 or 5 wells and do what we done -- is we drilled a shallow well put a pipe in it and just let the ground water seep in because it's not going way way down to the aquifers and we've got good water there. That's what ya hafta do. It's ugly.

Sherry: So do you think that the fracking has ruined your water supply?

Caller: We've got natural gas lines running through our property and it was there when we bought the piece of property and everyone around us has said that they've had to -- the old wells that were good are contaminated and so I think that -- I think when they frack that it causes an immediate problem and I think it causes problems down the line as that stuff it seeps into the rest of the area.

Sherry: Yeah

Wet Weather Creek
Caller: Because it doesn't go away. It -- I mean if you frack that -- those chemicals don't go away. They have to go somewhere and they 'off gas' and they contaminate the water in the surrounding areas. But we've got a creek that runs -- it doesn't run all the time it's one of those wet weather creeks and so with it running across the top and the rocks and all that stuff it seems to be fresher water.

Sherry: Yeah. But do you fore see the rest of the state having a water problem? A fresh water problem?

Caller: because there's a lot of water out here. I mean if you do research on Oklahoma there's more shore line in Oklahoma with all the lakes and the whole of the United States if you put them all together.

Sherry: Because I know they're starting to do that in Carrollton, Ohio. Carrollton county Ohio they've found an abundance of gas out here and they're going to be doing the fracking and I'm worried about the water table. Out here...

Caller: ...yeah, yeah...

Sherry: ...because we've had great water...

Caller: ...yeah because it really is a concern and you can't stop it and there's nothing you can do to stop it...

Sherry: you can be the one area in your entire area that says no but they're still gonna get it underneath your area anyway...

Caller: ...oh sure ... oh yeah...

Sherry: They might as well be paid for it...

Caller: Yep. You better believe it and you know the whole entire planet...they're killing it.

Sherry: Well they want everybody dependent on government water because they're putting chemicals in this bottled water -- when everybody's dependent on the government for water then they have a lot of control over the people.

Caller: Yeah I know. It's all about control. Yeah, yeah...

Sherry: Yeah. And it turns your stomach knowing what they're doing.

Caller: If it wasn't for the orgone I would probably be in desperation thinking how unfair it is that they have all the weapons and we don't have any.

Sherry: We've got the best. We've got...

Caller: ...yep...

Sherry: ...the best. You know?

Caller: (laughing with delight)

Sherry: And get orgone in the lakes -- in Oklahoma. Get it in all the lakes in Oklahoma. I've got it everywhere. Any time I see a lake or a pond I throw orgone in it. I even try to get underground water sources...I get it in the ditches.

Caller: Yeah. Yeah.

Target bodies of water with orgone
Sherry: Anywhere I see water. I target with orgone. Because it will keep it free from contamination's. It will fix it so.

Caller: ...goes along with that spiritual aspect too. Once the orgone is in the water, even if the water is contaminated if you can pray...with that orgone in that water...

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: ...that spiritual component it makes a spiritual component with the orgone. And Yahushua can do things with it.

Prayers are answered when you are obedient to Him
Sherry: Exactly. He can honor your prayers because you've got the orgone in there. You know He leads us to do things but when we do them He will honor our prayers. People don't get that. They don't put one and one together. You know? When you are obedient to Him your prayers will be honored. People all the time. How come the Lord doesn't answer my prayers? Well hello.

Caller: Yeah

Sherry: How obedient are you to Him?...lately?

Caller: Yeah He's really been leading me lately...just obey Me. Just obey Me. Just obey Me.

Sherry: Yeah. Just obey, just do as He says. He works in many different ways. He doesn't always speak to you He just allows certain circumstances to happen with His hand in.

Caller: That's very true.

Sherry: He works in many different ways. And part of being a warrior and believer in Him is being able to be in and experiencing recognize the ways He works in.

Caller: It's beautiful isn't it?

Sherry: I couldn't live a day without Him. And I wouldn't want to. And that's why my entire life is devoted to Him because He is my life.

Caller: You know what kills me Sherry is people are settling for this. Yeah they have fame. Yeah they have fortune they have big cars -- Really?

Sherry: Yeah it's so temporary...

Caller: You're willing to settle for this? Do you think so little of yourself that you are willing to settle for this instead of what's to come? Are you crazy? There's so...

Sherry: Well you know what? They get the fear. They want that instant gratification of money and fame and security and for what? For how long? They go to the lake of fire when they're done with this earth. Your fruits follow you.

Caller: I feel so bad I really do for them. You know I mean I know they've made their choice but I know the choice they sometimes make has been in ignorance and they don't understand what they're really up to.

Sherry: Right but you know what? Then when they learn they don't want to get out because then they'll have to lose their lives.

Caller: Yeah at that point I don't feel sorry for them.

Sherry: You know? They may have to get out like Whitney Houston did -- sacrifice her life. But she knew she was gonna die. The Lord had told her. She was ready and prepared to die. She knew she was going to die. So she was ready for death.

Caller: That blows me away. I saw those Egyptian sarcophagus's outside the back door of that funeral home...

Sherry: Yeah well I didn't pay any attention to the funeral...

Caller: ...all up and down there...

Sherry: ...but I did hear that many of them were ordered not to go...they send out their satanic decrees Jim Carrey and all them (satanic high priestess of L.A.) the stars were not allowed to mourn her death because they were suppose to be happy because she was a sacrifice for turning to Yahushua. That's why they killed her.

Caller: Awww

Sherry: And so they didn't want any stars mourning her death.

Caller: OK, OK see I didn't know if it gave them power if they needed someone with star power in order to give them power with their death...

Sherry: Yeah they were looking for a huge entertainment sacrifice. That was -- I started warning about that 2 months a month ago that...

Caller: I told my husband that and he said "That's silly." I told him. I told him "You watch there's going to be some movie star that gets whacked." He's like that's silly.

Sherry: Yep

Caller: Then Whitney Houston got whacked and his eyes got huge. You know? (laughing)

Sherry: Yeah

Caller: Oh my oh well yeah...well sweety I'll let somebody else come on here and take with ya and take their calls today and I thank you for taking mine and Yah bless.

Sherry: And Yah bless you too. Goodbye

Caller: Thanks hon goodbye.

If you have a question for the show folks you can call in at (877)245-5648. Just taking calls today. I enjoy reaching out to the listeners of this show and just spending time with them. Everywhere around the world. Not just America some of the biggest nations listening to this show are Europe, Australia, China.

If you are being fed -- you should be supporting Sherry's ministry
China's huge and you know 162, 164 nations listening to this show they're most of them listening to it when it's archived. So it gets out there folks and the Lord stood me up to be His mouth piece on earth and you know I've been working hard over that the last decade. So many things to do. And you know we started this orgone war against them as resistance to the satanic agenda and so if we're not doing anything who is? The Lord gave it to us. You know? He gave us this weapon to use. This orgone to use and so if we're gonna sit back and do nothing then nothing's going to get done. And so...

It's like I was telling the previous caller. Once Sananda arrives the giants are coming with him. They're right behind him. They're right behind him and they're just waiting now you know? They want to empty outta P-X. Abandoning the ships that they're bringing into the atmosphere that are burning because of the orgone. You know it's like we're sitting ducks and the Bible talks about giants coming on the earth and you know...don't let the wolves mis-interpret scripture so that you don't understand it just ask the Lord to teach it to you Himself. So.

And they're tall. They're big they're 20, 30 feet tall. We're gonna see all sizes. You know just like the locusts. The Bible describes them as locusts. A locust develops in 4 full stages before it becomes a full grown locust. That's what we're gonna be dealing with. We're gonna be dealing with these locusts. And they travel in swarms and Hollywood couldn't depict right what we're gonna be seeing. So prepare folks.

Sherry: Hello caller you're on the air.
Caller: Hello Sherry this is David Kaas I am calling you from Venice, California.
Sherry: Hello David
Caller: I've got some...I know there's a lot of bad news coming down the pike but I've got some good news for ya. I wanted to share this personally with you. I figured out what is wrong with our bodies -- what the cancer and the heart attack where is all coming from and it all has to do with a 7 year cellular rebuild cycle. And the fact that the fluid we are drinking each and every day is not magnetically influenced with the spin to the south like our own molecular makeup is. Instead it's spun to the north like all the fluids are they're forced through metal piping. So when you start to south influence your fluid it empowers your 7 year cellular rebuild and this means that you can exist in a healthy body for up to 1000 years now. Is that good news?

Sherry: Well that would be if we had 1000 years without satan freaks here. But we will be...the Lord talks about a 1000 year Millennial reign here.

Caller: This new technique I've got 3 videos on YouTube and they're under 'A new cure for cancer' Lessons 1,2 and 3 and I would just like to ask you to take a look at those today when you get off the show today here and it explains the technique and it's a real simple one positioning your three fingers to make a circle touching your thumb and positioned along side your glass. And we're just talking 12, 13 seconds and it makes such a difference and I've been doing it now for almost 20 years now and my hairs turned brown again I'm 55 and my body's feeling healthy once again.
Sherry: So this is "New Cure for Cancer"?
Caller: Yeah. That's what I've entitled the 3 videos. Lessons one, two and three but yeah, they're on the YouTube and they're informative and educational and they'll bring back new life into to your ahh...
Sherry: Is this like kinda like re-magnetizing water?
Caller: Right, right well our bodies -- we don't know it yet but all of our electrons spin around 1/2 way to the south and H 2 O molecule and all the fluids we're drinking everyday they spin around the opposite way to the north because they're forced through the metal piping and that's where all the diseases and what not are developing from in our bodies because we're drinking the wrong molecularity influenced fluids. And these 3 videos I've put on YouTube will explain that in simple terms but so the general audience can understand what I'm talking about. And I just wanted to tell you some good news in spite of all the bad news that's coming down the pike.
Sherry: (Sherry's laughing) Well I always listen to health stuff...I know the Lords got me getting more alkaline and getting away from acidic because if you're too acidic that's how cancer grows.
Caller: Right. Right.
Sherry: So I've been becoming more health conscious over the past year.
Caller: Ah ha ah ha that's what prompted my considerations 20 years ago and because I heard a report on the news channels children were catching cancers all over the world in all different countries and I thought well what is the one common denominator in all these people who are from all different parts of the world and different...

Common denominator for disease...McDonalds
Sherry: ...McDonalds...(Sherry laughs)
Caller: ...languages and eating different foods and I thought what's the common denominator? Well they all drink fluids which are forced through metal pipes. And that makes the molecular difference in the electrons spinning around in the H2O molecule. And I first bought a water filtration system for $500 which had 2 reverse magnets in it and that influenced the fluid after being cleaned and I started drinking that for a year and boy it made all the difference in my I was feeling. And I progressed through the years and drinking just the south influenced fluid and it's really made a difference.
Sherry: Well I got to wrap this show up. Thanks for calling in and ...
Caller: Sure Sherry
Sherry: I'll put those links up on SherryTalkRadio and for people listening the video's are "A New Cure for Cancer" YouTube that and find his videos. Alright?
Caller: Thank you so much. Thank you.
Sherry: Well thanks for calling in.
Caller: Thank you as well.
Sherry: OK bye buy

Don't end up being a host for the cancers
That's gonna wrap up the show today folks and all of us should be becoming more health conscious because you don't want to end up being a host. A feeder for all the cancers that they're throwing at us in the air we breath. In the water we drink and the food we eat. It's just all around us folks. They're trying to kill and destroy us so.

I'll be back, well Sunday I'll be on Strange Frequencies Radio as a guest at 4 o'clock eastern. I'll post a link on my Facebook and my web site lists. Send it out to my lists. That will be 4 o'clock Sunday eastern other wise be back Monday night at 10 o'clock Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. Until then, Yah bless everybody.