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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
February 27, 2012

Michelle, Barack and Their Vacations - What's Really Going on with That?

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it's February 27. And what I assume to be a quiet week. [laughs softly] I'll say that because everybody's busy plotting. Off in their little cubbyholes and little caves plotting against all of us.

A couple thing I wanna talk about tonight. I was looking at this article. I thought it was amusing. Hmm, where'd it go? It was talking about Michelle Obama. Accused of spending 12 million of public money on vacations. And this was a article out of Daily Mail, UK. And this is what I've been saying, folks. She's never at the White House. She's always on vacations. And so, amusing that they came up with an article on it.

As far as I know, she's still having an affair. Somebody from the Secret Service. And Obama's having an affair with some young blond girl. But she's always on vacations. I heard she loves Mexico. Five-star hotels. Just spending money is her thing. She loves to just go. Doesn't even think about it, she just goes. She plans one trip to the next.

What I thought was amusing is when they were showing all this hype about the Obamas going on vacation out to Hawaii. I think that was, uh...they show 'em coming back in the same Air Force One whatever, but as soon as they land on the White House lawn, you know, Obama's takin' off to, uh, I think she was--she was at Georgetown and then she was staying somewhere right across the border in PA. And Obama takes off to wherever he's staying. None of 'em stay at the White House. The White House has been abandoned for four years. They don't stay there. And I don't even know if they spend time with their kids. That's how photos shoot opportunities, too, because as much as both of them are running around the country, and on different airplanes and everything else, different vacations, who's minding the kids? You know?

So, usually when they say they're going to Martha's Vineyard or any other place, from what I hear, Obama's really being taken off to some underground military base to have his brain tweaked on. I guess it's very odd. Nobody knows what they're doing to him. I know last year, for almost--from September to November he was gone. Nobody even knew where the real one was. It was like, you know, they run the look-alike around to go off and do press conferences and tours or whatever, and the real one's gone. The real one's taken and experimented on in these military bases. And so, you know, when he does something a normal human would do, it becomes even more interesting.

TV News Slams Social Media Sites to Veer People Away from Truths Exposed There

I was looking at an article on the Ohio shooting in Chardon, Ohio and I always look for, "OK, what's the agenda." You know? Probably a pawn, patsy set up and used because they want random shootings. I told you months ago they wanted more random shootings because they wanna take the guns away. I was watching NBC news. And one of the things they were focusing on was social media sites. And they were making it pretty obvious through their reporting that social media can't be trusted, you need to just wait and listen to what the real media says on TV. And so, I knew that was one of their agenda-setters, because they want people hooked on TV news for real truth, so that you don't get real truth anywhere else 'cause the media wants to feed you propaganda and garbage.

You know, the kids were--they were saying that they couldn't even make calls after it happened. They couldn't even call home, because the towers were jammed, overload of service, and nobody could even get calls out. And so, interesting that NBC news not wasting an opportunity to throw in their agenda line, so just slams against social media. Because when they--they plan to do pickups in martial law. They wanna take down phones. They wanna take down the Internet. The media won't be reporting it, and so, they don't want you to believe. They want you to be skeptical of anything you hear from social media sites. You know? "If it's not from us, it's not true." You know, that's the slogan line. And--so they can cover their butts.

The Government Satanists Pride Themselves on How they Control the Media and What We Hear

You know, I deal with these people that, you know, work for the government. And one of the things that they pride themselves on is how they control the media, what we hear. How they can hide things in the news. And the Satanists have been dealing with that for a long time, because when you get a clear picture of what's going on daily around us, the first thing that comes to your mind is, "How do they get away with it!? How do they get away with this?" How can they get away with thousands of abductions, kidnappings, and murders every month? How do they get away with it? You know?

And I was getting to the point where maybe they abduct these people, and they put 'em in underground bases and breed 'em, and that's the ones they're killing for all their rituals. And I was told that, "No, that would take too much time." They just take them off the streets. Google missing people. There's millions. And I'm thinkin', "How does this not get reported on?" Why one pers--we should know--you know, at this rate, everybody should know somebody who's missing, has just vanished. And they're very arrogant. They're like, "We control the news. We control what gets in there. We control the police departments."

And so, they hide everything they do, in plain sight. You know, there's adults missing. There's children missing. The bigger bang for the buck if both go missing together, because then it's assumed, "Oh, someone's just running from a bad spouse. You know? Or there's an argument over the kids and the one parent takes off with the kids and leaves. And, you know, they hide it. All these people. Because there's just so many. Thousands that are killed. For what? For their rituals. They drink their blood. They eat their organs. It just never ends, folks. It's constant. It doesn't stop. It keeps going on, and on, and on, and on.

The NDAA Clause That Puts Indefinite Detention for American Citizens on Hold Till Obama's Out of Office

I was given a heads up on the NDAA [National Defense Authorization Act] bill. And something that I thought was interesting that, apparently, nobody else caught. I never read the bill page for page. I doubt many people have. But you've seen all the YouTube videos on it. And, what no one has caught, that someone in the government pointed out to me, was that there was a clause added on to the NDAA. And in this clause it says, "I want to clarify that my Administration will not authorize the indefinite military detention without trial of American citizens." And that, basically, is what the entire bill was about. Being able to pick up people and whisk them off to camps without trial. So under the Obama administration, this won't be happening, because of this clause. Under his administration. He will not authorize the indefinite military detention of any American citizen without trial.

So, this goes on to the next administration, whoever becomes president. They will be able to utilize the NDAA the way they wanted to to begin with. So, interesting that that clause was put in there, which means while Obama's president, no American can be detained without trial. But when he's not president, they can start picking up Americans without trial.

Soros, Kissinger, Brzezinski Plotting Obama's Death - They Think He's Destroying America too Slowly

Obama seems to be kind of in the hot seat right now. Think I talked about this a little bit in my last show. Obama does not want war with Iran. He doesn't back Israel. He isn't backing Israel. And so, it's putting Soros, Kissinger, and Brzezinski on his back because they all want the war with Iran. And Obama's pretty much refusing to budge on it. He's not interested in a World War III between those two countries. And so, they're actually plotting his death if he doesn't start this war. They were kind of bullying him, and now they're plotting, because they can't get him to move fast enough on anything. I had heard there was problems several weeks ago between him and Soros, because Soros didn't believe he was destroying America fast enough. So it seems kind of amusing. And you know what? I was saying, "Well, why don't they just go after the people that are tweaking his brain? [laughs softly] The people that are controlling him. These underground military bases." Why would they be mad at Obama? So it'll be interesting to see what happens.

You know, Brzezinski, Kissinger, Soros, these are the kinds of Lizards that really control the politics behind the scenes. You know, the bankers, the money men. Goldman Sachs. These are the real enemies of America, folks. And so, if you ever wanted to get control back into the hands of the American people, you have to throw the rats out. You'd have to stop letting the rats take control of our politicians. I mean, you know it's a joke when there's 12 levels above the office of the presidency that's classified, that the president doesn't know about. That the president doesn't know about. I mean, he knows there's things he's not allowed to know, but why are there things the president is not allowed to know? You know? Who's really controlling America? And if you've been listening to these shows long enough, you know it's the shadow government, the alien agenda government, that controls everything behind the scenes.

Fort Knox Is Now a Biogenetics Lab

You know, I wrote an article many years ago called The Prisoners of Dulce Base []. And I was reminded of this article because I recently stumbled on news and information that--you know, back in the...I think it was 2011, I revealed that there was no gold at Fort Knox. That the vault was empty. I knew it back in 2010. I think I waited a while before I ever announced it. The thought was amusing 'cause just the other day, last week, there was a show on the History Channel about Fort Knox, and it was showing all the gold that was there. And even as I'm watching this show, I'm shaking my head, laughing, because there's no gold in Fort Knox. They've removed it all out of there. I assume they stole it. But it's supposed to be the most secure facility in the world. And they were talking about some of the security measures they take and everything to keep people away from the base.

Well, I've stumbled on information that, indeed, Fort Knox is being used for other nefarious purposes. It is not a gold vault. It's not being a place that holds gold. They've turned it into another Dulce Base. There's 14 levels underground below Fort Knox. And they've turned that entire place from a place that used to once hold our gold, to a biogenetics lab. And so, that's basically what it is now. A big biogenetics lab. It makes you wonder if our success at Dulce base made them leave the area at Dulce and take over Fort Knox.

Now the gold was out of Fort Knox well before, you know, anything like that happened. I don't know if they've just stolen it, the New World Order crowd. Bush, when he was president, that seemed to be their big thing, was stealing and pillaging everything they could from the American people. They stole the gold, so now Obama stills paper. All these moeny heists. You can call 'em bank heists, because bailing out the bankers they're just putting all that money in their pocket. Trillions of dollars have gone missing. Announced by the Pentagon. They don't know where it is. Obama was opening bank accounts in the Cayman Islands.

You know, our presidency has been doing what third-world dictators have done all along, and that's heist the treasury. Steal the treasury once they become presidents. And nobody says anything. Nobody says anything. It's just business of the day. It's all hush-hush. Keep it from the American people. But that really has me, I don't know, grossed out, upset, mad, angry, to pick the term, about what they've done to Fort Knox, because I can't imagine another Dulce Base anywhere on the planet. And here it sounds like it's exactly what Fort Knox has turned into. So, naturally, they don't want people near it.

I'll Let You Know What the President Isn't Even Allowed to Know about Fort Knox

I heard that whatever's going on at Fort Knox--and I can guarantee you I, one, know more than I'm saying, and number two, will tell you eventually--even the president isn't allowed to know. He's not allowed to know what's going on at Fort Knox. It's so ghastly there. But, being the good little bigmouth that I am, I will tell you in a week or two exactly what's going on there. I'm preparing my notes on exactly what is going on there. Probably write an article. I mean, I think people should know. You know? People risked their lives to tell you what was going on at Dulce Base. Security guards going missing.

I took a trip out to La Archuleta Mesa myself, several years ago. Out to Dulce. Stayed in Taos. My hotel was a CIA zoo, when I was in Taos. They were all there. It was a zoo. It was a fed-agency zoo. I didn't stay at the hotel very much. I was pretty much on the road.

Don't Believe the Propaganda - Iran Has No Plans of Attacking Israel or Anybody

I don't know how people can not wake up. You know, I was reading this article. And you just have to shake your head. Because back in 9/11, when they did some kind of polling, 70 percent of the people believed Saddam Hussein, or Osama bin Laden...actually they said Saddam Hussein. And I'm thinking how could Saddam Hussein be behind 9/11. Osama bin Laden they blamed it on. But 70 percent of the people believed it was Saddam Hussein behind 9/11. And then they poll again, it's like a time jump to the future, they poll again now, and 70 percent of the people believe that Iran has nuclear weapons. Same crowd. The same crowd that believes whatever the media tells them to believe. 70 percent of the people buy their garbage. Have we made no progress in 10, 12 years? Have we made no progress at all?

Don't believe the propaganda garbage they're putting out about Iran. Iran has never attacked another nation. They have lived peaceably with their neighbors. They've not been at war. I think there was a war back in the 70s with Iraq. But they have not been at war. They have no plans of attacking Israel or anybody. America uses the propaganda because they wanna control stargates and natural resources. Oil being one of them. They usually have other agendas as well. There was stargates in Iraq they got control of. There's stargates in Egypt and Libya. I don't know what's in Iran; ancient Persia. But they want the banks, too.

If Goldman Sachs, the top of the Lizard banks, the bankers, can't get control of the country's banks then they go to war. And that's why they outlined their plan of nations they were going to end up going to war with in the future, because those were the very nations that weren't controlled by Goldman Sachs, by the Illuminati, by their Lizard bankers. They want countries to be in debt to them. They wanna control every country's banks in the world. It's why they're mad at Brazil, Venezuela. Those countries are becoming rich, independent, and wealthy. They're not in debt. They're not in slavery to the Illuminati, and the Illuminati can't stand it.

How the Shadow Government Came About

You know, we have a Alternative 3 base on Mars. It's call the Luna Base. We have Dreamland area base, Area 51 in Nevada. And these bases are joint alien-human bases, where a lot of our pilots work with alien races in exchange of technology. Now the Luna Base on Mars--and I told you years ago that America was very popular on Mars. We have a lot of bases on Mars. Mars is not what NASA shows you in their filtered pictures. It's very livable. It's habitable. We have several bases on Mars. And Lord knows with all the other planets. Because, you know, they've been molding our reality for years of what to believe goes on around us.

Back when I was writing my first book, Hidden Codes Revealed--Bible Codes Revealed: The Coming UFO Invasion[]--I had been doing research on the government's contracts with aliens. These pacts and alliances. Roosevelt, Eisenhower. These presidents starting the role on making agreements and alliances with alien races. And the Lord had told me then that whoever gets in contact with these aliens, whoever deals with these aliens, ends up being soul-scalped by them.

And there's others who came forward with information, William Cooper and others, talking about the shadow government that formed and was built alongside our own government at that time to hide and shield those contracts and agreements away from the general public and the general politicians. Because Washington [D.C.] has a revolving door policy. Our seats are won by elections. Which means every 4 years, every 6 years for senators, every 2 years for house representative members. They can lose their seats. And they didn't want this kind of information being available to come-and-go politicians. The revolving door.

And so, they built up this whole secret government to work and operate with these aliens that had contacted the Earth. Which would become known as the shadow government. Kissinger's still very much involved with them. Only what would happen is this shadow government would end up becoming the main government that controls this country. What we have with Washington is window dressing. It's window dressing. The real politics, and the real power, and the real orders are coming from these aliens that have taken over the control of our shadow government.

What We Got from the Aliens in Exchange for Humans

And, folks, aliens are nothing but fallen angels. They're part of Satan's fallen kingdom. But they have technology you can't even begin to imagine that they have. And a lot of this, almost all of it, has been kept away from the public's eye. Antigravity technology, cloaking technology, noiseless technology, the computer, and lasers, and things like that have all been given to us from aliens. Exchange of technology. Exchange for what? Exchange for humans. They would abduct humans so they could use them for crossbreeding experiments, and the government would deny their existence. So you have aliens abducting humans for crossbreeding experiments. You have Satanists abducting humans for rituals. And it's just getting worse and worse. The more numbers are getting higher, and higher, and higher every day, every month, every year.

What the Aliens Got from Us in Exchange for Technology

You know, when you realize that these underground bases, like Dulce Base and Fort Knox, are holding humans as prisoners...I mean, how do people just keep living day to day like none of this goes on? How do they ignore it? How do you just sit back and let this stuff go on and do nothing about it. There's children and adults. And there's a base in San Antonio; the same thing, where they're held in cages.

I mean, in Dulce and Fort Knox they're used as food. You know, you have people that get abducted as children and they're grown up and molded in MKULTRA programs, and they're used for super soldier programs. And then you have those that aren't so lucky, and they're just used as food. They're chopped up, grounded up, used as food. Doesn't that make you sick?

How much more can the Lord take of this, do you think? How much more can He just sit there and know what's going on, and just sit there and wait, and be patient. I mean, I don't know how He can just sit. I'm losing my patience. I don't know how you deal with it. Sometimes it's much better to just have your head stuck in the sand and not know what's going on. It's much easier. Sometimes I look at people that are totally clueless and think, "Man, I miss those days." [laughs] I miss those days. Just how do you deal with it?

Wonder Why They Let So Many People Cross the Border Illegally? For Alien Food and Satanic Sacrifices.

And the more knowledge you have, more is required of you. It's not easy having knowledge. You know? I'd rather focus on the White House gossip (it's much more amusing) than have to deal with the sacrifice of humans daily for aliens and Satanists. Tens of thousands a year, folks. Tens of thousands.

That's why they like the border problems. That's why they lax. You know, it's kind of funny because you have all these illegal Mexicans coming across the border. They're claiming about a million a year. But then you could have somebody from Europe that has, uh, like, uh, Amy Winehouse, who was denied entry into the United States because of whatever legal problems she had in Europe. [laughs] Seems kind of asinine, doesn't it? They want people to appear like they're protecting America. They're not gonna let in a drunk in America. She might get along with our politicians too well. Oh, but they'll open the border and let millions of illegal Mexicans in, or illegal Cubans in, or Haitians.

And then you're thinkin', "Well, were are they getting these thousands of people that they sacrifice every month? And it's just mind-boggling as to really what's going on. Why they have such an open-border policy for some nations, and they don't for others. Those people are disappearing and they're ending up lost. And once you've disappeared, you're pretty much gonna find yourself on a satanic altar somewhere, in a underground base somewhere, being fed to some alien beast. It's just outrageous, folks.

Franklin Roosevelt's Contact with Aliens Was Portrayed in Close Encounters of the Third Kind

If you haven't seen the movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, you might wanna see that one, because in reality, this is, this movie, was made about Franklin Roosevelt's contact with aliens. It was based on real events put in a fiction format. I mean, you gotta start somewhere if you're looking for truth. Because they reveal it, in the movies. Even in comic books. They reveal the truth through fiction formats.

My Confirmations about Fort Knox Will Have to Come from the Most High Only, for Now

So anyway, folks. I'm just disgusted, and I'm gets mind boggling. You know, I wrote an article on the Dulce Base, exposing that base. And I'll do the same about Fort Knox. I'll need a while on that one. I still need to do some Bible Codes research on Fort Knox. The people who do know about it are people I'm not in contact with. And so, I'm not gonna get any political confirmations on it, probably, but I will from the Most High, and so. That's all I've ever needed, really.

Ever Get the Feeling You're Being Watched? You Probably Are. And so Was I, by Donald Rumsfeld

They're having their Denmark conference this week. Copenhagen, Denmark. It's been interesting because for the past several days, maybe a week, it's almost like, you know how you can almost feel like someone's eyes are on you, someone's lookin' at you, someone's staring at you? It feels like someone's staring at you, but, you know, there's no one around you? You ever get that feeling? And I was told that when you get that feeling, that these people are looking in on you. They do their little remote viewing or...remote viewing, I guess it is. Astral projection? I don't know. They're looking at you. They're staring at you.

And so, I find it amusing because, for the last week, Ronald Dumsfeld [ :) Donald Rumsfeld] has just been on my mind constantly. And Dumsfeld's about the biggest Lizard, outside George Bush, in Washington. I mean, you ever see any videos with Dumsfeld on them, he can't even open his eyes. They're snake-slits. He's just--literal snake-slits. And he's almost like Bush. He's got that Lizard tongue when he speaks. The guy is not human.

And so, I have felt his eyes on me for the past week. And I'm thinking, "What does Dumsfeld want with me?" You know, he one of the few I leave alone because I have nothing on him. [laughs] He doesn't come up in my research. Doesn't come up in the gossip circles. He just doesn't come up, you know. So what is it with Dumsfeld? Does he wanna take me on now? They know who I am. Maybe they all need...I don't know, to spy around and be convinced. I don't know. I have no idea. But I have their attention.

And they're having a huge conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. And I was seeing in the Bible Codes that while there were there, they would have contact with alien races during this conference. And this conference is supposed to be about how to stop orgone, or how to get rid of our orgone. They're supposed to be bringing in scientists from around the world to come up with ways to stop it, you know. So I haven't heard what they've come up with yet.

You know, the last contraption from the Japanese was tens of millions of dollars, and they're digging up the front of the White House lawn to put one of these contraptions underground, that's supposed to stop orgone, or something. [Super-Kamiokande: Neutrino Detector] And they're supposed to have one of these contraptions on the City Hall in Chicago. Effective? No. Because if they were, they would just build more of these contraptions, and they wouldn't be having a conference in Copenhagen on how to stop orgone. Obviously, it's not effective. I was also told that you could defeat those very machines by just pounding more orgone into that area. So I don't know what they've come up with.

The Orgone Warrior Faction Is Small, but We're the Most Powerful and Effective on Earth Right Now

They always try their discrediting tactics. Get people online to discredit you, say false testimony against you, and lie about you to scare other people away from you. That's always a tactic. They have many different types of PSYOPS they use. But you know what, folks? I've said it from the beginning, I'm not here for the majority. I'm not here to wake everybody up. It's the minority. The Orgone Warriors, the fourth faction, are a small group. We're just the most powerful and most effective on Earth right now. And we're very small. And that's what blows them all away. Because we don't have their numbers, but yet we're killing them all with the effectiveness of the power we have through the orgone we make.

We're crashing their UFO ships. We're crashing starships. Starships are huge, folks. I don't know how many Star Wars series you've watched, or anything, but starships are huge. They contain tens of tens of thousands of aliens on them. And they have--it's where they have their pods, they keep their pods. When you see these little one- and two-seater UFOs and these egglike-type UFOs, one- and two-seaters, those are pods. And--what I call pods, what they call it pods on Star Wars. I just called 'em pods, too. And they come from somewhere. Because they don't live in those pods. Little UFO ships. They don't live in their airplanes. They go back home. They go to the starships and they park them there. They have garages. Airport landing strips. Whatever you wanna call it. And they park them on these starships. And then when they wanna go on reconnaissance missions, they leave from the starship and come down to Earth.

We've been able to saturate the air, effectively, to where these starships are just exploding. Nibiru turned tail and ran. You know, for all the hype of Planet X coming in, and the Vatican going into hiding, and NASA scientists going into hiding, and the government, it was a whimper. It literally just put its brakes on, turned around, and left. Because the orgone was burning them.

And this cube that's coming in--the Muslims worship the black cube. And you could see YouTube videos of the black cube movement. It's a big part of Saturn worship being combined with Islam now. This black cube, this cube is coming in from behind the sun. And it, too, will suffer the same fate as Nibiru.

You know, we've taken out Shema, which, literally, should just be exploding any day now. I don't know how it's still hanging. It's kind of stuck on the border of Pennsylvania and Ohio. It's malfunctioned. They can't move it. Huge metropolis city. Had a altar there and a temple for Satan. Most of these starships do, I imagine. It reminded me of the show, V. Because, interesting they came out with the series, V, several years after we'd caught Shema on fire. We took out Capricorn II, which was a huge starship by the sun. Actually, it was called the Capricorn. It was a starship. That crashed in the Pacific Ocean. Sananda was able to save his...I don't know what you wanna call it...part of it, I guess, his star fleet from it. He rides around in what I call Capricorn II, the long cigar-shaped type thing because the Capricorn was his home base.

Keep Your Orgone Pipes Pointed to the East, and Get Busy Targeting the Water Supplies Leading to Underground Bases

So we've been very effective pointing our pipes to the east and keeping them east. To take out all these starships that are coming in and that are in our midst now. All the UFOs that are crashing daily. We're very effective against them, folks. And we need to be busy targeting this nation's water supplies. Lake, rivers, ponds. Because whenever there's a underground base, they need water supplies. They have to have water. And so, whatever areas we get orgoned, that means that they, uh, it'll affect these underground bases, if those water supplies are the ones feeding underground bases. And considering there's over 300 of them across the country, it's a big, pretty good chance, if you took a map and orgoned all the lakes in your state, and actually kept an eye out, because they don't put a lot of lakes on the maps today. There's a lot of stuff they keep off maps. So if you go on a hunt for lakes, keep your eyes out, open. Don't expect to always have them all marked on maps for ya.

And you get the water supplies, it's a good way of targeting all of these alien bases. A lot of them are right by military bases. You know, Fort Knox isn't that far from another--an Army base right in Kentucky. They usually set them up right by military or Air Force bases. So you really don't have to go too far looking for 'em. They're usually--if you targeted all the military bases and Air Force bases, you're gonna hit a lot of these Lizard bases. 'Cause a lot of 'em are joint bases. And if you look at South Ridge Base in Michigan, it's Air National Guard base, but it also partners and branches off with a bunch of different other military bases. Those are the kinds of places where they also cater to Lizards, to aliens. You know?

You know, it's our own military that's supposed to protect America, and it's the military that's protecting the Lizard bases that are popping up to destroy America. It's kind of ironic, isn't it? I mean, most of these people don't even know it. I mean, these are black op projects. Most of, the majority of those in our military wouldn't know they exist. Wouldn't know that there's a base beside 'em or underneath them that's a Lizard base or a Vulcan base. They wouldn't know. But now you do. Know you know. You wake up one person at a time.

And we need to target these bases with orgone. It's not gonna hurt regular humans. It doesn't hurt humans. Orgone's a healing life energy. Destroys the wicked. And that's what we're after. The wicked. It's not illegal to kill an alien. Or to want to kill an alien. It's not illegal. Because, technically, they don't exist. So there, we even have protection from our own government. [laughs] Who would've thought that, huh? [laughs] Kind of amusing.

You better be getting busy before they decide that, "Hey, the clock's winding down." 'Cause I think they're starting to realize the clock's winding down. A lot of 'em have been quiet and busy lately. Busy and plotting.

It's Time for the 162 Countries Listening to Stand Up and Support Us in America - Help Us to Help You

Still need to raise funds for missions that we wanna go on this spring and summer, folks. I appreciate the donations that you've sent in. The usuals. The Warriors that I know are behind this ministry. We need to step it up for all those who don't support this ministry. Who never have supported this ministry. It's time for you to stand up and support this ministry and help us get the work done that we need to do. You know?

It's time for all those 162 countries that have been listening to this show for the ten years that I've been on, it's time to stand up and support it. Support us here in America. China is the number two nation. China. Boy, if we could get a lot of orgone in China, could you imagine the world of good that would do?

Someone Else Is Handling My International Orgone Orders So They Don't Get Sabotaged

I don't handle the international orders myself, because I just get sabotaged. I have somebody else handle it. I have a real problem being able to mail internationally, so I don't do it, I let somebody else handle the international orders. And that's the biggest reason. Because when I send things internationally, they disappear, or they travel in space for three or four months before they get sent back. So I have somebody else handling international orders for that very reason. They don't seem to have the problems I have mailing internationally. Sometimes packages just disappear. Never get to where they're supposed to. I just have a real hard time with it.

What Is the Cost of Going on Orgone Missions? Usually Between $2000 and $4000 in Supplies, Plus Gas and Expenses.

But we need to get orgone everywhere, folks. Everywhere. Every country needs it. No matter what kind of contribution you can make in your country, big or small, it's better than nothing. And no matter what kind of contribution you can make to this ministry, big or small, it's better than nothing. I need your financial support here, folks. So much I wanna do this year. And I warned you that gas would go up to $6 a gallon this summer and it's already heading there. We don't have much time. I can't be on the road with gas at $6 a gallon. I can't afford gas at $3.37 a gallon. So we need to get busy now, doing things while we can. Getting supplies. The biggest thing is supplies. Because our suppliers raise their prices when gas goes up. And, you know, the crystals, the pipes, the resin all cost a lot of money. We need to stock up on supplies so we can get the orgone made. You know, magnets have gone up. I like to use 1-ounce copper coins in the orgone I use for missions and stuff. And it's--the biggest thing is supplies. The cost of supplies. And that's not even determining the gas and expenses after that.

I mean, when we just did Lima base, the Giants' base in Lima [Ohio] last year at this time, uh, yeah, that place was just across the state, but we had to sink about $2000 in supplies just to get the area. So, that's a minimum, probably, for missions, is--you're talkin' $2000, $3000, $4000 dollars in supplies. So I need your help so we can stock up on supplies and get orgone made. 'Cause there's several missions I definitely wanna target this spring and summer. You know, last year we got Lima. We got Chicago. And those were huge. Those were huge. Chicago was a huge job. Our Warriors did a great job in Chicago. But this stuff costs a lot of money in supplies to make the orgone for it, folks.

Anyway, be back on Thursday with Aliens in the News. Be talkin' about whatever it is the Lord brings to my mind. 'Cause they're dominating the news. You know? Maybe I'll get some rumblings out of Copenhagen. I know this Ashtar, St. Germaine is probably out there, along with Dumsfeld and everybody else. I'll have to find out what's going on out there. I haven't heard anything. Info will start sneaking in, eventually. It always does.

But anyway, until next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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