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March 1st, 2012

And hello everybody it's Thursday afternoon with Sherry Shriner and it's March 1st. And I was going over a few things the last couple of days and been still looking over codes of Fort Knox. So I'm gonna get into that for a little bit.

Looks like they are beginning their tornado season a tad earlier this year. You know they started it last year they pounded the southeast areas and the one thing we learned the year before, the year before that and the years before and the years before -- is that orgone area's are protected by the orgone. I mean the tornadoes. They're protected by them. They don't get hit and so folks get your areas orgoned because it's the one thing we see over and over again is that tornadoes will be headed towards an area that has been saturated with orgone and it will steer away. It will veer away from that area and go somewhere that isn't. And so.

They're targeting Midwest states right now with tornadoes. You know I was listening to the weather report the other day and I had to crack up because the weatherman just goes "Well we have a Jet Stream coming in and we don't know where it's going." They're more confused than anybody else because the weather just changes directions and does what it wants to and that's because it's under HAARP manipulation. It's under weather control manipulation. So we're seeing it targeting the Midwestern area of the country so folks, especially if you live in the Midwestern area's get orgone walls up around your towns, your cities, your counties.

Put up walls around your cities, counties and states
I think the best thing to do is get a map and just target your county. All the way around it put an orgone puck every mile, or half mile all the way around the county depends on how much orgone you have. And that will put up walls all the way around your county. Make sure you should get your own neighborhood first, your own yard. If you live in an apartment try to get it up on the roof. You want the orgone to saturate the air above your area surrounding the outside of the apartment building, because you want the orgone to saturate the air above your area. And so.

Get your own homes saturated first and then move out and get other areas. You know? The county idea you put up a huge wall around your entire county and so it's not gonna -- if the Lord's gonna strike a place He's gonna strike a place and you know the orgone is His so it's up to Him whether He protects your area or not. But most of the tornadoes we face are man's judgment. They're man's weather control weapon folks.

Sherry doesn't worry about their impending tornadoes
And so we can fight back against that. We can become a resistance front against that and we have been successfully for 8 years now. And so you know I've seen the orgone work against tornadoes. I've seen it work against hurricanes. You know they're always targeting my state my area with tornadoes and I go to sleep. You know? I just go to sleep I don't even worry about it. I mean the wind started blowing yesterday and it hasn't stopped today. And I just don't worry about it folks. I know I've got orgone walls up. I've got everything up that's needed to stop(E.L.F., HAARP, tornadoes & hurricanes, etc) unless the Lord's gonna allow something and so.

I put it in His hands. I don't worry about it. So a shout out to get your areas orgoned.

I was looking at past shows, I'll probably talk more about this more on Monday. But I've been talking about the coming asteroid and comet that's gonna to hit America -- not necessarily hit America affect America. It's going to affect the entire whole world so I don't want you to forget about that. I'm gonna be talking about that on Monday because we don't know what year but I can tell ya the signs to look out for.

I can tell you things to look for. So when you see those things happening you know it's coming. And so don't want you going to sleep on that and I started warning about that I think back in 2010. Didn't know what year it would hit because I've been watching what they do because there are certain things you can watch for first.

And then you'll know...oh oh there's gonna be an asteroid coming. I know our government has been preparing for this for several years and you know every year around spring time they all go into panic mode. And pull all the navy vessels off the east coast. They expect this asteroid to hit the Atlantic ocean. That's not certain where it will hit in the Atlantic. But I know it will take out the coast lines. It's gonna cause a lot of the damage that I've seen in visions, that other people have seen. You know the east coast coast line. Florida, Japan, Hawaii those islands could be in real danger is going under -- any small islands.

And the reason I bring it up is I saw something interesting. I don't normally, typically pay too much attention to what the other factions are doing except with amusement but there was something on Benjamin Fulford's web log the other day that caught my attention and they're talking about arrests going on and -- behind the scene arrests -- the news media calls them 'resignations' of bankers everywhere.

Eventually arrests are suppose to be happening here in America of all the neocons and to that we can applaud greatly if that were going to be true. Get all the satanists outta this country. But a quiet revolution happening in this country -- with the White Knight agenda basically. I told you the new world order would go down.

It's going to be exposed and it's going to go down because it's going to be replaced by this new age alien agenda that's coming in. But it mentioned something about Prince Harry. And one of the highlights of his blog was that Prince Harry has been in touch with this group. The Alien New Age Group they call themselves and the White Hats.

I think Benjamin Fulford refers to himself as the White Dragon Society or the White Hats. But he(Price Harry) has been in touch with their group and has agreed to take over control of the British Royal family from Queen Elizabeth. So I thought that was interesting because 10 years ago I posted a code about Prince Harry and you know you always have the crowd that Prince Charles is the anti-Christ -- Prince William is the anti-Christ and when I look at the Bible Codes the one anti-Christ candidate is Prince Harry.

Prince Harry's the candidate. And I've kept that on my site. I'm not a real big 'the anti-Christ is coming from Europe' interpreter. I don't see it that way but what is interesting is -- consider a scenario and this is what I always give you guys. I give you guys scenarios and time lines and things like that because we don't know dates and we don't know certain -- they have several routes to get to the same place and so we never know what route they're going to take so it's not like any route is wrong. It's just one of the routes that can be taken. But this whole Prince Harry thing -- let's talk about it for a minute.

Depending where it hits
Because one of the things they've been planning is that if this asteroid hits the Atlantic -- now it's not if but when the asteroid hits. For all intents and purposes NASA and me and everybody else is on the same page is it's gonna hit up on the Atlantic somewhere. Maybe up at the North Pole, maybe up by Iceland, Greenland somewhere up there. If it hits at the top of the earth it would cause this huge tsunami all the way down the coastlines in particular in that area -- Europe, Africa and America.

And so that would pretty much wipe out Great Britain. That would pretty much put the Queens palace about 5 miles under the water and so this is the reason the Queen has been frantic over the last 20 years, the last 10 years or so -- she bought 1000's of acres in Colorado -- she owns 1000's of acres in America period.

She uses front companies to buy them. But either way she owns 1000's of acres alone in Colorado. She owns the base underneath the Denver Airport. And the whole reason that whole project was started back when -- I think that whole project was started back in the 80's or 90's -- because Denver certainly didn't need another airport -- they had one.
They built the new Denver airport 10 miles out -- away from town. Out of the way of everybody. Buildings were being built and then torn down which were really just lowered underneath the ground. There's a huge base there. But she built this whole base so that when the time of this asteroid threat comes that the entire Royal family would be moved over to Colorado. They would be moved over to there.

Which scenario?
So here's an interesting scenario. Now what was formerly Britain and Scotland and the islands or nations of Great Britain they are all under water -- the Queens over here -- so all of a sudden we're looking at a different kind of scenario and I've always told you to watch out for these scenarios of who becomes in charge of the United States.

They're all possible candidates
The Old Testament Prophets constantly warned that last days coming beast this anti-Christ is the leader of last days Babylon. So that's whenever you hear people say, "Oh President Reagan is the anti-Christ -- President Bush is the anti-Christ -- President Obama is the anti-Christ." They're all candidates and they're not wrong because they are the leader of last days Babylon. I think it's well established that America is last days Babylon and if you need a little convincing I have an article on Americas Last Days Babylon with 100's of scriptures to show you what Old Testament Prophets were saying.

USA owned by the Queen
But now we have, what could possibly be what could be a possible change of leadership. You know people who think that the United States broke free from British control -- you know you're still following the mind control lies of the government. We've been slaves to the Queen -- we've never broken off from her.
It was all a lie. The 1776 War of Declaration -- you know -- give me a break folks. If that was true we wouldn't be paying taxes. If you ever looked at the IRS in your state it's DBA -- Doing Business As the Internal Revenue Service. That's not the real name. In fact the real company and the real person behind who we pay the IRS taxes to is the Queen. We've been paying her. Federal Taxes are different and you'll notice this on your paychecks.

You pay FICA tax. You pay Federal taxes. You pay State taxes. You pay Social Security taxes. These are the 3 taxes that cover us as a nation as a people living in a state is your social security. Those are the taxes that cover this nation. Then what's the IRS? What's the separate tax? The bulk of taxation going to the IRS. The bulk of our taxes out of our paychecks go to the Queen. They go to her.

So if we were really -- if we really had an independence from Britain folks -- if that whole thing were really true. We wouldn't be paying taxes to her. It's a slave tax. We're paying a slave tax to the Queen. And that's why she has trillions of dollars. I think she owns almost a third of the earths mass. She owns all of this land because she's had all of our money to play with all of these years. You know for years. So anyway to put things back in perspective what happens if she is over here, what happens?

Under lucifer's butt is...
Do you think she's just going to give up her throne? The queen position is the matriarch of the new world order. You know they want you to think it's the Vatican and the Pope and they'll throw that out for distraction purposes. They want you to think it's the Rothschild s. It's the Queen folks. It's the queen. She is the matriarch of the new world order. She sits at the top underneath Lucifer's butt on the pyramid. That is the queen.

And so. Would they usurp the authority of the United States here and say "OK I'm here now this is my country." She very well could. Who could stop her? America's never been free it's all been a farce. Think of that every time you see taxes being pulled outta your pay check. Or you're having to pay the IRS taxes every year.

So here we have the Royal family here in America -- theoretically -- if they even get here in time before the thing hits. Nobody knows for sure when the asteroid is going to hit. But she could very easily, they could very easily put one of her (grand)son's -- in particular Prince Harry, as leader over Babylon. As leader over this country or they could just have an election as they usually do which is nothing but a farce and rig him in as being voted in. I mean it's a scenario folks.

It's a scenario. Why Prince Harry over William? Because he's the one they like. Prince William is too much like Diana. He's too much like his mother he has a soft heart. Prince Harry -- there's no holding back his vicious and wickedness. So. They like Harry. And you know they've always said that he's not Prince Charles son. So he doesn't really have any blood loyalty to the Queen if you want to get down to blood and blood-lines and things like that because I've heard Williams not his son either. And so there's arguments for that and then there's a huge one that Prince Harry was never a blood son of Prince Charles so.

Doesn't have the royal ties and blood line. Just a fact that he was accepted into the family and treated as one of their own. So it could get interesting. I've also warned about the presidency of this country handing over the power of the United States to another authority. Whether it was President Obama or whoever here handing authority over to someone else. And I've warned to watch out for them doing that to the leader of the U.N.. Their giving power and authority over to the U.N. and the U.N. becoming leader of last days Babylon.

Whoever that leader is in the UN that's a route. Or simply the president of the United States rising up and becoming / fulfilling the roll of the beast the anti-Christ and so there's different routes folks, there's different scenarios that you can watch come into play to try and figure out whats going on and so, you know?

That would be a way -- I don't think an asteroid's going to hit until, until this Sananda comes -- this cosmic Christ that's coming going to play Jesus of the Bible but he's going to be promoting Sharia Law. And you're going to see our own country promoting Sharia Law. I see it in the Bible Codes. Sharia Law will come up every once in a while. And every once in a while you'll see Sharia Law in the news about courts enforcing Sharia Law are... Being more molded and accepted of Sharia Law. It's gonna be a world wide, a world wide Islam beast.

I mean it's going to be world wide global Islam. So that's one of the routes that has always been there. World wide Islam and it's going to be this weird mix of Christianity and Islam because they're going to tell the Christians, "Oh you know -- no, you didn't have it right, you messed up." And they're gonna tell the Muslims with the Koran, "You messed up you didn't have it right with the Koran -- you messed up too. Here's the real version."

Ascended Masters playing people
And they're gonna present everybody the one real true version of what all religions messed up. I mean this is the plan folks. And so yeah, this Sananda he's gonna come back -- he's just gonna set everybody straight on where they erred in their religion and so it was suppose to be Maitreya but he's not coming back I see. He's AWOL. He's been pretty much defeated by our orgone war. It's decimated him. It's taken him out and now everything's going to fall on this Sanandas shoulders and so.

This fake Chrislam and so... This other faction, this new faction this new age alien faction tirelessly working in the background to bring down the new world order. The age of Pisces so that they can begin their age of Aquarius here on earth. But one thing you can be sure of is that when they start their agenda.

It's going to be nothing but destruction and chaos. One right after the next. Because that is -- this faction itself represents satan on earth and when you look at Bible prophesy when satan is on earth it is nothing but destruction. One thing after the next. I told you it's going to be like a bath tub affect.

And that's what it's going to be like. Once he is here you are going to have an asteroid hitting the earth. Comet hitting the earth shortly after -- turning all the water into poisonous -- Wormwood hitting the earth and so.

"...prophetically going to start the calendar."
These things are gonna happen once they make their move. They're waiting to bring in Sananda I still will go with Nine Eleven. I was waiting for it last year. And we jumped time lines at the very beginning of September (2011) last year. It was very discouraging to a lot of people at the time because we were on a really good time line at that point. Nibiru was gonna come in. Things were gonna change -- we were prophetically going to start the calendar and then the time lines were changed and so you know Nibiru never showed up. Planet X it's whimpered off back to the South Pole restoring and restructuring themselves.

They had to get out of the orgone saturated air. The whole Crystal Skull thing ended up being a farce because we closed the portals in California so they couldn't come through in California and so a lot of it was just a lot of success with our resistance our success against them but at the same time just pushing things back. Having to revamp and come through different routes so basically you buy time. You buy delays and I know a lot of people are sick and tired of delays. They just want to get things rolling.

So this is what I am particularly watching for this year. And you can listen to my archives folks. And anything I've talked about in the last years. I've been on the radio. You know we don't have specific time lines for anything but I've mentioned anything that could possibly happen in the routes in my show in the last several years and so you can listen to a show I did in 2006 it's just as relevant as today in 2012.

Looks like Sananda in September
And there's also the transcribe page. You can go, put up search terms and you could read transcribes of the shows. These are the things that I'm watching for and it's March and it's the death month...they want death. So this is usually. Typically -- last year in March they started up their tornadoes -- seems to be the route they are going with this year. General mayhem and destruction caused by their weather control patterns because I know they want to bring this Sananda in this Spring. I don't see them bringing him in until September.

That's always been their biggest month to bring him in. And so. You see some death codes in the Codes. You see the pope and I've seen this one for a couple years now. I don't know if this is the year or not but seems to me I saw the same thing back in 2010 ,2011 when I saw an assassination code for the pope.

Alien Invasion Coming In
So could very well could. Just sitting and waiting for that event to be fulfilled. I see him being replaced and you know been warning about an alien invasion coming in and things happening. So probably talk more about on Monday -- I'll go through and re-highlight the things I've talked about on past shows and in regards to that because we're kinda coming back into that time line and especially it being 2012 and a lot of significance with the end of this year as the earth moves towards the center of the galaxies we'll be moving into the riff what they call the Milky Way.

I know they suspect CMEs from the sun to knock us back into the stone age. Well some how getting hit by an asteroid so...Enoch talks about a time when the seasons are all out of balance and I suspect that being hit by an asteroid the size of a mountain which is a pretty large asteroid hitting into the Atlantic is going to knock the earth off it's axis even more so than the degrees it already has been and this is going to put us into a time Enoch talked about where the seasons are just all out of whack.

The Bible describes days getting...
And another thing is the Bible describes as days getting shorter. Days getting shorter. That's interesting. I think I put that passage on my web site with Enoch. I'll have to revisit that and that's something we're gonna put on the front burner and keep there for a little bit this year. Time line of events to watch out for.

Missions are expensive to do
So it doesn't look like we're gonna we're going to meet our goal of $50,000 by April. So that we could really get jump started for missions for this year. Not even close folks. And so we still need people that will stand up and donate huge amounts of money to this ministry so that we can effectively get rolling on with these missions that we want to do.

I mean I don't understand how people can put money into these political campaigns. They raise millions of dollars not just by corporations but also by contributions on the Internet from individuals and families that support Ron Paul or Mitt Romney or Obama. And that's just basically throwing money away because they already know who they want to be president -- there's fighting behind the scenes of the factions of who can rig the machines the best. You know they always have it prescript-ed amongst the media networks exactly how they're going to call these meetings and all these collecting of delegates they have it scripted exactly how they're going to call it and they speak in teleconferences amongst each other so that they are all on the same page giving out the same info.

It makes me sick
It's a sham folks. It's a game. And so people can spend money on all this worthless stuff that means nothing and the stuff that is affective and really do some damage against them is ignored. It's ignored. We need some huge financial contributors here folks. So we can get busy. You know I can't fathom the thought that the Lord saved His best for last on earth in these last days and the ones who are busy trying to get stuff done are largely ignored and hated by everybody else. It makes me sick.

But that's the way it's described the church of Laodecia -- the Lord's standing outside the churches. They're all in there singing about what warriors and great believers they are for the Lord and when they open the door and leave it's over. Curtain closed lights out 'til next Sunday.

We got a 14 level, new Dulce
It's all puff and smoke. No sincerity at all. Put your money where your mouth is folks. Let's get something done here. Let's kick out the satanists that are controlling our governments. Our country. We got a 14 level, new Dulce base in Fort Knox located in Kentucky. You know they've turned what was suppose to be the most secure facility in the world containing our gold. There's no gold there. I told you back in 2011 I knew that back in 2010. The vaults are empty. They've turned that entire base into a bio-genetics and bio-warfare lab.

A 14 level lab how to find ways to kill you with designer bio warfare plagues. And they're also doing cloning there. So whenever you see a bio genetics bio warfare. There's one thing that's a given. The sacrificing of humans for their research. Because they need a lot of it. Especially with clones. I haven't really figured out this whole cloning thing how exactly they achieve it. I mean I know they do but no I haven't gone in to the exact scientific aspect of how they achieve it.

But when you hear of dissected human body parts and clones in the same facility you have to wonder. Are they dissecting humans and putting organs into clones? Is that how you create a clone? I mean I don't know. I'm just looking at the pieces of the puzzle and I'm thinking why are these pieces always together? Why does clone somehow always equal to the death of innocent humans? How come these bases end up becoming slaughter houses? You want to know where all the milk carton kids go -- you want to know where all the missing adults go?

You're not gonna hear about em on TV that there's tens of thousands of them that show up at these satanic rituals every week. Every day. Every month. Where are they coming from folks? It's these people that are missing. You know? And they're always thinking of new ways to destroy you. The next gruesome plague they can come up with. And gender specific on top of that. Designer specific. Where they can target certain races. You know it seems to me they've either added an additional base onto Dulce which is now Fort Knox or they moved Dulce into Fort Knox.

Some of us did a lot of orgone work at Dulce Base of course it was several years ago. So interesting that you're hearing about -- you know -- I know for a fact Dulce Base was orgoned very well. I did it myself. So now boom several years later we have a new 14 level DUMB. Fort Knox. So now that base needs done as well. And I don't know of that many warriors in Kentucky. I know there was a granny down there who orgoned a lot of Kentucky and she has since left the state. We need another granny. We need another warrior that will stand up and go orgone Fort Knox.

You don't have to get right on the base it's heavily secured. You don't have to make a nuance of yourself. You don't have to be seen you can get the outside around it. You don't have to be right up on it. Orgone blows. The Lord can blow it anywhere He wants. That needs to be the #1 target on everyone's list if you live in the south, southeast any other surrounding states. You know that'd be the first place on my target list if we were on target for $50,000 by April. Heck, even if we had $25,000 by April I'd be happy. We're not even close to that. We're not close to 10%.

I don't know how we've done it...
It gets frustrating folks to have so much to do and have your hands constantly tied. Constantly tied. It's been like this for 8 years. We've done it on a shoe string. I don't know how we've done it. But we've managed to do it. It's the hearts of the warriors who have kept this whole thing going. People who will stand up and go just begin target missions and get them covered.

You know I was watching that History2 Channel. I don't know if you guys have been paying attention to that channel but they have this show on. 'Secrets of America'. And they've been exposing a lot of interesting stuff on that show.

It's been really interesting. If you can catch it it's been on History2 'Secrets of America' and they had a whole show on Dulce Base. They did an entire show exposing Dulce Base. They did an entire show last week on Benjamin Franklin being a serial killer. When they started to dig in his one area -- of underneath his house in the basement they found 1200 human remains.

Now they say Benjamin Franklin was involved with 'research'. Anatomy research. How many people do you need to get anatomy research down? Come on folks.

You think 1200's enough? Because he had 1000's. It was just 1200 in just this one area of his basement. He had thousands that he has ki... that he has used for research. They don't know if they were already dead or if he killed them.

The jury's out on that. They say that he would rob grave yards. Oh really well how many bones do you need? How many bodies do you need for research? When you look at the real history of our founding fathers it's really rather kinda nauseating. They weren't God loving God fearing Christians folks. They were masons and satanists and they ran brothels and there were potheads.

And it makes you shake your head in disgust as much as Martin Luther's fake reformation the split from the RCC the Roman Catholic Church he was a Jesuit. That was a whole farce too they just made a bigger division of religion between the Protestant and the Catholics but the Protestants have still been under a lot of control by the Catholics because they went into apostasy.

Protestants changed it from Saturday to Sunday
Protestants changed the Sabbath from the 7th day to the 1st day of the week
The first thing they did was change the Sabbath from the 7th day to the 1st day of the week. Which knocked out any credibility in possibly of keeping the Lords Commandments. They've been hypocrites since then. The whole thing is hypocrite.

And you kinda get tired of all the deceptions and the games being played and it never stops. There's always games being played in the background. When they're quiet they're plotting. They want random shootings. They want a lot more of them. Do you actually think they're in sorrow over 3 high school kids being killed?

Smiling ear to ear...
They're happy. When you read that kinda stuff in the newspapers -- they're smiling from ear to ear. Because this is what they want. They're right on schedule. They want random shootings. Random deaths because they want reasons in order to say this is why we're putting tighter restrictions on your guns. This is why we're taking your guns away. This is what they do. Create a problem then present the solution even if they create the problems themselves.

Because 70% of Americans will cling to the words the government says and never believe they'll do anything like that. Seventy percent will always be sure to be blinded and stupid and caught with their heads in the sand.

If you have a question for the show you can call in at (877)245-5648. If you have a question in the chat room you can post it and I'll see it. I'm paying attention to the chat room right now. Seems to be a lot of guests. The usual. See what's going on in Iowa.

Iowa is Calling
Sherry: Hello caller you're on the air.

Caller: (laughing wildly) Hello Sherry

Sherry: Helllloooo

Caller: Yeah you're exactly right. This is Iowa.

Sherry: It's Iowa. I got that area code I know.

Caller: You're that's funny! Yeah you're getting it. My daughter had those tornadoes in southern Illinois. They need to get some orgone out there.

Sherry: Yeahpp

Caller: They were like 5 miles from the tornadoes. She didn't get anything but... That was close though. Saturday, Friday they were getting more coming through...yap...

Sherry: Yeah and like yesterday it was like 68, 70s in February

Caller: ...yeah wasn't it...

Sherry: ...yeah it was so windy it was crazy...

Caller: ...yeah it was...

Sherry: ...and today it was cold...

Caller: ...yep...

Sherry: it's really cold and windy you can see the winds really whipping up...

Caller: ...yeah, oh yeah 40, 50 mile an hour winds in Iowa today, yesterday too and dark too. You could really feel it. It's not as windy today out's really dark out. Dreary.

Sherry: Yep, yep. Yeah it's been real windy.

Caller: Yeah. She had a weird thing happen to her not the day of the tornadoes but this morning she woke up she sent me a picture of and I swear to God she's not like that at all and but she sent me a picture when she woke up this morning and on her wall she took a picture of a big lighted angle what looked like an angel ... she said the sun was coming through and you could see a head, a round head and the big wings. It was really weird. She said it was a weird feeling.

Sherry: I heard there was a lot of lighting. A lot of lightning. No thunder. Just a lot of lightning.

Caller: We had a little lightning here...the other night...but not but yeah... I have a question. This happened to me a few times. Not a lot. But just the other...oh a few weeks ago. What does it mean when you go under street lights and they go off? I mean not just one...

Sherry: (laughing)

Caller: ...and not even on the same road. Within 10 minutes of each other 3 went off right as soon as we went underneath them...

Sherry: It's usually indicative of people who have been chip implanted.

Caller: Ohhh great because that just happened to my husband and he's had many surgeries lately.

American Medical Association and American Dental Associations pre-load...
Sherry: Yeah and they pre-load all that stuff with chips. All their all their -- if you've had dental work and the AMA and the ADA all pre-load IV's and dental (items). I want to say it's usually from dental work and chip implants and if you are energetic. You have a high level of energy. That that can trigger those kinds of things.

Caller: I'm high energy...

Sherry: I'm talking about a different type of energy.

Caller: Oh...oh...

Sherry: Just a high amount of energy.

Caller: But I went read on-line just to look up different points of view some say it's your spirit guides messing with you. Just mess'n around with ya trying to get...

Sherry: ...noooo...

Caller: ...some say it's aliens...some kinda alien contact. So.

Sherry: No I have to typically go with one of the 2 reasons I said because it's the same people where lights go out, who can't wear watches -- who will notice other differing affects throughout their lives -- or maybe it started at a different time after they've had a surgery or dental work done or an abduction experience of some kind.

Caller: Well I'm assuming as I mentioned my husband because I really didn't notice it until he said it so it coulda been him or I.

Sherry: Yeah

Caller: And he's had a lot of surgeries and I haven't had any and I don't go to the dentist that often and like that and I'm assuming it's him because he's had 3 surgeries and...

Sherry: Yeah they always stick em in before they close you up. And you know chips are the size of a grain of rice and they can stick em anywhere now...I mean just put them in drinks and ...

Caller: Yeah I know we all probably got one or two and ...

Sherry: The best thing to do is get neodymium magnets and put them on your skin for awhile. Couple hours 12 , 8 hours. So.

Caller: Is it good too to stay in the house when there's a lot of chem trails out? Should I want to do that?

Sherry: Certainly

Caller: I would want to do that?

Sherry: Certainly

Caller: As I said that I'm looking outside and I won't go outside today.

Sherry: Yeah and the problem is your area may not get chem trails because you got it saturated and it's not getting chem trails but you drive over into a different area and it does get them. So you're touching the crap that comes on your car. And a lot of this stuff is invisible to the naked eye.

Who was that guy he just died was only 43yrs old?
Caller: Yeah and there been a lot in Iowa and it's when you can see the sky you know? What was that guy who just died this morning he was only 43 and the government said that he was out at midnight? That was kinda weird that...and he died from a heart attack that was really weird and they say he was some guy that tried to tell the truth to people. I don't know I just...

Sherry: Imagine that another truth seeker going down...

Caller: Yeah, yeah...

Sherry: Yeah they have heart attack machine weapons I've been dealing with that stuff for years.

Caller: Forty three out at midnight they say Yeah. ...walking they say.

Sherry: Yeah all of the sudden hit with one of their high tech heart attack weapons. They call it a night. Oh look a 43 year old died. There's been a lot of deaths. They've been targeting a lot of people.

Caller: Yeah and no one listens to me and my dad I mean my husband I'm lucky hasn't taken my phone away. My husbands turned off the computer because he thinks I'm crazy over all this...

Sherry: ...yeah well...

Caller: ...and if he hears me talking about this to anyone...I guess he can't keep track any more because I really haven't...they really said that I need therapy...that they're seriously, so...

Sherry: Ask him .... a man in his 40's...

Caller: I usually only one I talk to is you -- I can't seriously they said they'd put me in for therapy or something talking about all this so I can't do it any I'm...

The Lord's going to allow it
Sherry: They're the very ones that are warned will blame you because they're blind sided. So. Hauled off into FEMA camps and the Lord's going to allow...

Caller: When they come to get him I'll tell him I told you so.

Sherry: Alright well thanks for calling in.

Caller: OK well keep us...have you seen anything heard anything in the Codes for March? Yet?

Sherry: Yeah but I'm really not, you know. I'm not gonna speculate for March. I'm just going to warn about the tornadoes and because it's their death month. We'll see what happens.

Caller: OK. Yeah I always look around the 11th (for) something going on too, so...OK God bless.

Sherry: Alright thanks a lot for calling in.

Caller: Thank you. Bye buy.

Caller was reading about orgone has a question
Sherry: Hello caller you're on the air.

Caller: Ah. Hello?

Sherry: Yes

Caller: Uhm hey uhm hey I was reading some stuff online about orgone and it said that you might actually be able to attract evil entities. And the web page that comes up mostly is this web site what is that called...A Mighty Wind.

Sherry: You know you know what she's...whatever. If you make D.O.E. orgone Dead Orgone Energy it's going to attract evil and that's what the Don Croft crowd has made for years and sells on eBay and that's what we've been warning about.

Caller: Mmmhmm

Positive Orgone Energy destroys wicked evil beings
Sherry: Don't make Dead Orgone Energy. And so if you follow the directions on my web site that will make Positive Orgone Energy you're not gonna have that problem. It repels wicked it crashes UFOs it keeps aliens and demons outta your room. And try it before you become a backseat expert. You know you've got all these people online who just hate and want to criticize when they've never even tried it. And they'll claim they did but they haven't. It wasn't mine. You know?

Caller: Yeah also on your Monday show were you aware...where...were you aware... and this made me laugh a little bit that you were calling Donald Rumsfeld...Ronald Dumbsfeld?

Sherry: Yeah

Caller: Yeah

Sherry: Donald Dumbsfeld...or rather Ronald Dumsfeld? Yeah.

Caller: That might have been intentional?

Sherry: Yeah. I mean yeah. These are all buddies of mine. And so yeah we've been going at it for a long time. So yeah. I call him a dummy he's a dummy. You know? They're all dummies.

Caller: So uhm...what do you think of David Icke?

Sherry: Oh the man who thinks he's the Messiah? You what know he has a lot of good info. His biggest problem is that he's rejected Yahushua as the Messiah. And so he comes ...

Caller: Well yeah because he's anti-religion and stuff like that.

David Icke's biggest problem is he rejects Yahushua
Sherry: Right. And so the fact that he's become a hater makes him accessed to demon possession and everything else. And so you've seen him go from over the years from a huge whistle blower and truth seeker to down the tubes shape shifting whatever. I've seen You Tubes of his...

Caller: Oh yeah that's what I wanted to ask how do you feel about those reptilian shape shifting videos on line?

Sherry: It's what I've been warning about for years so I was kinda glad people were taking notice and making videos and taking notice. I'm not real tech oriented. I don't put out many videos. You can see it on TV. If you've got one of these flat screen plasma TV's that are that prevalent. You can walk up and look at peoples eyes. Look at journalists eyes, sport commentators, news broadcasters. You can see their snake slit eyes. They can't hide it anymore.

Caller: The Jimmy Johnson one and the Joel Olsteen one are pretty creepy.

Sherry: Yeah, Joel Olsteen's a shape shifter. He's involved with a satanic group in Houston Texas. They can't hide it. I'm glad people are waking up and posting videos.

Caller: Alright well thanks for taking my call.

Sherry: Alright well thanks for calling in. Yah Bless.

Always the same haters after Sherry
And folks there's always going to be haters after me and it's always the same ones. No shock and no surprise. You know. Always there. Whenever I see satan in the Bible Codes the same people who attach me guess who it's from? It's always the same people on the Internet. Take his lead and come up and attack me.

It's always the same people. No shock. No surprise when I see it in the Codes I see it coming from certain others on the Internet. They'll be running their mouths. I pay no attention to it. I know where it's coming from. Yes. There is D.O.E. orgone there is also P.O.E. orgone and I know there's a certain video this woman says she bought my orgone. She did not buy my orgone. She bought orgone from a person in Canada claiming she was making my orgone. And that's why she had bad affects with the orgone. The lady in Canada she bought it from is a soul scalped witch. And so...I mean you can look at her new age videos, satanic videos and it's no wonder and so...there's always going to be haters.

Is Australia in the Codes?
Question earlier in the chat room: Do I see Australia in the Codes?

Sherry: No. Not lately. So you're good for now. It's quiet down there. Usually I'll see Adelaide come up but it's been quiet nothing really going on in Australia that I'm seeing.

I've been seeing Spain come up in the Codes. Unusually. I don't know what's going on with Spain. I don't know if they were just involved in this recent conference in Denmark. I don't know they've had a world conference going on bringing in world scientists -- how they can stop the orgone. May have something to do with that. I don't know.

But Spain has been coming up and so I thought that was interesting because they're usually quiet. And I know there was a book written years ago Juan Carlos of Spain being the anti-Christ and all that and that's just another one of those Jack Van Impe selling a book routes you know...

Don't always believe what those masons put out folks. I wouldn't believe anything they say. Anyway. Be back on Monday night. 10 o'clock. Be talking more about the coming events to look out for this year. Anyway. Yah bless everybody.