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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
March 5, 2012

Make the Tornadoes Move Away or Fizzle Out by Getting Orgone Walls Up

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it is a cold one. I know it was just 70 degrees [Fahrenheit] last week. And now it's freezing. But that's either just Ohio for you, or the country in general. The weather's been kind of nuts everywhere. And typical for March, the blood month. I know last year we had record number tornadoes in March and April. And seems to be trying to repeat itself. I'm hearing from quite a few Orgone Warriors that their areas have been protected by incoming tornadoes that switched directions. Fizzled out or moved away from them. And pretty much seeing the same thing here in the state of Ohio.

I know we've branched out and put up walls, orgone walls, across the state. Not just our own areas and counties, but literally across the state. And so, so far Ohio's been pretty immune to these high winds and tornadoes that have been affecting other states. And so, you know, a shout-out to the Warriors in those states. Get the orgone walls up. You know, you've gotta get away from your own yard and get areas away from you so that they don't come towards you to begin with. And it's all about protecting other people as well. Protecting our states, protecting our breadbaskets. And, you know, it's just gonna be typical for the next month.

Did You Know That When You Support the State of Israel, You're Not Supporting the Jews of the Bible?

I know they're kind of amusing with [Benjamin] Netanyahu in town with Obama. Because Obama does not want to go to war with Israel. And they're furious; the Satanists running Israel today. And, you know, it really takes a lot of energy to try to wake up the Christian crowd, because they're the ones with their heads buried most deep in the sand. You know, they rally around Israel like they're the Israel of the Bible. And they wanna support Israel, and they think it's their Christian duty to support Israel, and that they're not real Christians if they don't support Israel.

This is all part of the mind control that the Satanists have over the church. Because, folks, the Jews in Israel today are not real Jews. They're the fake Jews. The book of Revelation talks about--Revelation, I think it's 2:9 and chapter 3, verse 9. They're fake Jews. They don't even speak Hebrew or Aramaic. They speak Yiddish. They're not real Jews. And the book they follow, the Talmud, it's the most blasphemous piece of garbage you've ever read even tidbits of. And I have articles on my website, at, Tidbits from the Talmud [] and other articles exposing the Talmud. And it's satanic filth. You know, it talks about Jesus burning in hot excrement in hell. Talks about those who believe in him should be beheaded.

And these...these are the ones you wanna support? These are the ones your rallying cries go around to protect. And you wanna send them money and love from America? Give me a break, folks. Zionism is just a Jewish term for New World Order. The New World Order has nothing to do with Zion, Jerusalem, the Lord's people. You know, most Christians don't even know what exactly they're supporting when you mention Israel today. They think it's the Israel people from the Bible. It's not, folks. Wake up. There's more real Jews in New York City than the state of Israel today, the country of Israel.

They're satanic. They're Satanists. They worship the Talmud. They're part of the New World Order arm for Satan. So it's takes a lot of energy just tryin' to wake up the churches today. It's exactly why they're supporting Israel. Why they want our president to.

No, the Tornadoes Are Not the Lord's Warning to Us to Support Israel

And this whole thing with all these tornadoes lately. I know a lot of people are always saying, "Oh, there's HAARP rings up." There's always HAARP rings up. "And it's HAARP doing the damage." But I was talking to a scientist and he said something interesting to me. He said,--and another friend had said the same thing--HAARP can be powered up to do something in particular. It can be used as a Hurricane, a Katrina. It could be used as a tornado weapon. Take out a city like Joplin, Missouri. Little town of Joplin or any area they wanna target with a tornado.

But to have it running incessantly isn't necessarily HAARP, because HAARP has to be recharged. It would need time to sit back and recharge itself. And I saw--didn't see the video, but I saw a picture of it on a video, of a tornado that was recently going through one of the Midwestern states, and there was a UFO on top of it. Somebody took a picture of it and there was a UFO at the very top of the tornado. That makes more sense to me. Because, you know, they're gearing up a week of tornadoes, getting everybody into the mindset that, "Hey," you know, "Netanyahu's comin' to the country. We better support Israel or the Lord's gonna be mad and destroy our country." Perfect little kind of mind control ploy, don't ya think? Start up all these tornadoes by these UFOs. HAARP, whatever you wanna believe's causing them. And then claim it's the Lord's judgment because it's a warning that we better support Israel.

Folks, in all these years, Iran has never attacked another country. We have the ten-year war of Iraq and Iran, and that was back in the 70s. Modern-day Iran hasn't attacked anybody. They're no threat to anybody. They don't wanna war. Obama doesn't want a war. And that's quickly putting him on the outside of the bankers in D.C. who do want a war. They want a war because they wanna see more bloodshed. They want sacrifice. They want suffering. All that empowers Satan and empowers their agenda. They're all a bunch of bloodsucking Satanists.

Israel wants the war. And we know there's gonna be a war.

Damascus Has Been an Important City to the Alien Agenda - Ashtar Command Has a Foothold There

But what I find fascinating, whether Iran is involved or not, there will be a war with Syria. And they've already been starting it. They have their, you know, prewar troops and their aggravating CIA in there, and the terrorist organizations they fund in there, to cause destruction and death. What I find interesting behind the scenes is that Damascus has been an important city to the alien agenda. And so, I find it amusing that--in this particular month--that they're going kind of full force into Syria. They wanna go in and maybe instigate Iran into attacking them if they go to war with Syria, because Syria and Iran are allies.

But the alien agenda folks are there. The Ashtar Command. Because whenever I'm in the Bible Codes working, I see them. I see Damascus come up. And I see the Buffalo are there. And the Buffalo is another term for this Ashtar Command. So interesting there's kind of like a factional war going on behind the scenes that's really probably the reason that they're not really, you know, they never let anybody know what's really usually going on in the background. That's why I speak so much of it.

But you have the New World Order crowd against the alien New Age crowd. And this New World Order crowd, the neocons, and Zionist Kabbalists, and everybody else, trying to retain power, going to war against Damascus and Syria where the Buffalo, this Ashtar Command, has a foothold. So it's kind of like a behind the scenes factional war going on. Because they're tryin' to hold power and retain power, and this New Age alien agenda is rising up and slowly taking over.

Every Satanic Faction Thinks that What Satan's Telling Them Is True - But He's the Father of Lies

And I told you this would be the year that this New World Order agenda goes down. It will be exposed for what it is, and it will go down. They don't believe it will, of course. They all believe they're pretty invincible and can do whatever they want because, you know, they've got all the days and years into eating poop, having sex with donkeys, being sodomized by donkeys, drinking urine, sacrificing babies, sacrificing people, and having orgies. And this is the kind of satanic things that they do. And they do them weekly. They do them often. And so, they think they're pretty ritualed-up, I guess, to get blessings from Satan, protection from Satan.

You know, it makes you laugh because there's so many factions just within them. There's not one big faction that rules the New World Order crowd because they're all broken up into different factions as well. And every faction thinks that what Satan's telling them is true. That's why they'll fight to the death against each other. And they all think they're right and they're the ones that have favor with Satan. 'Cause he lies to everybody. What'd the Lord say about him? He the "father of lies"? He's a liar. Because at the same time he's lying to all these New World Order political factions, he leads the New Age alien faction that's warring against the New World Order faction. He leads them all. You know? So it's kind of amusing just to sit back and watch all of them fight it out. We already know who's gonna win the final war. But right now we just have to sit and watch these factions going at it.

What's Going on at Fort Knox Is So Secret that Our Presidency Isn't Allowed to Know

Something else I wanted to talk about tonight and bring up. And I've been talking about Fort Knox the last couple shows. And I'm going to expose that tonight, talk a little bit about that. For most of you who know, Fort Knox is a Army base. It's in Kentucky, south of Louisville, north of Elizabethtown. It's a 109,000-acre base. Covers parts of three different counties. And what's in particular about this Army base is the bouillon depository that is held there used to be this facility that is owned and operated by the Treasury department sitting on this military base. And it's supposedly where all of our gold is held. You'll see these shows on the History Channel and they'll be talking about Fort Knox and how it holds all the gold and, you know. [scoffs] Well, maybe at one time that was true. But there is no gold at this base. There hasn't been for a long time.

And, in fact, what happens at this base now is so secret that our own presidency isn't allowed to know what goes on there. There are--and I've said before--it's 8 to 12 levels of security above the presidency in this country. So you have to be in one of those highest Umbra security levels to even know what's going on at Fort Knox. You know, the president could ask what's going on at Fort Knox and they'll tell him he can't know, he's not allowed to know. That's the answer he gets. How do you deal with that, if you're supposed to be in the highest position in the land, as president of the United States, and people tell you you can't know, your security clearance isn't high enough? [laughs] Won't that just get on your nerves?

And the people think the presidency's the highest office, but it's not. It's not. You know, there's Umbra levels above the presidency. And these positions are run by self-appointed and self-anointed people, because they're not elected into office. We didn't elect them there. Congress didn't appoint them to the positions they're in. So exactly who's appointing and anointing people to hold classified clearance that even the president can't have? That's the shadow government. The shadow government runs it. The same shadow government that runs our Black Ops in this country. All the sex slave rings, the pedophile rings, the drugs, cartels. You know? They run all this stuff to fund all their bases and Black Ops so Congress has no idea what they're doing. They don't even have the security clearance to find out.

Fort Knox Is a Very Dominant Alien Base, Like Dulce Base

So I thought it would be interesting to find out exactly what's going on at Fort Knox. Because we know there's no gold there. You know, back in 2010, I noticed in the Codes the vaults were empty. It could've been empty before then. But I know, without a doubt, from 2010, 2009, there wasn't any gold there. So what's happened with this base? This base within a base, you might wanna say. This facility owned and operated by the Treasury department. It might shock you, because it's been turned into something a little worse than the Dulce Base. And if you haven't read my article [The Prisoners of Dulce Base] or heard my audios on the Dulce Base, I have those in archives, Go to the archives page. I have my articles page at sherrytalkradio. Go to my articles page and read about the Dulce Base, [also The Dulce Book by Branton online]

And much like Dulce Base, this Fort Knox is a 14-level base. And it's also, like Dulce, a very dominant alien base. There's not a lot of humans that work at this base. The humans that have worked on it, it's like a revolving door. They're brought in to fulfill a job, and then they're killed to keep them quiet. So it's kind of like a punishment base. Or, you know, if you've got a scientist that's on the outs, the government wants to kill him, for whatever reason, keep him quiet. Send him to Fort Knox to do a short stint at that base, and then kill him. Just one of these very exclusive bases that a lot of people, a lot of humans, don't have access to. And that's pretty much how Fort Knox has always been run because before, when there was gold in it, they had reasons for protecting the gold. Now they have reasons of protecting something much more sinister and evil that's taking place there. And it's pretty much an alien-dominated base.

Security guards there are Draconians. And Draconians are Reptilians from the star system, Draconis. And they happen to be the larger Reptilians with wings. You can always tell the stature and rank of Reptilians by their height and status, whether they have the wings or not. Draconians often hide it by wearing black, I've noticed. A lot of them will wear black capes. Black helmets to hide their faces. They look like Darth Vaders [main villain of Star Wars]. Now, I don't know if it's Darth Vaders guarding Fort Knox, but I know it's Draconians.

Also, Greys are used as security force for inside of Fort Knox. Humans are only allowed to like, the 6th level. It goes down to 14, but just like Dulce Base, I think it was the 5th level in Dulce Base. No one was allowed below the 5th or 7th level. Because these bases, themselves, are built on top of ancient Reptilian tunnels. And so, a lot of the lower floors, the 8th, 9th, 10th, on to the 14th also incorporated a lot of these ancient Reptilian tunnels, just like they did at Dulce Base (or do at Dulce Base).

Things that Have Been Seen at Fort Knox - A Huge Brain That Feeds Off Human Body Parts & 3-Foot-Long Killer Beetles

And so, I'm gonna talk about some various things that have been seen at this Fort Knox. And I've been working on Bible Codes on it. And it can be very difficult. Some of these Codes are very large. And you'll often run into other things going on that have nothing to do with Fort Knox. And, you know, that's indicative, when you're doing Codes. You'll run into other things, current events going on, future, or present, or past, during a Code. And you have to be able to analyze what's what and what refers with what. So it can be very time-consuming.

But I believe it's the second floor of this base, there is a huge brain mechanism. And it looks like a brain. It's huge. It's a large brain. And constantly referred to as a machine because it's like a living organism. And they feed things to this brain. It's like a living thing, itself, this brain. It's like its own being, its own person, its own thing. It's a living organism. Looks like a big brain.

And on another floor of this base there are these 3-foot-long beetles. And they're some kind of alien creatures that look like, the best thing we can describe them, as very large beetles. And what they do is, they bring in people that they've abducted off the streets of this country, off of other countries, perhaps. But they bring in people that they've abducted and they feed them to these beetles. Actually they, the beetles will kill these people, and then the people will be taken away from the beetles once they're dead. And their organs are harvested out of their bodies, and the organs are fed to this brain machine, organism, on the second floor. They're fed by--they have a tube or something. And they feed the blood and organs of these people that were killed by the beetles into this brain.

Abducted People, Satanic Orgy Rituals, Infected Beetles, and Creating Plagues and Diseases

Often, these people, before they're killed, they're forced to participate in satanic orgy rituals held on the base before they're given to the beetles to be killed. And so, that's some kind of satanic sacrificing being done. Their orgies and rituals are, you know, always satanic parties for Satan. And, either way, then their organs are harvested, and they're fed into this brain thing, this machine. And this machine is used to create some kind of diseases and plagues. And it has something to do with DNA. With man's DNA. Because the important thing is that these infected beetles, when they kill the people, they infect them with some kind of the plagues and diseases, so that when the people's organs and blood are fed into this beast, their organs are already infected with these plagues.

I don't know how it all works together. But in the same scenario, there's also these huge, womblike egg sacs. And they have...they grow, I guess you could say, people into them. Something like what you would see in The Matrix. There's a picture for the Matrix movie and it shows these sacs with infants in them. [The Matrix Photo] Well, at this base, there's adults in them. Maybe just grown up as adults in the sacs? I don't know.

But there's some kind of...something to do with larva and DNA of these infected parasites. And perhaps, they're cloning people to be immune to the coming diseases they plan on unleashing on mankind. I don't...I don't know what the significance is. I don't even know if the cloning has to do with this machine or the second one that only 5 people in that entire base even know exists that I'm gonna talk about. But it has something to do with creating plagues and diseases. This living brain. Everything that's fed into it somehow produces some kind of larvae that's extracted from it. And they use this to develop plagues and viruses, I'm assuming. Something to do with that.

A Second Brain Exists in Fort Knox That Satan Doesn't Want People to Know About

Further on in the base, further below the base, in the cordoned off areas where no humans are allowed, basically, just kind of a story that goes along with this one. There's a second brain in the facility. There's a faction of aliens, and they're referred to as Birds and Amoebas. And these Amoebas existed as a hive mind. And they took over this Bird faction of aliens. And this bird faction broke off from their original hive-mind to create their own hive-mind, if that makes sense. It's almost like a rebellious group of these Bird-faction aliens broke off to create their own group. So they joined what's called the Lucifer Consciousness. The Luciferian Consciousness. And so, what they did was they built both of these brains that are now held at Fort Knox. These brain organisms. They built them for Satan. And the second brain's function is closer to being of an amoeba hive-mind brain machine. Some kind of consciousness, some kind of brain organism that controls, or produces, or maintains (I don't know exactly how you'd say it) their own hive-mind consciousness.

Now, the original builders of the two brains, these brain machines, Satan killed them, had them killed. And especially for the second one, because no one is supposed to know that the second brain exists. And on the second brain there's a tube. I think it's on the top. And it's like a door, and you open it. It's like a chute that goes down into it. It's like a chute, or, you know, a cabin, or a tunnel, so you can imagine. And what they do is they throw human bodies and organs down into it to feed it.

And they only feed this machine in alignment with certain star alignments. I don't know if that's monthly or however how they do it. But only when there's certain star alignments do they feed this second machine. And I have a feeling it's because this second machine has something to do with, uh, as a dimensional weapon of some sorts. I don't even know if it's a weapon, but it has something to do with operating in more than one dimension. It's a dimensional thing.

If You Destroyed the Crystal Piece at the Top of the Middle of the Second Brain, That Operates It, It Would Die

They use crystal reactor generators to power this entire facility at Fort Knox. There's a crystallike piece attached to the top of the middle portion of the second brain. If you destroyed the crystal piece in the top in the middle of this brain, then the second brain would, itself, die. Because it's the crystal piece that operates it. You know, if you looked at an Indian's head, like today in modern India where they have those jewels in the middle of their foreheads, the third eye, that's almost what this is almost describing. A brain with a crystal piece as its third eye. If you destroyed the crystal piece, you would destroy that brain.

I don't know what the significance is of the second brain. The first one creates viruses, and diseases, and plagues. And I'm not sure what the significance of the second brain is.

Embryo-Type Sacs, Fungus and Sporelike Diseases, and Xenomorphs

There's sacs where these people are being--they're like embryos--where people are being held on different sections of the base. I don't know what they're being specifically cloned for. If this birdlike faction is trying to clone human bodies so that they can assimilate into our society as humans, that would make sense.

One of the features of this Amoeba birdlike faction is their eyes. Alleged they have red, pink, or purple eyes. And I'm hearing a lot lately of people having red eyes. And I'm thinking, "I wonder if they're part of this Bird faction?" This Amoeba Bird faction, you know, that's taking over. They take over alien factions. They take--now they're trying to take over humanity. But I don't know for sure.

One of the mutated diseases they produce in this base is a fungus and sporelike disease. So if you think of fungus-based and sporelike diseases and plagues, you know. I can't even imagine...maybe the zombie virus is a fungus-based...I don't even know. I'd have to do research on what some of these H1N1 and other diseases they've come out with, if they're fungus and sporelike diseases.

I know I've been seeing the word "pope" in the Bible Codes. And interesting that these baby beetles, they suck on bone marrow of the people that've been killed. And so, it makes ya--[audio may have skipped here]and if that's the pope that I'm seeing in the Bible Codes.

They also have xenomorphs down there. And I've posted pictures of xenomorphs on my website at These are the AI's the artificial intelligence whatever you wanna call them. They--aliens--they look like bugs. I don't know what you call them. They look--machines. Half machine, half bug. Half machine, half man. They're xenomorphs. They're just artificially intelligent machines. I don't know. But down in Fort Knox, in this base, they're using xenomorphs as lab rats to produce even more mutated-looking xenomorphs.

Fort Knox Has Been Set Up to Be an Earthly Shema

In a nutshell, Fort Knox has been set up to be an earthly Shema. It's a disease-making factory. Only, this base goes after everybody. Angels, animals, hybrids, humans, demons. Because these Amoebas, themselves, they're most like those alien movies you've seen. I'm thinking about the one alien. It was in the sewers of New York City and these grotesque creatures, they leech onto these people, take over them. Or the kind that ends up crawling down your mouth as a parasite, and then taking over that person's body. Reminds me of what Amoebas are. What the amoebas do. You know, you could--I don't know if I'm right. I mean, I have no idea. But I'm picturing these kinds of aliens--you know, they travel down into your mouth as a parasite and take over your body. Or become like leeches and leech onto your back and slowly eat into your skin or something. I don't know.

The Amoebas Are Even More Powerful Than the Greys at Reading Minds and Manipulating People

But this amoeba hive is really nasty. And they're all afraid of it because the amoebas are even more psychic and more powerful than the hive-mind of the Greys are. People have talked about how psychic the Greys are 'cause they can read your mind. And they're hive-minded, meaning they work in a group collective. They don't have individualness about them. That's why it's called a hive mind. Because somebody else is doing all their thinking for them. They don't think on their own, they just do as they're told. And they operate as a group that way. There's always somebody above them telling them what to do. So they don't have to think. They don't do any thinking of their own. And these Amoebas, this Bird faction, is much more powerful than even the Greys are at reading minds and being able to control and manipulate people.

A Ritual Altar Made of Hearts

There's a ritual altar at Fort Knox made of hearts. Human, alien, whatever. Made of different types of hearts. Which is really sick.

One Floor Produces Metals for Machines, Weapons, UFOs

One floor of the facility produces machinery, uh, produces metals. I mean, produces metals for machines, weapons, UFOs. There's a floor of just various different metals that's being produced there. You have to wonder if it's not the metals for UFOs that they're building. Because they have to build their own UFOs as well. As we keep crashing them out of the skies, they're frantic rebuilding and trying to maintain an alien presence in our altitude and to be able to go off to their starships. You know, they have to build their own UFOs.

A Word to the Wise in the U.S. Military Who Are Building UFOs

And not only that, you have the U.S. military building their own UFOs to mimic alien UFOs. And so, they, you know, have to look like alien UFOs, too. Probably a joint effort there with humans and aliens building alien UFOs. But a word to the wise in the U.S. military: If you're going to fly alien craft, then you're going to crash and burn just as much as the alien crafts are when you hit our orgoned areas.

Our orgone is a dimensional, archaic aether energy, and it destroys 4th dimension weapons, 4th dimension beings, 4th dimension vehicles. And so, if our human military is going to try to mimic being alien, and use alien technology for their crafts, or even make alien technology and fly them, they're gonna burn just like the aliens are doing. Stay away from the alien tech.

You know, I know Black Ops and our Air Force right now is all about alien tech. All about creating and flying UFOs, and using alien tech in their latest stealth aircraft coming out. Well, you're gonna run into problems, because you're gonna run into our orgoned areas. And you're gonna find that your airplanes aren't gonna work, and they're gonna crash. So, heads up to stay away from the alien tech.

You would think they would be giving them this heads up knowledge already, themselves, because the aliens can't fly in our skies. They're crashing everywhere.

Can Orgone Really Saturate the Air Thousands of Feet Up? You Bet!

And one of the funniest things I've heard is, "Can orgone really saturate that high up in space? Can it really saturate the air thousands of feet up?" You bet! We just chased Nibiru out of here. You know, Nibiru was comin' in from the eastern gate behind the sun. We chased it out. Couldn't take the orgone. Now it's hunkering down at the South Pole where it's cold to restructure and rebuild itself. So that it can withstand being in orgoned areas.

What exactly do you do to restructure yourself to be able to withstand being in orgoned areas? Have they figured out a way to block the orgone? 'Cause I don't know of any way that they've ever come up with that's worked. I know they've tried to come up with ways to work. But nothing has.

Spent millions burying some kind of device--talked about that last year on my show--in the White House lawn. If it worked, they'd be in the White House. I mean, proof's in the pudding. I know I had--I tried having all these people tell me it does work, it's blocking the orgone, it's not affecting them. And, yeah, proof's in the pudding, folks. If it worked, they'd be in the White House. Obama, Michelle, and the White House advisors wouldn't be hiding and traveling in all different directions in the country and D.C. just to get away from the White House, because of the orgone.

So if they have managed to find a way, I'm unaware of it. I'm sure I'd be the first to know, as well. I'm sure they'd be in my front yard. [laughs softly] I know they wanna be. I know they're all about wanting to be in my front, back, and north, south, east, and west of my house, and they can't get near me, so, you know, they go to Plan B; chill the air.

If Cold Air Suppresses Orgone, and Space Is Cold, Why Are the Ships in Space Still Crashing?

I don't know who it was. Maybe it was Wilhelm Reich, himself. I don't know. But somebody was sayin' that cold air would suppress the power of orgone. Hmm. Really? And so, every time you think about, "Why is it so cold? Are they trying to suppress the orgone? Does it really work?" I mean, how do you know if it works? I don't know. I's cold, but it's also February--well, it's March--and so, it's typically cold this time of year.

You know, make it freeze, and bring snow at the end of June, and then we'll have something to discuss about cold air suppressing orgone. I don't know. I'm not sure that it does. Because orgone's an aether energy and space is cold as it is. I can't think of any place colder than space. Space is cold. And so, if orgone is still proliferating through space, and blowing up starships, and crashing their UFOs, and affecting planets, and affecting boulders in space like Nibiru and PX [Planet X], and Shema, and the Capricorn, then my answer is it doesn't matter if it's hot or cold, orgone was effective. Because space is cold and orgone seems to be working just as fine in space. So why would it matter if our atmosphere, in this first heaven, was hot or cold? Did it really suppress it? I don't think so. I think it's just one of their desperation attempts to see if it does, say that something does. I don't know. Interesting. That's all I can say.

No Gold in Fort Knox - Just Different Alien Factions and a Lot of Dead Humans

But that's pretty much in a nutshell, folks, as what's taken over Fort Knox. Mind you, owned and operated by the federal Treasury Department. Thought I'd tell ya who and what's running this country; the federal Treasury Lizards. The Department of the Treasury. This facility is operated solely, only by the Treasury Department. Nice. Disease-, plague-generating, clone-generating, beetle aliens eating humans. This is what our Treasury Department does? You know? So are people pissed off yet? Where's the gold? What happened to the gold that was at Fort Knox? It was stolen years ago. The Bushes' administration. Daddy Bush cleaned that out a long time ago. Ask them where the gold is. They'll probably tell ya, "Oh, we moved it." Really? [laughs] We believe you.

No gold in Fort Knox. Just aliens, different factions of aliens, and a lot of dead humans. A lot of dead humans, folks. That's disgusted me so bad it just...I could hardly do the show, it just makes me so depressed. People abducted off the streets. Milk-carton kids who've disappeared. Mothers and kids who've disappeared. Fathers and their kids who've disappeared. They end up at places like these. These alien bases. Who kill and feed them as food for various things.

At Dulce Base Grey Aliens Soak in Vats of Human Body Parts to Absorb Nutrients

You know, at Dulce Base, they have these huge vats with boiling water. They're like jacuzzis, except they're made of aluminum or whatever. These metal vats. And they cut up humans so that their body parts are boiling inside these vats. And Grey aliens soak in them. It's like a jacuzzi of human body parts. Grey aliens will soak in the mixture, that water, because it gives vitamins and nutrients. It's how they eat. They eat through their skin. They don't have normal digestive systems like animals and humans do. They're porous and they eat through their skin. And by mixing in human body parts to the fluid, I don't know, it gives them good nutrients, I guess. It's how they eat. And so, at Dulce Base, there's tens and hundreds of cages of people being locked up and held there to wait until their turn to be cut up, and chopped up, and put into one of these vats. I mean, it just breaks your heart it's so sick.

Scientists Are Being Forced to Work at Fort Knox by Being Implanted with Devices that Explode

I don't know--I know there's captives being held at Fort Knox, I don't know how many. I saw the term "captives." That could be scientists for all we know, because--as well. Well, we know they're feeding them people. I don't know if they're bringing them in daily, or monthly, or what they're doing, how they're doing it. But you know, when you're a scientist on the outs with our government, you know too much, what they do is they put devices on them and force them to work for them. 'Cause if they refuse to go to work and do what they're told, they'll blow them up. The devices that are implanted into their chests. And they're forced to work for the government this way. And I've heard this from several different people, and every time I hear it, it's a different kind of device that's been put on this person. But that's what they do to the scientists. They threaten them by death. Literal death. And even when you end up with a Fort Knox assignment, you don't make it out alive. It's early retirement plan for our government. You want a job with a real short career and early retirement plan? Become a scientist for the government.

Orgone Target - Fort Knox Base

They're probably connected; these bases. They probably have some kind of underground tunnel system that connects Dulce to Fort Knox. And I'm wondering if Dulce hasn't transferred over a lot of things to Fort Knox, because we successfully targeted Dulce years ago with orgone. Dulce Base and Taos, New Mexico. Underneath Taos it's a huge Reptilian base. And we got both of those bases. And now Fort Knox is popping up. So if you're all lookin' for a mission to do, got Warriors in Tennessee, Kentucky, surrounding areas, Ohio, lookin' for a mission to do, why don't we get out there and get Fort Knox. Get this base. Ohio River runs beside it.

Wonder if it's just one of those places that just feels really creepy if you're in a boat floating by. On the outside you don't see anything. You just see the building, itself, the building they show on websites of Fort Knox and the television shows. You see a singular building sitting back off the road on very secured private property. Would not even suggest going near the building, itself. It's very secure. They have underground weapons that can shoot up out from underneath the ground and start shooting at people. Would never suggest doing anything illegal. But the rest of the areas are, you know, there. Valley, trees, river, whatever.

We need to target that base, folks. So, put that in your plans. Your missions, your targets.

Help Us Reach Our Financial Goal of $50,000 By April for the Coming Orgone Missions

Still looking to accomplish $50,000 by April, folks. So that we can go after and start implementing our private official list. Our target list. Areas, and bases, and things we want to get. I need a lot of money to do that. Need supplies. Need a vehicle. Just need to be able to get busy now, so we can be busy in the spring and summer. And so, I need your support and continued donations to do that.

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Anyway, folks, I'll be back on Thursday with Aliens in the News at 1 o'clock. And then back on Monday again, next week. Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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