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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
March 12, 2012

Two Different Factions We're Dealing with Now - White Hat (New Age) Group and New World Order Group

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner, March 12. And this is gonna be one of those crazy nights because I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about tonight. [laughs] This goes truly for every Monday and Thursday, but not like tonight, and so. I'm just gonna mention what comes to my mind like I usually do, and so.

Trying to find this e-mail that I got. And, you know, I've been talking about people who work for the White Hats, the two different factions. And I didn't realize so many people are involved with the White Hat Group. I mean, I know they were, but I never had confirmations like now, and so. There's two different factions. You have the New World Order bullies, which is the neocons, and all the flunkies, and Lizards, and the Satanists. And then you have a bunch of different groups that split off from them and start their own groups, and so. There's like a million different groups just within the New World Order group. And they're always fighting each other. And they're always going at it and getting the nails out and the claws out trying to win their group whatever. And then you have what's being called the White Hat Group. And this is stemming from the White Dragon Society, the Japanese, there's also parts of Chinese, and just various military joint alien and patriot groups that could fall under this umbrella. That want to see want to see the downfall of the New World Order group.

And in particular, I have just always referred to this, what I'll call White Hat Group, as the New Age Alien agenda. And this is the one the Lord put me in over 10 years ago. You know, I used to be into the New World Order bully group, and watch that one, and was learning everything about that one. But then He pulled me aside and He started showing me this other group. And it was this other group that people just were not ready to accept. It was hard enough back then for people to accept UFOs and aliens. You know, I was before my time a decade ago. Everybody mocked me. Everybody hated me. They still do, but, you know, people have come a long way, because look how many talk show hosts and websites now are bringing out the alien and UFO agenda. The same people who used to laugh and mock at me, and call me crazy now have the same things on their websites about UFOs and aliens. And so, I've come a long way waking people up, bringing them along.

And I started talking about the New World Order alien agenda, New Age alien agenda. And that's been even harder for people to chew. But it's this agenda, folks, that is rising up now behind the scenes. And I did a website years ago called and it talks about their main economic program. And basically their main agenda is tearing down the New World Order and creating this whole new New Age here on Earth. And so, there's a lot of infighting between the two groups. A lot of double agents. A lot of people playing both sides. They could switch sides like a pair of socks. You know? And so, when agendas change, you may see the same people staying in power, maybe in different positions. But you might see the same faces and the people you already know staying in power because they've played both agendas all along. So that when one regime goes down, and the next one rises, they already have a position with the one that's rising, and so.

Taking Info from Certain Recognizable White Knight Journalists with a Grain of Salt

So there's a lot of stuff going on right now. And, you know, I was reading this e-mail. And I'm on a e-mail list of these White Hats. And it was part of the one that I posted on my site a month ago about how these White Knight journalists were being promoted, I guess you could say. The elders were promoting them and giving them tax-free status. I'm thinking, "Wow, that must be nice. Tax-free status? Retroactive to a bunch of years and they're gonna get that money back if they pay it in. Wow, so not just tax-free status, but like a bonus check, too."

And, in particular, some of the names that were very recognizable were Alex Jones, Linda Moulton-Howe, and Steve Quayle. And now I've kind of figured out, after all this time, 'cause I don't listen to him. I really don't pay attention to his website much. But he's always got these crazy alerts, you know, the Russians are coming, and the Russians are in Montana, the Russians are here. We're gonna be...we're gonna know, always something imminent happening. [Steve Quayle News Alerts: At the Brink of Nuclear War-U.S. vs. Russia] That's because he's been getting his info from the White Hats. And I usually take any information I get from the New Age alien agenda with a grain of salt. I can look in the Bible Codes and see what's happening. I take it with a grain of salt. I don't consider that high-level intelligence. It's factional fighting going on half the time.

A Letter I Received About Behind the Scenes Factional Fighting

Well, the latest scare tactic coming out of this White Hat society--I guess you could call this whole New Age agenda a White Hat society--is that, uh...well let me just read this letter.

[Letter as posted to Sherry's announcement list on Sunday, March 11]

a letter I received about behind the scenes factional fighting...
Dear friends,

In regards to the March 13-23 event, I cannot confirm any of this intel nor their sources, but according to hours old of intel that is being disseminated to certain forums, many sources in contact with Nesara have reported various pieces of intelligence that has been organized together to explain the following: currently there are two elite factions at the hight of silent war with each other over the control and future of the United States: the "Nesara white hat(good guys in the CIA, FBI, DOJ, ect)" forces will enforce a new government and banking system in America, and they will be expecting counterstrikes from the Illuminati and their extradimensional aka alien allies, who are intent on stopping Nesara from taking over the United States government. The result of this duel will be the entire US banking system and Federal Government closing down from the 13-23, as according to Nesara white hat forces, would be the ideal amount of time for Nesara to deal with and defeat the remaining Illuminati and alien power fronts. The collateral damage that would lead to 6 months of food and supply rationing is the Illuminati's anticipated undermining of important American super computer systems and power grids that would hamper and prevent Nesara's complete take over of America. Thus, the illuminati are trying to cause as much chaos as possible through disinformation about the event and undermine the American infrastructure in order to prevent the Nesara takeover. In the event that Nesara fails to conquer the Illuminati strongholds and take over America, China's military is reported to intervene through the Mexican and Canadian borders, as well as by sea on behalf of Nesara, to reinforce Nesara in subduing the illuminati's black military forces(domestic and UN airforce and military mercenaries). At the worst, Nesara intel sources predict that America would be divided into two regions, controlled by each faction, but they have reported that it is unlikely due to years of planning and strategizing for this event. Nesara plans to make the transition as peaceful and seamless as possible, that a their war or turbulence of any sort would not be noticed American public. If Nesara's take over is successful, their reign over America will be called the "Golden Age" that would introduce a debt Jubilee, a new world financial system, and release of suppressed technology. Nesara sources say in regards to their timeframe that their takeover of America would occur exactly on March 13 and plan to completely free America by the 23rd of the same month, if the Illuminati are not able to make a substantial amount of interference and delays.
As with all intel, never believe it, but be aware of it!
This could be referring to the joint AF/alien UFO invasion they've been planning and working on as a desperate attempt to stop their removal from power (Illuminati)...there's also been a lot of hacking and interference with banking computers the past week...
they're desperate, they would do anything to prevent the New Age Alien agenda (white hats) from taking over and losing any power to them...
but we all know, it's just a matter of time..
Sherry Shriner,

They'll Blame the Crashing Infrastructure of the Global Reset on Solar Flares

And so, there's a lot of fighting going. And if you're paying attention, there's been a global economic reset thing trying to happen. And over the last week or so there's been a lot of tampering with banking computers. A lot of hacking. Money disappearing, money being stolen out of accounts. And just general mayhem across the board as far as banking computers go. Because NESARA talks about the Illuminati, with no regard to our infrastructure, they would sabotage the infrastructure to stop this from happening. To stop this global reset from happening here in America with our banks. We have over 160 countries reevaluating their currencies. And last time this was supposed to happen (I know you'll all gasp in shock) was on 9/11. Instead of giving over any kind of control or money to the White Hat group so this reset thing could happen, they crashed the World Trade towers.

And so, you know, what are they gonna do now? What are they gonna do now? Are they gonna crash all the banking systems? You know, they said infrastructure. And so, yeah, that could be our computer systems, that could be our electrical grids. Because I told you they're blaming the sun. Solar flares from the sun. As soon as I saw that propaganda, I knew that they're using it as an excuse. You know? Because not only are they--they have a missile up on the moon ready to shoot at Jupiter to try to ignite that as a second sun. This whole propaganda thing, this whole sun flare thing doesn't sit right with me. So what are they gonna do? Knock out our electrical grids, blame it on a sun flare? Because they always have excuses up front to hide the real war going on behind the scenes.

We Are Ending the Age of Pices and Bringing in the Age of Aquarius

You know, if you read all this New Age stuff, the last couple weeks, they're talking about all these arrests everywhere, and all these people stepping down from their positions. You know, bankers, in particular. Heads of state around the world have stepped down. And so, it looks like the White Hats are making some progress. It looks like, you know, this might really move forward. And it's going to. It's just a matter of time, folks. The Illuminati is trying to hold on to power. But like I've said, the Illuminati has ruled in the Age of Pices. And we are ending the Age of Pices. I personally, you know, thought is was ending in 2008, 2009. We were on the timeline then, but then it just kind of stopped. And, boom! We jumped on a different timeline and went till now, which is four years later. And this kind of wacky stuff happens; timeline jumping. Just like it did last fall.

So now we're here again, with the ending of the Age of Pices and the bringing in of the Age of Aquarius. And for all intents and purposes, and meanings, this Age of Aquarius, what they call a Golden Age, is literally what this whole New World Order has really been about from the beginning. And that's taking the control of Earth away from man, the governance of Earth away from man, and aliens taking over it. It's a new world order. It's no more run by humans, and being totally run by aliens.

From the Silent Invasion to an Outright Takeover

And you might laugh. Go ahead. But you know what? The truth is it's already been happening. It's already been happening. Look at how many of our political leaders are Lizards. They're shape-shifting Lizards. Look at YouTube. You know, type in shape-shifters, shape-shifting lizards, reptilians. There are thousands of videos of television news reporters, celebrities, sports people, everybody, just various walks of life, people being caught shape-shifting, turning into Lizards. Losing their holograms, losing their human form. You can tell by their black-slit eyes.

And so, this has been going on for a long time already. The Lord told me back in 2005 it had begun. And I wrote an article, The Invasion, The Coming Invasion. [The Invasion....Has Begun] And I give a plan of--a 3-, 4-step plan, of how they were doing it. And we're at the end of that plan now, to where it comes out from being a silent invasion to an outright takeover. And so, this is where we're at in their invasion plans.

There's been a lot of people played as pawns, used as useful idiot bureaucrats to make this kind of thing happen. And all the Satanists and all their rituals because Satan needs more negative loosh. It's like spinach to him. He needs it for power. [Reference from cartoon character Popeye and the strength he gains from eating spinach] So he demands more and more sacrifices, more and more death. And that's why they're so busy. Because they think, you know, Satan's gonna come to Earth and they're gonna be in power and they're gonna be his right-hand men, they're gonna be his little buddies. And you know what? These people are fools. They're fools. They have been played right down to the last violin key.

And so, watching one regime going down, and the rising of another one. And the one is so arrogant, they could never believe they'd be taken down. But that's exactly what's gonna happen. And I'm not on either side. I war against both of them. I can attest to that. I war against both sides. I hate 'em both. You know, they're both enemies of the Most High. They're not friends of mine. I war against both sides. I don't have favorites here. I just sit back and call the shots. And I've been warning these people for years what was gonna be the end result, and they don't listen. They're too arrogant. They just believe they have all the money, they have all the power, they have all the positions. And they're gonna find out that that means nothing. It's a grain of salt. It's a grain of salt.

The Illuminati's Fighting to Prevent the Aliens from Implementing NESARA and Global Reset

Another thing to watch out for, because they're gonna get desperate and try to retaliate to keep this whole NESARA and global reset thing from happening--now, I really don't expect them to sit there and announce on the 13th of this month that they're bringing in NESARA. I think we need baby steps, and the global reset will be those baby steps. But I think that that's the date that they're fighting to implement that. And that's what the Illuminati's fighting over. I don't see NESARA till down the road a little bit, itself, so I don't know why this whole letter is about NESARA being, you know, announced and stuff like that. I don't see that happening this month. But everyone's expecting the global reset to happen, and so.

Ways of them to fight against it, uh, they've already been prepping people for--you know, listen to solar flare, because that's a cover for what they're going to do. You know, if they're saying there's a huge solar flare and it could affect the electrical systems, that's them. That means they're going to. Their plan is to take out the electrical systems or the banking computers. We have, you know, the [New] Madrid Fault Line, which is just a hare brain away from blowing. I do believe this will probably be the year the Madrid Fault Line blows. What else have they been warning about? I need to pay more attention to their rhetoric. But, basically, that's it in a nutshell.

Why Are the Aliens Using the Air Force in Their Invasion?

I mean, if something's gonna happen that they're warning people, "Hey, you better stock up on food for 6 months if it gets really bad," uh, 6 know...that could be a complete wipeout of our infrastructure. And there's another thing that could wipe that out as well, and that's a joint Air Force and alien UFO invasion. This false flag that they've been planning. That would be a desperate attempt to hold on to power. To go ahead and bring in this false flag. And that's a possibility because I see that in the Codes. I don't think our electrical infrastructure is going to go down. Because I--you know, I can see I'm on the Internet and, you know, in two to three months or whatever. So, if I'm on the Internet, everybody else is. So I don't think it's an electrical grid shutdown. Maybe that's down the road, but it's not this year. So, you know, it's just a matter of time before there's a complete takeover of the one regime and the other regime is booted out the door, so.

Somebody was asking me, "Why are they using the Air Force?" Sometimes when you're doing radio interviews, like I did one with Daniel Ott Saturday night, he had me on the show with kind of a rush thing. [March 10th, 2012, Sherry Shriner, Bigfoots and Moon Bases] I didn't have much notice. He called me at like, 5 o'clock Saturday, said he had a cancellation, asked me if I wanted to do his show. And, you know, you get questions like--you get 30 seconds to answer them and you just, you know, Daniel always shoots the questions, and especially when the chat room's hoppin' with a million questions, and so, to try the keep the show moving.

You know, they've been mapping out areas of where our orgone is around the world, around this country in particular, because this is the one they're focusing on right now, America. And they know where that blue hot--blue energy, blue aether-energy hotspots are. And so, they know where to stay away. Now, I'm not saying they're intelligent and they stay away, because they don't. But they pretty much have a rough idea, a rough map of where the blue orgone is. Blue orgone energy. And so, that's where they plan on sending the humans in. That's why they need the Air Force. Because they'll send the Air Force guys into Ohio and other states that have a tremendous amount of orgone in it, 'cause it won't affect humans. And then the aliens, the real aliens, will go in the areas where there's no orgone, there's no threat of crashing. I think that's pretty much what their battle plan is, and so.

Watch This Video About Militarized Remote Viewing

'Cause you know what? I have not seen a lot of UFO activity in Ohio in the last two years. They're sending in humans now. Basically what I deal with is human spirits. I used to deal with Draconians and Lizards, but they got tired of dyin'. And so, now they're sending in these--there's a YouTube video, militarized remote viewing, and I posted it on my Facebook, and I sent it out to my lists. [Alara on Militarized Remote Viewing Ver001.mp4] And I think everybody should watch that because you can really learn something. This girl on there who was a Marine and worked in the remote viewing area, she says a lot of things that, you know, I've heard before. And she doesn't have a bone to grind. She just tells it like it is, and what she was doing for them. And they do this stuff. They do it.

You Humans from the DIA and Pentagon Assigned to Stalk Me, Be Warned that You Could End Up Dead

And so, this is what I've been dealing with a lot more now, is humans. Because, you know, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, pulling last straws. But you know what really pisses me off about it? My war isn't with humans. My war is with aliens. But I do get tired of the constant privacy invasion, the constant stalking, the harrassments. And, every once in a while, I'll sweep, I'll demolish, any spirit, any alien, any demon, whatever it is in my area. I'll just sweep it out. I'll clean the house, you know, so to speak. And when I get that angry and frustrated and just at the end of my rope, humans can get hurt.

And so, being the manly men that they are, the huge cowards, the thing with them mostly is they send women. They send a lot of women. And, you know what? These women, they have families at home, they have kids. Apparently, Panetta, and Lizard flunkies of the Pentagon don't care if they lose women. Women are expendable to them. And so, women with psychic abilities--you know...don't take on assignments to stalk me, because you could end up dead.

You know, these people have no idea. I can block human spirits from getting back to their bodies. I can have them wandering in the astral realms for the rest of whatever. I can blind remote viewers. I can do all these things through the power and name of the Most High God. I can defend myself against them. I just, for the most part, choose not to, because my war's never been against humans. But I'm getting tired of it. I'm getting tired of the constant harrassments. And so, I know Panetta and gang don't care about the safety of people that work for them, but I do. And so, I'm warning you and pleading with you, don't take on assignments to stalk me. Don't come to my house. Just say no. Say no. Otherwise, you may never get back to your body. You may never get back to your kids. You know? Just don't do it.

Don't Mess with a Child of the Most High, May Patience May Run Out

I'm not going to warn every time I fire-bomb the place and sweep it, and so. I know a lot of people have no idea what I'm talking about. But the Lord has given me things to do to protect myself and I will use them. I'm not afraid to. So, just a heads up. Say no to Panetta. Don't come here. You know?

Even the soldiers, when they used to come here (they still come here), the invisible military, they stay outside. They stay outside. Every once in a while one will sneak in the house or whatever. And they think I don't see them, and I don't hear them, and all this. You know what? A lot of times I don't, but a lot of times I do. And when I do, you better run. It's all I got to say.

Yeah, for the most part I've left them alone, but not anymore. I'm putting my foot down. So, a word to the stupid, basically. Don't mess with a child of the Most High. I have patience, and then I run out.

They Want to Overthrow the Leaderships of Argentine, Brazil, and Venezuela Because They're Not Under Rothschild Control

Another thing is--couple things coming up--is, well, they still want the death of Chavez. Still after Hugo Chavez. They're amazed that this latest tumor/cancer thing hasn't killed him. They're angry. They want him dead. They are funding [Henrique] Capriles, his challenger. Soros and all them throwing their money behind Capriles, because they want Chavez out. And, you know, you're gonna see a lot of CIA activity, which is usual (I know, big gasp), because they wanna overthrow the leaderships of Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela. And the reason they hate these countries is because these countries are getting rich and not under the control of Rothschild banks. They're not in debt.

They want debt. That's how they make their money. And so, you're gonna start seeing...I think when they get bored of the Middle East, maybe after the third war, they're going to start--you're going to start seeing a lot of crap with South America, going up against South America. But I really don't think they're going to get there in time. They'll probably just use CIA-type revolutions and things like that down there to tear up the countries. Because they're not gonna outlast this war with the White Hats that's going on now. They're gonna go down. They're gonna go down.

They're already in Syria and Iran. It's just, the media's not reporting things. What we are seeing is propaganda. They want you to hate and get mad at Syria and Iran, so they're going to kill innocent people and blame it on Syria and Iran. They wanna turn public opinion against them and be more acceptance of a war in the Middle East.

Spain Was Supposed to Default at the Same Time as Greece to Create More Chaos

Greece defaulted. That's been a plan for a long time. I told you a long time ago Greece was coming up in the Bible Codes. And I warned you Spain has been coming up in the Codes. And Spain's also scheduled to default. They were supposed to default with Greece at the same time, cause more chaos. But Greece jumped the gun and defaulted last week. And Spain's default hasn't been announced yet. And so, you know, kind of blew a...whatever in their plans. I'm sure it will still happen though. They just wanted more a chaotic effect of having two European countries default at the same time.

When the Pale and Black Horsemen Arrive, Prophecy Will Steamroll

They are trying to bring in Sananda. And I've told you this. And, to me, Sananda represents the pale horse. People wanna know where we are in prophecy. And like I said on Daniel Ott's show Saturday night, we're still at the arrival of the pale and black horsemen of Revelation, chapter 6. When these horsemen arrive, prophecy is just going to steamroll. It is going to be a whirlwind. Things are going to happen very, very quickly after that. And so, they're working hard on bringing Sananda in publicly to announce him to the masses as, you know, this Islam Jesus of the Bible. I've told you about him. I have a webpage on him. [Sananda]

They Had a Target Date of March 6 to Blow Up My House

But he's not coming in anytime within the next several months. He's not coming in this spring and summer. He's not coming in. I'll tell him right now. He's not coming in. So all their little game-playing and charades set up right now--because he's already in the sky. Still already around. Ashtar Command, they're around. You know, they've been wantin' to blow up my house for a long time now. And, you know, this month was their target month. In fact, last Monday I was pretty sure I was probably gonna do my show outside, because March 6 was a huge target date for them to blow up my house. And they didn't show. And it was too cold anyway. And I really didn't expect it and it didn't happen. And so, that's still in the plans. They've delayed it, but I don't know how long. Huge plan of theirs. And I didn't wanna talk about it, 'cause I didn't want them to delay it. Didn't wanna ruin any surprises for 'em. Gonna blow up my house? Come blow up my house, you know. See what happens.

Apparently, there's too many of them that are afraid of dying to bother blowing up my house, and so. We'll see if it happens later this month. Maybe in the month of May, another target date.

Sananda May Take the Pope's Position in Rome. They Plan on Killing the Pope Sometime Around April and May

But they're gonna be busy tryin' to bring in Sananda. And, you know, maybe he's gonna take the pope's position in Rome. Maybe there's some kind of tie in there. Because I know they plan on--there's talk and plans of killing off the pope. They'll make it look like he just died in his sleep, or whatever, you know. Some kind of...just pass on into infinity. He's pretty old anyway. I don't think too many people would question if he just died in his sleep, you know. So they plan on getting rid of him. And, you know, I look for that sometime around April and May. And they're tryin' to bring in Sananda in May and it's not gonna happen.

Another Pretrib Rapture Date for May 21 and Plans of Bringing in Sananda May 25

What I find interesting is whenever this pretrib rapture crowd comes up with a, "The rapture is coming!," crap, you know. We're all like, rolling our eyes. They were starting another one for May 21 of this year. So it's interesting that they have plans of bringing in Sananda on May 25 of this year. So they were gonna--you know they have the pretrib rapturists going that there's gonna be a rapture. Wrap your mind around this one for a minute. A rapture on the 21st and a couple days later, Sananda arrives as Jesus returning to Earth or whatever. So, apparently, they're expecting some kind of huge abduction campaign. Because, folks, there is no pretrib rapture, OK? The only thing that's gonna happen is they're going to come and abduct a lot of people and call it a rapture. And then bring in Sananda.

There Is a Rapture of the 144,000 Elect, but It May or May Not Go Unnoticed

Now, there is a rapture of the 144,000, but that is so miniscule compared to the 7 to 8 billion people on Earth, no one's gonna notice. And everyone's just gonna assume, "Oh, Obama got 'em. They must've been on the death list." That kind of thing, you know. Because the 144,000 are spread out around the world. It's not just spread out in, you know, a particular--in any country. You know, the 144,000 Elect are around the world. And so, that kind of event can go unnoticed, without missing a few bigmouths. And if the bigmouths are gone, people are just gonna assume Obama got 'em. You know, he's got his little hit list goin'. His death list. And that's what people will assume, and so that's not really gonna count as a rapture in the church's eyes. Because most of them are still here. And face it, they hate the Elect anyway. You know, the Elect has been tryin' to wake them up with truths for the last decade. And they won't listen. They won't wake up. And so, when we're gone, they're gonna love it.

And I'm not even saying that's gonna happen. I mean, I have no idea when the Elect's gonna go. I have no idea if the Lord's gonna say, "OK, enough. I'm taking home the Elect." Because we just return after a short while anyway. But, what I'm saying is when the Elect do go, I would assume, for the most part, that we're either gonna go out with a bang, or we're gonna go out unnoticed. It's gonna be one of the two. And I know you're like, "Oh, come on. Just tell us which one it is." I don't know which one it is. There's two different routes. There's two different routes, and all I can tell ya are what the routes are. So we either go out with a bang, no one notices, or just unnoticed.

There's a UFO Fake Rapture in the Plans - Stay Away from UFOs...They'll Put You in Freezers as Food or Take You Directly to Hell

But either way, the reason I bring this up is because there's a UFO rapture in the plans. And I've been warning, and warning, and warning people, stay away from the UFOs, you know, for years. Because this fake rapture, they're going to take all these gullible New Agers up that they've been--you know, they call them lightworkers, and they really believe that they're part of this New Age agenda, this White Hat society ready to take over the world. Lightworkers is a mimicry of the Holy Spirit, and so, you know, they're like the messengers, and the angels, little bureaucrats of the New Age agenda that's just going to take over.

And so, they've promised all these people that there's gonna be earth changes, and we're gonna take you off the earth and protect you during the changes and then we'll bring you back to Earth. Well, there's huge changes forecasted for December and January, coming up. December 2012, January 2013. Because NASA expecting an asteroid to hit the earth. So that would qualify as huge changes, don't you think?

So there's gonna be some kind of a fake rapture, but for the New Age movement. But the thing is, is that, first of all, they won't be brought back. And number two, they won't be protected. Because they're being taken off the earth and they're going to be stuffed in alien freezers that are on these starships. And not only that, but a lot of them will be just directly hauled off to hell, in these UFOs. Mary K. Baxter, Divine Revelation of Hell, saw UFOs entering hell and people getting off of them. Hel-lo! There's a rude welcome into hell, don't you think? Think you're gonna go to another planet and be protected because Earth's about to have catastrophes and you're supposed to be protected? And ya get off the ship and you're in hell? [scoffs]

"Friendly" Aliens Tried to Get Me to Join Their Group to Bring Down the NWO

Wake up, people. They're not here to protect you. The White Hats are not our friends. They have their own agenda. They've played this, "We're friendly aliens," forever. And so many have bought into it. You know, 12 years ago I was approached by this joint Nordic-military group working together to bring down the New World Order. And, you know, they asked me if I wanted to work with them. Join them and work with them. And I asked the Lord about it. 'Cause I don't do anything without goin' to Him. And He told me, "No. No. You're not joining that." And I was like, "Well...why?" You know, I'm worse than a kid. You know, you're gonna tell me no, [in a whiny kid voice] I wanna know why! But anyway, He told me that these aliens that are working with these patriotic military groups were, in so many words, players and backstabbers, and traitors. And that when they use the humans, the patriotic military, to help them overthrow the New World Order bullies that are in power now, that they then would overtake the earth for their own agenda. And we're seeing it come into play with this whole NESARA thing. And they were just using the patriotic military people. And for the patriots who don't agree with their New Age alien agenda that they're instituting on Earth, they would just kill them.

And so, you know, that's why I always say, you know, and I always wanna cringe whenever I hear "friendly aliens," because they're only friendly 'cause they hate the New World Order. But they have their own plans for Earth. And when they set up these plans on Earth and they use all the gullible people they can to help 'em get rid of the New World Order bullies, there's no room for Bible-believing, lovers and believers of the Most High on that agenda either, because we're the top on the list to be cleansed and murdered when they establish their agenda. So it doesn't matter which agenda's in charge. You have the New World Order bullies. And you have the New Age White Hats. Both of them target resisters. People who will not comply. Noncompliers. They won't comply. They resist. They target them; the Bride. They're gonna kill them. Either way, you dead. And according to these agendas, they want you dead.

So you can see our back's up against the wall. And why I just sit back and watch both factions go at it. And, meanwhile, I stay busy and just target both factions. I just target both factions. You know what? I don't really do anything targetwise to the New World Order bullies. Even though they are shape-shifting Lizards, they are still humans, and humans is not my war. But I do make it miserable for them. Because the one dimensional weapon the Lord gave us, the orgone, when I started this orgone war years ago, affects both groups. It affects both of 'em. And so, just by getting out the orgone, and saturating the world with orgone, we're taking out both agendas. Takin' out both of 'em.

Bible Codes Reveal that the Lord Loves His Little Orgone Faction

And I've always said I'm not here for the majority. The majority of people will never understand me. They'll just never get it. They'll never get it because, you know what? The Lord only opens up the eyes of those He wants to see. That's why we're a minority group. We're a faction. A fraction of a faction. And if I didn't see the things I see in the Codes, I would've stopped a long time ago. But when you look in the Bible Codes, you know, I'm into them every day, watching both factions, analyzing what's going on, doing the play-by-plays, and you see "sweetheart" and how much He loves this little orgone faction, it keeps you going. It's what keeps me going. He loves this little faction. He truly does. And it's so clear as day in the Codes. And it's the one thing that keeps me going, and the one reason I'll put up with all the garbage and horse dung that I have to put up with. Because it's all worth it. It's gonna be worth it in the end.

So I'm not here for a majority. I don't look for approval from anyone here on Earth. I don't need their approval. I don't need their approval. I have who the Lord sends and stands up. And we work together as a team. And this little ragtag team has conquered them. Will conquer them all. We're just paving the way for the Most High to come down at the Battle of Armageddon, and then it's done. It's done then. Everything's done at that point.

You know, and so, right now I just whittle away. Try to wake up the Warriors the Lord wants woken up. Lead the war, the orgone war against both factions. Destroy both of 'em. Take both of 'em out. And that's why I said I always have it coming from every direction. Because, you know, the New World Order crowd hates me, and they send their crap. And the aliens hate me and try to send their crap. I'm dealing with everything. That's why the Lord's giving me some extra-keen insight into warfare and how to deal with them.

There Are Books That They Took Out That Have Been Kept in a Vault in the Vatican

And I think next Monday night I'm gonna talk about warfare. I'm gonna teach you some new stuff about spiritual warfare. Because so many of you now are going through the same things that I've had to deal with. And the Lord opens the doors. He helps us to fight back. Because, you know what? Two thousand years ago, the apostles weren't dealing with high-tech weapons. They weren't dealing with satellite weapons. They weren't dealing with attacks from the astral realm. They weren't dealing with remote viewers in their homes. They weren't dealing with this kind of stuff. And if it was foretold in the Bible, which I believe it was, those books have long been hidden in the vault of the Vatican.

You know, and I've been told by so many people, people that were involved with Illuminati families, people who got out of satanism, that, yes, there are books that they took out that they've kept. In the vault of the Vatican, they have a vault in the basement of the Vatican, and in this vault are passages of books and chapters of books that they took out. And then when they compiled the KJV [King James Version Bible], they left all this stuff out. And these passages and these books have never been revealed. Not through the, you know, the Dead Sea Scrolls, or the Nag Hammadi, or the Apocrypha, like the Catholic books that were taken out of the KJV.

I Believe They've Been Hiding Information about the Orgone War

These books--this information that they've been hiding all these years, have never seen the light of day. Have never been seen by--outside this circle of cultists. And I can't imagine what's in there. You know? Because I'm always seeing the orgone war as "apocryphal" and I can't believe that there's no mention of us. And I'm pretty sure there is, and they've been hiding it. They've been hiding a lot of things. I can see in the Bible Codes things that, you know, all this stuff is like, you know, run of the mill prophecy in the Bible Codes. Events that were well-planned and fighting it out in the last days. Well, were is it in the KJV then? Because they've chopped it up and sliced it out.

You know, when I see orgone associate with the Ark of the Covenant, you know there's some kind of key connection that they've taken out of the KJV. I mean, there's stuff in the Torah that they took out, just in Moses' books, just to hide the beginning, things that happened in the beginning. They took that out to hide it.

They've Been Trying to Mold Our View of What We Believe and What the Bible Says

They've been trying to mold our view of what we believe and what the Bible says. And that's why I push for people all the time to pray for the truth in all things, because you know what? My belief in the Most High isn't wrapped around the KJV. I know it front to back. I've read it a million times. And it's my favorite book. But it doesn't define who I am as a believer in the Most High, my walk with Him defines who I am. He leads me in my walk. You know? And that's the way believers need to be.

Some people just can't even get the basics. They just, you know, they just can't get out of the box. And that's where they'll always stay. And that's why, you know, that why there's 7 churches in the first three chapters of Revelation, and 6 of them go into testing, a time of testing. FEMA camps, martial law. They go into testing. The Lord allows it. He allows them to be tested. Why? Because they're talkers and not doers. And they're box-sitters. The ones who love the Lord and sit at His feet, He moves out of the box, and He brings them into a closer relationship with Him. And He loves them, and He can guide them, and lead them. Those are the ones He protects. The other churches go through tribulation.

They May Bring in the Chinese Troops on Our Borders to Make the Global Reset Happen

So anyway, we've got interesting things planned, so we'll just have to play it by ear, folks. Because, you know, I've told you the Dragon races are Satan's seed. They're Satan's races. They worship the Dragon. That doesn't get much harder than that. That's almost as much as--hard to believe as there was only 12 apostles, don't you think? So the White Hats are the ones claiming that--and I've talked about the Chinese on the borders of, the southern border, Texas, and California, and Arizona. And there's Chinese in Canada, in the northern. And they've been sitting there for the past ten years. There's a RV city south of San Antonio. Hel-lo? And, yes, we've been busy orgoning the borders as we could, and we've chased 'em out a lot of times making them sick with the orgone. Which tells you that they're not completely human armies. Very heavily demonically possessed. Or hybrids. Half alien, half human.

But these are the White Hat's armies. And to them, they're going to help America. Now they're gonna give us their idea of democracy. When America's given the world their idea of democracy, by coming in and destroying Iraq and the Middle East countries, calling it democracy. Now we're gonna get a taste of our own medicine, folks. Because they're saying these Chinese invading America is to help us. [laughs] We're the ones that are gonna become in the middle of a crossfire in a Chinese invasion of America. But it's to help us. Gotta hate the propaganda. So, yeah, they're ready to take over America by force if they have to. They just won't come out and say it. You know?

The war between these two factions could get really ugly. And it's innocent people in the crossfire, as usual. As usual, it the people, in the middle of crossfires. So, they are preparing, if Obama administration tries to prevent the global resets for this week, planned anywhere from the 13th to the 23rd, he will use extreme measures, maybe an alien false flag attack. Bring down the electrical systems, crash the banking and fed computers. Something drastic to prohibit it from happening. And in retaliation the White Hats are saying, "We're gonna pull in our troops, our Chinese troops on your borders, and we're gonna invade America to make this thing happen." So we're kind of in the crossroads of what's gonna happen. And they're saying, "Hey, we don't know for sure what's gonna happen, but stock up and prepare for 6 months."

So, [scoffs] here we go. Will they give in to the White Hats and allow the global reset? Or are we gonna literally be at war with the Chinese invading our homeland here? You know? It's gonna be a sit and watch. Or are we gonna be invaded by this joint alien-UFO false flag event? And you know what? They're not coming to hand out fortune cookies from starships. They're coming with beams of fire and lasers, and they're going to tear this place up. They're gonna tear it up. So, should be interesting to see what plays out over the next two weeks. If it's a global reset and it just happens, nothing's gonna--then we don't need to see anything drastic here. The other countries will just get their currencies revalued. And pretty much unbeknownst to any American that's pretty much a dead sheeple by now, that sits on their couches every night and watches mainstream media, they'll be totally clueless that even happened. There won't be any effects. There's no cause and effects. But then down the road here in a little bit, the dollar's gonna crash as a result. And so [laughs], you know, the time's we're in, folks.

Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there. Thursday be back with Aliens in the News at 1 o'clock. And some interesting things I thought I would bring up tonight that I never did. You know, guess I'll talk about it Thursday. Just speak about things the Lord brings to my mind. Some more of their plans and tactics, and dreams [laughs softly] on how they can destroy us and make us suffer. Be talking that on Thursday.

We'll Talk About Deeper Aspects of Spiritual Warfare

And next Monday we're gonna talk about some deeper aspects of spiritual warfare and how to protect yourselves. You know, prayer is a very strong thing. Prayer alone decimates them. It's just that you have to be conscious and awake to be praying. And, you know, sometimes you just wanna take a break. And when you want those breaks, you can have some peace with the orgone working in the background.24/7. So you can see the powerful combo we have with prayer and orgone at the same time. I know people say that one replaces the other, and it doesn't. It was never meant to be. It doesn't. And they're just naysayers, you know. They're just naysayers. And we're always gonna have them, 'cause we're so effective against them.

Anyway, folks, be back next Thursday. See ya then. Yah bless.


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