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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
March 19, 2012

The Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command Sound Like Something from Star Trek, but They're Real

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it's gonna be bad since I missed a show on Thursday. But we're back. And there's a lot of things I wanna talk about tonight. I'm gonna start putting things into perspective for you because things are going to start steamrolling. And they already are, quite a bit, if you haven't been paying attention to all the New Age rhetoric online.

And I posted something on my Facebook and on my lists [a message from the Ashtird Command Tall Greys] that someone had forwarded to me. And it was one of their messages from the Ashtar Command. I know that there's a lot of people who've thought all this was hogwash and baloney. Well, in a sense, it is. Everything out of their mouth is hogwash and baloney. But the fact is they exist.

And like I've always said, Satan's kingdom is very hierarchal. There's different factions, different groups. He's had, they've had, thousands of years where they've been procreating, living in our heavenlies, the space, the skies, the stars, the moon, in Earth, on Earth. I mean, they're everywhere. And, so there's very many different factions and groups of them. And they've kind of formed themselves into this Galactic Federation. You know, this all sounds like Star Trek. That's why it should be easy for you to understand. Because Gene Roddenberry, the producer, whatever, of Star Trek knew a lot of inside information. Just as George Lucas did when he created the Star Wars series. A lot of their fiction comes from fact. They just make it entertaining for television.

But this Galactic Federation is made up--it's like's like a United Nations on Earth. That's probably where they got the idea for the U.N. on Earth, because, after all, they've been behind the scenes controlling our governments and the steps humanity's taken over the last several thousand years. They've been in control and directing everything behind the scenes. And so, their Galactic Federation in space is like our U.N. on Earth. And it's made up of representatives of all the different alien factions and groups.

And this Ashtar Command is supposedly another name for Galactic Federation. It's this council that sits above the Earth. And I've talked about this many times. And they rule over the earth through the Illuminati bloodline families that dominate the earth. They work through them and guide them. And that's why it's such a farce. And I've always told these Satanists and these people that fall into this New World Order stuff, they're being useful idiots. They're being set up as the bad guys to do all these wicked things on Earth so that when Ashtar Command arrives on Earth to physically take over, step out from behind the curtain, and take center stage, and introduce themselves, "Here we are. We're gonna help you people on Earth. We're gonna get rid of this evil cabal, these evil families that have been destroying Earth..." [New Age of Aquarius: Galactic Federation of Light]

2012 Is the Beginning of a New Regime on Earth and the Age of Aquarius

You know, everything they say is going to be part truth, part lies. What they're not gonna tell you is they're the ones leading the steps of the Illuminati families this whole time. All they're gonna do is backstab, get rid of that faction (New World Order), and step in and act like they're our saviors, they're here for the betterment of mankind. It's a charade. It's a game they're gonna play. And this is going to come out and I truly believe it's this year that we're going to see the downfall of the New World Order and the beginning of this New Age alien agenda take place.

Because everything I'm seeing in the Bible Codes correlates to Bible prophecy. And I'm gonna correlate both of them tonight and tell you what to expect in the next year or two. Because 2012 the world doesn't end. It's actually just a beginning of a new regime on Earth. And they call it the Age of Aquarius, if you're in the New Age circles. But they're all being deceived as well because, you know, these beings are pure evil. They're liars and backstabbers, they're murderers and killers. But they want you to think they're here to help us on Earth, they're here for the betterment of Earth. They're gonna establish this Disneyland on Earth. What they call the fifth dimension; which can't be done. And as soon as that begins, that's when you know to run and hide. Because the Lord's judgment is coming. It is coming like you've never seen it come.

When All the Planets Were Inhabited by Angelic Civilizations and Lucifer Led the Rebellion

You know, if you reach back into time, many, many thousands of years ago, actually, maybe even millions, when Satan/Lucifer rebelled, he was the ranking cherub on Earth. And the planets were all habitable. It was an angelic civilization. And, you know, Mars, and Jupiter, and Saturn, Uranus, and all the planets were inhabited by an angelic civilization. And even Earth. And that's where you get Atlantis and all these other previous civilizations that the churches refuse to even acknowledge because they just don't even know what to say about them. But this was actually an angelic civilization that existed on Earth at this time.

If you read in Genesis 1, the Lord recreated the heavens and the Earth. He can't recreate something that hasn't been created already, 'cause he had destroyed it. And why did He destroy it? Because Lucifer led this entire angelic--all these angelic civilizations into rebellion against the Lord. What happened was there was a war between Lucifer and all these angels that existed on all these planets, and the ones who rebelled against Him left, because they knew the Lord's judgment was going to be on them for Satan's fall, for his pride. He wanted to be worshiped as God. He wanted to be honored as God. Only a third of the angels fell with Lucifer at that time. And the Lord destroyed all the angelic civilizations with hailstones of fire. That's why you'll see on the moon and Mars, and all these other planets, huge craters. Huge craters all over them. They've turned to dust and there's nothing living on them, except for aliens, what we call aliens, but they're former fallen angels. Because the Lord's judgment was on all of them that had sided with Lucifer to fall.

Then a long time went by. He was patient. He waited for Lucifer to repent. Lucifer refused to repent. He would not repent for what he had did and what he had caused. And so, the Lord recreated Earth, and here we go at round 2, where Satan will once again lead a huge rebellion against the Most High. This time he will be chained and cast into the bottomless pit for a thousand years, till round 3.

But this is where we're at in history, and so--and the present--and so, uh, I don't even know where I'm going with this. Just lost my train of thought. But [laughs]...but for some people that are here on Earth today, they were also here back when the first rebellion happened. And they returned to Earth and incarnated back on Earth, to be on Earth during this time. This is what you call incarnation, not reincarnation. There's a big difference. Reincarnation is just a perversion of incarnation. And the Son of God was incarnated as a--born on Earth as a human to fulfill His role. Yahushua was born on Earth to fulfill His role. And so, some people are born with particular roles. And they're here to fulfill their destiny while they're here, their time is here on Earth.

Double Agents Working in This Regime Will Cross Over into the Other

And so, it's been a battle, and it's been raging. And these are the days when we're going to see the final end of this New World Order cabal: the Bushes, Clintons, Cheney. A lot of these people you're going to see cross over into the next regime because they're double agents. And so, it may look like, oh, you know, this righteous regime (what they want you to think is righteous), these aliens that are helping us [laughs], they want you to think that, you know, they're gonna restore justice back to the Earth, and restore the people what's been stolen to them by these Illuminati families all these years and centuries.

And so, you'll see the same players cross over. I wouldn't be surprised if, you know, I know Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, a lot of notables, are double agents. They work for both regimes. And so, all these arrests and stuff, don't be surprised if it affects some, but doesn't affect others. They're claiming they're going around and they're arresting people. What the news media's claiming is that they're resigning from their positions. I think if they resign, they're spared the embarrassment of being arrested. I don't know what the deal is because you see over 300 leaders in government and banks resigning. 335 I think the total is right now. And they're talking about beginning arrests of the leaders of the New World Order dark cabal. And so, very interesting that they're the ones who lead and create the dark cabal, and guide them, then turn around, and claiming they're arresting them because they're evil. And then they're gonna reestablish a reign of glory in heaven on Earth through the fifth dimension. It gets to be garbage after that.

Why Christians Will Fall for the Antichrist and the New Age Alien Agenda

But that's what we're dealing with because, uh, you know, the Lord told me that, you know, people were so fooled by the people that were running the New World Order. That's why they were successful all these years in what they were doing. Because people refused to believe that these people were Satanists. That they truly worshiped Satan and that they were evil. I mean, you know, how many Christians today still believe George Bush was a Christian? You know, case closed. You can still get in arguments with Christians over George Bush. How many Christians believe that we actually have two parties that run this country; Democrats and Republicans? I mean, these people have their heads buried so far in the sand that you can't wake them up to the dangers that are coming because they're still believing in the lies of the past.

And the Lord told me that this next regime will be much more deceptive than even the New World Order regime was. So we're gonna see a lot of people who always touted themselves as God-fearing Christians, who would never fall for the Antichrist, do exactly that. Gonna fall for the Antichrist. They're gonna believe the garbage being presented to them by the New Age alien agenda. And it's gonna be much more deceptive because they have supernatural powers. They have gifts that--and abilities--that natural humans don't have, and so. And that's what the Bible says. I mean, it describes the Antichrist and the False Prophet that they can perform miracles and wonders.

And many, many people are going to be deceived by this. And so, I don't even pretend that I can wake up the world to the deceptions that are coming. But I'm not here to wake up the world. I'm here to wake up the few, the minority. Because that's what truth-seekers have always been. That's what people who pulled their head out of the sand, and realized it was in the sand--I mean, people that are deceived don't know they're deceived. That's why they're deceived. They keep their head in the sand.

And so, you know, I can only help those who seek the truth, because...those that seek truth, that could see through the lies and deceptions by our media, and government, and religious leaders. Because the Lord could open their eyes and open their ears so that they can understand. And the Lord won't do that just because you play Christian six days a week and then go to church on the seventh, and then go back to your role-playing, because most of you aren't even Christians out of church, on Sundays call yourselves Christians. You have no real relationship with the Lord. You think, you know, singing a couple hymns and reciting a couple verses is what being Christian is about. Couldn't be further from the truth. I mean, you walk the talk. You don't just talk the talk.

Only One Church of Asia Represents the Believers Who Are Truth-Seekers...Church of Philadelphia

And if you're a real believer in the Most High, you know His real name, you call Him by His real name, you learn to sit at His feet, you learn to hear His voice, you learn how He works, how He guides you. I mean, these are relationship-building steps. And it's something you improve on all the time. It's not something you just wrap up in one session and learn, it's something you live and learn through your walk with Him. They don't teach you this stuff in the churches. That's why a lot of these churches are cast into persecution.

I talked about the 7 churches of Asia [in the book of Revelation]. There was only one church out of 'em that wasn't persecuted. Only one church, representing the believers who are truth-seekers in Him. Church of Philadelphia. The real truth-seekers. And so, you know, they all stay blinded to the rapture. Well, the rapture's not coming, folks. There's no mutimillion pre-trib rapture that's going to save them from the atrocities that are coming. The New Age has an idea of a rapture coming, and they call it ascension. And for the gullible New Agers that are following them, we're talking about a false UFO abduction of millions around the earth. Supposedly taken to safety while earth-changes take place. This is what they tell the New Agers. They're gonna take them off the earth and keep them safe for the coming changes on Earth. So this means that they really expect some global destructions on the coastlines happening December of 2012, this year, that these abductions would have to take place before then. So now we're startin' to see a little bit of a timeline here, folks.

Will the Asteroid NASA's Been Watching Hit Earth?

NASA has been watching asteroid coming close to the earth. They don't know if it's gonna hit or not. And I'll tell ya if it's gonna hit or not right now. If Sananda arrives on 9/11, like I believe he is, yes, the asteroid will hit in December. If he doesn't arrive, and he doesn't arrive in November, and he doesn't arrive in December, then, no, it's not going to arrive. Because that asteroid will not arrive until after Sananda does. He might arrive, but it won't hit the earth until after Sananda arrives. And this is according to Bible prophecy. All you have to do is open up your Bibles. And if you've read the book of Revelation ten thousand by ten thousand times, like I have, then you have a pretty good grasp of the things it talks about and the things it says.

Where Are We in the Tribulation Period? With Obama as the Black Horseman and Sananda as the Pale Horseman

There's things I wanna point out tonight. And I could be wrong about Sananda's role. Because things just took a timeline shift back in September. However, I still don't, because he still fits the criteria of the pale horseman. And Obama is fitting the criteria, more and more, of the black horseman, replacing Maitreya. And so, in Revelation, chapter 6, I'm gonna start reading a few verses [8-10]:

"And when he had opened the fouth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword (which is war), and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long..."

And they go on, and they want revenge for their deaths. Well, if I'm still correct, Sananda is the pale horseman. I don't think that's ever changed. Because when Sananda arrives, you're literally going to see Hell with him. The forces of Hell. The curtain's going to be lifted. We are going to see all of these different alien factions and armies of Satan's come to Earth with Sananda, shortly after he arrives. Much, much destruction he brings with Him. You know, for a "savior" (and I put that in parentheses, he sure causes a lot of destruction. Because he's the opposite. He's a murderer.

And before he even arrives, the black horse is here who has caused super inflation and famine. And what has Barack Obama's whole purpose turned into the last several years? Snowdiving this country into debt, which is going to cause super inflation. I think at the beginning of the year I said I predicted 25 percent inflation by December of this year. You're gonna watch the gas prices. Those going up to about $10 a gallon. They'd like to see 15. And this is on Barack Obama's watch. I really do believe he's stepping in as the black horseman.

Now remember, these aren't just mythlogical horses here. They are represented by people who are here on Earth to fulfill a specific role. And everyone always asks me, "Where are we in the tribulation period?" And I tell them, "We're waiting for the black and the pale horsemen." Well, the black is here. It's becoming more and more clear to me. What we're really doing is waiting for Sananda to arrive. And it's when Sananda arrives, that people will, no doubt, know we're in the tribulation period. Because he brings Hell with him. He brings Hell with him. That verse, Revelation 6:8, should be ingrained in your brains, because that's when the whole thing starts. Because, like I said, he's not here to save anybody. He's a murderer. And what does he do? They go after the saints. They go after the saints.

Divisions in the Churches and War Among the Sheep

Like I said, Christians aren't safe in any regime. You know, the New World Order had FEMA camps planned and martial law so they could go after the Bride. Well, guess what. The alien New Age regime has the same thoughts in mind. They will go after the Bride. We don't fit in anybody's regimes. They don't like us because we won't worship them. We'll know. The bigmouths will be running their mouths and causing all kinds of problems for the religious leaders who are trying to get control of their sheep, and have them believe in this coming Sananda that he's Jesus Christ of the Bible, because, hey, doesn't he look like him? He looks just like the Jesus we've had in our pictures, the pictures in our churches all the years, folks.

You're gonna have Benny Hinn and the whole TBN [Trinity Broadcasting Network], and everybody just cheering on Sananda, saying that this is the Jesus of the Bible. It is not, folks. He is not the Jesus of the Bible. He's a fake, he's a mimicry. So when he comes, you're going to start seeing the Bride being attacked because--basically the bigmouths warning everybody else, "Hey, this is a fake. This is the Antichrist. Wake up." And there's going to be such divisions in the churches that I believe that the sheep with their head in the sand now will be glad to see the bigmouths put to death, you know. I think they're gonna be glad. It's gonna be a war among the sheep.

Obama Is Going to Present Sananda to the World

So anyway, so Sananda arrives, and in the Bible Codes, I was working on one and I'm seeing "Sananda - affluent space" because he's got thousands of the Ashtar fleet, has thousands of ships with them. They have come into our atmosphere. They are here now. It's not waiting to happen. They are here now. And this one matrix with that, "budding - Obama - presenter." Obama is going to present Sananda to the world. And this is the same thing I told you months ago, that NASA, and the Vatican, and Obama were working together to announce Sananda to the world. I'm looking at a matrix now. It says "budding," which means coming, it's growing. It's growing, Obama, presenter.

Don't waste your time on November elections, folks. Save your money. Fund the orgone war against these creeps. Prepare for the things that are coming. Because there's not going to be any elections. Don't waste your time.

When the Aliens Arrive, the Lord's Judgment Will Come on Earth Full Force

OK, here we are. Sananda arrives. The forces of Hell just being a hairbreadth away from arriving to Earth. You've got persecution of the saints going on. And then there is a huge earthquake that strikes the earth. A huge earthquake. And it says every mountain and island removed out of their places, the stars of heaven onto the earth. Now you can--Revelation 6:13, align that with Revelation, chapter 12, where it talks about the war in heaven between Michael and the angels. This fits right in there with that. And then a huge earthquake. And so, you know, we're gonna be here for this, you know. We're not gonna be taken up in some kind of mysterious rapture.

All right. So then you go through. And Sananda is here. Now the Lord's judgments are coming. Now they're coming because He's angry. He's angry. And at this point on, it's the Lord's judgment on earth. It's the Lord's judgment on earth. You know, the Satanists and Satan have had a field day ruling the world through their New World Order. That's been busted and set aside. The aliens will do that. Their own creators will do that. But when they arrive on Earth, you're going to see the tide change and the Lord's judgment come on earth full force. So this regime isn't going to have any time. Maybe 7 years rule on Earth. So, don't put your trust and hope in politics, folks. Put it in the Lord. Because politics will always be destroyed, and it's gonna be.

The Elect Are Removed from the Earth Right After the Huge Earthquake

Couple things I wanted to talk about. Because at this point in time, when there is a huge earthquake, the end of chapter 6 and the 6 seal judgments, there's a huge earthquake. And if you read in Revelation, chapter 7, it starts talking about 12 thousand from each tribe of Israel sealed on Earth and stuff. That happens, but what it doesn't tell you is that Revelation 14 kind of sneaks in right after that earthquake, where 144,000 Elect are removed off the earth at that point. And then you go back, you can put Revelation, chapter 14 in front of Revelation, chapter 7, and on Earth you'll see the way that 12 thousand from each tribe are sealed.

The 7 Trumpet Judgments Begin Technically Before Satan Arrives

So what happens after that? There's a space of time. There's a huge earthquake. 144,000 are sealed on Earth. 144,000 are taken off Earth, about the same time. Then you've got--and I don't, I'm not gonna even assume to think people would even notice, one way or another, that 144,000 were taken and 144,000 were sealed on Earth, 'cause there's two groups of 144,000. You know, it could be either way. It could be a huge event, or it could just go nonchalantly. The media's not gonna report it. And the New World Order regime coming in's not going to. And the one going out's not going to. And it'll just be a nonevent, basically, as far as public attention goes. People that are missing, it'll just be said, "Hey, they were taken to a camp. Obama must've got 'em." You know?

But the thing--this'll happen next, folks, after the great earthquake, after the two groups of 144,000, then you have the 7 trumpets beginning. And this is before Satan has technically even, you know, arrived. People think more of his arrival, the Antichrist's arrival, when he, you know, that they announce he is, that the False Prophet announces he is. And you'll have to worship him as God. And you'll have to get his name, number in or on your forehead or right hand. This is down the road. We still have things to go before that happens. That's down the road a little ways. 'Cause this stuff here is gonna happen first. You have the arrival of Sananda. Then you have him going against the bigmouths, the believers who won't accept him as Jesus, I guess you could say. Then you have this huge earthquake. So you have martial law and FEMA roundups. I don't know about martial law, but FEMA roundups, where they're going against the believers. And I don't know if that's going to be a media event or a nonevent. It'll just happen in the background. People start noticing people disappearing, but they really don't know what's going on. The Bible tells you what's going on.

What Is This Hail and Fire Mingled with Blood in Revelation 8:7?

So then you have, you know, Sananda here, Christians missing, a huge earthquake. Then you have the angels sounding the first 7 trumpets. And it says, in Revelation, chapter 8, verse 7:

"The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up."

And I'm thinking, "What is this hail and fire mingled with blood?" Because when I work in the Bible Codes, I see an alien invasion coming, a UFO invasion coming. These aliens, and they're burning up the place, destroying it with their beams and their weapons. And you have to think, "Well, you know what? John's trying to describe something he's never seen before." He's seeing all this stuff in visions and told to describe what he's seeing. And so, that's the best thing he could think of to say. And plus, of translations over times.

When you think of hail and fire mingled with blood, blood, uh, look it up in the Strong's Concordance: bloodshed; to be shed by violence; slay; murder; of things that resemble blood (refers to the seed of life of man or animals). So you have hail and fire mingled with death, of men and people. And what could you relate to hail and fire? What else could John, perhaps, you know, what's he gonna say? UFOs, beams of light--he wouldn't know how to describe that--hitting the earth? And so, this is what I believe is gonna happen.

Now, it could be literal. Hail and fire mingled with blood hitting the earth. Could be literal. But I'm just saying let's peek around the corner at what else it could mean. Because peeking around the corner is what I've been doing for 20 years. And certainly what I've been preaching on for 10. And my peekings around the corner have just about all been right. So, what I'm seeing is--in the Codes--is, you know, a pretty violent welcome party by the angels. We're on Earth now. Here we are. And they burn up a third of the earth with the fire from the UFOs. Not a pretty welcome party, folks. Not a pretty announcement of their arrival that they're here.

If NASA's Watching the Asteroid That Will Hit the Earth the End of This Year, Several Things Must Happen Before Then

And then, you go on to the second angel [Revelation 8:8]:

"And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood" (became contaminated)

And this great mountain burning with fire, another name for asteroid, a great mountain. And if this is the asteroid that they're seeing coming in for December, February, January of this year and next, that means these other events that I've just spoken of will have happened by then. You know? We'll have the UFO alien invasion, hostile invasion, takeover of Earth. And we'll have that huge earthquake. And we'll have Christians rounded up and killed. And Sananda arrives. All before the asteroid falls on the earth. So, there's a real crunch timeline right there. So if this asteroid's going to hit, and I'm not saying it is, but, if this is the asteroid NASA's watching and this is the one that hits in December, January, or February (they're not real sure on the date), then all these other events have to happen before then. So how do you think it looks from now until December? Kind of getting your priorities straight now? And why you should be preparing?

Huge inflation, the arrival of this cosmic being that calls himself Jesus Christ, the arrival of the Ashtar Command, this UFO invasion burning up the earth with their weapons.

Why Shema Could be Wormwood, the Star of Revelation 8:10 That Falls to the Earth Poisoning the Waters

And then you have [Revelation 8:10]:

"And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters"

Burning as a lamp. And there's only two things I've seen in the Bible Codes that correlate to the word "lamp." One is Shema. The starship that they had--which was actually the starship in V, the series, with Anna, if you guys watched that one. They were actually portraying Shema. It's a huge metropolis, a huge spaceship in the sky that we caught on fire years ago. And I'm seeing this thing is going to rupture and crash to the earth. OK. Or, it's referring to a comet. A comet is also referred to as a lamp.

And so, it tells you what the "great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, fell upon the third part of rivers, and upon the fountains of waters"...the name is Wormwood. Wormwood means poison. And when this star, this lamp, this Shema, or comet falls to the earth, it causes the water, the third of the waters, to become bitter. Known as Wormwood. Wormwood means bitterness. Bitter.

And the reason, I think, you know, this could be this Shema star in its reference I'm talking about, is because Shema, like Fort Knox, it's a biowarfare ship. I told you about the biowarfare at Fort Knox with those brains, those living organisms. And they were created using contaminated humans that were killed and then fed into these brains. They produced deadly plagues and vaccines. This is what Shema does, too. Because Fort Knox is a earthly counterpart of Shema in space. And so, if Shema crashed to the earth, what would happen to all their living organisms, and brains, and vaccines and stuff that they have that's onboard? Would it burn up? Maybe it would, but perhaps these living organisms would just somehow survive to get into the water and contaminate the water so that you could no longer drink it.

What Are They Trying to Reveal with the Terms That Come Up in the Bible Codes?

You know, even working in the Bible Codes, you sometimes have to sit back in your chair and think, "What are they trying reveal?" Because, you know, I can look at terms "malaria," and I'm thinking, "Well, this 2012. Malaria's not a problem. They can easily cure malaria." But malaria's the only thing, word, they have to describe it. People are drinking contaminated water and getting very, very sick.

And the Bible says that there's going to be plagues and diseases that we've never seen on Earth before, because they're unearthly. They're not caused by mankind. They're perpetrated on us by these aliens and fallen angels that have been working behind the scenes to destroy mankind, and so. Like Morgellon's disease. You know, that's one of the ones that was created by them. Ebola, one of the ones created by them. And I see that come up in the Codes. In fact, we were supposed to have an Ebola pandemic in March and it was delayed. And I knew it was gonna be delayed, that's why I never really said much about it.

But these can also be terms that, you know, this is the word we have for this, but it's actually going to be something else and much worse. And so, that's what I'm thinking when I see the term "malaria." Because people drinking this bitter water, this contaminated water, they're going to get deathly ill. They're gonna get deathly ill, and so. One of the things caused by this Wormwood when it crashes to the earth.

Nibiru Was Decimated Because It Hit a Wall of Our Orgone-Saturated Air

Another thing interesting is Nibiru, Planet X, Comet Elenin, whatever you wanna call it. Because we took out Nibiru. We destroyed it. That was coming on the earth. That was behind the sun. It was moving up. And boom! It hit a wall of our orgone-saturated air and it retreated because it decimated them so much that they couldn't stand to be in our atmosphere, because it was destroying them all. And they retreated back to the South Pole where they had been sitting for a long time. It's where they are right now. And this has been confirmed in almost every Code I've worked on since. I mean, just confirmations after confirmations that Rahab [another name for Nibiru] was practically destroyed by us, by the orgone.

They Can Put Sensors on Airplanes That Will Signal When They're in an Orgoned Area of Space

And one of the interesting things is that they have sensors on airplanes that they can put. And when they hit orgoned areas, the sensors will go off. You'll get a beep-beep-beep-beep signaling that you're in an orgoned area of space. You're going through an orgoned area. I don't know what they do to stop it, but they're notified, "Hey, you just hit a patch of orgone in the air. And the sensors will go off. And so, even those on Earth now are beginning to pay attention to how deadly orgone is to their regimes, to themselves. Because orgone doesn't harm humans, but it will destroy the wicked. And I don't know what being notified that they're in an orgoned area does, but I was told that they were amazed that the orgone had even saturated into the stratosphere. [The Earth's Atmosphere] And you know what, folks? It's what I have said. Orgone is a dimensional weapon. It's not just reaching into our heavenlies and into our stratosphere, it's reaching into other dimensions. It's a dimensional weapon.

The Bible Codes Reveal That They're Constantly Recounting All Their Ships Because They Lose So Many

And they come and they're angry. I always see when they come, they're angry. And I have the feeling that's why this whole invasion in chapter 8 [of Revelation], the first angel sounding and this UFO, this invasion, is because of their anger. It's their anger. They have thousands of ships in the skies, but they've lost thousands as well. I always see them recounting. They actually go through and have to recount all their ships to figure out how many they've lost, get an inventory. Because they're crashing out of the skies, folks.

The Lord Stood Me Up to Pick Up Where Wilhelm Reich Left Off

Orgone isn't a weapon that's going to work in the future, it's something that's working now. Now, it's working now. Look how many ships we're crashing. How many flashes of light. How many booms of light you've seen. People are catching on their video cameras all the time, posting on YouTube. They're amazed at how we're killing them and destroying them. They're amazed by that. And you know what? Wilhelm Reich was the one who discovered, because Eisenhower wanted him to find a way to defeat the aliens, Wilhelm Reich rediscovered orgone aether energy that could cause their ships to crash. And then they stole his research and killed him.

And you know what? 50, 60 years later, the Lord stood me up to pick up where Reich left off. [Bible Codes on Sherry as Reich's Successor] And we've done it. And we're crashing them out of the skies by the thousands now. We've perfected what Wilhelm Reich came up with. The Lord gave us an easier way through our orgone blaster and our orgone pipes. And we've perfected it.

We've Prevented Zombie Attacks and Pandemics in America with Orgone

You know, it's something that's working now. Just think of the things that would've happened already if we hadn't had orgone. If you hadn't had it protecting your areas. You know, we've already--we've prevented zombie attacks here in America. We've prevented pandemics. Every time they've set out to start a pandemic, it's been cut short.

I mean, look at where zombie pandemics begin. They begin in hospitals. Somebody gets sick, they get an H1N1 vaccine, they get sick, they go to the hospital, they die. Then they reanimate. Then you have a zombie problem in that hospital. That zombie's alive going around munching on nurses and doctors, OK? And so far, the 4 or 5 incidences we know of, never reported on by the media, it's swept under the rug, well, what's the one place that was completely destroyed in Joplin, Missouri? And the one thing they always emphasize. It's almost like a code, for those who understand codes in news articles and announcements. I'm one of the last to do that. Other people are much better than me at picking up their doublespeak. But there's things I will notice. And the one thing they keep harping on is the destruction of the hospital in Joplin, Missouri. The total decimation. And they kind of focused on that; the hospital in Joplin. Because I think that's where their little pandemic outbreak began, got out of control. They couldn't stop it.

My own government sources said something went wrong with it. There was a zombie outbreak there, but something went seriously wrong. And that's why they fired up the HAARP machine to destroy the area with a tornado. So, the one thing that I've seen that causes everything of theirs to go wrong is orgone. And, yes, there was orgone air in Joplin, Missouri. And somehow it caused something to seriously go wrong with their plans of zombies.

You know, they take these--the CDC comes up with these zombie plagues. And they go over to Africa and eastern Europe and they try 'em out. And they work fine in those countries because those countries and areas they test 'em on don't have orgone in them. Then they bring these same vaccines to America, and try them out here, and they go wrong. They go wrong on 'em, because of the orgone here. Do you see how much we've prevented already? You know? It's not just about protecting yourselves from coming Giants and coming aliens. It's about protecting everybody we can. Protecting our countries. You know?

Sananda and Ashtar Command Were Supposed to Come Out of Damascus, but the NWO Wants to Destroy It

So this is where we are. Obama is waiting to present Sananda to the world. Sananda's gonna arrive. And from what I can see in the Bible Codes, this whole reason for the war against Syria right now is because the Ashtar Command, this little council of Satan's--you know how the Lord has His 24 Elders, His council in heaven? That's what this council Ashtar Command reminds me of. You know? It's like a mimicry of a council the Lord has in heaven. But they have some strongholds in Damascus. In fact, they were supposed to come out of Damascus. They were gonna have--when they arrived on Earth, they would be announced as coming from Damascus or being in Damascus. Damascus was a huge, integral part of their plan. And so, this is why the New World Order crowd is fighting against Damascus. Because they're trying to destroy the stronghold that Ashtar has there.

Sananda Has a Backup Plan to Be in Ethiopia with the Fake Ark of the Covenant

Well, regardless if they destroy Damascus or not, they're just gonna jump their plans and go to somewhere else. I mean, they can't destroy them from doing what they're gonna do when they come here. But what I see, other than Damascus, the importance of Damascus, is Ethopia, countries in Africa, because they have this fake Ark of the Covenant there. The original plan was to have Sananda arriving in the sky with his host of angels, and everybody knows this as the Blue Beam Project. And he was supposed to bring this fake Ark of the Covenant with him. Well, if Blue Beam never takes off, which I don't know if they really still have plans to pull that one off or not, they have backup with a fake Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia. And so, that's why you'll see Sananda associated with Ethiopia.

Sananda Will Come Looking Like Jesus of the Bible, but He'll Be Promoting Islam

He's going to come wearing a tunic. What you picture of him in the Bible. He's not gonna come wearing jeans and a shirt, or even a towel on his head. He's going to come typically as you would see him portrayed in the Bible with a long robe on, and long hair, and barefoot. That's how he's going to come. I always see "barefoot." And he's gonna masquerade around Israel at the popular holy sites of the Bible. But he's gonna be somethin' else.

He may look the part of Jesus of the Bible, but he's going to be promoting Islam. He's gonna be promoting a compromise version of the KJV [King James Version Bible] and the Koran. He's going to be trying to mix both religions. And that's why there's going to be such an uproar with the believers who do know the Bible. They'll know he's a liar. They'll know he's the Antichrist. And they'll stand up against him. And the people who don't know the Bible, and sitting in most of the churches today, will be cheering him on. This is kind of the mess that's coming.

After Touring Israel and Africa, Sananda Will Make His Way to the Vatican to Sit on Satan's Seat, Better Known as the Papal Throne

So he's gonna be touring Israel, touring Africa, perhaps. Pulling out, bringin' out this fake Ark of the Covenant, which has nothing to do with Islam either, so just imagine the outrage amongst the Muslims. And then eventually make his way to the Vatican where he will sit on Satan's seat, which is another word for the papal throne. [ANTI-CHRIST'S THRONE] Which means we have no need for the pope. And possibly a reason they assassinate him. 'Cause I said I saw a death Code coming up for the pope in April. Doesn't mean the timelines won't be changed and set back. Because right now you would be looking at--if you went by the Bible Codes right now, you would be looking at the pope being killed in April and Sananda arriving end of May, but that's not gonna happen. He's not gonna arrive end of May. It's not gonna happen. But I do see some kind of destruction at the end of May. And I don't know if it's more of our destruction that we cause them, or destruction they're causing us. And I haven't figured that one out yet. I just see destruction the end of May. So I'm not knowing whether to cheer or to hold my breath. Are we destroying them, or are they causing some kind of huge destruction here on Earth? So, that remains to be seen.

Sananda's Not Coming the End of May, but When He Does, the Events After Him Aren't Pretty

But I know he's not coming the end of May. He wants to. They want him to. Their plans are to bring him in. They wanted to bring him in this month. And it's not happenin'. So they're keeping busy behind the scenes with dismantling the current New World Order regime that they set up to begin with. And as they dismantled the mess they created, that will probably take, I don't know, prominence behind the scenes for the next several months as this new regime, this Sananda get ready to arrive. And they get ready to announce and present him to the world. And this could carry all the way up to November. I mean, you know, even December 25. Date coming up in the Codes. And so, this could take the whole rest of the year to happen.

But just realize that when he arrives, bam, bam, bam, the events after him aren't pretty. He's not, you know, where's heaven? Where's this new 5th dimension when we've got people being rounded up and killed, huge earthquake destroying much property and damage and people, killing people? Then you have an asteroid hitting, Wormwood hitting. And a UFO hostile invasion. Where's the 5th dimension here? You know? [laughs softly] All those things happen after he arrives. So, not a whole lot of time to even catch your breath, so. Right now, it's kind of like the lull before the storm. And so, people need to prepare for the coming storm.

I Thank All Those Who've Sent in Donations...Love You All for That - Still Need More for Last-Minute Assignments

Anyway, I'm running out of time here. Still need your donations. And I thank all those who've sent in donations so we can hurry up and get some things accomplished the next several months as we need to. And I'll be talking about those accomplishments later. But right now we just need to do them. And so, I still need your donations, folks. And the ability to do this. My last-minute assignments out of the way. And knock some more strongholds of both regimes out with the orgone. And it just takes a lot of money and supplies to do that. Plus gas and, you know, expenses. So I still need your donations for that. And I thank all those who've already sent donations in. Love you all very much for that.

Be back on Thursday with Aliens in the News. Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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