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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner

March 26, 2012

Prayer Is What They Fear the Most. It's the Top of the List

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it's March 26. And I'll tell ya what. I've had a busy weekend, busy week. And it's just been exhausting.

And I told you last week I was gonna spend this Monday night teaching you some spiritual warfare. So I've been kind of thinkin' about it all day long. Some of the best things that would help most of you. Most of you are in the grab bag category. You can't really discern exactly what's coming at you, so you need typical prayers to cover all the bases. And that's true in so many ways, because our own military and government have so much alien tech that you can't tell if it's a demon or tech weapons that's attacking you. And so, I typically like to just cover bases when I'm on the defense. Much more fun when I'm on the offense. But when you're on the defense, it helps to have a couple weapons in your prayer arsenal that you are used to that works for you.

The biggest thing about spiritual warfare prayers is that they're not rocket science. You can take them and customize them to fit you and your situation. You know, it's almost like dieting. Everybody has the answer to diets and how to lose weight. But everybody's bodies are different, and what works for one person doesn't work for another. But you know what works for you. And so, just customize them. Put them in your own language, your own verbage that you understand. The things that work for you the best. The things that you're gonna remember the best. You don't have to be word for word technically accurate when you recite warfare prayers. So just customize them. Make them your own. You know, make it your own. And that's basically what I do. So that's just a heads up for most people. Like I said, it's not rocket science. Sometimes people put so much thinking into it. "Am I doing it right?" and all that.

And I'll tell you what. Prayer is one of the things they fear the most. It's the top of the list. They don't want you to learn how to pray. They don't want Christians to pray. And, not just Satan, but all of his little Satan freaks and minions that follow him as well. They know the power of prayer. And so, it can never be replaced by anything else. And our own other weapons that the Lord has given us never replace the power of prayer. They're backup and they're additional weapons.

Prayer Warriors Are the Frontline of Defense

You know, I've always said that spiritual warfare Prayer Warriors are the frontline of defense. They're our frontline. 'Cause it's the most powerful. They're the most powerful. I know I hear from so many people they're disabled or they're, you know, they can't really get out and do things, can't get out and toss orgone or do those kinds of things. But they can pray. And they ask me is that enough. And I just gasp. Huh! Is that enough? That's the most powerful...the most powerful thing you can do is just sit and pray, you know.

Yeah, other people are stood up, and they go out and they take the earth back from Satan by putting more aether energy that he's drain it of back into the earth to hold the balance. And they're called to do other things, but, wow, prayer is powerful. People just don't realize how powerful it is. And so, don't ever think you're not doing anything by just sitting around and just praying because, wow, that's the mountain right there. That's that'd pick up the mountain. That's the power right there, is prayer, so.

Satan Keeps You Under Attack and Ineffective, Because You're a Potential Threat to Him

Anyway, so what I wanna do is teach ya some basics because we all get attacked, you know. OK, some people don't get attacked and they think all the ones who do get attacked there's something wrong with them. That's because we're a large Bride and there's different branches of the Bride. There's different branches. And depending on what branch you're sitting on, you're a part of, Satan knows who you are before you're born, and he knows what kind of a threat you're gonna be.

So maybe you're a person of no threat, 'cause you're just always under attack and you're wallowing in self-pity, and doubt, and lack of confidence, and lack of esteem, and lack of relationship with the Most High. And that's because Satan's been working on you the hardest and the longest. Because he wanted to keep you, in particular, ineffective because he knew that if you were to fulfill the potential you were born with, that you would be kicking his butt all over the place. And so, he tries to start when you're very young, just when you're born. And they do terrible things. He'll assign demons to you. And they'll follow you throughout your life and just make it a living hell.

You know, I've seen so many people who've gone through abusive homes, abusive relationships, sexual abuse, going into drug abuse and alcohol abuse, and whatever kind of abuses and terrible things that've happened to them. Because he wanted to keep them ineffective. To never reach their full potential. Or to never start praying and using potential. Because they were, from the time they were born, they were given such a calling on their lives they would be a threat to Satan. And he knows who those people are. And I've always said he knows who we are before we're born. He knows. And so, that's why so many people's stories vary. You know, some people are always under attack, or just born that way, and born into some terrible situations.

And then other people just never seem to be bothered. They think there's something wrong. "They're not really saved. 'Cause those people, if they were really saved, they wouldn't be under attack." They have no understanding because they're no threat to Satan. So he doesn't bother them. You know? And so there's almost like a total unbalance amongst the branches. Some are just hounded and pounded all the time. And the others are left alone because they're really no threat. They don't do anything significant but run their mouth. Think they're something for running their mouth. They're no threat. They're not out there taking it back to Satan and shoving it up his arse.

And so, for the crowd that is under attack--that's most likely my crowd here listening to the show right now [laughs]. You know, you go to a Sherry Shriner website or a show and you're gonna start getting attacked because they figure that if Yah's leading you to my websites, you're one of the 144K and you're automatically an enemy of theirs. And that's why you'll start getting attacked and stuff, because they know you must be someone special from Yah. That's how much they fear me. And so, people associated with me tend to get it piled on as well. People who just are reading my websites, are curious, are learning. They don't want you to learn. They don't want you to stand up and fulfill your potential in the Most High. What you were called here to do. They don't want you to wake up. They want to keep you in the sleep you're in. They want you to keep your head in the sand.

Spiritual Warfare & Frequently Asked Questions

But there's a lot of people waking up. A lot of people waking up. And, of course, it'll never be enough. We're always the minority. But, you know, it's always a thrilling thing to see. Pockets of people here and there, finally realizing truths. The Lord leading them into the truths and revelations of things. And just standing up and waking up. It's always a good thing to see.

So I'm just gonna go through a bunch of different things. Things I've gone through. Things I've heard others go through. And anything else. And I have two websites: and Or you can just go to my site and look up FAQs or warfare prayers in the search box that's on the left-hand side.

Various Reasons Why You Can Be Hearing Voices and What to Do About It

A lot of people I hear from hear voices, you know, and they don't know if these voices, if they're from chip implants--well, most don't even think they're from chip implants. I'm usually the one that has to enlighten them on that. Because chip implants are two-way transistor radios. Not only can they hear everything you're saying, but sometimes there's a kink in the armor there and you can hear things that's on their end. So you could be sitting at home and not have a TV on and hear a TV on or music on, music being played, or people talking. That's because the chip has been turned on and you're hearing what's being taking place on whoever's at the other end of that chip control. Whosever on the other end of that computer that's accessing your chip, and so. That one's a pretty strange one, but it does happen.

Also, people can have their ears open into the spiritual realm where you hear other things for no apparent reason. You hear things other people don't hear. That could be because you were born with your spiritual ears open. You get insight into that realm at times. I know I go through that. Took me a while to figure out what that was. You know it's not of this world, it's like a whole different universe, world going on and you're hearing it for some reason, and so.

Also, if you're on antidepressant drugs, it gives them access to you. And obviously can be a form of demonic harassment. Because demons can attach themselves to drugs. And when you take those drugs, then they access you through those drugs. And they can speak to you and harass you. Even just basic demonic harassment and possession can be mistaken for schizophrenia where you're hearing other voices.

And so, there's various different reasons why you can be hearing voices. But what you can do is to rebuke them in the name of Yahushua and command these voices speaking to you to stop in His name. Now, if you have your spiritual ears open, not a whole lot you wanna do about that. Some people don't like it and so they can ask the Lord to close their spiritual ears. You know, there's nothing evil with that. That's just kind of like a sensory gift that you have, and so. But if it's evil, and you can sense that you're hearing evil voices, like demons speaking to you, then ask Jesus to bind--ask Yahushua to bind and cast those beings, that are those voices, into the abyss. Bind them and cast them in the abyss. Make the voices stop. Make them stop speaking to you. You know, if I ever have a demon speak to me--and it's taken me a long time to learn this--I would just stop it in its tracks.

You know, you know when it's your own spirit speaking to you, like you're thinking to yourself, or you're speaking to yourself. You know what your voice is. And so, if a voice comes out of nowhere and speaks to your mind, speaks to your head, it's not your voice. And so recognize it. And a big part of warfare is just discerning. Recognizing things. And confront it. You know, "Who are you to speak to me? What's your name? In the name of Yahushua, I command you to reveal to me your name." You know? Confront 'em. Stop 'em dead in their tracks and confront 'em. And they'll be very timid about telling you their name. And you can ask for it or not. You know, you can just move on to the next step which is, you know, "If you don't leave right now, I'm gonna have the angels of Yah bind you and cast you into the abyss. Don't ever come back to me. I don't know who you think you are talking to me. You know, you don't have permission to speak to me." Confront them.

As a Child of Yah's You Have Power and Authority Over Satan's Forces, so Make Them Fear You

You know, as a child of Yah's, you have power and authority over demons. Over the wickedness, and the powers, and the principalities. Satan's forces. You have power and authority over them in Yahushua's name. So confront them. Put them in their place. They have no right to be harassing you. They have no right to be talking to you. You can stop it. Most Christians and believers in Yah--I know a lot of believers hate to be called Christians, labeled in that group, because although they love the Lord and stuff, Christians kind of denotate the church Christians today, and churchianity is so far stuck in the sand no one wants to be associated with it.

But anyway, just know who you are in Yahushua, and then use that power and confidence in confronting the things that are attacking you. Now, you're a child of God's. They have no right to you. We have more power in our fingernail using His name, than they can ever attain using any kind of rank or authority that they might get. And so, knowing who you are is the biggest step. And then using your ability in His name is the next one. Most people are just lazy. They're lazy. They may know how to fight back in His name, but they're just lazy. They don't want to. They're tired. And so, you get what you don't do. You know, if you're not gonna stand up against them, you're gonna get attacked by 'em.

Learn to kick it in the butt. When you start fighting back against Satan's kingdom, they don't come as often. They start to get afraid of you. Because they know, "If I go to that person, they're gonna chain me and cast me in the abyss. And I don't wanna go there." They all fear that. They fear it. They don't come near me very often. They'd have to be pretty brave. You know, most of my assaults and attacks now are from weapons. And I've learned how to go after the people operating the weapons. And every once in a while I will. A lot of times I just let it go because I have compassion for humans. But when I get mad, enough is enough. It's like waking up the lion, and then, grrrr, you're gonna start hearing me roar. And then that's it. I put my foot down. But when it comes to demonic and alien attacks, I don't hesitate. I don't hesitate. They're gonna die. They're gonna fry. They're gonna go be chained and cast into the abyss. I don't mess with them. And so, they think twice about messing with me. And so that's where you need to get. Make them fear you because they know that you're not one of these church-pew Christians that just sings about being a warrior and loving Jesus, and the rest of the time you're open-access by them. 'Cause they're not gonna do anything. They're not gonna use warfare against them. Make them learn how to fear you. Once you start using your power and ability through Yahushua, the attacks will lessen.

You know, if you're being followed by--you know, you're being stalked and harassed, maybe you have eyes to see in the spiritual realm and you can see particular demons, or gatekeeper type of demons, there's different ranks, ask the Lord to bind and cast them into the abyss. If they're humans, you're being attacked by the aggravation-squads,
that the FBI and NSA send out ask the Lord to put them in derision, ask Him to:

give them flat tires
burn their motors out
burn the chips that run their computers and electrical equipment
drain their batteries on their cell phones
give them kinks in their legs so it hurt's 'em to walk

Yah's Angels Love It When You Ask Yah to Send Forth Angels to Do Something

There's all kind of things you can do. You don't have to take it. Just ask the Lord in His name. And it might sound silly to you, but you know what? Yah likes to have fun with this. And He likes us to have fun as well. I always have fun with it. You know? And when you empower His angels to do things for you, they love getting involved. They love it when you ask Yah to send forth angels to do something. They love to get involved.

I have a pretty good sense of the spiritual realm around me, and when angels are laughing, I can feel it. You know? And smiling, and they're just real happy. You know? 'Cause they get to do something. They get to get involved. They love it. Because the Lord doesn't supercede our free will. He's not going to stand in and say, "OK, enough. Stop attacking this person," or whatever. He could do that, of course, but for the most part, He doesn't because He wants you to learn to stand up on your own two feet. You have to learn how to crawl. You gotta get out of the diapers. You gotta learn how to crawl and walk on your own. So He allows things to happen so you'll learn. And if you're as hard-headed as I am, and bull-headed, then you're always gonna have to learn the hard way, by having to go through something. And that's how you learn, 'cause you never forget it. And that's how you learn, because it sticks in your mind. So I know most of you are about like the same way I am. So you're gonna have to learn the hard way. And that's how we learn. By going through things.

If you're being harassed, it's the same thing. Have them chained and cast into the abyss. If you're getting beam attacks at night while you're sleeping, you can feel the ELF (extremely low frequency), the energy change around you, ask the Lord to fry their equipment, to burn their chips beyond repair so it can't be restored. And we're talking expensive satellites here. And if He fries the equipment that's running and operating that satellite, they start learning twice about making it obvious when they're attacking you. You know, I went through that learning process couple years ago. And they would attack me with their weapons, tech weapons, and I would ask the Lord to fry their equipment beyond repair. And it would be six months later till I heard from them again with another attack. [laughs] You know, I'd be like on an every six months phase because I would just have Yah burn and fry their equipment, you know.

And when we ask Yah to do things, He will send forth angels to fulfill His will and do those things. And that's what I'm saying about getting the angels involved because they love getting involved and doing things. They're always waiting to do His bidding. And they can't do anything until He sends them. And so, if you ask Him to send them out, then they'll more than gladly get involved.

Every Person Has Their Own Signature Frequency and Satan Can Use It to Customize Attacks Against You

Another thing is, with the alien tech our military and government have, I know this is gonna sound kind of New Agey, but every person has their own signature. It's like, you know, when you write your name, you have your own signature. Well, every person's body has its own frequency. You know, it's almost like they can take a bandwidth radio and tune in your radio station. They know exactly what your frequency is. And they can use your unique frequency to customize attacks sent against you. And not only techs can do this, but that's how demons can access you and find you and stuff. Because they zone in on your frequency, on your radio station, so to speak. And so, what you can do is ask the Lord to change your frequency so that they can't zone in on you. Makes sense? You know, if they've got you dialed in, they've got your radio station up there in one of those microwave ELF [extremely low frequency] tech satellites, and they just tune in to your radio station, your frequency, and then beam rays and attacks at you. If you change your frequency, that's not gonna work. Then they can be like, "Wow, it's not working. Can't get the station in. It's not working." Because you've had your frequency changed. And so, it takes them a while to figure out what your new one is. It puts them in derision. Sets them back for a while. And so, ask the Lord to do that; change your matrix frequency.

Ask the Lord to Put an Impenetrable Shield Around You

Another thing is using shields and domes over you. I do this quite a bit because, you know, I never even realized the depths that witches, and Satanists, and hybrids go through. The abilities that they have. Because it's kind of a hard thing to grasp when you're not born with them, so you have no idea what other people are talking [about]. Sounds crazy to you, and a whole new thing to have to learn. But these people have abilities. Just as the Lord gives us gifts and abilities, so Satan's seedlines are born with abilities as well. And they have a lot of demons that access them, and give them abilities, and help them do things. Such like remote viewing.

Now, those who remote view aren't always demonic. I mean, there are Christians who can do the same thing. They have abilities because of their bloodlines. But it's not a common thing 'cause they don't talk about it because other people would think they're crazy. And remote viewing is, um...they can focus on a person or a place, and then visually see that person or that place in their mind. I have people who remote view on me all the time. And, you know, some of it's way off. Some of it's like--you know, someone can tell you they remote viewed you, and you're like, "OK, describe where I live." And they describe a house you lived in 20 years ago. So not all of it is very accurate. Or sometimes they can hit something dead on. It really depends on the person's abilities, I guess. Because, I guess, in that kind of a remote viewing realm thing, there's different layers. I don't know. I don't understand the whole thing. I just know that they can do it. Some of 'em are accurate and some are not.

And so, if you wanna just stop people from looking in on you--that's another term; "looking in on you"--you can ask the Lord to put a impenetrable shield around you. And this will go with curses as well. Stopping people from sending curses, written or spoken, against you. Or any kind of spiritual or demonic weapons or whatever. Ask the Lord to put a dome around you, put a shield around you, that they can't penetrate with words, curses (spoken, written) of any kind, any kind of rituals, any kind of attacks. Just kind of cover the bases. Ask 'em to be impenetrable; they can't penetrate it.

Sometimes I like to have fun. I like to feel someone that keeps looking in on me, keeps remote viewing me. I'll ask the Lord to surround me with flames so that if they look in, they'll get burned. [laughs] I know there's a prominent politician I burned recently. Just sittin' back havin' some fun 'cause he kept pestering me. For about a week he kept looking in on me. And so, I asked the Lord to fry him the next time he did. Usually it manifests itself in the spiritual realm, but it can also manifest on the physical bodies. Their eyes could be burned or whatever, and so--their faces. It's like a hot heat flash hitting 'em. You can also ask the Lord to put--surround you with a ray of light. With a brilliant white light, so that when they look at you, remote view you, they just see His light. They just see that brilliant white light, and they can't get past it. It blinds them. You know. It's another one I like to do, is using the white light. I only use the fire though when someone's annoying me. [laughs] And they've had plenty of chances to stop.

Ask the Lord to Put a Ring of Fire Around You

You can also ask the Lord to put a ring of fire around you. And this would be seen in the spiritual realm. But you can ask Him to put it around your home, or your property, or just you, so that anybody who crosses through that fire gets burned. And they'll learn don't go to that person, you know. Don't be walkin' up on 'em. And, you know, astral projector's a big one for this. They come to your home at night and stand outside your property or whatever. Spirit beings and even alien and demonic. But if they hit that ring of fire, it's gonna burn 'em. It just hurts 'em, it doesn't kill 'em, and so. Just enough annoying to learn don't go there, don't go there, you know, you're gonna get hurt, you're gonna get burned.

And so, kind of keeps people, and things, and beings back and away from you, you know. 'Cause if there's anything that annoys me, it's sensing beings around, demonic or human spirits. Any kind of beings, I guess, 'cause you don't always know exactly what or who it is. You don't know if it's a cloaked NASA military being, or if it' know. That's usually what I deal with, and so. And I used to deal with the aliens all the time and the gatekeepers and stuff like that. And so, they were easy to torture, and torment, and have cast into the abyss, or burned, or...whatever. But now that I have to deal with humans so much, I kind of take pity on 'em a lot of times. And I'm a little bit more lax than I ever was with demons or aliens. I don't think twice about burning and frying them.

Spies Are Forced to Remote View or Astral Project into My Home and Watch Me

But the interesting part about humans is they remember you, you know. You know, the last show a couple weeks ago, I warned them to stay out or I would have them destroyed. And a couple days later, I get this telepathic thought to my head sent, and someone beggin' me not to hurt them. That they're not harming me. That they're forced to watch me. They're forced to RV [remote view] or astral project into my home and watch me. Their bosses are forcing them to. And they're asking me not to harm them, because they're not harming me. And so, I had to think about that because, uh, yeah, they're not harming me. It's just annoying. Annoying to me. So I really don't want to hurt them because of that. And so, I've been a little lax. And it's been really peaceful around here. And at the same time, you hope that maybe they can--they'll remember who you are, and come to a saving knowledge of Yahushua just because they spent so much time watching you, you know. They know who the real power is. They know Satan doesn't have anything. They're all hot air and hot boasting and it's gonna mean nothing, because the real power is in Yahuah. And so, let them learn. Learn by watching.

Demons and Aliens Can Block the Gifts the Lord Sends You from Heaven

Anyway, the biggest thing--and the Bible talks about binding and loosing. What's bound on earth is bound in heaven, and what's loosed on earth is loosed in heaven. And you can bind the things that are attacking you. 'Cause what they wanna do is keep you ineffective. And then you can loose gifts from heaven that were sent to you that you never received because they bound them when they got to earth so you couldn't receive them. And so, have the Lord loose the gifts He has sent to you and wants you to have, and bind those who are keeping you from getting them. That's the biggest aspect of that whole part of binding and loosing that I deal with. That most people deal with. Because there's things the Lord will release from heaven and want you to have, but by the time it gets to you on earth, it's blocked. They block it. The demons and aliens will block it, so you can't receive it. And so, ask the Lord to bind them, from stopping you from receiving blessings. And to loose the blessings that He has sent to you. And so, different aspect of prayers.

Ask the Lord to Make You Invisible on Orgone Missions

You can ask the Lord to make you invisible. You know, if you're out on orgone missions and you don't wanna be harassed or followed, or you're just being really bold and you don't wanna be seen, ask the Lord to make you invisible so that nobody can see you. I know there's times He's made me invisible. And so, I kind of learned that just by practice and experience that you can do that. Because I didn't even ask. I would just become invisible to the other people, and so. It's very interesting when it happens. And you don't always know that it does, 'cause you don't feel anything different. It's just that you seem to get away with a lot more things. And people aren't looking your way 'cause they don't see you, they don't notice you.

If the Lord Doesn't Stop Harassments or Attacks, He May Want You to Learn Something from Them

Ask the Lord to put people in derision that are coming up against you, you know. Make their vehicles stop working, make them lose their jobs. You know, there's different ways that you can stop people from harassing and attacking you. And you know, the Lord's not always gonna stop it just 'cause you want it stopped, 'cause there may be a reason. There may be something He wants you to learn.

The Lord Can Put a Dome Around You to Cause Spoken and Written Curses to Bounce Off

Another thing is part of--the biggest thing you can do all the time is putting up that shield. Putting up a shield. And what you can do is envision you standing straight up, and a dome coming up over you, over your head, all the way down to the ground, and it surrounds your entire body. And it's a dome that comes over you, and you ask the Lord to make it impenetrable, that nothing can penetrate it. And this shield, this dome will block all curses written and spoken against you, all attacks sent against you. You know, people don't realize, they forget, that words spoken have power. And so, if someone is speaking evil of you, or they're writing evil things about you, that's power, those become curses, and aimed right at you. And so, if you have a shield up, then those curses just bounce off. They don't penetrate. They don't affect you. And so, cover your bases in your prayers every day with words, with curses spoken or written, against you. You know, that they bounce off and don't affect you. They hit that shield.

Also, with weapons of any kind, attacks of any kind, because there's so many things that exist that we don't even, you know, have the knowledge they exist. I mean, we feel the effects, 'cause we're under attacks, but we don't always know where it's coming from or what's causing it. And so, you can include that in your prayers; attacks of any kind, weapons of any kind, all curses written or spoken. But just kind of cover the bases. Covers all the bases when you say it that way.

Energy Vampires Always Surround Christians - We're Their Power Source

Also, there are different ways they attack us. And loosh vampires are one of the biggest things. And these are energy vampires. You will see dark and evil beings. And the reason they always surround Christians. They're always around us. They're in our forums, our chat rooms, our churches. Anyplace we are. We're always surrounded by evil. And I used to think, "If they hate us so much, why don't they just leave us alone?" you know, "Leave us be." But the truth is we're their power source. We're where they get their power because what they do is they put these spiritual hooks and links in you, and they feed off your energy. They feed off the energy.

They may be wicked and evil, but your righteous energy gives them power, you know. It's almost like this thing I saw on the Internet the other day. Saw this UFO. And they believed the UFO was sucking the energy out of the sun. Sure. You know, they need that energy source. It's an energy source, it powers them. Anything light, and righteous, and good is power to them. It's food, it's loosh. And it makes them more stronger. And in return, they become more wicked and evil. I know it's kind of like, they take our power so they can become more wicked and evil, but that's what happens. That's just what happens.

And so, what you can do is ask the Lord to burn any kind of hook or link or attachment that's been made in you by these beings. These witches know how to do it, and warlocks. They all know how to do it. Put hooks on people. And ask the Lord to burn all of them off of your body, and you'll feel a huge difference.

If you start feeling your energy being drained all the time, especially when you're around a certain person, they drain your energy. You just feel a draining whenever you're around a certain person, or you're talking to a certain person. Or shortly after you stop talking to that person, you feel totally drained. Just things to watch. I mean, sometimes we're just tired, and as you're talking you get tired. You know, that's just how it is. But there's also, you know--because there's energy vampires that will attack you in that way and drain your energy.

It's purposeful. It's beyond the normal body experience of just getting tired talking, you know. So, you can cover your bases every day by just asking the Lord to burn all hooks and links and attachments off of your body, from you to the source, and from the source to you. Ask Him to burn them all. And that's another good reason to get up in the morning and put a shield--ask the Lord to put a shield over you so that no links and attachments can even get through the shield to get to you, you know. You have to realize that your body is a temple of the Lord's and they want a part of that. They want the energy of that. And they want to destroy it, you know, at the same time. And so, we need to protect ourselves from all their attacks. And you can't protect yourself if you don't understand how they attack.

Sometimes the Lord Leads Me to People That Are Not of Him to Learn the Ways They Can Attack Us

And, you know, there's very few people that even realize all the ways that they can attack. I've had--it's taken me years to learn, you know, how they do it. And I didn't learn it from sitting in churches. I learned it from asking them direct and learning from them direct how they do it. Oh, they'll get boastful. [scoffs] They'll get boastful and they'll teach you things. You know? I think that the Lord has led me to more people not of Him to learn things than people that are of Him. It's kind of been like a balance with me. You know? Because so many of His people don't know. They don't have any knowledge. And so, He'll lead me to people that do. Whether they're of Him or not.

So don't be surprised at where He'll take you to learn, because He could have you in places you never thought you'd be. Or talkin' to people you never thought you would. And there'll be that morsel of information He wanted you to learn from all that. You know, it almost reminds me of what He told me about religions many years ago. There's bits of truth in all of them. They all have bits and truths. Nobody has it all put together. 'Cause it's so fragmented and divided. And that's why, if you're a truth seeker, and you're always askin' Him for the truth in all things, that you're going to be led in various directions, and various places, to various people. Because the truth is out there, but it's in bits and pieces, and fragmented everywhere. And so, you learn how to take that morsel of truth over here, and that morsel of truth over there, and you start to build your own puzzle. See?

They Can Target Us Through Our Emotions and Vibrational Level

Another thing. The way they can target us is through our emotions. And that's one of the biggest things because I know when you mention the words "vibration" and "frequency," your eyes start to roll in the back of your head, 'cause it sounds like such New Age hogwash. And for the most part, they turn it into hogwash, but they have the truths of what it is. They pervert it and run with it for a mile, and, you know, make it into a perversion theology, and doctrine, and New Age teaching.

But we're back to the vibration and frequency thing again, where you have your own frequency and vibration as a human. A lot of you have your own radio station on the bandwidth. They can zone in on you, tune in on you. Well, every person, every living being has a certain vibration level. You vibrate highly as a human. As a plant you would be a lower vibration. Because everything is energy.

Everything, um, the Lord spoke of light and darkness, which were energies. A light energy, a dark energy. Everything was basically--comes down to energies. And what they can do is, if they can lower your energy to a very low rate, you're easier for them to soul-scalp. Overcome, possess, soul-scalp. And so, they love to get Christians in a point where they can access them through their emotions 'cause it's the easiest way to do, you know. And that's why you'll see somebody who used to be a loving Christian person now just full of bitterness, and hate, and anger and you don't wanna be around 'em. Because their vibration level was brought down so low that the demons were able to just access and harass that person, and even possess that person, if you allow it to go on long enough.

If You're Not at Peace, Then Something's Off Balance - Ask the Lord to Put Everything in Balance

So always keep your emotions in check, folks. If you're not at peace, then something's off balance. You're worrying about something, you're stressed out about something, you're angry. One of the biggest things I hear from people all the time is anger. They have so much bitterness and anger towards somebody else. And I tell them, "Forgive and move on." Forgive 'em and then move on because if you don't forgive somebody, all that anger, and hate, and resentment just builds up inside of you and it becomes a hook. And that hook can grow into a root, and the root can grow and go inside you. And the more access they have through that growing root, the more possessed. They can take you over. You become possessed by them. And so, always keep your emotions in check. [Spiritual Warfare: The Hooks and Roots of Sin]

You know, you should feel peace. And when you get to the point where you feel peace, if something happens to you that disrupts that peace, identify that. Identify what it is. You know, maybe you're just stressed. You've had a busy day. Maybe you were angry for a while but you've moved on from that. You should never end the night in a high level of stress or derision. Bring yourself to a resolution of peace before you go to sleep. Where you're just relaxing, chilling out the night before you go to bed. Bring yourself into a meditative state just where you're feeling peaceful. Ask the Lord to put everything in balance, to put all your emotions in check, to put all them in balance.

Let Go of Anger, Bitterness, and Hatred - Forgive Them and Move On to Regain Your Balance

If there's anything you need to forgive, then forgive. Ask the Lord to bring to your mind any person you need to forgive for something evil they've done to you or said to you. Forgive them and move on. Don't give them power over you, because if you refuse to forgive somebody, they have power over you. Because you're hanging on to that unforgiveness and it's destroying yourself, because that hook and root begins to grow inside you. And as it gets larger, your peace is more disrupted and demons can actually have straight access to you through that hook and root. From that anger, or bitterness, or hatrred. So keep yourself in balance. Your emotions are how they attack you, how they get to the point where they can oppress and even possess you.

Any Kind of Music Can Be an Access Point to Them as Well

And another thing is with music. The music you listen to. You know, I travel in the car a lot when I don't listen to any music at all. I just talk to Yah, I just sit in silence, you know. Meditate on things, think about things. Music can be a access point for them as well. It sows seeds in your mind and your heart as you listen to it. Especially that death metal stuff. That stuff is just horrid. Any kind of music really. And so, learn to go without music. There's a lot of Christian music that annoys me. I mean, I'm not saying, you know, "Oh, you should be listening to Christian music and not rock music." There's some rock music I enjoy more than Christian music. There's just--it's a mix and it's a balance. There's good in both, and there's bad in both, and so. Just find what gives you peace. What gives you peace.

The Abuse of Alcohol and Drugs Gives Satan's Demons Access to You

Alcohol and drugs...if you're abusing alcohol and drugs, you're giving Satan's demons access to you through the abuse of it. And I'm not talking about having a glass of wine or two some night when you're out enjoying yourself. Enjoy yourself. Have a nice night. But if you're doing it every single night, that becomes abuse. If you become an alcoholic, that becomes abuse. If you can't live a day without drugs, that's abuse. And so, there's a big difference between being an occasional user and being an abuser. When you abuse anything, Satan can use it as a access point to get inside of you and take more and more control over you. You know, you start to grow those hooks and roots inside you.

Ask the Lord to Send HIs Holy Spirit to Fill You and Burn Away Anything That's Not of Him

Another thing that I often like to do is I like to ask the Lord to send His Holy Spirit. Just fill me with His Spirit, from my head all the way down to my feet, and burn anything in me that's not of Him. Just burn it out with His Holy Spirit, the radiance of His Holy Spirit. And just fill all the empty places with His Spirit. Especially when I was younger and into more worldly things. When you cast all demons out of you, that creates a hollow area in you, an empty place. And so, if you don't get filled with the Lord's Spirit, then those demons are just gonna come back and jump into the place they were at. And so, whenever you cast spirits out of you or away from you, make sure you ask the Lord to fill those empty places with His Spirit. So that when they come back there's no room for them, no way for them to get in because everything's sealed shut with His Spirit. It's filled. Your body's completely filled with His Spirit. They have no way to get in. And so, that's a typical aspect of spiritual warfare that so many miss the boat on when you're in deliverance ministries. And people are getting harassed by demons, or they've been, you know, suffering from curses, and want generational curses and demons removed from them and stuff. Then they're removed, but the hollow places are never filled up by the Spirit, and so, months later those same demons just come back, fill up the places they were at, because they had access. I don't like the fast-food deliverance-type ministries. I think they hurt people more than they help. You can learn how to deliver yourself from things. And the biggest thing is you don't need to go through all the drama. If you're a child of God's, filled with His Spirit, it's a simple prayer:

"Lord, I ask that You fill me from my head to my feet with Your Holy Spirit and just burn out anything that's not of You. And fill all the empty spaces with Your Spirit."

That's all you have to say. It's not hard. And it doesn't take very long. [laughs] And then ask the Lord to put a shield over you and make it impenetrable so words that are spoken or written against you just bounce off the shield and go back to the sender. Those who are sending attacks to you, the attacks just bounce off and go back to the sender. You can have some fun. You know, these tech weapons, um, they're beaming tech weapons at you, ask 'em to bounce off your shield and go back and hit the sender a hundred times harder. You know? [laughs] That'll teach 'em to send attacks at you. You know? Sometimes they learn the hard way, too, huh? Why should we make it so easy on them? We've had to learn to spend our entire lives learning things the hard way. Let them learn the hard way somethin' they won't forget. Anyway.

Pray in the Lord's Real Name, Yahushua, to the Father, Yahuah

So the biggest things, folks--and pray in the Lord's real name, Yahushua. You know, Yahushua is the Son of God, and Yahuah is the Father. And we're to pray to the Father, Yahuah, in the name of Yahushua. I know He's gonna honor your prayer even if you call Him by the wrong name, Jesus. But when this Sananda arrives--and this is the route with Sananda playing the role of Antichrist, and you realize he's the one you've been looking at in your churches all these years, the little portraits of Jesus have been this Sananda, you're gonna really be nauseated. It's really gonna make you sick. So might as well just start calling Him by His real name now. That way when this fake Sananda comes, you're not so nauseated by seeing the resemblance. There's not even a resemblance, 'cause Yahushua doesn't look like that. They just painted this portrait of Sananda, this Jesus that's coming, and said, "Hey! Look church! This is Jesus of the Bible." And they accepted it, you know.

I Often Leave the Spies Alone Because A Lot of Them Are Just Curious - I Let Them See Who I Am and What I'm Up To

I mean, that's pretty much touching the basics on spiritual warfare prayer and how to defend yourselves. Because I know a lot of you, you're not getting to sleep at night. Put a dome or--put a shield around you or a dome around you so you can sleep. Put a impenetrable dome over your apartment building or your house, wherever you live. Put a dome over that if you're being attacked. Put a dome over you, a shield. I often put the one over my house so they can't penetrate it, just to give me some peace from all the spies. I often leave them alone so they can go back and tell their bosses who, or what I'm doing, so they can see I am what I am, I'm not hiding anything. You know? A lot of 'em are just curious. And there's so many different agencies within the government, and they don't share information. And so, that's why you get it from every single agency. They're curious because none of 'em share info with each other. I have a different file with everybody. They just wanna see who you are. They wanna know what you're up to. What you know. What you're gonna reveal. Stuff like that. They're just curious. And so, a lot of it is just pretty harmless stuff. It just gets annoying, and so.

But for the ones who do, who are trying to harm you, there's plenty of things you can do. You know, set up the ring of fire. Put the Lord's radiance of light around you so when they look at you, they're burned. It blinds them. Ask the Lord to send angels with flames of fire. If you feel demonic and evil entities in your home, you don't have orgone in your home. That's the only reason you're gonna feel it because the orgone keeps them out. But if you have these evil, demonic beings in your house, and you can sense and discern that they're there, ask the Lord to chase them out with swords of flame. You know, just basis 101 stuff. Christianity 101. You know?

I'm Thinking About Giving Up the Thursdays Show, Aliens in the News

Anyway, I'm gonna wrap this up tonight. I've only got about 90 seconds left. But I'll be back again Thursday. I know I didn't have a show last Thursday. I may be giving up the Thursdays shows. I'm thinking about giving up that time slot. Kind of struggling with that right now. But for this week, I'll be back on Thursday. We'll see how long I keep the Thursday shows going. And other than that I'll be back next Monday at 10 o'clock. So this Thursday I'll be back at 1 o'clock, folks. Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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