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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
April 2, 2012

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And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it's April 2. Having some technical issues tonight, so having to use my cell phone. Let me know if you can hear me loud and clear in the chat, folks. 'Cause I don't want this show to go to waste. And if you can't hear me, then I'll have to figure something out for the show. A lot of things I wanna talk about tonight. Uh, I'll have to get over here, 'cause it's gonna be a little more technical for me, 'cause I'm used to having my hands free during the show. [laughs]

Here I am stuck on the phone. Everybody that knows me knows I hate having to stand around with the phone up to my ear all day. It's just not my thing, and so. Kind of made it even more funny that, you know, I'm offering a fundraiser for the next three months, and what I'm doing is,  I have a lot of projects going on. We're tearing down a lot of strongholds, folks. You've heard me talk about Fort Knox and how they turned it into an alien base, 14-level DUMB [Deep Underground Military Base]. [Claim: Alien Technology in Fort Knox] Well, we went and we took out that base. Just one of the many things we have planned, and working on. And so, I'm gonna talk about that more during the show next week. I have different plans for the show tonight.

But I wanted you to know why I'm doing this fundraiser. Because these orgone supplies are very expensive, folks. Traveling is very expensive. Accommodations are expensive. And just every time you get on the road it costs a lot of money, and so. So the next three months, April, May, and June, every person who sends in $1000 to this ministry I will speak to on the phone for an hour. You have my total attention and time for an hour. You can ask me anything you want. And so, I thought that was a, you know, good tradeoff. It's why it's called a fundraiser, folks. I know most people can't afford it. But that's just showing my heart in really wanting to get these projects taken care of over the next several months. You're gonna see we're running out of time. And there's a lot of things that they've got planned for April. A lot of fighting in the background. Is Back Up - Ideas There on How to Celebrate Passover

Friday, April 6 begins Passover for those of you who are keeping Passover. And my website is back up, It's pronounced Ya-hu-ah, but it looks like it spells Yah-Weh. So people say it both ways. But it's [audio unclear] to learn how to celebrate Passover at home. You don't have to go to a fancy Messianic temple in your area unless you have one. A lot of people in the backwoods just celebrate it at home. And so, there's a lot of instructions and directions there on how to celebrate Passover.

Why Is Our Government in Hiding? They Know They'll Be Hunted Down and Arrested.

This month's looking interesting. They're actually waiting for disclosure. I know I sent a letter out to my lists talking about the White Hats. [Arrests Imminent - What To Know, Do and Not To Do!] They're talking about "urgent: arrests imminent." Sent out a letter. And this is kind of going on. The White Hats represent the alien, New Age alien agenda. Kind of being their frontmen right now for this alien New Age. And what they're talking about is "what you know: Bankers/Illuminati/Cabal/Government have been running the world and doing bad things. White Hats including old money, military, veterans, federal marshals, and local law officials are going to arrest them in April. Media may say it's marshal law, and try to spread panic, but the actions are lawful and benefit humanity. International travel will be stopped for 3 days. Some facilities wired to explode will be off limits for safety."

I can tell you one of the facilities wired to explode is Congress. And so, I don't know if they'll be shutting Congress down or not. And then they list what to do [coughs]. The goal is to transition [coughs]--they're really attacking me now. The goal is to transition peacefully and safely. [coughs] What they wanna do is switch over agendas. Go from the New World Order bully agenda to the New Age alien bully agenda. There's really no difference between the two, folks. [coughs] And they're gonna be sending out troops and federal marshals to arrest all those involved with the New World Order crowd. The bankers, the Illuminati families, the whole cabal that runs it.

I've always been talking about and warning them that they were just useful idiots and puppets for the council above Earth that rules over all of them. They're just a bloodline to these aliens that rule over the Earth, the Ashtar Command, the Galactic Federation, whatever you wanna call it. And now their gig is up. Of course, this has been, this is a huge part of NESARA's agenda, when they implement NESARA on the Earth. And I've warned, NESARA is the economic program of the Beast. And so, this is all baby steps leading up to that, folks. And so, what they're planning to do is to take over our government, this whole system that's been running the world through various governments, the whole New World Order Satanist crowd, and establish a new regime on Earth. And of course, they don't want people to panic. Well, [laughs] you know what? If they're just arresting Satanists, no one's gonna panic. We'll see how it is if all of us bigmouths are still standing when all the arrests are done, you know. See what they really mean. If they're just gonna throw in all the dissenters against their own New Age plans, along with the Illuminatis, and the bankers, and the whole cabal that runs the New World Order.

So it seems, uh, you know, I've been looking for a reason why is our government currently hiding, because most of them are. They've been off hiding all month. And, you know, don't tell me there's an asteroid, or comet, or something. If they believe that, they're stupid. I don't see any of that in the Bible Codes. Not for now. So I'm looking for the reason, why are they hiding. They're all hiding. They're in secured locations. They're running, their hiding. It's because of these arrests. They know they're gonna be hunted down and arrested. They know what the plans are of the alien agenda just as much as, you know, vice versa. They know each other's plans. And so, interesting that now they're being put on the run.

A False Flag Joint Alien-Military UFO Invasion Planned for May

April being targeted as their disclosure month. I don't know if they're going to introduce the whole alien agenda. It would behoove them to, because in May they plan on implementing their joint alien-military UFO invasion of the Earth. Maybe just America, maybe the whole Earth. I don't know exactly how far and wide this invasion's going to be. But I've been warning you about this joint false flag invasion that's coming. William Cooper saw the same thing. He saw several but got confused on the different types that I think he was seeing. Because there are several. I see them in the Bible Codes. And so, he tried to come at you with a military classified intelligence level, what he was seeing in naval intelligence. And I come at you with what I see in the Bible Codes and what the Lord shows me. So two different angles, folks, and the same result. A false flag joint UFO-military UFO invasion planned for the month of May.

This Could Be the Year that Congress Gets Blown Up

This could be the year that Congress gets blown up. If you're a fan of my website,, I posted a Code back, probably 8 or 9 years ago about Congress getting blown up. [Congress Beware!!] And this seems to be coming into play, because even the Satanists now are at the point they no longer want Congress around. They don't need them. They wanna pull America towards a dictatorship and blowing up Congress kind of serves everybody's purpose, and so--not everybody's, but the two agendas, and so, that in their plans. And I, you know, I'll warn ya right now that place is ready to go. You know, they took months, probably a year to wire the World Trade Center. If you'll follow the change of hands during that time of who owns the buildings at that time, if anybody started digging in the Capitol, you would probably find a paper trail of a change in security over the last year or so, and who's, overall, is covering the Capitol. Because I can tell you right now it's wired to explode. They're gonna explode that place. And so, watch for that to happen. This whole summer could be one of fireworks.

Sananda Has Always Been Dominant for a September Arrival in the Bible Codes

They're trying to bring Sananda in. And that's the basis of their whole thing. They wanna bring this Chrislam in. This fake Muslim-Christian messiah. We know the real Son of God's name is Yahushua. It's not Jesus. They changed it to Jesus. It's not Jesus, folks. If you really love the Son of God, then call Him by His real name, Yahushua. Because this Jesus that comes in is a fake Chrislam Jesus.

And I'll tell you right now he's not coming until September. And so, be it as it may, that they try to bring him in this May, it's not gonna happen. I'm gonna cork the bubble right now, because they're getting all excited and prepared to bring him in. It's not gonna happen until September, and so. I would be very shocked if it happened in April and May. I just would be very shocked, because September's always been the dominant month, if you've been listening to my show.

Maitreya Coming Up in the Codes Again - Could He Take Over Obama's Body and Come as the Antichrist?

He always had, you know--Maitreya's always had several months. He had March, and May, and July. And Maitreya had several months. Sananda's always been dominant for September.

And the thing is, is that Maitreya has been knocked out of the picture. Even though he slightly decided to come up in the Codes again. Because he's been emaciated by all the orgone energy. It's fried him. The Lord's allowed it to affect him for some reason, to the point where he can't even fulfill his role he was going to play. And now it's beiing switched and put on the shoulders of Sananda, who has to combine Christianity and Islam and come as a messiah and appease both groups. And what's gonna happen is he's gonna be rejected by both groups. [laughs] You know.

And I find it amusing that, you know, you look at Bible prophecy two beasts. And so, there will be two beasts. I'm not sure if Obama will be a beast or not, but what could very easily happen is, since Maitreya needs a body, obviously, he could overtake Obama, and channel through Obama, and become Obama. That's what I'm looking at. The possibility that he could just overtake Obama.

We know the last-days Antichrist rules over Babylon, and so, what happens? Does Sananda arrive and Babylon gives the keys of the United States over to Sananda. I mean, he has alliances and agreements with Sananda. And so, not sure what they are yet, but just watch those things happen. Because the dominant two players--we know there's dominant two players in the last days. And the Old Testament prophets clearly identify the beast, the last-days beast, the Antichrist, as a leader over Babylon. Doesn't necessarily mean that's our president, but it very well could be. And so, just look for both routes to happen.

The Next Stock Market Crash Could Make 2008's Crash Look Like a Warm-Up Exercise

Stock market crash coming up that's gonna make the 2008 stock market crash look like a warm-up exercise. If you're in the market, get out. Definitely planning to crash the market. Like I said, I wouldn't be surprised if inflation doesn't double or even triple by Christmastime of this year. And so, watch for--especially if the market crashes and the dollar crashes--watch for inflation to rise. And so, just another thing to watch, folks.

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So, just a heads up on a few things. 'Cause April could really turn out to be an interesting month. Even though I'm quite busy getting projects done. And for all those who wanna donate a thousand dollars to help with these projects, just send in your donations. Send your phone number and the best time to call you, and I will personally speak to you for an hour of my time. So, I think that's a pretty good deal.

And you can send donations to:

Sherry Shriner
P.O. Box 531
Carrollton, OH 44615

And all donations will be going to these projects and getting people busy with orgone missions around this country, around this world, to target the strongholds of Satan. You would be amazed at what some of these targets are and where they are. And I'll be talking about it next week a little bit.

If You Keep Your Body Alkaline, Cancers Can't Take Root in It

And so, on to what I really wanna talk about tonight. And got a lot of feedback last week from people who really liked the spiritual warfare aspect. And so, I wanna continue talking about the spiritual warfare aspect, folks, and how to protect yourselves because, you know, it's getting vicious. Not just demonic attacks. Alien attacks, military attacks, satellite attacks. And so, it's just getting vicious with a lot of people just under constant attack.

I'm not gonna go over everything I talked about last week. You can read the transcription of last week's show. It's already posted on my transcription page. Or you can listen to the archive of last week's show. I just wanna pick up with a different aspect tonight. And I wanna talk about something that I know most people aren't even aware of, because if it sounds New-Agey, we tend to roll our eyes in the back of our head and bury our heads in the sand. We don't wanna hear it. Not everything they say is a lie, it's just vastly distorted and perverted for their own uses.

And so, what I wanna do tonight is give you kind of like a simple explanation of why it's so important--I've been talking about getting our bodies alkaline and getting away from being so acidic. 'Cause there's two different types of ways your bodies can be. They can be alkaline or acidic. And if they're acidic, you're gonna get cancers, you're gonna get tumors, you're gonna get sick. You're a target of diseases and plagues because your body's acidic. It's full of fat. Full of bad things. Your body can't function properly when you're too acidic.

Now if you're alkaline, your body is healthy and it fights cancers. Cancers can't even take root in your body. So how do you become alkaline? Eat vegetables, eat fruits. I eat a lot of chicken. I eat a lot of oatmeal. Try to stay away from red meat. You know, and just raw vegetables, fruits, vegetables, nuts are good for you. And you can Google that online about being alkaline and acidic. There's tons of information on it. A lot of websites will give you the information on that. Because your body is the temple of the Lord's, you know. And most people are gonna get hit by the arrival and the beginning of the whole tribulation period because they don't recognize the times, because they're confused. So many different prophesied events. In their mindsets, they're waiting for a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem, they're waiting for a Russian war on Israel, they've got everything misconstrued. And so, they won't recognize the times that they're in when they start to happen.

We Have to Take Care of Our Physical and Spiritual Bodies

It is our bodies that are a temple. It is our bodies that Satan defiles. There's not going to be a temple built in Jerusalem and Satan's going to defile--he's defiling our bodies. If you read my article, Abomination of Desolation, that I have on my website,, look on my articles page and read about the abomination of desolation. [The Abomination of Desolation] I explain exactly what that is. The whole significance of the ancient temple was--the ancient Israelites, they had a temple and the spiritual significance of that temple was the Holy of Holies. That was the spiritual significance. Everything else around the temple was just surrounded in like, window covering for the Holy of Holies. That was the most important part of the temple. We also have bodies with souls and spirits. And our spirit is the spiritual significance, spiritual aspect, of our body. It is our spirits. When we die, our spirits move on. Our bodies are like the window dressing, the covering, of our spirits. And same way as the temple was in ancient Israelites day, where you either had a roughly put up temple with the Ark of the Covenant, or you had the huge temple David built with the Holy of Holies, itself.

And so, our spirits are the spiritual-significant center of our bodies. And when we get under attack, when you are under demonic, and alien, and military attack, it's because they all recognize what most of us don't. And that is that we have spiritual centers within us, part of our spirit beings, that can be attacked. You know, there's a lot of knowledge the churches never teach that other religions will take and run for a mile, so that you're in the dark, so that you don't know how to protect and defend yourself, and understand how Satan works and how he gets in to attack you.

We have to take care of our spiritual bodies and our physical bodies. You know, we take care of both. And most of that you just combine as one; taking care of yourselves. Well, look at it this way: you have a body, which is a physical body, and then you have a spiritual body, which is your spirit. And we have to learn to take care of both of those aspects of who we are. It's who we are. Because on Earth, we're humans. We're bodies with a spirit. When we're in heaven, you're angelic beings. You're just a spirit. You don't have a physical body like we have here on Earth. And so, we have to learn to take care of both. And I've talked about gettiing alkaline and taking care of the physical aspect. Tonight I wanna talk about the spiritual aspect. Because this is the one thing that most people, like I said, they roll their eyes at, so I'm gonna try to explain it in ways you can understand it.

The Chakras, Our Spiritual Centers

Now, I know you've heard about chakras and spiritual centers, and, you know, all this voodoo hocus pocus that all the New Age always gets into with their meditation, and opening chakras, and aligning chakras, and all this. I know it sounds voodoo, but let me break it down a little bit so you can understand it a little bit. If you look at our spiritual being, we have no less than 7 spiritual centers that are within our bodies, part of our spirit beings. There are 7 spiritual centers. And this is what they call the chakras. And so, I wanna talk a little bit about that tonight because that seems to be one of the, well, the biggest way, that they attack us, is through our chakras. And, like I said, you've got spiritual centers.

Now, I'm not in any way advocating people sit and meditate and try to open your chakras, because that is a Pandora's box. You know, that's something I'm always yelling at the New Agers about. Leave them closed. You're opening Pandora's box. [Pandora's Box's_box] Because once you open them, if you try to meditate and, you know, try to open these chakras yourself, you gonna end up possessed. Because what happens is Satan walks in and possesses through those openings. Possesses people. [American Churches Explore Occult Powers] And so, you don't wanna do that. But there's things that we wanna do to take care of ourselves, take care of our own spiritual bodies, so we're not under attack all the time. And learning ways they attack and what happens when they do.

There are 7 main chakras in a person's spirit body. You have the crown chakra, which is the top of the head. And that is like your link to the Most High. That is the spiritual center, OK? Then you have the third-eye chakra. I know you guys have all heard this one, about the third eye. You have the throat chakra. You have a spiritual center in the heart, which is a heart chakra. You have a solar plexus chakra, which is right in your chest, right above your abdomen. Between your abdomen and chest. You have the sacral chakra and the root chakra.

How They Attack Us Through Our Chakras

And the sacral chakra is pretty much the number one place they get ahold of people, because that's your sexual chakra. And what they will try to get you to do is to defile yourself through adultery, through fornication, through demonic sexual harassment while you're sleeping, so they can use this chakra as a way of gaining entrance into you. And all they have to do at that point is climb up your spinal cord and inhabit and affect every single one of your other chakras on its way up to your head. And so, you can see how they work. I'm basically just trying to give you an outline.

You know, with the third-eye chakra, I call it the Pandora's box. Because you don't want to necessarily see into the spirit realm. Some people are born with the ability to see and hear in the spirit realm. I know I was born that way where I have a certain amount of ability to hear and see into the other realms. Most people don't. So it's either something you're born with, or just leave it alone, because if you try to open that yourself, it's just like Pandora's box. There's things you don't wanna see. There's things you don't wanna hear. And so, leave it alone.

The throat chakra, they can get you with choking. They do that to me all the time on my shows. They attack my throat chakras where I can't speak, I'm gagging, I'm coughing, I can't breathe. They will attack that one.

They will attack your heart chakra. They will try to give you heart attacks. Solar plexus chakra is usually where they start giving you abdomenal issues. If you have digestion issues, it's because you're having problems with your solar plexus chakra.

And if you're having problems with sexuality and things like that, that would fall under the sacral chakra.

And then you have the root chakra which is the base. And that is the lowest of the chakras. It's at the base of your spinal cord. And another entrance for them as well. They usually try to get in through sexual harassment so that you defile yourself, and that way it gives them a way in.

What to Do When Your Chakras Are Blocked

Now each one of these 7 spiritual centers, these chakras, they spin in both directions. They spin in a clockwise direction and they spin in a counterclockwise. They're either taking energy in or they're giving energy out. And if one of them is blocked, then you're going to start suffering sicknesses and problems. And so, you know, I've talked about spiritual warfare and covering the bases. You should add in, you know, for the Lord to clear any blocked chakras that you have. Because if they're blocking your heart chakra, you're gonna end up with heart issues. You know, veins and arteries being blocked, arteries being blocked, heart attacks, indigestion, things like that. Same thing with throat. You can end up with throat cancers. Solar plexus, the abdomenal issues, digestion issues.

So many people suffer from so many of these symptoms and problems I'm mentioning. And the reason is, is because these spiritual centers are blocked. And when they're blocked, they affect your physical body. And so, like I said, I'm not gonna go into a lot of the hocus-pocus stuff because you really don't have to. I'm not gonna take it and run with it for a mile like the New Agers do and go into all this blah-blah voodoo stuff that the Lord doesn't want you to do. He doesn't want you to try to open what's already--He's shut. If He wants to open a chakra of yours, He will. He will do it. But what we need to do as stewarts of the bodies He's given us, and the spirit beings that we are within our bodies, we should take care of both our spiritual bodies and our physical body.

And so, if you have a blocked chakra, the energy flow of your entire body is interrupted. And so, there's a lot of different things that can happen. Sexual dysfunction, abdomen issues, which is the most targeted. And even just beyond these 7 chakras there are many above your head that you don't see, that are all part of being a spiritual being.

So, what you wanna do is ask the Lord to clear and unblock any blocked spiritual centers that you have. Any one of your chakra areas that are being blocked or attacked, ask the Lord to clear any kind of blockage, ask Him to help them flow in the ways that they're supposed to, either counterclockwise or clockwise. Because they should to be flowing and spinning in both directions.

Stay Away from the Voodoo Stuff and Just Ask the Lord to Keep You Clean and Unblocked

You can almost picture like a sphere of light. That's how you usually see it on the voodoo pages, the New Age pages, when you look up chakras on the Internet. They show it as a sphere of light. A round ball of light in different colors. And so, that's just for symbolic reasons. To show you that each chakra has a different color and what the function is. And I always hate mentioning that, because then there's always people that go off to these New Age sites and start reading the garbage they attach to it and start believing what the New Agers say about it. And that's why I'm very hesitant about even mentioning it tonight and talking about it, because so many people will just take it the wrong way and be led down the wrong rabbit trails of what exactly these are, and their functions, and what they do.

Stay away from their voodoo stuff, folks. Just ask the Lord to keep your spiritual bodies clean and unblocked. The same as you would when your physical bodies get attacked. And, like I said, asking the Lord to fill you with His spirit and just burn out anything that's not of Him. Any kind of parasites or anything in your body that's not of Him, just to burn it out with His Holy Spirit. That's what you can do to protect your chakras. Ask the Lord to protect your chakras, keep them working properly, and to burn out anything in them that's blocking them or keeping them from functioning correctly.

"I Don't Hear from the Lord Like You Do"

And so, I know I hear from a lot of people that say, "I can't hear from the Lord." Now, you know, they'll talk to me and I'll go, "Well, why don't you just ask the Lord?" "Oh, I don't hear from Him like you do." Well, what's the Bible say, folks? The Bible says my sheep hear my voice and they know me and I know them, which means you have the capability to hear His voice. You're just not sitting at His feet and learning how to do so. It's a small voice in your heart. Another problem could be that your head crown chakra is blocked. And so, you can ask the Lord to remove any kind of blockages you have that are keeping you from hearing His voice.

You know, He doesn't always speak to me. You know, He works in different ways. He has more ways of getting ahold of a person than one. I think the one way that works for me the most is the nudging and the nagging I was talking about last week. How He nudges you. That's the number one way I hear from Him. And so, uh, or either He'll talk to me when it's quiet. Usually late at night because I'm quiet. I'm more sitting down, working on something, and He can speak to me then because I'm still and I'm quiet. And He's not gonna try to speak to you when you're busy and bustling around, because you won't hear Him, you won't recognize it's Him. And so, ask Him to remove any blocks, any inhibitors that are keeping you from hearing Him.

If You're Always Under Attack, There May Be Something You Need to Repent of and Renounce

Some of you say that you're just always under attack. And one of the biggest things for just always being under attack is that there's things that affect us and surround us that we don't know of, folks. And so, you need to ask Him to guide you, guide your thoughts, because, you know, you could have something that you need to repent and renounce. Something you did in the past: played with a Ouija board, you were involved with Dungeons and Dragons [Should a Christian Play Dungeons & Dragons?], something occultic, something that gives them access. Maybe your father and uncle was into Masonry. Because they submit all family names to these kinds of occultic groups. And they become property of them, so to speak. It gives them access to you, because your uncle or somebody submitted your name to them.

So you need to break all contacts and associations, known and unknown, whether you know about them or not, direct or indirect, whether you did it yourself or somebody else did it for you. Ask Him to guide your thoughts, because we can stop all these attacks from coming up against us, folks. The problem is people just don't know how. And when they do know how, they get lazy and they don't wanna act, and they don't wanna do it. They want the quick fix. And you know what? When it comes to spiritual warfare, when you're first learning, there are no quick fixes.

I know people who'll spend hours going through spiritual warfare prayers, and then they'll realize, "Oh, I'm just gonna simplify this, put it in my own language." And then you'll learn that the hours go to minutes that way. You know, you can really simplify spiritual warfare prayers by just putting them in your own words. And then knowing exactly what you need, and asking for that without spending hours and hours in warfare. And so, it's just learning. Getting the basics down, and then simplifying it, and you're going to watch it happen very quickly because when you're under attack, the one thing you don't want them doing is, you know, giving you a hard time. They don't give me a hard time. They used to. But in time, they learn to fear you because they know you're going to use the power of the Holy Spirit in His name, Yahushua's name, He's given you over them.

And there's endless things you can do to them once you realize, "Hey! I have power. There's power in the name of Yahushua." He's given us all the power that He had over Satan. He's given it to us. If someone's bothering me, they're gonna wake me up at 3 in the morning, they're gonna be bound and cast into the abyss. You know? Why do I hear from people, you know, "I'm being woke up at 3 or 4 in the morning being harassed and bothered." So why you puttin' up with it? Don't put up with it. Do something about it. Bind them and cast them into the abyss in Yahushua's name. You know? That's pretty much when they, you know, when people are under these assaults and attacks, is 'cause they're not doing anything.

There Are Generational Curses We Have to Fight Against

Another thing is generational curses. And some of you are just born hybrids. Some of you are born, uh, I don't even wanna go that way. But, anyway, some of you just have issues. And so, you're gonna deal with a lot more than most people deal with. And it doesn't mean you're crazy, it just means that you have things that have to be worked out in this lifetime. I'm not talking about karma. I'm just talking about you have issues to deal with. And it's your allotment. It's your allotment to have to go through that. And so, these are the ones that need to seek Yahuah the most.

I mean, you have to fight. You have to fight because they wanna kill you. They wanna destroy you. Especially when the ones they hate the most have turned to the Most High. Satan hates losing anyone. And that's why he will particularly attack some people more than most. There's just such a huge variation of Christians who have demons sitting and whispering in their ears to people who are really born with issues that they're gonna have to deal with their entire life just because they're here and who they are, and what they're called to do while they're here, and the resistance they're getting. And so, there's a huge variation from one person to another. It's never the same. Although I hear a lot of the same things, no two people are exactly the same. Everybody has their own walk to deal with, and so. I'm just trying to put some knowledge in your hands so you know how to fight back.

We Have Auras That Can Be Damaged by Being Under So Much Assault

Talking about these spiritual centers, the chakras, we also have auras around us. And auras can be damaged by being under so much assault and attack that we're under. And you can ask the Lord to restore your aura. I really don't...God, I don't know. Maybe I'm just too easy. I don't know. I don't care what--people wanna see my aura. I'm not concerning with these things. I don't know. Maybe I'm [laughs] too slippin' on it. I don't know. [laughs] I'm a Warrior and proud of it. And if they looked at me and that's all they see is war surrounding me, that 'cause I'm in a constant war, I'm a Warrior. [audio unclear] I'm not really too concerned about that one.

Energy Drains from Hooks and Links

But another aspect is, uh, I talked about it a little bit last week with energy drains, hooks, and roots. People can put hooks into you. I talked about energy vampires. People you may just be talking to on the Internet. And then they put a hook into you. And hybrids do this to people all the time 'cause most of them are evil. They work for Satan's side. But put a hook into you if you're a exuberant Christian type, bold Warrior type person, because they wanna feed off your energy. Even if they're wicked, evil beings, they want to feed off of your energy, because they can manipulate that into the type of negative energy that they can use. And so, it's like food to them. You're like food.

And so, if you're always feeling drained, you're always feeling tired, and I hear this from people all the time, "I'm so tired." I get that way too. I'm so tired, but my schedule's exhausting so [audio unclear] my crazy schedule. But you could have energy hooks on you. People that are draining your energy. And so, you can ask the Lord to remove all energy hooks from you. The Pentecostal churches will call these links. To remove all links between you and others. And that's basically the same thing. Hooks and links are the same thing. You wanna have those removed. Ask Him to remove all links. And it's really simple. You can just simply ask the Lord to remove all hooks and links from you, and repair any damage that was caused, and restore anything that was taken from you while that hook or link was in you, and so.

They can also send hooks and links not just to your physical body, but also to your spiritual body. And so, that's why we have to protect our spiritual bodies as well as our physical bodies, because people will put hooks and links into, say, one of your spiritual centers, which is maybe your crown chakra, or your heart chakra, or your root chakra, whatever chakra they're attacking, to cause problems and issues for you. So ask the Lord to remove any hooks or links in your spiritual body or your physical body.

There's Nothing That the Most High God Can't Fix, Repair, or Restore

You know, there's nothing that they can do that the Most High can't break, can't fix, can't repair, can't restore. But we have to be vigilant and learn. Knowledge is power. Hosea forewarned, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." [Hosea 4:6] Because if we don't know how they're attacking us, we don't know what to be looking out for. We don't know how to restore ourselves when we get weak and down, and we're having health issues, and we just feel like uck, we don't feel right, we're under attack. Well, now you know, specifically, what to jump in and ask the Lord for, you know. Ask the Lord to step in and remove all hooks and links, anything not of Him. You can just make it really easy like I do. I just come up with phrases. Anything not of Him. [laughs] Just ask Him, "Anything not of You, just burn out. Just burn out with the fire of Your Holy Spirit and Your presence within me. Just burn out anything unholy and anything that's not of You." And ask Him to start from your head and all the way down to your feet; your physical body. And with your spiritual body, you can ask Him to start with your crown chakra and work all through all of your chakras, and align them all to the way He wants them to be. To the way He wants them to be.

Put Him in control of your spiritual and physical body. Everything in His will. You know? And so, that kind of takes anything away from Satan and away from the way--his weapons and the ways he attacks us that we don't see coming, we don't recognize, we don't know about. Well, the Lord knows. He knows. So you can just ask the Lord to heal, and restore, and repair any damage done. To remove anything not of Him. To fill any empty spot with His Holy Spirit. It's just very simple, folks.

Unforgiveness Is the Easiest Route for Satan to Attack You and Possess You

Another thing I wanna talk about, I started talking a little bit about last week, was unforgiveness because that's the easiest route that Satan uses to attack people other than sexual harassments, getting you to sin, getting you to go to porno sites and lust after women, looking at porn, magazines or TV, any ways of defiling yourselves so that they can gain access through your lower chakras, and so.

Anyway, back to this. Unforgiveness is what rots you. And it eats at you, you become bitter, angry, depressed, mad. And it festers when you're mad at somebody. You have people who are hating you, people who are lying about you, people who say despicable things about you, people who totally misunderstand what you say, and misconstrue everything you say. And if you let this fester on, and on, and on, this hook that they put in you because of--you get because of unforgiveness in you, because you're mad at them, grows into a root, and the root becomes larger and larger, and eventually, possession can take place. So we need to always keep our emotions in check, folks. Forgive people and move on.

Because Satan will use people, he will just find pawns, and stand them up to come against you, to make you miserable, to make you angry. He'll just use them. And so, it's not even, you know, this person who was willingly doing it, but when you're sitting in my shoes, you can see this always coming in the Codes. I see perfectly how Satan will use people to come up against me, and so I know this is how he works against everybody else as well.

He'll use people to come against you, and attack you, and hurt you, and harm you. He'll use, when you're a child, he'll use adults to hurt you, harm you. Or friends, or people you don't know. Satan does this so that you'll be bitter, you'll be angry. And when you're bitter and angry, it festers and grows, and grows from a hook, to a root, to possession. It's how they can possess you. And some of the biggest possessed people I've seen are the ones who always have anger issues. They're angry, they're bitter about something that happened to them in the past, or something that happened in childhood. They've never forgiven what things that happened to them with people who did wrong to them. And they let it fester all those years and they just become possessed. They're possessed by demons. You can see the demons in their eyes. And so, that's what happens, folks.

So don't let Satan win, you know. Forgive people who hate you, who do mean things to you, who say mean things to you. Forgive and move on. Now, it doesn't mean you have to like it, doesn't mean you have to sit in a puddle of anger and despair over it for a long time, just move on. Put it in the Lord's hand and walk away from the situation. You know? People say mean, hateful things to me. I might go into an exchange or two, and then I move on. That's it. I no longer read their e-mails, I no longer read their hatefulness, I've said what I've had to say, and I move on. I put it in the Lord's hands and I move on. I don't play the game.

And so, that's another thing, just guarding yourself, watching for the ways Satan attacks, and then guarding your own emotions, folks. Don't let him take root within you, any one of his vile attacks. The Bible says if you forgive one another, He will forgive us. And so, even if you know it's Satan attacking you, but he's using somebody else to do it, forgive them and move on. Just forgive 'em and move on. Get away from the situation and move on.

To Maintain Your Peace, Pour Blessings and Prayers Over Those Who Hate You

You know, pouring blessings and prayers over those who hate us and want to harm us. It's like reaping rain over hot coals. It takes the steam out of Satan's parade. You know, he has all these plans to come against you and make you mad, to hurt you and make you bitter. And if you just pray and send blessings to the person who's doing it to you, it pours rain over Satan's parade. And so, learn to live in peace, folks, you know. Surround yourself in peace. And then if there's something that interrupts your peace, this circle of peace you're surrounded with, then deal with it, move on, and return back to your circle of peace. It's basically one huge way of guarding your emotions, you know. One of the most hostile places, for most people, is living in their own home. Dealing with spouses, that's like the number one thing. If you're a kid, it's your parents. If you're married, it's a spouse. And I understand this one very well. You know what? Just put it in the Lord's hands and move on, you know. Put it in His hands, move on.

Things You've Done in Your Past Will Have Everlasting Effects on You, So Deal with It

And like I said, some people are always under attack. And they need to ask the Lord, Himself, you know, what it is, why they have such access to them, why they're being militarily attacked, or abducted, or seeing aliens, or demons. And they've done everything that I've told them to do. And it's because, you know what? There's always that factor--it's like when you talk to people, there's always things they don't tell you. They're not gonna tell you everything about their past. Things they've done, things that they thought were probably stupid, and didn't think twice, maybe did it one time, playing with a Ouija board, that will have everylasting effects on you. And so, you deal with it. Things like that are very important and people brush it aside like it's nothing. And so, always ask the Lord to just bring to your mind what it is you had to repent of, rebuke, renounce. Some contract written that you need to break in the spiritual realm, so to speak. And so, it's just various ways we have of fighting against them, folks.

You'll Be Glad You Put Up a Shield Over Your Home When the Alien-Military Invasion Hits

And put up your shields. You know, I talked about that last week. When you're under attack. When you see this joint alien and military invasion, dominant for the month of May, put up a shield over your home. Ask the Lord--and when you're asking Him, kind of visualize--see Him doing it. Close your eyes and picture this shield in your backyard coming over your house, your apartment building, your flat, whatever you live in. Coming up over your place of residence and to the front. Totally enclosing your house in a dome. And ask Him to make it impenetrable so nothing can penetrate it. You know. It'll be a good practice because if they start shootin' beams, then it's gonna look like Star Trek come alive. You're gonna be glad you have a dome over your house because they won't be able to infiltrate that dome and blow up your house. [Example, from Star Wars movie clip, of protective shields being used. But the Lord can make yours completely impenetrable. Federacion vs Gungan]

Put Domes Over Your Children So Curses Against Them Will Not Affect Them

And you can do that for yourself, for your own person. You can do that for your children. Put domes over your children. You know, we send them to public schools, which are Satan's playground. Put shields around your children, so any curses spoken or written against 'em just bounce off, they don't affect them. Because people don't realize that a spoken curse against somebody, even if you say something, in passing, bad against somebody, that's a spoken curse towards that person and it will hit that person whether they, you know, realize it or not.

Curses You Have Around You Are Blocking or Delaying the Lord's Blessings

Most of us have all kinds of curses around us constantly. And if you have a dome up or you have a shield up, those curses will just bounce off it and not affect you. Otherwise you have all these curses affecting you. And you're wondering why you're not feeling the Lord's blessings, things are being blocked, things are being delayed. It's because of all these curses that you have around you that are stopping these things from happening. And so, ask the Lord, you know, to remove all curses written and spoken against you. To restore His blessings to you, and to give you what He wants to give you. And these are constant things, folks. This isn't something you can do and it's still good for next week. You know, I'm constantly asking the Lord for the same things. And it'd be good to just sit down and write out a list on everything you need to ask the Lord every day. And we get lazy. And maybe you won't think about it until the weekend, "Oh, yeah, it's the weekend. I'd better put a shield up 'cause we'll all be out tonight." [laughs] That kind of thing. And so, uh [laughs]. Yeah, weekends. Weekends are go without saying. Put up a shield on weekends. And also, you know, protecting your homes and things like that.

We're Heading into the Tribulation Period So You'll Want Those Extra Protections

'Cause like I said, you know what? When the veil is lifted and we're heading straight into the tribulation period, there's no doubts anymore, Sananda's here creating miracles, deceiving the world that he's the messiah, and, you know, before you know it, he's got Satan's forces with him because when he arrives, it's not long after that Hell comes with him. He's the rider of the pale horse, folks. And so, it's going to be a zoo here. And you're gonna want those extra protections. You're gonna want a orgoned yard or orgoned area, your shields up, and things like that to protect yourself. And also just always being vigilant and knowing to keep not just your physical body cleared of garbage, but also your spirit bodies, so that the Lord can work through you. And you can hear Him more effectively, you're feeling better, you have more energy, you've got more energy than you had in a long time because you've been suppressed and blocked all those times, and you didn't realize it that people were blocking, intentionally blocking, your spiritual centers so you couldn't be effective.

"I Can't Believe You're Still Alive"

They know more about all of this than we do, folks. The witches and the Satanists. They know all about this because they keep us in the dark about it. They don't want the churches to know--to be teaching--this stuff was--they didn't have to write about it back in the day because they already knew about it. They knew that you carried a spiritual body. And it's just a whole new ball game today with tech weapons and things like that attacking us, and tuning into our frequencies so they can attack us with pulse weapons, and so. You know, ask the Lord to change your frequencies, and so that disrupts them when they're targeting you. You can ask Him to change your matrix energies.

And so, I know it sounds like science fiction, but if I could explain it any easier, I would. But it's just so much to have to learn at one time for a lot of you. And perfect over time so that you're not under so much attack. You know, I hear it from government people all the time, "I can't believe you're still alive. [laughs] "How ya doin'? It's been a while since I talked to ya. I can't believe you're still alive." 'Cause they're always tryin' to kill me. Always. And they can't get anywhere. Why? Because I keep myself protected, blocked, cleaned out, cleansed. I have the Lord who has my back at all times. And so, this is the very things you need to do, too, folks. 'Cause they will be attacking you with cancers, and plagues, and diseases to make you sick. And now you know how to protect yourself so they can't do that.

Anyway, folks, I'll be back on Thursday with Aliens in the News at 1 o'clock. Be talking some more about some of the projects we have coming up. And just need your financial support, folks, to make this happen. Like I said, time is short. This could be the year a lot of things start happening.

Anyway, until next Monday, everybody. See ya at 10 o'clock next Monday and 1 o'clock on Thursday. Yah bless, everybody.


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