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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
April 9, 2012


Shout Out to Clay Guthrie for His Song, Too Many Lies

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And that was Too Many Lies by Clay Guthrie [referring to song played during musical introduction to show]. He sent that to me. Thought I'd like to post it on my websites. I said, "This is a great song. I'm gonna play it during my radio show." So a shout out to Clay and a good song.

Couple things I wanna talk about tonight. Been doing a lot of researching. You know, it's all kind of like putting the puzzle together. Putting the pieces in. And I don't know why I never thought of it sooner. I guess the Lord is just as methodical as I am. He does things in a certain methodical way. And then slowly starts to give pieces. And then shows you the puzzle.

They're Trying to Turn Earth into One Big, Dead Rock - They Thrive Off of Dead Things

You know, I know a lot of you are heading out for vacation this summer. And what better way to take orgone with you. Go get some areas that aren't close to home. Go on a mission. Get a map out. Target rivers, lakes, streams. Get some orgone in it. The fish love it, plants love it, the air loves it, people love it. The only thing that hates it is evil. Evil things, evil beings. Because they feed off of dead energy. They feed off things that are dead. And that's why we need to just get rid of the dead and reenergize it with positive orgone energy. Yah's aether blue energy. It's a ancient energy. It's always existed since the world was formed. And it was Satan's idea, and his plotting, and the New World Order's weapons, and their alien technology, that have been working over the last 50 years to suppress living energy and turn our world into a whole dead energy system.

If you look at hell (and I don't imagine very many people have [laughs softly]), but there's a few people who've had near-death experiences, and who have made the circuits, talking about their experiences. And the one thing that's common is that there's nothing alive in hell. There's no green grass, there's no plants, there's no trees. There isn't food growing in hell. There aren't fruit trees in hell. There aren't streams of water in hell. There's nothing alive in hell. The closest thing you're gonna get to water is the lake of fire. That's how they live. That's what Satan is, he is the king of what's dead. Dead. A dead system. Dead. Things that don't grow, they don't thrive, they die. And that's what they're trying to turn Earth into. Just one big, dead rock. Because that's what they thrive off of.

Satan Gets His Power from Negative Energy Created from Negative Events - Take That Power Away from Him

And so, they use chemtrails to suppress the sun from being able to supply living energy to the earth. It's one of their biggest things, was to dim our atmosphere. Dimming the atmosphere. Now, chemtrails have 101 uses that they use them for. This is one of them. And what we do, what orgone energy does, the kind we make, is it fights against the dead orgone that they're trying to suffocate our atmosphere with, and puts living energy back onto the earth. It's keeping balanced what should be balanced.

You know, there's 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night, 24 hours in a day. Things are balanced. And there's balance in all things. There's good and evil. There's darkness and light. There's righteousness and wicked. There is a balance in things. And what Satan's tryin' to do is tip the balance to his favor. Because anything dead is a negative energy for him. It's like spinach. Another name for energy is loosh. And so, anything dead is a loosh energy to him. And that's how he thrives. That's how he gets power.

You know, when people are praying and praising the name of the Most High, it sends positive energy to the Most High. It's a living, praising, thriving energy. The same when people praise Satan. They send him energy. And he thrives off of that. Everything is an energy, folks. It's an energy. Satan thrives off suffering and death. People losing their jobs creates a suffering energy. He likes that. People homeless in the streets, he likes that. War, he likes that. Natural disasters, weather disasters, he likes it.

Another way you can take power away from Satan, and keep him from gaining power, is to refuse to despair, refuse to be sad. Be content with what you have. Be content in your situation. Praise the Lord for all things. That takes power away from Satan. Don't give him your energy. Don't give him your power. Give it to the Most High.

Aliens Infest State Border Areas - Get Orgone Walls Up No Matter What People Think About You for It

Been in this war for a long time. And one of the things I've been noticing this year, even moreso than ever, is how they have planted themselves around our world. We have DUMBs and we have DUABs. DUMBs are Deep Underground Military Bases. Many of them are joint bases with aliens. DUABs are Deep Underground Alien Bases. And at these bases you won't find very many humans involved. They're dominantly just Deep Underground Alien Bases. And I'm finding that a lot of these DUABs are on the borders of our states. Because what they do in one state, Pennsylvania, let's say, there's a high amount of UFOs being seen in Pennsylvania, and it might be reported in Pennsylvania news, but it wouldn't be reported in Ohio necessarily 'cause it's something happening in Pennsylvania. I'm just saying. These UFO reports could be anywhere. But they like to infest the border areas of states. I've noticed within my own state that on the borders are where most of the activity is. There's a lot of portal areas and there's a lot of bases in the border areas.

And so, I encourage everybody to go out and put up walls around your state borders. And you can accomplish this by putting a orgone puck one every mile. One every half-mile is a really tight wall. I love the tight walls, but sometimes it takes a lot of orgone, so, you may not have a lot of orgone. Anything is better than nothing, even if you had to go one every 5 miles or one every 10 miles. Something's better than nothing. One every 2 miles is ideal. One every mile is awesome. One every half-mile is fantastic. So there's my rating system. [laughs] But like I said, anything is better than nothing as you try to tear down their strongholds.

So get a map out and find out where your state borders are. Because you're no only affecting people in your state, but the other state as well. You know, Yah's gonna crank up the orgone energy this April. He's gonna crank it up. And everybody should wanna have a part in His successes. Our successes, because we just do as He leads. You know, if His own people won't do as He leads and says, then who is? We're what route He has here on Earth. We're who He has.

That's why you truly have to develop a thick backbone, because, don't care what other people think. I don't know too many Warriors who don't have conflicts in their own families. Their spouses think they're nuts. Their parents. Their brothers, their sisters, or whatever. Develop a thick backbone. Don't care what other people think. The only person you should be worrying about pleasing is the Most High. The Most High.

You Can Feel Energy Shifts Around State Borders

So get the walls up around your state borders because that truly is where a lot of this alien activity is coming from. And I haven't been in a state border yet that I haven't felt an energy shift. And if you're sensitive to energies, you can feel an energy shift. It's like when somebody creepy walks by you, and all of a sudden you just feel like something evil walked by, somebody evil's in your presence. These are energy shifts. You can feel an energy change. Most people have 'em, they just haven't learned to recognize 'em. Once you tell 'em what to watch for then it's, "Oh, yeah. I used to feel that when so-and-so was around." [laughs] I used to feel that every time I drove through this area. These are energy shifts. You can feel an energy change. And those are--especially if you're out and about--those are areas that need orgone.

Some people are just possessed up to the hilt with demons. Or they're not even human to begin with. And that's why you feel the energy shift, because that's where demons are--or they've been soul-scalped and they're being dominated by an alien.

Make Orgone in Ways that Produce Different Frequencies to Throw them Off

Target the state borders, folks. Any rivers and lakes. Learn how to make pipe blasters. It's just like making an orgone puck except you're making it in a pipe. Put pipes in a can, pour a base of resin in the bottom. Once it hardens good, you can start making your pipes. And you just layer the inside of a pipe like you would making an orgone blaster. I have to put magnets in mine. I like to switch it up now with magnets or with copper pennies. Pre-1983 I think they are that have the most copper in 'em. And then make regular ones. That way they can't zone in on any one particular frequency to try to block.

I was talking about frequencies the last show, how they can zone in. Everybody has a frequency. Everything has a frequency. And so it's--you know, change up the frequencies of the orgone blasters and orgone. Or ask the Lord to change your matrix frequency so they can't zone in on you for constant ELF [extremely low frequency] attacks, the satellite attacks. Ask the Lord to switch 'em up, change 'em up. Put 'em in derision.

Warren Buffett Has Made His Money by Being a Frontman for Alien Intelligence with His Alien Base

Another thing that's almost getting to be a no-brainer now that I've been doing a lot of research on things is how we've all been so hoodwinked into believing what's been told to us by the media. I mean, we've all been dealing with this for years and learning what lies they speak, and what liars they all are. They're even liars about how they make their money. They want you to think that they're stock market geniuses and that's how they made all their money. If they were normal people, they would've lost more money than they ever made in the stock market. Your chances of making money in the stock market are as good as going to [Las] Vegas and making money.

They make their money by selling alien tech. You know, Warren Buffett's made billions of dollars. And he wants you to think he's a stock market genius. He's some guru. He's the investment guy. He knows how to make money. You know how he makes his money? He's a frontman for alien intelligence. And what this is, is he has a DUAB, a Deep Underground Alien Base right underneath his estate in Omaha, Nebraska. And they do several things there. It's divided up into 3 floors and there's dormitories there where the scientists sleep, these alien scientists, 'cause they never leave the base.

And if a corporation wants to develop a particular type of weapon, but they're having problems making it work, or they have an idea, but they can't bring it to fruition, he gets a lot of money, charges them millions of dollars, and he finds an answer from these alien scientists on how to make this weapon, or how to make it work. And this is how he's made his fortune.

He also does cloning under his base. You know, I have no doubts that there's probably a clone of me somewhere out there. Probably a clone of everybody. In particular at Warren Buffett's base is they clone celebrities, and politicians, and things like that. That way they can be switched out. If the celebrity isn't towing the line, the New World Order satanic line, they can take that celebrity out of the picture and put in the clone. And have the clone swing the New World Order line. So that the people that are in the spotlight have more influence over other people. And so, that's what they'll do.

Park Land Is Donated to the State and Then Used as Abduction Grounds and for DUABs

You know, you look at the Rockefellers. Where do they get all their money? [laughs softly] You know, they have a 3500-acre estate an hour north of New York City in Westchester County, in Mount Pleasant, New York; the Pocantico Hills. And not too far from there is Chappaqua, New York where the Clintons live. They also own over 20 state parks. They would buy up land, and then they would donate it to the state to use as a state park. Do you really think they care about doing something nice? [scoffs and laughs] They use these parks as abduction grounds, and also to hide the fact that underneath it is a DUAB, Deep Underground Alien Base.

The Top People Put Their Estates on Top of Alien Bases and Make Their Money Finding Ways to Kill Humans

You know, in Maine, the Bushes have an estate at Kennebunkport. And directly under that estate is a DUAB. And what they do there is come up with all kinds of plagues and pestilences so that they can create a plague and then know how to--know what the antedote is so that they can sell it to the pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, and make money off of the cure. So they make money all around. They get these aliens to come up with plagues, and then they can sell them as bioweapons, biochemical weapons, and then they can make money off the cure.

See how they make their money, folks. They make it off your backs, off your health, off your death. Plagues and pestilences is a big business. How many people have suffered digestion issues? Especially the last 20, 30 years. People are bloated, they don't look good, they don't look healthy. And they claim it's fast-food. Could be the chemicals in the fast-food, yeah. And where is all this created? Well, there's a major place it's created right in Kennebunkport, Maine. That DUAB there, they research ways to destroy your digestive system. Reproduction, with Gardisil. All this crap, all this garbage that's been coming out. Swine Flu vaccine.

It's these top people that are the ones causing all this and making all the money off of it. OK, so top people. Just Illuminati people? Look at the people in the government. You have the Rockefellers, the Clintons, Warren Buffett, George Soros. George Soros, his estate is right above a Lizard base. Mackinac Island, Michigan. It's a Lizard base. The president has flown to Mackinac Island. They have spent U.S. tax dollars to fly President Obama to meet with Lizards, Reptilian aliens, on Mackinac Island. Now do you believe me that this guy is a Lizard? That we're dealing with a whole alien agenda here.

These bases are everywhere. And the people that have the money, the big money, the Soros', and the Buffetts, and the Rockefellers, and the Rothschilds, and the Bushes, they make their money killing humans. They make their money off death, and finding ways to destroy humans. They put their estates right on top of bases.

If You Wanna Go to War Against the Alien Agenda in America, We Need to Chase These Lizards Out of Here

If you wanna go to war against the alien agenda in America, it's gonna go beyond putting up walls just to protect yourselves and your families. We need to chase these Lizards out of here. These traitors to our nation. These traitors to mankind, the human race. To Earth, itself. We need to chase 'em all out of here.

Henry Kissinger, Leon Panetta, Robert Gates, Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney. These are all people ready to trade your children to make a buck in profits. They put up national parks so people can be abducted. They target rivers and lakes in Maine so people can, supposedly, die in the ocean, but they're really taken over to this underground base that the Bushes are running and then used for experiments. They become lab rats. They set up all these things everywhere, folks.

Crossbreeding's huge. And none of this is accomplished without abductions. Without abducting people and using them as the guinea pigs. There's a huge underground base in San Antonio [in Texas]. And I've heard of it a couple times because one of the things that hit people the most that have been to this base is the rows, and rows, and rows of humans locked in cages. Now, who do you think these humans are, folks? They could've been your neighbors, they could've been people you went to school with, people you went to church with.

Imagine all the illegal Mexicans crossing the border and just disappearing, never to be heard from again. That's why I think this base is so huge and that's why it's down in San Antonio. Because they can use a bunch of people crossing the border who can then be disappeared very easily. They get sucked into these bases. They're taken to these bases and used as lab rats. Even if you're not a big fan of illegals coming into our country, stuff like this just makes you sick. It makes you sick. Cubans coming over on boats. This huge underground alien water base off the tip of Miami. How many of them disappeared, never to be heard from again. Or how many Asians have been smuggled into the country thinking they're gonna get jobs in America, and they're shuffled off to sex-slave rings. Most likely underground bases. Never to be heard from again.

We need to shut these places down, folks. And the only way you're gonna shut 'em down is by orgoning them so that the Lizards and the wicked beings that are running them can't survive. They hate the orgone. It'd kill 'em. All these areas need targeted and orgoned. I think the entire county in Westchester County needs targeted. All you New York Warriors out there, and New Jersey, you want a mission, I just gave you one. You know, you can hit the Rockefeller Center in New York off of, uh, what is it? Fifth Avenue. Wherever that is. The Rockefeller Center. G.E building is where are the Rockefellers meet daily to discuss how they're gonna spend their money that they've made off our backs. Abducting people. Having people killed. Putting out bogus flus and plagues so people die and get sick and cancers. So all these cures the doctors are offering people are making the Bushes money, and others just like the Bushes. They're as wicked as wicked gets.

Going Fishing? Take Some Orgone with You and Save Some Lives

Snake River in Wyoming. Teton National Forest. Jackson Hole. The valley of Jackson Hole. Anybody wanna go fishing? Gonna do some fly fishing? Take some orgone with you. Get it in forests, get it in rivers, get it in lakes. This is where they target folks. This is where they have their bases. For every base we can take out, think of how many people, how many lives we just saved from being abducted and taken there.

Fort Knox was a hideous base. We took that one out a couple weeks ago. They were grinding people up and feeding it to these brains. These huge living organism brains on that base. It wasn't a lot of humans that worked there. It was predominantly a DUAB. But there were people being abducted and taken there, and sacrificed to the brains. Now with elimination of that base it'll save some lives, people not being taken there and sacrificed. Think about every time you take out a DUAB, and I'm telling ya there's more than we can imagine. That's why I'm telling ya get the borders. Get the borders of your states. Get the borders of your country.

Take Out These DUABs Under Estates and Government Land

You know the Rothschilds hang out in France. Orgone France. Their estates are probably right on top of DUABs. Just like their American counterparts. And the Queen and all her human sacrifices. The Royal Family. They eat people. Constantly. They eat humans like we eat meat. It's a daily thing to them. It's not a once every six month ritual like Satanists want you to think it is. It's constant for them. That's how they live. Orgone their palaces, their vacation homes. Wherever they think they can go and hide, orgone it. Make it miserable for 'em.

Orgone the Vatican. Well, he's already miserable. Apparently, not miserable enough 'cause he's still alive. Get some more orgone in the Vatican. I can't even imagine the kind of DUAB they have underneath that thing.

Eating Meat with the Blood in It Is an Abomination

DUABs. Deep Underground Alien Bases. They feast on humans. That is their food. The Royal Family; Lizards. They feast on humans. That is their food. Oh, they'll put on pretensions and act like, oh, they're like everybody else. Give me a break. Lizards love raw meat. They love raw meat. [Children of the Matrix - Excerpts] I'd hate to see what a Washington, D.C. party looks like. I would probably be grossed out.

Eating any kind of meat with blood in it is an abomination. So if you're eating anything below well-cooked, it's an abomination, because you're not to eat the blood of an animal. It's an abomination. When you eat rare meat, you're eating the blood of the animal of whatever meat that is you're eating. You're digesting the blood of that animal. Cook your food, folks. Cook the blood out of it. Better yet, go to white meat. Go to vegetables. Go fruits. Grow your own.

You know how poisoned our food is and full of cancerous chemicals. Well, it's the rich people that are totally self-sufficient for those very reasons. They know better than to eat our food. Like the Rockefellers. They grow their own. They have their own cattle, their own vegetables, their own fruit. They live the way everybody else would like to live but can't afford to. They don't eat food processed in grocery stores. They know it's full of chemicals and cancers.

They Think They'll Be Safe in Their Hideaways in Other Countries - Not When Sananda Gets Here

And then they all think they're gonna run to South America. They all have their little ranches. Like cattle ranches. The Rockefellers have one in Argentina. Bushes have one in Paraguay. Others are running to South Africa to build their doomsday hideaways. No. They won't be safe. The Lord knows where they're going. They're all about to become powerless. Because the one thing that's funny, they're working for, is to bring Sananda in. The very fact that when they bring Sananda in, this Cosmic Christ that's part Christian, part Islam and blah, blah, blah...when they bring him in, it signals their own demise. It really does. Because that whole agenda is going to take over the New World Order agenda and get rid of that. You start the Age of Aquarius. So it gets rid of the New World Order and all those in it. They will become powerless serfs like everybody else. They won't be needed anymore. They're useful idiots for Satan. They're lucky he doesn't just kill them, get rid of them. Maybe he will. So the very fact that they think they're gonna have these backup retreats to run to and hide in, maybe that's the joke in itself. 'Cause they'll never be alive to see 'em.

Channeled Message to New Agers that NWO Planners Will Be Arrested and Thrown in FEMA Camps

Interesting, on how much you wanna believe of the channelings of the New Agers. I don't put a whole lot of stock in the channelings. Unless it's something the Lord's already told me. Something I recognize from the Codes or something. But interesting that there was some kind of channeled thing from Sananda or Michael the archangel. I don't know who it is. They always use characters; these demons who channel messages to the New Agers. And they tell 'em, "Oh, I'm Michael the archangel," Gabriel, they always take biblical names.

Well, they're talking about how those that have been plotting and planning this New World Order, the Bushes, and the Clintons, and all them, Obama, how they would be arrested and thrown into the FEMA camps that they have been funding all this time and planning for the Christians, and terrorists, and patriots, everybody who hates the New World Order. That they would be arrested and thrown into the very camps that they were designating for everyone else.

And reminds me of stuff I was saying on my show years ago. Back in 2005. That they would be the first ones arrested and thrown into their--thrown on the FEMA trains. They'd be the first ones on the trains. It's almost prophetic. 'Cause now, 7 years later, the New Age demons and aliens that they channel are saying the same things. And mind you, I don't think they listen to my show. [laughs] Maybe some.

I know Maitreya used to listen to my show all the time, but he's kinda gone AWOL [Absent Without Leave]. Comes up in the Codes every once in a while, but I don't know if he's coming up in the Codes simply because I was assigned to expose and be a messenger of his coming or because he's gonna make a comeback. I don't think anybody, even the Queen, herself, expects him to make a comeback. So it's going to be up to Sananda to play both roles; Maitreya and Sananda, for now, because I don't see anybody in the Ashtar Command, other than Saint Germaine, to step in and take Maitreya's position. Saint Germaine is like the economist guy. He's Mr. Economy. He's coming to institute NESARA and all this other stuff. And he's the one that shows up at all their NATO and GTO summit meetings and stuff like that. Saint Germaine always shows up at those. Pretty much runs those types of meetings.

Another Orgone Target - Camp David

Their meeting in May that was supposed to be in Chicago was transferred to Camp David. [laughs] Too much orgone in Chicago, I guess. I don't know. But they've transferred it out to Camp David in Maryland. If you're looking for an orgone trip, there you go. Camp David in Maryland. From the airport all the way to Camp David. Let's make the whole ride miserable for these freaks. And the grass will love you, and the plants will love you. The birds and the animals will love you for orgoning their areas. They don't like wicked, and evil, and dead things either. Nobody does. Would you wanna build your house in hell? It's miserable. It's dead. There's nothing alive there. Let's not keep our animals in hell either. When you go through states and you feel energy shifts, if you're sensitive to energy, when you feel a darkness and a coldness and a evil, orgone that place, orgone that area. Chase the evil out.

When Should You Run and Hide? When Sananda Gets Here.

We don't have a whole lot of time left, folks. You know, I can see in the Codes that they want to bring in Sananda for the month of May. They're really trying hard. And their May, in the Bible Codes, is pretty much equivalent to probably April 20 of our calendar till about May 20 or May 15 of our calendar. So the last two weeks of April and the last two weeks of our May would be their month of May.

Another event-filled month I see is July. And that always is. And you never know what year it's going to pop up and things are gonna happen. But July seems to know, maybe this is the year Congress gets blown up. I don't know. I know they don't want it. They don't like it. They're already trying to devise false flags in getting rid of it. So I think their time is up. Maybe July. Or maybe Obama will just blow up the White House since he's never there anyway. Eventually they're all going to move to their hideouts in the caves in the mountains. And they want to. They wanna go hide. Because they're realizing what I've been saying all along is true. That the Giants are coming. And they're here. They're here. They're above us. Only the Lord's hand is keeping them off of the earth right now. When He gives them the go-ahead, they're gonna be all over the place. Tearing limbs off of people and eating them. We're their food. They're not coming to visit Vegas and party at the slot machines. They're coming to feast on us.

We have huge alien ships already in our skies. 20-, 30-foot Giants. They're just hovering, folks. They're waiting for the green light. Wait for Sananda to arrive. When Sananda arrives, they'll have the green light. And people are asking, "When should I hide? When should I run and hide?" And, typically, it's people that aren't Christians, and probably never will be, but they wanna know what signs to watch for because they think that their money and their hideouts are gonna save them. And I'll tell 'em, "When you see Sananda, run." It's over. Lights out. Curtain down on the stage. Close the curtain. [laughs] A lot of hideous things happening once he arrives. He's like the signal. He's the sign.

Christians Think There Will Be Some Rapture, but Revelation 13 Talks About the Beast's War on the Saints

And Christians, you know, they're pretty hardheaded, too, 'cause they all think they won't be here. They think some rapture's going to come take them off the earth. What's the Bible say? 'Cause I know I read the same Bible as they do. And in Revelation, chapter 13 it talks about the first beast war on the saints. And in Revelation, chapter 2 and 3 it talks about 7 churches, and six of them are still in operation during the time of the Antichrist. So, there's only one church that's gone. Church of Philadelphia. The truth seekers. Truth seekers are led into knowledge. The ones the Lord will protect. How do you know a truth seeker from a churchdom pew Christian? Who knows the Father's name? That's the biggest sign to me for the maturity of a believer in the Most High, is whether they know His real name or not. Most of them don't know His real name, yet call themselves His children. How stupid is that? These are the ones that are gonna go through the Antichrist war on the saints.

The Old Testament prophets talk about last-day's Babylon, which is America, imprisoning, torturing, and killing their own people. It's talking about martial law and FEMA camps. These internment camps. Killing the Bride. Now how can this be true if the Bride is raptured off the earth? The Bride is allowed to go through persecution because He will perfect them that way. You know, you wanna be tested now or tested later? I remember talkin' about this years ago with the Lord. I told Him I'd rather be tested now than later. [laughs] 'Cause either way, you're gonna go through a refinement of fire. You're gonna be tested. And I'm constantly tested. Most of us go through so much.

Get Out of Religion and Get into Relationship with the Lord

If you lose everything you have, are you still faithful to Him? Do you still love Him? Do you blame Him? Where's your faith when you lose everything else? Where would these people's faith be when they've been separated like cattle and sent to different internment camps? Separated from their children, their wives, their husbands, and sent to die. Will they stay faithful to the Most High? That's extreme testing there. But you know what? So many of these people have pushed Him, and pushed Him, and pushed Him. Because they all talk about religion. They haven't figured out that the Lord isn't about religion. It's about relationship. That's why they're allowed to be tested.

Maybe they'll figure that out when they're in the internment camps and they can't pay the wolves their tithes anymore. They aren't there to save them. Doesn't matter anymore. They can't make all the wrong choices and do all the wrong things. So, it's just between them and God at that point. And they spent all their lives on Earth doing the wrong things. They thought they were doing the right things. That's why He says He's the Door. It's in the book of Matthew, "I'm the Door. Knock on Me." We're to knock on Him, not to sit and listen to people that think they know the Bible and know little. They know what they were trained in their cemetaries [seminaries]. And they don't teach 'em much in the cemetaries. What they learn in the cemetaries is Vatican-approved. So what's that tell you? There's a lot of good, juicy nuggets of truth that aren't included in the KJV [King James Version Bible] that were taken out.

Sit at the Lord's feet. Ask Him for the truth in all things. Get out of religion and get into relationship. Have Him lead and guide you into what to do.

Orgone Warriors Are Waiting to Be Sent to Tear Down Satan's Strongholds

There's a war, been going on for a long time. Most are just oblivious. And then there's those who are on the frontlines. And they're tired, and they're exhausted.

And then there's those who are just waiting to be sent. Eager and waiting to be sent. Still got some energy left. Will go tear down the strongholds of Satan and his New World Order and his alien agendas. But their hands are tied because they can't afford it. And that's why I'm here. I'm a bridge. I'm a bridge. Helping people get missions done. And I can't do that without the support of the Lord's people. And I wanna thank all those who've sent donations in because it's going out in so many different directions. And it's not going in my pocket, it's going after these strongholds. I can't get them all myself. I send others to go get them. Warriors who are willing and able to go get them. They need our support so that they can have a chance to go get it done. So keep that in mind, folks, because we don't have too much time. This is 2012, for cryin' out loud. [laughs] If we so much as got to January 1 without a pole flip, I'd be shocked. Something drastic happening. We don't have a whole lot of time. Let's get done what we can now.

***3-Month Fundraiser Underway to Get the Orgone Out - Send in $1000 and Get 1-Hour of Personal Phone Time with Sherry***

So I have a fundraiser going on for the next 3 months. For every person who sends in $1000 I'll talk to you on the phone for an hour. Just send me the best time to call you, with your phone number. And every dime of that is going towards missions and tearing down Satan's strongholds. Doing things that other people won't do. Other people can't do. Doing things that the Lord tells us needs done now. Things to put on our list. Getting these things done. Tearing down the strongholds of the New World Order of Satan, of the alien agenda. I don't care what agenda it is. If it's not the Lord's, it's wicked. And that's what we're going after. We're going after the wicked.

They don't just sit on their butts, folks. I don't sit around the house singing about what a warrior I am, I go out and do it. That's the way you should be. Don't sing about what a great warrior you are in the army of the Lord. Prove it! Get off your butt and do something. Prove it.

Know them by their fruits. Isn't that what the Lord always said? You know anybody by their fruits.

Anyway, be back on Thursday. Aliens in the News. 1 o'clock on Thursday.

Till then, everybody. Be blessed.


Support the resistance group that's really demolishing the NWO - Sherry Shriner's International Orgone Network!

For those who can afford it,

****April-May-June Fundraiser ****

I need help to raise money for here is what I am offering you for your support. For every person who donates $1,000 I will speak to you on the phone for an hour! You can set up a time with me and send in your phone number with your donation and you get to ask me anything you want and speak to me for an hour. I realize most people can't afford this, that's why it's called a "fundraiser." I will offer this for the next three months only! These projects mean a lot to me and time is short to continue to tear down the strongholds of Satan's on earth.

You can send in a Check, Bank check, or Money Order to

Sherry Shriner
P.O. Box 531
Carrollton, OH 44615

Also include your Name, phone number, and best time to call you.

May you be blessed by the Most High

For those who can't afford it,

Send whatever you can, $5, $10, $100, $1,000, $10,000, $20,000...whatever the Lord puts on your heart. Anything is better than nothing.

Help Support This Ministry you can also use E-Check [] or Send Donations using your credit card via Western Union [] and thank you very much for your tithes, alms, offerings, and support.

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