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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
April 16, 2012


And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, April 16. You're live with Sherry Shriner. And been going through a lot of things last couple days and I've been busy. I have just been so swamped. And for those of you who have placed orders of orgone the last three weeks, and you're wondering where it's at, there was a few that I had misplaced, and I found them today. I'm just--can be very unorganized, and so, I will be getting those out. I know there was just a handful that I had in my hand the one day, and brought them in the house, and was looking through, and people send me goodies and I get distracted. [laughs] So, I have found them. I will be getting those out. And I always include extras for people who've had to wait long. For the most part they're all up and out, and so.

If You Live Near a River, or a Lake that Feeds a River, Get It - They Feed into DUMBs and DUABs

You know, there's so much we have to do over the next several months, folks. And so much that needs done. It just...I don't even know the word. Baffles the mind? I don't know.

But I sent a picture out to my Facebook list and Yahoo! list on rivers that need to be done. And so, folks, if you live near a river, get it. Get it with orgone. And I realize there's thousands--you can look at a map of rivers across the United States. You know the major ones. Then you have thousands of little ones. It doesn't matter. If you know where a little one is, or a big one, get it. Because all these rivers and lakes feed into DUABs and DUMBs throughout our countries. Not only that, but, heaven forbid, if somebody should be on the run from zombies, they can head to the water and get in the water. Because if a zombie goes into our orgoned water, it's gonna kill them. Just as much as orgoned water kill wicked and evil things, they affect the aliens that are under our Earth in all of these DUABs. They need water, too.

And so, if we get the water, we're making it Yah's aether orgoned water. Holy water, basically. It's going to fry them. It's gonna--it's like acid to them. And so, good way of protecting people down the road, if not even right now.

The gulfs, a lot of it, strange animals coming through the sea floor into the gulfs and also our oceans. A lot of the rivers in our country will, eventually head down to the gulfs, and so, you know, I just realized that, looking at the map. You know, a couple years ago I'd gotten Mississippi River and gotten the Ohio River. And so, both of those lead down into the gulfs, and so. At least we're ahead on that one already. But you can speed it alone if you have multiple people putting orgone top of the Mississippi. Then you have people that live in states that hit the middle of the Mississippi. And then you have people in the southern states that live at the bottom. So if everybody just gets a river that they can get access to and get orgone in it, we'd have it covered, top, middle, and bottom.

Also lakes. A lot of our larger lakes will feed multiple rivers. Snake River needs a lot of orgone in it. Columbia River up in the northwest. Colorado River. Just a lot of different rivers throughout the United States. And if we get them, get orgone in these rivers, it makes them stop using our water for themselves. This is our water. This is for us, for humans. Let's make the aliens go somewhere else. Drive them out of our country. And no matter what country you're in, if you're listening to this show, and I know there's over 160 countries that listen to it, get orgone in your rivers and lakes. Chase them out of your country.

You know, water is the most precious resource we have. And so, let's protect it from them.

They Can't Explain Away the Daily UFO Crashes as Meteors Anymore

And I don't know what planet you would have to be on to not realize the times we're in. I mean, daily now, daily multiple sightings of UFOs crashing everywhere. The media can't even hide it anymore. YouTube videos everywhere of balls of light crashing out of the sky. And this is what I've been talking about for the last several years, folks. And now it's just becoming so constant that they can't hide it. And even NASA is admitting, you know, these aren't meteors. [laughs] Not sure what they are. But we know what they are, folks.

And this month, in particular, is gonna be interesting because Yah is cranking up the orgone in April. I've been telling you I've been seeing that for this month, for the month of April. In particular, it seems to be a huge month for the alien agenda and the Ashtar Command. And I know they were sending out stuff to their lists about the cabal arrests happening this month. And, you know, I'm still waiting for this one. You know, I'm kind of like the referee, just sit back and watch folks fight it out. [laughs] And that's the only fun I get, watching those two fight it out, 'cause then they're not fighting me. Usually they're plotting coming up against me. But when they're fighting, I get some peace, and so.

A Huge Draco Ship from Orion Has Arrived in Our Atmosphere

You know, they wanna arrest the cabal members and New World Order devil worshippers. And so, that's been quiet for this month so far. They were also supposed to try to bring out some kind of disclosure. I don't need an official disclosure. I can see just fine that there's aliens in our skies. But, apparently, trying to work out some kind of master public disclosure to reveal to the public. I think they're just gonna wait until we get bombarded by them while they all prepare and run and hide.

Because what I do know is that a huge ship, a Draco ship from Orion has arrived in our atmosphere. And this thing is huge. It's like a huge planet. I'm not exactly sure where it is right now. But I was seeing in the Bible Codes that it was coming out of Orion. The Orion constellation. It came out of there. And of course, that's where the Draconis constellation is, is in the constellation of Orion. The Draconis star system. And so, this huge planet is just full of giant Dragons. The Draconians look like dragons. They are tall Lizards, giant Lizards with wings. When you think of Reptilians, all Reptilians don't have wings. But the Draconians do. And that's what gives them their status and their higher rank above Reptilians is the wings on their backs. A lot of them will hide it. They'll wear black robes type things. I don't know what all costume gear they wear. A lot of them will hide the wings on their backs. Making them look much bigger beings. But they're already big. But we've got this huge ship here. And this ship, coupled with the other ones that're in our atmosphere right now, I told you it's a zoo. I can't keep up on all the different ships in our skies right now.

Those Pleiadeans Who Defected to Satan's Side Are the Ones We Come in Contact With Today

The Ashtar Command, which you guys--I know, it sounds like fictional science, something from Star Trek--they're whole fleet is here. And their whole fleet is a mixture of tall Greys and Reptilians and Watchers, humanoids, because a lot of these so-called Pleiadeans betrayed their own race and joined the Reptilian race, Dragon race, Satan's race. And so, a lot of them work with the Lizards. And these are the ones that we pretty much come in contact today. The New Age, you know, they mingle in alliance with the New Agers. And they portray themselves as Pleiadeans and--original Pleiadeans, you know, what they used to be before they traded factions, switched factions. And, you know, trying to get all the New Agers prepared for the fact that there's going to be relocations.

They Tell the New Agers That They'll Be Relocated to Safety - Yeah, to the Safety of Their Food Lockers

And I've warned the New Agers because I've read their own material with Sananda and Maitreya, back when he used to talk to them. And so, they will admit about these relocations. And it's a scam, folks. It's a scam. You know, they'll tell people, "Oh, before earth changes hit, we're gonna relocate our lightworkers, the ones who are faithful to us, and take them to safety." Safety, to them, is a food locker. It's a freezer on one of their ships. They hate humans. All of them. We're food to them. We're their food source. But these New Agers get so bushwhacked into thinking they really want to help mankind. [Twilight Zone---To Serve Man (summary)] "Oh, they sound so sincere. They sound so sweet. They wanna help us." And blah, blah, blah. Yeah, they wanna keep you alive so they can eat you. You know, I get so sick of hearing it.

And it's not the original Pleiades. It's the ones who traded ships. It's the ones who jumped ship. The ones who now work with Satan's faction. They're the ones deceiving humans on Earth now. And so, this whole Ashtar complete is very varied. You've got the tall Greys, short Greys, the Lizards, different color Lizards. You have the humanoid, the Watchers. And they're all tall, folks, except for the small Greys.

Sananda and the Ashtar Fleet Are Trying to Come Up with an Orgone-Blocking Device - They Will Not Succeed

And so, now, on top of the thousand ships that I believe accompanied the Ashtar fleet command--could be more than a thousand, these are the ones that are also crashing. [laughs] Now you have the Draco ship here. You have Nibiru trying to make a turnaround and come back this spring. I don't know if it will. Some people saying it is. I don't know, I can't say, you know, that it's gonna come back or not. So, hiding right now in Antarctica. Because what happened was when it came in, it hit our saturated air and it just knocked them silly.

And so now what Sananda and the Ashtar fleet is trying to do is come up with a defense against orgone. They're trying to come up with a device against it so they can block the orgone. But they're not gonna be successful with that. I mean, they can try as much as they want. They had a international conference couple months ago bringing in the top scientists of the world into Denmark to find ways to combat our orgone. But from what I could tell, it's not gonna work. And so, you know, Ashtar is clearly having problems. They wanted to bring in Sananda. I told you May was their big month to bring in Sananda. I would be surprised, very suprised, if it happens. I don't see it happening until September when they'll have the green light, I suppose. I don't know. They already have it, but they just can't seem to get here.

The Pope Is Freaking Out Over the Orgone at the Vatican, so He's Hiding Out in Latin America

Another thing happening is, for the month of April, is the pope. You know, I keep seeing the pope in the Codes. And I know that one time he had an assassination Code. And from what I can see in the Bible Codes, the pope is just terribly freaking out over the orgone. He hates it. Wants to get out of the Vatican. Wants to resign. Wants to retire. Just wants to get out of the Vatican. And the government isn't having it. He's just too high up, knee deep in all of this New World Order and alien agenda. And so what they've done is they've taken him to Latin America to where he can basically go hide out for a little while. So he's in Latin America. I don't know how long he'll be there. But I know there's a lot of chaos going on there, and so. They may have brought him back already. Maybe keeping him there for the month. I don't know what's going on. I just know that he's terrified and he wants out of the Vatican, and so.

They Want People to Pity Them for Wanting to "Help" Us and Crashing Because of Orgone

You know, with all the ships crashing everywhere, all of their plans, the house of cards coming to a fall. At the same time, they're claiming on Earth that they're getting ready to take over and they're going to arrest the New World Order cabal and start implementing their agenda here on Earth. And all of their buddies that they're trying to bring on the earth aren't arriving, they're crashing. And so, very kind of funny.

One of the things they're going to do is try to get people to pity them. You know, I don't know how they're going to approach the subject because even publicly mentioning orgone has been on a no-policy list for a long time. They will not publicly mention it. Because they don't wanna give it credibility. They don't wanna give it credence. They don't want people interested in it. They're trying to phase it out, and discredit me, and discredit the orgone, itself, thinking that would take care of itself. Attack my character, attack my integrity, attack my orgone. They have their people all over the Internet to do that. But it's not stopping us. So I don't know how they're ever gonna approach it publicly. But, somehow, they wanna generate pity. To make people pity the fact that they're trying to visit us and help mankind, and bring all these great new technological achievements to us and they're crashing. And so, somehow, they wanna make people pity them and turn the public against orgone.

Satan and His Forces Want to Make Earth Like Hell Is with Their Chemtrail Programs

Well, you know what? Orgone is the aether living energy that you see when you look at the earth. Especially from NASA's satellite photos. When you look at the earth and you see that blue hue over the earth, that's not the oceans, that's the aether energy that is over the earth. And that's the same aether energy they've been fighting against for the last 40 years with their chemtrail planes. Trying to knock out and dim our atmosphere. Trying to block the sun from hitting our earth. Trying to knock out the living aether energy that pervades our earth. And all we've been doing is combating their chemtrails and putting aether energy back into the earth to restore the balance, because they've been trying to break the balance and eliminate the living energy.

Now, can you imagine what Earth would look like if they succeeded with their chemtrail programs and their agenda to block the sun from hitting the earth? Literally, everything would just die. Would be no green grass, there would be no trees, there would be no gardens, no fruit, no produce, nothing. Everything would just die. And that's what they want. That's what they want. Because Satan can't exist in this kind of an atmosphere or thrive in this kind of an atmosphere. Him and his forces would literally turn it to look like hell. Just as you would imagine hell to look like, that's what they want to turn Earth into.

And so, that's what we've been fighting against and preventing their chemtrails from working, preventing their chemtrails from sticking in the air. If you saturate your area with orgone, chemtrails can't stick. And so, as we keep doing this around the world, they'll see their whole chemtrail program fall like a house of cards, ineffective because areas orgoned and the planes come and go. They'll start spraying, and five seconds later their trails start disappearing. That's how you can tell that they're spraying over an orgoned area, that there's orgone in that atmosphere.

People in the Bible Belt Are Doing Very Little to Nothing to Protect Their Areas with Orgone, but It's Doable, So Step Up

Another thing is their weather weapons. You know, how could you live in Tornado Alley and not have orgone in your area? I mean, it just behooves me to think people just do nothing. And that's the biggest problem is, you know, I work with Warriors around the country, and the biggest areas, the Bible Belt, are the ones who are doing very little to nothing. And, you know, the whole Tornado Alley goes through the Bible Belt. So, you know, folks, Kansas, Oklahoma--and I know Warriors have been working in Oklahoma to get orgone there so that they can't use their weather weapons to cause tornadoes. Kansas is a different story. Kansas needs help. Kansas, there's not a whole lot of action--I'm not even sure I've sent a whole lot of orgone to Kansas over the years. Then you have Louisiana, and Alabama, and Mississippi, and South Carolina. I mean, these people, you need to step up. You need to step up and get orgone in those areas, get orgone in those states. Make it yourself, get it out there. Buy it from my website, I don't care, just get it out there. [Orgone Warriors]

You know, you've got Warriors in North Carolina, Tennessee standing up, getting those states. We were just in Kentucky couple weekends ago. You've got Ohio which is a fortress. They've been trying to pound Ohio with all these tornadoes, and then they're hitting our walls and bouncing to nothing. Indiana. We've actually been able to protect a lot of Indiana lately. Warriors putting up some walls across--in between Ohio, and Indiana, and Kentucky. Putting up walls so that these tornadoes coming.

And you can watch them on the on the weather screens. You can watch the HAARP circles. They're targeting an area for tornadoes. They rev up the tornadoes, start sending them, and boom, they just fizzle. 'Cause they're hitting orgone walls. And, you know, they were trying it all last week in Ohio and Indiana. And now they've gone to Oklahoma and Kansas because they weren't getting anywhere here. So folks in Kansas and Oklahoma, you've gotta get the walls up. And get a wall up--get a map and get a orgone puck every mile. Whatever direction, whichever wall you're putting up, if you're putting it north to south, east to west, get a orgone puck every mile. Just crisscross your states. Crisscross your cities. Get the walls up. Get a map of your county. Orgone a mile, or every two miles, a puck. All the way around your county. Put a circumference around your city. Get a map, drive all the way around your city, and put a puck every half mile around your city. Put up a wall around your city.

We can do this. This stuff is doable. It's just that people won't stand up and get the work done. They're waiting for somebody else. Meanwhile, people's houses are getting destroyed, and businesses are getting destroyed, because our government fires up their weather weapons and decides they want destruction. And it's unnecessary because we can block it. We can stop it. We just need to stand up and get it done, folks.

You can find which areas don't have orgone because that's gonna be the ones the tornadoes gonna head to because their bouncing off walls of other orgoned areas, heading back towards ones that don't have orgone in it. So, get busy, folks. That's all I can say, because they have so much destruction planned here. And every time we make a card fall in their house of cards, it just furthers along their agenda. It delays it, it stalls it, and it gives us time. And it saves us from destruction, you know. Saves us from destruction.

I'm Waiting to See if This Draco Ship, as Big as It Is, Goes the Way of Nibiru Because of the Orgone

They've got a huge ship, Draco ship from Orion in our atmosphere. And I think there's a YouTube video on it where they're finally admitting it. I think I saw something on it the other day. I didn't watch the video, but I saw the title. This is true. I don't care who put it out, if it was the New Agers, or la-la's, or who put it out. But it's true, it's here. And I'm waiting to see how well that thing survives in our atmosphere of orgone. And realize, folks, every time you do put orgone out our stratosphere gets more and more saturated with orgone, which means more and more UFO ships--and I don't care how big they are, if they're little planet size, we can affect them with the orgone.

And so, I'm waiting to see if this Draco ship goes to the way of Nibiru and starts getting affected by the orgone. I would hope so. I don't know if it's in our stratosphere. How high up it is. I know airplanes can detect orgone in our stratosphere. Some of the government airplanes have devices on them that beep to let them know they're in orgoned areas. So tell me that that doesn't affect them, that they're not worried about it, if they're putting devices on government planes to forewarn them that they're in, they're hitting orgoned areas. Now, I don't know exactly what it means when they run and get oxygen masks on. So they're not breathing orgone? I don't know. I don't know why they wanna be alerted. But they're being alerted. They are alerted.

Could you imagine--'cause, you know, this Draco ship, like I said, it's big as it is, and as in shock and awe as everybody would be if they actually saw the size of this thing, it's nothing compared to the other stuff that's already up there and coming. We still have a cube thing. That black cube by the sun, coming up from behind the sun. And that's...Lord knows what's in that thing. So you have the black cube. You have the Draco ships. You have the thousands of the Ashtar Command here. The entire Command fleet is here.

We have all these Greys. These Grey UFOs. And when you see the UFOs, it's just like Star Trek, folks. They're pods that come from the mother ships. And so, if they're little Grey UFOs flying around everywhere, the muffin-shaped size are usually the Greys. That means their mother ship is around here somewhere. And there's a lot of mother ships. And the good thing about it is if you look up in the sky and you see them turning yellow, that means they're on fire. When they start to turn yellow. I can look up at the sky on any given night and start counting 6, 7, 8 very yellow-looking objects. They're making stars in our skies. Those are the ones that are breaking to pieces and crashing. Those are the ones that will crash and hit the earth. And a lot of the big ships are crashing. They tend to get more noticed as big meteors or whatever. 'Cause a lot of--I imagine by the time they hit our atmosphere on Earth, and we see them and catch them on videos and things like that, who knows what size they are.

Why Aren't People Able to Find Pieces of Crashed UFOs?

And like I said, you know, as many of these things that are crashing, no one's ever been able to find pieces of the objects that are crashing. 'Cause I think what happens is they go back into the fourth dimension. Because these are dimensional crafts. And so, that's the only reasoning I can see of why, after all these booms and crashes, and then stuff everybody's seeing and hearing, that we haven't found wreckage. And I think it's as they're burning they just go back into the fourth dimension realm, and so. Doesn't mean it's not happening just 'cause you can't find a piece of a crashed UFO, folks. You can see it with your eyes they're coming out of the sky.

They've Been Developing Blue Beam Technology in the Base Underneath Warren Buffett's Estate

So, you know, April's interesting. Yah's cranking the orgone. Ships are crashing out of the skies. Ships are coming in. Arriving, and already arrived, already here. Our skies are full. They're going to eventually try to make some kind of contact. Obama will be involved with this, as will the pope. That's probably why they don't want him staying in Latin America, because they need him here. He's supposed to be the liason, I guess you could say, from Earth, welcoming in Sananda and this whole Ashtar fleet and Command and stuff.

I see a lot of UFO activity over the Vatican in September. And, you know, I believe that as long as we can keep chasing them out of America--we were their intended target--they're gonna have to go, stay over to the Middle East area. Maybe attempt--I don't know if they're just having flyovers or what they're doing with the Vatican in September, but I've told you 9/11 is what I see as the target date for the arrival of this Sananda, the leader from the Ashtar Command that will come and pose as Jesus of the Bible here on Earth to give us this mimicry of a second coming of Jesus or whatever.

Interestingly enough, if you've been following my websites and shows and stuff, we talk about the Blue Beam Project. This technology being used to bring in Sananda as the second coming of Jesus. And how he's gonna use--they're using holograms to mimic angels, like a heavenly host of angels. What would you expect? Jesus coming in the clouds with angels around him all singing heavenly hymns. We know what to expect because we read the Bible, but this is what they think people expect. And so, they have been trying to develop this technology to transform aliens into angelic beings, and be heard around the world singing and stuff like that. So you'd need some massive recording devices everywhere so people could hear this around the world and things like that.

They've been developing this tech underneath Warren Buffett's house in Omaha, Nebraska. He's got this base underneath his estate there, and part of what they've been doing is developing this Blue Beam technology.

People Like Warren Buffett Know What's Going to Make Money in the Stock Market Because They Control It All

So [laughs] you wanna know where all the real agenda players are, just look at the money-men around the world, because they have their estates right on top of alien bases, because they work with them, they're in cahoots with them. And then they make, want everybody to think that they're, "Oh, they're so smart. They made all their millions from the stock market." [laughs] And what they do is they're taking government contracts and corporations from around the world and develop technology that they're seeking to develop. And they give it to these alien scientists who develop and work on this technology, whatever's wanted anywhere. And Buffett charges them millions of dollars for this technology. He charges out the ying. It's how he gets his money. And so, that's how they do it, folks. Talk about insider trading, of course they know what stocks are gonna make money, what companies are gonna make money and what's not, because they control it all.

Get Your Money Out of Wall Street Now Before It Crashes Again (And It Will) - Invest in Nonwestern Nations

You'd have better chance of making money in Vegas than you would the controlled Wall Street. Besides, Wall Street's getting ready to crash again. So, so many people got burned with the last crash, 2008, don't get burned again, folks. Get your money out of Wall Street. If you were smart and had money, most of us don't, so we may be smart, but we don't have money, maybe we're not smart and we have money. I don't know. I'm not that smart and I don't have any money. So I'm kind of in the middle somewhere.

Go offshore, you know. Dubai CDs. I've heard that one. I've heard Panama. I'm not sure how much I'd trust Panama. But the Arabs have all the oil and they have all the printing presses of our money. They can print what they want. Seems to me like they're pretty wealthy.

I would just not consider thinking you're going to have your money invested and saved by anywhere in America. You know, our stock exchange, and our stock market, our stocks, our CD, all that's gonna come tumbling down with a house of cards. And so, I would be investing in nonwestern nations. [laughs] Just put it somewhere else, folks. Get it out of the western nation. Western nations, think Europe, America, Canada, Australia, you know. Would get it out of those. So, go into the Arab nations. Maybe China. I don't know.

I'm not a financial counselor. It's not my thing, but I hate seeing people losing everything they worked for, especially with all these Baby Boomers set to retire. And now they don't have a retirement because they've lost all their stocks. Most people get paid in stocks, that work in companies for a long time. They take a lot of stocks for retirements. Push it away for retirement. And now they're useless. They've lost their retirements. And it's gonna happen again. Those who wouldn't listen to me last time lost everything they had. It's gonna happen again. Probably lose everything they have again. So, inflation, still gonna be happening. Stock market crashes. The second wave of mortgage collapses coming around. Foreclosures, more homeless.

Foreclosures Play into Their Hands - Look at Agenda 21

And this foreclosure thing plays into their hands, folks. Because if you look at Agenda 21 where they eventually plan on herding people into certain cities around the country to live in around the world, you know, especially if you live in one of their non-red-zones where they wanna put people, they're gonna bulldoze your houses. They're gonna bulldoze them down. And that's what they're doing to a lot of foreclosed houses. Instead of putting them on the market for sale, they're just bulldozing them. They're not even placing them on the market for sale. Because if you're in a area where there's already a lot of foreclosed homes for sale, they don't put the other ones up for sale until the ones that are already up for sale sell. And so, they're kind of being bullies on what gets sold and what doesn't. And if it doesn't it gets bulldozed down, potentially, and so.

I Don't See Anything Being Normal Past April of This Year

Everything's just a mess. I don't see anything being normal past April of this year. Even this month it would behoove me to call it normal from what I see in the Codes. With all the ships crashing, Yah cranking the orgone. Both agendas very angry and upset. Not just one. They're both mad. [laughs] And guess who they're mad at. [laughs] So, yeah, I expect some action here. Eventually, you know, whenever. Amuse me. They're both mad. Both agendas. So, it'll be interesting to see if, uh, what they do to push their hand, the White Hat agenda, the alien agenda, against the New World Order facade. What they do in return in desperation, to keep from being arrested, to keep from losing everything that they've worked for and built for this whole New World Order facade. But kind of like referees, just sitting back watching it happen now. And so, you know, they're both being affected by the orgone in huge amounts, and so. Expect more to crash. Expect some kind of disclosure.

The Lord Told Me Things Will Happen in Ways I Can't Imagine - Chemtrails? Satellite Tech Weapons? Not Everything Is in the Bible

And while all this is taking place, and they're all freaking out about what's happening and the monkey wrenches that Yah's throwing at them, get busy, folks, while we've got some time. 'Cause I don't know if this Draco ship will turn around and go out and get away like Nibiru did. This Draco ship may say, "The heck with it. We're going to Earth," and unleash their forces on Earth. "Well, that's not biblical. I don't see Giants coming--." Well, it doesn't say anything about Giants coming when Obama's president. [laughs] I can just hear it now. But you know what I do hear all the time loud and clear? The Lord told me several years ago, He said things are gonna happen the way you can't imagine. Which means it's not in the Bible because He knows I know the Bible.

I read the Bible a thousand times, folks. I know it inside out. In fact, when I was 12 years old, I was the biggest fan of Jack Van Impe and Hal Lindsey and all them. I don't know when Jack came around. Maybe when I was about 18. Huge fan of Hal Lindsey when I was 12. Reading everything I could on Bible prophecy. Reading the Bible, all the prophets' books front and back, in between. I know what the Bible says. And when the Lord says things are gonna happen in ways you can't imagine, that raises my eyebrows. Which means not everything is in the Bible. Well, imagine that. Neither are chemtrails. Neither are tech weapons.

How come John didn't forewarn us? Or Amos, and Obadiah, and Zephaniah, and Micah, and Malachi? All the Old Testament prophets. How come no one told us about chemtrails, or satellite tech weapons? There's a lot of things not mentioned, don't you think? Because the Bible doesn't give you a detailed explanation of everything. It's a general overview of the things you can expect to happen. And specific last days events for you to watch for. Doesn't give you all the events, it just gives you some specific events to watch for.

Why Would the Lord Spare American Christians in a Rapture, but Allow Those Elsewhere to Suffer All These Years

And so, I think anything can happen. You have to leave that option open because where does it say that America's Bible Belt and pretrib rapture theorists get raptured before anything bad happens to America? Where does it say that? They all sit on their butts and do nothing, waiting for a rapture. You know? Trying to talk to a pretrib rapturist is like talking to a concrete wall. They don't hear you. Why? Because they don't want to. They don't care. As far as they're concerned, this rapture's gonna come and take everybody off the earth before anything bad happens to America.

Why are they so arrogant to think that the Lord would spare the Americans, but have the Torah-believing Jews annihilated in a holocaust in Germany, have a hundred million Indians wiped off America just so the Americans [audio unclear] come. All of the persecutions in China today of the Christians that are in the tens of thousands nobody hears about; media blackout. Soros is paying Muslim brotherhood radical groups millions of dollars to hunt down Christians in Africa and kill them. Where was their rapture? Where was theirs? You know?

And they're the last ones to get off their butts. That's why the Bible Belt's gonna be so hammered with tornadoes and everything else, bad weather, because they're not protecting their areas. They don't think they have to. They don't think they have to get off their butts and do anything. They don't ask the Lord. They find one scripture in the Bible that they like and they just hold onto that one, when they don't take anything in context, you know. They don't take anything in particular context.

Yes, the Lord'll protect us, but He's gonna honor those who have been doing. He's gonna honor the ones who have been listening to Him. I don't know. Sometimes you can't get anywhere. That's why so many of us just get up and go and do. And that's why we have--that's why we're so exhausted. [laughs] I'm exhausted. And being able to send out other Warriors to protect areas because the people are sleeping, so that they can end the constant weather weapon targetings in their areas. You know?

Warriors Are Willing to Step Up, But They Need Help - If You Can't Donate Money, Donate Orgone

And Warriors are willing to step up, but they need help. And that's generally where the quagmire starts to sink because it all costs money, folks. And so, I need people's donations coming in. If you can't donate money, donate orgone. You know? It's like the last time when we had zombie warnings. That they were trying to hit Tijuana and San Diego with the zombie pandemic. And I was busy baking. And Warriors sent in boxes of orgone. And all that went out to those intended targeted areas. And right now, it's the same thing. I've got a list of areas that we're targeting, and I need help to get those areas done. I need help. So if you can't help with finances, help with orgone. Just send in some boxes of orgone. 'Cause I'll get it out to those people that are gonna go get those targets. You know? So much to do, so little time, so.

I wouldn't be doing it if the Lord didn't put this stuff on my heart to do. I would just sit back like everybody else. [laughs] It'd be much easier, much easier to sit back and say, "Let somebody else do it. I'm gonna do nothing for a while." That'd be easy. It'd be easier to just die, than have to live so exhausted, don't you think? Where's the reward in that? People forget this stuff. We're supposed to be living on Earth, building rewards for heaven. And how do you build rewards for heaven living on Earth? By your fruits. By doing. Getting out and doing for Him. Your actions. Building fruit for Him. That's what you get rewarded for.

I Spent $3000 Last Week Just on Supplies, but That Won't Put a Dent in the $20,000 I Need to Cover My Target List

You think you're gonna sit on your butt and do nothing and then go to heaven and get all these rewards for eternity? Wake up! Wake up. Get involved, folks. Get involved. You can't go out and do, then financially support those who can. You know? Every dime that comes in goes towards a mission here. I spent $3000 last week just on supplies. Getting stuff ready to go out. And that won't put a dent in the target list I have for the next two or three months. I need at least 20 thousand bucks for that.

Help out, folks. This is the last push, I believe, that we're gonna have. Because I don't think we're gonna be sitting around in 2013 on the Internet talking about this stuff. I don't think there will be a free Internet in 2013. I think it's now or that's it. And so, that's why I'm pushing so hard now. Get it done now.

And people that live in other countries, you know where their strongholds are. Ask the Lord to show you where their strongholds are and go get them. You know, the first place to target's rivers and lakes because that feeds all their underground bases, feeds all their strongholds. And so, if you start getting their water supplies you could be targeting a lot of their strongholds and not even realizing. You know? Just ask the Lord what to do, folks. Have Him guide your thoughts. Ask Him to guide your thoughts. I can't be in every country, literally. Wish I could. But we've gotta get busy. And He has us spread around the world for that very reason. I mean, His Warriors are spread all around this world. And that's because you Warriors in other countries need to stand up and be covering your countries with orgone. That's why we're spread apart.

!!!Orgone Mission Fundraiser Still Going on - Send in $1000 and Get to Talk to Sherry for an Hour!!!

Anyway, folks, for the next 2, 3 months got that fundraiser going. Send in $1000, get to talk to me for an hour for free. And that helps with supplies and getting orgone out to targeted areas. Our target list that we have. That's where all that goes. I can't do it all myself. I have to have help, and I have other Warriors standing up to go get targeted areas and they need the help, and so, I'm all they have, and you're all I have. And we're all just one big team trying to get this done, folks. There's no I in the word "team." We've gotta work together, so.

No Show Last Thursday - Too Exhausted from Running Full Gear

Be back on Thursday, Aliens in the News. Didn't have a show last week. Just too exhausted, folks. I'm running ragged here. And sometimes just going days without sleep. Get a few hours, scattered hours here and there. Tends to drain on your body, and so. You know, come August, maybe I'll feel like I have some time to take a break, but till then I'm running full gear. And if I'm running full gear on things, that should be raising your eyebrows, if I'm not taking an easy one day. 'Cause there's a lot of things happening and people aren't appreciating the significance of the days we're in. You need to be. know?

A Lot of the Stars in the Skies Are Really Alien Starships - They Hate and Fear Orgone Pipes, So Put Pipes in Your Yard Aimed at the Ships

You can go outside at night and look up at the stars, enjoy the stars. I go out at night, look up, and see alien starships. Two different things, folks. And they're all around us. They're all around us. Look for the stars with the green and red lights. That's the biggest thing. Get your binoculars out and look at these stars, because they're not stars. They're not stars, folks. They're ships. Sure, some of them are stars, but a lot of them are ships. And they're inundating our skies everywhere.

We can knock them out with the orgone. Point pipes at them, get pipes in your yard. I don't sell the pipes, they're just too costly to ship, but you can make your own. You can make the pipes same way you make the muffins, just make them in the pipes. I have videos, YouTube. Marianne did some videos. [TakingItBackForYah_0002.wmv] Learn how to make them. Put the pipes up in your yards. Those pipes are the ones that are really...really, really could punch a hole of aether energy through the atmosphere quickly. Pipe will. So, that's what they fear the most. They fear the pipes. I see the pipes in the Codes all the time. They hate pipes. They hate the orgone. But those pipe, literally, just punch holes in the atmosphere. So it's what we need to be doing, folks. And point them at these stars. Point them right at the stars. Watch them turn them yellow. Watch them move away. Have some fun while you're at it. Show an unbeliever a star that flashes red and green lights. Come on. People will start waking up.

May Was a Huge Target Month for Bringing in Sananda, but I Don't See It Happening

Anyway, [laughs] not too much time. May looks exciting. April kind of looks like a setup month where they're having a lot of problems. Interesting to watch the pope, still. But they need him to hang on because they want him involved with bringing Sananda to Earth. So, definitely May was a huge target month for bringing in Sananda. Only, I don't see it happening. So, if Sananda doesn't arrive within this month or next month, which I don't think he is, I don't know if the pope will hang on until September. I think he's just going to go and there will come in another pope to replace him. He's just had it. He's got both feet out the door and they're jerking him back in to stay is basically what's happening. And so, amusing.

Think We Can Take Down the Queen with Our Orgone?

We got Maitreya, we got pope [laughs]. Wonder what it takes to get the Queen. I don't know if the Lord would let us get her, but, amusing enough, huh? Ever since we orgoned Buckingham Palace, the Lizard Family's been staying in castles away from Buckingham. So that's kind of amusing, too.

Anyway, be back on Thursday, folks. Yah bless, everybody. See ya then. Yah bless.


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