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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
April 23, 2012


New Age Alien Agenda Faction Fighting Against Illuminati New World Order Agenda

And hello, everybody. It's Monday night, April 23. And you're live with Sherry Shriner. Couple things I wanna talk about tonight. It's been really interesting following the Bible Codes for this month, because there's so much happening in the background. And there's so much starting to happen in the real world, where you can kind of gauge what's happening.

The alien agenda, I know you've hear Benjamin Fulford, and the White Hats, and the Chinese Dragon Society. There's three different ones of them. And that's basically an arm of the alien New Age agenda that I've been talking about for the last umpteen years. That's a faction of that agenda. And they're fighting against the Illuminati New World Order agenda that dominates the western countries.

And, you know, they always have a lot of smoke and mirrors, huff and puff. E-mails going out, channelings and that kind of thing to their lists, 'cause most of those followers are soul-scalped just like the Illuminati are. And they've been working behind the scenes.

The Global Reset and Revaluation of Currencies Is Socialism/Communism in Disguise

Remember I warned you about the global reset coming where they want a level playing field of the nations' economies. And what they plan on doing is having what they call a revaluation of countries' currencies. Now I don't normally get into economics, and finance, and things like that because I'm the least brilliant crayon in the box when it comes to that. But I've been following it for a while now because I know it's part of their agenda to boost up the economies of the third-world countries, and supposedly make this level playing field that's global, so everybody has the same economic value of their currencies, so there's no huge disperities.

And this is basically socialism in disguise, folks. It's knocking the wealthy countries down, and boosting up the poor countries, so that everybody's on a level playing field. That's what socialism's about. That's what Communism is. You punish the rich countries and make the poor countries--bring them up to a level of living that the rich countries have had, but meanwhile, you're taking all the money from the rich countries to make this happen, which makes what? It makes the rich countries poor. And so, this level the playing field thing is really an attack on the wealthier countries that have been busy producing and doing things, and rewards those who haven't done anything. And so, basically, we're looking at Communism. So this is what's happening.

If You Invest in Undervalued Currencies Like Iraqi Dinars Now, You Can Make a Profit from Them After the Global Reset Occurs

And getting ready to reset, I think, is like anywhere, you know, 12 to 20 countries that are, overnight, gonna find their currencies of marketable value. And so, this is where a lot of people are jumping into it to get on the bandwagon and make some money off of this, you know. If you're aware, even a twinkling aware, of the agenda, then you can realize what's going on, because--and catch the coattail ride because it's starting to happen in full view. And this has been going on for a while. And I haven't said a whole lot about it. I've probably mentioned a blurb. But take, for instance, Iraqi dinars. They're worthless. They're worthless right now. But when the global reset happens, people who are holding worthless dinars are gonna be able to cash them in at the reset value and make a lot of money. Same thing with the Vietnamese dongs. I know some people investing in the Chinese yuan. Some people investing in the Indian rupee. The Canadian, I think it's called a loonie. And so, when this reset happens, despite the fact that it's pretty much gonna cause inflation to hit all the western countries, and while these other nations are living a lot better, you can make some money off of this if you're looking to make some money.

And so, you know, I know a lot of people investing in Iraqi dinars, in Vietnamese dongs. I know the Chinese want to revalue their currencies. See, a lot of these countries operate in undervalued currencies because it draws business to them. You know, I mean, look at Vietnam. They've had a worthless currency, and they've attracted Fortune 500 companies to their area. Canon produces all their laser printers in Vietnam. You wonder where all the jobs have gone in America? They've been going elsewhere, because they're in countries with undervalued currencies, because they can hire people those people to work it for pennies on the dollar, and they make much bigger profits. And so, a lot of these third-world countries have been attracting all of our jobs. All of our corporations and companies have been moving overseas. And so, when this revaluation of global currencies happens, you know, you're either gonna be stuck eating--high inflation's gonna cause the dollar to inflate, but if you make a lot of money off the currency exchanges, the bite won't be as bad.
And you can buy Iraqi dinars online. There's several sites. You can go to, Make sure that these companies are backed by the U.S. Treasury Department, they have a seal that they're backed by the U.S. Treasury Department. Because this is set to go anytime. And I know they were set to revalue. They have dates almost every month. There's a hot date where they're gonna revalue, and the dates come and go. But it's not if it's gonna happen, folks, it's when. It's when.

The New Age Wants to Make Earth into a Mimic of Heaven by Leveling the Economic Playing Field

You know, I would be looking at it kind of skeptical. It's just another Wall Street scam or something. I just think Wall Street's an entire scam. But this is gonna happen. And if you've been watching this agenda long enough like I have, then you'll recognize this part on the script. This whole end-time script where they bring all of the global economies to the same playing level, where it hurts some and helps most of the others, and so. Yeah, and we're on the tail end where it's gonna hurt. It's gonna hurt America. It's gonna hurt Europe. The western nations are gonna see high inflation, you know.

This stuff, it's the New Age la-la land. You know, they wanna make Earth into a mimic of heaven. And, in so doing, you know, they're trying to put everybody on the same playing field. Everybody have everything they want or need, except for jobs or food, like that in America where it's becoming harder for people. Easier for everybody else 'cause they're taking all of our stuff, and now Americans are starving and out of work. America quickly becoming a third-world country. And that's basically what happens. And the thing is, eventually, money runs out. That's the problem with Communism, eventually, everybody else's money runs out. And so, what are they gonna do then? Nobody can afford to eat, nobody can pay their bills, you've got homeless everywhere. They don't address those problems. They think they have the answers to everything. And they don't address them. They address the window dressing. Just suck everybody into their agenda. They give you the points that sound good, but they don't give you the back sides.

And the thing is, Communism, this Socialism that they're trying to establish, it doesn't work. It will never, ever, ever work, because you cannot take man in a fallen state, that we were born in, and make it heaven. We can't make a kingdom on Earth a heaven on Earth with 7, 8 billion people living in a fallen state. Because the first thing you have to do is get rid of greed. You know? Get rid of the greed and you might have a start.

There's always gonna be the greedy. Those who can never have enough. Those who pilfer and pillage off of others to make themselves rich. That's part of our fallen state. It's part of our nature. Part of their nature; serpent seedline. We have them amongst us. How can you have a kingdom of God on Earth when you have two different seedlines on Earth? You know, you have the serpent seed and you have Yahushua's, Yahuah's seed on Earth. God's people. Satan's people. And you know what? You can't coexist. There's always going to be strife. Because to the good, there is evil. And to the evil, good is evil. You can't coexist. Look at now trying to coexist. You end up with huge disparities. You have the evil and the wicked. And you have the righteous in bands throughout the world. Trying to serve the Lord and do the things that are good to do. And the evil ones who just want to destroy you.

Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. Bible doesn't say Satan's coming to make peace and unite the people of the world. Although he will try to as the Antichrist, through the Antichrist. But it's all a facade. It's all just a game. It's a script to deceive them to worship him. Because once he deceives them to worship him, he owns their soul. That's what he wants. He wants their soul. This whole kingdom of God on Earth facade that the New Age alien agenda's trying to present is just a huge deception to steal and destroy your soul.

Anyway, just wanted to bring that up because that's going in the background now. Trying to bring about this global reset, currency reset. And, you know, I know there's not much time left. Maybe some of you can make enough money off this global reset to leave the country. Get out of Babylon before the imprisonment starts. So just a shout-out to those who can hear, and those who can see, and those who want to look into that. You know, I'm not here to give financial advice, economic advice, that kinds of stuff, but just tying in some things.

Will Hillary Clinton Make a Bid for President?

Hillary Clinton, will she make a bid for president? You know, this is almost like rewind back to 2009, 2008 actually, when Hillary was supposed to win. And it was stolen from her by Obama. Remember I told you back in 2001, 2002 that in 2009 Hillary would be president. And that route was stolen from her by Obama. And, yes, routes do change. Just because I see something in the Codes that's going to happen in the future doesn't mean it won't change. There's, you know, free will. Mankind's free will comes into play. That's why routes change. That's why I can say, "Hey, this is gonna happen. This is set to happen. It's a route." But it doesn't mean it's going to. It's not written in stone. Because mankind's free will, free choice, changes things.

So, anyway, if she does run, it'd be very interesting because I saw her back in 2009 as president. And we've been on a delay since then. Everything has been delayed, pushed back. And even the Satanists will tell you that. I mean, they've been trying to pull off the same events on their script for the last 5, 6, even 10 years and they fall into delays. Things get delayed. And different variations, variables play a part into why things get delayed. Factions fighting, the Lord saying no, and, you know, He ultimately has the thumb over everything, folks. I mean, look at how many people have woken up just the last couple years. If there hadn't been a delay, a lot of people listening to this show now would have been caught on the short stick 4 years ago. Now you're wise, and aware, and preparing, and being able to produce fruit for the Lord here on Earth with the time that you've had, time that's remaining. Ultimately, the timetable's in His hands, folks.

They Chilled the Air Temperature to Try to Suppress the Orgone Before Bringing Sananda In

But one of the things I also see a lot going on is they're trying to bring Sananda in. And I know people get tired of me talking about Maitreya and Sananda. I've been talking about them for years. Blah, blah, blah. But they're very real. They're very real. And I have enough people scattered around, government sources, Satan freaks, witches, all kinds of characters, people in different positions that have confirmed the same things that I've been talking about on my show. And so, I know I'm just not out on a branch, a New Age la-la branch. These are truths. Things are things happening in the background.

Trying to bring Sananda in. You'll notice it's been very chilly this month. It was warmer here in February than it is right now in April. That's because they're trying to bring Sananda in and the chilled air helps him, because they're trying to suppress the orgone. The orgone burns them. The orgone isn't just--when you put orgone out, you have to realize that that little puck, or that pipe, or whatever orgone piece you have, made by me, or made by following the directions on my website [], positive orgone energy, it continually produces aether energy, positive aether energy. It never stops. [coughs] And, eventually, it gets right up into the stratosphere. And I've heard this from airline pilots. It gets up--it's so high, it's in the stratosphere. I know that it gets even higher than that, where airplanes can't even fly. It continually just keeps producing. Into the universe. It goes into different dimensions. It goes into different realms. [coughs] And so, they think they can suppress it with all this cold, chilly air. [coughs]

Maybe they're just targeting us in Ohio because [coughs] this is the home base of this orgone war. [coughs] You know, I picked up the reins of it--[coughs] getting choked here. I picked up the reins of this war about 8 years ago. I had never heard of Wilhelm Reich at that time. Just followed the Lord. [coughs] Did what He led me to do. And looking back, you know, it started a whole war against them. Our resistance against them on Earth. And it rages in the background, folks.

They're trying to fight against the orgone, suppress the orgone, so that they can arrive and implement their agendas on Earth. And Obama is working very closely with the pope, and with Sananda, to bring him into our Earth, into this dimensional realm. I don't know, uh, well, I do know, where Sananda is. He's usually at the Vatican. [laughs] I was gonna say, "I don't know where he is." Yeah, I do know where he is. [laughs] But I don't know why, you know, they have to--I don't know what the logistics are, to bring him in so that the world's ready to accept and receive him as the messiah. You know. You know, they're working on it. It's all I can say is they're working on it.

Yahushua Is Coming to Destroy the Wicked Off the Earth First, Not to Revamp Global Economic Policies and Religion

I don't know what their big to-do plans are 'cause everytime they have a set plan it ends up getting changed. You can look at the Blue Beam Project. And, you know, bringing him in descending from space with angels and a heavenly host, and, you know, what the church expects. I don't know why they think the church expects that because he already--you know, when the Lord comes, the second coming of Christ as detailed in Revelation, chapter 19, He's not coming with an angelic host singing hymns and descending to the earth to revamp the global economic policies, and the politicians, and the religion.

You know, He's gonna destroy first. He's gonna destroy the wicked off the earth, and then He does all that. And so, you can read about His return in Revelation, chapter 19. You can go to Type in Revelation, chapter 19 and read about it. I don't know what they're mimicking. I guess it just make something close enough to deceive the people that don't read the Bible.

And the ones who do read the Bible and recognize him as the false messiah, they'll get rid of. [scoffs] They'll stand up promoters, Satan freaks, that promote Sananda, and get rid of the people that know the truth. And that's exactly what they're gonna do. It's exactly what they're gonna do. They're gonna get rid of the dissenters and the people that know and scream about Sananda being fake. Start watching all these FEMA camps filling up with people, with Christians. They're gonna watch for the dissenters. Because they want this deception to grab the world. They want them to buy into it. Can't do that with a bunch of bigmouths going around yelling, "He's a fake!" So, that stuff is what they're working on now. And that's what I see in the Codes. And I get confirmations on it from sources close enough to the government to know what they're into and up to in the same satanic circles, their rituals together at night, and stuff like that. Yeah.

So this is what's going on for May. I mean, really, when I look at May, it's so, uh--I don't know if he's actually going to get here or not. I know they're planning on bringing him in. I know they plan on having some kind of a welcome party, welcoming, I don't know. You know, you would think in April they're supposed to have some kind of disclosure. Right now, at this point, I don't think the government's gonna have a disclosure until aliens are firing beams on our heads. And then they'll admit, "Oh, they're here. We're being visited by a hostile force outside." Because they keep twiddling their thumbs on just coming out and announcing, "Yes, we're surrounded by aliens."

Huge Motherships Are Crashing to Earth Now

But you can, you know, watch their fireballs at night. Huge fireball in Nevada. You'd think they'd admit it was an alien ship that fell, a mother ship. Look, I told you they're gonna be crashing out of the skies. And they are. They are. We're not talking little alien Grey pods, two-seater pods. We're talking about huge mother ships, folks. If you go out at night and look up at the stars, you're gonna see the white twinkly stars, and then you're gonna see stars that are very yellow, orange, and even red. 'Cause they're on fire. They're getting ready to fall. These are the meteors that you're seeing from the media that are crashing to Earth. The mother ships, when they fall. They're huge ships. And that's tens of thousands of miles up in the air, and so. You know, imagine how much they break up before they even get here. So, huge mother ships, folks. Why we don't see fragments of them, I don't know. I don't know. They can't explain it either. But, you can see the fireballs hitting the earth.

A Huge, Huge Human Vs. Alien War Going on Right Now in Underground Bases

Another thing is the earthquakes happening everywhere. And, true, fracking causes earthquakes. But, what also is causing a lot of these earthquakes and a lot of booms you hear--you can hear a boom and you don't see a fireball, but people are hearing booms under the ground. There is a real war going on under the earth right now, and it's a human vs. alien war. And, you know, we saw it last year, the earthquake in Virginia, that huge base there that was blown up causing an earthquake in Virginia and Washington, D.C. and stuff, that surrounding area. Because one of those underground bases was blown up causing that earthquake. This war has been going on, and on, and on since then. And a lot of these booms people are hearing are missiles and bombs going off underneath the ground because there is a huge, huge war going on.

And what makes me laugh is the government freaking out because they realize they were lied to by the aliens. [laughs heartily] Imagine that. [laughs] "The aliens lied to us. What'll we do?" [laughs] The aliens don't know how to tell the truth. I mean, their father is a liar. Why would they believe liars? I mean, come on, folks. They're so dumb. And so, they're at this war. They don't know what to do. Their little Grey faction, their little Greys, have turned on them. And now they're fighting with bombs and missiles. I mean, come on. It'd be a lot cheaper to take a ton of orgone water down there and blast the crap out of them with acid water. Because that's what orgone is, it's holy water. Dump it on them. Make them drink it. Make them swim in it. Just put orgone in the underground bases. The air, alone, burns them from the inside out. It causes necrosis.

It could easily destroy--why do you think I cover this country. I go on missions crisscrossing this country. I've been a cheerleader for the Warriors around the world to stand up and orgone their islands and their countries, to protect themselves. Because it burns and destroys hostile and wicked aliens just coming to harm them. So oughta just get orgone underneath. You know?

I was actually asked by somebody if I wanted to meet a Reptilian and a Grey alien. I was like, "No." [laughs] Why would I meet them unless I could stuff a puck in their mouth. [laughs] The only good alien is a dead alien. They're fallen angels. They hate the Lord. They hate people. They hate humans. How can you think, as a government--well, because they don't have God as their foundation, first of all. But that's why they think so stupidly.

These beings hate mankind because mankind was created in the image of God. That was the whole rebellion on Lucifer's part. Lucifer couldn't get a handle on the Lord creating mankind in His image. He was jealous. Now, Lucifer was a reigning angel. He was the one in charge of heavenly planets. Pre-adamic times--and I've written articles on this--all of the planets were angelic civilizations. They traded, there was economis. They had transportation, you could fly from one planet to another. It was a much, much different civilization. They were angelic civilizations who lived and praised the Lord. And when the Lord was going to create mankind, Satan got a hold of this plan, and became very, very jealous.

And so, you have to wonder, you know. They want us to think that they're so much above us. You know, the New Agers. They look up to these aliens like Ascended Masters, the teachers of wisdom. What wisdom does an idiot have that turned his back on the Most High God. There's nothing they'd have to say I'd wanna listen to. Come on, folks. They're not masters of wisdom, they're fools. And they're already judged, prejudged, and waiting for final judgment. Why would you waste two seconds of your time listening to them?

You Good Guys Fighting the Aliens Underground, Get Orgone Down There and You Won't Have to Work so Hard

So this is what's going on. There's huge underground wars. Bases, factions fighting it out. Yay, for the good guys fighting against the aliens. But you don't have to work so hard. Just get some orgone down there. I don't know why they just don't wake up out of their obnoxious denial and start seeking me for help. Because I could help them. I could help them defeat these aliens. They're so far down in denial they need the Titanic to pull them out. But, anyway. So that's what's going on.

And as they prepare to bring Sananda, introduce him globally, however they're going to do it. And I say that because I realize--you guys don't have to send me e-mails about how they're gonna do it (the Blue Beam Project and all that) because I know all that. I know those plans, but they can't come about because the orgone has saturated the air which makes chemtrails impossible to stick, and they need the aerosols in the chemtrails to produce holograms. You know, they kind of go one and one. So without the aerosols and the chemtrails, and no holograms, they can't produce this heavenly host and fake Jesus facade. And so, they have to come up with different ways, alternative routes, different routes.

They're trying to come up with devices that can suppress orgone energy so that they can produce their holograms and the things that they need. And, you know, good luck. [laughs] Because every time they try to suppress orgone we just find another way around it. Their billions and billions of technology in dollars-worth, we can get around. You can put magnets in orgone. I switch it up, you know. Magnetic orgone is--if they think they've got a device to stop one orgone, suppress one kind, then they've gotta figure out how to suppress the other kind. You can put pure copper pennies in regular orgone pucks. Increases power of the puck just like magnets do. What happens is they all produce aether energy but at different frequencies. And so, when they target one particular type of frequency, it doesn't stop the other different types from producing either, so. [laughs] And they might be able to nail you on one, but they can't get the other two is the way I see it.

And they can't even nail you on one, because they have nothing that can long-term suppress orgone. They have temporary fixes. And if it worked, they would actually have meetings at the White House. They don't meet at the White House. They can't stand it there. There's too much orgone energy. And that's why. And so, they've got this billion-dollar neutrino detector device on the roof of the White House. And I think they even buried it in the front yard. Whatever it was they were burying last year. You think it works? I don't. I don't think it works for a minute. I say proof's in the pudding it doesn't work because they hate it at the White House. They hate going there. So this is the stuff going on.

Bible Codes Describe Me as a Signaler - I Watch the Signs

Whether Sananda arrives in May or not. I'm still for September even though he may successfully make an appearance in May. If he does, we'll regroup the plan, the timeline after that point. But the timeline I'm really looking at is him arriving in September, and watching the other things. You know, people always want a set time of events. And it's like you can't really do that because of route changes. The routes change. And so, it's easier once something starts to happen, to build a timeline after you see events starting to happen that you're watching for. You're watching for the signs. You know, this is a sign, this is a sign, and then you know what route you're on. You know, I see that in the Bible Codes a lot. I see "sign - signaler." I'm a signaler. One of the terms that describes me in the Bible Codes is a "signaler." I watch the signs, so.

Bible Codes Verify That We Are in the Last Days

Anyway, what I wanted to do is get into the word tonight and explain a few things. Lord's been showing me a few things past couple weeks in regards to timelines. Always got my nose at trying to figure out timelines. And, you know, people ask me all the time, "Where are we? Where are we in the book of Revelation, in the last days?" And I can guarantee you we're in the last days. I see that in the Bible Codes, "the last days." It's really cool to see that when you're analyzing, and that whole phrase come up "in the last days." And, we're definitely, folks, in the last days. But we're right at--we're still in Revelation, chapter 6, but I'm going to clarify a few things for you tonight that the Lord's been trying to clarify with me. And I always told Him what He teaches me, I'll teach His people.

Obama Could Be the Black Horse Rider of the Apocalypse

Now, Sananda, I've always pegged as the pale horse rider. There's 4 horsemen in the apocalypse. There's the white horse, the red horse, the black horse, and the pale horse. And the black horse, uh, I'm not, uh--could very well be Obama. I don't actually ever see him come up as a rider, as a horseman, like George Bush did. He started the red horse, this invisible war on terror, this never-ending war. He started that whole thing. He would come up as a horseman, as a rider. Obama, himself, it's kind of iffy. But the fact that it's a black horse, and he is a black chief on Earth right now. And what does the black horse do? It causes famine. It causes inflation. And what has Obama been doing since he became president? Destroying our economy. Destroying our currency, our way of life. We're going to see inflation this year. And it's gonna continue. And it's under his watch.

And so, yes, he very well could be the black horseman taking the place of Maitreya because Maitreya went AWOL, the orgone decimated him. He is gone, but not forgotten. He's still lurking. I see him in the Bible Codes. He's lurking around. He isn't gone, but he's watching. As far as everybody else is concerned, he's AWOL because they don't talk to him, they don't see him, they don't know what's going on with him.

Sananda Fits the Description of the Pale Horse Rider - He Kills with the Beasts of the Earth (Aliens)

And so, Sananda has stepped in to become the alternative leader that Maitreya was supposed to be. They're going with the second route which is Sananda. And I've always pegged him as the pale horse rider because everything about him fits the description of the pale horse rider. Because when he arrives, and it says in verse 8:

"And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth."

The beasts of the earth. Aliens that are amongst us. Beasts of the earth. The Bible Codes always calls them animals. And this so much fits Sananda. I spent so much time with him in the Codes. Because when he arrives, he brings Hell with him. And the forces of hell come with him. And he has an entire fleet. A thousand ships or more, just with the Ashtar Command fleet. And then, just with him being here, we now have these Draconian ships from the constellation Orion coming in. Very huge ships. It's a zoo in space right now. All these different alien faction ships, planets, coming in. A column of ships. But they're just guided planets. They're like, you know, a big planet with a steering wheel in the center, and you can just kind of move it around space. That's what they're like. They move them around. And they're huge ships. But they're literally planetlike ships. And so, they're all coming in. They're coming in. And Hell comes with him. When he arrives, all of these forces, these fallen angels, are going to come with him.

Hell Will Break Loose About a Month or Two After Sananda Arrives - The Locusts Are Ahead

Now, I think, for the first month or two, when they introduce him globally and he arrives, you know, arrives that way, that it'll be peaceful, maybe. But then, boom. Boom. Shortly after he arrives, this Hell part, this phrase after his name, is going to hit. And I see this in the Bible Codes all the time. I see the Locusts are ahead. They're ahead. And when I see something in the Codes that says "ahead," ahead could be 6 months, 3 months, could be a year. But it's ahead. We're not talking down the road 10 years. We're talking, you know, within a year or two from the time you see something like that in the Codes.

And so, who are the Locusts? Well, the Locusts are in chapter 9 of Revelation. And verse 7 talks about the shapes of the Locusts. And they have tails like scorpions, with stings. And they're gonna be chipping people. I've seen enough of Sananda's agenda to know that chipping is his big thing because, see, they're trying to figure out now how they're gonna brainwash the world to accept him as messiah, as Ascended Master, as the messiah of the Bible who's gonna--the Christians are supposed to accept him as Jesus of the Bible, and then the Muslims are supposed to accept him as Muhammad, their 12th imam, you know. You're gonna have somebody that looks like Jesus of the Bible 'cause of all the pictures they've spread out over the years, but he's gonna be speaking very Islam. It's gonna be the weirdest, wildest mix you've ever seen. And the way they're gonna do it is by chipping people so they can control them, control them through the chips. They can actually control what they think via chip implants. And so, that's what these Locusts are gonna be doing for 5 months. And the king over them is Apollyon, Abaddon.

"One woe is past; [and, behold, there come] two woes [more] (Revelation 9:12)." And this is another thing, and I'm gonna stop right here because this is the woe I was looking at earlier. There's 3 woes. One of them is the arrival of the Locusts. The other one if Babylon's destruction.

A Shout-Out of Encouragement to All Those People (Angels in the Flesh) Barely Hanging on Here

And just a shout-out of encouragement to all those people who are barely hanging on here. You don't know quite who you are, but you've been targeted all your life. You've had a calling on your life. You're different from everybody else. You can't talk about the things that happen to you because people would laugh at you. And you've been sucking it up for a long time trying to figure out why. Why you're so different than everybody else. Because they target you from the time you're born.

If you're an angel here in the flesh, you were put here on Earth for a particular purpose and calling. You've been targeted from the time you were born by Satan's henchmen. They know who you are before you're born. And they just target you your entire life and try to kill you, try to destroy you, try to get you into drugs, and alcohol, and porn. Anything to distract you away from what you're truly meant to do here on Earth.

You need to read my article, Angels in the Flesh []. Also being a part of this group of 144,000 Elect. The 144,000 Elect are taken before the Locusts ever arrive. Now, does it start to make sense why this whole orgone war is happening? Because we're just a small faction of the 144,000. There's not 144,000 Orgone Warriors around the earth right now. I'm not stupid enough to believe that. I would be shocked if there were. Because, there's just a fraction of this faction that's actually doing the orgone war. It's a small faction, percentage number, of the 144,000. Maybe 1,444. That would be more like it, to me.

But anyway, because I see this in the Bible Codes that we're accredited, ACCREDITED, the credit is given to us for the destruction of the Locusts. OK? So these Locusts come with Sananda. Shortly after Sananda arrives. These Giants. And they're on Earth to hurt man for 5 months. They go around and they're chip-implanting people. And they're harming people with their syringes and the stings in their tails which is these syringes. And they go around torturing people for 5 months. Then the Bible doesn't talk about them anymore. Doesn't mean, you know--just means it doesn't talk about them anymore. What happens to them? You know what happens to them? They arrive, they're loosed out of the abyss, their king is Apollyon, and they die. Why do they die after 5 months? Because of the orgone. The orgone-saturated air kills them off. Takes 5 months to do it, but it does it.

You know, people sometimes wanna know, "Well, how come orgone doesn't kill them immediately?" It's a slow process. It causes necrosis. They start to burn and die from the inside out of their bodies. It eats away at them from the inside out. It's not a bullet to the head type of thing. It's like a cancer that eats and kills them slowly. It'll take 5 months but we're gonna kill every one of those Locusts off the earth with our orgone. And you know what? We won't even be here to see it. The 144,000 and the Orgone Warriors that are part of this 144,000 will be removed off the earth before they come.

What Happens Before the Locusts Come

So, putting things into perspective. How much time do you think we have left? Watch for the arrival of Sananda. He's the sign. Because when Sananda arrives, there is weeks, maybe a couple months maybe, before all hell breaks loose. All hell is going to break loose with these Locusts coming, these Giants.

But let me tell you what happens before the Locusts even come. I don't think the Locusts will be here until 2013. Next year. 'Cause let me tell you why. I'm gonna backtrack a little bit. When Sananda arrives is when the Lord's judgment is going to--the earth rebels, first of all--against their arrival. The earth moans. The Bible says that the earth groans because of them being here. They're evil. They're wicked. If you read, in Revelation, chapter 8, talks about a great mountain burning with fire, cast into the sea. Talks about a lamp, a great star, burning as it were a lamp, that falls upon a third of the rivers and the fountains of waters. Wormwood falling. The waters become wormwood. This is gonna happen before the Giants even come.

This event, an asteroid hitting the oceans. The planet Wormwood, the star Wormwood hitting. Causing the rivers, a third part of the rivers and fountains to become bitter, poisonous. These two events will happen shortly before the Giants arrive. Now I don't see an asteroid or comet, or any kind of descriptive terms for those, in the Codes for right now. Which means these would be towards--if Sananda were to arrive May or September of this year, it would point right to December, when the Earth crosses the center of the galaxy, the Great Rift.

People ask me, "What's gonna happen?" I ask people I know in the government, "What are they saying that's gonna happen?" I don't know why I ask them. They should be asking me, but we're all just trying to confirm each other and figure things out. They don't really know. I think a pole shift, what Enoch talks about, is going to occur. But also, what's going to happen is causing this asteroid and star Wormwood to crash to the earth. And I think if this is gonna happen, it's gonna happen at the end of the year or the very beginning of next year. But I don't think that'll happen before Sananda arrives. Once Sananda arrives, you're going to see these events start happening. Once he arrives. Because it's gonna be the Lord's judgment on earth. It's gonna be the Lord's judgment on earth as he's here.

To Paraphrase for Those Who Are Not Bible Believers...Sananda Arrives, Crap Hits the Fan

So there's kind of like a timeline for you to grab onto. Sananda arrives, crap hits the fan. That's basically all you need to know. [laughs] If you really don't wanna get down and read the Word [laughs]. I paraphrase a lot of times for my friends who are not Bible believers. And so, that kind of crosses over when I do my show. Kind of paraphrase things. I realize a lot of them don't love the Lord like I do. They can't understand me, I can't understand them. But we'll discuss things in a cordial way. Events going on, to come, things being planned in the background. We share information. That kind of thing. It's just kind of a cordial type thing. I can't understand how anybody could live their life without a connection to The Most High. I can't understand it in a million years. But, I'm, you know, there comes a point when you can witness to someone, and when you're just, "OK. I respect your differences," move on. I'm not gonna argue with--you know, I'm not gonna argue. And I don't beg, and I don't do those kinds of things. But they know, if they wanted to repent and change, that I would help them.

The 144,000 Will Be Taken Shortly Before or Shortly After Sananda's Arrival

Anyway, so these things are happening, folks. Watch for Sananda to arrive. 144,000...I don't know if they're being taken before Sananda arrives or right after, but it's gonna be one of the two. It's gonna be shortly before, or sometime shortly right after, you know. Personally, I would love to be here and watch this fool descend to earth as he's some kind of a messiah so I could point my pipes at him and [laughs] give him a good ol' welcome party. I don't know if I'll be here at that time. I'm not foolish enough to think that I don't know that they have plans to take me out of the way before that comes, and so. I know their plans. You know. It really depends on what the Lord's going to allow to happen or what He's not going to allow. They know I'm going to be the number one cheerleader against Sananda. I already am. Can you imagine if he comes and arrives? And so, they wanna shut that up, and so. That's where they're gonna get interesting in the month of May. [laughs] That's all I've got to say. You know. But either way, just to give you a kind of grasp of things.

The Second Group of 144,000 Are Sealed on Earth and Are Here for the Entire Tribulation Period - The First Group Disappears for a Short Time

Now, I know that when you read chapter 6 [of Revelation], people automatically go into chapter 7 and they read about the 144,000 that are sealed on Earth. OK. Yes. That does happen. But, these people are sealed on Earth. And if you read the rest of the chapter, they are standing in heaven at the throne, in front of the Lord, with all of those who have come out of the great tribulation. Which means they are here during the entire tribulation period. They are sealed. They are evangelists and ministers. They witness the Lord's salvation and message to the globe. The Bible says no man can number them. Different tongues and nations. They are here for the entire tribulation period. Where the first group of 144,000 disappears for a short time.

Anyway, I'm gonna have to wrap this up. And I'll pick it up next Monday night. Talk more about the disappearing 144[,000] faction and the other events that are gonna be happening. Be back on Thursday with Aliens in the News, folks, at 1 o'clock.

Until then, Yah bless, everybody.


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