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April 26th, 2012
Thursdays with Sherry Shriner

And hello everybody you're live it's Thursday with Sherry Shriner. And I'm having some bad connection problems on my end so I hope you can hear me fine on yours. Couple things I want to talk about today.

Bombs and missiles going off underneath the ground
Posted something to my lists earlier in the week about how to kill AI's. Artificial Intelligence robot type aliens -- simply because there is a huge underground war going on right now underneath our surface. A lot of the booms. A lot of the earthquakes people are hearing are actually bombs and missiles going off underneath the ground as our government and military fight against these -- a renegade group of artificially created aliens. I don't know if I mentioned it during my last show or not but this has been going on for some time now and you know they're spending all this money on bombs and missiles and stuff when orgone could easily destroy these AI's.

Xenomorphs are Artificially created by the fallen angels
And AI's is just a sweeping term, Artificial Intelligence for all of these different types of Xenomorphs and different type of technology. Robotic created aliens -- and what happened was these aliens broke against their rulers -- I guess you could say their creators. And now they're running around loose destroying everything. And so I posted about them on my web site last year I think it was -- you've seen the picture from the alien films, the alien movies. These are actually pretty good depictions of what's out there.

Much truth revealed in Sci Fi
That's why you gotta always pay attention to this fiction, these alien movies because a lot of them reveal a lot of truths. They've had a lot of insight all along. As to what's going on above us and below us in regards to the aliens and their agenda -- of course they put their own spin on things for entertainment purposes, just for movies and TV but they get the core of their story lines from facts themselves. Truths themselves so... you know these AI's they feed off of electromagnetic power sources and grids.

They rely on these magnetic fields to power them and there's plenty underground because they have all sorts of free energy sources that they use. For the underground bases and tunnels. And obviously you're gonna have that kind of energy disseminating through the air. Just they emit energy and so any kind of these power sources emit energy.

65% are dead
And so this is why our orgone is so effective against these aliens because it's effective against these magnetic fields and if you look around we've been crashing UFOs for the last 6, 7 years because of our orgone. And I've heard from official sources that 65% of the total number of greys just in the last several years have died. Sixty five percent.

That's how affective our orgone has been. You know I always talk about setting up protection areas and getting orgone out. Protect your areas and stuff -- it isn't about things that are coming. It's about things we're doing now. Stuff going on in the background. This wars going on in the background. Most people are oblivious to it.

But what you can do also on the surface because you know eventually these AI's these artificial intelligence xenomorph type aliens which have underground bases off of our coast lines eventually they're gonna be on our land -- so you want to set up perimeters of orgone because they will destroy these xenomorphs and these AI's.

Map out a perimeter
You don't want to get too close to them. Especially fighting them underground. Because these things do kill anything that comes near 'em. Just map out a perimeter and circle them. And the most affective orgone is the copper beasts. That I make and sell on my web site. You can also make and buy your own. The copper beast because it's regular orgone with the one ounce point .9999% copper coin on top and any type of alien whether it be alien itself or xenomorph or AI they're all adverse to copper.

Effective way to killing these creatures
And they're all adverse to orgone and so this extra copper boost is what can demolish them rather quickly. So also if you put magnets in the orgone, they wouldn't dare touch it. Because if they touch it these things are metal and created things and they'll stick to it and it will kill 'em. Instantly. So, very effective way to killing these creatures. Copper boost. Magnetic orgone combo. Combo punch orgone. It would be a lot more effective against them instead of trying to hunt them down, shoot them and risking the lives of people. That have to go to war against them. So you might want to get these out.

If you have regular orgone that's fine as well. They don't function in any type of orgone air. It's another good reason to get the orgone out. To protect yourselves because eventually these things are gonna come to the surface. Might be an underground war going on right now in our bases but lets not forget there's under water bases all over the place of these things. You know I want to get some of the orgone pipes and the orgone beasts and start dumping them off of the coasts off our coast lines.

That way it has time to saturate through the water and get to these bases -- that try coming ashore they'll be blocked from doing that. You know as I've said 65% of greys being destroyed in just the last few years -- from the orgone -- this is from the orgone.

Wilhelm Reich
Wilhelm Reich discovered that it would crash UFOs. The Lord stood me up to take over where Reich left off. And we've been watching literally the last several years -- every day you see ships or hear them crashing outta the sky. The media calls them meteors. But not just UFOs but they're star ships as well. And one of the things I found interesting because I've talked about the terms I've seen in the Bible Codes in regards to orgone.

Terms in Codes regarding orgone
You can see them at just scroll down the page -- melt -- melt-able --
-- melting -- Terms you see in the Codes, -- majority -- decay -- sabotaged -- scorched -- defeat -- sickness -- plague -- beaten -- asphyxia -- because they can't breath -- burnt up -- annihilation -- holocaust -- evaporation -- parchment --

These are all terms of things that orgone does to them and is doing to them. Another thing that was told me, was that confirmed actually is the necrosis. The lizards getting skin disease -- of course I've seen that in the Codes for a very long time. Orgone kinda eats them from the inside out. That's what necrosis is. It's a decaying of not just flesh but the internal organs as well and so I found it interesting hearing that the lizards are indeed suffering from some kind of skin plague.

It's affecting them. The greys are dying off like crazy. And so these are the 2 factions that we're surrounded by the most right now. There's many more that will come. And when they come they may make a thunderous arrival but they're going to whimper off like these 2 factions we're dealing with right now are doing -- like the greys and the lizards they're gonna slowly die off. Because of all the orgone we have out there and the orgone saturated air.

It might take a little while for these giants. I think in the Bible the locust are here for 5 months. It takes us 5 months to kill them off but hey, it's better than not getting them killed off at all. So we need to get busy folks. Make 'em leave the planet. Make 'em leave your country, your town, your city, your island. Make it so saturated with orgone they won't want to inhabit there. They won't want to stay there. They won't survive there.

They've lost so many of their own ships
You know they're planning this false flag UFO event coming up. I'll be talking a little bit about that. The reason they need our black op's help is because they've lost so many of their own ships that when they do come they want it to look overwhelming. Over powering that we're so inundated with all these aliens that we're just overwhelmed by it.

And so that's why they're using humans to help our black op's air force. Black op's space command they're using them to help them build and fly UFOs -- ships. It's gonna be a mixed breed of alien and human because they need the help. They want the people of earth to think that we're completely out-numbered by them. Completely overwhelmed and over-powered by them.

Aliens are desperate
And so they want to make a statement. And so they can't pull it off with their own numbers because they don't have 'em. It's all just an illusion folks. We're killing them off. We're doing just fine with our orgone. So they're enlisting the black op's of the government military to help them out with this black op's operation. And I really don't know what all they have planned for this false invasion, if they're just coming in for a show of power to intimidate people.

Just be nuisances
To show their presence here on earth. But it seems to me that this kind of thing is going both ways. You know they want our help to increase their numbers so it looks like there's 1000's of them -- 10's of 1000's -- so it appears we're overwhelmed by them -- but our governments also gonna use them in their own way and I think during this false flag invasion that's coming. I don't really think it's an invasion. I don't think they're ever going to touch ground or anything like that. Just fly overhead and just be nuisances.

Strike out against their 'enemies'
I wouldn't put it past them to strike out against their enemies. So they can blame it on the aliens. You know that's why it's called a false flag. Because everything about it is a lie. To further some hidden agenda that they have and then they blame it on somebody else. You know so they can blame it on the aliens -- people were hurt and destroyed by what happened -- when -- I have a feeling if people are hurt and destroyed at all that it's going to be people on their target lists.

People that they are specifically going after and using this kind of event so they can just blame it on the aliens. You know? Lock and load folks. I mean I think if I saw a literal UFO above my house I'd just shoot it down. I'd try to. Make 'em stay away from you. Aliens are not our friends. You know these new agers ignorance grows by a penny a dozen amongst them. And they all think oh they're gonna be taken off the earth and whisked away and protected.

'Alien Rapture'
That's what they're promised when you become a light worker of the new agers. A mimic of a holy spirit filled believer. It's just a mimic. It's a copy. They're gonna end up in freezers. And refrigerators and breeding farms. And you can't tell them any different. Some of them are just so stubborn and strong headed on the 'coming rescue'. The 'alien rapture' where they're told that they'll be taken off the planet to protect them from the coming changes to the earth.

And if you think about it they gotta be pin pointing at that point. December 21st, 2012 when the earth passes through the riff of the galaxy. Because you could expect around that time or general time frame. Pole shifts and things like that happening to the earth. No one really knows. We've never done this before it's a first. Going to the center of the galaxy. So yeah. The aliens want to stock up, stock their freezers up. Get ready themselves. And so what better yeah to prime a bunch of gullible people to thinking they're gonna be protected. It's a game plan of theirs. A religion of the new age. It's really saddening. Really saddening.

So I hope people aren't stupid enough to become friends with these aliens. I hope they watch the 'V' series -- if that wasn't a bit of a warning of exactly what's going on -- I was shocked myself I didn't think they'd be so truthful but they actually showed the true colors on the 'V' series. Because that's exactly how they are. Exactly how they are. The whole vaccine program. I mean you woulda thought they just went through reading my web site, listened to my radio shows.

Because I've been warning about the same things. The vaccines, the abductions. So pay attention folks you're being warned. You have no ones fault but your own because the governments warning you. The Watchmen are warning you. The Prophets(SherryShriner) are warning you. Don't be so gullible. Everybody always thinks it's greener on the other side of the fence. You know? And I guess when you get older you realize that green is the same on all the fences all around. It's the same everywhere. It's always the same.

More clamp downs
Just appears to be different. So don't get stuck with the stupidity stuff folks. Not much time left. They're coming back with SOPA. And what was that? PIPA? They're gonna come back with those. Clamp down on the Internet. Destroy free speech on the Internet -- all in their planning all in their timing.

Was reading an article earlier about Obama out-lawing all protests ahead of the banking collapse -- notice it didn't say ahead of UN NATO conference in May. Which by the way I was hearing they're planning in Chicago for this NATO conference again and it was my understanding it had been switched to Camp David in Maryland. So why all the preparatory activity in Chicago? If in Chicago fine. In Camp David fine don't matter to me both places are orgoned.

So dumb
So I don't know if they switched it back to Chicago or not. Signed it into law on March 8th. And it's HR 347 passed both house and the Senate -- not reported by any main stream media organizations. Surprise surprise but it makes it illegal to protest against the US government. How stupid is that?

Makes '08 look like a warm up exercise
Also makes way for their indefinite detention bills. Also giving warning for a huge banking collapse and this is what I've been warning about -- stock market crash making 2008 seem like a warm up exercise. And so folks you need to prepare. Most people didn't want to listen in 2008 figured it was the usual huff and puff by everyone else then BOOM lost their retirements in the stock market.

Housing prices down 35% -- so real estate's not a market you want to get into. Just because you jump in and get something foreclosed at an auction or something still doesn't make it a great bargain. If I was gonna invest in real estate I would build my own house and own it or buy land or. If you're looking to make money -- in real estate -- you're not gonna make much money. To use it for your own advantage for several reasons then I'd say it's a buyers market.

This summer, next several months predicting a 3rd wave of huge foreclosures -- housing foreclosures and a lot of these houses sit empty for over a year. Before they even get put on the market for sale. They'll sit empty for a year and that's why you drive around and notice these houses that seem empty but there are no signs indicating they are for sale.

So just get prepared folks. Another thing is -- reading several sources by corporate insider trading. If they're dumping their stocks folks then you know to be dumping yours. And do it now because you know they hype up the stock market. They hype up oh the economy's gonna get great and it's getting better so now it's a buyers market and buy junk stocks buy all these stocks it's a buyers market. Because they want you to buy the stuff they're selling.

Because if there's no buyers they can't sell. So what they do is pump up the market and make it look inviting try to lull you into buying stocks so they can sell all the crap they're selling. Other wise they can't sell it. They're stuck with a bunch of worthless stocks. Stocks are gonna crash. And be worthless. So don't buy into the hype that you hear from Wall Street and all these trading companies that oh we've got a great stock pick we got a great deal pick we got a this we got that. They just want you to buy so they can sell their crap.

Stick you with it. Stay away from the stock market. Stay away from bonds. Stay away from the bond market. I'm not a stock person anyway but it angers me when I hear from so many people that are in it that have gotten burned so.

And owning gold can become confiscated by the government -- if they can do it during the depression they can do it again. So if you're buying gold store it off shore. There's off shore vaults that you can put your gold in. There's actually companies on-line that specialize in that kind of thing. And so you'd want to store it off shore. Because if you have it here the government can confiscate it.

Time to think a little smart folks -- looking into things. So yeah free speech now a felony folks.

Anyway if you have a question for the show you can call in at (877) 245-5648. Not sure...

You know if you're just gonna call in and just sit I'm gonna hang up on ya. So if you have a question for the show, indicate...I don't know why they give you the option of just sitting or having a question. It means if you have a question or hang up. I don't know why they do that. Because they want to soak the radio hosts out of paying for all these people just sit on their lines and don't ask questions. And the radio hosts gets soaked paying all the fees so I don't know.

Thank you to the contributors for funding this War Against Satan
Anyway folks I do appreciate those who are helping fund our war right now against these aliens and I don't always talk about what exactly we're doing because I can't do that. I don't want to tip our hand on things that we're getting done and doing behind the scenes.

I usually do that afterwards. When somethings completed. Then I'll talk about it so I need your continued donations. So we can keep pounding and putting up walls across this country. You know they think they have everything mapped out what we're doing and how we're doing it and so we can change the different types of orgone we make by adding extra copper or adding magnets it changes the frequency of the orgone. They can't map it out. We take em by surprise. Put up new walls they run right into the walls and crash. I'm just taking it to em.

Taking it to their front yards. Taking it to their backyards. It's what we're doing. It's what we need to continue doing. We don't have a whole lot of time. I know every year in Spring and Summer's when we get busy the most. That's the time to get it done. You know? If you got kids you're busy during the school years. So I know how that is.

I'm gonna take a call from a listener. Again like I said folks if you have a question for the show you can call in at (877) 245-5648

Question about Aliens
Sherry: Hello listener you're on the air.

Caller: Hi Sherry Nancy from Boston. How are you today?

Sherry: Good how are you?

Caller: Very well thank you and thank you for all you do. I was wondering if you could speak on benevolent extraterrestrials. I feel the first contact we're gonna have is a false flag as you've described. But I also feel and as I think you do too is that there are benevolent extraterrestrials working in our behalf. Present. And also if you could comment on the copper. I have some friends that live in the Great Lakes area and they're in contact with extraterrestrials, benevolent ones and there's a high density of copper in that area from what I understand.

Sherry: Around the Great Lakes area?

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: Yeah they got bases around the Great Lakes. Under the lakes. OK well you know what? People are always saying benevolent ETs this. Benevolent ETs that.

What are ETs? They're fallen angels. If they were these righteous nice angelic beings that they want people to think they are they'd be in heaven. They'd be celestial beings not terrestrial.
Another reason that they're nice is they don't like the new world order which is fine, but, they have their own agendas. Which is why they're helping people fight against the new world order because they have their own agendas they want to implement on earth. So yeah they'll help humans tear down the new world order. Why?

Because they want to implement their agendas here. And you also have to watch out because a lot of these supposed Pleiadians -- that come and say -- Pleiadians -- want to come and help mankind are actually lizards. Just playing Pleiadians not to mention there's Pleiadians that have betrayed their own Watchers Faction and joined the lizards for more power and so don't believe a word the aliens say. I just don't believe a thing they say. There's too many game plans and agendas that surround 'em.

Caller: So you don't feel that there's any extraterrestrials that are working in our behalf 100%.

Aliens and hidden agendas
Sherry: No they have their own agenda. It's the same thing the Lord told me years ago because we have these combined anti-new world order nice alien factions working together...but He told me no stay away from them because eventually those nice aliens that are working with the humans -- they'll eventually turn on them. And betray them because they have their own agendas for here.

Caller: If I slow down video I can see UFOs flying over head in my community a lot and when I set up the video recorder and slow it down you can clearly see them. So our skies you know -- they're all negative you're saying. So we're being watched very closely by them? When do you feel that they're going to show themselves in the false flag alien invasion?

Sherry: In a manner where everyone will see them?

Caller: Yeah

Aliens and government working hand in glove
Sherry: They're planning for May. They planned for this before. Before it comes and goes -- this event for it -- the next time fly-by I'm seeing it is May.
The month of May and like I see it's going to be a 2 prong attack. The aliens showing their muscle so to speak and the government attacking their target list and blaming it on the aliens. So.

Caller: Yeah they're pretty good at that.

Sherry: Yeah attack someone and blame it on somebody else. But yeah that's what I've been seeing for a long time. And ya know I've been seeing it since last year. This is how much it's been delayed. I'm not saying it's gonna happen next month I'm just saying it's another time line. It's another event. A time dated event type thing. They're planning on it let's see if they do it.

Caller: Well they keep moving their time line around according to our actions and reactions. And the awareness of the masses don't they?

Sherry: Oh certainly, certainly. You know they'll plan to do something because it's on their script and they can't get it off. They can't make it happen like blowing up Phoenix. They can't make it happen there's too much logistics involved that they can't pull off and just so it's on their script but they can't make it happen just because it's on their script and on their planning doesn't mean they can make it happen at a particular time, so.

Caller: Something curious I found out years ago in my looking into the whole history of religion -- there wasn't even a letter 'J' in our alphabet until the 1400's and at that time we had an 18 letter alphabet and they added a symbol a hook the 'J' from my understanding and 7 roman numerals. To make our current 26 letter alphabet. And quite coincidentally this happened to be right around the time as the printing press was invented. Do you have anything to comment on that?

Sherry: Well I don't know about the logistics of our own language but I know there was never a 'J' in the Hebrew language. And so the name Jesus had absolutely nothing to do with the Hebrew name Yahushua.

Caller: Right.

Sherry: It's just a Greek translation. It's just a different name it's not even close to Yahushua.

Caller: Right.

Sherry: They just gave Him a different name for the KJV. People are worshiping this...who is Jesus? The Son of Gods Name is Yahushua and so I've been encouraging people to go back and using His original Name. Because the one coming in the name of Jesus the one the new agers call Sananda Esu Immanuel...

Caller: ...right...

Sherry:'s one of their ascended master alien frauds so he's coming know it's gonna be the Bible, the actual true believers of The Most High against the church and the new age facade that is gonna be happening.

Caller: Well I've heard it said that one of these beings salusa S-A-L-U-S-A is satan lucifer satan first two letters -- of each -- of the name on the net, so there's certain ways they're revealing themselves today.

Sherry: Oh yeah they don't hide it everything's revealed and out there. They really don't hide anything. Everything's right in your face. Symbols on federal government buildings. Our national monuments. That we call monuments.

Caller: Yep

Sherry: Everything's right in our faces. They're not hiding a whole lot. Commercials, corporate television -- they don't hide much.

Caller: You think...

Sherry: ...religions...

Caller: think it's because they're taunting us?

Sherry: You know you have to reveal. You have to reveal your plans. Universal laws if you want to go into far out stuff like that. You have to reveal your plans. And so they do it. People just don't believe it, but they do it. They do it in fiction format. They do it in various ways.

Caller: Is this because they haft to? Or because they are taunting us? With this?

Sherry: You know you could look at it either way. You could look at it either way. And it's also how they recognize each other. You know speeches and public appearances. You'll see em flashing the hand goat signs and stuff. Praising satan. That's how they identify each other they have hand signals to identify each other as masons, the way they speak to the attire they wear. (Sherry's dog is barking in the background)

Caller: So communications with these ascended masters Hatton -- these are negative beings.

Sherry: Yes

Caller: And they're being misled and a lot of people. Do you think it's ego that a lot of these people believe they are positive beings guiding us and helping us?

Sherry: You know they think they've found their escape. A different route than the Lord has planned for us in the Bible. They think they have found an escape. You know just like evolution was an excuse not to believe in a Creator. The whole new age is an excuse not to believe in accountability and judgment of the Bible and the Creator. They found their own little religion. It's an escape for them. They think they can become these light workers and these aliens are our creators. They've created their own facade. Basically. Their own religion so they don't have to acknowledge the One True Creator and the true message of salvation.

Caller: How do you feel that in -- how the Christ light is going to return to us. Who will it be a person? Or an energy? That will recognize in all of us? Or

Revelation Chapter 19 Armageddon
Sherry: Well you can read Revelation Chapter 19 Armageddon how the Lord returns to the earth. He's not coming to fill everyone's consciousness with illumination and illuminate them. He's coming to destroy the wicked off the earth.

Caller: This year do you feel this will happen this year?

2/3rds of the global population will be dead
Sherry: No. No it's down the road. It's down the road. And by the time it does happen. Most people aren't even gonna be alive. America will be destroyed. You know 2/3rds of the global population will be dead. So it's down the road. But the thing is most people won't survive to see that happen. They don't realize it. They think that the Lord's coming back to establish a global economic policy? Come on. He's gonna institute a political plan. A global plan. The anti-Christ does that. The anti-Christ is doing that. Not the Lord Himself. You remember the anti-Christ comes first.

Caller: Right

People need to get in their Bibles
Sherry: And the Anti-Christ comes first. There's many anti-Christs amongst us. But the Anti-Christ is the final and ultimate being that comes to cause all mankind to worship him and so people need to get in their Bibles and read Revelations Chapter 13 and Revelations Chapter 19.
Because you know the Lord isn't coming with the heavenly hosts singing hymns to bring goodwill to mankind. When He comes He's coming to destroy the wicked off of the earth. And you can read about it in Revelations Chapter 19 the Battle of Armageddon and then He will establish His Kingdom His Millennium Reign on earth. There's many things that have to happen before then.

Caller: What do you feel about Our Lady of Guadeloupe? You know how she's suppose to crush the serpent and Mary's role. The Mary energy some people call it...

It was all holographs by UFOs
Sherry: It's just a facade. You know if you looked into that, especially the vision of Fatima and all that. It was all holographs by UFOs. Whenever there's a Mary crying -- whenever there's all this stuff going on, there's UFO's around to produce the holographs. It's all a facade and all they do is give you bits of the agenda that they want you to believe in and follow. The Catholic religion is the biggest farce on this planet.

Besides, I'm not saying Protestant's right either. There's a lot of apostasy in Protestantism but Catholicism is outright blatant satanism half the time. They worship other gods other idols in the guise of praying to Mary which is another god. Mary was never an object of worship in the Bible.

He told us to celebrate communion in remembrance of Him
Never commanded to be yet millions of Catholics pray to her daily. She's an idol. They're cannibalistic, their masses, their many times can you chews Christ? Chew Him. Oh they talk "Oh it turns into His flesh in your mouth while you're eating." Really? How many times do you think you can chew Him? Did He command us to be cannibals? He told us to celebrate communion in remembrance of Him. Not this is my remembrance.
Not the fact that we were going to become cannibals and chew His body once a week. I mean it's nasty. It's outright satanism if people studied Catholicism.

Just sit at HIS feet
You know that's why I'm big for getting out of religion. Get out of religion and just sit at His feet and ask Him for the truth in all things and just learn from Him. Because if you want a relationship with the Lord it's all about relationship it's not about religion. You're not going to get relationship from the churches today. How to learn. How to have a relationship with Him. You don't have to follow rituals to have a relationship with Him. It's not what it's about.

Caller: I agree with that. I said for a very long time that religion was man made and spirituality was God given.

Sherry: Right. Anyway thanks for calling in. I'm going to get to another caller.

Caller: Alright thanks so much.

Sherry: Alright but thanks for calling in.

Caller: You're welcome bye bye.

Sherry: Bye

Preach it Brother Man
Sherry: Hello caller you're on the air.

Caller: Sherry?

Sherry: Yes

Caller: Hey how are you doing dear? God bless you in the Most High's Name, His Son Yashua. You know I just wanted to share with people, this thing that's coming is about trust in God. You can not be faithful or obedient unless you absolutely trust the Most High God.

Sherry: Yeah and (inaudible because caller is talking over Sherry)...

Caller: ...and it's ludicrous the pathways He will lead you down when you're trusting Him are not gonna make sense to the world. When God led me to you in 2005 and to start making orgone everybody, everybody thought I was nuts.

Sherry: (laughing)

Caller: And praise God. You know God lead me to start putting magnets in it a couple years ago.

Sherry: ...yeah...

Caller: Amen. And I watch the things burn up in my area out here all the time.

Sherry: Where you at?

Caller: I'm out here in California.

Sherry: California eh?

Caller: No God hasn't asked me to know...

Sherry: (laughing)

Caller: I have absolute faith you know...oh I know things are gonna go real bad out here. Reeeaaaallll soon.

Sherry: Good thing there's somebody there to protect everybody else. You know?

Caller: Somebody's gotta do the job. Nobody else is gonna step up ya know? you...

Sherry: ...Cali sure...

Caller: ...ask God who's gonna do it (Cali)? He's funny that way He'll say who's gonna do it besides you? Then you just gotta do it.

Sherry: Yep, you gotta do it.

Caller: The you know...

Sherry: That's one of the last states He's had me in I've been all over this country. I've never been to California.

Caller: Well this states getting pretty well saturated trust me dear.

Sherry: Oh I can believe it because I've got some great warriors out there and I've been sending it out there especially with that zombie attack threat last year I was like here take it!!! Get the southern borders and San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico and everywhere...get it! Protect the sleeping from the zombies.

Caller: Well we're surrounded by zombies that's the thing people really don't totally understand is if you're dead in Christ you know Yashua -- you're all about zombie potential.

Sherry: Right right right exactly.

Caller: You know? I mean let's just face it. I mean orgone is great. Praise God for directing me to it because I've seen... and look the government hates me absolutely hates me. If the Most Highs hand wasn't on my life I woulda been dead a long time ago.

Sherry: Right right it's kinda funny like the bunnies they can't be killed. I know like a lot of the bunnies (holograms sent over the road to cause a deadly car crash) sent out there...the warriors just can't be killed.

Caller: Yeah I know and if God pulls that hand of protection...hey what's the worst that can happen? Being present with the body...

Sherry: Right

Caller: ...of the Lord.

Sherry: (laughing)

Caller: So really when you step out and trust God you're not gonna be worried about any of this stuff that's coming.

Sherry: And I can tell you do because you have the same attitude I always have and it takes a long way to get there ... putting it all in His you take takes a long time to get there to that point but when you have absolute faith in HIM to protect you from harm.

Caller: ...people don't understand...

Sherry: have absolute faith in Yah...

Caller: ...and start moving towards Him expect your entire world to be shattered.

Sherry: Yep

Caller: I mean I was in college you know getting ready to be a lawyer and all this. The next thing you know I'm the exact polar opposite. You know?

Sherry: Right, well I have 3 college degrees and this is what I do so.

Caller: And...

Sherry: All plans go out the window for Him you know?

Caller: ...amen you know? Almost...everybody out there listening. Know this. This is really about prayer and getting in touch with God and not about any formal formatted prayer. Because what kinda relationship would you have with your father? Your actual your earthly father if every time you spoke to Him you said the same thing over and over again?

Sherry: Right.

Caller: What would happen?

Sherry: If you just sat down.. the Christmas list and ...

Caller: Yeah

Sherry: ...He's not going to hear that...

Caller: ...yeah, yeah it's about relationship. And you don't build a relationship unless you talk about the most intimate things in your heart. Because He knows our hearts. And unless you're seeking Him on that know I would be very very fearful. And we're suppose to fear the Lord. And warriors out there. Pray for God to pour out the fear of the Lord on this nation. It will be an ugly thing when He does. But we need that to help those that are lost. We can't help them right now. They need to be in a state of fear. So...

Sherry: Yeah...

Caller: ...destruction? You know what? It's a good thing. Destruction in my life brought me to God.

Sherry: Yeah

Caller: So destruction on a huge scale is actually gonna work to our benefit. And those of you out there thinking there are good aliens? Oh my come on.

Sherry: (laughing)

Caller: If they were good they would have helped us years ago.

Sherry: Yep

Caller: They woulda changed things we wouldn't be in the mess we're in right now. There's no such thing as a good alien. There's the fallen and they're out there and they are misguiding the sheep. And anybody who thinks they're gonna achieve a higher vibrational tone...

Sherry: (laughing)

Caller: ...get realistic.

Sherry: (laughing)

Caller:'re whacky. I mean the only tone you need to get is the tone of humility. And drop to your knees in fear and trembling. Because God doesn't work with those who aren't humble.

Sherry: Right.

Caller: Look. I am nothing. I am a worm. And those who think there's a rapture...I mean like Buddha...that they'll be zooted away like bugs bunny...

Sherry: ...oh yeah, the alien rapture...we'll be long gone before then...

Caller: know you may want to read (inaudible)

Sherry: (inaudible)

Caller: know?

Sherry: Oh yeah...

Caller: And John 17:15

Sherry: Yep

Caller: 'Cause Jesus(Yahushua is His real Name) said He doesn't want us taken away but protected from the real evil. You know so if you're really seeking God you're seeking to be here to help His children. You know? Because...

Sherry: Right...

Caller: ...there's gonna be a lot of lost sheep. And then look at the Book of Daniel. The most blessed are those who make it to the 13th 35th day, that's at the end of the Book of Daniel. I mean how do you get to that end of the book? You're gonna go through some serious trials and travails.

Sherry: Yep.

Caller: But it's about trust and you know Sherry God Bless you. You know you know amen for you. And may God keep His hand and open His provision over your life and your ministry and...and get the warriors out there to stand up and really it's about prayer. There's a lot of people making negative orgone. You know?

Sherry: Yeah

Caller: When you're a real faith-filled believer. And I've seen this. This is funny. I'll drop to my knees and I'll ask God in Yeshua's Name I command it to be converted on a subatomic molecular level to positive orgone. And when you believe. When you actually believe and walk in faith. That orgone will be changed.

Sherry: (Sherry's chuckling with delight softly)

Caller: And the next thing you know chem-trails won't stick anywhere.

Sherry: Yeah. There's a lot of people making DOE(Dead Orgone Energy) orgone who think they're making good orgone so. I'll talk more about orgone next Monday but a huge problem.

Caller: Well remember this Jesus Yeshua said "Greater things you shall do in my name than I have done." Now. All you listeners need to think about that. Now you're not gonna walk in that kinda power and authority unless you really humble yourself and sought God. And really trust Him. But when you get to that level. When you really trust God. When you pray for things. They will manifest. Orgone is a tool. But faith and trust in God...that's...that's the whole thing...

Sherry: Amen

Caller: ...that's it in a nut shell.

Sherry: Yeah it doesn't replace prayer. It doesn't replace anything. It's just a weapon. People think we replace prayer with it and we don't. At all.

Caller: Yeah. But. You know the combination of the two, you's pretty good...

Sherry: It's powerful.

Caller: (laughing)

Sherry: (laughing) It's powerful.

Caller: God Bless you Sherry I'll let you get to somebody else in the last 5 minutes. Peace and blessings to you and all you listeners. May Gods light and glory shine into your lives and guide you into truth.

Sherry: Alright thanks for calling in.

Caller: Alright buy bye.

Sherry: Bye

Well. Preach it brother you know? I like when people call in they have their faith on their shoulders and they walk in the talk. So rare. That's how we all should be. You know? You can always tell the true relationship a person has with the Most High and where they are in it. By the things they fear or don't.

By their humbleness. By their hearts by their attitudes. You know the Lords people just have a real humbleness and lovable attribute towards them. They're not walking around spitting fire, condemning and picking fights and you can just always tell the true heart of a Lords believer so I enjoy it when I see it because it's so rare.

We really are a minority. Even amongst the Bride today so many who sit in the churches today are you know. They're talkers. That's all. They're talkers. They think all of their rituals and their weekly Sunday worship is some how being all marked down and noted is gonna pave their way straight through the pearly gates and they know nothing about who the Most High is they don't even call Him by His real name Yahuah. They don't even know His real name.

That's a part of the maturity process. And when you get that far in the maturity process it's pretty telling in how far your relationship is or isn't with Him whether you're there or not so...I don't know. It's not like I get knit-picky over language issues and things. But when it comes to calling somebody by their correct name -- a real maturity issue. Don't you think?

Anyway folks. Be back on Monday night. I'm going to pick up and talk about where we are and what is happening coming soon -- that's according to the Book of Revelation. I try to look at the Book of Revelation and align it with things I'm seeing in the Codes and make it all -- bring it all into a picture so that you can see it clearer. Continuing with that I began a little of it last Monday. Till then everybody. Yah Bless.