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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
April 30, 2012


Russia Firing Missiles Towards Alaska and UFOs Shooting Them Down

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it is April 30. I was gonna play that song for you but I don't think I've got the time. Couple things I wanna talk about tonight. Seems last night we had some activity going on. Russia firing missiles towards Alaska and the UFOs shooting them down. I don't know exactly which country the UFO belonged to or if it was an alien UFO. We've got several countries flying UFOs in our airspace. And we also got alien UFOs, so hard to tell which faction shot it down. And hard to tell why Russia was firing missiles at us somewhere in Alaska, and so.

I don't think it was some kind of a drill. They wouldn't call the White House senior staff into the White House at 9:30, 10 o'clock at night if it was a drill. They were all in the Situation Room last night trying to figure out what was going on, why we were being fired at by Russia. Maybe it was a warning by Russia for something. I don't know yet what's going on, but the factions are fighting. And the one script that seems to be jumping into the forefront--because there's several different scripts, folks. That's why I just watch it all and watch the routes. When one closes, another one opens, and all that. You've got all kinds of activity going on. The one route that seems to be jumping right now in the forefront, other than the alien agenda--because, let me tell you something, the Chinese forces are an arm of the alien agenda. They're an arm of them. And so, you know, I've always said we're gonna have Chinese here. I've never doubted that in a million years. Because they are the armed forces of Lucifer, of the Antichrist. They're his armed forces.

They're Bringing Crystals into America That Are Used to Power Their Equipment

And so, interesting that they're bringing in--they've been bringing in for 20 years now--Chinese and Russian equipment. And so, there's something they're bringing along. They're bringing some kind of crystals into the country. And if you remember (if you even knew), it was the abuse of crystal power that destroyed Atlantis, the ancient city, Atlantis. It's also crystals that power our space stations. And I know there's a facility in Colorado, a huge complex that has these crystals in it. I'd love to go there and just put orgone in it and give it a positive spin. [laughs] I don't know exactly where it is. I just know it exists. And so, it seems like they're...I don't know why they'd be bringing crystals and very high tech equipment. Probably something to power their satellites with. I don't know. It just seems to me that, you know, for years we've had Chinese bases south of San Antonio, south of El Paso. We've had 'em in Tijuana, south of California border. We've had Russian bases, Russian--the northern borders open via Canada. The border guards told not to search the trucks bringing in Russian equipment.

Russian and Chinese Invasion of America Becoming More Real - Our Allies Will Do Nothing to Help Us

You have to realize that our government, itself, the people in it, the Lizards that run it, the robots that run it have no loyalty to America. If you look at their bloodlines, they're from the Nazi regime. Third Reich in Germany. A lot of them all related. All the presidents related. People in power positions related. They're all cousins of cousins in elite bloodlines. These elite bloodlines, folks, are alien bloodlines. They want you to think they're elite because the aliens think they're above humans. That's why they call them the elite. And so, it's an arrogance thing, you know.

Yes, a lot of them are wealthy because they steal the money from you and me. Inside trading. You become a leader of a country, you start pillaging and embezzling money. They all become billionaires. Our presidents are no exception. They think they are elite because of their alien bloodlines. And it's been aliens in the background ruling this country and other countries from councils. These alien starships above our earth. People think this is fiction, and I've been trying to tell you for 10 years this is very real. Very, very real.

And so, the script we're on right now, Russian and Chinese invasion of America is becoming more and more very real. And in this script, our allies, Europe, Canada, UK will do nothing to help America. They will sit back and watch the Chinese and Russians invade and destroy America. They do nothing. They do nothing. They just watch. Maybe they're helping them. I don't know, but they turn a blind eye. They act like they're our allies, they're our friends, but when America is under attack, they will do nothing. And the Russians will be here to lead the attack, but they don't want the land. The land will go to the Chinese. And that's why so many people have had visions and dreams of seeing armed Chinese soldiers in our streets. Because this is exactly what's going to happen. This script is becoming more and more dominant.

They Play Both Sides of Any War or Conflict - North Korea vs. South Korea, India vs. Pakistan

You have the FEMA camps and everything getting ready and in place. Yeah, they're for Americans. You know, they're not just there to round up illegal aliens. Why would they have an open-door policy like they do, and then round up illegal aliens. I mean, that's so asinine what they do. They play both sides of any law, any conflict, any war, so whichever side wins, they can control. That's why they play both sides. It's in Lucifer's handbook. It's his game board instructions. Rothschilds do it, our own president does it, Congress does it. So much gearing up.

And look at the Koreas. I mean, it's a longstanding Illuminati plan to have a war in the Koreas. Now, we've been in South Korea for how many umpteen decades now? And look what our government's doing. They're arming North Korea. They're giving them military equipment, supplies, ammo so that they can attack South Korea. What's in South Korea? Our forces. [laughs] Our forces. So they're arming the North Koreans to come up to war against our forces in South Korea. They wanna huge war in South Korea and North Korea. The Korean Peninsula War.

They also want a war, India vs. Pakistan. I haven't heard much of that one going on. Might be on the back burner yet. But they've been arming North Korea a lot lately. Trying to fan the flames and fester the war over there on the peninsula. At the same time, fanning the flames for the Chinese invasion here in America.

May 1 Is a Huge Satanic Ritual Day - Pull Out Your "Fun Things to Do" List, Warriors

You know, I've been trying to think of reasons why--you know, this month, May is a really packed month, if you look at it. Tomorrow, May 1, huge ritual day for Satanists. I think it's a witch holiday, if I remember right. Because the month of April is so full of rituals and holidays for the witches and Satanists. Tomorrow's no different. Tomorrow Obama, and all the senior White House officials, and all of our senior politicians will be doing rituals with all the elites around the world. Yeah, it's one of those rituals where they all get together.

And so, we need to have some fun with that one. We need to pull out the fun things to pray for list [Fun Things to as a Warrior for The Most High] and, you know, just ask the Lord to bless these rituals His way. His way. You know, like, make the candles so they won't light. [laughs] Make the electricity so it won't turn on. Flashlights so they don't work. So they're all in the dark. It would be fun if He sent down a heavenly chorus into the area to sing heavenly songs so they couldn't hear the words of the high priestess of this ritual being spoken.

If it's by a water source, having pipe leakage and water leaking everywhere. Maybe a small earthquake under the ground they're standing on. Shake, rattle and roll the whole time they're doing their rituals. You know, just ask Him to destroy it. Destroy their plans for their big rituals tomorrow night, because it always includes sacrificing. So they'll be sacrificing babies or innocent children. They sacrifice innocence. A lot of these kids that disappear, Madeleine McCann in Europe and the girls missing here. They target children. They watch them. They look for innocence. [inaudible] are just innocent. Sweet girls, lovable girls. They love that childlike innocence because it makes a good sacrifice for them. And so, they abduct these girls so they can kill them on their altars in their rituals. So hold your kids close, folks.

How the Government Gets Away with Random Acts of Violence, Murder and Kidnappings

You know, I told you the rise of Satan, the rise of evil was coming. Senseless, random acts of violence, and murder, and kidnappings. And, you know, the news has just been crazy. And it's foolproof for them. It's foolproof. These people say Jesus told them to walk in and start stabbing people in the grocery store. You know, these people are chip-implanted. And these chips are two-way radios. They can hear voices via these chips, and these voices pretend that they're God. Whoever it is behind the microphones speaking into this wave frequency that goes to this individual in the form of thoughts and words, even audible voices. These people don't even know why they do what they do, because they're under chip-implant control. But you can't prove any of that in court.

As soon as somebody said, "I'm chip-implanted," everybody would laugh. Then they would be swept under the rug just like it was with Tim McVeigh. He claimed he was chip-implanted. He was. And he was set up. He was. A lot of these assassins, you know, John Lennon and John Kennedy, I mean, they're just all killed by chip-implanted people that were doing what the voices were telling them to do. Some of them even black out and their alter is used. And these alters do the crime. And then the real person is stuck facing the consequences for the crime he didn't really commit. It's foolproof. The government gets away with it every time.

NATO Conference in Chicago on May 20 through May 24 - Joint Foreign/US Military Drills Going Live?

May 20th to the 24th you have the NATO conference in Chicago. It had been reported that it had been moved from Chicago to Camp David. Well, now it's back in Chicago. So May 20 to the 24th you have the NATO conference. Then you have Russian troops coming to Colorado. Russian assault forces are coming for joint terror exercises with US troops. Some of that is a little fishy. Especially when you know the Chinese are surrounding our southern border, and Russians across the northern border. Got Germans hidden in underground bases. Makes you think is this the drills that are going live? Is it gonna be some kind of destruction? Why are they putting crematoriums in Fort Carson, Colorado? Fort Carson is directly across the street--if you're looking at NORAD in Colorado Springs, if you were facing it from the front, Fort Carson would be right to your left. It's a hop, skip and jump beside NORAD. It's beside it. There's a road between NORAD and Fort Carson. It's right there. It's right there. Military base. And they're putting crematoriums in.

Radiated Water from Fukishima Hitting Hawaii Now

Then we have radiated water from Fukishima hitting Hawaii now, on its way towards the west coast. Be interesting to see what it does to the people in Hawaii. They're planning for a lot of death. And I haven't talked to one person about the month of May who hasn't said something big is about to happen. Something bad is going to happen. And it's going to be a lot of deaths.

The Air Force Is Flying UFOs for the Aliens

I know I've been talking about the false flag alien invasion that's coming. And, don't get me wrong, folks, 'cause so many people will say, "Oh, aliens don't exist. It's all military." They got their tech from the aliens. Let's not be stupid. Let's not throw the bath water out with the baby in it. That's where they got their tech. So, yes, aliens exist.

The aliens need help. They need help because when they invade Earth, they want it to be so overwhelming that people are in fear of them. And they can't do so with the dwindling numbers that they have. Do you realize, and this is a confirmed number, that since we started this orgone war...when did I start it, back in 2004? In 8 years...2012 now, I started it back in 2004. In 8 years we've destroyed 65% of all Grey aliens. 65%. I told you it was crashing their ships. It was causing them asphixia. They can't breathe around it. It burns them from the inside out. It messes with their tech. When a UFO flies into a saturated orgoned area, it messes up their tech, and they lose control of their ships and they crash. Wilhelm Reich discovered this back in 1947. He was in the Roswell desert testing his orgone cannon when the crash happened in Roswell. Oh, but they don't tell you that, do they?

The Lord Stood Me Up to Pick Up, with the Orgone, Where Wilhelm Reich Left Off

Wilhelm Reich rediscovered an ancient energy called orgone energy. In 2004, the Lord stood me up to pick up where Reich left off. They killed Reich. They took all of his research and threw him in prison. President Eisenhower, he was friends with Eisenhower, and Eisenhower contracted him to come up with a way to defend ourselves against aliens and UFOs. So Reich spent years of research, came up with a way, and then Eisenhower, meanwhile, made a pact with the aliens, an agreement with the aliens. So they no longer needed Reich and his information. They trumped up charges against him, threw him in prison where he died, took all of his work.

I didn't even know he existed until 2006, two years after I started the orgone war. I'd never even heard of him. I was just doing what the Lord stood me up to do. At that time, I was under my own attacks. Started my radio show in 2004. And they hate bigmouths and that's when all the attacks started happening with me. Was asking the Lord for ways to stop their attacks against me. And He led me to the orgone. Ever since then, we've realized, "Wow, this stuff does 101 things." 1001 things. And look what it's done. It's destroyed 65% of alien Greys.

Now with that, you also have the Lizards. With the Lizards I've told you it causes necrosis. Necrosis is a decaying from the inside out. And it's been confirmed to me that Lizards are suffering from skin diseases, skin plagues. I was asked if I wanted to see a Lizard and a Grey and I said, "No, I don't wanna see that." I don't wanna see 'em, I just wanna destroy 'em. I wanna kill 'em. But it's done exactly what I've told you guys it's doing. More and more confirmations. So the Lizards are suffering from skin plagues. There's no cure. They want a cure? Get out of our universe. Because our orgone is saturating the stratosphere. Made Nibiru turn around and run. Nibiru left to get away from our atmosphere. Hundred million Giants on Nibiru? We scared that many away? We scared what away? [laughs] Orgone did what? It's true. We've destroyed how many starships of theirs? It's true. Think it's crashing their little pods, imaging what it's doing to their mother ships where the pods are coming from.

Our Government Is Involved with the Tall Greys of Ashtar Command

Aliens Greys, the small Greys are not intelligent beings. I don't know how is it our government can be so stupid about being involved with small Greys. You're not involved with small Greys, you're involved with the tall Greys and the Lizards because they are the ones who control the small Greys. Duh! The small Greys are hive-minded. They're chip-controlled, they're chip-implanted. They do what their handlers tell them to do. Who are the handlers of the small Greys? The tall Greys. Hel-lo? Who is the Ashtar Command? Tall Greys. They all work together, folks. They're not separate entities. Small Greys, tall Greys, which include Ashtar and their whole Galactic Fleet. Lizards, Draconians. They're all together. Even though they play good cop/bad cop, they play different factions, "Oh, we're nice guys, we're the good guys," "We're the bad guys," they all work together. Why's our government so stupid when it comes to aliens? I will never understand it.

Pleiadeans: The Faction Playing Good-Cop/Bad Cop in the New Age Alien Agenda

And then there's the other factions. The Chewies, the Bigfoots that I call Chewie, from the moon. These are Bears, they're from the moon. That's the moon faction. Then you have the long-necks, the tall Greys. They're basically from Mars. They all have their home planets. You know, you'll hear about star systems, the Sirius star system, the Pleiadeans, the Orion star system. The one that gets me is all these ones claiming to be from the Pleiadeans, 'cause this is where the New Age alien agenda comes in. "Oh, we're from the Pleiadeans and we're here to help mankind." You know, they're just playing the good-cop routine. They're not actually from Pleiadeans. They're actually traitors. They're watchers, Pleiadeans who traded sides, went over to the Lizard faction, Satan's faction, for more power. They all get greedy. Even fallen aliens. I mean, they're greedy. They want more power. Power, power, power. They went to Lucifer's side. And they're the ones playing the nice angels from the Pleiadeans.

You know, the Lord told me years ago, when crap hits the fan--not in those words, but I'll rephrase [laughs]--when crap hits the fan, all these so-called nice aliens will reveal their true colors. They'll reveal their true colors. They're not who they say they are. They're playing a role. They're being actors. Good actors and actresses. This is the best of deceptions coming straight from Lucifer, himself.

Is It Desperation or Retaliation Making Them Cram All Their Plans into the End of May?

But this alien New Age, amongst everything that could hit the fan this month alone, terror drills going live, NATO being here. And notice it's all happening in the same week. In the same week we have the Russians here with their terror drills in the same week NATO's here. And the same week I see false flag alien invasion. What is it about the week of the 20th in May? That's a very live, active week.

From the 25th to the 29th of May--or the 20th--that 10 days, even. Because the 20th comes up, 21st, 25th, 27th, 29th. That whole 10 days. The end of May. So, interesting. Maybe it's desperation. Maybe it's retaliation. Because when you look at what the other faction is doing, they're just tearing up the whole money system. You have the New Age alien agenda hell-bent on getting a global reset, a new global financial system. They're the ones behind that whole facade.

The New Financial System - Summary of Events

And I'm gonna read today what exactly their plans are. Not necessarily to make everybody yawn and go to sleep, but this is for real. You may receive these alerts and think, "Oh, this is just a bunch of New Age hogwash." Well, it is hogwash,'s also their plan. It's what they're implementing behind the scenes. It's what they're implementing. It's what we're gonna have to put up with when they come to power. Because they are gonna come to power. This whole New World Order thing, the cabal, it is going away.

The Bible talks about the Antichrist is of the 7th, but from the 8th. These are regimes. Now the 7th is this New World Order cabal. The 8th is this Age of Aquarius New Age hogwash that is upon us. So he has his foot in both regimes. This is what they call the Event. And this is, like I said, a restructuring of a new global financial system. It's what they call the Event.

Federal Reserve and All Central Banks Will Go Bankrupt

"Day 1"--I'm gonna read this--"When the critical mass of pressure is exerted upon the Federal Reserve it will be forced to repay debt that it owes to people due to its fraudulent operations. Since Fed does not have money to repay that debt, it will go bankrupt. This will trigger a chain reaction of BIS, IMF, World Bank and all central banks worldwide going bankrupt also."

So don't put your money in the major banks. Move it to smaller branches. Smaller banks that aren't connected, directly connected, to the Federal Reserve.

Stock Market Will Crash, Public Bank Accounts of Cabal Will Be Seized, Public and Private Debt Will Be Frozen

"Extreme volatility in markets will result in a worldwide stock market crash. Stock exchanges will close, including NYSE [New York Stock Exchange]. All financial instruments such as options and credit default swaps will be zeroed out. All shadow accounts will be closed and zeroed out. All public bank accounts of the Cabal will be seized. All foreclosures will be frozen, as well as all public and private debt (mortgages, loans, credit card debt)."

New Financial Sytem Backed with Yamashita Gold Will Be Opened, Basket of Currencies Will Form Basis of New System

"...New financial system will be introduced. It will be backed up with Yamashita gold. That gold will be stored in locations that are not to be disclosed yet. Yamashita gold will not be traded in open markets. Basket of currencies such as US dollar, Euro, British pound, Swiss franc, Japanese yen and Chinese yuan will form the basis of this new system."

Banks Without Strong Connection to Federal Reserve Will Reopen, but Not Allowed to Charge Interest

"Those banks that did not have strong connections with Federal Reserve and did not go bankrupt will reopen. They will not be allowed to charge interest. All their accounting will be fully transparent to the public. Stock market will not reopen. Revaluation will take place. It means that the exchange rates between various currencies will change, but not drastically. They will reflect more truly the real productivity of nations...."

Current Banknotes Will Be Good Until They Are Phased Out and New Money Printed

"Federal Reserve notes, Euro banknotes and other banknotes will be widely accepted, until they are phased out in a few months and new money is printed."

Which means the money you're holding now, other than the banks closing--hope you have cash on hand--will still be good. Until they phase the money out and bring in the new money backed by this Yamashita gold.

Business Agreements Involving Criminal Interactions with the Cabal Will Be Made Null and Void

"All fair business agreements, contracts and responsibilities worldwide will be kept valid and will be respected. Those business agreements that involve criminal or fraudulent interactions with the Cabal will be cancelled, null and void."

In other words, the Cabal's losing their money. They're losing their Lizard banks, their Lizard controllers, everything that they have had their hands in. All these mortgage loans, student loans, credit card debts where you pay umpteen interest and can never even get to the principal, all that will be cancelled out. Everything monetarywise that the Cabal has had their hands on will come to an end. This new system, this new faction is going to take over the money. Then they come out with their NESARA stuff.

"In a few weeks [after all this happens] Multinationals will be obliged to buy back their shares and this will effectively force them to go bankrupt. They will be split and healthy portions of those companies will be nationalized in their own countries."

This is talking about corporations.

Global Settlement Funds Will Be Introduced to Pay Off All National, Public and Private Debt Among Other Things

"The existence of Global Settlement funds will be then introduced to the public. Those funds include about $ 70 trillion from old money patriots connected to the Positive Military, $ 100 trillion from White Dragon Society and Templar groups, $ 120 trillion from Resistance Movement and $ 10 trillion from Saint Germain Trust. Global Settlement funds will also include all money and assets from the Cabal."

They're talking about the New World Lizard Cabal that we're all being ruled over by now.

"Global Settlement funds will be used for many purposes. First, all national, public and private debt will be paid off worldwide. After that, all people will receive restitution for all theft and criminal activity against them by the former Cabal. Then prosperity funds will be released and humanitarian, environmental and new advanced technology projects funded...the rest of it will fund the projects connected to the introduction of the First Contact."

And so, apparently, first contact...well, you know what that is. Our first contact with aliens. What a joke. They're already here. But they wanna introduce it to the world like there's somebody new coming in. [laughs] So, first contact shortly down the road.

Financial Advisiors Want You to Continue Buying Stocks Even as People in the Know Are Dumping Theirs

We've already been watching this country revaluation of Iraqi dinars, Indian rupees, Vietnam dong. I don't know how many countries are what they call the first basket. This first group of countries that are going to--their currency is going to reevaluate. They're going to go up in value. And when all of this happens, and this is what I've been strongly suspecting all along, that it's all tied into a stock market crash here because it's going to crash our stock market. And if you watch the stock market--I don't watch it very well, but I read things about it--there's been a lot of insider trading going on. Corporations, CEOs, people in the know, the higher-ups, they are all dumping their stocks. And the only way you can get to buy what they really are, junk stocks, 'cause they're not gonna be worth anything in a couple months, is to talk up the market.

Now you've got these financial advisors telling people, "Oh, buy stocks in this. Buy stocks in that." You know, because they get commission on everything you buy. And when you sell, they get commissions. So, of course, they want you to stay active in the stock market. They want you to buy and sell stocks. And the people dumping all these corporate stocks can't make money unless there's buyers to buy the stocks. So while they pump up the market and make it sound like it's OK to invest in right now, because they want you to buy all the stocks they're selling, because they know they're gonna be worthless and they wanna make money off of them, so you're stuck holding the bag with worthless stocks in it when the market crashes.

Stay out of the market. If you've got money in the market, get it out of the market. It's going to crash. And when it does, according to the alien New Age agenda that's upon us, it will not reopen. So there's not a thing of value in the New York Stock Exchange right now. There's nothing of value there. All they want you to do is buy up all the stocks they're selling so they're not left holding the bag with a bunch of worthless stocks.

When you work for a corporation, whether you're a mid-management level or whatever level you're at, you get stocks and shares of that company as part of your employment package. A lot of people use that for their retirement. They build up their retirement every year they get a certain percentage of shares of that company. Well, it's these very people that know the stock market's gonna crash, better sell the shares. And they can't sell the shares unless there's buyers. So they pump up people like you and me to think a company's doing really well to buy stocks in their company so you're saving all those people that are trying to dump their shares. By buying their worthless shares and putting money in their pockets while you're stuck holding worthless shares.

Don't play the game, folks. Stay out of the market. If you've got stocks, sell them. Get out of the market. It is going to crash, and when it does, it's never going to reopen. Never gonna reopen. They have no need for it in this New Age alien agenda that's upon us, already working in the background, already taking over the Federal Reserve, already getting ready to replace our monetary system, already getting ready to replace our own money with new gold-backed money, getting rid of all this fiat worthless currency that our government's been printing for 50 years, dumping all that, getting rid of it. What's that gonna do? It's gonna cause inflation. This all might sound, "Oh, they're cancelling our debt." Well, good thing, 'cause you'd all be homeless. Anybody with a mortgage loan, or student loans, and all these loans, you'd never be able to pay off the interest. Takes 20, 30 years. For most people, longer than that. Losing your jobs. No one's gonna have any money.

Cash Your Money and Get It Out of the Big Banks - Get It in a Credit Union or Small Bank or Get It Offshore

So the stock market crashes. You have inflation with the dollar. The changeover to global currencies. So, yeah, it's looking real cheery, folks. And I know a lot of people that have been on the bandwagon of this currency market. Waiting for revaluations to happen of the other countries' currencies so they can make profit off of it. It's not gonna do them much good either if they keep their money in one of the major four banks that are gonna go bankrupt. Cash your money and get out of the big banks. And don't put it in the stock market. Stay away from anything banks have to offer. CDs, annuities, whatever. Insurance companies. Stay away from annuities, those are all gonna crash. Bank products are gonna crash. CDs, all that stuff.

Keep your money liquid. Keep it in a credit union bank or a small hometown bank. Get it offshore. Get it in a offshore bank. Don't buy gold buillon because that can be confiscated by the government, but you can buy gold and silver coins. Buillon can be confiscated. And if you've heard stories of the Great Depression, back in the '40s and '50s, '30s, '40s, '50s, that's exactly what the government did, they confiscated everybody's gold. They already have these executive orders that allow them to confiscate safe deposit boxes, so you're not safe with those either, folks. You know, they're making it easier and easier with the Internet to open offshore bank accounts. I'm not saying to go there to escape the IRS. I'm saying pay your taxes, but to safeguard your money, put it elsewhere. People wanna laugh at Mitt Romney for doing that? They all do it. If you think any of them at the top of the government of the Lizard chain trust their own Lizards, their fellow Lizards in banking system to protect their money? No, they know to get it out of the country. They know. This country's going down. None of them have any loyalty to America. You watch.

I Expect Hillary Clinton to Stick Her Head in This Election Somewhere

If Hillary Clinton gets elected--I half assume she's going to stick her head in this election somewhere. I don't know why it hasn't happened already. But I half assume she's going to stick her head in. Because when I looked at 2009 Bible Codes back in 2001, I was seeing Hillary as president and she's the one who gives the green light. And there's a big war here in America while she's president. So all that was delayed. Obama was elected and we went on a 4-year delay. Now what happens if Hillary gets elected? Do you just rewind back to 2009, and the events that were gonna happen in 2009 now happen in 2012 and onward? I would half expect them to. It really depends which route they go down. It really depends. That's why I just sit and watch to see which routes they're on. If they change. What's gonna happen.

I've Seen Whole Routes Change with Three Weeks to Go Before Major Events Were to Happen

I've seen whole routes change with three weeks to go before major events were to happen and the whole route changed. Especially last year in September. When Nibiru was coming in. All that was true. Everybody had a reason to be concerned. Watching for the end of September with the advent of Nibiru here. But the first week of September that whole route changed, because Nibiru ran. It came, it ran. And so, that whole route was changed.

They tried to come in December in California throught the portals out the west coast. And we closed them. We saturated the place with orgone and we closed their portals. I still see them angry, in the Codes, from that. They're still angry about that. That was what, five months ago? Still angry. The Lord can throw in a monkey wrench whenever He wants to. He can speed up the clock, He can delay it. Yeah, we all wanna scream when He delays. It's all a big collective sigh. Especially those who've been in this war a long time. [laughs] Is it ever gonna end? Is it ever gonna move on to the next level?

But we might see agenda-changing events coming in May. We'll see what happens. I know they've got huge bloodshed planned. And with so much coming from every direction, it's hard to figure out which one's gonna happen first. Just when you're watching what one faction's doing, you get retaliation from the other faction. Desperation retaliation is all it is. 'Cause all their aliens are dying. And all these aliens want help from the black ops groups of the government. So they've got them building and learning how to fly UFOs so they can help them with this alien invasion, so it boosts up their numbers, replacing all the UFOs that have crashed in orgoned areas. 65% have crashed. 65% are dead. So they're looking to build up their numbers with our Air Force pilots. But how would you like that? Join the military to serve your country and you end up helping invade it.

Why Would They Want to Destroy Their Own Playground, New York City, with an Earthquake?

Anyway, yeah, that's same time frame as NATO. Same time frame. Russian terror drills coming. You have to expect something's gonna go live. And it's not even--if that, from what I'm hearing, they have plans to create an earthquake to destroy New York City. Why do they wanna tear down their own playground? You know why? You know, I kept thinking, "Why are they tearing down Wall Street? Why are they messing with their own playground?" Because, first of all, there'll be no need for Wall Street when the aliens take over. This Ashtar Age of Aquarius agenda. They have no need for Wall Street, number one, because it's gonna close and never reopen. And they want to move the financial center of the world to Belgium. To Belgium. They want everything in Belgium. I believe the world criminal courts or world courts are already being held at the Hagen, the Netherlands. I don't know how in relation that is to Belgium. I'm pretty geographic-stupid when it comes to Europe. But all that's pretty much in the central area over that way. [laughs softly]

Plans in Full Force to Blow Up Congress in July

They have no need for New York anymore. They have no need for Congress either. Useful idiots that they are to the New World Order cabal. Yes-men. It's all they are. Intimidated by the Lizards and just go along with everything they want. There's no two parties in America. Get over it, folks. Build a bridge, get over it. There are no two parties. They all work the same agenda for Lucifer. So Congress isn't needed either. And plans in full force to blow up Congress in July. I posted a Code on Congress being blown up in July. [Congress Beware!!] I think back in 2003 I warned Congress would be blown up in July. Here we are 9 years later, and plans in full force to blow up Congress in July. Which means it's already set to blow.

They've probably, have already got the walls, explosives in the walls. They'll fly a little plane into it. People will believe it, too. Look how many still believe 9/11, the true story of 9/11, that planes flew into it and that whole thing crashed. You'd really have to be born yesterday to believe that. That those two buildings were brought down by airplanes. I wasn't born yesterday and I never bought it for one minute. But you'd be surprised how many do. They will fight you tooth and nail that 9/11 that's exactly how it happened. They don't do two seconds of research. Or they really just have pea-sized brains and can't look at the research that's already been out there by the truthers. The truthers that are out there have totally exposed how it happened. And you know what? They just sit in government circles and laugh because as long as they stand their ground with their little airplane story, the sheeple will believe them. And everybody else will just look crazy. They know it, they see it, and that's exactly how it is. When you try to tell people, no, our own government, it was an inside job, they blew up the towers, they look at you like you're crazy.

See, the Satanists know exactly the strings to pull on the sheeple. That's why they call them serfs and sheeple. They call them the serfs. Don't be a sheeple. Do 5 minutes of research, folks.

Ask the Lord to Destroy the Rituals They Have Planned for May 1

So, anyway, I want everybody to pay attention to tomorrow. And when you're talking to the Most High, whether you're driving, or just getting up, or at work, ask for the Lord to destroy the rituals they have planned for tomorrow. I don't know if they start tonight at midnight or they're doing them tomorrow night. Whatever He brings to your mind, just ask Him to destroy this whole meeting, this whole gathering of the world's leaders tomorrow. It's really a huge gathering. You got huge leaders, presidents of every country, the Illuminati, the Lizard 12 families, 10 families. They'll all be there. So it must be a pretty big place to hold all these people.

But I've never heard the exact dimensions of the temple they have under Congress in D.C. I don't know how many people that would hold. I imagine it'd hold couple thousand. Like a huge city underneath D.C. where they have a temple to Satan, where they meet and do rituals, almost every weekend as it is. Let alone all the world leaders gathering together. There was huge rituals and orgies just the other night. This is what your leaders are doing when you're watching American Idol, and when you're watching The Voice, and getting your kids ready for school the next day, and just sitting home with the family having a chaotic--maybe, that's normal, at least that's how it is for me--chaotic night.

Yeah, when you're home being mom and dad, these leaders that run this country are out sacrificing people on altars and having orgies. They don't sleep. They're busy all the time thinking of ways to destroy this country, plotting ways to have lunatics set loose to go knife up people in stores or college campuses, and husbands shooting their wives and children in restaurants, and this insane stuff that's going on. They plot it. That's what they're plotting during the day when they sit in their offices. What kind of event they can cause.

Then they go to their little rituals and laugh about it. Talk about everybody, what a good deed they did. They got a man to kill his wife and kids on their child's birthday in a restaurant. Or they got a man to go into a restaurant and knife people for no reason.

Thank God for concealed carry. I think it happened out in Utah, a man walked into a grocery store and started stabbing people for no reason, and a guy was in there with a concealed carry, took his gun out and shot and killed the guy. And they want us to give up our guns? Are they crazy? They plot all these insane murders and attacks against us and they want us to give up our guns? Of course they do. So more of us can die. They want you to die. They don't want you to be protected. They don't want you to stop your killing sprees. They orchestrate this madness. They plot it, they orchestrate it, and they implement it. And then there's the poor suckers on the end that actually do the crime that end up doing the time. Where's all the people that plotted it and used their tech manipulation to force the individual to do what he did? Foolproof. They get away with it. They get away with it.

Tell somebody someone's chip-implanted and that it's really the military and black ops government that's at fault, they'll laugh at you. So will the courts because they're supposed to. They're trained to. They're covering up for their buddies. People think you're crazy. See why it's foolproof? It's foolproof.

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Anyway, I'll be back on Thursday. Thursdays with Sherry Shriner: Aliens in the News. And we'll see what's up by then, folks. Until then. Yah bless.


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